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30 April 2019
Issue Five
From the Principal, Linda Jones
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From the Principal,
Linda Jones



Welcome back to school for a busy term 2. We trust many children and families had a lovely holiday break. I would like to say thank you once again to the PFA for a wonderful Easter Raffle on the last day of school last term. I would also like to give a special shout out to LIZZY’S CHOCOLATES for their generous donation of the giant Easter egg first prize. The 5kg egg was nearly larger than Dinsey, the lucky winner from our Prep class.


During the last week of term one, I asked the year 2 to 6 students to reflect on term one and provide me and their teachers with some valuable feedback. We endeavour to provide opportunities for promotion of ‘student voice’ in formal and informal situations and this is one opportunity that students are able to give us feedback about their term. I would like to take the opportunity to share a few of their thoughts. At CPS we are committed to seeking feedback, celebrating our successes as well as focusing on learning and growing together.


What aspects of our school were you most proud of this term?

What would you like to focus on in term 2?

  •  I enjoyed our Discovery/Science unit on the earth, moon and sun – Josh (4C)
  • I am proud of my writing because I enjoyed learning new persuasive strategies that I didn’t know before – Sasha (4D)
  • I have really enjoyed learning multiplication. I have learnt how to multiply decimals and have improved my recall of 12 times tables – Ben (6A)
  • My ability to use lots of complex punctuation in my writing – Avner (4A)
  • I am proud of being more and more confident when speaking at assembly – Liam( 6C)
  • My science experiment because I like studying light and bubbles. I have a lot of confidence in this area – Catherine (5B)
  • I was proud of going to the top of the giant swing while on camp – James (6B)
  • I loved the Keith Haring inspired art we did – Tommaso (5C)
  • I would love to do more maths because I like challenging myself in different strategies – Charlie (4B)
  • I would like to play in a school guitar concert by focusing on my guitar skills – Caitlin (5C)
  • I would like to focus on playing new games at recess and lunch times - Veer (5A)
  • I would like to focus on developing my problem solving skills – Yug (6B)
  • Choosing perfect fit books for me to read – Ella (4B)
  • I would like to focus on Reading Eggs, Typing Tournament and Triangle Maths – Jasmine (6B)
  • I would like to focus on converting decimals, fractions and percentages into each other – Giaan (6C)
  • I am proud of the ideas in my letter ‘City V’s Country’ and want to focus on improving my handwriting – Jayden – 4C


Congratulations to those students who applied and were successful in gaining one of these roles during term1. Badges were presented to both Envirostars and Junior School Councilors during our first assembly of term 2. The actions both groups undertake throughout the year are driven by students. We look forward to seeing the changes these students drive during 2019.



We promote an ‘Open Door’ approach at CPS and as term 2 commences, Karen and I thought it might be nice to once again offer a ‘Coffee and Chat’ opportunity to parents on Monday 6th May after our morning assembly. At this time, we will be available to answer general questions, further discuss our school programs and practices, our goals and priorities and our hopes for the future. If you would like to participate, please join us in the staffroom on the 6th.



Parents who are aware of friends, neighbours or relatives who have a child ready to start school in 2020, please let them know that we are holding a School Expo on Saturday 11th May, from 10.30 until 12pm.

We encourage prospective families to join us on this occasion so we can share many of the fine aspects of our school.

Enrolments for 2020 are now being taken.



At the end of term one, I was contacted by the Department of Education to inform me that our school zone has been updated and will take effect from the commencement of the 2020 school year. The new guidelines are:-

  • Access to our school for families living within our school zone are guaranteed enrolments if their parents request it.
  • All children currently attending can still attend.
  • Parents with children living outside our zone still have a choice to request enrolment, but their enrolment will depend on capacity.
  • Enrolments will be managed using the Department’s Placement Policy.

Details will be placed on our website and shared at our Open Morning. If you have any questions, please ask at the office.



As part of accountability requirements, a report is provided to the school community each year for the previous year. This Annual Report was submitted to the Department of Education and was presented to School Council at our March meeting. This report is available on request from the office and has also been uploaded to our school website.



The next Curriculum Day elected and approved by School Council is Wednesday 29th May, 2019. This date is a few weeks away but please pop it into your diaries. There will be no school for children on this day. Youth Leadership will offer a Before and After Care program on this day.

Please also jot down that our final Curriculum Day for 2019 will be on Friday 30th August.



Children who are sick during the day are sent to the First Aid room. If children need to go home, parents or careers are informed and children are collected from school. Please ensure you update contact details whenever details change, so we are able to contact you if your child is unwell.

If children are very sick or more seriously injured and parents or their emergency contact person cannot be contacted by phone, we are obliged to ring an ambulance to take the child to the doctor or hospital. DEECD does not provide personal accident insurance for students. Parents and guardians are generally responsible for paying the costs of medical treatment for injured students including medical transport. Teachers cannot take children to the doctor or hospital in private cars. The cost of the ambulance will be the responsibility of the parents. This can be very expensive unless parents have ambulance subscription. It is very important parents consider taking out ambulance cover. Health Care Card holders receive free ambulance service (children’s names must be on the card).



School sporting activities, excursions and incursions form a pivotal part of our curriculum and are much anticipated by the students. I remind parents of the importance of providing permission diligently, which in some cases may be returning signed paper copies of permission notices or via Compass online. All excursions and incursions will now be published on Compass, however camps and some sporting events may be via paper notices, sent home with students. Permission deadlines are stated on the information page and will not be accepted on the day of the event. It is extremely disappointing, for all concerned, if children miss out on these special activities because permission has not been given.



Throughout the last weeks of term 1, we enjoyed the seeing our capital works project conclude and we have thoroughly enjoyed using our new oval, teaching and learning in the refurbished prep building and moving into our wonderful new staffroom. School and PFA monies have been spent on some finishing touches including:-

  • Concreting on the Truganini Road side of our prep building to optimise this area as well as, an area near our new gym
  • Installation of internal blinds in the prep rooms and staffroom
  • Organisation of window tinting for some external windows in our gym and staffroom
  • Turf laid around sections of our oval, two flowering gum trees have been planted and some external seating purchased to complete this area
  • Organised for “Hall of Champions” signage and a plaque for our gym. This will be installed shortly
  • Purchased a number of chairs to use in the gym

Over recent months, we have been liaising with the Victorian School Building Authority in relation to undertaking a significant upgrade of the electricity supply to our school. We are anticipating these works will be completed shortly. There will be a new sub-station installed on the Truganini Road side of our school. I will keep the community informed as this may cause some traffic disruptions.


WORDS OF WISDOM Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient and the best things come to those who don’t give up.  😊


 Linda Jones & Karen Bentata-Grimm

Diary Dates


Wednesday 1st May

House Cross Country at Lord Reserve 11.30am-1.30pm


Friday 3rd May

Second Hand Uniform Stall 8.45-9.15am


Saturday May 4th

Working Bee 10am - 12pm


Monday May 6th

Coffee and Chat Morning with Linda and Karen after assembly-staffroom


Wednesday 8th May

Mothers Day Stall 9-11am

Second Hand Uniform Stall 3.15-3.45pm


Friday 10th May

Year 5/6 Sport-Round 1


Saturday May 11th

Prep Expo 10am - 12pm


Wednesday 15th May

School Council meeting 7.30pm


Wednesday 29th May

Curriculum Day- no school


Monday June 10

Queens Birthday holiday-no school


Thursday 27th June

Footsteps Concert at Monash University, Clayton

Parenting Ideas
by Michael Grose


Do you have a worrier in your family? Do you have a child who worries or over-thinks things? If so, it’s worth remember that rumination is the ruination of a peaceful mind.

If you’ve ever spent a sleepless night worrying then you’ll know how problems always seem bigger when you keep tossing them around in your head. It can seem like everything is stacked against you. When this happens you’ve got to find the off switch so you can get away from your worries for a while.

The same principle holds for children and teenagers when they worry. Their problems just seem to get bigger and they need to turn them off or tone them down so they can ease their anxiety.

Here is a range of strategies that you can teach your kids to prevent them from ruminating – going over the same thoughts and worries repeatedly.

Sometimes it takes a wise adult to remind children and young people about what really is important to them.

Broaden their vision

Kids get tunnel vision when they worry. They often can’t see the bigger picture. For instance, a young person may fret over minor work matters such getting the exact font match for an assignment they are working on, and neglect to get the sleep necessary for good learning the next day. Sometimes it takes a wise adult to remind children and young people about what really is important to them.

Put their attention elsewhere

Placing attention away from worries is an age-old technique for parents and teachers. Commonly known as distraction, the act of focusing attention on something other than what causes them distress is vital for good mental health. Examples of distractions include – going outside, playing a game, shooting some basketball hoops or listening to music.

Give the worry a name

Somehow giving a worry a name makes it feel less scary and more manageable. A wonderful picture storybook for toddlers called ‘There’s a Hippopotamus on our Roof‘  by Hazel Edwards personifies fear of the dark as a friendly hippo. Much more friendly and easier to boss around if you’re a child.

Put their worries in a jar

Wouldn’t it be great to put all your worries into a safe and throw away the key? As an adult you may do this when you take time out to watch your favourite TV show; or lose yourself wandering for hours online. Children need something a little more practical. They can write their worries on some paper and lock them in away in a jar by the side of the bed at the end of the day. It’s good to know that their worries can’t get out because they are locked up tight.

Limit talking time

It’s good if kids can talk about what’s on their mind but talking needs to be contained to prevent their worries from dominating their lives. Set aside ten minutes a day to talk about their worries and then put worry time aside until tomorrow. This is not about shutting kids down but teaching them they can change tack in their thinking rather than go over the same old thoughts again and again.

Normalise rather than lionise their anxiety

Anxious kids are very sensitive to their parents’ concerns and worries. One way we build their concerns is by continually reassuring them that things will be fine. One reassurance should be sufficient most of the time followed by “I’ve already talked to you about that.” Continually going over old ground can allow worries to linger longer than necessary.

Give them the tools to relax

Some people can relax in front of the TV, and it is enough for them to take their mind off their worries. Some people need a bigger set of tools including mindfulness and exercise to help them neutralise our worries. Talk with your kids about how they relax; share what works for you and help them explore relaxation techniques that will fit their interests, age and lifestyles.

Move baby move

Get kids moving - Physical exercise is not only a great distraction but it release feel-good endorphins that help children and young people feel better and more optimistic about the future.


What's happening


Friday 3rd  May   8.45am-9.15am

Wednesday 8th May 3.15-3.45pm


Ava Y  Prep B   'Things I Love' Set

Maeve C  1C    'Boy'

Stephanie P 5A  'Guiness World Records 2019'

Nitya R 1A  'Frozen'

Lilly L  Prep B  'This is a ball'

Akshara R  3B  'Dork Diaries- Birthday Drama'

Thank you for these great books and many happy birthday wishes from all at Carnegie Primary School.

A special thanks is extended to the following families for their kind and generous donations of some pre-loved books- the Callaghan family, the Williamson family, the Grimwade family and the Lubransky family. I am always happy to receive donations of high quality books in excellent condition for our school and classroom libraries. These can be dropped at the office or on the bookcase outside my office in the Year 2 area.

Ms. Cate Allan



Drama time is starting up again in Term 2. Please see the following flyer with details on enrollment.



Coding club is held at school during Tuesday lunchtimes. Contact Kids Unlimited to book a spot.


Students of the Week

April 1, 2019

Irene W  Prep        For being a responsible and kind member in the prep classroom. Your smile and

                                    warmth are such special qualities to have!

Sylvia L Prep         For a great first start at Carnegie. It has been lovely to see you making new friends and

                                    helping others.

Olivia H 1                For staying on task and being "Pete Persistent" in your learning times. What a star!

Gus M   1                  For being super resilient during our learning activities and taking the time to listen to

                                    others and share resources nicely.

Alex C  2                  For always trying his best with his work and having a positive attitude. Well done.

Summer P  2         For being such a proactive, kind and helpful friend to everyone in Year 2.

                                   Thank you for being a star!

Adele B   3             For your brilliant description in your narrative writing.

James G  3            For working hard to focus and therefore achieve great results in writing sessions.

Elise B   4              For your positive attitude toward your learning, all of the hard work you put in and

                                  for being a proactive classmate.

Charlie A-R   4    For giving your all to every task and supporting others with their learning

Macy B   5              For your excellent work in vertical subtraction. Well done!

Liam I-L   6           For his positive attitude, contributions and positive approach during Year 6 Leadership.

Numeracy News

Numeracy News

Congratulations to all of the students who had a go at completing the maths questions in the last newsletter. There were many students who provided the correct answer and who had a go at using the suggested problem solving strategy friend. Well done!

If you have a go at finding a solution please place your entry in the calculator box at the office. All entries will go in the draw to win a small prize and to have their name announced at assembly on Monday morning as Carnegie’s Problem Solver of the Week.  

This week’s focus is


Olly uses counters, blocks and other concrete materials to help him solve problems.

Problem Solving

Hi, I am Mack and I am your 2019 Numeracy captain. This week the questions are:

Junior Question (Prep-Year 2) 

There were 12 bees on a flower. Then 7 bees flew away. How many bees are left on the flower?

Senior Question (Years 3-6)

John is queuing at the canteen. There are 50 people in front of him, but he is very impatient. Each time a student in the front is served, John slips past two students. How many people will be served before John reaches the front of the line?



Please place your entry into the calculator box at the office by the 10th of April and include your name and grade. 



Last Thursday, 25th April (ANZAC Day) Josh Acklom and Anna Remfry organised a Park Run in Elwood in memory of our beloved Mr Champion. This day was also Marcus' birthday so it was a great way to celebrate the life of a wonderful teacher who made such an impact on so many people. 

Family, friends, students and parents all came together to run or walk 5km along the Elwood foreshore, a spot where Mr Champion used to hold his personal training sessions.  We were also asked to bring along a donation to go towards the research into the rare form of bowel cancer Marcus had. 

Thanks to the generous donations of the 404 people who came along, we raised over $4,000! 

It certainly was an "arms out moment" (AOM) kind of day!


PFA News


Thank you to everyone who donated eggs and bought many, many raffle tickets to make our Easter raffle a huge success once again. 

Congratulations to Dinsey in Prep who came away with the HUGE first prize on the 5kg egg. Thanks again to Lizzy's chocolates in Koornang Rd for their very generous donation!



We are holding our Mothers Day stall next Wednesday morning , 8th May. There will be gifts available from $2-$6. 

If any parents are able to volunteer for the stall on the day, please let me know. We are also going to be wrapping the gifts this Wednesday in the staffroom after drop-off. Please join us if you are free.


Don't forget to mention Carnegie PS when you go to Bakers Delight Carnegie as they donate 5% of all sales directly to the school. But you must mention our school! 


Woolworths are running their Earn and Learn program again this year from May 1-June 25th. So when you're at Woolies, collect the stickers and you can put the completed sheets in the boxes at the office. There are some sticker sheets available at the office.


Leesa Needham

Ph: 0408 556 669

Aftercare News

Youth Leadership Victoria

Carnegie Primary School OSHC

Opening Hours:  Before School Care 7am-8.45am

           After School Care 3.30pm-6.30pm

Vacation Care 7am-6pm




email: /

A copy of the enrolment and booking form can be downloaded through our website on:

Prices for the Program:

Before School Care

Permanent Booking: $14

Casual Booking: $17

After School Care

Permanent Booking: $15

Casual Booking: $20


Welcome back to a new term. Please advise the service if your contact details need updating

Also, if you need to amend your child’s booking days, please email head office at:

If you would like to book your child on a casual basis please advise the service prior, by either emailing us at: OR by mobile on: 0402 043 810

There is also a scheduled Curriculum Day on Wednesday 29th May. Proposed activities for the day will be advertised shortly, through the service

 For this day the service will be operating from 7am-6.30pm.

Cost for the day is $50 with an additional cost for any planned activities. If you need to book your child, please advise the service








For prospective parents there is a Year 7 Open Night on Wednesday 8th May in the school assembly  hall.

Tours will also be held on the following dates: Friday 10th May and Tuesday 21st May 9.15am-10.15am. Boiokings for these tours are essential. Please call the office on 8520 9000 to book.













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