07 December 2017
Term 4, 2017 - Issue 5
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Principal's Report

It is frightening to think that we have only 11 days until the end of the school year. The staff are currently finalising end of year requirements as well as planning for 2018 .


2018 classes have now been determined and all students will meet their classmates and teachers next week. The Class Teachers have set the 2018 class structure based on their knowledge of each individual student. Feedback from our Specialist Teachers has also been essential in this process as often students perform differently in a specialist program when compared to the normal classroom environment.

Open Letter to BNPS -  Senior Disco

Last Friday night I had the privilege and pleasure of volunteering at the senior school disco. I wanted to write to congratulate both the school and the parents who have put so much effort into organising such an inclusive and enjoyable event for the students.

The organisation this year was exceptional, especially as regarding the orderly sign in/sign out process, the pre-disco activities, the DJ, dancing competitions and performing dance troupe.
As I was volunteering on the water station during the disco I was able to observe the disco first hand. I was delighted by the exceptional good behaviour and manners of all the students who attended and so thrilled by the enthusiasm, camaraderie and joy the students had in joining in the dancing. It was truly wonderful to see.
I urge more parents who really want to see the inner working of BNPS, the effort behind the programs offered at the school and how the students participate in these events, to volunteer their time to help out. I find that parents who help out at the school are in general much more positive and supportive of the school compared with those who don’t or unfortunately can’t volunteer.
I appreciate that due to work and family commitments (which seem to be ever increasing for all families these days) that some parents are just unable to help out, but if you can at all help with any events the school holds then I can guarantee you will really enjoy yourself and probably get more out of it than you put in!
Once again, thanks to the school and the organising parents for such a memorable event!
Lisa Sander (Mum of Archie Heath 5B)

Dog Therapy at BNPS

I am delighted to announce that we have two new staff members commencing in 2018 - Archie and Sid our therapy dogs! It’s well-known (and scientifically proven) that interaction with a gentle, friendly pet has significant benefits. 


Therapy dogs can help with:

  • Empathy
  • Kindness 
  • Respect
  • Relationship building
  • Behaviour
  • Self-confidence
  • Reading
  • Responsibility
  • Control
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Meltdowns
  • Communication
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • And much more!

In the January school holidays, our Wellbeing Officers (Dr Carolann Clifford and Natalie McMahon) and their dogs (Archie and Sid) will be trained by K9 Support (kindly funded by School Focused Youth Services, Cheltenham). 

Students will learn about dog communication (canine body language), dog care, basic dog training and boundaries around animals. We look forward to welcoming Archie and Sid when they report for duty on 30 January, 2018!


A list of 'Dog Therapy FAQs' are included in this newsletter.

Family Christmas Carols Evening

The Carols evening will be the first official event in our amphitheatre and hopefully the weather conditions will be kind to us and not a repeat of last Friday's weather.


The children have been rehearsing their item for this special evening and are hoping that all families will join them in singing.

As mentioned on Compass yesterday, there is an Online Carols Program. We suggest you bring your iPad if you have one so the whole family can sing together. The words of the carols are also on the hard copy program that was sent home with your family ticket.


I would like to sincerely thank all staff for the many hours given to this very special event. Family tickets are no longer available on QKR - please contact the Office if you would like to purchase one ($20 cash or EFT).

BNPS Choirs

The BNPS Choirs have been rehearsing for many weeks now for many special events including our Carols Evening. I would like to sincerely thank Mrs Sandra Davies and Mrs Jo Ratten for their organisation of this outstanding extra-curricular program. Next Tuesday (12 December) the Junior Choir (Year 3) will visit Seaside Manor. I greatly appreciate the additional time and commitment given by both our students and our music team. 

I am sure that the residents of Seaside Manor will be delighted with the performance.

Units of Inquiry & Resilience Project

Most year levels are concluding their final Unit of Inquiry for 2017 and as a result, many excursions and incursions will be occurring in the coming weeks to reinforce learning outcomes.

I have been extremely pleased to view many classes revisiting the Resilience Project video clips to reinforce the three attributes of Gratitude, Empathy, Mindfulness (GEM). Our school will be continuing our commitment to this Wellbeing program in 2018.

New Facilities

The new portable toilet was delivered last Friday but will not be able to be used until early next year.

Last week I was notified that Building B (Multi Purpose Room Building) will be demolished at the end of Term 1, 2018 and replaced with a new architect-designed modular building.  $1,250,000.00 has been allocated to this project. This will be a wonderful result for our school community. 


If you wish to find out more about the Permanent Modular School Buildings Program, please visit http://www.schoolbuildings.vic.gov.au/Pages/Permanent-Modular-School-Buildings-Program.aspx

Last Day of School for 2017

The  2017 School Year concludes at 1.30pm on Friday, 22 December. A special end-of-year Assembly will be held at 1pm. Please ensure you have made arrangements for your child to be collected from school at this time. 


Sherril Duffy


Upcoming Dates/Events


Friday 8 December

BNPS Carols Night (6.15 - 7.30pm)


Saturday 9 December

Beaumaris Farmers Market (8.00am - 1.00pm)


Monday 11 December

Year 2 Dance Around the World Incursion


Tuesday 12 December

BNPS 2018 Transition Program

Year 6/7 Orientation Day

Year 3 Junior Choir Visit (2pm, Seaside Manor)

Year 5 High Tea (2.45pm)


Wednesday 13 December

Prep Drama Toolbox Incursion

Singing Recital (6.30pm, MPR)

Last day of School Banking - Will resume 

Wednesday 7 February 2018


Thursday 14 December

Year 1 Werribee Zoo Excursion

Parents & Friends Meeting (7.30pm, Staffroom)


Friday 15 December

Year 6 Japanese Incursion

Last Canteen Day for 2017


Sunday 17 December

Fete Donations Drop Off Day (10am - 2pm)


Monday 18 December

End-of-term Canteen Clean


Tuesday 19 December

Year 6 Graduation


Wednesday 20 December

Year 6 Pyjama Party

Last Uniform Shop Day for 2017 (8.45 - 10.00am)


Thursday 21 December

Year 6 Big Day Out


Friday 22 December

Last Day of School for 2017 (1.30pm dismissal)


Tuesday 30 January 

Term 1 commences at 9am (9.30am for Prep) 


Saturday 24 March

BNPS Fete (9am - 3pm)


Tuesday 7 August

BNPS Concert
















General School News

Christmas Stall & Raffle at Carols Night

Make sure you bring along some change to purchase some raffle tickets and Christmas goodies tomorrow night!



Christmas Hamper full of items for the whole family valued at approximately $130 - $2 a ticket or 3 for $5



A variety of items - all HALF PRICE - $3 or $5!

Proceeds will go directly to Parents & Friends who will have a say in exactly where the money goes within the school! 

Carols Night - 8 December

A special thank you to all families for supporting this event. We know that many of you have made special arrangements to ensure that your child can attend. Following is some important things to know about our Family Carols Evening.


We are promoting the occasion as a ‘family friendly event’ and so are encouraging the non-consumption of alcohol. We hope that all family members, including children, will sit together and sing joyfully in the spirit of the occasion!



There will be an area near the front where families can sit on the ground. Picnic rugs are a good idea. Towards the back there will be an area to bring your own chairs. NO TABLES PLEASE!



All students should sit with their family members unless they are lining up for their item. The playgrounds nearby will be OUT OF BOUNDS until after the performance. We need to show our young performers the respect they deserve, so we want an audience that is showing their appreciation for their efforts. Therefore it is important that all students stay with their families when they are not on stage.



To save you the trouble, Mrs Claire Badley (Year 6 Teacher), will be taking photographs of our young performers throughout the event. These will be uploaded and made available to you online. THEREFORE WE ASK THAT YOU STAY WHERE YOU ARE SEATED AND DO NOT CROWD THE FRONT AREA TO TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS.


The students at BNPS take great delight in performing for their families and have been working very hard preparing their items. It will be a great privilege to use the amphitheatre for our first performance!

Sandy Davies 

Music Teacher & Event Organiser

Touch of Christmas Week (18 - 22 December)

In the last week of school, the Junior School Council have organised a week-long celebration of Christmas! Students are asked to come dressed with a ‘Touch of Christmas’ as outlined below. School uniform is still required to be worn, but by simply changing your socks, hat or by adding some decorations, students can come dressed to suit the daily theme. Please note that it is NOT compulsory to wear a ‘touch of Christmas’ and students can wear any ‘touch of Christmas’ if they don’t have anything for the specific theme. The only requirement is to have some fun and get into the spirit of Christmas!

  • Monday 18 - ELF
  • Wednesday 20 -  REINDEER/RUDOLPH
  • Thursday 21 - CHRISTMAS TREE
  • Friday 22 - SANTA

Merry Christmas!

Junior School Council

OzChild Wishing Tree

Thank you to everyone who has already brought in gifts. We would like to have as many  presents as possible by Monday 11 December to assist OzChild with the distribution of gifts prior to Christmas. Our final present collection day is Wednesday 13 December. Please do not wrap presents as all gifts need to be checked. 

Thank you once again for supporting this wonderful community initiative.

Junior School Council

Sustainability Captains

On Thursday 28 November, the Year 6 students helped plant natives around the new amphitheatre. During lunch time the Sustainability Captains and friends dug out about 60 holes and put in a variety of plants. These plants look amazing and add to our environment.


We are now after help from the school community to help keep the watering up on our new garden over the summer. If you are able to help in anyway can you please get in contact with the school.


By Ruby H 6C

Professional Development

Beaumaris North Primary will be commencing participation in a number of professional development courses as we continue our commitment to supporting all members of our school community.  Inclusion Online is an online learning portal that offers a suite of courses for teachers focusing on the understanding, assessment and classroom support of students with disabilities and learning difficulties.


Inclusion Online courses available include:

  • Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Understanding Hearing Loss
  • Understanding Dyslexia and Significant Difficulties in Reading
  • Inclusion of Students with Speech, Language and Communication Needs

Each of the online courses focuses on a specific disability topic, and is held over ten weeks, requiring approximately two hours participation per week, and three face-to-face sessions. Our first course, 'Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders', will commence next week and continue in Term One 2018.

Year Level News

Prep - Science Experiment

Yesterday we went outside to do a Science Experiment on the effects an oil spill can have on birds and sea creatures.

We put on our Art Smocks and got into teams. We mixed cocoa powder with water to make a mixture then we poured some oil into the mixture. We used plastic spoons, cotton wool balls and paper towel to see if we could remove some of the oil from the water.


We had to determine the best method to remove the oil. It was really tricky!  We decided the paper towel was the easiest way to soak up the oil.


It was really messy but LOTS of fun!!

The Prep Children 

Year 4 - Media Magic Incursion

This week the Year 4 students participated in a Media Magic incursion as part of their ‘How We Express Ourselves’ Unit of Inquiry. The students thoroughly enjoyed exploring animation in the form of a news program and radio documentary!

We now have budding animation, television and radio  presenters!

2018 Preps & Buddies!

On Wednesday 29 November the 2018 Prep students attended their final Orientation Morning where they met their new teacher and classmates. They were all very excited to meet their Year 4 Buddy too!

Year 5/6 Maths Olympiad Competition Results

Select Year 5 and 6 students participated in a weekly Maths Challenge group, working together to solve very difficult, multi-step problems and learning key problem solving strategies from each other. These are children who can problem solve at Secondary School level, far beyond their years. 


The students completed five Olympiads and Maths Games during the year, where they competed against the top Maths students from over 1,000 schools across Australia, New Zealand and Asia, and we had some outstanding results.


Congratulations to the following students who received top awards in the Maths Olympiad and Maths Game:



  • Oliver D - Top 10%
  • Shane W – Top 25%
  • James A – Top 30%
  • Eleanor A – Top 30%
  • Jordie D – Top 30%
  • Kobe N – Top 30%
  • Aiden L – Top 30%



  • Oliver D – Top 10%
  • George L – Top 10%
  • Ollie P – Top 10%
  • Joel K – Top 10%
  • Shane W – Top 10%
  • Aidan L – Top 10%
  • Miette L – Top 10%
  • Trinny M – Top 10%
  • Stuart P – Top 10%
  • Isaac R – Top 10%
  • Bella Sl – Top 10%
  • Archie H – Top 10%

We absolutely loved working with all the Maths Challenge students this year. Their attitude and love of learning is infectious, and we were so impressed with the way they learnt from each other and shared their knowledge. 

Congratulations to all.

Mrs Le Clerc & Miss Lowers

Year 6 Literature Groups Morning Tea

Our Year 6 Literature Program parent helpers, students and the Year 6 Team enjoyed a lovely morning tea last Tuesday as a thank you to our parent volunteers for all of their help with the program throughout the year!



Art News

Archibald Beau Prize

The votes are in for the amazing Year 6 Portraits - congratulations Oliver, John and Isobel! 

  • 1st place (Experts' Choice) - Oliver D (6B)
  • 2nd place (Teachers' Choice) - John M (6C)
  • 3rd place (Students' Choice) - Isobel G (6C)

Mr La Gerche, Artist, found it very difficult to choose a winner and had many runners up!  


Year 3 Art Action - Dylan C (3A)!

Here are four fantastic examples of surrealism art using the method and strategies shown in class.

Dylan’s work shows so much character and humour!

Dream Puppets Incursion (27 Nov - 1 Dec)

Last week all students enjoyed a show called ‘Dreamer’ which is a puppet production all about creativity and the imagination. Puppets are now in the making during Art classes and the students are loving it!


Puppet Making - 3B & 3C

3B & 3C making puppets with the theme ‘surrealism’ and in particular, looking at Fantastic Mr Fox animation.


Japanese News

This semester, the Year 3-6 students have exchanged greeting cards with AKADA MINAMI Primary School, Osaka; JAPAN.

The children wrote the cards in Japanese and AKADA children wrote in English!


TOTTEMO TANOSHII! (That is a lot of fun! )

Koji sensei

Teacher of Japanese

Mathletics Heroes

Congratulations to the following students who earned at least 5000 Participation Points from 20  - November - 3 December – some on more than one occasion!

  • Addisyn L (3C) – 7836
  • Angus M (2D) – 21,067!!!!!
  • Campbell B (1C) – 5070
  • Connor H (2D) – 7693
  • Dilan K (5B) – 5000
  • Dilan K (5B) – 5020
  • Kenan K (4B) – 5010
  • Kenan K (4B) – 5524
  • Lucas S (1D) – 6677
  • Matthew B (6B) - 10,019
  • Matthew B (6B) – 5130
  • Mikaely M (5A) - 5090
  • Natalia H (5A) – 5052
  • Natalia H (5A) – 5100
  • Piotr M (PD) – 5050
  • Piotr M (PD) – 5090
  • Sophie B (3D) – 5080
  • Thomas B (3C) – 5026

The following students were the lucky recipients of the weekly Super Mathlete Trophy:

  • Angus M (2D)

  • Matthew B (6B)


Classes 1C, 3C & 3D topped the Mathletics Awards with the most certificates.


Well done everybody!


Students who earn at least 5000 Participation Points go into the running to take hold of the Super Mathlete Trophy which they get to enjoy for seven days in class. Every child who achieves 1000 Participation Points or more in a week is celebrated in their classroom!


For more information on Mathletics, please see:  














Pan Pacific School Games (2 - 9 Dec)


Last weekend Jake D (6A) won gold in the combined Track and Field event at the Pacific School Games (2017 Team Vic)! Yesterday Jake ran the 200m leg in the U12 Medley Relay and the team also came away with gold!!!

At the closing ceremony Jake was awarded two certificates for setting a new Pacific School Games record for his combined event and his medley relay. He also accepted the flag. The 2018 National competition will be held in Melbourne - something for all BNPS students to strive for! We are so very proud of you Jake!



Our 2017 Team Vic Swimming Team qualifiers Kiara and Holly are yet to compete in all of their events but have done amazingly well so far!


  • 10 yo Girls Medley Relay (Freestyle) - 9th (a PB split)
  • 100m Backstroke - results to follow
  • 50m Backstroke - results to follow
  • Freestyle Relay - results to follow


  • 12 yo Girls Medley Relay - 3rd!
  • 200m Freestyle - 9th
  • 50m Butterfly - 6th (PB!)
  • 50m Freestyle - results to follow
  • 100m Freestyle - results to follow
  • Freestyle Relay- results to follow

Good luck girls - we are all behind you and very proud of your achievements thus far!

Congratulations Kyla P (2B)

Kyla P (2B) competed in the Victorian State Pennant Gymnastics Competition at the end of October and came 3rd on beam (missed out on first place by just 0.1!), 4th on floor, 5th on bars, 5th on vault and 4th overall! Great effort Kyla!










Instrumental Music Soirees

Congratulations to all the performers at our Christmas Soirée's over Wednesday and Thursday night last week. The standard of all the musicians was stellar and shows the tremendous work the instrumental tutors and students have put in during 2017. We had a fantastic turn out at St Leonard's Church where the audience was treated to performances featuring solo and ensemble piano, drums, flute, guitar, recorder, saxophone and ukulele. We look forward to continued success in the new year including great performance opportunities at the Fete and Hamer Hall. A huge thank you to Daniel, Erica, Joe, Liz and Monica for their above and beyond efforts this year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to parents and students from Simon and the BNPS Instrumental Music Program team.


Dog Therapy FAQs

In 2018 we are introducing two Therapy Dogs who will come to school each day and be part of our Wellbeing Team. Dogs offer unconditional love and support. They do not judge. They give children the ability to talk and just be themselves!



Are the dogs safe around children?

Yes, the dogs will work with children throughout their training and be put through temperament tests. The Dog Therapy course (completed by the handler) covers dog behaviour and signs of stress. The dog will always be under the control of the handler.

What if my child is allergic to dogs?

Dogs will be well groomed and bathed regularly. Children who are allergic to dogs will not have contact  and the school will monitor this closely.

Will the dogs live at school?

No,  the dogs will return home each night with our Wellbeing Officers.

How healthy are the dogs?

The dogs are fully vaccinated and up-to-date with all flea and worm treatments. Both dogs have Vet Certificates stating that they are fit and healthy to be working at the school. If for whatever reason the dogs are unwell, they will remain at home.

Will the dogs disrupt the classroom?

No, the dogs will be with their handler at all times and will not be permitted to wander around the school unattended. When in class, the dogs will be settled on their mats in a 'down stay' position unless otherwise directed by his handler.

We would like to acknowledge that this program is funded by the Department of Education and Training, through Bayside/Kingston School Focused Youth Services.


If you have further queries or concerns, please email Dr Carolann Clifford at: 

[email protected]

Compass Tips!

Do you have the latest Compass app?

In order for Compass to function correctly, it is MOST important that you have the latest version of the 'Compass School Manager' app. To check the version you have installed on your device, tap on the menu at the top of the screen and look under 'Compass Version' at the bottom of the screen - the current Version is 4.2.5.

If you do not have the current version, please update via the App Store or Google Play. 

Is your iOS up-to-date (for iPhone/iPad users)?

In addition to having the current version of the Compass app, it is MOST important that your iOS is also up-to-date.


To check your iOS version:

  1. Go to the home screen of your iOS device and click on 'Settings'.
  2. Click on 'General'.
  3. Click on 'About'.
  4. The number after Version is the version of iOS installed on the device.

Please email Shannon Hewlett at:


if you require assistance.


Thank you.






2018 Fete 

Grade Donations Winners!

Thank you so much to all of the families who brought in Grade donations for our 20 November - 1 December collections. The winning classes were:

  • Class 4C: 20 - 24 Nov: Nail polish & Coloured Hairspray  
  • Class 2B: 27 Nov - 1 Dec: Small Prizes

Special mention to the Perret family for their VERY generous contribution!


Grade donations will recommence in 2018 as follows:


12 – 16 February, 2018

Pop Tops & 600ml bottles of water


19 – 23 February, 2018

Soft drink cans (375ml) and bottles (300ml, 330ml, 600ml, 1.25L or 2L) - brand name only please


26 February – 2 March, 2018

Chocolate (200g family blocks) and bags of soft lollies


Raising funds for our school's Digital Technologies Program and the redevelopment of the McDonald Street Playground!

Fete Donations Drop Off Day – Sunday 17 December (10am – 12pm

Please bring your unwanted, unloved items to the under school storage room (no large items yet please – there will be a call for these closer to fete day). All goods must be in saleable condition. Broken, chipped or damaged items will not be accepted. For ideas of what to donate, please see list below.



Cook books, gardening books, history, children’s books, fiction and non-fiction and unused colouring in books.



We will be having a second hand clothing boutique.  We are seeking donations of quality pre-loved brand name items of clothing and shoes. For example, brands such as; Pumpkin Patch, Gap, Seed, Nike, Puma, Piper, Basque, Ben Sherman etc.



Quality second hand toys and board games                                                                                                                   


Unwanted, unloved items such as homewares, jewellery, DVD’s, CD’s tools etc. (No large items yet please – there will be a call for these closer to fete day).


Please contact Tania on 0410 556 345 [email protected] or

Melissa on 0407 499 660 for more information.


Do You Know a Celebrity?

We are looking for a celebrity to attend our Fete (24 March 2018) - please email Melissa Joy (Fete Convenor) at [email protected] if you have any contacts!


Do You Know?

Do you know that our Carols Night and School Concert are held in alternate years?

This year is our Carols Night (Friday 8 December) and next year is the School Concert (Tuesday 7 August, 2018) at Hamer Hall.



Do you know who our Maintenance Officer is?

Vincent Wienckowski is our handyman/maintenance/gardener and keeps our school extremely clean and clear of debris on a weekly basis and contributes to the OH&S compliance requirements related to our school grounds.

Do you know that each year government schools are provided with four Curriculum/student-free days?

Curriculum Days are used for professional development, school planning and administration, curriculum development, and student assessment and reporting purposes.

The first day of Term 1 is a student-free day in all government schools to allow for appropriate planning to take place for the arrival of students. The remaining three student-free days for 2018 will be communicated to you in our end-of-year letter.

Interview with a Volunteer

Tania Watts-Hall


Why do you volunteer at BNPS?

I volunteer for a number of reasons:

  1. It is my small way of giving back to a school who have been fantastic for my girls.
  2. I know that school funding doesn’t’ stretch that far these days, so by volunteering my time to help raise money for projects, such as new playgrounds or equipment, its benefiting not only my children but all students at the school.
  3. I like keeping busy!

What year level are your children in?

Livvy is in Year 5 and Chloe is in Year 2.  I also have Summer who is in Year 7 and attends a local Special School.

What roles have you volunteered for during your time at BNPS?

Currently I am helping out with organising next year's Fete, but over the years I have also volunteered for reading, Canteen, School Banking, School Disco and Parents' Club.

What is your background/current role (outside of BNPS!)?

I am an Integration Aide. I support children with Autism and other learning difficulties so they can integrate into mainstream classrooms.

What do you do during your free time?

I don't get much ‘free’ time, but when I do, I enjoy spending quality time with my family, going out, walking with friends, watching movies and listening to music.

What’s the best thing about BNPS?

There are lots of things! The staff, the community, the educational programs the school offers, the facilities and that’s just to name a few!

Our Events & Volunteers

Senior Disco (Y3 - 6)

The Senior Disco was held on (Friday 24 November) for Year 3 & 4 and Year 5 & 6 and the feedback has been outstanding! From the organisation to the DJ, theme, face painting, pre-disco activities, dancing competitions and the Trivical dancers, it was a HUGE success - thank you again and WELL DONE to our organisers: Sally Powell, Claire Nicholls, Helen Moore and Bernadette Gooda! Thank you also to the wonderful Beck McCowan, Amy North, Carrie Dennis and Jenny Bromley who all gave so freely of their time and talents - what a great team! We are absolutely thrilled to hear that you have pencilled it in again for next year and we know our students will be too!


Special thanks to Trivical Performance Academy, Pulse Media, Suzi Appel and Lombards for their amazing contribution and kind donations for this event.


Finally, a BIG thank you to all the wonderful parent volunteers who assisted on the night - we simply couldn't have done it without you! On both disco nights parents kindly helped with set-up and pack-up which was very much appreciated by our Disco organisers, so thank you to everyone involved. There was a lovely community feel and the smiles on the children's faces said it all!!!


YEAR 3 & 4


YEAR 5 & 6


2018 Prep Orientation Morning

Last Wednesday we held our final 2018 Prep Orientation morning. Thank you to the lovely 2017 Prep parents who assisted with set up, serving tea & coffee, welcoming our new parents and packing up - we couldn't have done it without you!

A HUGE thank you to Ilana Blampied (and Parents & Friends) for getting a new and exciting initiative off the ground - our Prep Parent Buddy Program! A lot of time and thought has gone into this program and we sincerely thank Ilana for her passion and commitment. 


Thank you also to Caroline Hillis, Bec Tsiboukis & Julia Esmonde for facilitating the initial meeting between existing BNPS parents and incoming Prep parents. The feedback to date has been great and we have no doubt that this initiative will be truly appreciated by our incoming Prep parents.

Finally, thank you to the following parents who gave up their time to assist Annie Thomas (Uniform Shop Co-ordinator) with uniforms for our new Preppies - your help in ensuring a streamlined process was greatly appreciated!

  • Bridget Stickland
  • Natalie Bowerman
  • Maria Angeletos
  • Julie Laurent

Advent Calendar Sale

A HUGE thank you to Ingrid Blackburn for picking up and delivering the Advent Calendars and other Christmas goodies for our Carols Night stall. Thank you also to Christine Ferguson, Yulia Robertson and Laura Fitzpatrick for volunteering their time to sell the calendars before and after school last week - a total of $168 was raised!


All goods were were kindly donated by The Van Ameyden Family (ex-BNPS family), with 100% profit to BNPS!

Uniform Shop & Lost Property Volunteers

We would like to acknowledge the following volunteers, led by Claire Nicholls, who have assisted with the sorting and reuniting of Lost Property. On behalf of the entire school community, thank you for continuing to provide this service.

  • Claire Nicholls
  • Beck McCowan
  • Leanne Akers
  • Sally Powell
  • Vic Weeks
  • Maria Angeletos
  • Melissa Joy

Thank you to the following volunteers who have assisted with the running of the Uniform Shop in Term 4.

  • Bec Levant- Feldman
  • Julie Laurent
  • Louise Spink
  • Bridget Stickland
  • Maria Angeletos
  • Natalie Bowerman
  • Fleur Turner
  • Jo Perret

Your warm smiles make the service so welcoming and your help reduces the costs for all parents.


Entertainment & Technology

Building Empowerment

Recently our Wellbeing Officers, Dr Carol Ann Clifford and Natalie McMahon, attended an information session presented by John Hendry from Resilient Youth. Resilient Youth are committed to measurably improving the resilience of young people - below are some tips for parents to build empowerment in children.


Empowering students is to ensure that they feel safe across many contexts in their life, at home, school and in the neighbourhood including being safe from bullying and cyber bullying. It is also ensuring that the young person has useful roles and responsibilities, and feels valued and respected by parents and others.


  • Ensure your child feels safe and protected at all times, at home and away from home;
  • Provide opportunities to engage with other young people and adults from the wider community to use their abilities;
  • Work on tasks together at home; do not leave tasks to children alone but encourage them to do it together;
  • Get to know your children's friends and ask their friends to participate in family rituals and values;
  • Encourage your children to 'have a go' at new things where they use their skills;
  • Give children responsibilities: allow them to plan and lead; engage them in useful tasks;
  • Involve children in family decision making;
  • Celebrate accomplishments;
  • Act as positive role models.


Mental Health Matters 

KidsMatter Information Sheets

KidsMatter provides families with a range of information sheets to help them support children’s mental health and wellbeing, and to recognise if and when professional help is needed. They contain practical information, tips, and strategies across a range of common childhood issues, and were prepared by professionals experienced in the area of children’s mental health and development.


The following information sheets/links may be useful for parents who have children transitioning in or out of primary school. Transitioning is a key event for not only the child, but the whole family. 


Transitioning | Raising Children Network website


Starting Secondary School | Parentline



Parenting Resilient Kids Program

Protecting our Children from the Risk of Depression and Anxiety

Evidence indicates that parents can play a major role in building their child's resilience against problems with mood and anxiety. Dr Marie Yap, a Senior Research Fellow and Psychologist from Monash University is evaluating a new online parenting program designed to empower parents with strategies to parent with confidence and stay connected with their pre-teen child. 

To find out more, or to register to participate in the study please go to: 

www.parentingresilientkids.com or see the attached flyer for more information.


2017 School Dates

Term Dates


Tuesday 31 January - Friday 31 March

(2.30pm dismissal)



Tuesday 18 April - Friday 30 June 

(2.30pm dismissal)



Monday 17 July - Friday 22 September (

2.30pm dismissal)



Monday 9 October - Friday 22 December 

(1.30pm dismissal)

Public Holidays

  • Monday 13 March - Labour Day
  • Friday 14 April - Good Friday
  • Monday 17 April - Easter Monday
  • Tuesday 25 April - ANZAC Day
  • Monday 12 June - Queen's Birthday
  • Friday 29 September - Grand Final Day
  • Tuesday 7 November - Melbourne Cup Day

School Council Meetings

  • Wednesday 15 March (AGM)
  • Wednesday 26 April
  • Wednesday 24 May
  • Wednesday 28 June
  • Wednesday 26 July
  • Wednesday 23 August
  • Wednesday 25 October
  • Wednesday 22 November
  • Wednesday 6 December

General Information

School Phone Number - 9589 5449

The Office is unattended from 8.40am to 8.50am daily (due to compulsory staff briefing) and closes at 4pm (earlier on the last day of term). The phone is switched to the answering machine at this time. 



Please enter approval notes for full-day absences via the Compass Parent Portal.



Please sign in/out via the Kiosk at the Office (do not enter on Compass).



If you are visiting the school for ANY reason between 9.00am and 3.30pm (with the exception of usual school pick-up/drop off), you must report your arrival and departure via the Kiosk at the Office for Emergency Management purposes.

School Payments

Qkr (pronounced ‘Quicker’) is a FREE app to enable you to use your smartphone to make school payments (without having to give your child cash to carry to school) including Canteen and Uniform Shop orders, and various school event payments. A web-based version is also available. 

For more information, please see:  http://beaumarisnorthps.vic.edu.au/parent-information/payments/qkr/

School Hours

Class Times

9.00am - 11.00am

11.30am - 1.30pm (Fruit break at 12.30pm)

2.30pm - 3.30pm


Break Times

11.00am - 11.30am (Recess)

1.30pm - 2.30pm (Lunch)


The Canteen is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (not the days beginning with ‘T’!) and Sushi is available on Mondays and Wednesdays.

All orders must be placed by 8.30am via Qkr (students can also purchase items with cash at recess and lunch).

Uniform Shop

Uniforms can be ordered via Qkr and providing stock is available, orders will be filled within a week and delivered to your child’s classroom. There is also a large offering of great value second-hand items available for purchase at the Uniform Shop (located in the Prep breezeway) which is open from 8.45 – 9.30am every Friday morning (unless notified via Compass).

You can also contact the Uniform Shop via email: [email protected]

Lost Property

Lost Property is stored in the bins located in the Prep Breezeway. It is the student’s responsibility to promptly collect any lost property.  At the end of each Term, ALL unclaimed items (named or unnamed) are donated to the Uniform Shop for re-sale. 

Please ensure all your child’s belongings are clearly labelled with their name including, lunch boxes, drink bottles, hats and clothing.

Important School Rules

Two Minute Zone

There are two ‘Kiss N Go’ zones on Wood Street where you can quickly drop and collect your child – this is NOT a parking area – you are NOT allowed to park for longer than two minutes, double-park or go into school.

You may get out of your car (within 2 minutes) but if you need to walk your child in, you must park in one of the surrounding streets, in a legal parking area.

Riding in the School Grounds

Riding of scooters, bikes, skateboards etc., is NOT permitted in the school grounds at drop-off or pick-up (school and non-school children).

Staff Carparks

For safety reasons, parents and students are NOT permitted to walk through staff car parks OR use them for parking .














Dogs in the School Grounds

Dogs ARE permitted to be brought into the school grounds but MUST be kept on a hand-held leash between the hours of 7.30am and 6.00pm (when our students are in attendance and when our Outside School Hours Care program is operating).

It is the responsibility of the dog owner to clean up after their dog (and remove from school property).


NO adults are to access student toilets for their own use at any time. If non-school children require the urgent use of an amenity, student toilets may be used under strict parent supervision. If a parent requires the urgent use of an amenity, the disabled toilet in the main building may be used (‘Staff’ toilets are for staff only).

No Hat, No Play!

All children are required to wear a broad brimmed bottle green hat for protection from the sun from 1 September to 30 April. See BNPS SunSmart Policy.


Volunteers - Working with Children Check

Anyone wishing to volunteer at BNPS is required to provide a Working with Children Check. Checks are free and valid for 5 years! Apply online at: http://www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au/ 


Understanding anxiety in primary school children.pdf
Working with families and school staff to support primary school children with anxiety.pdf
What Does Anxiety Look Like.pdf
Anxiety Suggestions For Families.pdf
Supporting families and children transitioning in and out of primary school .pdf
Supporting children with additional needs transition in and out of primary school.pdf
Thinking about transition to school.pdf
Thinking about transition to school.pdf
Supporting families and children transitioning in and out of primary school .pdf
Supporting children with additional needs transition in and out of primary school.pdf
Explanatory Statements_Jan2017.pdf
Parenting resilient kids flyer.PDF.pdf