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09 February 2018
Term 1 Week 2 - 2018
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Photo: Principal, Mr Simon Cobiac, with Head Prefect, Sebastian Deluca (left) and Deputy Head Prefect, Dyson Hilder (right).

From The Principal -
Mr Simon Cobiac

Photo: Principal, Mr Simon Cobiac, with Head Prefect, Sebastian Deluca (left) and Deputy Head Prefect, Dyson Hilder (right).

Dear Families and Community of Blackfriars Priory School,

Welcome to the 2018 school year, a year that the Australian Bishops have identified as the Year of Youth. I look forward to the opportunity of our students engaging in programs and events that will enlighten the spirit and life of the living and loving Christ in their lives. Further information can be located at


I hope the holidays have given the opportunity for all students and staff to renew their energy and refresh mind, body and spirit for the year ahead. We especially welcome our new students and International students and extend our hospitality and friendship to you as you make this important transition in your lives. In welcoming new students, I am conscious of welcoming new families to our School and I encourage you to become fully participating members of our community. I know that you will find our staff going the extra step for every student and family to provide a safe, secure and challenging learning environment conducive to bring out the best in each person.


The Mission of Blackfriars is to be a ‘Catholic School community in the Dominican tradition with the Four Pillars of Prayer, Study, Community and Service central to our education and way of life’. I invite families, staff and students to wholeheartedly embrace the Mission of Blackfriars throughout the year. Our essential purpose as a Catholic School is to educate the whole person and to invite young people into a relationship with Jesus and to encourage that relationship to be a foundation for life’s journey. At the same time, we respect the religious faith and cultural traditions of each member within our Dominican community as we work together to make a positive difference in our world.


This year I would like to introduce to you the School Executive Team and the following staff members who we welcome to Blackfriars:



School Executive Team:

Mr Simon Cobiac                 Principal

Fr Matthew Boland (OP)    Chaplain

Mr David Ruggiero              Acting Deputy Principal, Secondary (7-12)

Mr Matthew Crisanti          Acting Assistant Principal Religious Identity and Mission

Mr Gerard Leahy                 Business Manager

Mr Frank Ali                         Head of Primary

Mr Patrick Kelly                  Director of Development and Community Relations

Mrs Mary Surman               Executive Assistant to the Principal



New Support Staff:

Mr Mitchell Brealey – Learning Enrichment Assistant

Mr Samuel Budden – Learning Enrichment Assistant

Mrs Rosemary Dubiel -  Finance Officer

Mr Patrick Kelly – Director of Development and Community Relations

Mr Ben Waechter – Learning Enrichment Assistant



New Teaching Staff:

Mr Frank Ali – Head of Primary

Ms Lacey Hutter – Secondary English, Humanities, RE

Miss Laura Whalan – Secondary Psychology, Science, RE

Mrs Elizabeth Rowley –  Primary School (Year 1)



Returning from Leave:

Mrs Melanie Golding – Secondary Teacher:  Chemistry and Science

Mrs Amelia Eagle – Acting Curriculum Leader: Religious Education and
Secondary Teacher


Ensuring our School is a Safe Place for All

As the school year commences I want to assure all parents and guardians of our absolute commitment to ensuring that Blackfriars is a safe place for all. 

  • Our staff are committed and trained to protect the children and young people in our care.
  • All staff and regular volunteers have current police checks.
  • We teach our children age-appropriate strategies to keep themselves safe through South Australia’s Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum.
  • Staff complete certification and undertake regular updated training in Responding to Abuse and Neglect in Education and Care Settings.
  • We also promote strategies to minimise bullying and help students stay safe online.


Additional information about the broader child protection policies of Catholic Education SA can be found on their website.


The website also includes links to online resources for parents and students on a range of topics including anxiety, depression, bullying and how to support your child.

I encourage all parents/caregivers to visit the Catholic Education website as a valuable source of information.  If you have any questions or concerns about child safety please contact any member of the School Executive Team in the first instance. 


School Opening Hours

Parents should be aware that supervision is provided in the mornings from 8:20am onwards and in the afternoons up until 3.35pm. Parents who send their children to school outside these hours should recognise that they are unsupervised and should take steps to insure them against accidental injury.


The only occasions when students should be on the premises beyond these times would be for attendance at sport or for scheduled school events, if they are attending the Out of School Hours Care Facility or other special purposes, during which time they will be provided with appropriate/reasonable care.


Uniform Standards and Expectations


Summer School Uniform

I ask all parents to ensure that your son is in the correct school uniform according to the Uniform regulations in the Student Diary. To date I have been very impressed with the cooperation of students in presenting themselves with pride as students of Blackfriars. Our Uniform expectations extend to grooming (length of hair, facial hair) and personal presentation which must be of a high standard in compliance with our uniform code.


As I communicated in the newsletter at the end of 2017 (10 November 2017), we are in a period of transition during 2018 with the introduction of the new Physical Education Uniform and Co-Curricular Sporting Uniforms in Term 2-4.


New PE Uniform

The ‘rollout’ of the new PE Uniform is almost complete. If you have pre-ordered the new PE Uniform, it is now available to collect from the Uniform Shop.


If you wish to purchase the new PE Uniform – please visit the Uniform Shop.


Old PE Uniform

The old PE Uniform is being sold at a special 50% discount – hurry into the Uniform Shop to purchase while stocks last! However, note that the old PE Uniform is only able to be worn for 2018.


New PE Uniform Feedback

Students, families and Staff have provided positive feedback regarding the look and design of the New PE Uniform - it is smart, dynamic and modern.


PE Uniform 2019

Term 1, 2019 the New PE Uniform will be compulsory.


Matching PE Uniform

New and old PE uniform items are NOT to be mixed and matched:

  • New PE Uniform to be worn as a set
  • Old PE Uniform to be worn as a set
  1. Primary Years through to Year 9 wear their PE Uniform to and from School, therefore it is imperative that the old and new PE Uniforms are worn as sets.
  • Please do not wear parts of new with parts of old.
  • It is important that students looks their best when wearing any Blackfriars Priory School Uniform, especially when worn beyond the gates.


Non-Compliant School Uniform Items

Please DO NOT purchase outdated, second-hand Blackfriars Priory School Uniform items – the wearing of non-compliant (outdated) uniform items will NOT be permitted beyond 2018.


The School has been mindful of expense to parents/caregivers in the purchasing of School Uniform and so has, until now, reluctantly accepted the wearing of outdated School Uniform items.  However, it is time for the School to enforce a branded and unified School Uniform image that will promote the School as a preferred school for the education of boys from Reception – Year 12.  Therefore, 2018 will be a transition year to the current ‘branded’ look of Blackfriars and in 2019 when all boys will be required to wear the correct School Uniform.


Parents are asked to check with the Uniform Shop prior to purchasing second-hand items to ensure that the item is branded with the current and correct crest, colour and design.  There are many second-hand uniform items available from a variety of sellers, but many are outdated and are no longer compliant with the current School Uniform. 


Remember, the wearing of non-compliant Blackfriars Priory School uniform items will NOT be permitted beyond 2018.


Winter School Uniform

Term 2 will require the full Winter Uniform, including the School Blazer:

  1. Please ensure that your son is wearing the current blazer with the correct ‘crest’.
  2. New parents to Blackfriars – please ensure you purchase the correct blazer for your son – either through the School Uniform Shop or if purchasing second-hand, please check with staff of the Uniform Shop to be certain you are purchasing the current design.


Old Uniforms

The Uniform Shop is NOT able to accept any used uniform item for resale that are not the current, correct design (ie crest, colour, cut). This includes: Blazers, Jumpers, Shirts, Ties.


Co-Curricular Uniforms

Cricket Co-Curricular Uniform

Cricket Co-Curricular uniforms will NOT be available until Term 1, 2019.

  • The current practice of supplying Cricket Kits will continue until the uniform is available.


Winter Co–Curricular

All winter co-curricular sports will require the new Sport Uniform – Kits will no longer be provided.


Uniform Advice

Please contact Mrs Cheryl Hadrill, the Uniform Shop Manager (PH 8169 3950)

if you have any School Uniform queries. Cheryl will be happy to discuss what uniform items your son requires and provide any additional information that will assist with the implementation of the new PE and Co-Curricular Uniform.



Finally, I am delighted with the smooth start of the school year and the ease with which students have settled into learning during the recent hot weather. My sincere thanks to the many parents who attended the R-12 Parent Welcome Evening on Wednesday to meet your boy’s key academic and well-being staff. I look forward to developing further the School and family partnership throughout 2018.


Yours faithfully,


Mr Simon Cobiac



Photo: Congratulations to our 2017 Merit Award winners who celebrated their achievements at Government House last Tuesday: (left to right) Faiz Muhammadi, James Renney, Luka Tokic-Bensley and Duy Minh Tran.

From the Deputy Principal, Secondary 

Photo: Congratulations to our 2017 Merit Award winners who celebrated their achievements at Government House last Tuesday: (left to right) Faiz Muhammadi, James Renney, Luka Tokic-Bensley and Duy Minh Tran.

From the Deputy Principal, Secondary

Welcome to our school year and the Catholic Church’s Year of Youth.  The Year of Youth invites us into prayerful discernment about the importance and life-giving presence of young people in our community.  Our role is to accompany youth on their journey to maturity as they discover who God is calling them to be.


Year 12 (Stage 2) Results

Congratulations to the Year 12 cohort of 2017, with 99% of students gaining successful SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education) completion!  Thank you to our teaching staff and support staff, who have been co-educators with our families.  As with many staff members, I recall January 2013 and the first day of Year 8 for the graduating class of 2017.  The blessing of seeing these boys mature into fine young men is a gift of our profession.  For Mrs Hoendervanger, this gift extends back to our first Reception class in 2005.


Our students continue to achieve outstanding results with over twenty students achieving an ATAR above 90 and Merits in the subject areas of Religion Studies, English and Mathematics.  On Monday 19 February we will celebrate the exceptional dedication and talent of our highest achieving students at our Laureate Assembly.


A Dominican Education focuses on the formation of the whole person and honours gifted diversity.  The variety of gifts present in the Class of 2017 is reflected by the wide-ranging pathways chosen by the boys.  Future optometrists, pilots, teachers, pharmacists, nurses, engineers, writers, medical professionals, accountants, tradesmen and businessmen to name just a few of the areas chosen by our boys.  Regardless of their ATAR, job title or salary, we pray that these young men may reflect the Four Pillars of Dominican Life; Prayer, Study, Community and Service, throughout their life and in all they do.


A detailed presentation of our results, including our Dux, can be viewed here:


Merit Ceremony

It was a privilege to attend the SACE Merit Ceremony for our 2017 Merit recipients at Government House on Tuesday 6 February.  Families radiated joy, as the students soaked up the auspicious occasion. Congratulations to the following boys on achieving a Merit:


Faiz Muhammadi – Religion Studies

Thanh-Phi Nguyen – English

James Renney – General Mathematics

Luka Tokic-Bensley – English

Duy Minh Tran – Mathematical Methods



As you are aware, Blackfriars Priory School uses SEQTA as our learner management system.  All communication and reporting will occur through SEQTA. This year we are moving to continuous online reporting. As a parent, you will be able to read feedback on a specific task for your son, as soon as it is marked. Teachers will comment using the achievement standards of ACARA and SACE performance standards. In addition, students will be provided with details as to how they can improve and areas for growth. Given our continuous online reporting, the end of term reports will focus on Pastoral Care and provide a summary of each subject and an indicator of your son’s engagement in learning and personal responsibility. Please follow this link for instructions on how to access SEQTA on a variety of platforms;


Home Group

The pastoral care of your son is imperative for his success in life.  Your son’s Home Group Teacher is the first contact point at the school.  Home Group Teachers see your son every morning and during extended Pastoral Care on a Wednesday.  Please communicate with them through email or phone contact should you have a query regarding your son.  Home Group Teachers will also contact you should there be anything they need to discuss in relation to your son’s holistic wellbeing.



The front page of the Sunday Mail (4 February) echoed the message conveyed at our first assembly regarding phones. The overuse of phones is a social catastrophe (I must admit some guilt here!) and we are assisting our boys in ensuring phones are not a distraction, by removing the temptation from them. Therefore, students are not to have phones visible at any time.  We will work in partnership with parents in ensuring students are not distracted by their technology.  Home Group Teachers will be in contact with you should the need arise.



A reminder that we are in summer uniform and including the wearing of the school hat when in the sun. In addition, hair and jewellery must comply with our personal presentation policy.  A copy of our uniform policy, personal presentation policy and SunSmart policy can be found here:


Study Skills

While the smell of freshly opened books and new stationery is still lingering, we encourage you to work with your son on the importance of effective study skills at home.  A fabulous article on the simple steps required to assist students in creating a conducive study environment and routine can be found here:

I also encourage parents to follow Steve Biddulph’s Raising Boys social media accounts.  His simply worded insights continue to assist educators and parents throughout the world.


Blessings and peace for the start of your school year.


Mr David Ruggiero

Acting Deputy Principal, Secondary (7 -12)


Photo: Painted by Amunda Gorey. Copyright: Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

Veritas – From the APRIM

Photo: Painted by Amunda Gorey. Copyright: Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

Rhythm, Routine and Renewal

The Christmas season is barely over, but judging by the prompt arrival of Easter Eggs on supermarket shelves you could be mistaken for thinking Christmas ended a long time ago and we are deep in the midst of Lent!


These observations contrast the real seasons of the Church, that are designed for the faithful to fully immerse themselves in the mysteries of God, and to discover ones-self and God’s love through this immersion of the spirit.  The Christmas season actually ended on 8 January, and 40 days of Lent begins at Ash Wednesday, 14 February.  It is a combination of the routine or rhythm that the Church seasons offer, with the extended time and space, that allows for this deep renewal.  The seasons are not passing fads, and although repeated every year, they always offer something different and enriching.


For some students and staff, approaching the end of Christmas holidays may elicit feelings of angst.  For others, it is just another repeating phase in the routine of life, and nothing to be perturbed by.  For most, there is a sense of excitement.  Now, with two weeks complete already (where does time go?), judging from reports and the tone of the school, the year has begun very smoothly.  There is a strong sense of stability, confidence and positivity that has arisen from the certainty of routine.  This is underpinned by our Dominican Catholic faith, that through prayer, enlightens us to God’s eternal presence and reminds us of the covenant made through Christ at the Last Supper.


Another part of the annual rhythm of the Church are the feasts of the Saints.  The beginning of the school year is marked most pertinently by the feast of St Thomas Aquinas (28 January), the great 13th century Dominican saint whose search for truth and application of reason remains an inspiration for all us learners.  This is followed by St John Bosco (31 January), the Italian teacher and priest whose dedication to educating the impoverished resulted in the founding of Salesian education, of which there are multiple schools around the world.  St Brigid of Ireland (451-525) is celebrated on 1 of February, and there are also multiple schools founded on her Brigidine sisters.  St Thomas, St John Bosco and St Brigid have education in Christ as their common ministry.  One of the functions of the saints, is to provide guidance and support for those who look up to them and pray for their intercession.  As educators, and one of the reasons Blackfriars Priory School is so strong, is our reverence in observance of the saints.


2018 was declared the Year of Youth by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.  2018 was chosen as it is ten years since Australia hosted the Sydney World Youth Day (WYDSYD08).  Again, this presents as something rhythmic, as do all anniversaries, and they focus our attention on renewal.  I know in my marriage, our wedding anniversary helps refocus our goals and celebrate our achievements, and thus renews, enriches and sustains our sacred union.  In a similar way, those who attended WYDSYD08 and were certainly touched and inspired by the collective and the unity in faith, can now refocus and renew. Many were high school students, who are now well into adulthood and making a significant mark on the world.  Some will have maintained their faith while others would have drifted.  It is hoped that this anniversary will be cause for reflection and re-inspiration so that the good works of the Holy Spirit come through in their lives today.


For today’s youth, the Australian Bishops recognise the need to refocus the Church on our youth of today. The Year of Youth aims to:

  • foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person
  • draw young people into responsible participation in the life, mission and work of the Catholic faith community
  • empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today


At Blackfriars Priory School a particular focus is the development of the leadership capacity of our student leaders.  This, coupled with the goals and activities associated with the Year of Youth, will help achieve the aims stated above.  This has already begun, with our House Captains organising the prayer focusses of each Home Group.  Twelve students, including our Young Christian Students (YCS) Captains,

other YCS members and Student Leaders, are attending Caritas Just Leadership Day.  Seven Prefects including our Head Prefect and Deputy Head Prefect are attending the Cathedral for Ash Wednesday Mass, which couples as a launch for Project Compassion.  I am delighted with the leadership already displayed by these young men and look forward to seeing the fruits of their initiatives and imaginations as the year progresses.


With the season of Lent drawing near, it would be remiss of me not to wish you a prayerful Lenten season.  It is the time to repent of sin, to renew our faith and to prepare to celebrate joyfully the mysteries of our salvation through Easter.  Despite the chocolate eggs appearing as early as they do, I strongly encourage you to avoid the temptation!  The egg should crack open on Easter – that is when the new life emerges.  Immerse in the wait – it is part of the rhythm, routine and renewal.


Mr Matthew Crisanti

Acting Assistant Principal Religious Identity and Mission (APRIM)


Photo: Eli joins the Blackfriars Community.

Primary School News

Photo: Eli joins the Blackfriars Community.

Primary School News

It has been an absolute pleasure coming back to the school where I started my career.  I commenced my first teaching appointment in 1981 (many parents weren’t born then!) and left as Head of Primary in 1998 and I am so grateful to be returning.  I have had a chance to meet a few of you, including dads of whom I taught many years ago, and have been warmly welcomed.  I thank you for that.  If I have not met you please feel free to drop in whenever it suits to say hello.  My door is nearly always open.


More importantly we have many new families who have joined our community and I hope the children and you have been made to feel comfortable and settled.  The Primary School includes our ELC and again we have had several three year-olds start in our beautiful facility.  We hope they have a fruitful and fun times here.


We warmly welcome Mrs Liz Rowley to our teaching team, working in Year 1 (Monday – Thursday). She comes to us with a wealth of experience in Catholic Schools in England and Adelaide.  I know you will make her feel welcome.


Two more changes to last year’s staffing sees Mrs Johanna West taking on the leadership role of Assistant Head of Primary/Curriculum ELC-6 as well as Year 5 teacher.  Miss Kendall Schenk is Year 2 Teacher and Learning Enrichment and STEM Co-ordinator.


There have been some changes to the way we operate Learning Enrichment. Rather than withdrawing students from class, ESO/Teachers will work in situ (in the classroom setting). Research is strong in suggesting this is the best way for children, particularly boys, to achieve the best outcomes. Of course, children at the highest end of need will still be withdrawn for one-on-one sessions. Reading Recovery will continue for the first semester with Mrs Michelle McGinty. Miss Kendall Schenk and I will coordinate Learning Enrichment. Please feel free to see me if you have any concerns or queries.


There has also been a change to Assembly times (apologies for anyone who has set themselves for a Friday Morning).  We believe that mornings are valuable teaching times and that assemblies can be accommodated on a Friday afternoon, 2:20 pm to 3:00pm. These Primary Assemblies will be on odd weeks starting Week 3 and Masses will be held at that time on even weeks.  We would love to see all at both occasions if possible.


I have generally been impressed by the way the boys have embraced “Meditation”. Having 200 hundred boys sit still and be reflective before starting afternoon lessons is not easy. Some of our younger boys find it challenging but the older classes have been great role models for the younger ones.


Please note that the team from Ground Force will have dancing lessons for R-3 in Weeks 1 – 5 and Year 4 – 6 from Weeks 6 – 11. Please see below for further important dates.

There seems to a great deal of optimism from all parties about Blackfriars heading forward in a positive direction and I am confident that this will be a great year for all concerned.


Mr Frank Ali

Head of Primary


Dates to Remember

12 February – School Photo Day

14 February – Photo catch up day

14 February – Ash Wednesday and Opening Mass

20 – 23 February Year 5-6 Swimming

2 March – Year 2 and 3 Dance Concert Assembly

5 March – 8 March – Year 3-4 Swimming

9 March – Primary Swimming Carnival

14 March – Open Day (1.00pm Dismissal)

21 March – Harmony Day

28 March – School Tour 9.00am

29 March – Holy Week Liturgy 9.00 am (1.00pm Dismissal)

4 April – Learning Conversations

6 April – Primary Sports Day

13 April R-1 – Dance Concert 9.00 am

13 April – Term One Ends 1.00pm

Early Learning Centre

From the ELC

Welcome back to the 2018 school year.  A special welcome to all our new families.  We look forward to an engaging and fruitful relationship with families and children.


We have had 29 families begin with us this year, with several to join in the next few weeks.  We have had a few tears (from adults as well as children) but all is well after a short time.


Our program at the beginning of the year revolves around “relationships”.  It is a get to know you time between staff and children, children and children and staff and families.  With the extremes in temperature we have scheduled many water activities.  We even had a water rainbow for children to run beneath and cool down.  Trucks, dinosaurs, baby dolls and dolls clothes washing have all been activities offered; children’s interests being the focal point.  Creative arts (paint, playdough, collage) are always an area of much participation.


An introduction to Prayer and the Sign of the Cross has begun in each of the three rooms.  Families will receive some homework this week; an identity web.  We hope parents will complete this working with their children; return to their home room teachers to enable us to engage even more closely with children and families.


The Early Learning Centre will be joining the whole school on Wednesday 14 February for Ash Wednesday Mass.  All families are welcome to join us. Mass begins at 10.00am in the Fr John Neill OP Gymnasium.


Mrs Karen McEntee

ELC Director

From The Counselling Suite

Who is the Boss?

Sometimes as parents we need to remind ourselves that we are the adults in the child/parent relationship.  Parents must distinguish between giving their child what they want, and giving them what they need - these are often not the same thing.  


Children have emotional blackmail down to a fine art; most parents at some time have been taunted by the plea ‘everybody else in my class is allowed to ….’ or ‘I’m the only kid in my group who doesn’t have….’ etc, etc. And if that doesn’t work, the child resorts to the temper tantrum and associated screaming, yelling, throwing things etc, etc. It is easy to understand how that sort of behaviour wears parents down – it is so easy to simply give in.


This scenario is often played out around technology use; the online age has made parenting much more difficult than it was in the past. Children of all ages have access to, and can use, all sorts of electronic devices – tablets and smartphones, smart TVs, PlayStations and Xboxes. These devices are so user-friendly that even a 2-year old can navigate their way around various Internet sites, and while there are many benefits associated with using these devices there are also risks!  


As parents we do everything possible to minimise the risks that our child might encounter around the home – we build fences around pools, we don’t leave sharp implements within easy reach, we ensure that they understand all about ‘stranger danger’, but we often overlook the risks associated with unrestricted access to electronic devices. Often, we argue that our children only play interactive and educational games or use their device for research, and that is good for them. Yes, it may be, but as parents do you know how much time your child spends on electronic devices in any one day?  When we do take note of the actual time our children spend engaged with a screen, we would be surprised and perhaps even horrified.    


There are many risks of too much screen time, and some are widely known especially around internet safety, however, there are two issues which seem to cause more problems than all the others. The first is that screen time and Internet use are ADDICTIVE, and highly addictive at that!   The second is that children who have unrestricted screen time are more likely to become, very quickly, more comfortable interacting in the ‘VIRTUAL’ world than in the ‘real’ world.


We don’t let our children play in dangerous spaces and we worry about the lure of addictive drugs.   So too as parents we must set reasonable limits on the amount of time we allow our children to spend using technology. Parents are the adults in the child/parent relationship and so need to take control of the amount of time they allow their child to spend on electronic devices.  This can be very challenging, but it is too important to your child’s mental, emotional and physical health to weaken.     


The Counselling Team is available to advise and support all students and families and can be contacted by email: .   Parents may also refer their son to the Counselling Team by using the Referral found on the Parent Portal.  


Ms Cathie Oswald

School Counsellor (Monday, Thursday and Friday)


Mrs Karen Davies

School Psychologist (Tuesday and Thursday)

Musical Notes

Musical Notes

It has been a fantastic start to 2018 and it has been wonderful to see the enthusiasm of the students returning to school.


This year there are a number of changes within the Performing Arts Faculty.   My role is now Head of Performing Arts 7 – 12.  Mrs Libby Hunter will be managing the Primary Music Program, including the Instrumental and Immersion Programs.  We welcome Mrs Amelia Eagle to our team as she returns from leave.  Mrs Eagle is an experienced Music Teacher and she will be teaching Reception, Reception / Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 Music, as well as Year 9DJSS and Concert Band 3.  Mrs Hunter can be contacted on and Mrs Eagle on


All returned consents and notes sent home should be forwarded to Ms Anastasia Lambis who is located in the Front Office.


All Music co-curricular ensembles should have commenced by Week 3. Please see below a list of ensembles and their directors for any enquiries:


Flute Ensemble – Cassandra Boath
Guitar Ensemble – Matthew Baluyot
Saxophone Ensemble – Ralph Franke
Percussion Ensembles – Larry Todd
Big Band Theory, Soundbenders, Rockin’ Rhythms – Marie Wohling
Concert Band 3 – Amelia Eagle
Concert Band 1 and 2, 6/7 Choir – Libby Hunter
Stage Bands 1 and 2, Senior Vocal Group, 3/4/5 Choir – Jessica Reppucci


Application for Instrumental Lessons Form
All instrumental lessons should now have commenced in Week 2.  If you would like your son to undertake instrumental lessons at Blackfriars, please complete the attached Application for Instrumental Lessons Form and return the Music Suite as soon as possible.  Please note that Drums are now full and students will be put onto a waitinglist.



Open Day
A variety of Music ensembles and also Drama students will be performing at Open Day on Wednesday 14 March.  Next week a nomination sheet will be placed on display in the Music Suite.  Students wishing to perform as a soloist, duet or small group are asked to complete the sheet so that a final schedule can be established.


Friends of Music
I invite all parents of students involved in the Music Program to be part of the Friends of Music Group. The Friends of Music were extremely positive and active in 2017 in helping with catering and a raffle for our Annual Music Concert.  If you would be happy to offer some time throughout the year with Music events, please contact me on


Upcoming Dates

Wednesday 14 February: Opening School Mass – All Choirs
Monday 19 February: Laureate Assembly – Stage Band 1
Thursday 1 and Friday 2 March: Fringe Show TRUTH
Wednesday 14 March: Open Day – Stage Band 1 and 2, Concert Bands 1 and 2, Big Band Theory, BlackOrleans, Soundbenders,Rockin Rhythms and Soloists
Saturday 17 March: Friends of Music Fundraiser
Tuesday 20 March: Generations in Jazz Music Camp Incursion Day and Performance
Sunday 8 April: Gen Connection Concert

Please check SEQTA for updated information and notices throughout the year.


I look forward to an exciting new year working with everyone.


“Practice like you’ve never won.  Perform like you’ve never lost”.


Miss Jessica Reppucci
Head of Performing Arts

Photo: First XI Debutants – Gurender Singh, James Smith, Oscar Gray, Cooper O’Leary, Ryan Ross and Julian Cornish.

Secondary Co-Curricular

Photo: First XI Debutants – Gurender Singh, James Smith, Oscar Gray, Cooper O’Leary, Ryan Ross and Julian Cornish.

From the Secondary Co-Curricular

 Welcome to the 2018 Blackfriars Co-Curricular Program! At Blackfriars, we offer a broad range of co-curricular activities that allow students to participate in a number of sporting teams, intellectual activities or creative pursuits. For more information about the Co-Curricular Program, please refer to the Secondary Co-Curricular Handbook


Student Co-Curricular Nominations

In 2018, Student Co-Curricular nominations were completed online using EDVAL Web Choice. Please ensure nominations have been completed so that teams can be entered into various sporting and intellectual competitions. If you have lost your web code, contact


As a reminder, there are some student expectations:

  • Participate in a minimum of one co-curricular activity each year
  • Honour their commitment for the duration of the Summer (Term 1 and 4) or Winter (Term 2 and 3) co-curricular activity.
  • That any student who plays for any sporting club, must also represent Blackfriars in that same sport when the school sport program is taking place.
  • Participating in an alternative co-curricular sport or activity does not take the place of club sport. Demonstrate good sportsmanship by being positive, supportive and treating all team mates and opponents with respect regardless of ability, gender, cultural background or religion.
  • Wear the correct uniform at all matches and training sessions
  • Organise transport to and from sporting venues
  • Inform the teacher or team coach if unavailable for a particular week in a timely manner
  • Attend weekly team meetings and training sessions


SEQTA – Co-Curricular

All Co-Curricular information can now be found on SEQTA by clicking on the Co-Curricular button on the SEQTA Learn (Students) or SEQTA Engage (Parents) portals. Please check this regularly as all information will be updated here. Below is an image of the Co-Curricular button on SEQTA.



Term 1 Co-Curricular Sport

Term 1 Co-Curricular Sport and training commenced in Week 2. A summer sport training schedule is attached which outlines training days, times and locations. This has been emailed to your son and is also available on SEQTA and the Blackfriars Priory School website.


Fixtures are being finalised and will be made available on SEQTA once completed.


First XI Cricket

The First XI Cricket season has started for Term 1. There were six students making their debut in the team – Gurender Singh, James Smith, Oscar Gray, Cooper O’Leary, Ryan Ross and Julian Cornish.


Congratulations to Hamish Ralph (Year 12) and Alexander Koutroulis-Duke (Year 12) on being named co-captains of the First XI Cricket team.


Extreme Weather Guidelines

Blackfriars is part of the Sports Association for Adelaide Schools (SAAS) and abides by its Extreme Weather Guidelines. If the temperature for the forthcoming Saturday is forecast at 38C in the Friday’s Advertiser, all SAAS sport primary and secondary, with the possible exception of Water Polo, First XI Cricket and Drive Tennis will be cancelled. This includes any indoor Saturday sport. Training cancellations will be made on the day if the temperature is forecasted at 360C or above.


Coaching or Umpiring

Blackfriars is always looking for parents, family or friends to assist in the Co-Curricular Program. If you have expertise or knowledge of a particular co-curricular activity and would like to be involved through coaching or umpiring, please email


Student Achievements

Blackfriars always aims to acknowledge the achievements of students on and off the sorting field. If your son has achieved at a high level in their chosen sport, please contact the Co-Curricular Coordinator so that it can be mentioned in the newsletter and other formats.




After consultation with staff groups and student leadership the following will occur for House-based carnivals:


  • To increase participation in each event (avoid empty lanes)
  • To develop more even competition between Houses
  • To help Heads of House and Student Leaders with coordination
  • To avoid tension between combined Houses


  • two lanes per combined house (Eg. LACORDAIRE and BURKE have two lanes. Lanes to be next to each other to support coordination of competitors.
  • Best two competitors from either House compete from A division down
  • Points combined throughout the day, final tally to be from 4 combined Houses;

Burke/ Lacordaire 

Denifle/ Jarrett

Horten/ Aquinas

Lagrange/ Devittoria 

  • No impact/ change to age championships
  • Combined Houses to be seated together
  • Student leaders from combined houses to work together in preparation and coordination of participants 
  • Water Polo teams combined Houses (could possibly be kept separate and points tallied if numbers fit. TBD after selections Wednesday 7 February 2018)
  • Relays can have two amalgamated teams per relay if numbers fit. One is also fine. Therefore, there could be 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 teams per race.
  • Winning House will be announced as a combined House.


Mr Michael Parrella

Secondary Co-Curricular Coordinator





Primary Co-Curricular

Primary Co-Curricular Report

Welcome back! Term 1 is a very busy time and there is lots of new information to digest, especially for the new families within the school. The co-curricular program is already in full swing. Please find some information about the program below.



All families from Reception to Year 7 should have received Co-Curricular Nomination forms by now and returned these to class teachers with the chosen pursuits clearly marked. If you haven’t done so, please return the form as soon as possible. I have collated the information from these forms and the following teams have been nominated into Primary competitions for Term 1:

  • Year 6/7 Cricket
  • Year 3/4/5 Cricket
  • Kanga Cricket
  • Primary B1 Tennis
  • Primary B2 Tennis
  • Year 3/4/5 Tennis
  • Soccer 2 Sports (Clinic based – not entered into competitions
  • Water Polo is facilitated through the Secondary School

A file is attached with the coaches and training program for this term – Term 1 and 4 Coaches and Training Program.


Trainings and Meetings

All teams were scheduled to get under way this week but the hot weather meant the cancellation of Tuesday night practices. Students should keep an ear open for announcements relating to meetings which will take place this week with their coaches. Important forms and contact details will be distributed at this time.



Tennis and cricket matches will begin on the weekend of Friday 16 – Saturday 17 February. Can I stress to families the need to be on time for both drop offs and pick up before and after all games or trainings.


Commitment, Communication and Courtesy

It is essential that all boys who have nominated for a chosen sport uphold the commitment that they have made to the group in regard to training and games. In the advent that you are unavailable for a particular session, your coaches require the courtesy of a call or message at a suitable time that will not leave the team in a difficult situation. Please communicate with your coaches/managers and give them the courtesy of a call or message so they can make alternative arrangements.


Australian Rules Football and Auskick

For the first time in my knowledge, Blackfriars has been unable to gain enough nominations to field a Primary football team at any level, nor provide an Auskick Centre for the Junior Primary. Nomination numbers were insufficient to enter a team in the SAAS competitions. I encourage any boys that nominated football to consider participating in one of the other pursuits offered. A letter will be sent home to families with further details.


Hot Weather or Wet Weather Cancellations

In line with SAAS heat policy for South Australian schools, if the forecast temperature in The Advertiser newspaper is 35 degrees + between Monday and Friday, all co-curricular trainings or games will be cancelled. Families can find this information on the SEQTA portal in the notices section. Students will also be notified before 9.00am in order to make the necessary arrangements for collection.


Should training or games be cancelled due to wet weather, the sporting coordinators from the affected schools will make a judgement call, generally by lunchtime of the day in question. Sometimes wet weather strikes just before game time. In this instance, families are expected to travel to the venue and check in with the coaches on the state of play.


Swimming Trials and Swimming Lessons

A group of 35 boys attended the Primary Swimming Trials to gain selection in the Primary Swim Team. Well done to all boys who attended. The successful team will be announced next week with information being sent home.


The Year 5 and 6 students will be participating in DECS swimming lessons in Week 4 of this term. Parents should expect to receive information about these sessions later this week.


If you have any questions about the Co-Curricular program please contact me on the details below.

Mr Nick Cheary

Primary Co-Curricular Coordinator or 0410 686 496


Hallinan Library

Library News

In the Primary Library we have started the term by discussing the Digital Technologies Policy with all primary classes. It is important for the boys to understand the responsibilities and expectations of using technology for both their learning and personal use. There were also discussions about keeping yourself safe online which is something that has grown in necessity in recent years. We only need look at the daily media to see the effects a lack of understanding in this area can have. We encourage you to ask your boys questions about this session as a way of starting conversations about this very important topic. Throughout the year, the boys will be involved in further sessions about email etiquette, cyberbullying, social media and related topics. Please feel free to discuss any issues, concerns or questions you may have around this with Mrs Wilson. All students are required to return their signed Digital Technology Policy form to their class teacher as soon as possible.


This week library orientation sessions will be held. We look forward to allowing all the students, ELC – Year 6, to borrow as they select something to read for pleasure. A reminder that library bags are required for borrowing.


In the Senior Library it’s been a busy return to school with the distribution of new textbooks and the welcoming of new students. We have already had questions from the boys about the Premier’s Reading Challenge, loan limits and Game’s Day (that’s Friday lunch).


There are still some boys who have overdues from last year. We ask senior students to have another good search at home and school for any overdue library or text books. They should then pop in the next day where we will borrow out their textbooks. Any lost or damaged books will be invoiced. Of course, should any misplaced book be found then payment will be refunded.


The 2018 student ID cards should be available by the end of the month and distribution times will be announced in due course.


We would also like to remind students that if they require a laptop charger to be tagged and tested that this year the day is Thursday. Chargers should be brought to the library first thing in the morning and collected at lunchtime.


The Hallinan Library Team

Photo: Tom Roberts’ The Break Away, oil on canvas, 1891.

From the Visual Art Faculty

Photo: Tom Roberts’ The Break Away, oil on canvas, 1891.

From the Visual Art Faculty

Not all we do in Visual Art is practical work.  


Much of our work is in Visual Literacy.  All our students, Reception to Year 12, are asked to DESCRIBE, ANALYSE, INTERPRET AND JUDGE/EVALUATE. We aim to build our students’ art knowledge and understanding of art.  Every aspect of our world is visual, and having skills in visual literacy is vital now and in the future.


Working from the principle of LOOK, OBSERVE, SEE; we encourage students to spend time with art work, to slow down and decipher what they see with purpose.


Inspired by a book, “Are You an Art Sleuth?” by Brooke DiGiovanni Evans, I have started the year playing a game in our Junior Primary Lessons.  The game is EYE SPY.  It has a bit of a twist from the game played on long car rides.


Instead of looking out the window students are looking at FAMOUS WORKS OF ART.


I started our first class with Tom Roberts’ The Break Away, oil on canvas, 1891.


Starting with subject matter.


Eye spy with my little eye something that looks like              …  two horses … dam … three birds … two dogs


The horses were hard to spot, this is where arts language comes in to play … for the clues! 


Below/above the horizon, in the foreground, in the background, where the colour changes, it is dark brown


The game will strengthen your son’s understanding of arts language, terminology and build their vocabulary in a practical and fun experience. Please join in our game at home!


Yours in the Arts,


Mrs Emily Kenny

Visual Art and Design Teacher

From the Development Office

From the Development Office

It is with a great sense of pride that I tap out this message as my contribution to the first newsletter of the year. When I graduated from 17 Prospect Road as a Year 12 student in 1990, the possibility of one day returning to Blackfriars as a staff member would have been one of the furthest things from my mind.  However, over the past 17 years working to develop communities in several other schools, and observing closely how this has been done throughout Australia and New Zealand, it is a great privilege to return here, to my own community, and undertake that same task.


By way of an introduction to my role, a new position for Blackfriars, I thought it might be useful to share with you just what Development is in an education setting.


Development is a strategic, integrated method of managing relationships to increase understanding and support among an educational institution's key constituents, including old scholars, friends, government policy makers, media, community members and philanthropic entities of all types.  Development (also referred to as Advancement in many institutions) typically encompasses four areas of an institution’s operations: Enrolments, Old Scholar & Community Relations, Marketing & Communications and Fundraising.


Typically, my professional colleagues and I work on behalf of our institutions to:

  • promote the institution to prospective students, their parents and others with a view to securing enrolments;
  • communicate about the institution with those who have a stake in its success, including community members, business leaders, government officials and the media;
  • engage alumni in the life of the institution as volunteers, advocates and supporters; and
  • secure financial support from potential donors committed to the mission of the institution.

At Blackfriars, these tasks are undertaken by the members of the Development Office, with myself as Director; Jon Harmer working with our Old Scholars and local community stakeholders; Joanna Rossi, our College Registrar managing enrolments; and Angela Honner (assisting this year in the absence of Rachel Elgar) in Marketing & Communications. The office is also supported by Zoe Cleary who is currently managing the consolidation of the school’s significant community database.


You are most likely to encounter the Development Office team at the various school events held throughout the year. Events such as this week’s R-12 Welcome Evening and our various Old Scholar reunions, are great community builders. We’re also the link to the school administration for groups such as the Parents & Friends and the school’s Old Scholars sports clubs.


So please feel free to introduce yourself to the Development team at a Blackfriars community event soon. We look forward to working with you to build our wonderful school community.


Mr Patrick Kelly
Director of Development and Community Relations


Out of School Hours Care

Our children enjoyed an awesome Vacation Care with different activities taking place throughout the holidays. With an average of 20 – 40 children joining the programme each day of the school holidays, there was certainly plenty of fun and friendship to be had.


Children engaged in an array of different activities that suited all ages and abilities from Nature Play, Disco, SkyWatch Astronomy, Gymnastics and much more!

If you have any questions regarding OSHC or Vacation Care, please do not hesitate to contact OSHC

on 0407 441 163.


Mrs Rita Quaini

OSHC Director 



Language Quiz

Italian and Japanese Language Quiz

According to legend, what were the names of the two boys raised by a She-Wolf, who were the founders of Rome?

Answer at the bottom of this article.


What is the most famous mountain in Japan?

Answer at the bottom of this article.


To promote our study of Italian and Japanese languages within our school community and beyond, each newsletter we will feature a quick fact or general knowledge quiz question to broaden your knowledge of these two amazing cultures.


Feel free to contact one of the language teachers if you wish to contribute and have your question or fact published.




Italian Answer:  Romulus & Remus

Japanese Answer:  Mt Fuji


Tuckshop Roster

Tuckshop Roster


Monday 12 February - L Carlier

Tuesday 13 February - E Choimes

Wednesday 14 February - A Revel   

Thursday 15 February - A Matikulas

Friday 16 February - N/A Secondary Swimming Carnival 



Monday 19 February - S Gregory

Tuesday 20 February - K Smith

Wednesday 21 February - R Smith

Thursday 22 February - A Petraccaro

Friday 23 February - J Blazejak

Coming Events

TERM 1 - WEEKS 3 and 4


Monday 12 February 

School Photo Day

Class of 2017 Reunion


Tuesday 13 February  

Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Distribution

Monty Pryor Visit - Year 8


Wednesday 14 February  

Opening Mass 10.00am  - including distribution of Ashes - all most welcome

Catch up Photo Day


Friday 16 February  

Secondary Swimming Carnival



Monday 19 February  

Laureate Assembly - 9.00am - Gymnsaium

Year 5/6 Swimming lessons


Tuesday 20 February  

Year 5/6 Swimming lessons

Year 8 Camp (Group 1 - 8M and 8T)


Wednesday 21 February  

Year 5/6 Swimming lessons

Year 8 Camp (Group 1 - 8M and 8T)


Thursday 22 February 

Year 5/6 Swimming lessons

Year 8 Camp (Group 1 - 8M and 8T)


Friday 23 February

Year 5/6 Swimming lessons

Year 8 Camp (Group 1 - 8M and 8T)



School Photographs

Monday 12 February 2018


ORDER NOW go to and enter the code ZVY 22Z 8J2


School photographs are scheduled to be taken by advancedlife.  Whilst an envelope and flyer were distributed last week, if possible it is our preference that ordering be completed online to reduce administration and potential security issues related to the return of cash and envelopes on photo day.


Orders for packages and sibling photographs can be placed securely online at using our school’s unique 9 digit Online Order Code (mentioned above).


Portrait and group package orders are due by photography day.

Should you wish to purchase a sibling photograph online, the order must be placed no later than the day before photography day. Sibling photographs will only be taken if an order has been placed.


Should you have any queries concerning school photographs or online ordering, please direct them via email to


Boys are to wear their correct summer uniform – (no jumper, no sports uniform)

Boys who have PE on Monday 12 February are to bring their sports uniform to change into


NB – Late orders received after the day of Photography - 12 February 2018 - are subject to re-order prices (a late fee included) and can only be placed online.



Communicating Your Son’s Absence/Late Arrival

Communicating Your Son’s Absence/Late Arrival

If your son is going to be absent from school, or if he will be arriving late, please contact the school before 9.00am by:




SMS: 0438 483 997 


Phone: 8169 3900 (press 1 for absentees)


Please include your son’s full name, Class/Home Group and the reason for the absence/late arrival in your message.


If your son is not present during Home Group/roll call a text message will be sent to the primary parent/guardian. 


If it is necessary for your son to be dismissed early from school, please ensure he has a signed note in his school diary. He will need to have this note signed by his Class/Home Group Teacher prior to signing out at the Student Office.


Note: ELC children absences/late arrivals should still be communicated direct to the Early Learning Centre by phoning 8169 3955 after 7.30am.



Now it is on the lefthand side/north side of St Catharine's (or in between the Senior Library and St Catharine's.)  Enter via the external door.  


Parent Portal

Accessing your Blackfriars Parent Portal

Our online learner management system (LMS), SEQTA, enables classroom practitioners to communicate and engage with the school community to maximise the outcomes and opportunities for students.

This learning portal is web-based and can be accessed from any digital device with an Internet connection. Your parent portal's web address is:


Parents of students recently enrolled or current parents who have misplaced their portal credentials please contact us at


There is also a 'free' parent portal app for Apple and Android phones and tablets. Click here for more information.

Road Safety

Drop Off and Pick Up Areas

When accessing school drop off and pick up zones, please ensure you adhere to the signposted rules and regulations to ensure effective flow for all parents. Please do not park in disabled spaces unless you are a valid permit holder.


Double parking, excessive speed, illegal parking and turning, stopping for prolonged periods of time and inattentive driving, place all members of our community at risk. The Prospect Council patrols these zones using photography and will issue fines accordingly.


Mr David Ruggiero

Deputy Principal, Secondary


Greek School 

Lessons available

St Anthony’s Community Greek School hold Greek language lessons on Tuesdays at Prospect Primary School (corner Braund Road and Gladstone Rd) 4.00 – 6.00 pm followed by Greek Dancing lessons between 6.00 – 6.30 pm.


Greek language lessons are also held on Thursdays at Blackfriars Priory School  4.00 – 6.00 pm.


For more information contact Militsa on 0431 528 961 or Fr Nicholas on 0418 833 018.

Blackfriars Priory School Newsletter
Personal Presentation Policy DP.pdf
SunSmart Policy DP.pdf
Uniform and Grooming Guidelines DP.pdf
Application for Instrumental Lessons and Tuition Letter combined.pdf
SEC CO CURR Summer Sport Results T1 W1 2 and 3 February 2017.pdf
SEC COCURR2018 Term 1 Secondary Summer Sport Training Schedule.pdf
PRIMARY COCURRICULAR Term 1 and 4 Coaches and Training Program.pdf