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20 March 2019
Issue Four
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Message from
the Principal

Term 1 | Week 8

Celebration of Community

Our recent KWS Day provided a marvellous focus for what was a wonderful weekend of warm and enthusiastic community engagement. The Icebreaker gathering hosted on Friday evening attracted over 300 lively parents and was an enormous success. The Saturday fair attracted great numbers and was an outstanding occasion.


A huge thank you to the many parents who contributed to the day ensuring the event was such a superb success. Special mention must be made of the KWS Marketing & Engagement team whose hard work and great enthusiasm resulted in one of the best KWS Days we have had. Thank you!

Following KWS Day our Ex Students hosted Reunions on the Saturday night and Sunday saw a number of our Boarding communities stage very successful gatherings. The weekend was a great celebration of the special community we have at Kinross Wolaroi School.


The value of schools to Community

In the contemporary world schools are one of the last bastions for community for many people. Other community institutions such as Churches, Clubs and Scouts have experienced declining membership in recent years, either because our society has lost interest or confidence in them,  or is too distracted by the seemingly endless demands of modern living. In many instances, contemporary society sees people engage far less with their neighbours or fellow citizens, particularly in large urban areas. Fortunately for many of us this is not true of Regional Australia where it is still common place to receive a smile and a greeting of ‘hello’ or ‘G’Day’.


A culture of individualism pervades our society, where self-actualisation, the pursuit of pleasure and personal wealth are the all-absorbing goals of many. This is very different from the village, town and neighbourhood sense of shared community that has been a traditional part of western societies for hundreds of years.


The former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, famously said that there is no such thing as society, only aggregations of individuals. I don’t believe this to be a healthy or sustainable concept. A society cannot survive long term if its citizens are encouraged to focus purely on themselves and where our children compete with others who believe they are the centre of reality. I believe there is great value in the group, where people are ‘other centred’ and where one is a part of something far greater than themselves.


At KWS we prize community, we believe in a deep sense of belonging, being accepted, cared for and being valued and nurtured. Where one contributes to the welfare of others. This is why we see pastoral care and our Wellbeing Program playing such an important role in our educational offering. It is also part of the reason why we see co-curricular programs, sport, community service initiatives and outdoor educational opportunities as a part of our platforms designed to help create young adults who are engaged, competent in a variety of areas and able to contribute to society as active citizens.

Our recent weekend events structured around KWS Day are just one of the many wonderful expressions of our vibrant School community.



The World’s Greatest Shave:

Congratulations to all who contributed in the World’s Greatest Shave last week. So far, the total raised is just over $28,409! A special mention goes to the following students who participated in the event: – Joe Priest, Josh Dominello, Hunter Rose who had their heads shaved during KWS Day, and to the students who had their heads shaved on the main oval: Dempsey Bryant, Erin Bracks, Adelaide Gavin, Digby Cooper, Lachlan Adams, Lachie Smith, Sam Houghton, Tom Richardson, Oliver Kairaitis, Nick Keirle, Hugh McIntyre, Cody Kelso, Nick Rasmussen and Ed Taylor. Your generosity is appreciated by the School community and the Leukaemia Foundation.


Public Speaking:

Our Head Prefect, Emer Spora has continued her success in the Lions Club Youth of the Year Quest. After winning the Orange competition, and the Zone Final in Bathurst, Emer placed Runner Up in the District final by 3 points. The logistics involved to get Emer from her Rowing commitments in Penrith to her Public Speaking engagement in Griffith on the same afternoon were extraordinary and inspirational. Congratulations Emer!



NSW Country Championships:

Collette Lyons Yr 8, broke 2 swimming records at the NSW Country Championship, and Zac Lewis Yr 10  broke the 15yrs 800m. Zac completed the last 50m of his 800m race in 29 seconds! A truly outstanding achievement!

ISA Swimming Carnival:

Congratulations to the 35 students who attended the ISA carnival last week. The girl’s team took out the overall point score with the intermediate girls leading the way taking out 1st place in their division. The junior girls only just missed 1st place by 5 points. The boy’s team continue to improve every year in what is extremely tough competition with the intermediate boys coming 2nd by only a few points. Congratulations to Oliver McLaughlin and Collette Lyons for breaking a number of records during this swim meet.  Five of the KWS relay teams will now advance to CIS level.



Fletcher Bolte has been selected in the 2019 Open AICES Basketball team, which is an impressive achievement for a Year 10 student. Congratulations Fletcher and we wish you well in your representative matches.



Last weekend our leading boy and girl rowers competed at the NSW Schoolboy & Schoolgirl Head of the River. Overall, a wonderful weekend for our rowers, that saw our girls winning the overall Senior Pennant for being the top performing school from the 40 who competed on the day. Congratulations to all rowers and a very big thank you to the staff and families who support our rowers at such Regattas.



Julia Stuart continues her success in Polocrosse. Recently she travelled to New Zealand as part of the NSW Trans-Tasman Under 21 Mixed Team. Julia has also competed in Muswellbrook to represent NSW in the Under 21 Mixed Team. NSW played against QLD and won the three games they played. Julia was awarded Best Overall No.1.


Performing Arts:

The Camerata Competition held last week was adjudicated by two people external to the School, who were most impressed with the quality of our musicians. Winners of the Junior Division were Lizzie Kwa in Year 10 with William Knight – Year 7 – Runner Up. The Senior Division was won by Oscar Tierney in Year 12 and fellow Year 12 Jasper Mihalich Runner Up. I encourage you to make time to attend the Camerata Concert scheduled for Friday 31st May. It is a marvellous showcase of the talented students we have here at Kinross Wolaroi School.


Dr Andrew Parry 


Message from
the Deputy Principal 

Term 1 | Week 8

In Assembly last week I talked to the School about the challenges we face at this stage of the term. Assessments are coming thick and fast, some of our pupils are battling with colds and illnesses, there is training for major sporting events, rehearsals starting to ramp up for productions and there is also the small matter of still having time to be a teenager.


As we reach this part of the term it is not uncommon for our fuses to be shorter than normal and we need to be mindful of other people’s feelings. It is times like this when we need to think about our actions and how we can best support each other. One way is through ‘random acts of kindness’ and these can be extremely powerful. I explained to the School what a random act of kindness is. It is a good deed; it is doing something for someone else without actually counting the cost or expecting the favour to be returned instantaneously. These acts of kindness do not need to be ostentatious gestures, despite what social media may suggest, nor do they have to be photographed to be shared with the world. They can be as little as picking up someone’s laundry if you are a boarder, seeing if someone wants to join you for lunch or wishing them a good day. This simple, yet effective, behaviour should be part of our everyday life and should also carry on when you return home at the end of each day, at the weekends and continue into the holidays.


One of my favourite examples of kindness comes from Italy and it is called ‘caffe sospeso’. This is a tradition in the cafes of Southern Italy, where a person who has experienced some financial luck pays for two coffees, but receives and consumes just the one. The second coffee is left until someone, who is not able to purchase one themselves, asks if a sospeso is available.


I offered some ideas with the School as to what we could do to express our kindness:

  • Giving – buying someone a coffee or a snack, donating.
  • Helping – mowing someone’s lawn or packing boxes, babysitting.
  • Acknowledgement – wishing someone luck, giving a compliment, recognising someone for their efforts.
  • Time – volunteering, being present, spending time with someone.
  • Connection – giving a high five, hugs, hearing someone out, eye contact.

I finished off by sharing with the School the inspirational story of Kath Koschel. I was fortunate to listen to Kath speak last year and it is a story that we all need to hear. We talk about grit, resilience, perseverance and generosity of spirit – Kath has this in abundance. Kath is not your normal athlete. In fact, she is so modest she would not even consider herself an athlete. But the former NSW cricketer has more fight in her than most professional athletes ever would. Kath’s story is one of inspiration and utter strength; from a hospital bed defying a prognosis of paralysis to setting up a global movement that drives her every day desire to create a world where people are kinder to one another. There have been more than a few significant bumps along the way, but Kath has never let the setbacks get the better of her. With her physical and mental resilience, Kath has pulled herself through challenges that most of us could not comprehend, without letting them defy her belief that we all have the capacity for kindness. 


I would encourage you to take 9 minutes out of your day to sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and listen to Kath speak. She will inspire you to challenge the way that you see the world – her words ‘the world is changed by your example and not by your opinion’ are a potent reminder for us all. She will take you on an emotional roller coaster, leaving you in admiration of her incredible strength and determination to do and be better, regardless of the hurdles she has had in front of her. Perhaps most importantly she believes that anyone is capable of achieving the same.

If we can all aim to be involved in more acts of kindness towards each other then this will have a huge impact on our community.  It is equally as rewarding being either the recipient or the giver of a kind act and the feel good factor may be just the lift we all require at this point in the term.

Best wishes


Mr James Boyd

Deputy Principal

Message from the
Head of Prep School

Term 1 | Week 8

Thank you to all the parents and their children for attending the ‘Amazing Me’ presentation to our Year 5 & 6 students. The feedback has been extremely positive and I hope the conversations are continuing. The work in the various classrooms on the following days were both informative and engaging for the students. We are currently in discussion with Rowena Thomas regarding future presentations.


Our swimming program continues to flourish further evidenced by our results at HICES with 14 of our students being selected to represent at the Combined Independent Schools carnival this week. We wish all students the very best of luck.


Thank you to all our families who attended the Ice-breakers and KWS Day functions. Terrific numbers were in attendance at both making for ideal opportunities for families to meet with each other.


On April 1 the school from Pre-Prep – Year 12 are holding an Open Day morning for prospective enrolments. We will still be holding the Prep Open Day in November for our current and new families. If you know of any families contemplating KWS for their child’s schooling the morning of April 1 is an ideal opportunity to explore the school. Please have the families contact the Engagement Office for details.


Our Kidslist Quiz team compete next week against schools from around the district in a literature competition from primary students and Year 7. They have been working tirelessly over the past weeks in preparation and we wish them every success.


Our Pre Prep have visited the School Farm at Windermere (Ophir Road) twice in the last few weeks excitedly exploring the property. This resource will be a valuable asset to the school as students investigate the outdoors, are introduced to agriculture, sustainability and working together. Pre Prep also enjoyed the bus-trip!


At Assembly we acknowledged the following students:


Commitment Award

Helping Others

Principal’s Award

Week 7

Ashton Montagliani

Hamish Slack-Smith

Jackson Raffen


Commitment Award

Commitment Award

Principal’s Award

Week 8

Phoebe Paynter

Chloe Provost

Lenny Shannon


Enjoy your week. 


Mr Rob McLean 

Head of Preparatory School

Message from
the Chaplain

In the wake of the attacks in New Zealand Mosques

As a Pastor of the Uniting Church in Australia, I have been privileged to engage with people of different faiths. Having come to know Muslims, I am surprised by the not infrequent challenges over my tolerance of, and indeed respect for, Islam and Muslims. I suspect (and hope) that much of the antagonism is consequent of misinformation, ignorance or zealotry. Perhaps the events of last Friday in Christchurch will summon a proper addressing of the vitriol and vilification surrounding Muslims. The fact that the atrocity was perpetrated by an Australian will assist this.


I have been interested to see what language would be used by the media to describe the attack that left 49 dead and 37 wounded in two mosques. Attacks against Muslims and mosques (if reported at all) are usually named as part of ongoing conflict. I was somewhat relieved to read that the New Zealand mosques attacks have been referred to as terrorism and that reports have denounced Islamophobia and called for the cessation of rhetoric that incites hatred.


There was a time in Europe, particularly from early 8th to late 15th century in Spain, when Muslims and Christians lived and worked together harmoniously, respected each other and valued shared learning. The only reason for the ongoing objectification of Islam and Muslims is to maintain the current dichotomy that secures Western political interests.


I mention above that my respect for Muslims and Islam is not infrequently challenged. As a Christian first and foremost, I find no reason logically or theologically to presume Muslims to be lesser than Christians. There have been more Prophets than we can number. Jesus was a Prophet. To my belief Jesus was also the incarnation of God’s Word. The fact that there was a subsequent Prophet who led the then polytheistic people of Arabia to belief in the one God does not diminish my faith as a Christian nor my respect for followers of that Prophet.


Having studied Islam and been engaged in interfaith dialogue with Muslims for many years, let me summarise something of my learning of Islam:

  • ‘Islam’ comes from the root word ‘salema’ meaning submission, peace and purity.
  • ‘Muslim’ means ‘submitter’.
  • Muslims profess belief in
    • the oneness of God, the God of Adam, Abraham, Moses and Jesus (Jesus’ name, by the way, features more frequently in the Qur’an than Muhammad’s name)
    • angels, including Angel Gabriel whom they call Jibriel the messenger of God
    • the Qur’an as a divine revelation to Prophet Muhammad via Angel Jibriel, the Torah (given to Moses), the Psalms (prayers of King David) and the Gospels (given through Jesus), as revelations collectively called ‘the Books of God’
    • the Prophets, including Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad as the last and greatest Prophet
    • the Day of Judgement at which time all people will judged by God. There is no teaching about God rewarding men with virgins or for anyone being a terrorist.

Muslims have been dehumanised in recent years by being objectified as ‘other’. In light of the acts of terror against the Mosques in New Zealand, I suggest that now is a time to be determined to make a positive change in our communities. I believe that it is incumbent upon us all (irrespective of faith or no faith) to love before we hate, to know before we dismiss and to discern before we judge. If you are unsure of this, reflect on what sort of world you want for your children.


Pastor Phil Worrad

Uniting Church Quarterly Newsletter:
Insights Autumn 2019

To view this quarterly newsletter, please click HERE

Student Wellbeing

Is there a relationship between feeling safe at school and bullying?

I think everyone would agree that children should feel safe at school and indeed for some children, school is possibly the only place in which they feel safe. Recent research has suggested that on a day-to-day level, bullying, and cyberbullying in particular, can significantly influence students’ perceptions of school safety. Indeed, the ramifications of bullying on students’ levels of stress and wellbeing can be dramatic.


A recent study conducted by The IEA (International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement) surveyed Year 4 and Year 8 students in Australia, collating data and information about student achievement in relation to gender, as well as student perceptions about a range of factors thought to be associated with achievement and school safety. Data from the study indicated that:

  • Overall, Year 4 students are more likely to have a stronger belief in their safety at school than Year 8 students.
  • On average, at both year levels, girls tended to feel safer than boys.
  • As both girls and boys progress through school, the academic achievement gap between those students who feel very safe in school and those who do not, tends to increase.
  • Feeling safe in school appears to have a stronger relationship with academic achievement for girls than boys, and this increases as students move from primary to secondary school.

Friday, 15 March 2019, was The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA). The theme this year is Bullying. No Way! Take action every day. This event was the focus of our Assembly in the Senior School during Week 7 and also in our Thursday Wellbeing session for that week. During this session every student completed a lesson based around bullying.  Each student was given a copy of the Bullying No Way Factsheet which they stuck into their Wellbeing exercise books. Then in their mentor groups, they completed small group activities discussing bullying specifics and our School values of Inclusiveness, Respect and Courage. I was fortunate enough to be working with the Year 9 Williams Mentor Group and we had some great group discussions!

In addition, The School Counsellors produced posters with anti-bullying pledges from our School Leaders including the Senior Management Team and Student Leaders (Prefects, House Captains, Boarding House Leaders).These posters have been placed into different areas around the school- Locker Areas, Dining Room, Boarding Houses, Health Clinic, and Front Office. These posters will serve as a visual reminder for everyone in the school community to know that our school is a safe place, all are welcome and that biased words and actions are unacceptable at Kinross Wolaroi School.

In the Preparatory School, during weeks 6 – 11 classes have been, and will continue to, spend time working through the School values during their Social and Emotional lessons. Last week I was lucky enough to visit classes 1C and 4M for their lessons on Respect; never underestimate the understanding of a 6 year old on the concept of respect!

By being intentional, public and loud about the importance of our values of Respect, Resilience, Courage, Inclusiveness and Commitment, we are sending a strong message that bullying has no place in the KWS Community.


Mrs Emma Bylsma

Head of Student Wellbeing

Message from the Head of Teaching and Learning

Creating a Grit Growth Environment at Home and at School

Seems simple enough. ‘Health, wealth and happiness’ - a pretty clichéd but nevertheless neat little collection of desirables. How much control do we have, as parents and teachers, in ensuring our kids are able to attain said desirables? Unfortunately, not as much as we might hope. But we do have some control over the environment we provide for our kids and we do have control over our own behaviour – we are, after all, role models. If we want our kids to be gritty and successful learners – and therefore more equipped to attain ‘health, wealth and happiness,’ – we need to ensure that we are providing an environment that facilitates grit-growth. We need to model the kind of behaviour that leads to perseverance, persistence and a desire to learn.

Earlier this term, Jared Horvath talked to students in Years 9 – 12 about the brain and how we learn. Some of his most pertinent messages included:





  • Our perception drives our ability to learn. If we tell ourselves that we are no good or that we cannot do something; we prevent any possibility of success, even if we practise. Practising has to be accompanied by self-belief.
  • Mistakes are an important part of learning. Research has shown that the most successful individuals are those who are prepared to persevere when they make mistakes and face challenges.
  • Active recall will always trump passive review – reading something over and over, armed with a highlighter pen, will not lead to the formation of deep memories. Creating flash cards; engaging in quizzes; writing essays and practising past papers or teaching the material you have learned to someone else, will all create deep memories.


  • Multi-tasking impairs memory and learning – the vibrating buzz of a smart phone or smart watch within close proximity will trigger a desire to multi-task.


Armed with this information, we can work together to help support the development of gritty learning!


The Smart Phone/Smart Watch Policy; the Year 7 Homework Policy, and Wider Reading Program are some of the School initiatives that have been implemented this term to help foster a grit-growth environment for our students. The focus for KWS Teaching Staff this year is to facilitate the development of student perseverance and persistence in learning; inside of the classroom; outside on the sports field and in Performing Arts endeavours. I have had the pleasure and privilege to have addressed most of the Senior School about the importance of ‘Gritty Learning’ this term and I will continue to share this message throughout the year. Of course, the development of ‘grit’ does not begin in Year 7. Having presented to the Prep School SRC at the end of last year, I will be working with K-6 students and staff this year, to remind everyone that ‘A diamond was once a piece of coal that did well under pressure!’, that there is no elevator to success; we all have to take the stairs. With this in mind, it is important that as teachers and parents we provide the banister to support!


In my last article, I claimed that if we want to really support gritty learning and resilience, we must teach our children how to deal with challenges and not be tempted to simply rescue them. As a parent, I know that this is easier said than done. However, as a teacher, I know that this is absolutely fundamental to our students’ positive growth. As a parent, I understand the temptation to remove all obstacles for our children. But as a teacher, I see that the removal of such obstacles prevents valuable learning opportunities. Thus it is crucial, that as parents and teachers, we work together to create an appropriate ‘grit-growth’ environment. Actively encouraging your child to complete homework tasks and engage in independent study is crucial – and the earlier this starts, the better. It fosters positive learning behaviours that will hold them in good stead.


Our students need to understand that ‘struggle’ is a prerequisite for learning and certainly not something that should be avoided. If school is preparation for life, our students have to learn how to cope with adversity. Being ‘gritty’ is not a natural state – it takes strength and practise in a supportive environment – both at school and at home.


When students observe their teachers and parents actively collaborating to support them in their learning, modelling positive relationships and respectful communication during interactions at Parent/Teacher Interviews, the foundations for the development of student-grit are set.



A Deputy Head in the UK, Newcastle -Upon –Tyne told a student : ‘You’ll never get anywhere playing that kind of stuff.’

That student was Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits.

Fred Astaire was told by one of his teachers that he couldn’t act, couldn’t sing and could only dance ‘a little’.

Albert Einstein’s teachers said he would, ‘Never amount to much.’

What if they had listened to their mentors? What if they had told themselves that they were no good?

There are two schools of thought here:

1. We could give our kids a reality check – we don’t want to set them up to fail.


2.We could encourage them to aim high and then give them strategies for coping with disappointment in case it doesn’t work out?

Research tells us that what we tell ourselves – which is often a result of what our teachers and parents tell us – drives whether or not we experience success.

If we want our kids to be gritty – and we do because we know that ‘Grit’ leads to personal success – we all need to work together: students, teachers and parents.




Mrs Serena Lewis 

Head of Teaching and Learning

Message from the
Director of Boarding

Term 1 | Week 8

Last October, Kate Callaghan and myself attended the Australian Boarding Schools Association’s Annual Conference in Melbourne. Primarily, it was a great opportunity for us to meet like-minded people from boarding schools across Australia; to swap stories, discuss boarding-related issues, to share best practice and steal ideas. The program itself runs for 3 days and like most conferences, usually consists of keynote speeches, breakout sessions and presentations by experts in the field – those with many years under the belt!


One of the keynote speeches at the Conference was given by a couple from Katherine in the Northern Territory, you may have heard of them - Kate and Tick Everett. Having spent the last 11 years living in the UK, I was, at that point in time, only vaguely aware of the story of their daughter Dolly, who had been deliberately targeted at her boarding school in Warwick, Queensland and the tragic events which led to her taking her own life just months previously in January 2018. The presentation itself was unpolished and raw but the courage it must have taken to deliver, after all that had taken place, was clearly evident. The emotion that I felt and observed in the auditorium that day is something that I will never forget and the fact that I am a parent too meant that the reality of their tragic talk hit hard and was something I could relate to.


I came away from that keynote speech, and indeed, the Conference itself, in no doubt as to the untold damage that bullying and a ‘bystander’ culture can inflict on people.

One of the key tenets of a successful boarding community is inclusiveness; the feeling that everyone is welcome regardless of who they are. The other is respect. The two go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other.


In a boarding community, every girl and every boy has the right to feel safe and comfortable, the right to be themselves and to be respected for who they are. The challenge for our boarders and for our staff is to create this environment and continually strive to educate and improve. In reality, it is easier to say this but a lot harder to deliver. To create an inclusive culture, boarding staff must take the lead. It is in the language they use; language which recognises that boarders are not to be treated as a collective but as individuals, each with their own unique goals, desires and talents. Language which builds people up, which demonstrates they are interested in them as individuals and willing to take the time to engage and listen. It is in their actions; identifying and highlighting the unique talents and achievements of all boarders in their care. Investing time and energy into their boarders lives – watching them perform at the musical, attending a recital, supporting them on the sidelines at sports fixtures, praising them in front of everyone else so as to set a marker for what is expected. All boarding staff need to be vigilant; they need to be aware of the signs which indicate when a young person is feeling victimised or marginalised. In a boarding community, these delicate issues need to be dealt with discretely but dealt with effectively and at source.


Respect is the natural outcome of an inclusive culture; if we’re able to create an inclusive boarding community where everyone feels valued then respect will prevail. However, it is not just our boarding staff who must lead the way. Senior students, House Captains and Vice-Captains also play a vital role. They must lead by example; they must be the role models which demonstrate to others what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour. We all know as parents that when we deliver the same message to our children repeatedly the effect is lost – we end up sounding like a ‘broken record’. A more effective approach is a collaborative approach whereby said message is being delivered by many rather than the few. Senior students and house leaders can play an important role in reinforcing the messages of boarding staff – not only through their words and effort in all aspects of school life but also through their actions. It is easy for a senior student to be friendly and not take responsibility. In my experience as a Housemaster, the least effective House Captains were those that wanted to be everyone’s friend – what I am looking for in KWS student leaders are those that are prepared to have a difficult conversation when they see something happening which goes against an inclusive culture – our culture.


Finally, we must recognise and applaud the courage and fortitude of those that are willing to stand up against those who deliberately target others. We all have a responsibility to stand up for those who are vulnerable and do not have the courage to stand up for themselves. If you do not, then you are part of the problem and not the solution.


I cast my mind back to the ABSA Conference last October and the feeling in the room as Kate and Tick Everett finished their presentation. The silence hung heavily over everyone in the room but then one individual stood and applauded and the rest followed – the room was transformed in an instant.

The message, for me though, was very clear. Every individual has the right to feel safe and the right to be themselves. Nowhere is this more important than in a boarding community and here at Kinross Wolaroi School.


Mr Matt Curran 

Director of Boarding

The Regional
Engagement Enterprise

Term 1 | Week 8

Our Enterprise Co-Curricular Team had a fabulous KWS Day, selling homemade cakes, oils, pesto, lamb kofta, tzatziki, flatbreads and lamb chops. The students foraged from the agriculture plots to source their ingredients and used the remaining lamb (some of which they minced for the kofta) from Mr Zinga’s Year 11 Wether trial at the end of 2018. The money raised will be reinvested back into their business, with the students having identified a large freezer, portable BBQ and camera as essential items to take their enterprise to the next level later in the year.


Our ‘Echoes of Ophir’ elective HisTREE project continued with a visit to the Ophir reserve. Mr Paine took the students on an immersive walk through the reserve; exploring the tunnels, remaining artefacts and ruins to give the students a flavour of what life must have been like. This better painted the picture as to why Ophir was not suitable for a developing regional town the size of Orange.


Our ChemisTREE students got a flavour of regional industrial separation with a visit to MSM Milling in Manildra and La Barre Olive Oil in Billimari. The students learnt how canola and olive oil are made; in particular the industrial separation techniques, both chemical and physical. They are now working on a depth study back at school to communicate their findings.



‘Bush Pre-Prep’ continued with a second visit to our newest school farm, Windermere. This time the students collected leaf litter and created some rustic bush shelters.


Our sheep team enjoyed their training day for the National Wether Competition (in which we placed 6th last year). The students attended seminars including those on nutrition, genetics, wool classing and a wool industry overview. Our 7 wethers are now happily settling in to life on the Wolaroi agricultural plot.


Our cattle team is busy preparing their steers for the Royal Easter Show in Sydney. Young recruit Will Stratton (Year 3) came along last week to lend a hand!


Our Year 9 Be Heard Elective students have recently signed a partnership with Orange City Council to help manage their Cottage Community Garden in March St. The students will manage their own budget to help develop infrastructure, signage and community activities, whilst also completing various maintenance tasks.


Our senior girls heard from Julia Andrews, CEO for Regional Development Australia Central West, to celebrate International Women’s Day. Julia gave a fantastic talk, the message of which was for our girls to be brave, to chase their dreams and to explore opportunities in regional Australia.



Mr Tom Riley 

Director of TREE

Prep Assembly Awards

Merit Awards


Week 7 -  Zali Begg.

Week 8 – Winona Wade, Lily Curran, Felix Knox, Lachlan Hunt, Phoebe Clinton, Joshua Westcott, Zali Begg, Sophia Martin, Sadie Kimmins.


Week 7 – Emily Lawrie, Olive McLaurin, Stuart Bell, Claire Gordon, Georgia Dunn, Grace Harvey, Joshua Leung, Isabella Zhang, Liam McCormack.

Week 8 – Grace Harvey, Dylan Cutter,  Digby Volkofsky, Archer Schaapveld.


Week 7 -  Sebastian Marquez.

Week 8- Lachie Healey, Saxon Haynes, Alice Jones.


Week 7 -  Archie Bylsma, Lucie Chambers, Thomas Karrasch, Grace Lowther, Mya McLachlan, Harper Purvis, Georgiana Saran, William O’Connell, Andie Zinga.

Week 8 – Jack Caro, Georgiana Saran, Andie Zinga.


Week 7 -  Zaro Jalal, Vivian Meates, Ingrid West, James Jones, Grace Segger.

Week 8 -  Louise Blyth, Meckenzie Fl9owers, Zaro Jalal, James Jones, Samuel Marvasti, Vivian Meates.


Week 7 – Nicolas Balcomb, Andrew Bell, Luca Kotasthane.

Week 8 – Andrew Bell, Charlie Haydon, Alby Kimmins, Aston Lett, Cassandra Philippe,


Week 7 -  Harrison Fielding, Jude Jansen.

Week 8 – Ella Kerdic.


Week 7 -  Hunter Stacpoole.

Week 8 – George Nash, Eliza Lord.


Week 7 -  Maxwell Horne, Charlie Kimmins, Angelina McRae, Thomas O’Connell, Keeley O’Toole, Willa Paix, Phoebe Paynter, Billy Roberts, Isabella Vangestel, Emma Ward-Finn.

Week 8 – Niamh Graham, Phoebe Paynter, Isabella Vangestel.


Week 7 -  Audrey Blyth, Andrew Caskey, Annabel Clinton, Austin Cutter, Floriana Jackson Le-Couteur, Madison Jones, Percy Meates, Lily Moe, Ashton Montagliani, Georgia Philippe, Eva Smedley.

Week 8 – Hannah Birmili, Audrey Blyth, Oscar Chandler-Sullivan, Annabel Clinton, Austin Cutter, Floriana Jackson-Le Couteur, Madison Jones, Rohan Kotasthane, Percy Meates, Ashton Montagliani, Hugo O’Brien, William Payne, Georgia Philippe, George Proudford-Nalder, Oscar Zielinski.


Week 7 -  Grace Bylsma, Jack Carslake, Finn Dwyer, Molly Mason, Alice Scholte.

Week 8 – Clara Rasmussen, Julia Bligh.


Week 7 -  Toby Gee, Maddison Lawry, Poppy O’Hehir-Corones, Hamish Slack-Smith, Lucinda Nash.

Week 8 – Samuel Balcomb, Phoebe Hunter, Thomas Goodsir, Kaitlin Smith, Lachlan Knight, Samuel Martin, Alexandra Luxford.


Week 7 -  Isaac de Bruyn, Bridget Horne, Finn O’Toole.

Week 8 – Lachlan de Vries, Archie Fielding, Alice Hansen.


Week 7 -  Aiden Button, Matilda Fabar, Krishan Kandeepan, Isobella Montagliani.

Week 8 – Ava Buesnel, Grace Hansen, Isabelle Johnston, Philippa Martin, William McPhie, Lillian Pearce.


Week 7 – Alice Commins, Seamus Dwyer, Hannah Jones, Jessica Thompson.

Week 8 – Lillian Armstrong, Hannah Jones, Kajan Kandeepan, Lily McBeath, Olivia Searle, Lachlan Watts, Angus Martin, Isabella Pearce x2.

Courtesy Points

Lovely Manners:

Week 7 – Julian Capanas, James Hulme, Zach Stacpoole, Oscar Chandler-Sullivan, Angus Martin, Isabella Pearce, James Proudford-Nalder, Grace Harvey, Aston Lett, Isaac de Bruyn, Bridget Horne, Krishan Kandeepan, Philippa Martin, Cooper Martin, Ava Healey.

Week 8 – Mia Martin, Grace Segger, Emily Lawrie, Luca Kotasthane, Lucinda Clinton, Hannah Jones, Joshua de Bruyn, Harper Purvis, Lucie Chambers, May McLachlan, Benjamin Howe, Alexandra Luxford, Kajan Kandeepan, William Karrasch, Henry Quigley, Eva Smedley.

Lovely Greetings:  

Week 7 -  Stella Madigan.

Week 8 – Archer Schaapveld.

Thinking of Others:  

Week 7 – Hannah Cunningham.  

Week 8 – Angus Sawtell, Jamie Adams, Ava Buesnel.


Week 7 -  Harriet Boyd.


Week 7 - Madison Jones.

Week 8 – Austin Cutter.

Excellent Behaviour:

Week 7 -  Sophia Martin, Grace Lowther, Archie Bylsma, Lucie Chambers.  

Week 8 – Chrysalide Frecklington, Marlon Zielinski.

School Values:

Week 7 -  Matthew Lowther, Luna Cunningham, Izaac Lenon, Hunter Stacpoole, Charlotte Williams, Fredrick Durkin.

Week 8 – Pranav Srikanth, Maya Bracks, Lillian Armstrong, Nixie Widauer, Willa Paix, Lenny Shannon, Maya McFarlane, Pixie Harmer.

Citizenship Points

Wearing Uniform with Pride:

Week 7 – Floriana Jackson- Le Couteur, Joshua Leung, Isabelle Johnston.

Week 8- Kimberley Williams, Olivia Wilson, Phoebe Hunter, Lucinda Reidy, Olive Glover, Kaydn McLachlan.


Week 7 -  Louis Blyth, Darcie Marshall, Ingrid West, Zach Stacpoole, Spencer Williams, Zoe Harmer, Dylan Cutter, Isabelle Provost, Elijah Cunningham.

Week 8 – James Hulme, Samuel Marvasti, Zaro Jalal, Meckenzie Flowers, Nicholas Balcomb, Jack Caro, Thomas Karrasch, Jack Steventon.

Initiative in the Classroom:

Week 8 – Lachie Healey, Annabelle Maslin, Lucas Choi, Amelia Lawrie.

Role Model:

Week 8 – Emily Caro, Samuel Hughes, Lucinda Reidy, Georgia Philippe.

Being Kind:  

Week 7 – Lily Curran, Benjamin Maslin, Lucie Chambers.

Week 8- Digby Volkofsky, Isabella Lloyd-George, Daisy Wakem.

Excellent Behaviour:

Week 7 -  Kaydn McLachlan, Angelina McRae.  

School Values:

Week 7 -  Angus Boyd, Lachlan Thomas, Bonnie McPhee, Lily McBeath, Luca Kotasthane, Lachie Healey, Henry Sawtell, Milla O’Toole, Mia Essex, Alexandra Karrasch, Ella Kerdic, George Nash, Max Kenny, Bianca Wong, Lexi Wilkin.

Week 8 – Henry Brannigan, Bridget Horne, Benjamin Roper, Mahi Bohra, Thomas Rourke, Leopold Wade, Isabella Vangestel, Lily Dwyer, Thomas Nelson.

Senior School
Performing Arts

Camerata Competition

Congratulations to all students who competed in last Friday’s Camerata Competition.  The adjudicators commented on the high standard of performance and musicality of the competitors.

Congratulations to Oscar Tierney (soprano saxophone) who won the senior division and Jasper Mihalich (tuba) who was runner up.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Kwa (piano) and William Knight (violin) who were the winner and runner up respectively in the junior division.

There will be a Camerata Concert in the DPA featuring all students who competed in the competition on Friday 31 May 2019.


KWS Day Performances

Parents, friends and students of KWS were entertained by a variety of performances from our Elective and Senior Music classes at KWS Day.  For some of our students, this was the first time that they had performed for an audience.  With a healthy mix of excitement and nerves, years 9, 10 and 12 students performed with assurance to an enthusiastic crowd of onlookers.

Music Camp

A reminder that the permission note for Music Camp was due Monday week 8.  Could you please ensure that this is returned as soon as possible so that final organisation can be completed.

Please click HERE to access the permission note.

We are looking forward to a wonderful few days of outdoor activities and playing music in the Blue Mountains.

Instrumental/singing/speech and drama lessons

There are lots of school events coming up over the next few weeks which may clash with your child’s lesson time.  Please let your performing arts tutor know in advance if your child is going to be absent from their lesson.


Mrs Jacqueline Shields

Head of Performing Arts

Prep School
Performing Arts

Prep Performing Arts Press

WEEK 11 Will be Last co-curricular ensemble rehearsals for Term 1.

Co-curricular Ensembles

All our prep co-curricular ensembles have resumed for the year. You will be receiving information from each of the directors containing details and expectations for each of the groups. If you have any queries, please contact the director of the relevant ensemble. We encourage prompt and regular attendance each week to ensure progress is made both individually and for the group. If your child if absent for whatever reason, please notify the ensemble director.

We also have information about each ensemble and some photos of the ensembles in action on the Performing Arts Frog site – please check in regularly for information and messages.

Assembly Performances

We strongly encourage all students learning an instruments or taking part in Speech and Drama to perform at assembly throughout the year. This is a fantastic way of getting performance practice in front of peers, teachers and parents. If students wish to perform, they should see their tutor in the first instance to ensure they have a piece that is performance ready – that means, minimal wrong notes and a fluid performance from beginning to end. Tutors may be available to play for students, but most likely students will need to play unaccompanied. Students should also notify their classroom teacher that they have something prepared for their class assembly. If they miss out in performing at their class assembly, other opportunities may be available.


As our Music Leaders mentioned in Assembly last week, we have had lots of instrument being left in the classroom, at bus stops and pick up zones lately. We urge all students to be responsible in ensuring instruments go home for practice. Lessons are much more pleasurable for students and tutors if there has been some practice done during the week!


Please also make sure that instruments are named, particularly if it is privately owned.

Instrumental Tuition

A reminder that if your child is involved in a school excursion, it is the responsibility of the parent to notify tutors in a timely manner that students will not be attending their normal lesson. In some cases, lessons may be rescheduled, but this should be negotiated with the individual tutors directly.

Music Group of the Week

Week 7 – Junior Strings nominated by Mrs Sinclair.

Week 8 – 7 Strings nominated by Mrs Moxey.


Mrs Katie Sinclair
Prep Performing Arts Co-ordinator

Information and Communication Technology

Frog Tip re Smartphones (iPhone and Androids)

Your Smartphone/iPad is a computer with a limited amount of computing resources.  Your device may become overwhelmed if you try to open lots of Apps and lots of Frog pages at the same time.  If you find Frog is not responding properly try closing some Apps, and/or close some of your Frog pages by clicking on the X in the top left hand corner of the page.  Try restarting your Smart Phone or iPhone if it is running slowly.

It’s also useful practice to make sure you have free storage on your device to try deleting some videos/photos from your device if it is running slowly, having 15% of free space may help your device perform better.





What can I do when Frog says “You cannot run more than 4 applications concurrently”?

When you see this message (below) on your iPad/iPhone, click the quick launch icon  (9 dots in the top RH corner of the screen), this will Open up a new display on the top right hand corner of your screen and display icons for all open Frog Windows plus some other features):



After clicking on the Quick Launch you will see at the bottom of the group of icons your open Frog Windows

Hold your finger onto the icon for the window that you want to close (e.g. in the pic below the icon for the Window at the bottom of this list of open windows “Year 7…”.  After holding it for  about 1-2 seconds it will give you an option to:

Launch New or Close.  Choosing Close will close the Site that is open in the background and release memory for your device.








Mr Darryn Marjoram

Director Information Services, ICT

Senior School Sport News


KWS Grizzlies v KWS Cavaliers won 41-39

Unfortunately the Grizzlies came with mixed intentions, not keen to lose but not overly enthused to advance to the final. The game was punctuated with brief moments of fluent passing but too often the team resorted to long range shots where the percentages were low. Mitch tried to generate momentum going forward for reasonable passages of play. The game was almost snatched from us in the closing stages, with the Cavaliers utilising teamwork ahead of individual flourishes. It would have been an object lesson had the Year 9 team scuttled the Year 11 team.

KWS Grizzlies v Warriors won 35-10

This match was a return to form for our team, although in the first quarter our radar was not functioning properly, with numerous jump shots and lay ups failing to be converted. The scoreline at quarter time showed only a small margin between the teams but within the second quarter the Grizzlies started to unfurl their fluent team play, showing excellent decision making at both ends of the court. Mitch and Peter were dominant forces, forcing turnovers almost effortlessly and then backing up incisive drives with deft shooting. Lochlan was the mainstay of our defensive system , succeeding even when outmanned. He also set up scoring opportunities for his peers. After a couple of easy chances went begging in the first quarter, Lewis found his touch and was deadly on the fast breaks, as well as providing pinpoint passes for players in space. Max was adept at both ends, providing excellent support for Mitch, Lewis and Pete. Alex managed to create two steals with persistent pressure and Ryan found useful positions in an around the attacking key to shoot or provide appropriate passes for others to score. Next week is the grand final match. Hopefully we can start smoothly from the tip off and play quality basketball for all four quarters.


Mr Matthew Healey


Last Wednesday after school 27 Kinross students headed to Newcastle for the AICES hockey carnival as part of the WAS U16’s, opens and boys opens teams. Thankfully it was overcast for most of the morning but as the clouds burnt off it was very hot and muggy, which is not good hockey weather. The students played extremely well, especially the girls playing in both the U16’s & opens teams, they had 5 games back to back. Both the WAS girls teams picked up the winners medals and a number of them were rewarded for their hard work by being named in the AICES team to play at the CIS carnival. I had the pleasure of coaching the boys for the day and they dug deep and improved each game. The sportsmanship shown by all teams throughout the day was a credit to all the schools involved. Congratulations to the following students who will now represent AICES at CIS; Katie Tink, Isabell Medway, Jemma Luelf, Phoebe Litchfield, Mackenzie Jones, Pip Mannix, Sarah Jackson, Sally Uttley, Noah Jones, Joe Preist and Josie Clarke & Nic Rasmussen as a shadow players.



Mrs Bardi Mannix

Acting MIC Hocley


NSW Schoolgirl and Schoolboy Head of the River 16-17/03/19

On the weekend our boy and girl rowers competed at the NSW Schoolboy & Schoolgirl Head of the River.

New South Wales’ biggest and strongest rowing schools were all present, with many single sex schools racing with three to four times the number of competitors to us.

Congratulations to all of our rowers on a fantastic season. With only a few senior crews attending the Australian National Rowing Championships next week, this is the end of the season for most of the rowers. Each rower has progressed significantly through the season, and should be very proud of their efforts.

Over the weekend our crews won 5 Gold, 6 Silver and 3 Bronze. The crews are listed below.


Our School girl medal winning crews included;

Gold - 1st Schoolgirl Quad - Isabella Scammell, Lucy Jenkins, Bridget Yeomans, Freya Neville, Cox: Jetta Kennett

Gold - 2nd Schoolgirl Quad – Emer Spora, Katie Coleman, Olivia Hilder, Lucy Kirk, Cox: Lucinda McCarten

Gold - 2nd Year 9 Quad - Annabelle Woods, Trixie Hall, Isabelle Medway, Ella Kirby, Cox: Josie Taylor

Silver - 1st Schoolgirl Four - Bridget Longley, Charlie Harding, Sofia Dihel, Flinn Madigan, Cox: Xanthe St Clair

Silver - 1st Year 10 Double - Mackenzie Jones, Meyhar Chawla

Bronze - 2nd Year 8 Quad – Greta Bourne, Hattie Usher, Ayla Ryan, Ella Buesnel, Cox: Kitty Straw

Bronze - 2nd Year 10 Quad - Lucinda McCarten, Claudia St Clair, Mackenzie Jones, Meyhar Chawla, Cox: Amelia Hall

We won the Overall Senior Point score!!!! Beating all other girls Schools in NSW and ACT.


Our School boy medal winning crews included;

Gold - 1st Year 8 Double – Archie Dowling, Harry Maslin

Gold - 2nd Schoolboy Double – Thomas Richardson, Cody Kelso

Silver - 2nd Year 8 Quad – Jock Litchfield, William Deshon, Magnus Cleary, Henry Molloy, Cox: Jake Hail

Silver - 2nd Year 10 Quad – Ziggy Jackson Le-Couteur, Oscar Harding, Archie Lamont, Will Crawford, Cox: Jake Hail

Silver - 1st Year 10 Quad – Harry Houghton, Sam Rae, Alex Brown, Jack Weeks, Cox: Lucinda McCarten

Silver - 1st Schoolboy Quad – Henry Ponder, Thomas Richardson, Cody Kelso, Richard King, Cox: Harrison Straw

Bronze - 1st Year 8 Quad – Carter Kirby, Lachlan Coleman, Archie Dowling, Harry Maslin, Cox: Taylor Hobbs


There were many other strong performances, with many crews just missing out on podium finishes.

On behalf of the rowing team, a big thank you to all of the parents & staff who supported our rowers at the regattas on the weekend, it made it easy for the coaches to focus on the giving our crews the best possible chance to perform.

Mr Tobias Wehr-Candler

MIC of Rowing 

Prep School Sport News

Summer Sport

Just a reminder all Summer Sport groups including cricket, changed to Athletics this week. Due to the rain, the final athletics session will be Monday 1st April. Sport then moves to Winter Sport training (Wednesday 3 April and Monday 8 April).


As the weather can change quickly in Orange, please have a backup plan in case sport is cancelled. Mrs Kennewell (Prep Office) cannot get messages to children at the last minute, so please discuss your alternative back up plan with your children so they know how to get home and what to do.

CIS Swimming

Good luck to the following 14 swimmers who will represent HICES at the CIS Swimming Carnival on Wednesday. These students will represent in both relay events and individual events. Three of our four relays will represent HICES.

Best wishes to these students:

Alexandra Karrasch: 8-10 years relay

Charlotte Williams: 8-10 years relay; 50 Butterfly

Chloe Provost: 8-10 years relay; 50 Freestyle

Oscar Chandler-Sullivan: 8-10 years relay

Ollie Garard: 50 Backstroke

Annabel Clinton: 8-10 years relay

Matthew Lowther: 8-10 years relay

Hugo O’Brien: 8-10 years relay

Molly Mason: 11-13 years relay

William Karrasch: 8-10 years relay; 50 Backstroke; 50 Butterfly

Daisy Wakem: 11-13 years relay; 50 Butterfly

Hugh Payne: 50 Breaststroke; 50 Backstroke

Isabelle Johnston: 11-13 years relay

Olivia Searle: 11-13 years relay

Mrs Louise Barrett

Prep PDHPE & Sports Co-ordinator

Winter Sport Update

As all students have signed-up to their Winter Sports, the MIC’s of each sport are currently sorting through their numbers. Netball is currently the only sport who has listed teams due to early registrations.

Please check the sport noticeboard to check sign-on sports are correct.


For 2019, staff contacts for each sport are:


Football: Mrs Sharpe

Netball: Mrs Pengilly

Hockey: Mrs Barrett

Rugby: Mr McLean


Training will commence in the last 2 weeks of this term after all athletics trials have been completed. Training days for Term 2-3 will be as follows:

Football: Mondays & Wednesdays U12, U8-U11 Wednesdays

Netball: Mondays & Wednesdays U11-U12, U9-U10 Wednesdays

Rugby: Mondays & Wednesdays U11, U9 Wednesdays

Hockey: Mondays All teams, U12 TBC


Registration information and links will be pushed out through Team App. Please make sure you have an account with the sport your child has selected.

This is where all draw information, draw changes, wet weather information, team selections etc will be found. Notifications can be pushed out directly to mobile phones, so is very important all parents sign up. The app is free to download from the app store. Please then look up the following teams and only request “parents” at this stage. No children are to sign-up.

KWS Prep Football

KWS Prep Hockey

KWS Prep Rugby

KWS Prep Netball

Outside Sport

Congratulations to Hugh Payne who competed at State Little Athletics Championships at Sydney Olympic Park on the weekend. Hugh competed in atrocious conditions placing 3rd overall in U12 High Jump event. Hugh cleared 1.49m, narrowly missing 1.51m. A huge jump! Well done Hugh.


Last Saturday 16th March, the KWS Prep triathlon season came to a close with the running of the NSW Club Championships. KWS Prep was well represented by an enthusiastic group of students. Due to the drought like conditions the swim leg of the race was withdrawn, to the delight of many of our competitors, and the race became a run – bike – run. This played into the strengths of many of our competitors.

In a field that contained athletes from all over NSW, our students were strong throughout all aspects of the race. Well done to all of our team. The improvements made over the season have been outstanding and it is fair to say that all KWS triathletes likely achieved personal bests at the event. Special mention to Oliver Garard who won the 7-9 boys race.

Sport Dates for the Diary 2019

18 March: Sport – Athletic field event trials commence

20 March: CIS Swimming Carnival, SOPAC

12 April: Prep Athletics Carnival

7 May: Prep Cross Country, PLC


Mrs Louise Barrett

Prep PDHPE & Sports Co-ordinator

News from around our School

Year 11 Ancient History: Lake Mungo Trip

From the 8th – 11th of March Year 11 Ancient History went to Lake Mungo National Park for the experience of a lifetime. The first day we went on a guided tour of the landscape, including the lunette land forms. We learnt about how the Indigenous Australians used termite mounds to cook their food and the significance of the different coloured ochre found in hearths. The next day we went and searched for otoliths (fish ear bones), they are the only part of the fish that survive for a long period of time. The otoliths also grow a ring on them each day of their life so we can figure out their age and size. Finding them was particularly hard as they are very small and the colour of the sand, however Lara managed to find 38. The Lake Mungo trip is an excursion that, in my opinion, encompasses a very important part of the year eleven ancient history course. Not only is it fun and everyone on the trip gets closer, but it’s also very eye opening and educational. 

Chloe Oriel

Year 11 Student


Year 9 History

Students of one Year 9 history class, learnt about World War 1 trench warfare in a slightly different way, this past week. On Thursday the 14th of March, students were presented with a cake in the shape of a Word War 1 trench. The cake (vanilla with buttercream icing) included features such as an ammunition shelf, sandbags and barbed wire, made of fondant or figurines. Students used the information on this cake and a video, to label a trench in their workbooks. Students also took turns labelling the features on the cake using toothpicks. The cake was the focus of great excitement and anticipation, and fostered significant interest and engagement within the history classroom.



Career News

CAREERS NEWS Term 1 Week 8 2019


Applications for study in 2020 will open on Wednesday 3 April. Students will be able to apply for undergraduate and international as well as Schools Recommendation Schemes, Educational Access Schemes and Equity Scholarships.

Early bird and SRS applications will close at the end of September and offer rounds and other deadlines will remain the same as previous years. Dates will be available on UAC’s website from 3 April.

Students will receive their PINs on Wednesday 3 April and will be able to apply straight away. PIN emails will be sent to the email address NESA has on file.


The UAC Guide will be arriving at schools at the end of March to accommodate the earlier opening date. This year’s Guide has been streamlined. It will still have all the essential information about applying and a list of courses to be offered in 2020. Comprehensive course descriptions will be added to UAC’s website as they are finalised by the universities. 

If you need help deciding which uni course to apply for, click on Course Compass.



Macquarie in a Day, Macquarie University, 17 & 18 April 2019

Uni life doesn’t have to be a mystery. This is a great chance to experience what a day in the life of a Macquarie student is really like. On the day students will be able to get a feel for the campus, sit in on lectures and demos and experience practicals and tutorials.

More info - E: [email protected].



University of Melbourne's Information Day for Interstate Students

The University of Melbourne would like to invite students to attend an Information Day for Interstate Students at their Parkville Campus on Monday 15 April from 8:30am – 6:00pm. The day will focus on aspects of the university that are of greater concern to interstate students such as the application process, scholarships, student services, accommodation options and financial assistance.

Register at



Australia National University (ANU) – Tuckwell Scholarship:

If you are planning to study at ANU in 2020, you should consider applying for the prestigious Tuckwell Scholarship. Stage 1 applications are now open and close on the 28th of March.



Applications are now open: Current Year 12 students can apply for a 12-month position in the Air Force, Army or the Navy to begin in 2020. To explore the positions available and to apply, go to



Are you interested in learning about universities from around the world? Crimson Education has developed a YouTube channel that profiles global universities. You can access the channel at

Have you considered studying in the UK or USA after school? Crimson Education has information on a number of universities around the globe. Information



Business Cadetship Applications for the Business Cadetships Program opened on Monday 4 March and close on Wednesday 15 May 2019. Cadets combine university study with paid work at UBS, a leading global bank. A student's Application Form as well as their School Assessment are due by 15 May.

Applications are made online at



St Paul’s is the oldest residential college within the University of Sydney. They are again running their Schools Dinner program on Monday 1st April and Monday 6th May 2019. Any Year 12 male student and their parents are invited to attend. RSVP by Thursday 28th March [email protected]



CHARLES STURT UNIVERSITY – Explore Days Orange April 8th / Bathurst 12th April

Wagga Wagga 15th/16th April – Vet and Animal Sciences

UNIVERSITY OF NEW ENGLAND - Open Day – Friday 10th May

UAC Parent Seminar Tuesday 4th June 2019 - KWS

KINROSS WOLAROI SCHOOL – Careers Evening Thursday 20th June 2019


Mrs Kimberley Jones 

Year 12 Co-ordinator/Careers Advisor

Parents and Friends Association 

A new Leadership Team for the P&F in 2019

It is both and honour and a privilege to be able to introduce myself in my new role as President of the KWS Parents’ and Friends’ Association. I grew up in Central NSW (between Albert and Tottenham) on a sheep and cattle and cropping farm. Attended boarding school and university in Sydney. Our family moved to Orange in 2011 and we haven’t looked back. I have been affiliated with Kinross since then. We have Georgie in Year 6 and Toby in Pre Prep at KWS. I am very passionate about all facets of the school. I have always considered myself a team player and after being elected President of the Kinross Wolaroi School P&F, I am genuinely excited about working with such dedicated and enthusiastic team of parents and staff.


I’m very fortunate that this position I’m moving into has been so professionally and effectively managed by my predecessor, Siobhan Harvey, and I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank her for making such a great contribution to the school. Her team were great supporters of our annual Icebreaker Drinks and the fabulous KWS Day, as well as instigators of the forthcoming KWS Cookbook. In thanking her I should also mention the other members of the P&F Executive who retired this year; Alison Karbowiak (Vice President) and Donna McIntyre (Secretary).


Continuing on the Executive into 2019 are Leiarna Dunworth as Vice President and James Pearce as Treasurer, and I would like to welcome to the team Melissa Buesnel (Ethan Yr 12, Ella Yr 9, Ava Yr 6) as Vice President and Belinda Nash (Cameron Yr 6 and George Yr 3) as Preparatory School Representative.


This year we are looking to introduce Year Group Representatives as part of our Committee. We’ll be accepting 2 or 3 reps for each year group from Pre Prep to Year 12 and they will be tasked with organising one or two social gatherings for their year group parents during the year. This can be just a casual pub get together or dinner at a restaurant – just a simple opportunity for our families to get to know each other better. The school Engagement Office will be there to help you to contact everyone and organise your event. If you are interested in supporting our community building in this way, please email me as soon as possible.


We are looking forward to finding new ways to become closer as a parent body and support this great school. We strongly encourage there to be open lines of communication between the parents and the Committee. Please feel free to email me at  [email protected] with your suggestions and ideas. 

Tanya Miller

President, KWS P&F

Upcoming Events

KWS Open Day

KWS will be holding an Open Day for prospective students and their families. The Open Day will be an opportunity to come and find out about KWS (both the Preparatory and Senior School), have a tour of the School with current students and meet the Principal and Senior Heads of School. 


The Open Day will be held on Monday 1 April 2019 from 9.00am to 12.00pm in the DPA.

This is for prospective families only, so if you know anyone who might be interested in finding out more about KWS, then please spread the word.

Bookings to be made via the following Trybooking link:


SRC Charity Shield Social


Dear Parent/Guardian,


Kinross Wolaroi School will be holding a School Social supporting the Animal Welfare League for students in Years 7-12.


Date – Friday 29th March 2019

Venue – School Gym

Time – 7.00-10.00pm

Cost - $10


The cost includes entry plus two items from drinks/chocolate/chips.

The Social will be supervised by KWS staff.

No entry will be allowed after 7.30pm.

Students will have to remain inside the gym for the duration of the social. Students will not be permitted to leave early.

Bags, food and drink will not be allowed to be brought into the gym.

Students will need to be collected from the entrance to the Anderson building in the Prep Carpark at the end of the Social.

Any student under the suspicion of substance abuse will have their parents/boarding staff contacted to collect them.

Tickets will be on sale from Monday 18th March until Friday 29th March. Students will need to get the ticket signed by parents/boarding staff and a contact phone number included. No entry without a ticket.


Kinross Wolaroi School Regional Tour - Dubbo NSW

We would like to invite you to our 2019 Kinross Wolaroi School Regional Tour. In Term 2, we will be in Dubbo NSW, to visit current and future families and past students.


As part of our Regional Tour, key members of staff from our Senior Management Team and Admissions office will be present. This event will also be an opportunity for you to meet our new Deputy Principal , Mr James Boyd who has commenced at KWS for the start of 2019.


We will be holding a private function at the Commercial Hotel in Dubbo, located at 161 Brisbane St, Dubbo NSW 2830.


Please note that there are limited places available at this event, so please RSVP to indicate your attendance.


To RSVP please click HERE!


Important Notices

Final call for Recipes for the KWS Cookbook

Time is running out, you have less then a week to send in a favourite recipe for our KWS Cookbook. If you have a recipe that you or your family love we want to know about it. Most people have at least a few recipes they rely on whether for a regular dinner time meal, a special occasion or a healthy and nutritious tummy filler. These are the types of recipes we would love to receive. They don’t need to be fancy or original, just cooked by you. We need to receive your recipes by Friday 22nd March so please don’t delay in submitting them via our website: 

(no log in required).


We are also looking for more people willing to cook up one of two of the recipes we receive in their own homes. If you are able to support the cookbook project in this way please get in touch with us via [email protected].


Our cookbook will be created from the recipes we receive from the KWS community. It will be a contemporary, hardcover book that reflects our school community past and present, from Pre-Prep to Year 12, staff, students and families alike. We hope it will be a keepsake that is not only a celebration of our school but also practical and usable no matter what type of cook you are... Happy Cooking!

KWS Cookbook Team

Alison, Megan, Ami, Marianna, Sarah & Kate


Camps Week Volunteer Service Program

This is a reminder for students participating in the Volunteer Service Program during Camps Week to have their Host and Parent Forms completed and returned by Monday 25th March.


If you are having difficulty finding a placement, please contact Ms Terrey.


Ms Larissa Terrey

History/RE/English Teacher

Coping with distressing feelings after the Christchurch terrorist attack

Our 24-hour news cycle and online platforms mean that people who did not experience the violence first hand may still feel strong emotional and physical reactions to media reporting of the incident.


Common reactions may include feeling angry, sad, confused and frightened. Others include heightened feelings related to a personal loss, as well as a loss of sense of safety.


It is important to manage these feelings so we can respond constructively and build resilient, and not fearful, communities.


Advice from the Australian Psychological Society includes

  • Maintain your normal routines
  • Take a break from social media
  • Ask for support from people you trust
  • Communicate about your own experiences
  • Remember that you have a range of coping skills, strengths and resilience
  • Prioritise self-care in the form of healthy eating, exercise and rest
  • Talk about how to treat others
  • Foster hope; remember the world is largely a safe place, people are usually good and life is worth living


Further information is available on the Australian Psychological Society website or from the School Psychologist Bec Anderson


If your distress is acute and you need urgent assistance, contact Lifeline 13 11 14 or Kids Helpline 1800 551 800


Mrs Bec Anderson

School Counsellor - Registered Psychologist

Year 12 Half-Yearly Examinations


Half-Yearly examinations will be held in the first two weeks of Term 2, from Tuesday 30 April until Wednesday 8 May. Whilst many of these examinations are not formal assessment tasks, it is imperative that students use these examinations as opportunities for summarising the first half of their HSC courses and gaining valuable feedback on their progress to date. The results of these examinations will be reported on in the Semester One report, which should be published to parents by the end of Week 5 next term.


All students in Year 12 have been issued with an examination timetable that also includes important information on the reverse side.


Students and family can download the examination timetable and information by clicking on the following link: 


If there are any issues relating to the examination timetable, illness/misadventure, or other related matters please do not hesitate to contact me at school on 6392 0306.


We wish students well during the examination time.


Paul Mirrington

Director of Studies

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is offered at Kinross Wolaroi School.


The Duke of Ed is a non-competitive self-development program available to all young people which encourages them to set and achieve goals at a level appropriate to their needs and aspirations. Participants will need to complete a service, physical recreation, skill and adventurous journey component to complete the award. The award is offered at a bronze, silver and gold level. Please refer to the Duke of Edinburgh KWS FROG page for further information.


To register for the program, you will need to complete the following:

  1. The Duke of Edinburgh Online Record Book registration
  2. The Office 365 docs KWS registration form (Duke of Ed FROG page).
  3. The KWS Duke of Edinburgh Application booklet (Duke of Ed FROG page).

Mr Liam Callaghan


Tower Magazine

The 2018 Tower Magazine is now available to order.


If you wish to purchase a copy of the Tower Magazine, please head to TryBooking using the following link:


TryBooking is an online tool which will make it very easy to order your copy (or copies) of this publication.  If you wish to purchase a Tower Magazine and would like to pick it up from Kinross Wolaroi School's Main Reception, the cost will be $82. If you wish to purchase the Tower Magazine and would like us to post it out to you, the cost will be $90.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lisa Miller in the Accounts Department on 02 6392 0314 or [email protected].


KWS Shop Notice 

It is that time of year again when we start thinking about Winter uniforms for girls. 


Girls in Kindergarten to Year 10 are to wear Winter uniform in Term 2 and Term 3 (commencing from 30 April 2019). 


This includes: Long sleeve white shirt, Winter tunic, green long socks, green tie, green jumper, navy blazer and straw hat.


Boys uniforms remain the same.  

Snow Trip 2019

The 2019 KWS Snow Trip is open to all students from Year 7 to 11.  Package includes modern on-snow accommodation, lifts to the lodge door, all gear, meals and daily lessons. 


For further information please see Ms Graham or attend the first KWS Snow Trip meeting to be held on Tuesday 12 March at 1pm in Room 81.


Information and forms can be collected from Ms Graham or search Snow Sports on FROG: 


Deposits, consent and medical forms should be returned to Ms Graham - $500 deposits can be made to the Accounts Office to secure the students place on the trip from Monday 11 March 2019. 

Code Camp at KWS in April School Holidays

Code Camp are thrilled to return to Kinross Wolaroi School Orange during the Easter School Holidays to teach your child how to code or help them continue on their coding journey, so they can build their very own iPhone or Android apps!


We look forward to helping your child become a coding superstar! Please see the flyer for details and any enquiries should be directed to the Code Camp organisers on 1300 263 322.


Messages to Prep Students

Communication with the Prep School is very important for parents and staff. It is much appreciated if parents could keep requests for messages to students for emergencies only. It is not always practical for the messages to get through due to time constraints and can cause frustration when not delivered. Students and parents are encouraged to have conversations as to their plan B should a cancellation of sport and music ensembles occur during the school day.

Gail Kennewell

School Holiday Drama Workshop:
Sneaky Secrets for Successful Super Heroes

Please find attached a flyer regarding the Shake n Stir Workshops being held from 15-18 April at the Orange Civic Theatre. These workshops will conclude with a fully staged showcase on the stage of the Theatre, open to family and friends.


For queries, please contact:

Christie Westcott

Administration Assistant
Orange City Council

Phone: 02 6393 8112

Email: [email protected]




Uniting Care – KWS Vacation Care

Uniting Care will be running a vacation program during the upcoming holidays from the 15th April including KWS pupil free day on Monday 29th April, excluding all public holidays.  Registration is essential with forms available at the Prep Office. For more details please contact Tammie McClements at Uniting Care [email protected] or phone 0427 290 761.
Gail Kennewell


Important Prep dates for your diary

25 Mar – Kids Lit Quiz
27 Mar – Assembly 4F
3 Apr – Assembly 4P
8 Apr – HICES Debating Rd 3
8 Apr – CIS Football trials (boys)
10 Apr – Assembly 3W – Term 1 House Awards
12 Apr – Inter-House Athletics Carnival
12 Apr – Term 1 concludes
15 – 26 Apr – School Holidays
25 Apr – ANZAC Day
30 Apr – Term 2 Commences

Gail Kennewell

KWS Family Newsletter
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KWS Cookbook Flyer (March 2019).pdf
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2019 April School Holiday Workshop - Sneaky Secrets for Successful Super Heroes.pdf
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