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05 February 2019
Issue One
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From the Principal...

Dear Parents and Friends of St Therese’s Primary School,


Faith. Hope. Love.

These three powerful words form a mantra for us at St Therese’s. In this week’s reading, Saint Paul challenges us, in our modern day lives, to live by faith, hope and love, with love being the greatest of them all. These simple and lovely words often become complicated and difficult when we try to live by them, especially when faced with feelings of jealousy, anger or hopelessness. Will you be able to remember these words when faced with difficult situations? Will you be able to love or encourage your child to love despite feeling wronged by another? Difficult words indeed!


Last Tuesday, the whole staff read the St Therese’s School’s Vision Statement as part of the professional learning day that was held. We did this to remind us why we are here and what we stand for. Like Saint Paul’s words of faith, hope and love, our Vision Statement challenges us to be our best selves at all times.


At St Therese’s Catholic community we envisage a school where…

  • each individual’s personal relationship with Jesus is being nurtured within the tradition of a Catholic community that is prayerful, accepting and loving.

  • the well being of each member of our community is flourishing in a nurturing environment, where positive relationships are valued and the dignity and talents of individuals are respected.

  • we are successful learners. Our school is a safe, harmonious and engaging learning environment. Everyone works together cooperatively and is responsible for their learning.

Let us live our Vision through all that we do throughout 2019.


Later this year, we will celebrate the 30th Anniversary of St Therese’s Primary School and in preparing for this we will learn a great deal about our patron saint, Saint Therese and the history of the school. A team of staff has already been established to work with the parent community to organise the event. If you are interested in joining the St Therese’s Feast Day team please respond to the CareMonkey notice that will be sent out. A meeting for interested parents will be held on Tuesday, 12 February at 10:00am (straight after the Parent Helper Volunteer session) with myself and Mr Paul Cowan.


Every four years, all Catholic schools in Victoria undergo a Review of their teaching, administrative and student wellbeing policies, practices and procedures. A formal review of St Therese’s will take place this year in July.




The purpose of the Review is to acknowledge achievements that have been made over the past four years and to identify areas for improvement in order to set the direction for the next four years. The aim of the Review is to ensure student learning outcomes continue to improve. In order to prepare for the Review, the staff are required to complete modules in the areas of Learning and Teaching, Religious Education etc. The whole staff will be involved over the next few months, and the school will seek to involve parents and students to join our conversations. Please stay tuned for more information regarding the Review.


School Closure Days are an essential component of running a school. These Professional Learning days, while inconvenient for working parents are vital in building the capacity of all staff members. They provide the opportunity for teachers to deliver to your children up to date teaching methods and ensure knowledge of our ever-changing curriculum is maintained. These days always have the needs of your children at the centre. I apologise for any inconvenience you may face due to School Closure Days. As a working mother myself, I know very well how these days can cause disruption. This is why the Leadership Team has selected the dates and they are being shared with you at this early stage of the year. Please take note of the dates so that you can make alternative arrangements for the care of your children.


School Closure Day Dates ~ Professional Learning

Monday 18 March

Tuesday 23 April

Wednesday 24 April

Friday 26 April

Friday 30 August

Monday 4 November

Friday 20 December


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the new families who joined the St Therese’s Learning Community this year. This year along with 8 other new families, we have 48 Foundation students who had their first day last Thursday. They arrived with excitement in their eyes and very large bags on their backs! When I visited their classrooms, I was truly amazed at how settled they were, ready to learn. I remember when one of my own children started school. After his first day, he sat down on the couch and I asked him about his day. He responded with, “it was good mum, I’ve done school now.” He thought that was it! He had waited all Christmas holidays and he did the school day and it was over. He was a bit upset when I explained to him that school goes on every day for another 12 years! The Foundation year is such an important year to the success of each child’s learning journey. I would like to thank Miss Irene Krejic and Miss Jackie Bishop for the work they have put into preparing for what will be a fantastic year of learning in Foundation.


Save the date for the School Advisory Welcome BBQ that will take place on Friday 15 February from 5:00pm - 7:00pm. This year KABOOM! will provide entertainment for the students on the oval while families enjoy a BBQ picnic. Sausages in bread are provided or families are welcome to bring along their own picnic. What a great way to begin the year and get to know many of our new families! I hope to see as many of you as possible at this event. Please check CareMonkey for more information and RSVP to assist with catering.



This week we will hold the Meet The Teacher sessions on Tuesday 5 February and Wednesday 6 February. The sessions will take place after school on both of these days and are an excellent opportunity for parents and teachers to understand the learning and emotional needs of each child. At the meetings, you will also be provided with information relevant to your child’s level. Please ensure you have selected a time for these sessions.


Please remember that Wednesday 6 February all students from Years One to Six will attend the Whole School Beginning of the Year Mass at St Agatha’s in Cranbourne. Please make sure you have provided permission for your child to travel by bus to St Agatha’s on CareMonkey. Parents are most welcome to join us at St Agatha’s church for Mass at 12:00pm.


I hope that this week fills you with faith, hope and love.


Yours in faith,

Michelle Bruitzman


RE News ...

Parish News

Please find attached Parish newsletter.


Sacrament of Reconciliation

Readiness for Reconciliation:

*Child has been baptised in the Catholic faith. 

*Child has a sense of right and wrong.

*Child can say, “Sorry”.


Program runs from 6th February until 28th March. ALL meetings are obligatory and are held in St Agatha’s school Hall.


Information Session and Parent Workshop:

Wednesday 6th February at 7.00pm OR Wednesday 13th February 7.00pm.  Parents need to attend only one session (no need to bring your child).  Note that this night will be a combined Information Night and Parent workshop.


Commitment Weekend: 

9th and 10th February at all Masses (for families who attended the Information Night on 6th February)

16th and 17th February at all Masses (for families who attended Information Night on the 13th February).


Parent/Child Workshop:

Wednesday 13th March @ 5:00pm OR 7:00pm.

Please Note: No Follow-up Meeting


Beginning of Year Mass at
St Agatha's Church

We will be celebrating our Beginning of Year Mass at St Agatha's Church tomorrow, Wednesday February 6 at 12:00 noon.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our school community to come together and celebrate and, therefore, we extend an invitation to all families to join us.  Students are required to wear their full summer uniform on this day.

School News ...

Principal Awards

Congratulations to Sera G on receiving your Principal Award.


Parents Building Solutions

For parents, step-parents, grandparents and carers for children aged 3 - 13 years.  Come and join us in an interactive program to share experiences and ideas, and learn strategies to support your child.  Attached flyers are for attendance in Cranbourne and Lynbrook.


Parenting in Australia - Today

Looking for parenting support in today's Australia?
Kids using too much technology?
You're not alone.
Join other parents and trained facilitators who can help you
parent in a way that really worksfor you and your family.


Skye United Football Club Registration Day


Brotherhood of St Laurence - Saver Plus

Please read the Saver Plus Flyer to see if you are eligible to become part of the Saver Plus program.


Book Club

Book club needs to be returned to school by Friday 15 February.


School Advisory Board Welcome BBQ


Dates to Remember ...

February 2019


Tuesday 5 February

4:00pm - 7:30pm - Meet your Teacher Sessions

Wednesday 6 February

Foundation testing day (no school for Foundation)

4:00pm - 5:00pm - Meet your Teacher Sessions

7:00pm Reconciliation Information Night and Parent Workshop

Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 February

Reconciliation Commitment Mass - All Masses

Tuesday 12 February

9:00am - 10:00am - Parent Helper Volunteer Session

10:00am - St Therese's Primary School 30th Anniversary Meeting

Wednesday 13 February

Foundation testing day (no school for Foundation)

7:00pm Reconciliation Information Night and Parent Workshop

Friday 15 February

5:00pm - 7:00pm - Welcome Family BBQ Picnic evening with KABOOM!

Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 February

Reconciliation Commitment Mass - All Masses

Wednesday 20 February

2:30pm - 3:30pm - Parent Helper Volunteer Session

Thursday 21 February

School Photos - Summer Uniform

Thursday 28 February 

Whole School Athletics Day at Casey Fields

March 2019

Wednesday 13 March

5:00pm OR 7:00pm Reconciliation Parent/Child Workshop 

Thursday 14 March

Open Day - School Tours available at 9:30am, 12:30pm and 5:00pm

Monday 18 March

School Closure Day

Tuesday 26 March

5:00pm OR  7:00pm - Reconciliation Ceremonies

Wednesday 27 March

5:00pm OR  7:00pm - Reconciliation Ceremonies

Thursday 28 March 

5:00pm  - Reconciliation Ceremonies

April 2019

Friday 5 April

3:30pm - Last Day of Term One

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