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17 May 2019
Issue Five
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Principal's Post 

Michael Phillips


The House athletics was successfully held at Proclamation Park on a sunny Monday, earlier this week. Thanks to the prefects for their leadership, well done to all who participated and congratulations to Freeman House on their hard fought victory.

This week has been the first of two weeks where online NAPLAN testing is occurring for our Year 9 and Year 7 students. There have been various reports in the media about the issues in some schools but our students have taken it all in their stride with very little disruption. Well over 1000 tests have already been successfully completed and logged with ACARA.


The Generations in Jazz Nationals at Mt Gambier saw all our students and ensembles perform well, exhibiting great evidence of their growth in musicianship and performance. Particular congratulations to our Senior Stage Band who finished third in their section and to Daniel Watson for his selection in the National Super-band.


Due to the Federal election, the 2019/20 State Government budget will not be delivered until next week, three weeks later than usual. It is expected to be tighter than in recent years and with priority being given to meeting election commitments.


For our Senior School building project, we are on schedule to go to tender within the next fortnight! The cost estimates based on detailed design work have come in slightly under budget and there are tender options to the value of 8 % of the project identified, which makes us hopeful of a favourable tender outcome.

Next steps will see the Department select up to six builders to tender for the project and they will have 4 weeks to put their proposals together. All going well we will be able to appoint a builder before the end of Term 2 and set up for commencement by the start of Term 3.


In the lead up, we will be completing some early works, including establishing a 5 mod relocatable near the existing cricket nets, relocating IT classrooms into 807 and 808, establishing a new Middle School office near room 204/2015, building a new Careers centre in room 106 and relocating the VCE common room and study centre into 109, re- establishing the International and Chaplaincy office in the old Junior School space. In addition, we will be working on plans for student and staff movements and car parking.

Michael Phillips



Assistant Principals

Eleni Stathatos

The School Council President, Sharon Rogers, provided a document from the Department of Education entitled ‘Top Ten Practical Tips for School Council’  and the folder, ‘Improving School Governance,’ to ensure that council members are aware of the governance processes and the opportunities to attend training sessions.


There have been a number of meetings with Basketball Victoria and Ringwood Hawks and the College to discuss a basketball facility at the College. Further action is being pursued by the principal and Adam Bryant in order to ascertain a commitment in this area.


The Work Futures Expo on Wednesday 19th of June 5-9 pm is being held in the Junior School and College Hall.


The Principal’s report captures many of the activities that have occurred early this term. NAPLAN is progressing well in an online forum. Mt Gambier performances have been terrific with some outstanding achievements. The Athletics sports were held on a beautiful day and the House System is contributing to the wonderful carnival atmosphere. We are looking to go to tender for the next building project and the worksite in preparation will have to be managed carefully. We have been shortlisted as finalists for the Resource Smart Schools. The World Tour was successful with students putting on 21 performances. On this tour, the College travelled to Bandung Indonesia to visit our sister school. Michael Phillips showed council a video from the student experience in France which highlights the amazing opportunities the students had.

Mitch Hart reported the Athletics carnival went very well and said that there were many activities apart from athletics that were run to engage students. Year 11 and 12 students were spoken to by Sonia Karras, a speaker who inspires students. There are a couple of student led fundraising days coming up to support charities.

From the Policy and Education Committee, the Attendance Policy and the Yard Duty Policy were updated along with the VRQA requirements. The Policy and Education Committee is looking for new members to join the committee.

From the Facilities Committee a lot of work has been done around the school to update various facilities. The newly developed maintenance plan provides the College with a direction to steer funds over the next five years.

Ringwood Training facility numbers are at capacity in the three areas the training centre delivers in. This is an endorsement of the high quality programs we offer. Discussions with the Department of Education and training are happening about future funding possibilities.



Congratulations to all involved in the organisation and participation of the Athletics carnival on Monday May 13th. The day was filled with sportsmanship, competitiveness and fun. It was a great way to start the week.


Education week

The link to the activities from the Department of Education and Training is here


The Education week theme in 2019 is ‘Celebrating Careers.’ Our students and staff will have the opportunity to take part in the activities listed below as part of the week. This is on top of the wonderful support our Careers advisors provide to our students on a daily basis, assisting our college programs.

Tuesday lunch Helen Doherty will be running a Careers Interest Test session – Open to all students Years 7 – 12 – Library

Wednesday lunch Stacey Miriklis will be running an Alternatives to VCE Information Session – Open to all Year 10 students, Compass event created with pre-identified students invited – RT Presentation Space

Thursday lunch a session for Auto/Engineering in the RT is being run – Open to all Year 9 students, possibly Year 10 students – RT

A display for Careers Education has been created in the Library foyer

Bullseye Charts will be given to Heads of Learning to promote careers across the faculties

Careers Education images to be displayed throughout the College via display screens

Careers Education information will be published in the newsletter & on Compass newsfeed with helpful links for students and parents


The 1:1 Careers counselling sessions that are currently occurring and happen throughout the year include: the Careers Discovery Day for Year 9 students, the Careers Education lessons being delivered throughout Bounce, the Future Self 7-week unit for Year 9 students, the Morrisby Testing occurring in Term 3 for all Year 9 students, the Civics and Citizenship lessons on Careers for Year 8 students, the Work Experience program, the external presenters for Year 12 students, the VTAC information sessions and more!


In addition, the Heritage and Alumni Committee is gearing up for a magnificent display of career pathways with the Futures Work Expo which will take place on Wednesday 19th June at the College  from 5pm onwards.


 Staff Professional Learning

A magnificent resource on our doorstep is the Eastern Regional Library and the Digital Technology team from REALM will provide a professional learning session to our staff next week from 3.30pm- 4.30pm.


Parent Teacher Citizens Association

With the retirement of a number of members, the PCTA is looking for interested and enthusiastic parents who would like to be part of the committee. The PCTA organises the Debutante Ball, the Staff Thank you morning tea during Education week and is supporting the REALM initiative. The next meeting is on June 4th. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact the College.


Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal

Maria Allison


House Athletics

A beautiful sunny day on Monday, allowed for the enthusiastic collaboration of our RSC community for our annual Athletic Sports. I would like to extend my thanks to Roi Boutsikakis and Kristy Usher for organising the whole day; to our supportive staff and our Pre-Service Teachers for ensuring a well-run day and lastly to our students for their                                    enthusiasm, active participation and leadership.  

As a member of Freeman House, I was very excited to have us as the winning house.

Go Freeman!



House Activities

Each term House activities have been organised into the allocated ‘Bounce’ time with the primary aim to create a sense of inclusion for all our students. I have witnessed many great activities that display, energy, fun and collaboration and I would like to thank Karly Horton who oversees the organisation and event planning with our student leaders.


There are many co-curricular events and activities available to our students, other than House events, to extend their breadth of learning. It is a timely reminder for students, that it is never too late to join a sporting team, help out with fundraising activities or involve yourself in a positive activity!  


Parent Groups

I would particularly like to thank our parent groups such as the Music Association, PCTA, and our Heritage team, to name a few, who work tirelessly for our College. Their energy, commitment and enthusiasm provide wonderful opportunities for our students and I would encourage more families to become involved in College events.


Perseverance: this week’s wellbeing focus

The question: Why do some people succeed and others fail is often asked and is one to ponder?


Perseverance is not giving up. It is persistence and tenacity, the effort required to do something and keep doing it till the end, even if it's hard. Perseverance originally comes from the Latin perseverantia and means to abide by something strictly.


Other words such as persistence, tenacity, determination, resolve, resolution, resoluteness, purposefulness describe perseverance.


Angela Duckworth recently released a great book called Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance that explains her theory of "grit" as a predictor of success. She discusses how perseverance and passion matter as much as talent and intelligence and that true success comes when we devote ourselves to endeavours that give us joy and purpose.


Grit, the combination of passion and perseverance for a singularly important goal—is the hallmark of high achievers in every domain. By cultivating a growth mindset (a belief that our talent and abilities can be improved with practice), it allows us to talk to ourselves more optimistically (by challenging the reasons for setbacks or failures as neither permanent or pervasive) so we can persevere.


Ask yourself, when you’re faced with setbacks, disappointments or plateaus in your progress, what are the stories you tell yourself? For personal growth, I encourage you to contemplate how you may face adversity and how you may be kind to yourself in challenging life situations.

I have included some tips from parent zone that could be used to support your children, family and friends.

  • Regularly encourage children to try new things. You may also want to try something new with your child, like roller-skating or a new arcade or video game. No one is perfect at anything when they start, and this is a great way to show your child that falling down or not winning isn’t the end of the world.
  • Adjust the degree of perseverance needed. If children need a small challenge, present one related to activities they already have ability in. If they need a bigger challenge, take them out of their prior-experience comfort zone.
  • Share some instances when you’ve needed perseverance and grit to accomplish a difficult task. We don’t often talk about our earlier failures, so children sometimes think that adult successes all come with ease.
  • Be overt. Tell them that they are working on perseverance skills and let them know that struggle and failure are likely. Knowing that they are meant to struggle makes it much easier to deal with.

How can you fall down seven times, and stand up eight?

Grit is the key element!  So, if you are interested, you may wish to undertake a ‘Grit’ survey that measures the character strength of perseverance.


Maria Allison

Assistant Principal

Kyle Simkin

As we near the halfway point of the term, it is amazing to think about the many fantastic learning experiences our students have already been involved in this term.


In early May nearly 100 school students travelled with the stage bands, choir, jazz combo and vocal ensemble to the Mt Gambier Generations in Jazz Festival. Thank you to Mr. Sorenson, Ms. Nicholls, Mr. Bonnett, Mr. Jaques, Ms. Sedergreen, Mr. Lucas-Evans and Ms. Kenna who not only accompanied them on the trip, but also spent countless hours preparing students for the festival.


Another highlight has been student participation in the school sport program and in particular the Athletics day held this week. The weather was very kind to us and it was great to see so many fantastic achievements on the track and in the field. The day also included a number of novelty and performing arts focussed activities which were enjoyed by many students. Congratulations to Freeman for winning the house competition on the day. A very big thanks to Ms. Boutsikakis and Ms. Usher for their superb organisation; capably assisted by our amazing staff throughout the day.


This week has seen our Year 7 and 9 students commence their NAPLAN testing in Writing and Reading, with Language Conventions and Numeracy to follow next week. Results will be available to families in late August and we hope that the results will show students and their families the progress they have made over the past two years.


Year 8 students Rel8 Wellbeing days are being conducted this week with students focussing on building healthy relationships at sessions conducted at EV’s Youth Centre in Croydon. The day includes guest presenters, discussions and a mini boot camp run be a personal trainer.


Many Year 11 students have been busy attending excursions which aim to enhance the learning that has been occurring within the classroom by visiting organisations, businesses and locations which allow them to witness and, in some cases, use their knowledge in a real-world setting. Recent excursions have included visits to Healesville Sanctuary, the Holocaust Museum, the Supreme and County Courts and the Mercy Hospital. I hope students have enjoyed the opportunity to venture into new settings in the community. Year 11’s also completed a whole day session last week looking at developing study skills, which also included an extremely engaging presentation from Sonia Karras which focussed on safe partying and the responsible use of social media.


Year 10 and 11 Exams

Year 11 exams commence on Monday 3rd of June and students’ exam times should appear on their Compass schedule shortly. Year 10 exams commence a week later, on Tuesday 11th of June. Students are encouraged to start their revision program early in order to develop their skills in preparing for exams, which will assist them as they progress into VCE study.


Students are only required to attend school when they have a scheduled exam, which will all appear on students’ schedules on Compass. When not attending an exam, students should be using their time to revise and prepare for their remaining assessments.


Year 10 Work Experience

Thanks to the effort of the work experience coordinator Ms. Hetherington, the careers and middle school teams and the parents and students of Year 10, over 100 of our students have already secured a work experience placement. Students will complete this placement during Weeks 9 and/or 10 of this term, depending on whether they are attending the Central Australia trip. However, this means there are still a lot of Year 10 students who need to organise a placement and submit their paperwork. Work Experience will come around quickly, so please encourage your Year 10 child to get this placement organised. Work experience is a great opportunity for students to get a first hand insight into a career they may like to pursue after completing school. Hopefully, many students’ experiences will foster existing passions or ignite new ones, whilst also giving them a glimpse into the realities of the working week.

From the Office





YEARS 7-10

  • Ring the attendance line each time your child is absent from school.  Alternatively, update Compass on the day of the absence.
  • If you are leaving a message on the line please give a reason for the absence.
  • Please provide a note or ring the school if you know your child will be late for any reason.  Too many unapproved late arrivals may result in a lunchtime detention for the student.
  • Ongoing absences due to illness or medical conditions will require a medical certificate or letter from a treating health professional otherwise, the absences may not be approved. Please notify the school if this is the case as soon as possible.


  • Notification of absences is essential for Year 11 and 12 students as their attendance is monitored on a daily basis.
  • For medical absences longer than two days it is wise to provide a medical certificate.
  • Please contact your child’s Coordinator if there is a likelihood of ongoing long term absences for any reason.
  • Students who are absent on days where they have a SAC must provide a medical certificate to cover this period otherwise no allowance will be made to do the SAC at a later date

Why Regular Attendance is Important

Poor patterns of attendance place students at risk of not achieving their educational, social and psychological potential.  Children also need time to socialise with his peers and to build friendships.

Regular attendance at school is particularly important in the transition from primary to secondary school as it can be a stressful time for some children and a consistent pattern of attendance makes this process easier and helps them to overcome some of the initial concerns around being at a new school.  Regular attendance also gives children the opportunity to develop important relationships with their teachers and the school community in general.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any concerns about your child’s /children’s attendance.

Kay Priestly


Junior School

Term 2

Term two is well on its way and we would like to remind students and parents that the winter uniform is now required to be worn by all students. If you would like further information on the College uniform, please refer to our website. If students are out of uniform for a specific reason, they must bring a note from home and they will be issued a uniform pass.

We have begun the term by celebrating the success of many of our Year 7 students at our assembly.

Many students received awards for their participation in the Manga High mathematics challenge, while other students were recognised by their peers and college staff members for a RADAR (Respect and Diversity at Ringwood) award.

Congratulations to all students involved!


There are a number of important dates coming up for our Year 7 students:

  • NAPLAN will continue on Monday the 20th of May (Language Conventions Test) and Tuesday the 21st of May (Numeracy Test). Students are required to bring a charged iPad and headphones.
  • The Junior School Team have organised for Brainstorm Productions to run a cyber safety workshop called ‘Verbal Combat’ for students during period 5 on Wednesday the 29th of May.
  • Keep an eye out on Compass for further details on the upcoming Year 7 Trivia afternoon, which will be held on the last day of term as a celebration.

There are also a number of important dates coming up for our Year 8 students:

  • The Year 8 Wellbeing day will run in Week 5, focusing on building healthy relationships. The excursion involves guest presenters looking at relationships from different perspectives and students participating in discussions, activities and reflection. They day includes a physical element to highlight the benefits of exercise on mood and wellbeing. Student will take part in a Boot Camp run by a professional trainer so appropriate clothes and footwear should be worn. Staff and students will travel from Ringwood Secondary College to EV’s Youth Centre in Croydon. 8A,B,C & D will go on Tuesday the 21st of May, 8E,F,G & H will go on Thursday the 23rd of May and 8I,J & K will go on Friday the 24th of May. Please check the Compass event for further details and please ensure your child has a topped-up myki card prior to the day.
  • An Elevate study skills session will also be held at school during period 2 on Wednesday the 22nd of May. The workshop is focused on Time Management and will help show students how to work effectively and manage their time.  

Students are entering a very busy time with upcoming assessment as we near the end of Semester One. We encourage students and parents to ensure they are checking Compass for key pieces of information and ensuring all work is submitted in a timely fashion. The Junior School Team run Friday lunchtime catch up sessions for students with overdue assessment tasks, if your child is scheduled for one of these, please encourage them to attend and complete their overdue assessment tasks.


Faith Tucker

Ringwood Secondary College

Junior House Coordinator | Science Teacher

Middle School

Term 2 Update

Term 2 is now well underway and students should be ensuring they are completing their work and maximising their learning opportunities.  It is also a time when students need to be vigilant in submitting assessment tasks in a timely manner and also continually referring to their Compass to remain up to date with their coursework.  Parents can also support students by regularly viewing their child’s Compass to check and monitor student progress. 


Matthew Tucker

Middle School Leader

Upcoming Year 10 Exams

The Semester One Year 10 exams will commence on Tuesday 11th June and conclude on Friday 14th June. There will be no timetabled classes on for Year 10 students during the exam period. Students are only required to attend their timetabled exams. These exams will soon appear on individual student timetables, which can be viewed via Compass. Students will be told what equipment they will need by their teachers. If any student requires ‘Special Provision’ for any reading, writing and/or extra time, please collect a form from the Middle School Office. These forms are due back to Mr Vlahos no later than Friday 24th of May.


Peter Vlahos

Jackman House Coordinator

(Middle School)


The focus of InterGREAT this term is ‘Self in the Community’. Throughout the term students have been gaining an appreciation of the importance of Community. In their major assignment students are in the process of interviewing someone from their community who makes a difference and are creating a documentary film about them.


As we progress through the term, it is now time for our Year 9 students to make a difference in their local community. The Community Engagement program has seen InterGREAT staff establish a range of partnerships with groups and organisations in the Maroondah area. Students will be involved in visiting disability services, schools, aged care homes, municipal venues and recreational areas where they may volunteer their time and services and thus contribute in a positive way to their community. 


I’m looking forward to sharing these experiences with our school community in coming weeks!


Virginia Watson

InterGREAT Coordinator

Around the School

Year 12 Studio Arts Excursion

Recently, the Year 12 Studio Arts class visited the The Dax Centre at Melbourne University, where they viewed the exhibition ‘Stigma: Dismantled, Revealed’. This Exhibition included the creative practices of seven contemporary artists including an artist in residence. ‘STIGMA: dismantled, revealed’ explored the pervasiveness of stigma and self-stigma that persists around mental health issues today.


Throughout The Dax Centre excursion, students met with the curator, toured the collection areas, and learnt about behind the scenes conservation and preservation methods undertaken to ensure the longevity of the artworks in their collection. This information will be crucial for their Unit 4 studies.


After, the students walked to Blindside, an Artist Run gallery space that was showcasing the exhibition ‘Objects in Motion’ by Torin Francis. This was a clear contrast to a public gallery space and gave students some insight into entering the art industry in the future.

In the afternoon, students viewed the exhibition ‘Top Arts 2019’, held at the National Gallery of Victoria. It showcased the exceptional work of students who have completed Art or Studio Arts as part of their Victorian Certificate of Education in 2018. Comprising work selected from applicants across Victoria, the exhibition encompasses a range of mediums. Students also had the opportunity to view folios of the studio process. This was very inspiring for our year 12 Studio Arts students who are currently completing their studio process in their folio. We wish them the best of luck at meeting this deadline.


Thanks to Mel Mueller for assisting with the excursion.


Kayla Whitfield

Visual Arts Subject Coordinator


Recently, current Year 12 student Natalie Buultjens and past student Chloe Hazeldine were selected to showcase their Studio Arts artworks from 2018 at the exhibition ‘Pure Talent’. Ringwood Secondary College was also acknowledged for their musical talent with current student Stephanie Henry and past student Abby James singing as guests viewed the artworks.

This event showcased creative and diverse artworks as part of Maroondah’s celebration of Victorian Youth Week 2019, highlighting the natural talents and abilities of young people to engage and inspire their community. It was presented by Maroondah Youth Services in partnership with Arts and Cultural Development and Wyreena Community Arts Centre. The exhibition involved 14 young emerging artists from VCE 2018 and exhibited a wide and imaginative selection of painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, printmaking and design.


Chloe Hazledine’s artwork was titled"GROWING THOUGHTS”. Chloe explains her artwork:

“My composition aims to capture a visual representation of the unseen mind. The abundance of leaves ascending out of the face in my artwork convey different thoughts and how our minds and thoughts are constantly growing and changing. The mind in my piece is depicted as a garden. The garden is created as a symbolic metaphor, that people must nurture and weed out inner thoughts in order to produce a flourishing life filled garden” 

Natalie Buultjens artwork was titled "THE STAGES OF ANGER". Natalie explains her artwork: “The landscape 'The Stages of Anger' is a representation of a person feeling the primal and fierce emotion of anger.

The work represents the developmental stages of this emotion. It does this by visually taking the viewer on a ride through the stages of a Tornado in its natural setting. I believe that nature directly mirrors human emotions, and that the Tornado reflects the 3 main stages of anger. Firstly, representing being upset, the feeling of unrest. Secondly, acting irrationally and even brutally, with no regard to the consequences of its actions. Thirdly, the tornado represents the feeling of regret after the outburst. The viewer and those involved are left looking at the aftermath.”


What a great acknowledgement of our students. The Visual Arts Department are very proud of their achievements.

Kayla Whitfield

Visual Arts Subject Coordinator

Sayembara Lisan
Indonesian Speaking Competition

On Friday May 3rd, Bu Lundie and Mr Vlahos accompanied 11 students to Emmaus College to take part in the regional Sayembara Lisan Indonesian Speaking Competition. After 5 weeks of preparations, students engaged with their assessor in a general conversation before presenting a

two-minute speech in Indonesian about their school life and responding to spontaneous questions in the target language.


After their assessment took place, students had the opportunity to engage with students from other schools who are also studying Indonesian, as well as participate in film, dance and food workshops. Students were fortunate enough to learn about the benefits of engaging with Indonesian language studies from Ibu Yacinta Kurniasih an Indonesian author and head lecturer for Indonesian studies at Monash University.

We are so proud to announce that the following six students have made it through to the State Finals to be held at The University of Melbourne on June 1st:


Niharika Harne (Year 8)

Wendalyn Yu (Year 8)

Zoe Lanyon (Year 8)

Amelia Wildie (Year 8)

Summer Croft (Year 10)

Klay Po (Year 10)


Congratulations once again to all students who participated!

Jessica Lundie

Head of Languages

English and Indonesian Teacher

Maroondah Billy Cart Marathon

Hey all,

Ringwood Secondary College is participating in the Maroondah Billy Cart Marathon that has been organised through Maroondah Rotary.

As a part of Year 11 Intermediate VCAL class Jacob, Corey, Ethan, Harrison, Shavi and Rena have volunteered to be the Design and Construction Team. We are required to create a billy cart and participate in the Rotary Club Billy Kart race on the 8th of September. The Rotary Club will donate any funds raised to selected charities.

We will have an estimated 2 months to design and build 2 billy carts.


If you have any old bikes, bike parts or BMX wheels please help us out by donating items to help us build the carts.

Contact Adam Bryant at

If you have any expertise and would be willing to meet with us to discuss design, materials that can be used we would appreciate your input.

Thanks to all,

Jacob, Corey, Ethan, Harrison, Shavi and Rena

Intermediate VCAL class

Ringwood Secondary College


News from the Careers Department


Music and Performing Arts 


Generations in Jazz 2019, held in Mt Gambier, was one of the best we have attended with all our ensembles giving their best in their performances and as well as experiencing world class concerts throughout the weekend. All our students were fine ambassadors for the College.

Congratulations to our Senior Stage Band, who were awarded 3rd place in Division 2 and Daniel Watson, who was selected, on percussion, for the Division 2 Super Band. Although our Jazz Combo didn’t place, they did come 6th out of 20 ensembles and were just behind Victorian College of the Arts ensembles who were in 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th place. Camberwell High’s VCE Group Performance came 2nd (all
Year 12’s). Our combo consists mainly Year 10’s and one Year 11!


Last week, our Junior/ Intermediate Autumn Concert was a sold out and was a great success. Well done to all performers and conductors. A special thanks to our stage crew who kept the concert going at least 10 minutes ahead of time!


The next day we hosted the first rehearsal for the North Eastern Region’s String Orchestra. Ninety- three students from all over the eastern suburbs descended upon RSC last Friday and will do so again on Monday 27 May. The NEVR Concert is at Hamer Hall, Tuesday 28 May. We also have students performing in various ensembles, including our Jazz Combo making a cameo appearance on stage performing their Bass player’s, Patrick Wallace’s, original composition. Tickets are available directly from the Arts Centre 1300 182 183 or . Ticket costs are: Adults $30, Student/Concession $20 and Family $80 (2 adults, 2 children).


Our Senior Almost Winter Concert is coming up on Thursday 30 May, 7.30pm in the College Hall. Tickets can only be purchase via Trybooking:

Admission costs are $12 Adults, $9 Concession, $32 Family of 4. Don’t miss this showcase of our senior ensembles. Tickets will sell fast!


Our Senior Strings and Symphony Orchestra will be performing at Victorian Schools Festival for Strings, being held at Hawthorn Town Hall on the following dates:

Symphony Orchestra, Tuesday 4 June, 7.15pm to 10.30pm

Senior Strings, Friday 7 June, 3.15pm 6.00pm

Please check details on COMPASS. Entry to these performances are free and family and friends are most welcome to attend. More details can be found

Thank you to all the wonderful performances to date and we look forward to the remaining performances for this term.


Ms Janine Pero

Director of Music


Mother’s Day

What do those words spark for you?

For some, this calendar moment sparks special feelings remembering a lovely day spent with the people you treasure the most. For others, it may be pangs of grief of one lost or one never known. 

I’ve tried to take a deeper look into what motherhood is this year.  

Most of us would understand a mother to be caring and a sensitive woman, but what shouldn’t be underestimated is the strength and compassion required to tackle problems and sort out disputes. The determination and heart required to advocate for their children.  From being a fierce protector to a gentle support and even at times a friend who selflessly puts others needs above their own.  Whether or not your mother offered these qualities, I hope you had the opportunity to honour a Mother or female figure in your life over the Mother's Day weekend, who has embodied these characteristics and has been able to support you through your journey.  It’s a great opportunity to honour a special lady in our lives. To be grateful for all that they have to offer in shaping us into who we are and will become.

Adam Bryant


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