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07 May 2019
Issue Three
Success in the arts
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Photo: Stewart Hassell, Matilda Craigen & Bendigo Bank's Ross Egleton

Success in the arts

Photo: Stewart Hassell, Matilda Craigen & Bendigo Bank's Ross Egleton

Lunchtime Singing Recital


In the final days of term 1 we had the opportunity to hear what our school choir and singing students have been working on.






Wedding Singer Cast Announcement


A very excited, relieved and slightly nervous cast receive the casting news in the last week of term one.

Rehearsals begin in earnest this term, before the season in term three.




Darren Lowe, Kirsten Boerema



Winning Grant
Thank You Bendigo Bank


Recently an application to the 2019 Maldon & District Community Bank Grant Program was made on behalf of the Castlemaine Secondary College Council Music Group / Library.

The Maldon & District Community Bank  advised that a grant of $4,400.00  had been approved for the CSC-Music Group 'Going Wireless with Headsets' project.  
There was overwhelming demand for funding for this grants program - over $750,000 was requested.



*Just a quick update.  Stewart Hassell, Matilda and Fiona attended the award night  and networked with many community members. Among those was Ross Egleton (Chairman of the board). Ross  highlighted that one of the key features of this grant application which ensured it's success was it's inclusiveness of benefiting not just Castlemaine but the region.  


Stewart was fantastic at explaining the significance of CSC gaining the wireless headsets and associated equipment but especially the technical aspects of the project and convincing all listeners that the grant had been given to the right group (and school) for the right reasons. 


Castlemaine Secondary acknowledges a community partner in Bendigo Bank. Supporting local business is a  local community bank to keep money and investment in the local community.   


The college would like to recognise Fiona and Matilda Craigen for the hours of work in the submission of  the grant application and for the assistance of staff member Stewart Hassell with his technical knowledge.



Matilda's 3 minute speech

Good evening.  My name is Matilda Craigen.  I am a Year 7 student at Castlemaine Secondary College and am lucky enough to have been elected as one of the four Year 7 school representative council members.

As a bit of background information (to highlight the importance of the grant we received) CSC is the government funded school which exists to serve children from all socio economic groups in the Mount Alexander Shire.  It is the main secondary school in the area taking 80% of year 7 students from the regions feeder schools.  CSC is known for having a strong music program.  All year 7 and 8 students take compulsory music classes.  A further 45% of year sevens do further music enrichment classes.  CSC also caters to train and educate many VET (Vocational Education and Training) students in the technical aspects of sound and lighting as a profession.  Whilst as students get older other subjects often take precedence, there continues to be a vast array of musical opportunities for all students, as participants and observers which enriches the community at large.


I am one of the lucky music enrichment students.  My mum Fiona, like many other parents wanted to support CSC when I began year 7 this year.  She joined the CSC Music Support Group which is a non political group of parents, carers and interested parties that exists to assist and support the music department in whatever way it can.  Usually this is in the form of fund raising, providing labour and grant writing.

This year the music department identified that they would benefit most from the purchase of wireless headsets.  Every year the music department’s biggest expense is hiring wireless headsets and associated technical equipment at a cost of approximately $3500 dollars. This is baseline technical equipment necessary for putting on any medium to large musical production but can be utilised in many other settings such as meetings, conferences and public events both at CSC and in the community.  On this last point it is envisaged that this is a resource that may be accessed by Not for Profit groups also burdened by small budget and little to no funding streams.


 The purpose of this dry background information is also to highlight that 100’s of secondary students,  both this year and into the future, their families, carers, supporters of the school and the community at large will benefit from this equipment.


 The CSC Music Support Group asked for ten thousand dollars for our ‘Going Wireless with Headsets’ grant application.  We got an amazing four thousand four hundred dollars.  The school, the music department, the music support group and CSC students are very thankful for this very generous grant from The Maldon and District Community Bank which will allow the department to inject $3500 into this year’s school annual musical ‘The Wedding Singer’ to which you are all invited because it is going to be that much better!  Thank you again to the bank for this grant and supporting your local state high school.

 Thank you.

What's happening?

Sandhurst Swimming Carnival



A small group of CSC students, the winners from our school swimming sports at the start of the year, travelled to Bendigo Aquatic Centre for the second level of competition. Although having one of the smallest teams our school still gave it their best shot. One of our year 12  students Roselin Parsons taking out female age champion, and our school winning the ... Roselin making it the next level in Melbourne.

Karli Showell - Year 11


Youth Mental Health First Aid Training


Focusing on Families for National Families Week is held every year between 15 and 21 May.

Many people think that families become less important to children as they move into the teenage years. But your child needs your family and the support it offers as much as she did when she was younger. It’s true that family relationships change during adolescence. When your child was young, your role was to nurture and guide him. Now you might be finding that your relationship with your child is becoming more equal. Most young people and their families have some ups and downs during these years, but things usually improve by late adolescence as children become more mature. And family relationships tend to stay strong right through.


For teenagers, parents and families are a source of care and emotional support. Families give teenagers practical, financial and material help. And most teenagers still want to spend time with their families, sharing ideas and having fun.


It’s normal for teenagers to be moody or seem uncommunicative, but they still need you. Your child still loves you and wants you to be involved in her life, even though at times her attitude, behaviour or body language might seem to say she doesn’t.


Parents as Role Models

Parents are powerful role models for teenagers. What you do and say guides your child’s behaviour, attitudes and beliefs, now and in the long term You can be a role model by including your child in family discussions, living a healthy lifestyle, being positive, taking responsibility for your actions and more. You have an important influence on your child’s values and long-term choices. The stronger your relationship with your child, the more influence you’ll have.


Building positive family relationships with teenagers

The ordinary, everyday things that families do together can help  build and sustain strong relationships with teenagers. Here are a few suggestions:

Family meals: Regular family meals are a great chance for everyone to chat about their day, or about interesting stuff that’s going on or coming up. If you encourage everyone to have a say, no-one will feel they’re being put on the spot to talk. Also, many families find that meals are more enjoyable when the TV isn’t invited and when mobile phones and tablets are switched off!

Family outings: Try setting aside time for fun family outings – you could all take turns choosing activities. A relaxing holiday or weekend away together as a family can also build togetherness.

One-on-one time: One-on-one time with your child gives you the chance to stay connected and enjoy each other’s company. It can also be a chance to share thoughts and feelings.Celebrate your child’s accomplishments: Celebrating your child’s accomplishments, sharing his disappointments, and supporting his hobbies helps your child know you’re interested in him.

Family traditions: Family traditions, routines and rituals can help you and your child set aside regular dates and special times. For example, you might have a movie night together, a favourite meal or cooking session on a particular night, or a family games afternoon.

Household responsibilities: Agreed household responsibilities give children and teenagers the sense that they’re making an important contribution to family life.

Family rules: Agreed-on rules, limits and consequences give teenagers a sense of security, structure and predictability. They help your child know what standards apply in your family, and what will happen if she pushes the boundaries.

Family meetings: Family meetings can help to solve problems. They give everyone a chance to be heard and be part of working out a solution.


For more info see:

Principal update

Principal’s Message

Every Victorian Government School is required to develop a four-year Strategic Plan which is followed by a formal School Review to evaluate the success of the plan and then establish goals for the next four year plan. In 2019, our school is in the final year of its current Strategic Plan. This means that we will be participating in our four-yearly School Review over the next two terms. I am currently working with School Council to plan activities which will allow parents, students, staff and other members of our school community to provide feedback about the school’s performance over the past four years and suggestions for priorities to be included in our next Strategic Plan. These activities will occur in the latter part of this term and into next term. More details will be provided soon.


Last week we had several CSC students participate in the ANZAC Day service at the Castlemaine RSL. An annual feature of the service is the delivery of speeches by the CSC Captains. This year, Ella Hayes and Bodie Maffescioni continued the high standard set by previous CSC Captains by delivering eloquent speeches about the significance of ANZAC Day for them.


As per my previous newsletter messages, we are fast approaching the time when work will commence on our new $11.75 million building project, with construction due to start in July. Currently we are putting in place arrangements to move classes and staff offices out of the 100 block and upper 200 block of buildings by the end of term. Careful planning is underway to ensure that these transitional arrangements occur smoothly and there is very minimal disruption to the way the school operates.

Later this month all CSC staff will undertake the fourth and final day of their Berry Street Education Model training. This will occur during a pupil free day on Wednesday 22 May. The following link provides information about the Berry Street Educational Model training, which focusses on helping students to develop better skills of emotional regulation to improve their learning:

Over the next few weeks, we will be saying good-bye to two of our long serving teachers. Ms Jody Takos has accepted a teaching position closer to home, in Kyneton, and will be finishing with us on May 3. Ms Takos has been a passionate teacher of French and (previously) German at CSC for many years. We are currently in the process of appointing a replacement for Ms Takos. On May 9, Judith Hansen will be retiring from her position as a Teacher-Librarian. Ms Hansen has provided excellent service at CSC for many years, initially as our Etty Street Campus librarian, and more recently as a part-time librarian at the Blakeley Road Campus, along with Ms McDonald. During and prior to this time, like many CSC staff, Ms Hansen was a parent of CSC students, with her own children attending our school. I wish both Jody and Judith all the best and thank them for their valuable work at CSC.


Paul Frye



Students in Years 7 & 9 will be completing their NAPLAN testing this year from Tuesday 14th – Friday 24th of May. We would like all students in these year levels to complete their tests, as this provides the school with valuable information in relation to the effectiveness of our teaching, specifically on how we are addressing the literacy and numeracy needs of our students. Exemptions from completing the tests can be sought by contacting Kellie Showell at the College and registering your child/s name from the beginning of term 2. Individualised forms will be distributed to the families of students seeking exemptions, which will occur in the 2 weeks prior to the testing.


Please find attached the information



After a very successful term 1 of students wearing the College uniform with pride, we have made some minor alterations to how we will manage students not wearing full College uniform.

  • Students arriving at school out of uniform should attend the Administration Office before 9am, where they will be provided with uniform. Students will be provided with a pass if uniform is unavailable.
  • Any student out of uniform attending class or mentor time will have a ‘uniform incident’ logged on XUNO. For every third uniform incident received in a term, students will be expected to complete an after-school detention, which will be conducted every Friday.

This new process will begin from Monday 6th of May. Families are reminded to contact the College’s Administration or Wellbeing Teams if financial assistance is required for the purchasing of uniform.  


Justin Hird

Assistant Principal

Coming Events

Dates to remember....

Don't forget to look on the calendar in XUNO for these and future events



6 Library Excursion

8  Whole School Assembly

9  CSC Cross Country

8-10 ODE Murray Paddle

13 Sandhurst Intermediate Soccer & Netball

14-17 NAPLAN testing for year 7 & 9

14 VCE Yr 9&10 Drama Cloud Street

15 Year 10 Road Safety talk

15 School Council meeting

17 Sandhurst Athletics Bendigo

22 Student Free Day - Staff Professional Learning Day

28 Open Day





Due to circumstances beyond our control the Japanese visit for this year has been cancelled.

I know some of our families look forward to hosting the students each year so this is disappointing.

We look forward to a visit in 2020.

This years musical is.....

CSC – School Production -2019- ‘The Wedding Singer’




Darren Lowe- Director 2019



Did someone say ‘State Festival?’ The time-honoured, bi-annual Arts Extravaganza recently hit Castlemaine , and FLO and VCAL students found themselves in the thick of things.

Mel Robertson, technical co-ordinator for the Festival, provided a number of opportunities for students to be involved in the Festival.

Mel visited both FLO and VCAL classes, explained to students the various pathways for employment in the festival scene, gave an overview of the technical side of CSF in terms of sound, lighting and logistics, and did a workshop showing students the correct way to fold leads and cables.

VCAL students, with the help of Pete Weston from Environmental Solutions, constructed and painted a large ramp that was the centerpiece of the opening night of the festival. Once the festival finished the ramp now serves as a skate ramp at Etty St.


The opening night also highlighted the talents of a number of our indigenous Etty St students. Chase Norfolk, Bailey Muscat, and Sequani Telford were outstanding in their performance at the opening ceremony.

Talullah Foley also completed a work experience placement with Mel and gained invaluable insights into behind-the-scenes doings of how the festival operates.

Students were also fortunate enough to hear from photographer Darron Davies who had a photography exhibition titled ‘The Big White Dyno’ showing hot-rodding event on the salt plains of South Australia.

In all, the event provide a terrific opportunity for Applied Learning students at Etty St to participate in a real world/real life learning opportunity.



Things are ticking over nicely with the project out at VMR (Victorian Miniature Railway). Friday the 29th March was a significant day for VCAL students out at Harocurt. After 12 months of constructing track it was the first time track had been laid and Colin Meirsch showed students the process of how this is done. Students were given individual lessons how to drive a miniature train and pieces of track were carried along the track.


It was a great moment as students got to see the labour of their efforts over the past 12 months, and as Colin explained something the VMR Club have been working towards for 3 years.


Next issue we will have an update of the progress of building the station out at VMR.


Shout out to VCAL students Angus, Charley, Travis, Bailey, Bryce who have helped Harocurt Lions Club set-up their huge marquee for both the Applefest, and CAstlemaine Swap Meet. This task usually takes over an hour but with ‘all-hands-on deck’ approach we have the task down to just under 30 minutes.

The Lions Club are extremely grateful for this effort and are sponsoring students in the VMR project with a work outfit of boots, socks, trousers, high-vis fleecy tops when they assist with the station construction at VMR.

Students represent

Anzac Day

CSC was once again privileged to have our school captains Bodie Maffescioni & Ella Hayes deliver an ANZAC address to the 9am Castlemaine service. Vice captains Cohen Saunders & Isabel Lynzaat laid the school wreath.

We have included a copy of the speech by each captain for those who may like read their addresses.



Art Installation 

As part of the State Festival local artist Hayley West installed the outcome from the IMMORTELLES workshops in the garden outside Principal’s Office. Students from Years 7, 9 and 10 contributed to this degradable installation.

Please see photos attached for location and work in progress.

We encourage students to look at the work laying in the garden while it returns to the earth.


In the news..



Need that little bit of extra help?

  • HomeWork Club runs in the CSC Library
  • Thursdays from 3:15 – 4:30
  • Milo / Toast / etc provided
  • More info Lisa Cochrane.



What do William Blake at the NGV, French cinema, La Mama and Bon Ap’ have in common?

They were all destinations of the inaugural Year 12 Literature French excursion last week. Two warm March days were perfect for 20 students to go to Melbourne and to dip into some cultural events to support their Literature and French language studies.


The day started in the cinema where we experienced one of the films as part of the current French Film Festival in Melbourne. We then walked some of the back lanes towards Degraves st which was a buzzing hive of cafes and eateries where we had a choice of cuisines. The afternoon was spent at the National Gallery where we learnt about the amazing Blake collection that the gallery is so lucky to have. An amazing writer and prolific artist!


Everyone went off to their billets for the night and met up again at La Mama theatre for an intense one person play that was quite confronting in its sparseness. Then afterwards an interesting forum with the actor, director and managers where students could ask questions to further explore the piece.

We ended the camp with a French déjeuner at the Bon Ap’ restaurant. A place with French speaking waiters and which offered great food including a snail tasting for those so inclined and a crème brulée to die for. Quelle journées formidable! Merci tout le monde!

Literacy - Radio Production


Lilly Till, Liam Fothergill and Lochlan Glen completed a 5-session radio production course at MainFM as part of their Literacy program. The students learned to plan and produce an hour-long music show for the radio which was broadcast during the Teenage Radio Stars slot on Monday mornings at 7am.

The team settled into roles that suited their talents: Lilly as Program Manager creating playlists and researching artists, Liam as Presenter with a great radio voice and slick presenting skills, and Lochlan as Producer running the sound desk. Well done to these students!


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