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23 August 2019
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Principal Message

Message from the College Acting Principal

Dear Parents and Carers, 


As a parent myself I am often greeted at night after asking my kids ‘How was your day?’ with ‘good thanks’. End of conversation. Our kids then crave ‘screen time’, whether that be gaming, SCREEN TIME, YouTube etc.

Screen Time, like most things, is neither a good nor bad thing providing it is consumed in moderation. Latest research suggests that two hours per day is the maximum amount of screen time a school age child should watch. Any more than 10 to 14 hours of viewing per week has a measurable negative impact on a child's academic performance.

Screen time can provide an educational and entertainment benefit to children; however research has clearly shown that excessive screen time makes children less sensitive to pain and suffering of others, more aggressive towards others, and less active.

Homework, studying, learning and performing at school also suffer from excessive screen time watching, as stated above.

So what are some of the steps that parents can take to limit the negative impact of excessive screen time? Here are some useful tips for parents/guardians/carers:

  • Limit the number of viewing hours. Approximately, an ‘allowance’ of 10 to 12 hours of screen time per week. Give the child the option as to how to allocate those hours per week, however they cannot be ‘banked’, that is, carried over to other weeks. This restriction on supply tends to make children more discerning in their viewing habits
  • Limit the programs/games your children watches/plays. As an adult you are in a position to make judgments that some programs/games are simply inappropriate for children of a particular age.
  • Do not permit screen time during meals. Make this a time when families can discuss the events of the day and matters of common interest, such as friendships and school related topics
  • Be a good role model. Limit your own screen time.

With younger children in particular;

  • Watch/play programs/games with them
  • Offer alternatives to screen time. Keep a supply of inexpensive fun things to occupy your children such as craft materials, model kits, origami paper, board games and puzzle books. Having such a supply on hand means you'll always have a reply to the retort that, "there is nothing to do."
  • Consider having a number of Screen time-free days in each week
  • Do not allow children to have a screen time in their own bedroom.
  • If a particular program is important to your child, but conflicts with other important things such as meal times, family social occasions or homework, record the program so that it can be watched at a time that best fits in with the family routine
  • Avoid morning screen time before children go to school. Early morning viewing has an effect on the rest of their day and creates time pressures that are simply not necessary.

Kind Regards

Mark Zahra

Acting College Principal



Messages from Assistant Principals


Dear Parents and Carers,


Prep Werribee Zoo Excursion

On Thursday 15 and Friday 16 August our Prep Students went to the Werribee Open Range Zoo to observe animals in their habitats. They became Habitat Heroes’ and explored what animals need to survive. They were able to gain lots of information as they begin to make a habitat for a chosen animal in Investigations. Well done to all of our Prep students on their very first excursion and a big thank you to all of our Prep Teachers for making this excursion a success for our students.


Yr 1 Stay Late

On Thursday the 8 August our Year 1's had their Stay Late (at school) as part of the College’s camp program. Students participated and rotated through a range of activities on the night and were treated to pizza for dinner. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the event and it was a great opportunity for them to develop their independence. Well done to all our Year 1 students and thank you to all our Year 1 teachers and staff who made the Stay Late a huge success.


Kind Regards

Matthew Naudi

Assistant Principal Prep - Year 2



Dear Parents and Carers,


First of all, I would like to congratulate the Year 6 Team on organising an extremely successful camp at Phillip Island Adventure Resort. It was the first time away from home for a lot of students and the camp was a great place for students to build their life skills, independence and resilience. The students had a great time taking part in various challenging and fun activities – from ponding to the Circatron, to archery and the flying fox.


Elsewhere, ten of our Year 5/6 students are taking part in a great cause to help save local wildlife in the Wyndham area. As part of Love Your Locals Day, these students will visit Werribee Open Range Zoo next month to learn about wildlife conservation and sustainability in the west.  The children have already taken part in an online workshop with other schools in the area where they heard talks from experts about how Zoos Victoria is working to save local wildlife and the pupils will present their own ideas on sustainability and creating a safe habitat for animals. Aneeqa from 6DV had this to say about the initiative: “On Friday 6 September, ten students from both grade 5 and 6 will go to Werribee Open Range Zoo for a very good cause. It is to help our beloved endangered species. We have to decide either from the following three to research on:

  • The Eastern Barred Bandicoot -less than 1500 species left!
  • The Orange Bellied Parrot – only 50 left! Or the
  • Plain Wanderer – less than 1000 left!

We also have to create in interactive model for visitors to have a look at. Some ways for all of us to help those poor endangered species are to use less pest spray as most endangered species eat bugs, plant some smaller shrubs around your neighbourhood and DO NOT LITTER, as littering destructs the ecosystems!”

Well done to all our students involved in such a great cause.

Finally, I would like to congratulate all of our students that took part in the Alliance Française Berthe Mouchette competition finals. Thank you to Mr. Raj for all your effort and hard work in preparing the students for this competition. 


Kind Regards,

Barry Devlin

Assistant Principal Years 5-6



Dear Parents and Carers,


The Year 7-9 students have had a busy last few weeks of Term 3 both in and out of the classroom. Our Year 7 students took part in an excursion to Deakin University where they explored future career opportunities and were exposed to a full day of what university life is like. The Year 7 students have also taken part in a range of digital technology excursions at the Wyndham Tech School where they have been participating in a range of activities using some amazing resources including the use of robotics.

Our Year 8 students continued their swimming program, with the girls completing it in week 5 and the boys starting their program this week. Our Year 7 and 8 (under 14) girls also took part in the regional Rugby league tournament and finished third on the day, meaning they will take part in the state competition next week.

Our Year 9 students have taken part in the Romeo and Juliet performance, which involved viewing the famous story from a different perspective as well as actually taking part in the performance. This links in with their current English curriculum, where they are analysing the Shakespeare story. The Year 9 students have also taken part in a history excursion where they visited the Shrine of Remembrance and were well educated on the meaning of the shrine and its importance to Australian history.

We look forward to a range of various activities in Years 7-9 over the next 4 weeks of the term including the regional athletics tournament where select students will be asked to represent the College as well as the upcoming Victorian State School Spectacular, where our College is greatly represented.


Kind Regards,

John Eskander

Assistant Principal Years 7-9



Dear Parents and Carers,


It’s hard to believe we’re over halfway through Term 3 already, so many exciting things have happened. We recently participated in the annual Australian Mathematics Competition. Over 190 students from Years 3 – 9 engaged in a range of activities to challenge their mathematical and problem-solving skills - our biggest year yet! A big thank you to Ms Proudfoot, Ms Higginbottom and Ms Currie who organised the event. We look forward to hearing the results over the coming weeks and congratulations to all those who took part. Look out for the opportunity to enter the competition next year.

This week we held a Mathematics Workshop for our parents around problem-solving. Thank you to the parents of both primary and secondary students who attended. We have workshops happening regularly across our terms, be sure to check the Community Calendar so you don’t miss out!

We also have several events over the next few weeks which are a chance to broaden learning outside of the classroom. Our ever-popular STEM night (science –technology – engineering – mathematics) is being held from 5:00 – 6:30 on Tuesday 3rd September. Get ready for the chance to design your own biscuits, engineer your own creations with lego, and win a range of exciting prizes! Our English & Mathematics Week is also taking place from 3rd – 6th September, and our theme this year is ‘Influential People’. The week will be celebrated with special lessons, a Writing Competition, a Book Parade for Prep – Year 2 students, and a dress-up day for the whole College. We look forward to sharing our love of English & Mathematics together!

Thank you for your ongoing support of the many curriculum events and opportunities that we offer.


Kind regards,

Claire Tierney

Acting Assistant Principal - Curriculum & Pedagogy

College Administration  

Compass Tutorial Overview

Please click on the link here

Compass App Tutorial

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Father's Day Stall Fundraiser


English & Mathematics Week:
Tuesday 3 September – Friday 6 September


Tarneit P-9 College is very excited to announce that the theme for English and Mathematics week  is Influential and Inspirational People!

As part of the week, we have a number of exciting events planned.

Whole-school Writing Competition

Write a text about or including someone who is inspirational or influential to you. You pick the genre. For example you could write a non-fiction text, narrative or poem. Entries are due to classroom teachers by Friday 6 September.


P-2 Book Parade

The Book Parade will take place on Thursday 5 September in the gym. Students can dress as their favourite book character, or they might choose to come dressed as an influential person in their life. We invite you to come and watch your child show off their favourite book at the following times:

  • Prep and Year 1 - 9:15am-10:00am
  • Year 2 - 10:15am-10:45am

Please note that whilst you may take individual photographs of your child, due to privacy reasons there can be no photographs taken of the parade.


Years 3-9 Dress Up and English Lesson

Students in Years 3 – 6 are invited to dress up as their favourite book character or they might choose to come dressed as an influential person in their life on Thursday 5 September. There will be no parade, but each class will celebrate their favourite books in their classroom. Students will also take part in a themed lesson about influential people on Friday 5 September.


Years 6 – 9 Author Visit:

Students in Years 6 – 9 will have the opportunity to meet either an Australian writer known for his young adult novels named Scot Gardner on Tuesday September 3 or an Australian author best known for his debut novel ‘Deadly, Unna?’ named Phillip Gwynne on Friday 5 September.


Melbourne Writers’ Festival

On Wednesday 4 September, some of our Year 7-9 students are also travelling to Melbourne to participate in the annual Melbourne Writers’ Festival.


S.T.E.M. Family Night

Tuesday 3 September 5pm – 6:30pm

Tarneit P-9 College is hosting its fourth annual STEM Family Fun Night! Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics combine to provide our families with a highly entertaining and collaborative learning experience.


At Tarneit P-9 College, we understand that STEM learning will help prepare our students for future opportunities and our Family Fun Night is an opportunity to invite our school community to share in that learning and come away with simple ideas that can be recreated at home.


We look forward to celebrating English & Mathematics Week 2019 with you all.


Some families may have children attending Year 7 camp and various events throughout the year. If you wish to set up a payment plan to make regular payments for these activities, please contact our Accounts Department on 03 9749 0506.

Please note that we are now accepting payments and permission through Compass which can be accessed from both the web browser and phone app.


Term 3 Community Calendar


Building A


Uniform Price List


Around the College

Homelessness week community dinner

A big congratulations to our student leaders for their amazing contribution to Wyndham Council’s homelessness week dinner held on Wednesday 7 August  at Arndell Park Community Centre.
Our students did a fantastic job helping pack bags, write messages of hope and serve dinner. They were fantastic role models for our College and we should all be proud.

Thank you to our amazing teachers who gave up their time to support our wonderful student leaders.


Homelessness Week Donations

A big thank you to all of our students and families who donated items to our homelessness week drive.


The staff at Arndell Park Community were stunned with the generosity of our staff, students and families. Your donations are greatly appreciated and all of you should be extremely proud of the efforts you made to help those in need! 




R.E.A.L Robotics

Last week the Tarneit Robo Titans competed against 22 other schools and took out the major award and were the First Lego League grand champions for the day.

Sosakmak 5RM  -  Sahil 5RM  -  Zainab 5JH  -  Chris 5JH  -  Riley 5AN  -  Jye 5AN  -  Ruby 5AN  -  Tahlia 6RP  -  Oliver 6RP  -  Sharzil 6BT


So on the TRT’s previous excursion we won the overall award ( The champions award) by scoring the most points in the overall 4 parts which were robot games, robot design, core values and research project. When they announced that we had WON we were all so psyched that it was us that were the victors overall for that competition. We also felt really proud of each other for what we had accomplished because we all had a say and we all took part in at least one of the different parts that we did! GO TRT! 😁



In every robotics excursion we go to we improve more and more. In the research project the judges thought it was a great idea. They told us that we should probably make a prototype and then show the people at NASA. I think that we had got most of the points from the research project. In the robot design we had to show what we had made for the robot. We had made a claw and a hammer. The claw could do 7 different missions and the Hammer could do 1 or 2 of the missions. In the core values part we had to show the judges our poster that we had made back at school. In the poster we had different topics we what we had problems with. In the robot games we had different missions that we had to complete by coding the robot the brick. By brick I mean on the robot. At the end of the day we couldn’t believe that we won the champions award. The champions award was the overall win. There is only one thing to say, go TRT ( Tarneit Robo Titans).


SRC Report

Message from our student leaders:

It has been a busy start to Term 3 for the SRC. We have successfully collected a massive amount of donations for the homeless within the Tarneit and Truganina community. The SRC would like to thank the Alpine students for organising this fundraiser for us.

On Friday 2 August the SRC ran the Jeans for Genes day fundraiser to raise money for kids with genetic illnesses. It was great to see so many teachers and students in their jeans supporting us, we raised a massive $1109.40. Thank you for your support.

SRC reps have been working hard to collect feedback from their classmates about what they would like to see in our college. Ms Spencer took these away and joined our meeting to inform us that there will be a new undercover outdoor sports space, she had ordered 5 bins to go around the school to reduce rubbish and we have prompted teachers to think about lunchtime clubs and how they are running.

A select number of students worked really hard to thank our principals by making cards and sending out messages over the loud speaker on World Principals Day.


Message from the Student Leadership Coordinators:

This term the SRC will be having a focus on what makes a successful student leader and running workshops around this. We have had student leaders attend meetings with the teachers to get feedback and suggestions for new initiatives involving students in our college. A big thank you to our student leaders for working so hard and being amazing role models and displaying all 4 of our school values.

Ms Harris, Ms Keating, Mr Page.


Coming Up:

  • STEM Night: Tuesday 3  September  (SRC will be involved in running activities and helping the night run smoothly)

Werribee Zoo

In week 5 our Prep Students went to the Werribee Open Range Zoo. They saw lots of animals and investigated their habitats. Our Prep students really enjoyed their first excursion and have lots of wonderful ideas as they begin to create a habitat for a chosen animal in Investigations.


Royal Melbourne Show

The Arts team would like to thank the 22 students who expressed interest in the Royal Melbourne Show art competition this year, the 13 students who submitted work to be entered and congratulations to 6 students whose work has been successful and will be exhibited during the September school holidays at the Royal Melbourne Show.

We will know how successful these 6 students are in the last week of the term. Stay tuned.

A special mention to these students who artwork will be on display at our Spring showcase in Term 4.

Lam 7A, Shi 5J, Evalyn 5E, Devshree 3K, Parekh 3NG, Pooja 4MM, Yash 2B


The House That Charlie Built

Students who participate in the Life Skills program had a very exciting day on Tuesday 20 August when a very special visitor, Charlie came to Tarneit P-9 College. Charlie talked about sustainability and the environment. The students had to come up and choose what rubbish goes in the right bin. Guess what they always choose first, "NAPPIES"!!!!


Betty Amsden Youth Scholarship

The annual Betty Amsden Youth Scholarship Course is a five-day course in developmental drama for students aged 14 to 16.  Students are guided through processes of performance- making and encouraged to extend their expressive skills, learning how to contribute as a member of an ensemble. 

Students are nominated by a teacher at their school, with only one nomination accepted per school. The selection panel, comprising MTC Education staff and the course teaching artists, selects 25 students. 

This year we nominated Darius in Year 9 for consideration. We are very proud to inform you all that Darius has been accepted. He is the 3rd Tarneit P-9 College student who has been accepted in as many years.

Student Wellbeing 

Wheel Talk

Wheel Talk was a good experience, the man who was instructing us and telling us about his past and that you could become disabled anytime, but having to adapt to that is the problem. This man was very nice, he also talked to us about his life and how amputating his legs changed his life. He let us use the wheelchair in a game and also for a teat run. We played a game of basketball but without actually bouncing the ball.  Telling us his story, l felt like l have to think about choices differently and having to back out from my surroundings. Wheel Talk was a very good experience informing us and showing what it's like to be in his shoes.

Tekura 7D



Wheel Talk was amazing as it helped me experience what disabled people feel everyday. It was fun playing wheel chair Basketball and l learned that you can play basketball even if you are disabled. The best part was when we asked him question and he unraveled his perspective and told us how hard his every day life was thought he was quite used to everything. It was fun and exciting having this little talk and playing the awesome game.



Digital Technology

Compass Tutorial Overview

Please click here to view.

Sporting News 

Bike Ed

On Tuesday 20 August, classes from 7G and 8E had their first Bike Ed lesson. We watched a video on how to ride our bikes safely on the roads. We also learnt bike safety and road rules when riding a bike.

The classes were then split up into 3 groups -  super confident,  in the middle and not so confident. Each group had their own task to complete, for example: maneuvering our bikes around obstacles and riding the bikes up and down the synthetic turf at the back rugby field, no only that but we had the chance to teach other people to ride and to be comfortable on bikes. We all had fun riding and learning about bikes and we are looking forward to our next lesson.

Grace 8E, Joanna 8E, Janica 7G, Lavinia7G

Wyndham District Athletics

On Thursday 29 August, 46 students will representing the College at the Wyndham District Athletics. Congratulations to the following students on making the team and we wish them the best of luck in their events.


Library News 

Wuggles and Ellie

Wuggles, Ellie and Peter were very interested to hear that the Peter Rabbit books have been so popular with our Junior Library students over the past few months. They’ve been excited to read and recommend some more books for you all. Please see below:


Parents Library Brochure


Library News

LIBRARY HOURS - Reminder:-

  • Junior and Senior Libraries will be open Monday to Friday before school from 8.30am to 8.50am.
  • Junior and Senior Libraries will be open at recess for borrowing, returning, quiet reading and studying  
  • Senior Library ONLY will be open after school from 3.15 to 4pm for borrowing, returning, quiet reading and studying  
  • The Junior and Senior Libraries are NOT OPEN at Lunchtime


Book Club – Issue 6  

The Scholastic Book Club Issue 6 orders close today and should be delivered by end of week 8, if you have not received your order after this, please contact the Junior Library.

Issue 7 will be released at the start of Term 4.

Thank you to all families in supporting our school libraries. These orders help us to put new and exciting books on the shelves for your children to borrow and read. The books that were recommended above are all new books in the Junior Library. The Senior Library also benefits from these purchases as well.

First Aid

Important Information from Sickbay 


We fully understand the frustration and cost of your child losing items of school clothing and therefore request that you clearly label your child’s clothing with both their first and last name so it can be returned to their classroom should it be placed in lost property.  Please note - we endeavour to do this on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, with the large number of items not labelled we are not able to leave them in lost property for any length of time.  These items are then washed and placed with our spare clothing.   Also hard items such as lunch boxes, drink bottles etc are thrown away every two weeks due to hygiene reasons.  Please ensure that these are also clearly labelled for return.

Borrowed Uniforms from Sickbay

Students who have borrowed uniform items from sickbay – can you please have items cleaned and returned as soon as possible.

Medical Plans/Medication

Parents/Carers who have received a letter of request for any medical plans and/or medication in relation to their child’s medical condition - please send to the College Administration Office as soon as possible.  If a student no longer has a medical condition – can you please  provide this information to College in writing to allow us to update or alter your child/s records.

Community Connections

Dance Fit


Free Creative Workshops


Youth Services Wyndham City


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