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18 May 2018
Issue Three
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Principal's Report

Second term is always an exciting period.

This is the term that denotes the half way point for the Year 12 students; if they haven’t already, they will be counting down to exams soon.  More likely, though, they will be counting to their formal at the end of this term.


The term started with two days of parent teacher interviews, followed in quick succession by a curriculum day, where all our staff ventured to Nossal High to meet and collaborate with our colleagues from the other select entry schools. We had to wait for week three of this term before we had a full five-day ‘working’ week.  Yet we still manage to squeeze into the time we have a vast array of activities, and classes, and assessments.  By this time of the year, parents should have been receiving feedback on their child’s assessments via the parent portal on Compass.  The school policy is that feedback is provided within ten working days after submission of the task.  This is genuine continuous reporting and provides timely feedback.


Our sporting teams have been very active with teams representing the school in ultimate Frisbee, soccer, futsal, tennis, baseball, softball, football (AFL), swimming and taekwondo.  The latter sport is new to the school.   A taekwondo club was started this year and now has over forty students training regularly with Mr Sam Yang, who just happens to be a six-time national taekwondo champion.  Twenty-four of the students recently competed in a statewide competition; the school made history being the first school based club to compete. Success followed for the majority of our students; 11 gold, 8 silver and 3 bronze medals.


The breadth of opportunity at the school is one of its most important strengths.  The music program continues to grow and earlier this term we had a delightful music soiree in the Agora.  One of the student initiated groups, Bedside Buds, made a very successful trip to a retirement home to give gifts of terrariums to the residents, provide some companionship and play them music. To add to the different opportunities, we are just concluding a very successful Humanities week, where students have written graffiti on our very own Berlin Wall, prepared for a mock 1950s style nuclear warning, sought guidance from the Delphic oracle and attended the annual Budget breakfast. 


One of the main highlights of this term was the school’s annual play production.  This year’s play was Cosi, an Australian play set in an asylum in the social context of the Vietnam War.  Like last year, both the members of the VCE Theatre Studies class and other thespian-inspired students perform the play. Directed by their teacher, Mr William Donaldson, the play explores the themes of sanity and questions the idea of ‘normal’. As the character Justin says, “You’ll discover this, is that they are just normal people, well, not quite normal…But you get my drift?”  I can assure you that all members of the school are ‘normal’.  It was an outstanding success; the audience laughed throughout!  In addition, I will make special mention of Noah Napier’s performance as Roy.

The importance of productions cannot be overstated. A school with a strong culture of opportunity should provide the means for students to discover and participate in the magical world of theatre.  The philosophy of the school in providing a well-rounded education and developing the Renaissance person is supported by the provision of plays and musicals. 


The students are very keen to be involved in the whole school.  As I write this report, we have students in Year 10 competing against the other select entry schools in debating, table tennis, chess, volleyball, theatre sports, OZCLO and badminton.  This is a new competition and we look forward to it expanding over the coming years.  Student feedback was integral in this event coming to fruition.  We seek and value student feedback and input in a variety of ways.  Recently the students spent time giving us written feedback on several topics, including assessments, house and the school uniform. Next week the students will have an opportunity to complete the DET Student Attitudes to School Survey.  We are also in the process of electing two students to school council under the new rules introduced by the government.


No doubt the remainder of the term will be as busy as the first five weeks.  I would like to thank the many staff who have given their time to the many co-curricular activities that have taken place so far.


Colin Axup


Upcoming Events

Mental Health Week
| 28th May - 1st June 

Mental Health Week, organised by our fantastic Wellbeing staff, is full of activities to help students deal with the pressures of school, study, and life in general! Check out the program of events in the morning bulletin on Monday, May 28th.

Queen's Birthday Holiday
| Monday 11th June

Please be aware that Monday, June 11th is a STUDENT FREE DAY. Parents are advised that the school will be closed for the Queen's Birthday public holiday.

Art, Design + Tech Week
| Mon 18th - Fri 22nd June

Art, Design, and Technology Week showcases the best of the visual arts at Suzanne Cory High School! Each day will offer new opportunities to stretch your creative wings, and help contribute to a well-rounded education.

Winter Concert
| Monday 18th June

The Winter Concert will feature Suzanne Cory's large ensembles, including Orchestra, Band, Choirs, Special Choirs, Drum line and Guitar ensemble, and will be held on the evening of Monday, June 18th.

| Mon 25th - Fri 29th June

LOTE Week rounds out a busy Term for Suzanne Cory High School, with the focus this time on the amazing multiculturalism of our school and community.

End of Term 2
| Friday 29th June

The last day of Term 2 will be Friday, June 29th. School will resume on July 16th.

SCHS Musical
| "We Will Rock You"
| 9th - 11th August

The 2018 SCHS musical, "We Will Rock You", runs in Week 4 of Term 3, from August 9th to 11th. Tickets will be on sale towards the end of this term, but in the meantime, make sure you save the date!

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

The John Marsden & Hachette Australia Prize for Young Writers is an annual developmental award open to Australian secondary school students. The prize recognises excellence in three creative writing categories: fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Entries close June 29th.


1 Minute Film Competition - Make a film in 60 seconds or less and win one of four $500 prizes! Entries close August 3rd.


Screen It Competition - The renowned National short film competition, held in collaboration with ACMI. This year's theme is "CURIOUS". Entries close September 25th.

Student News

LOTE Week returns in the last week of Term 2!
June 25th-29th

Every year at SCHS we celebrate languages and cultures from all around the world during a week of festivities. Last year we had African drummers, French crepes, Chinese performances and of course the delightful Parade of students and teachers wearing traditional outfits. In preparation for this week, the LOTE team will need your input about activities you would like to participate in. Also we encourage students of all year level to come forward and contact their LOTE teacher if they want to contribute to the preparation and the organisation of the this fabulous week :)


- Mr. Arnaud Gazelle (LOTE)

"Why Do I Study Chinese?" | Student Report

“You MUST study Chinese; half the world speaks this language. So you must too,” said the parents of a child. “But I want to do Chinese because I have fun doing it,” replied the child. “School is not for fun, it’s for studying. Have I told you how much stress I got when I was at scho –,” the parent furiously said before the child cut him off: “I DON’T WANT TO HEAR THAT story AGAIN!!”


Have you ever had this conversation with your parents? Well, let me tell you why the child in this case has the right to enjoy Chinese. My name is Ojas M and I am in Year 9 at Suzanne Cory High School. This year, I am doing Chinese as my LOTE subject.


Chinese so far in this year has been a great experience. Chinese is a language of art and culture. Every character and stroke is done with feeling and emotion. This means that Chinese is a great stress reliever.

Sitting down at a chair for 5 to 10 minutes a day, slowly drifting your pen across the page writing 5 to 10 characters calms me down very quickly. Being able to express my emotions without the annoyance of social interaction is very helpful in high school years. This is one of the reasons I absolutely love Chinese.


The other reason I love Chinese is because it is very fun! Chinese can be extremely boring if you are not able to get your head around it. You can use bits of pieces of verb phrases you learned and make your own sentences.


To learn Chinese well, you must have a great Chinese teacher for sure. Suzanne Cory ticks that check box. My Chinese teacher has made me absolutely love Chinese instead of despising it. Every lesson of Chinese is the highlight of the day as my Chinese teacher at Suzanne Cory always tells jokes and makes rhythms with Chinese words in an educational way to engage us in the lesson, to encourage us to aspire, as well as to contribute in our learning community. That is the core culture of our school.

Telling the secret stories behind characters and telling students the fun secrets of remembering Chinese characters keeps every student’s mind focused on the task at hand in a fun, happy way. So every time we have a lesson at the end of an extremely hot or cold day where the students are feeling lazy, my Chinese teacher somehow manages to get us all to chant Chinese along with him! Having the ability to suddenly make a tired lazy teenager follow a command instantly is near impossible, yet my teacher can do it within the first 10 minutes of the class.


Overall, Chinese is an extraordinary subject to study in any year level. Whether you are a beginner or not, you will always have fun doing Chinese at Suzanne Cory High School.


I sure am having a blast doing it this year!


- Ojas M, Year 9

VCE Media Excursion | ACMI & Season of Excellence

On Wednesday 9th of May the Year 11 and 12 Media classes went to Melbourne City for an excursion. We met in the morning and headed into ACMI (the Australian Centre for the Moving Image) to watch Top Screen, which was a screening of the top VCE Media short films from 2017. Overall the films were incredible, the work that the students had done was inspirational for our own products later this year. The short films showed a wide range of styles and techniques which will help us develop our own ideas. Following on from ACMI we did an escape room; this was a fun, creative activity to help us understand the importance of surprises in storytelling and attention to detail.


After a break for lunch we headed to the Melbourne Museum to look at the Top Design exhibit, which showcased the top photography and print work from 2017, as well as the folios for all of the VCE Media work, including the films that we had seen that morning. It was fascinating to see the amount of work that goes into creating a VCE Media product and the wide variety of options that are available to us. The folios gave us further ideas and inspiration for our own projects and reminded us that time management will be very important when we begin creating our own products!  Overall it was an inspiring and enjoyable day that also helped us to understand the level of work that is required to excel in VCE Media.


- Kate P 11R2

Voice Program | Quaternarium Chamber Choir

Suzanne Cory High School carries a great singing program as a young school. Every student here is encouraged to create music with their most instinctive instrument.  

Miss Emma Wu, who formerly worked as an opera singer, has joined the SCHS music program as a music teacher and the voice teacher. She has implemented new factors into the school music program. Miss Wu encourages students to embrace their own voices, instead of copying someone else’s voice; she advocates the natural way of singing, as she believes students should work with the unique instruments they have been born with and produce their own unique timbres. Along with Mr. Tony Paye, the Musical Director of SCHS, the students are encouraged to sing with good technique, learn the music by reading music, and listen to music with logical ears. The diminution of the ‘karaoke’ singing style has been applied in the SCHS ‘Cantabile’ Choir (our non-audition choir) by replacing unison singing of pop songs with multi-part choral singing.


A new SCHS ‘Quaternarium’ Chamber Choir has been formed in Term 2, directed by Miss Wu, which includes the 16 most vocally distinguished young musicians and provides them opportunities to sing repertoire with greater complexity and difficulty. Along with the greater challenges, the repertoire is selected from various genres for the young singers to vocally travel through musical history and grant them a greater understanding of musicology. The SCHS ‘Quaternarium’ Chamber Choir will establish their premier performance at the upcoming Winter Concert.


- Ms. Emma Wu (Music)

Wellbeing Team Update

For the first time, Suzanne Cory High School is proud to present a newly established Student Wellbeing team who are dedicated to promote health and wellbeing throughout the school community. This team aims to run events such as Wellbeing Week (Term 2 – Week 7), establish programs for general peer support and raise awareness for mental health concerns that are faced by many in our community. The team also serve as connections for other students that need help in the support seeking process. All students of the school are welcome to participate in the running of these events and contribution is highly encouraged.


The Student Wellbeing Leadership team includes students Rebecca L 12C1, Rubina S (12K1), Anika M  (12B2), Chil G (10K2), Samantha Y (12R2), Varun D (11R1), Mohammed U (10B2) and Julie N (12C1), and is led by the Student Wellbeing Counsellors, Josh and Drew.


Given that this is the first year of running the program, the team has spent much of Terms 1 and 2 so far working on structures, procedures and developing the role itself. With the first major event, Wellbeing Week, coming up in Week 7, the team has been busy planning activities and wellbeing-related initiatives for the week. They have also been hard at work on a peer support Facebook page that they aim to launch before the end of Term 2. 


As students of SCHS, the Student Wellbeing Leaders understand and can personally relate to the high levels of stress and anxiety that comes with attending a select entry school environment. As such, they aim to approach wellbeing from different angles, from facilitating and promoting the individual one-on-one level to school-wide wellbeing initiatives. So don’t be shy! If you would like to know more about Wellbeing at SCHS, or if you’re interested in getting involved and have great ideas that you would like to contribute, speak to one of the Student Wellbeing Leaders about it!


- Wellbeing Team

House Citizenship Update

The House Citizenship Captains have had a busy start to the year, organising back-to-back events inside and outside the school. The year began with the annual World’s Greatest Shave, which also including a hairspray session during lunchtime. Students were able to hairspray their hair with their house colours in order to support the cause, as well as to display their house pride. The main event involved several students volunteering to shave their luscious locks to help raise money and awareness for the Leukaemia Foundation. Fellow peers watched and recorded the final moments of the participants with their hair in the school auditorium.


Relay for Life took place during the middle of Term 1, with the Suzanne Cory Soldiers boasting the largest team on the Wyndham campsite with over 100+ participants from school, including students from previous years. The event was organised by the Cancer Council in order to support cancer survivors and their loved ones, as well as raise funds in order to extend cancer research. Despite the unexpected 2am finish due to the dreadful weather, the Soldiers were able to win the award of the most laps made, successfully completing 242 laps during the day!

The Good Friday Appeal took place the day after Term 1 concluded, which involved students using their first day of holidays to collect money for the Royal Children’s Hospital. Students in teams of 4 went door-knocking in a designated neighbourhood, usually greeted with cute dogs at the door. The participants contributed to the record-breaking result of $18, 043, 251 raised on the day, which is the highest total over the 87 years the appeal has been active!


Overall, students this year have shown more enthusiasm and participation regarding events in comparison to previous years. We hope this continues to increase throughout 2018, as well as over the upcoming years!


- SCHS House Citizenship Captains

Student Alumni Interview | Naomi
Swinburne University: Bachelor of Int. Architecture

Q: What is your experience of your university course?

I've found my course enjoyable so far, but unsurprisingly the workload has been intensive. For every hour of class I have, I'm spending over twice the time doing work at home. As design courses don't have exams, I feel there are many more assignments in Semester.


I've found you'd have to be prepared to be spending money throughout the year to complete assignments. This, of course, is similar to other course costs like textbooks. Fortunately, I've keep all my equipment from VCE Viscom, which have been incredibly helpful in my construction/architecture drawings. I've had had to spend a lot more on things like drawing boards, tracing paper, scale rulers, balsa wood, boards, glue, knives and other architectural equipment as I've received more assignments.


Q: What have been your experiences at Swinburne University?

In regards to Swinburne, the campus environment is very nice. There are often event weeks and other social happenings on campus which make for a relaxing and enjoyable experience in-between classes.


What I've found most interesting is some of the final year or post-grad opportunities they have for design students. They have the Design Factory, which operates locally and globally. It has a network including Stanford and a Finnish university in which students work together to complete design projects presented to them by external companies. Essentially, it's good to ask about these kind of unique opportunities at open days.


Q: Do you have any advice for SCHS students?

For year 10s in regards to work experience, I found it quite helpful when I did work experience in 2015 at an architectural firm. It was a good way of getting a feel for the kind of workspace and atmosphere, and helped me to choose my career path in architecture/design.

Alumni can contribute to the school newsletter by contacting Mr Taig via email ([email protected])

Upcoming Sports Events

Students are reminded that the following sporting events will take place in the coming weeks:

State Golf | Wyndham Region Cross Country | Wyndham Girls Soccer | Wyndham Region Intermediate Badminton | State Senior Boys Baseball.

SCHS Short Film Competition

Are you a wannabe Spielberg? A Romero-esque horror auteur? Or maybe you've got the quirk of Wes Anderson? Then the SCHS Short Film Competition is for you! Let your imagination run wild on the theme of "an epiphany", and make sure you follow these rules:


·      Filming/editing group can be up to 5 people in the same house

·      Max. 3 groups per house

·      Max. 1 entry per group

·      Films must be around 1 min. in length and shot with your own camera/phone


Submit your films on USB to your House Art Captain, and be in the running for some fantastic prizes (including house points!). Submissions close June 15th, so get those cameras rolling!


Deakin University Tour

At the beginning of Term, Mr Taig and Ms Paye had the opportunity to tour Deakin University Waurn Ponds. The university is home to a wide range of facilities.


Epworth Geelong Hospital is a new hospital located adjacent to the university. It is so close that you walk between the buildings without losing wifi. Epworth Geelong is a fully functioning hospital, and a teaching space for students. Medical students also have access to Medical Clinic training rooms on campus.

Deakin also houses state-of-the-art science laboratories. These labs are used by students studying forensics, biology and chemistry. Students can also learn forensics in mock crime scenes.


Deakin is ranked #1 in the world for exercise and sport science. Their sporting facilities include a MCG size oval, a FIFA grade soccer pitch, running track with gate sensing technology, and training and testing rooms. Deakin is one of the two universities offering Optometry studies in Victoria. Their facilities include eye testing machines, and an optometry shop, where students can practice testing customers.


Deakin Engineering have access to a wide range of facilities. A virtual reality room can be used by students to visualise their designs, and test their ideas prior to production. Mr Taig got to help give birth to a virtual baby, using the virtual reality tools. Deakin also has robotics, electronics and large scale 3D printing facilities on campus.


The highlight of the Deakin tour was the electricity room, used by Electrical Engineering students. Mr Taig and Ms Paye were shocked to see Tesla Coils making music!


Parent News

Careers Information Evening Panel

Do you know somebody with an interesting job or career path?  Perhaps you've taken a unique or unusual career path? We are looking for people to share their career journey in a discussion panel at the Careers Information Evening on Thursday 26 July. Your insight and experience can provide an invaluable resource to our students!


Expressions of interest may be sent to Mr Taig ([email protected]) by 25 May.

Financial Scholarships

Two scholarships are available for students who face financial disadvantage. Wyndham Community Pathway Scholarship and Western Chances Scholarship offer students between $500 - 900 to help support their studies. A summary of the selection requirements are below. Students who are interested in applying for these scholarships must see either Mr. Taig or Ms. Paye by Friday 18 May with a copy of their Health Care Card or Centrelink Statement.


Wyndham Community Pathway Scholarship

  • Health Care Card holder

  • Live in Wyndham

Western Chances Scholarship

  • Financial disadvantage

  • Talent (Academic, Art, Dance, Debating, Drama, Fashion/Textile/Design, Film, Horticulture, ICT, Leadership, Mechanics/Engineering, Music)

  • Live in the Western Suburbs

Cambodia 2018 | Calls for Silent Auction Donations

Parents, business owners, and sponsors are warmly invited to donate items for an upcoming Silent Auction to raise funds for the Cambodia trip in Term 4. The Auction will be held in Term 3, alongside other fundraising activities. Goods, services, vouchers are very much appreciated.


To donate, please contact Chloe Cook ([email protected]).

Sponsor the School Musical | "We Will Rock You"

Suzanne Cory High School is delighted to announce that we will be displaying the talents of our students by performing the rock musical hit We Will Rock You. Following on from the success of our 2016 musical Little Shop of Horrors and 2017's Footloose, we are reaching out to seek support from the community and local businesses who wish to be associated with our high calibre productions.


We are currently asking local businesses if they would like to support our 2018 production via a financial contribution. In return for donations, we would be willing to promote your business to our parents and alumni of whom we have a database exceeding 2000 people, as well as in our musical programme and posters. This will be great exposure for your business, as we know that communities support local businesses that are willing to give back in some way. We have a range of promotional options available such as product and logo placement on programmes, as well as complimentary tickets to the show and naming rights on the poster and other materials.


Donation and promotional options are:


Donations <$100 will receive a thank you in our programme

Donations between $100-$200 will have a small advertisement placed in our programme

Donations between $200-$350 will have a mid-size advertisement placed in our programme

Donations between $350-$500 will have a full-page advertisement placed in our programme

Donations over $500 will be advertised in our programme and on our poster

Donations over $1000 will receive naming rights on all promotional materials


Please contact William Donaldson ([email protected]) or Helena Moore ([email protected]) for more information.

CSEF Information

​​​​​​​​​The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provides payments for eligible students to attend activities like:

  • school camps or trips
  • swimming and school-organised sport programs
  • outdoor education programs
  • excursions and incursions.

This $148 million initiative helps ensure all Victorian students can take part in school trips and sporting activities.


Applications for 2018 are now open, through until the end of term 2, 2018. For more information, click here.


Achievements & Results

Taekwondo Club | Victorian State Championship

On 6th of May, Suzanne Cory High made history! We sent the very first High School Taekwondo team to compete at the Victorian State Championship. Although most of us competed in the Yellow Belt division (lowest belt allowed to compete), we all fought like Black Belts!

As a team, they were nervous and anxious with uncertainty at their very first competition but overcame their fear and thrived on pressure. We tasted success and tasted bitter failure - exactly what we prepared for. We learnt from our failures and were humbled by our success. Our students proudly represented our school as the only school team there and gave it all they had.


We ended up with 11 Gold medals, 8 Silver medals and 3 Bronze medals. Total of 24 students (list below) represented our school. Thank you to Ms. Green for coming to help us on the day and Mr. Axup whom also stepped in as a coach briefly for our students! Please congratulate our athletes when you see them around school! Our team will continue to write history as we do here at Suzanne Cory High school.


1.       Andy D – Silver

2.       Anthony M – Gold

3.       Benjamin L – Silver

4.       Carlos N – 4th Place

5.       Girish T – Gold

6.       Jason P – Bronze

7.       Jennifer L – Gold & Silver

8.       Jennifer S – Silver

9.       Jeslin S – Gold

10.   Katina T – Gold & Silver

11.   Krish P – Gold

12.   Krithika P – Silver

13.   Lindsay N – Gold

14.   Michelle L – Gold

15.   Patrick T – 5th Place

16.   Sean A – Silver

17.   Shaneika D – Gold

18.   Simon L – Gold

19.   Sunidhi M – Bronze

20.   Suvasini T – Gold

21.   Tejal T – Silver

22.   Usman S – Gold

23.   Vivian N – Bronze

24.   Yzabella D – Gold


- Mr. Sam Yang (Coach)

Bedside Buds visit Mercy Place Aged Care Home

On  Wednesday the 9th of May, a group of students from the Bedside Buds program  and some students from the VCE Music class made their way to the Mercy Place Wyndham aged care home to visit the residents. We had been invited to share a special mother’s day ‘comfortable cup of tea’ with the residents.

During this visit the students were able to spend time with the residents by sharing conversations with them and listening to live music played by the very talented music students. They also gave terrariums, which they had built themselves at school to the residents and shared stories and laughs with them.


This visit allowed our students to form unique and personal connections with the elderly, bringing the members of our community one step closer. This was the first of many visits that was organised by the Bedside Buds team this year. And after a very successful first visit, we are all looking forward to making more connections with our community through the upcoming visits! Our thanks to Ms Goodridge-Kelly and Mr Paye for accompanying the group on their visit.

Chess Club

Some believe champions are born, and many believe they are a result of hard work. On 10th of May 2018, our students proved the latter, as they reaped the results of their preparation and perseverance by winning the Victorian Zonal Chess Tournament!

From the far end of the Western suburbs came the underdogs, the team many schools of the Eastern suburbs never heard of. Little did they know that our students were prepared, eager, and determined on qualifying for the State Finals. Our students were graceful and friendly in their attitude, yet fierce and focused in their games. They played some amazing matches, made the right moves, and won their games with style. By the end of the tournament, 5 out of 6 team members qualified to the all-important states final; more importantly though, the team achieved the highest number of wins overall, and was awarded the “School of the Tournament” trophy, a trophy they brought back to school to be added to the overly crowded student trophies cabinet.


Students who qualified to play at the state finals (so far) are:

-          Malachy P (Year 9)

-          John V (Year 9)

-          Kisara P (Year 10)

-          Sead C (Year 10)

-          Alexander M (Year 10)

-          Brendan G (Year 10)

-          Alexander T(Year 11)

-          Suvasini T (Year 10)


With more tournaments planned, there are many more opportunities to qualify. Will this be the year where our team represent the Victorian State at the national championship? Stay tuned!


- Mr. Isaac Ryan (Coach)

Sports News & Results


This year Suzanne Cory sent 2 girls teams and one boys team to the Victorian Schools Futsal competition in Oakleigh.  Zoe L was the driving force for getting the futsal up and running with her goalie background and willingness to coach.  I was shocked with the amount of interest from the students but happy to see so many students wanting to represent SCHS in this new event. The boys competed on May 1st and although did not win they were very competitive and took it up to the other schools who train all year round. On may 3rd the Under 16 and Under 19 girls teams set off nice and early.  The under 19 girls made the semi finals and both teams improved with each game. Several of our players were scouted to try out for the Nationals training squad, thank you to Mr Chau for assisting with the futsal.



So far this term the senior and intermediate boys have played in the Wyndham region soccer. The senior boys just missed out on making the final after losing in overtime to Wyndham central.  The intermediate boys won their pool games and need to attend the play off on May 22nd to determine which school will progress to WMR. This is the best result SCHS has had in the soccer, this may be due to the students commitment to training. Thank you Mr Chau for your commitment to soccer.



The WMR tennis was early this term, we had our senior girls and intermediate boys and girls competing in Geelong. The senior girls gave their best effort but weren’t able to progress, although there were some very competitive sets. The intermediate teams had a little more success with the boys beating MSA but losing to an unsuspecting school and just missing out on progressing to states. If we continue to improve perhaps we can go one better next year.


Softball & Baseball

The senior and intermediate softball and baseball teams competed at Stead park. All teams progressed automatically to the WMR region and were met by some great competition in Geelong.  All teams held their own and improved as the day progressed. The intermediate girls softball team had one win, one draw and 2 loses. The senior softball team lost all their games but were good in the field and came unstuck to the oppositions fast paced pitcher. In the baseball the intermediate team missed out on progressing after only losing one match to MSA.  They were led by State pitcher Tyler G and Pushkar in catcher, they showed great sportsmanship throughout the entire day and were commended on their efforts by opposition coaches. The senior baseball team only played one game against Belmont High School where they unfortunately lost in the 8 innings match. The team was then offered a wild card entry to the State titles later in May, we wish them luck in this fierce competition.  A big thanks to Ms Fenby, Ms Guastella and Ms Breed for coaching these teams.


On Friday the 20 of April, our Senior Girls and Senior Boys netball teams went to Eagle Stadium for the Wyndham Region Senior Netball Competition. Our girls started off the day a little roughly but didn't give up and aspired to play better and win our games.  We lost our first two games but wrapped up the day with two victories against Tarneit Senior and Manor Lakes. Overall, it was an uplifting and fun day. Thanks to Ms Breed and Ms Green for coaching and taking us! We're looking forward to win next year's competition!


For the Boys, the day started a little flat, losing their first game in a tough fought close match. They didn’t let that get them down, using the loss as motivation to win their next three games! Not only that, but they kept getting better, their last match was their biggest winning margin and allowed them to have the best percentage. Then we faced a nervous wait to find out if they had progressed, and luckily for us, our percentage meant that we came out on top! The Boys will be headed to the WMR round later in the year, so they are going to be hitting the training track soon. Go Cory!!!!!


- Julia J 11B3


Table Tennis

The Inter-School Table Tennis Competition in this district (despite being at a local scale) was not lacking at all in regards to the calibre of skill displayed by all schools. The girls played against Werribee SC and Good News Lutheran, dominating the scoreboard in each match - qualifying them for regionals. The boy's pool was comprised of both the Islamic College of Melbourne and Tarneit Senior College, in which Suzanne Cory performed incredibly well, but just missed it. Overall, the competition was a great success in the exhibition of what our students can offer across other facets of education.


- Alyssa K 1B1



The Senior Badminton was played on the same day as the table tennis and netball. The Wyndham region is quite strong in badminton and our students had to play their best badminton to win districts. The girls team won all their games and have progressed but unfortunately the boys team were unsuccessful in making WMR. A huge thanks to Mr Lam for all this work with badminton training and the after school badminton club. The intermediate teams compete in June.



This year we sent an intermediate boys and intermediate girls AFL team to the Wyndham region competition. Although neither team progressed the girls team achieved their first AFL win in SCHS history. The girls continued to improve and were committed to their training sessions with Mr Hand, Miss Nagel and Miss Hamilton. The boys team kicked one goal for the day and were simply out sized by the other schools. Edison P was a stand out for our team and showed great leadership and determination regardless of the score line. Thanks to Mr Moden and Mr Hand for coaching the boys.  We had had the North Melbourne football club running sessions with our Year 9 students so hopefully we continue to improve in AFL.



Our Boys and Girls Ultimate Frisbee team participated in the Vic State Championship on the 9th of May against numerous schools in Victoria. Although we did not make it to the next round, we held our spirits high throughout all games and represented our school with pride. As our school’s first Ultimate Frisbee team to participate in States, we’ve learnt a lot from experienced teams and were even observed by Ultimate Victoria’s talent scouts during our games.


Suzanne Cory High School