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27 March 2019
Issue Two
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I would like to use this opportunity in the Newsletter to recognise the often forgotten individuals who contribute so much to the fabric of our College. I am referring to the parents on School Council who volunteer their services over many years and who have contributed so much both individually and collectively to our school. Not only do they have to attend regular school council meetings and listen to boring reports from the Principal, but they are also on sub committees, involved in fund raising events, represent the College at community functions and often lobby hard in the background to provide enhanced opportunities for our school.


More specifically, I would like to recognise two long serving members of our school council in Elvira Ritzert and Cynthia Isaacs. Both have been on Council for many years and have given so much of themselves to help the school in many ways. Elvira is current School Council President and will be remembered most for her lobbying of the State Government, which eventually led to the funding of our multi-million dollar building program that is so important to our school community. Elvira still continues in her role as Council President today. Cynthia recently finished on school council after her daughter Bianca graduated in the class of 2018. Cynthia was not only able to support Bianca during her years at our College, but she was able to help with many College wide events and we will dearly miss her.


Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to encourage all parents to become involved in the school if they are able to. We value and rely on that support and parents generally enjoy the opportunity to be able to contribute to the school in such a positive manner. Please contact our Community Liaison Officer Annette Evans if you would like to get involved in our College.


I hope all members of our school community enjoy the Easter break coming up in the next few weeks.


I hope you enjoy our newsletter.



John Jovic










"Please note that you can now translate this newsletter into multiple languages by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and select google translator and choose a language of choice"

Important Information Highlights


We are doing our best to serve you - swearing, abusive language, threats or physical violence towards our staff will not be tolerated.

Thankyou for your co-operation




Mondays 8.15am - 4.15pm
Tuesday to Thursdays 8.00am - 4.15pm
Fridays 8.00am - 3.45pm



Students are able to make payments between the hours of

8.15am - 8.45am, and also during Recess and Lunchtimes






Monday to Friday 8.48am - 3.10pm



If you hold a valid means tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF. The allowance is paid to the school to use towards expenses relating to camps, excursions or sporting activities for the benefit of your child.

 You should contact the office to obtain an application form, the program for 2019 closes on the 28th June, 2019. 

If you applied in 2018 you do not need to complete an application form unless there has been a change to your family circumstances





All students must report to the Office when late arriving at school 

Parents who need to pick up their child early during school hours for appointments, etc, must send a note in the morning to receive an early leavers pass from the sub school offices so the students teacher/s are aware that they are leaving. This enables your child to be at the office and ready to leave when you pick them up. Should you arrive at the school without prior notification, lengthy waits can occur while we locate and organise your child



Did you Know ?

Missing one day of school each week adds up to 2 months missed over a year or missing one day a fortnight is the same as missing 4 whole weeks of school  a year. From Prep to year 12 that adds up to 1.5 years of school !!

Each day absent at Secondary School has an impact on skill development and social connections

Patterns of late arrival at School or missing classes are early warning signs of disengagement from school


Remember you can talk with school staff such as: teacher, year level coordinator, wellbeing staff, careers staff, to find out what support we can provide your child to keep them attending School and to help keep them engaged




It is important that your Family contact details are kept up to date. If anything changes throughout the term,  please notify the College.







IMPORTANT DATES for your Diary


Monday 1st

Polyhood 6.30pm


Tuesday 2nd

Parent Teacher interviews


Wednesday 3rd

Whole School Athletics Carnival


Friday 5th

Last day for Term 1 _School Holidays


Tuesday 23rd

School Resumes for Term 2


Wednesday 24th

Grade 6 Parent Tour


Thursday 25th

Anzac Day (Student Free)


Friday 26th

Curriculum Day (Student Free)


Monday 29th

Whole School Cross Country



Wednesday 1st

Grade  6 Parent Tour


Monday 6th

Progress Reports Open






















Compass User Guide


Information Evening



The VCAL senior camp was an outstanding success, students visited Adventure park Geelong to form a connection and bond with others students. Following by traveling to their camping ground where Students set up tents and had dinner with an ocean view and night walk. The next day students completed a Team Building scavenger hunt incorporating the skills they have learnt in Numeracy, Literacy and Work Related Skills.


The VCAL Intermediate students have been working on their ‘plan an excursion’ task for PDS. Students so far have planned excursions to escape rooms, movies, swimming pools, laser tag,  and the zoo to name a few. Students have had full responsibility in planning from the brainstorming stage right through to completion of the event and sort feedback from their peers about the activity and the running of the event. They also reflected about how they could improve in the future.


Brad Gauci



In Maths classes at Cranbourne Secondary College every attempt is made, where possible, to link mathematical concepts to real world applications. Students are encouraged to present work clearly and logically through skills and practice exercises in class. They also complete a number of problem solving tasks in our dedicated Numeracy room and then reflect on the methods used in attaining the solution.

Term 1 has seen the implementation of our new curriculum extended to now include the Year 7 through to Year 9 student cohorts. This new learning architecture is focused on engaging all students with the classroom work by providing a range of learning opportunities, including more collaborative work where students are able to learn from their peers and a more hands-on oriented curriculum with a focus on the maths being applicable to the real world. Students are then able to display their understanding of the topic of work through the tiered summative assessment task (CAT) administered at the end of each term.

Our senior maths classes are also up and running for 2019. At Year 10 students have selected the level of Maths that best caters to their abilities and also suits their potential career paths. At VCE students are readily preparing for their first round of Student Assessed Coursework (SAC) and VCAL students are being taught the fundamental numeracy skills that are essential for the workforce.

Term 2 will be a busy period as our Year 7 and Year 9 classes prepare for the upcoming NAPLAN assessments (May 14th to May 24th). With the introduction of NAPLAN online at Cranbourne in 2019 it is essential that all students bring their netbook to every lesson as these will be used consistently in the build up to the tests and also to support the learning throughout the year.

Congratulations to all students for their efforts demonstrated so far and we look forward to seeing more excellent work as the year progresses.



Corey O’Shea
Maths Leader


We have had some exciting things happening in Humanities this term, with multiple excursion and incursions running.


Year 10 Entrepreneurs Unearthed - Apple excursion

On Tuesday 5th March Ms Brennan’s and Mrs Sherlock’s classes went on an excursion to Fountain Gate Shopping Centre to visit the Apple store to learn about coding and programming. When we arrived at the store we began by all of us gathering around the desk while the employees introduced themselves and handed out some Apple badges. After that they explained a bit about programming and coding with how it’s used in all sorts of technologies then we proceeded onto an activity where we split into groups and armed with an iPad we “coded” the other person to navigate around the store (without them bumping into each other). Once everyone had completed that we moved onto iPads to code a character to collect gems, move around and activate pressure plates while teaching us about how coding works and how functions in coding works. Finally, we split into groups again and were given a ‘Sphero’ each to code around a maze. Students figured out how to code turns, control the speeds and change sounds, lights and text on the Sphero and move it successfully around the maze.



Year 10 Century of Change - Memorial Box Incursion



Kody Possingham



Performing Arts

Instrumental Music Lessons at Cranbourne Secondary College 2019


Students at Cranbourne Secondary College have the fantastic opportunity to learn how to play musical instruments with some of the best and most experienced professional instructors in the state.


Our Instrumental Music students have formed some very successful bands, having won several awards in the South East Region Rockfest competition, including Best Band, and many awards for best instrumentalist (bass, vocals, drums, etc.). Each student enrolled in our program has the opportunity to join a band or ensemble. Many Cranbourne Secondary students have gone on to have careers in music performance and production. 


One to one, 30 minute lessons are held at school, during school hours and are around half the price lessons outside of school. A rotating timetable ensures students won’t miss out on the same classroom subjects too often. They will only be out of class for half a period.




Benefits of learning a musical instrument at school:

  • Student engagement
  • Student wellbeing
  • School attendance
  • Personal and social development
  • Transfer of skills to other areas
  • Student involvement at school
  • Provides opportunities for student ownership of learning through performances
  • Develops team working skills
  • Positive social interactions through ensemble rehearsals and performances


Lessons are currently available for drums, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, guitar (electric/acoustic or bass) & flute.

 The cost of lessons is only $125 per term and a minimum of 8 lessons will be made available in each terms (students attending all scheduled lessons can receive up to 40 lessons per year). 





Emergent Exhibition at Bunjil Place

Emergent is a curated exhibition showcasing the high-quality work produced by young artists within the City of Casey. Featuring art work, design, fashion, photography and film by students undertaking VCE Units 3 & 4 Art, Studio Art, Media, Visual Communication and Design, and Product Design and Technology: Woodwork and Textiles in 2018.

In 2018, two of our extremely talented Visual Arts students, Amber Stegemeier and Jade Joseph were selected to exhibit in this outstanding display of students in the local area. Both Jade and Amber had also received additional accolades, such as Amber being selected as the 2018 Acquisitive Arts award and Jade had sold both of her major artworks at our Senior Arts exhibition.

Both students exhibited exceptional skill and work ethic throughout the year which contributed to their outstanding success in Visual Arts. Their outcomes exemplified the standard of work that we achieve and expect from our students. Both students should be commended on their success throughout the year and as being selected for such a prestigious event.



Welcome to the Technology Department for 2019

The Technology department at Cranbourne Secondary College offers a selection of subjects were student gain knowledge and skills in both a theory and practical setting. 

Our programs run from Year 7 to Year 12 and students get to experience learning in the following subjects areas. 

Food studies

Materials and woodwork


Digi tech

IT and computing

Building and construction

Hospitality – Catering operations

Our 2019 students have settled in well and are currently working through different Curriculum assessment tasks for each subject area.

I wish to thank all our Technology teachers for their consistent hard work this term.


Year 8 Food students Design a pancake task





Hospitality students producing Sago pudding and learning vegetable cuts  



Hospitality students producing some delicious dishes


Some yummy dishes from our VCAL 11 Food students


VCE 11 food students individual dishes Year 9 Design a homemade pasta task



Cookies corner recipe – Puff pastry pinwheel  ​​​​​​​


Year 7 Materials class – Spaghetti and marshmallow challenge ​​​​​​​

Year 7 Materials class – Design a box task



Thank you Maree Schmidt

Sports News

Term one has been extremely busy one the sporting front.

We have seen the Senior, Intermediate and Junior teams go out and represent the college in a variety of sports including Volleyball, Cricket, Tennis and Baseball.

Our senior students went out on the 25th of February with a boys and girls volleyball team. Both team performed really well with our boys team coming third and our girls team coming second overall.

Our intermediate students also went out on the 25th of February with a Boys and Girls Volleyball team and a Boys Baseball team. The boys’ volleyball did really well coming second overall. Unfortunately it wasn’t our day for the Girls volleyball team coming in fifth overall. The boys’ baseball had a great day coming third overall.

Our junior sport teams went out on the 20th of March with a both year 7 and 8 girls and boys volleyball teams, a year 8 cricket team and a mixed 7/8 tennis team. We had a successful day for both our year 7 volleyball teams both coming home with the pennant and both will now get the chance to represent the school at Division. The year 8 volleyball teams both had a good day but weren’t as successful as our year 7s, girls coming in fifth and boys fourth. The Year 8 Cricket team took on Super 8’s they scraped into the top 4 (with only four teams in the competition) unfortunately not enough to get them to the next round. The Mixed tennis team had a fantastic day and made it through to the final but were unlucky and came second.

Big congratulation to all of our teams this term! They all put in a valiant effort!



The School swimming Carnival held at Noble Park Swimming Centre on 27th of February. We had 68 students come along and compete for their house and try to qualify for Division Swimming next month.

It was a close competition all day between the houses. The final results saw


4th Place Donnelly 128 Points
3rd Place Brunt 129 Points
2nd Place Poole 173 Points
1st Place Facey 178 Points


Congratulations to all who came along and participated on the day!

They now go onto represent the College at the Regional Swimming Carnival to be held on 28th of March. Good Luck to you all!


In the last week of this term the annual House Athletics Carnival will take place at Casey Fields Athletics Track.

The first day back for term 2, the Cross Country Carnival will be held at Casey Fields Athletics Track.

Good luck to everyone who competes at these upcoming events.


Lauryn Miller

Sport Coordinator


In 2019 the EAL population has reached the high figure of 116 students, thus enrichening the cultural diversity within our school community. The most popular community languages spoken are Dari, Farsi and Urdu. However, other languages are also represented within our EAL cohort. The EAL program offers parallel to English EAL classes ranging from Years 7-12 inclusive. To assist our students with their learning we have the following EAL staff on board: Ms Burnham, Ms Fernando, Mrs Maclean, Mrs O'Shea, Ms Radivo and Mr Peterson. To make our EAL program a successful one we have the wonderful assistance of a team of dedicated mulcultural aides who attend classes and assist EAL learners with their education on a daily basis. Our multicultural aides are Maida Kanwal, Masroor Ahmed, Danukshi Dharmasiri and Mr Stephen Phillips.


Amongst our EAL students are students who are taking part in extracurricular activities, such as members of the Multipride group. Throughout the year, Cranbourne Secondary College receives an intake of New Arrival EAL students from Noble Park English Language School and they are gladly welcomed by EAL students who once attended the Language School in the past. We wish all of our EAL staff and students a highly productive and successful year.



Ms Radivo

EAL Co-ordinator



The year started for MultiPride as it usually does with a trip to Point Leo for our annual day with the Point Leo Surf Lifesaving Club. This year SRC students attended as well and students, along with Mr Massouris, Mrs Mala and Ms Evans, bussed it down for a day of surfing lessons, ball games and a Bbq lunch. The school appreciates all that the Point Leo SLC do for Cranbourne Secondary College when hosting this event and presented them with a Certificate of Appreciation.


MultiPride is getting ready for Harmony Week in Week 9 with cultural activities at lunchtime including a cultural dress fashion parade and the ever popular Henna tattooing.



The last week of term is devoted to Polyhood, now in it’s 16th year! Look out for the next newsletter for photos!

Annette Evans

MultiPride Coordinator



South East Careers Expo


Over the last 10 years, our Learning partners SELLEN have run a careers expo for students at the Cranbourne Racecourse. Previously known as “Try-a-Trade”, this event allowed participants to get some hands on practical experience of a number of careers fields. The event is now called the South East Careers Expo and also provides info about Universities and TAFEs as well as trade pathways.


Cranbourne SC students, particularly at Year 9 and VCAL, have participated enthusiastically in this event. Unfortunately this year, our end of Term Parent Teacher interviews clash with the event, and we will not be able to take students in class groups. However, the event runs throughout the day on Tuesday 2 April, at Cranbourne Racecourse, Grant Street and as students are not required to attend class on that day, they can still take the opportunity to visit the event and find out about a range of careers and pathways opportunities. Families and other members of the community are welcome to attend also. Please refer to the flier attached to this newsletter for more information, or call Carren Brennan on 59963544.



Year 12 Students – Pathways Planning

Year 12 students have already been busy with their classroom learning. However, they also need to make sure that they are planning for their future pathway, to make sure that they make the most of opportunities for further study or employment.

There are three key components of this:

  • Know yourself
  • Know your world
  • Know your options

Know yourself

Students should be aware of their learning preferences and about how their interests and aptitudes might influence their career choices. Some of the websites which can help them to find out about different occupations and about what this work involves are:  Students will need a user name (cransc) and password (galaxy57) to access this site. They can take career quizzes or just look for specific occupation information.  Another career quiz type tool, this site links students to possible future occupations based on their personality styles. Upon completion of the quiz, students will need to add in their email address and a code (CRB:1364) for the results to be sent to them. – students probably used this in Year 9 and 10 and may already have an account. Again, use this tool to research occupations directly or do the career quiz for suggestions. It can also be used to access the Bullseye charts to search for suggested occupations based on your favourite school subjects.

Know your world

Being aware of what is happening in the world around you, particularly the economy, is useful when thinking about career pathways.

Australian Jobs 201? Is a yearly publication by the Department of Jobs and Small Business. New data is published every year – it is published as a PDF booklet and you can google for the most up to date version of it.  This can help you find out which industries are growing and which industries are shrinking – and what is happening to employment as a result of this. It doesn’t mean that you CAN’T work in a particular area but you will benefit by understanding the context in which you are looking for work. – very useful site which includes the type of info in Australian Jobs, as well as specific career research (as in WIRL or MyFuture). As a bonus, it also has links to income and qualifications.

Foundation for Young Australians – an organisation whose aim is “to prepare young people to understand how work is changing and build the skills needed to navigate the future.” Definitely check out the research on their pages. It is ground breaking stuff – easy to read and understand and very positive about what is needed for future success.


Know your options

Arguably the most important website students will need to access this year is the VTAC website

This covers everything from course explorer, opening a VTAC account, understanding about SEAS; applying for scholarships, Open Days, and about ATAR and course selection. Students must make it a priority to learn about this website and everything it offers. is also very important to know thoroughly. There are many costs associated with tertiary education and this website can tell you if you are eligible for support.  Make sure that you understand your citizenship/residency status, and your visa class if this is applicable.


Not looking to study next year?

There are plenty of opportunities that don’t require a University pathway. It is worth noting that the free TAFE courses will be on offer again.

Some students may wish to start their own business – the area of enterprise is something I am passionate about so if you are a future entrepreneur, please come to see me so we can explore it together.

Other options include travel, employment, family duties – whatever your plans are it is important that you make time to explore what is available to you and to create the opportunity to pursue this.


Please see the Careers team for further support. Please also keep an eye on Compass for additional information as it becomes available.


SRC News

SRC have taken part in various leadership opportunities. Students attended the GRIP leadership conference in the city. Our student leaders learnt skills required to be good leaders within their society and their school. It was great to see them participate and listen in on some great conversations on our train ride out of the city!

In addition to this, class captains have been heavily involved in the Positive Behaviour Support program being implemented within our school. Class captains have taken initiative to collect data from students and two of our members are also on the PBS team along with many teachers. Well done to Kyalla Sibley and Bianca Buckley on their great work with class captains.

Our school captains were invited to the City of Casey Youth Leadership Reception at Bunjil Place over the last week. This was an inspiring event full of great success stories from past Olympic athletes and local youth leaders. We are so proud of our student leadership team at Cranbourne Secondary College and are looking forward to what the year has to offer!



Breakfast Club

Hi all,


A reminder that our breakfast club program runs every Friday in H2 from 7.45 – 8am. Students have access to fresh fruit, toast and cereals. It is a great way for students to have something to eat before starting the school day and also interact with teachers and other students from across all year levels. A huge thank you to PACT heating and cooling in Dandenong (a company that Mrs McLean’s husband works for) for sponsoring our breakfast club this year – it would not be able to run without your generous donation! J



Tegan Lipson

Breakfast club coordinator






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