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20 March 2019
Issue Four
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From the Principal

Dear Parents / Carers,

At assembly last Friday, our 2019 student leaders received their badges in front of the entire school community. The badges were presented by the Hon Kim Wells MP.  Kim has been presenting leadership badges at Rowville Primary School since 1991 and is a strong supporter of our school.


Student leadership at Rowville Primary School is all about emulating the leadership that occurs in the broader community.   Students are developing the skills in working with diverse teams and gaining commitment from others around a range of issues. The tragic events that occurred in Christchurch highlight to us the importance of good leadership. The type that builds understanding between people and a celebration and not fear of diversity.


We congratulate our 2019 student leaders on their election to these positions of responsibility and look forward to hearing about the outcome of their projects.

Snapshot above: Kim Wells MP with our School Captains                           and Vice Captains

Snapshot below: Our STEM Leaders

If we ask a child, “How was school today’’, the likely response is “good” or ” bad”. This is often based on what happened during the recess and lunch breaks. These breaks are the emotional core of a child’s school day. Whether a child comes home light or heavy-hearted depends on what happened during play time. This is common. Researchers tell us that one of the best predictors of whether children feel happy in school is whether they feel comfortable and included during recess.


Philosophers and child development experts have been talking about the importance of play for centuries. Piaget said that children discover the world through play. Friedrich Froebel, who opened the first kindergarten in 1837, called play “deeply significant.” And Plato believed that children had to grow up in an atmosphere of play to become virtuous citizens.

Play requires the acquisition of a complex set of skills. It’s not just about exercising.  It is about how to enter a game. It’s about making agreements with others as equals, stepping into an imagined structure, and accepting that structure even when things don’t go your way. This may be why Plato considered play the ideal preparation for citizenship.

The sense of belonging in a school is often determined by what happens during break times. When I was at school the recess breaks were not enjoyable for me. Girls were excluded from many playground games. Awkward and unpopular kids were chosen last. The structure of games like dodge ball was far from ideal. (Having a rubber ball fired into your face by a kid twice your size was not fun.) For physically awkward children, recess was pure torture. Girls were encouraged to stay away from the boys.

Given the importance of recess breaks we have a range of adults present in the playground during every break to support students to enter games or to remain in games. The garden club operates on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday lunchtime and promotes friendship and environmental learning.  We have teachers and learning mentors who operate as play leaders. We also have the peer support student parliamentary group whose role is to promote friendship in the playground.







Anne Babich


From The Assistant Principal

Dear Parents/Carers,

What a very busy fortnight it has been for everyone at Rowville Primary School.  From our strong participation and achievements in sporting events, being inspired to read for joy and accompanying three talented future writers to a session with Australian author Jackie French.  This was a learning opportunity for selected students from the 29 schools across the Knox Network, initiated by the Knox Network of Principals Chair, Ms Anne Babich. We also acknowledged our 2019 student leaders at the Leadership badge presentation assembly with The Honourable Kim Wells MP. last Friday and celebrated with a lovely afternoon tea in our Nganagee building with families.

Home-school relationships are very important and tonight we beginning our parent teacher conferences.  Parent Teacher Conferences are held in term one and three to provide information on how well students are progressing towards their learning goals, their attitude towards learning and how well they interact and build relationships with their peers.  This is a great opportunity for all parents/carers to share information you consider important for your child’s teacher to know to develop a deeper understanding of your child and the best way to support them in their learning journey.


Purple Day for Epilepsy will take place next Tuesday 26th March.  We are asking all students to wear a touch of purple and bring a GOLD coin donation to raise awareness of epilepsy within the school community and raise funds to support the thousands of Australians around the country affected by the condition.


Ms Babich and I were excited to be invited to attend a tour of the new Year 7 facilities at Rowville Secondary College yesterday.  It was a great opportunity to see how well the Year 7 students have transitioned into the secondary setting.  A number of our former students happily shared their work with us and it was clearly evident that our senior school teachers have prepared our students exceptionally well for a successful and positive transition into the next stage of their education. 


It was a wonderful experience to accompany three our students to the learning opportunity provided for schools across the Knox Network, initiated by the Knox Network of Principals Chair our very own Ms Babich. 

Here is a snapshot of the experience from our three writers:                             

My trip to visit Jackie French was very inspiring and a great learning experience for me because I use to have a hard time writing stories.  Since this learning experience with Jackie French I have realized that getting inspiration is really easy and I am really thankful for my school for giving me the opportunity to listen to a well-known author like Jackie French. Ashana-Rae 6B


Visiting Jackie French was very inspiring for me.  When she started speaking, it made me think about how I could improve and make my writing better.  The next day I used Jackie French’s advice on how I could make my writing better by using more detailed and sophisticated vocabulary.  We learnt that to find a just right book read a few pages, if it does not interest you, you do not need to keep reading. 

Olivia 5B


Our visit to see Jackie French was a great opportunity.  She is very inspirational woman because her books are very true.  Her talk was so detailed that you could listen to her for hours. She inspired me to think about adding sophisticated language in my own writing.  Bethany 5B


Have a great fortnight.

Mrs Tiffany Bamford

Assistant Principal

What's ahead

March 2019

Wednesday 20th March           -          Parent Teacher interviews

Thursday 21st March                -          Parent Teacher interviews

Tuesday 26th March                  -          Purple Day - gold coin donation - students to wear a touch of purple 

                                                                       with their school uniform

Wednesday 27th March           -          School Council meeting

Friday 29th March                      -          School Athletics Yr 3 to Yr6 at Knox Athletics Track

                                                           -           Readathon form and sponsorship due by today

April 2019

Friday 5th April                            -          Last Day of Term 1 - School finishes at 2.30pm

Tuesday 23rd April                     -          First day of Term 2 - School commences at 8.45am

Thursday 25th April                  -           ANZAC Day - Public Holiday - School closed

ANZAC Day - Thursday 25th April

ANZAC Badges and other items are available from the school office and for sale at eating time in the classroom.  Prices vary from $2.00 through to $20.00. Items available include badges, keys tags and wristbands.



                        1st September until 30th April each year School Uniform Hats must be worn.

Part of our Sun Smart Policy at Rowville Primary School is that students are to wear the official school uniform, wide brimmed hat everyday, when outdoors from 1st September to the 30th April.  Students are also encouraged to apply sunscreen (SPF 30 + or above,  20 minutes prior to outdoor activity) provided by parents. Please place the students name on the sunscreen container.

Please ensure your children to have their hat at school each day. Hats are available from our uniform supplier Klad Sport, 8 Macro Court, Rowville.


Visual Arts


This term in Visual Arts, Foundation students are learning about two mentor artists that paint flowers with different styles and techniques. They are learning about Australian contemporary artist Anna Blatman and American folk artist Heather Galler. Both artists have a love of flowers and colour and students will explore the similarities and differences between their artwork. Students are developing skills based around learning how to use a variety of painting tools, materials and techniques to create individual artworks inspired by these mentor artists and their artwork.

Years 1 and 2

During Visual Arts lessons this term, Year 1 and 2 students are learning about mentor artist Salvador Dali and the surrealism art movement. Students are exploring how surrealist artists want to convey through imagery, an alternative reality through the imagination and dreams as opposed to the predictable, realistic imagery used by traditional artists. Through experimenting with different images and art making techniques, students are learning about the characteristics of surrealist art and how to create their own surrealist art inspired by the work of Salvador Dali.

Physical Education

Rowville Primary School House Cross Country

The annual Rowville Primary School House Cross Country was held on Wednesday 13th March. The students from Foundation to Year 6 were ready to go, house spirit was high and the weather conditions were perfect for a run!

We were extremely proud of our students, displaying the School Values of Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance and Pride.

It was great to see not only students putting in their best running efforts but showing support for others along the way.

A special thankyou to our Year 5 and 6 Leaders who did an amazing job in their various roles and also to our wonderful parent helpers!

Well done to all students who finished the course, placed in their races and to those who qualified for the District Cross Country, to be held on Friday 24th May.

A HUGE congratulations to the students, pictured below, who came 1st, 2nd & 3rd in their respective events……some budding Olympic athletes!



Division and Region Swimming Championships

Rowville Primary School recently had students who competed in both the Division and Region Swimming Championships and did an amazing job!

At the Division event the 9/10 boys relay team (Lachlan, Zac, Hudson and Tyler) came 3rd with Lachlan and Hudson also finishing 4th in their individual events. A great achievement boys!

The 12/13 girls relay team (Rebecca, Macarni, Neha and Mahkayla) came 2nd and qualified for the Region, as did Rebecca in her individual backstroke. Macarni also had a great swim finishing 4th in her individual event.

At the Eastern Metropolitan Region Championships the girls swam exceptionally well, with Rebecca swimming a PB in her backstroke event and finishing 4th and the girls teaming together beautifully in the relay to finish 4th.

Congratulations girls. What an outstanding accomplishment!

Go Rowville Primary School!

Sue Macdonald and Liz Altmeppen


Congratulations to the following students who were presented with an award at our Friday afternoon assembly. These awards were given to students who have made significant achievements. 

Week 6






For using her letter and sound knowledge to produce a wonderful writing recount.



For working hard, to improve her writing stamina and include correctly formed letters in her personal writing.



For sharing his thinking about his interest book with his peers during our reading workshop.



For showing deep thinking skills when investigating new concepts and sharing her thoughts with her peers. Well done Cadance!



Using his addition strategies and number knowledge to solve every day mathematical problems. Callum will eagerly share his answers and give reason to his thinking.



For demonstrating excellent writing skills and showing evidence of many of the 6+1 traits in your writing. You personality shone through and you made lots of interesting word choices in your recount writing piece. Well done Angela!



For persevering and achieving her reading goal of independently using the strategy of decoding new words. Well done, Dinadi!



For persevering and working on tasks that he finds difficult. Charlie has been giving all tasks a go and takes on challenges with a smile. Well done Charlie!



For excellent entries in her reading reflection journal.



For displaying great reading stamina and for writing detailed responses in his Reading Reflection Journal.



For recording in-depth reflections about the texts, she reads that include clear supporting evidence.



For taking risks and challenging himself during reading and writing workshops to produce high quality pieces. By applying yourself and taking on feedback during conferences, you have been able to reflect deeper and develop a clear voice and fluency in your writing! Keep up the fantastic work!



For his extreme perseverance and positive growth mindset when working through complex math problems.



For demonstrating deep, reflective thinking when unpacking persuasive texts to understand the author's opinion and how this is conveyed.



For using text evidence to deeply reflect on a persuasive text and going further to explain how persuasive elements influence the reader.



The immense effort that she has put into her learning this week, while striving for academic excellence in all areas.



Excellent application of his number skills when solving multiplication and division problems.



For his enthusiasm and high-level organisation during literacy sessions.

Week 7






For his ability to apply his knowledge of the golden words while reading.



For consistently taking pride in the presentation of her work and completing it to the best of her ability.



For demonstrating perseverance during our writing workshop by taking his time to get the correct pencil grip and letter formation. Even when it was difficult, Alex never gave up and simply tried again with a positive attitude and smile on his face. Keep up the great work Alex!



Using her reading strategies for learning new words.



For trying really hard in all areas of his learning. Dylan listens and attempts all learning tasks to the best of his ability. Well done Dylan!



For contributing her ideas during learning times and having a positive attitude to her work. You are a valuable role model for our class Sienna. Congratulations.



For using her Writer's Notebook to gather high-quality seeds and using one to develop a highly engaging story. Excellent work, Maddison!



For contributing to class discussions and thinking deeply about his reading reflections when finding the moral of a story.



For consistently recording a high standard of evidence of progress on her Reading goal. Well done!



For consistently displaying enthusiasm and making well thought of contributions during reading discussions.



For always reflecting on her reading in a deep and meaningful way. Nicole is always able to justify her thoughts with evidence from what she has read.



For effectively using her interests to conduct an in-depth inquiry into a sustainability issue.



Producing high quality entries in her homework book and reading reflection journal. Gisele is showing great confidence in her ability to collect high quality evidence that supports her thinking.


First Aid

Head Lice

A reminder to parents to regularly check your children's hair for eggs and live head lice. The Department of Health’s recommendations are as follows:

The easiest and most effective way to find head lice is to use conditioner and comb weekly to check for head lice and if detected treat with a commercial treatment available from pharmacies. This includes: 

Step 1. Comb hair conditioner onto dry, brushed (detangled) hair. This makes it difficult for lice to grip the hair or run around.


Step 2. Thoroughly comb sections of the hair with a fine tooth head lice comb.


Step 3. Wipe the conditioner from the comb onto a paper towel or tissue.


Step 4. Look on the tissue and on the comb for lice and eggs.


Step 5. Repeat the combing for every part of the head at least four or five times.


Step 6. If lice or eggs are found, the person should be treated.


Step 7. Retreat hair in seven days or follow instructions on the packaging of the treatment or from your health care professional                              


Step 8. Notify the teacher of school office confidentially if head lice is detected.


Further information is available from





Chickenpox, Shingles, Measles, Mumps & Slapped Cheek 

We wish to advise families at Rowville Primary School, that members of our school community are currently receiving medical treatment and as such have a suppressed immune system.

A major concern is if these people develop Measles, Chickenpox, Shingles or Slapped Cheek, they can become seriously ill.

We seek your cooperation in preventing this situation.

If your son/daughter has or may have measles, mumps, chickenpox or slapped cheek it is requested that you do not send them to school during this period and notify the school office immediately.

Children with Chickenpox must not attend school and need to remain at home until all blisters have dried which is usually at least 5 days after the rash appears. Children with Measles must not attend school and need to remain home for at least 4 days after the rash appears.

Spare Clothes

From time to time, students may require a change of clothing. Could we please ask that a spare set of uniform and under garments including socks are placed in your child’s school bag in case they are required. This may save parents needing to come up to school during the day.


Administering of Medication at School

Please be reminded that if your child requires medication on a short term basis (either prescription or over the counter) whilst at school, the medication must be dropped off and collected at the general office by the student’s parent/carer in original packaging. The parent/carer is required to complete an occasional medication form which is available from the general office at the time of dropping off this medication.

We are unable to administer medication to your child without this process being followed.





FORPS - Friends of Rowville Primary School


We would like to thank the students and their families for embracing the Rowville Primary School Readathon.
The Readathon has now finished and when you return the sponsorship money and form by Friday 29 March 2019, students will be eligible for prizes.  There will be a separate prize for Junior School (Foundation, Years 1 and 2), Middle School (Years 3 and 4) and Senior School (Years 5 and 6).
 1. If you read the most books
2. If you raise the most funds
 We have many great prizes on offer.  We have received donations from publishers including a substantial donation of books from Penguin Random House!   


Easter Raffle


Entertainment Books

Rowville Primary School is once again selling Entertainment Books. You can pre order your book or digital membership via this link ​​​​

Rowville Primary School receives $14 from every book or digital membership sold.


FORPS Meeting dates

The FORPS monthly meeting is held in the school staff room at 7.30pm. We invite all members of the school community to attend.

  • Monday 29th April
  • Monday 27th May
  • Monday 24th June
  • Monday 19th August
  • Monday 16th September
  • Monday 14th October
  • Monday 18th November – Annual General Meeting

How Can You Be Involved in FORPS?

Are you wondering how you can be involved?  Who are FORPS and what do we do? 

We are a group of parents who volunteer our time to help raise money for the students at our school and improve the school spirit and sense of community by bringing people together.  All funds raised directly benefit our school.  FORPS fundraising has enabled the school to establish the 21st Century STEM Learning Centre, establish the junior sports precinct, purchase computers, install the running track and soccer pitch and build the pirate ship playground.

The role of FORPS is to provide an opportunity for parents or carers of current and past students to:

- Develop friendships within the school community

- Support the school by improving the quality of resources available through effective fundraising activities

- Enjoy a greater involvement with the school.

In 2017, the activities and events run by FORPS generated over $25,000.   As well as fundraising, we also assist and support the school behind the scenes as required.

FORPS usually have a regular monthly meeting on a Monday at 7.30pm.    We invite you to come along to our very casual meetings, join in and share your ideas. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to participate in the best interest of the school community.  If you are interested in finding out more, please contact FORPS via [email protected]

Rowville Kids Cafe

New Items 

Monday only special - Chicken Tender Snack Wrap - $3.00

Available Everyday - Steamed Dim Sims $1.00


Volunteers Needed

The canteen is needing some extra help from volunteers. If you are free to assist please see the canteen staff or leave your name at the office.  Volunteers need to have a current working with children's check card.

Canteen Pricelist

Please click on the link to view the current Kids Cafe menu:

  or visit QkR™, the online ordering app.

If your child is absent and you have placed an online lunch order, please contact the school to cancel or cancel the order online prior to 8.45am on the day to ensure their lunch order is not prepared.


Thank you to the following volunteers for asssiting in the canteen.

Thursday 21st March                 K. Lacanau

Friday 22nd March                      K. Hopkins 

Monday 25th March                   Help Needed

Tuesday 26th March                   L. Mcconnochie

Wednesday 27th March            B. Jarvis   

Thursday 28th March                J. Ng

Friday 29th March                       K. Hopkins

Monday 1st April                        Help needed

Tuesday 2nd April                      L. Mcconnochie

Wednesday 3rd April                A. Diab

Thursday  4th April                   S. Dean

Friday 5th April                           K. Hopkins

Rowville Kids Cafe
Online Ordering

We are excited to now offer online ordering for parents’ convenience using a credit card via QkR™. We are delighted that many parents have used the app and have reported back on how easy it is to use. 

QkR™ is an app developed by Mastercard (which is very secure) that can be downloaded to your Android or Apple system by following the attached instructions.

Windows based phones can access the ordering system via the website.
TIP:  When creating a password, ensure you include a number in the password. 
Orders can be placed in advance up until 9:00am of the day they are to be delivered to the classroom.

Children can still lodge their lunch orders via the classroom if you do not wish to use the online system.

​If you would like some assistance using the app, please call at the office.


Camp Australia


Hello everyone! My name is Kristen and I am the new Coordinator for Rowville Primary School. I have just completed my first week at the service and have enjoyed meeting the children in the program! Please feel free to come and introduce yourself, I’d love to see many new faces!


We have just received a number of new resources and games which will be out this week for the Children to enjoy. From fun outdoor games and activities, creative arts and crafts and even some time for cooking with some of the new recipes added to the Camp Australia Cookbook.


This week is HARMONY week! We look forward to including the following program for the rest of the week..

 Creating our own sensory bottles                            Yoga – working on mindfulness

Create stained glass windows                                    Friendship chains

Origami flowers                                                               Colourful Pancakes

Savoury Noodles                                                              Scavenger Hunt Creation


Our usual Kinetic sand, Craft, Lego and outdoor play will still be on offer!


Camp Australia is currently running a “First Session Free”! Come along and be involved in our Before and After School Activities. To register, go to – it’s free to register!


Keep Smiling!

Kristen – Service phone 0438 286 035



Community Noticeboard


These school holidays, MUSTA is looking forward to the introduction of its first Multi-sports holiday program for juniors.

This program will not only focus on tennis but encompass skills and activities from other sports such as AFL, basketball, cricket and soccer. Mornings will consist of our Multi-sport clinic, open to all ages and a BBQ sausage sizzle lunch will also be provided at the end of the morning.

The afternoon session will consist of a round robin tennis tournament and will be available to students that currently play on Orange ball or above (7 yrs+). A coach will be on court to help students every step of the way, with prizes being awarded at the end of each day and a trophy presentation on the last day for overall point winners.

This is a great opportunity for kids to get out of the house and stay active during the holiday period. To enrol or for any other enquiries contact [email protected]






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