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16 September 2016
Issue Fourteen
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From the Principal





Congratulations is extended to Year 9 Student Chris Giannaros who has been nominated as the recipient of the prestigious ‘Swannie Award’. This award is granted to students who receive the highest average score in their debating division. Our students continue to benefit from our extensive debating programme.


Traffic Management

As you are aware there is much traffic congestion around our school at both pick up and drop off times and I request that all parents observe the local Council traffic signage especially in relation to the two minute parking zones. I also encourage parents to obey the traffic speed regulations to ensure the safety of your children.


Year 11 Formal

The Year 11 Formal was recently held at the Oakleigh Grammar Conference Centre, our students looked fabulous in their formal attire and danced the night away with much spirit. Thank you to our Year 11 students and staff for making this a memorable event.


Parent/Teacher and Student Led Conferences

I thank all of our students and parents for attending to hear about the progress of your children. Overall the students who presented during their conferences were well prepared.


Year 12 Students

All students undertaking Unit 3 / 4 subjects will be using the forthcoming break for their trial examinations and preparing for their final assessments. The importance of revision over the September break cannot be underestimated and I encourage all students to use this time wisely.


First Aid

A restructure of First Aid has recently occurred which will ensure that our School is able to meet the complex compliance expectations from the Department of Education. Primarily First Aid will be managed by EventAid and on a day to basis nothing will change for our students. I thank Ms Jennifer Henderson for her work as First Aid Officer.


Blackheath & Thornburgh College Visit (BTC)

Our sister school relationship with BTC continues to strengthen with reciprocal visits being undertaken this year. I thank all host families who have welcomed our visitors into their homes and to our Year 9 staff for coordinating the City Life experience including our BTC students.


Awards Evening Dates

A reminder to all parents to diarise the following dates for the end of year Award Ceremonies;


Middle / Senior Schools:                                 Thursday 1 December


Junior School Performance & Awards:          Tuesday 6 December


I take this opportunity to wish all families a safe and restful break and look forward to greeting all students on Tuesday 4 October 2016.

Deputy Principal



Deputy Principal


Child Safe School - Mandatory Reporting


Victoria has this year introduced compulsory minimum standards for all organisations that provide services for children e.g. schools, to help protect children from abuse or neglect. The Child Safe Standards as they are known form part of the Victorian Government’s response to the Betrayal of Trust Inquiry.


Oakleigh Grammar has a zero-tolerance approach to child abuse. Our School complies with the standards for the care, safety and welfare of students as detailed in the Child Safe Standards specified by Ministerial Order No. 870.

The Child Safe Standards require schools to have a Mandatory Reporting Policy and a procedure in place for responding to and reporting suspected child abuse. This procedure is designed to provide teachers with guidance on what to do if a child discloses an incident of abuse, or if a parent/carer raises a concern or allegation of abuse. All employees of the School undertake compulsory annual ‘Mandatory Reporting’ training. They are familiar with the Mandatory Reporting Policy and the need for careful documentation of a reported case of child abuse.

A copy of the Oakleigh Grammar Mandatory Reporting Policy can be viewed on the School website here:


Mandatory reporters (doctors, nurses, midwives, teachers, principals and police) must report to Child Protection (a part of the Department of Health and Human Services) if they believe on reasonable grounds that a child is in need of protection from physical injury or sexual abuse.

Reporting child sexual abuse is a community-wide responsibility. All adults in Victoria who have a reasonable belief that an adult has committed a sexual offence against a child under 16 have an obligation to report that information to the police. While failure to disclose only covers child sexual abuse, all adults should report other forms of child abuse or neglect to authorities.  


Oakleigh Grammar has always been committed to the safety of our students and providing a safe school environment both during the day and outside of school hours. The School community also has a key role in ensuring the safety and welfare of our children.

Important Dates & Notices

Conference Centre & 9ways Venue Hire

We are now accepting external hires of our Conference Centre & 9ways Centre.


If you would like to make a booking, or obtain more information, please contact

Miss Zoe Taylor, Marketing Officer on (03) 9569 6128 during school hours or on 0449 863 622 after hours to leave a message or via email at 

[email protected]


Check out our website:



You can also find us on Facebook:


and Instagram: @ogconferencecentre.

Canteen Rates 5 Stars!

Hari and Joanne of H&J's Foods had an unexecpected visit from the City of Monash Public Health Unit recently and were rated 5 stars, the highest possible health rating! This means that our school canteen is absolutely immaculate - well done to Hari and Joanne for maintaining such great standards at all times!


Uniform Exchange

A reminder that the Oakleigh Grammar Uniform Exchange is currently accepting consignment items and donations.


Donations: any used uniform items will be accepted by School Reception staff.


Consignment: bring items to the Uniform Exchange during its opening hours & days (listed below) where items will be accepted and recorded for resale on your behalf, for up to 30% of new prices.


Second hand, current, official Oakleigh Grammar Uniform items are available for purchase for no more than 60% of new prices. Please note: only current Oakleigh Grammar uniform items will be accepted for consignment. All old OGOC uniform items will be donated to Paradise 4 Kids (P4K) in Africa.


Upcoming Uniform Exchange Dates (located in the Community Conference Centre from 2:30PM-4PM on each date):

Friday 23 September

Monday 3 October

Friday 7 October

Friday 11 November


Please direct any queries to [email protected]


So far the Uniform Exchange has rasied over $800 for the Parents' Association! We look forward to your participation as your support is vital in establishing the Uniform Exchange.

2 Minute Zones

A reminder to all parents that the 2 minute zones on Clapham Road are strictly for drop-off & pick-up purposes only. Parking your car in these zones for more than 2 minutes will result in a parking fine by Monash City Council.

Senior School

Head of Senior School



Head of Senior School


The final term for Year 12 will end this week. All instruction and assessments will be completed and when they return in Term 4, only two very short weeks will remain before they commence “stuvac” in preparation for the VCE examinations commencing October 26. Students are encouraged to use the time away from school during the term break to ensure that they are prepared. The upcoming trial exams offer an opportunity to gauge just how prepared they are, and so, should be taken seriously. Choices have been made and plans put in place. So now, students must follow through and accept the challenge of their decisions and aim to achieve their goals.


2017 School Captain Nominations

At the final Middle and Senior School assembly for the term, last week, the eight students who had nominated for the position of School Captain addressed their peers and staff about their vision for the role.


Some have been members of the Oakleigh Grammar school community since Prep, whilst some have been recent additions. However, the reoccurring theme expressed by all, was the desire to give back to the school community of which they have been part, because of what it has given each of them.


Each speech was unique and articulately delivered despite them being nervous. Each student has taken their first step toward leadership by completing this task. In doing so they have indicated their willingness to take on the responsibilities and expectations associated with the role of a senior leader in the student community. They have accepted the challenge to be all they can, to lead by example, and to demonstrate accountability, commitment and integrity.


Staff and students in the Senior School will vote in the final week of Term 3 and the outcome will be announced at the Middle and Senior School Awards Evening on December 1.


Congratulations and well done to Spiro Houpis, Stanko Stankovic, Anthony Malamas, Katelyn Limnios, Christina Katatrioti, Sophia Gotsis, Sophia Thomson and Anastasia Horomidis.


Year 11 Formal

As the song goes ‘Oh what a night’! Last Saturday the students of Year 11 along with a number of staff, danced and enjoyed each other’s company. The Conference Centre was again transformed and our students looked stunning in their choice of dress or suit. The dance floor soon became a myriad of swirling colours as students and staff danced to, both current hits, and traditional Greek music. This year, students opted to deviate from the normal buffet style catering for the event. Instead of the more traditional sweets, they asked for a ‘candy bar’; however, they didn’t say no to the mud cake still offered. Thank you to the staff of Meat Me who provided catering for the main meal. Awards were given out to deserving recipients including the Principal and Deputy Principal.


But the biggest thank you goes to the Year 11 Pastoral team, Andrew Phillips, Angela Korlos, Manoj Patel and Jacqui Thomas for the time and support they provided on the evening. Accompanied by the Principal’s EA, Gillian Daniels, the last minute preparations of the offerings for sweets and touches to each table were completed to ensure everything was ready and ran smoothly throughout the night. Thank you also to Paula Tsiagolos who stayed behind to assist with the pack up afterwards.

Japanese Study Tour Farewell

The Year 10 Art class said goodbye to Takumi and Kouhei who are going home to Japan this weekend after spending the last few weeks at Oakleigh Grammar, experiencing education in Australia.


Middle School

Head of Middle School



Head of Middle School


There is no rest for our Middle School students as Term 3 draws to a close with an array of events and activities taking place keeping our students as busy as ever. First, however, is a note of congratulations…


Debating Success – Chris Giannaros Year 9

Congratulations to Chris Giannaros from Year 9 who, in a first for Oakleigh Grammar, was crowned Best Speaker for the Ormond region D Grade Schools Debating competition.


Each year the Debating Association Victoria holds the Swannie Awards to acknowledge the best performing speakers in the Schools Competition. An award is presented to speakers from each grade in each region based on the highest average score. This was awarded to Chris in an outstanding performance in his first year debating.


Chris and his proud parents will be attending the award ceremony on Monday 17 October at Methodist Ladies' College, where he will be presented with his award.


Congratulations to all the student debaters as well as to Mrs Zijai who has mentored Chris to this success.



Blackheath and Thornburgh College (BTC) visit

Last Friday we welcomed 12 students and 2 staff members from Blackheath and Thornburgh College in Charters Towers. Both the students and staff were excited to be in “the big smoke” with a busy week of sightseeing activities scheduled. The students and staff will be spending some time with the Year 9 students on the City Experience and sometime touring on their own.


Our heartfelt thanks go to the families who hosted students over the weekend and welcomed them into their family lives. When speaking with the BTC students they expressed their utmost gratitude for the hospitality shown to them and for the experience of “city family” life, so very different from their own lives in rural Northern Queensland.


Thankyou to the following families;

Chrysanthe Burnett and family, Elizabeth Lemonidis and family, Chrisoula Athanasakis and family, Athena Kollatos and family, Sue Douvos and family, Arthur Kavakas and family and Michelle Murphy and family.


9Ways City Experience

Year 9 students have spent this week in Melbourne CBD involved in a number of activities to develop their independence and ability to travel to and navigate their way around central Melbourne. Over the course of the week they visited a number of sites and were exposed to issues that contribute to Melbourne’s unique character and identity.


Students visited the Big Issue office to learn about Melbourne’s homeless population, they visited the MCG Museum, the City Watch House and Old Melbourne Gaol and took part in a mock court House drama. They also undertook Indoor Rock Climbing high above Swanston Street and Visited Blender studios and the Hellenic Museum.


The week long activity was a fabulous learning experience for all students. Many thanks go to Mrs Tsiagalos for her organisation and to her team for co-ordinating, supervising and keeping the students safe in “the wild” for the week.


Year 8 Camp – Gelantipy

For the last week of term, our Year 8 students were treated to a week in the Mountains at Karoonda Park Camp at Gelantipy. Whilst the weather was cool and wet the student’s spirits remained high and a fantastic experience was had by all. During the camp students visited Buchan caves, went horse riding, abseiling, rock climbing, took on the initiative course and the flying fox, fed the chooks and pig, patted the cow, looked for koalas and managed to avoid the electric fences.


The camp was a great way to finish the term and the students gained a little more independence from the experience. Thanks to Mr Gridley for his organisation and Ms Porteous, Mrs Papadakis and our new friend Michael Townsend from KayKaze who accompanied the students on camp.


Year 6 Chinese Excursion

Year 6 students this week travelled to Melbourne CBD to gain some insight into Chinese culture and compliment their language study. On the excursion, students toured the Migration Museum and lunched at a Chinese Restaurant. The students had an enjoyable experience and our thanks go to Ms Feng for organising the excursion.

Junior School

Head of Junior School



Head of Junior School


Term 3 finished on a wonderful note with our Year 3 students attending their first ever School camp. Year 3 camp 2016 was on Monday 12 September and Tuesday 13  September at Lady Northcote YMCA.  A huge thank you to all of the staff who attended. The weather didn't deter them! They tried everything and had so much fun in the process.


Here are a couple of quotes:

Eleftherios- I loved the giant swing.


Mary- the giant swing was the highlight of camp.


Dean- we learnt about plants and herbs and got to eat them on our pizza. After many attempts to go on the swing- I finally did it and it was amazing!!!


Alexander D- I loved camp because the giant swing was my favourite.


Lee- camp was amazing!!


Mattea- I went to the top on the giant swing


Yianni k- I made yummy pizza with my friends.


Nicholas- the archery was great because I got to use a bow and arrow.


Kristian G- I liked pulling the rope on the giant swing and getting a shock.


Dilraj- I loved the giant swing and making pizza in the wood fired oven.


Ava- I was a little scared about going on the swing but I conquered my fears and tried it- I'm glad!!


Poppy- camp was more fun than I thought it would be.


Victoria- we did a lot of fun things.


Our Year 5 students and staff also had a brilliant time in Phillip Island.  Gregory Minolis has written a recount of events and highlights, which can be viewed below.



Thank you to Mrs Alex Tsirigotsis for teaching 1S in Mrs Sares absence.  The children have enjoyed the time with you and will have many memories of activities with you this term.  We welcome back Mrs Sare and Ms Varney next term after leave and we hope they are both well rested.  Mrs Stella Kyritsis will be transitioning into an Arrowsmith teaching role in 2017 and we are fortunate to have Ms Emma Eastham continueing to work in 4K next Term for Thursday and Friday each week.


Fathers Day Stall Fundraising

Thank you to the canteen, ELC staff and parent helpers Collette & Marita for their effort to run our Fathers day stall. Thank you to parents who provided their children with money to spend. The stall raised $702.05 and these proceeds will go towards the Junior School sports containers.  Thank you to Mrs Papageorgiou who sets up the class schedule for shopping each year.  It was great to hear the student’s manners whilst shopping and using their mathematics skills to work out a budget, adding multiple items, value for money decisions and deductions. 


Electronic Communication

In many of my previous Grammar News items I have reminded you frequently of the School’s email correspondence changes.  It is vital that you check Oakleigh Grammar emails are not going to junk mail or being treated as spam.  Over the holidays it is crucial that you update any email information to the front office and/or alert administration if you do not own a printer or have issues with this form of communication.


Teachers WILL NOT  be sending paper copies of anything home direct from the classroom.  If you do not return permission slips, payments or have knowledge of School events taking place, your children will miss out on the amazing opportunities provided at School and beyond.  We cannot highlight enough how important it is that you check your electronic mail and respond accordingly so that our students are able to reach their potential and participate in a wide variety of activities offered at School. 


Term 4

A reminder that classes commence on Tuesday 4 October and that sunhats are required for all outdoor activities during Term 4, so could these please be sent along to school to be kept in lockers or bags.  The summer uniform is to be worn also, although there will be a two week changeover time to accommodate for changeable weather conditions.  Blazers are not compulsory in Term 4.


I trust that families enjoy the break from routine and we look forward to seeing you all in Term 4 after a relaxing break.

The Leader in Me




Leadership Facilitator


You can be the difference!

We have had a wonderful learning journey in Junior School with The Leader in Me.


Student Led interviews, Better Buddies, Leadership Day and so much more have contributed to the growth of our leadership journey and improved school culture. The Leader in Me process continues to empower students, teachers and parents with the language and principles to grow as individuals and restore relationships when we make the wrong choices.


Please remember that The Leader in Me is an inside out approach – first we look inward and reflect on our mindset and behaviour.


Only when we align ourselves with the laws that govern personal and interpersonal growth, can the results be enduring, positive and create an environment where effectiveness can thrive. Please take the time to learn more about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and begin to apply them in your lives. The results will be dramatic. You can be the difference!


As the term comes to an end, it is important to reflect on the idea that nothing in life is perfect. Rather, our humanity is a journey of continual growth and development. When we have made red brain or reactive decisions, it’s empowering to know that the principles underpinning the 7 Habits teach life skills and have the ability to restore trust in relationships if we apply them.


The challenge is to look within, examine the way we see the world and evaluate whether it is aligned with effectiveness…whether we are kind, compassionate, have a growth mindset, are caring individuals who are prepared to admit we are wrong, to apologise and to move from independence to interdependence.


Frederick Douglass was quoted to have said that “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Sometimes it takes strength to accept that our children need discipline or that we have to shift our mindsets and listen first to understand.


When the home/school partnership is strong and united, then children have the best ground on which to flourish and develop strong character traits like honesty, loyalty, compassion. The list goes on.


Enjoy the visuals, which provide such a small snapshot of the successes of your children and the hard work that continually goes on behind the scenes to teach not just the academics but build character as well.

Remember to sharpen your saw over the holidays and keep safe.


Environment Day

Waste Free Lunch Day

A HUGE thank you to all of those families who supported our Waste Free Lunch Day on Thursday 8 September. The results were incredible!


CONGRATULATIONS 4K - You are Oakleigh Grammar’s Waste Warriors, participating in 20 Waste-Free Lunches!


The day was a great success with many families participating. Please keep doing your bit at home and at school.


Think Global, Act Local!


Year 5 Camp Diary

Below is a diary recount from Gregory Milonas on the recent Year 5 Camp.


Monday 29 August 2016

I woke up in excitement and happiness because it was finally year five camp. I got out of bed quickly and quietly and put on my clothes and had breakfast.


When we were heading to the bus I was struggling because my luggage was quite heavy. Dad helped carry it for a bit then we got to the bus, put our luggage in one by one and then got on. I waved my parents goodbye, I felt bad for my little sister because she was crying that I had left. When the bus drove off I had a feeling of excitement and worry in my stomach, probably just nerves...


It took a while to reach our destination; Phillip Island. I was a little bored until the teachers started handing out the camp booklets. When I read who was in my cabin I was so thrilled because I had all my best friends (George, Christopher, Lazar, Darcy and Arthur). Once we finally got there we took our luggage and made our way to our cabins. We argued over who would sleep on the top or bottom bunk beds. I lost the paper, scissors, rock game and ended up on the bottom! After settling in we headed to activities where we tested out the ‘Giant Swing’. I swung higher than I’d ever gone before. I believe its eighteen meters high. I was worried, scared and excited all at once! It was AMAZING!  All the other boys and girls had a go too and it was great to watch, but more fun to do.


The flying fox was next, you had to climb up a ladder onto a platform where you put on a harness and helmet, and boy was I scared, but it was a super rush! It felt so exhilarating flying down the cable, I even put my hands out as if I were an eagle soaring through the air.


I reached the other end with a thump and was helped out of my harness by one of my mates.  “Wow”, I exclaimed, “That rocked!”

Then later on in the afternoon we did a nature activity which was called “Nature Spotto”. We were given a list of bird names and pictures to find in the bush.


This is where the fun begins. The last bird to be found was the Cape Baron Goose. I spotted one, so went close to have a better look and saw it had a family. Seeing me come too close the father flapped its wings out wide and started to chase me making awful noises, in an effort to protect its family. I ran as fast as I could back to the group. I’ll never go too close to a family of animals again!


After all that we had dinner and watched ‘talent night’ which is always entertaining and very funny; especially Arthur’s jokes and as always there was a girl group doing a dance and song. My favourite part was the disco afterwards.


What a brilliant first day, I was exhausted! “Lights out everyone! See you in the morning!”

Tuesday 30 August 2016

Breakfast! My favourite. I always love camp breakfasts. It’s like having everything to choose from. I scoffed down bacon and eggs and toast with Marmalade (My Dad was right, marmalade is ok although I’m not quite Paddington bear about it!)


Activities for the day began with canoeing. Down by the lake we hopped in by pairs. I was teamed with Jasmin, who sat in front and kept splashing water on me with her paddles. I’d never canoed before and was a little worried the boat would flip but it was smooth sailing for us. However others weren’t so lucky, such as Christopher and Satya who both took a dip! There was laughter all around.


Next up was archery, I nearly got a bullseye! It’s not a sport you would usually try but I’m glad I did as I had a blast!


Next up was camp cooking which I enjoyed a lot, we got to make pancakes. We first made the batter, which I had seen done many times before as it’s usually a Sunday breakfast at our house. They turned out great and I had jam on mine, YUM!


After this break we did a team exercise that was interesting. Using a dummy we had to navigate a course without dropping the dummy; whose name was Donna by the way.  The obstacles were tricky log bridges and suspended ferries pulled by rope. Let’s just say Donna died a couple of times and it was hard working in teams but really fun at the same time.


Then, after all the excitement of the afternoon’s activities we changed our clothes, putting on something warm for what was going to be an exciting evening expedition, to watch the ‘penguin parade’.

Upon arrival we all stepped off the bus into a windy and cold coastal area.  Miss Bogianidou told us all to “walk like penguins” we looked ridiculous and laughed a lot but it was fun.


When we arrived we were told to take a seat on what looked like steps down close to the beach as this is where we would see the penguins come up out of the water and march across and up the beach to find their burrows. It was nearly dark when Miss Bogianidou screamed with excitement, “here come the penguins!”. In groups they waddled up. Flocks of seagulls swooping in to pester them, the penguins ducked out of harm’s way, and waddled faster, eager to get to their nests. Each time a bird swooped down I worried for their safety but luckily none were harmed. What a great experience; one I’ll never forget.


Back at camp we put on our jim jams and had movie night with hot chocolate. What a great way to finish off camp! 



Head of Sport



Head of Sport


EISM Cross Country

On Wednesday 7 

September, a small but dedicated team of runners participated in the annual EISM Cross Country Carnival. The EISM Cross Country Carnival was held at Ruffey Lake Park in Doncaster.  


Congratulations to:

Evangelos Nano of Year 7 who won the Under 13 Boys 3km event in a time of 12min 23 sec and Jenna Menelaou of Year 9 who won the Under 15 Girls 3km event in a time of 14min 09 sec.

Other notable performances were from:


Mitch Apostilidis: 6th Place: Under 14 Boys

Tomas Smith: 7th Place: Under 15 Boys

Chrissie Micallef: 8th Place: Under 13 Girls

George Daglaras: 8th Place: Open Boys

John Christou: 9th Place: Open Boys

Emily Pezos: 10th Place: Open Girls

Deanna Giannaros: 11th Place: Under 13 Girls


An outstanding effort from all students who competed on the day.

The Arts at Oakleigh Grammar

Music Soiree

Oakleigh Grammar's Annual Music Soiree will be held on Wednesday 12 October at 6.30pm in the Oakleigh Grammar Conference Centre.


Pleas RSVP to Mrs Elise Zijai, Head of Arts at

[email protected] by Friday 7 October.

Faculty News



Career Advisor



Timely applications close Thursday 29 September.



Applications close on Tuesday 4 October

NOTE: If you are applying for categories 2 or 4 see Mrs Frame IMMEDIATELY.


MONASH ART, DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE (MADA) WORKSHOPS - 26 & 27 Sept, MADA (Caulfield campus) for Year 11 & 12’s Details/Bookings:  www.monash.edu/mada/workshops.


Femmes in STEM Program – Year 10-12 girls; 11am-2.30pm, Fri 23 Sept; Cossar Hall, Monash Parkville; Register: http://www.monash.edu/pharm/femmesinstem


TAKE CTRL EVENT – Taste IT at Monash Clayton; 10am-4pm, Tues 27 Sept; Details/bookings: www.it.monash.edu/TakeCTRL; Taylor Maxwell ph 9905 5845, [email protected]


SCIENCE REVISION LECTURES – Monash Science (Clayton) is providing free VCE exam revision designed to reinforce key competencies and will be delivered by qualified VCE teachers. 3/4 Maths Methods: Mon 26 Sept; 3/4 Chemistry: Tues 27 Sept; 3/4 Physics, Wed 28 Sept; 3/4 Biology, Thurs 29 Sept; 3/4 Specialist Maths, Fri 30 Sept; Register http://www.monash.edu/science/about/events.



Be tour guided by current students, find out more about studying science at Monash, and obtain course advice. Register:  http://www.monash.edu/science/about/events


Monash ENGenuITy Engineering and IT Program for Year 10 girls invited to spend a day discovering the excitement and creativity of engineering and information technology at Monash. Staff and students will be on hand to present workshops and demonstrations, practical activities and experiments; find new role models in women who work in engineering and IT, and get an insight into the diverse experiences and career paths available.  When: 10am-4.30pm, Wed 28 September; Where: Monash University Clayton; Register: http://eng.monash.edu.au/engenuity; Email: [email protected]  


RMIT SCIENCE IN THE CITY LAB TOURS – at RMIT; 11am-2pm, Mon 19 Sept; Information/register: http://www.rmit.edu.au/events/all-events/tours/2016/september/science-in-the-city-lab-tour



Folio preparation for designers, 28 Sept (Nelson campus);

Folio preparation for visual artists: 27 Sept (City campus), see: www.boxhill.edu.au/courses/folio-preparation-paffp-sc/.   Audition skills for musicians: 26 Sept (Whitehorse campus); audition skills for musical theatre: 28 Sept (City campus), see: www.boxhill.edu.au/courses/audition-skills-pafas-sc/;

NOTE: These workshops are free if applying for a Box Hill Institute music, musical theatre, design or visual arts course. Call 1300 BOX HILL to book.  



 A helpful website has suggestions on how to present yourself, what employers are looking for, and so on. See: www.employment.gov.au/posters-job-seekers.

Inquiry Learning



Inquiry Learning Coordinator


Inquiry Learning in Year 5

Economics & Business: Money Matters

Central Idea: Communities are affected by the economic activity of their consumers

An inquiry into:

  1. Factors that affect economic activity
  2. The difference between needs and wants
  3. Influences on consumer choices
  4. Methods that can be used to help make informed personal consumer and financial choices

$$$$$$ The bank of 5D/V  $$$$$$

Noah’s reflection: A consumer is the person who buys an item or pays for goods or services. A good is something you need like food, a service is something someone does for you like washing a car. A consumer has a right to get a refund if an item is faulty or if it is expired like chocolate.


Jasmine’s reflection: In class we have been earning Dojo dollars. If we get into credit, we will be able to shop. We can buy essential things that we need, or things that we want. A debit is losing money, so sometimes we don’t have enough money to buy the things we want.


$$$$$$ The bank of 5B  $$$$$$

Stephanie: Georgianna has more money than anyone else in our class. She is rich! She got the best job with the biggest wage, but also the largest tax bracket. If you earn more you get more tax.


Stephanos: You may earn a lot of money (your income), but can lose a lot from taxes.

Income: Money coming into your budget.

This may be money received for working or government payments.



Money going out from your budget. This is money which is being spent on goods and services.



Income – expenditure = Balance.

This is the amount of money left over. Be careful not to spend more money than you earn. The balance will be a negative number if there is less income than expenditure.


Noah has the biggest bank balance in 5D/V and Georgianna in 5B!

Learning Enhancement



Head of Learning Enhancement



In Term 4 Chess Ideas provides professional coaching in chess every Monday Lunchtime in the Music Room 5 from Monday 10 October to Monday 5 December (except on Monday 31 October).


Chess helps develop critical thinking skills in children such as lateral thinking, concentration, problem solving and decision making to name a few. Most importantly, it’s FUN!


At the start of each session, children learn a new strategy, idea or skill. Then these skills are put into practise with activities, supervised games and individual coach feedback.


Coaching will cost $96 for 8 sessions.

If you would like your child to participate in the Chess Ideas coaching sessions then complete the registration form and submit to your child’s class teacher. The School will forward the registration form on your behalf to Chess Kids.



By Georgianna and Lazar, Year 5

On Thursday 25 August, 2016 we had the opportunity to attend a G.A.T.E.WAYS session at Aspendale Primary School. It was a great experience as we got to learn all about the brain and how it works.  We spent all day with students from other schools and we shared ideas, asked questions and played different mind games. 


So here are some interesting facts that we found out about our mysterious brain!!!!

  1. The brain has 5 different sections that control different parts of your body.
  2. The most important sections are the lobes. The Parietal Lobe, the Frontal Lobe, the Occipital Lobe and the Temporal Lobe.
  3. Children make more than 3000 decisions every day where as adults make more than 35000 decisions everyday.
  4. There are more than 86 billion neurons in our body and that is more than the stars in the sky at night. 
  5. The brain works faster when you have less time to work out something or think about something.

Thank you for the opportunity Oakleigh Grammar!




Head of Mathematics/

Head of Science


Environment Day

On Thursday 8 September, Oakleigh Grammar celebrated Environment Day to raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet Earth.


Many initiatives were promoted across the school, including the following:       

  • Encouraging Waste Free lunch
  • Switching off lights, electronics (such as computers, laptops and interactive whiteboards) and heaters/air conditioners.
  • Thinking before printing or Photocopying
  • No litter Day
  • More exercising outdoors
  • Planting Seeds

Our students were involved in a variety of educational activities aimed to stimulate their awareness of environmental issues.


The Pines Flora and Fauna Reserve

On Tuesday 30 August, Year 8 students travelled to The Pines Flora and Fauna Reserve in Seaford for an Environmental Day of planting trees and shrubs as part of their Science and Pastoral programs.


Students also had a chance to chop down invasive plants that were killing natives, which was the source of a lot of destructive, but very positive fun! We cleared and replanted an area 200m by 200m, the effects of which will last potentially forever, helping plants, animals and humans. What a great day!


Thanks to Mr. Gridley for organising the day, and to Ms Papadakis and Ms Takos for joining us and helping make it happen.




Head of Mathematics/

Head of Science


Numeracy Week

From Monday 31 August to Friday 4 September, Oakleigh Grammar celebrated National Numeracy Week. The aim was to celebrate learning and raise awareness of the importance of mathematics skills. Students across all schools participated in a variety of enjoyable learning activities.


Cook Up Some Fun with Measurement in Math

"On Thursday 1 September, students from Years 6-7 made chocolate chip cookies as part of math week. We explored measuring, using fractions and time, all while making cookies! Gladly no one burnt the school down. A big thank you goes out to Mr. Sexton and Maria for organising and helping us make the delicious end result. Overall it was a fun way for students to get involved in math week and experience how maths plays a huge role in the kitchen."

           - Stavee Kourkoutzelos 6A  

"Yesterday Alexia and I made cookies and we had lots of fun. Mr Sexton was a very good cook and he helped us a lot.  We made many cookies so that everyone could share. I had lots of fun and overall had a great day. I totally would do it again."

           - Marissa Karbos 6A


"On the 1st of September some of the grade sixes and sevens went to the food tech room and we made cookies because it was numeracy week. We were lucky enough to do it because of one of the food teachers, Maria had brought all the ingredients and set up the room for us to cook.


The ingredients we used were brown sugar, caster sugar, plain flour, an egg, bicarbonate of soda, vanilla essence, salt and some chocolate chips.


We baked them for 10-12 minutes.  They tasted very good. Stephanie and I shared them.


When I came back to class a lot of my classmates wanted to try them. It was a fun day!"

           - Chloe Koskinioti 6A


MAV Mathematics Games.

On September 2 and September 12 selected Year 6 and Year 7 students took part in the Mathematical Association of Victoria, Statewide Mathematical Games at Genezzano College and Mt Hira College respectively.


Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads (APSMO)

During Term 2 & 3 selected Year 6 and 7 students participated in the Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads (APSMO). The Olympiads consisted of five separate contents held approximately one month apart between May and September. The overall aim is to encourage students to develop important problem solving skills in an enjoyable environment.


Congratulations to the following students: (Top three places)

  1. Bruce Chen & Saanya Bhatia
  2. Mohit Singh
  3. Hugo Quoc Xu & Mathew Tirca


Student Representative Council (SRC)



SRC Coordinator


Term 4 has finished off with another exciting fundraiser! Middle School Leaders organised two sausage sizzles and raised funds for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre does important work and is a major centre for cancer treatment, professional oncologist training and oncology research.


Junior School and ELC students enjoyed their sausage sizzle on Tuesday 6 September. All the orders were delivered to classes before lunchtime. Students were very excited to have something different for lunch.


On Thursday 8 September Middle and Senior school students had the opportunity to buy sausages and drinks.


We raised $1,535! Congratulation to Middle School Leaders for taking the initiate to organise this worthwhile charity and excel as leaders. Well done to all students and staff of Oakleigh Grammar who supported the fundraiser.


Parents' Association

Twilight Cinema

The Parents’ Association is holding a Twilight Cinema at Oakleigh Grammar on Saturday 19 November. Stay tuned in Term 4 for more details! Have a wonderful and safe term break.

Community Board

Football Stars Academy


Intimo Lingerie


Hi ladies,


My name is Zoe Korlos and I am a personal bra stylist. I would love to extend my service to all the wonderful Oakleigh Grammar mums/carers by providing personal or group fittings with the most comfortable and well fitted bras and clothing by INTIMO. A $50 voucher is offered to the host of any group booking of 3 or more people. This offer will be available till the end of September. I look forward to hearing from you and show you how amazing the Intimo range is.


For further information please contact me on:

Mobile: 0416176471

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.intimo.com.au

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