Photo: All you need is love - Sholto Bowen OAM at his retirement concert

The Huntingtower Bulletin

02 December 2019
Issue Five hundred and seventy-three
From the Principal
Diary Dates
The 'Royal' Principal's Command Performance
                         Simunye 2019
Music Notes
Sport News
Parents & Friends
Uniform Shop
Huntingtower Swimming Club (HTSC)
Congratulations Jordan and Kate!
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Photo: To sir with love; expressions of gratitude to Sholto Bowen at his retirement concert

From the Principal

Photo: To sir with love; expressions of gratitude to Sholto Bowen at his retirement concert

Thought for the rest of your life

‘All-ways be kind’

Kindness is an aspect of Love. Just as divine love is not conditional, genuine kindness is not conditional. To be kind in all ways includes being loving, compassionate, caring, thoughtful, forgiving, generous, respectful, understanding, patient, gentle, affectionate and considerate. ‘All ways’ includes yourself and others. You cannot give what you don’t have and so we must start by being compassionate to ourselves, being respectful of ourselves and forgiving ourselves. When we understand that we sometimes make mistakes ourselves, we will be more understanding of others who make mistakes. Respecting yourself first means that you will be respectful of others. When we are generous to others we always find that we are the main beneficiary. This is because by giving we create in ourselves the idea that we ‘have’ something within ourselves to give. This is the opposite of ‘wanting’. Wanting creates within ourselves the idea of lack and the belief that something outside of myself is needed to make me complete.
So – be kind to yourself; love yourself because you are the loved of Love. Freely give and you will freely receive. You are the precious expression of the divine. You are the light of Life and the joy of Soul. You are the beloved child of God!

As I take my leave of you, I wish for you all abundance, joy and laughter, love and peace, excitement and fulfillment.

Thank you so much for all you have been and all you are. You have given my life meaning and I am eternally grateful.

All my love

Sholto Bowen OAM

Principal (for a little longer)

Photo: Senior Debating Dinner

Diary Dates

Photo: Senior Debating Dinner

It's getting to look a lot like Christmas!

Friday, 29 November

Year 9 Hungry Planet

Year 12 Headstart

Pre-Prep 4 Christmas Celebration, 6.00 – 7.00 pm, Music Room

SPEECH NIGHT: Robert Blackwood Hall, details TBC









Monday, 2 December

Year 9 Hungry Planet

Year 3 to Yr 6 - Swim

Pre-Prep 3 - Christmas Concert, 10.30 – 11.00 am


Tuesday, 3 December

Prep - Year 6 Multi Age Day Christmas Activities


Wednesday, 4 December

Prep to Year 2 Swim

Year 4: Brickmaker's Park - all day (Bike Ed)

Years 8 - 9: 2020 Day


Thursday, 5 December

Year 6: Graduation 7.30 - 9.00 am

Pre-Prep 4 to Year 6: Music Viva Incursion, 2.15 - 3.15 pm

Senior School: Christmas Is Giving Assembly







Friday, 6 December

Senior School: Final Assembly








2020 Dates










Monday, 27 January 2020

Australia Day










Wednesday, 29 January

Commencement Assembly 9.00 am










Thursday, 28 January

Pre-Prep 4, Prep & Year 1 Commence

New Parent Meeting:  PAC 7:30 – 8:30 pm


Important dates 2020

TERM 1: Wednesday 29 January to Friday 27 March

TERM 2: Tuesday 14 April to Friday 19 June

TERM 3: Tuesday 14 July to Friday 18 September

TERM 4: Tuesday 6 October to Friday 4 December

Photo: Sholto Bowen OAM Retirement Concert

The 'Royal' Principal's Command Performance

Photo: Sholto Bowen OAM Retirement Concert

And a wonderful time was had by all!


'Nkosi Sikelel'iAfrika' Senior Chamber Choir


'Annie's Song' - Junior School Chamber Choir


Those Canaan Days: the HOSA Choir


The Gould Family


'Bridge Over Troubled Water' - Lucille Bowen


'You'll be found' - the Thompson sisters


Godspell Medley - Senior School Cast


'For Good' - Kia Leong and Tania Parkyn


'Norwegian Wood' - Senior String Orchestra


'To Sir With Love' - HOSA Choir


Finale: 'All You Need is Love'


Wonderful comperes and organisers Dot Greiveson, Noel Davies & Mel Beal


And fabulous friends


                         Simunye 2019

With many thanks

The Simunye Project would love to share photos of some of the recipients of the aprons sponsored by our generous HT community for the Get and Give Project.

Thank you to everyone who supported this 2019 project.

We would also like to acknowledge the anonymous donation of an iPad that was kindly left at the office. We hope the donor is reading this and knows what a difference it has made. We were able to give the iPad to an devoted teacher who wanted to use music in his classroom to teach and inspire his students. His wish has now come true.



We will have our 2020 wish list early in the new year!


Many thanks once again,

Jody Goddard & Mel Beal

Music Notes

School Music Captains 2020... 

Charmaine Leung, Aimee Pieterse, Fanry Shen, Yohei Tang–Yamaoka and Ven Lee Teo



House Music Captains 2020


Shannon Lam

Charmaine Leung

Ven Lee Teo

Jenneva Ta       


Jack Wu

Selena Yeh



Yohei Tang -Yamaoka

Anna Thompson

Simrin Rattan



Fanry Shen                     
Aimee Pieterse       
Krish Ravindrababu        





Photo: Peter Rees with the HT and HOSA women's volleyball team

Sport News

Photo: Peter Rees with the HT and HOSA women's volleyball team

And finally - the finals!

We have had another busy semester of sport and I wish to share with you some of our achievements.


Our Year 7 Girls Cricket Team won the EISM gala day at Kingswood and went through to the regional final. The girls had one win in the finals, but unfortunately that wasn’t enough to go through. Thank you to James Bahn (and also to Anthony Wroe), who coach the boys). They put in a lot of time and effort with training sessions leading up to the tournaments.

The Year 7 Girls Softball Team went through undefeated at the recent Round Robin day. They played extremely well and managed to beat Bialik in the final, 14-8.


We had 5 teams playing in the EISM Intermediate Grand Finals this week. The teams and the results were:

Central Mixed Badminton won 14-4

Girls Softball won 10-9 (three premierships in a row)

Southern Boys Tennis won 5-4



Southern Girls Volleyball lost to Oakleigh

Boys Indoor Cricket lost to Plenty Valley


Today’s Softball Premiership means that Huntingtower has won all three softball competitions this year. Our Senior Girls won in Term 1 (their second win in two years), the Year 7’s won earlier this term and now our Intermediate Team has won their third premiership in a row. Congratulations


Nic Green 

Head of Sport & Outdoor Education

Photo: Edgy '50s -'70s fashion at the Trivia Night

Parents & Friends

Photo: Edgy '50s -'70s fashion at the Trivia Night

HT Trivia Night

Saturday November 9 saw the P&F host the culminating event for 2019, the HT Trivia Night. There was an enormous turnout of 120 parents, staff and P&F members all dressed with sartorial splendour to celebrate 'The Decades' – the 1950s to the 1990s and featured a disturbing number of mullets! Competition was fierce over the course of the night, with the P&F unable to back up their win from 2017. Congratulations to ‘Physical', who were the best of 13 tables on the night. Our most able Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Noel Davies, delivered a series of challenging questions with his usual panache and humour.

Sincere thanks are due to our P&F committee , particularly those on our Trivia Night committee, led by Joe Megas. There was much imagination and preparation involved in producing such a memorable night…. some of it behind the scenes in the Canteen, in the unseen work in setting up the MYC as a 'Party Zone' and in the setting up of the AV system by Evan Pugh. Thanks also to the student cohort who assisted with scoring, the collection of money in the games and 'table help' rounds. Finally, thanks to Sandra Tiepermann for arranging the presence of our Year 9 student baristas and coffee cart. They enjoyed a brisk trade throughout the evening.

It is reassuring to see the community spirit and sense of family alive and well at HT.

Photos from the evening can be viewed on Firefly by clicking on Resources and selecting the ‘Parents and Friends’ tab and then clicking on ‘Trivia Night’.



Fete 2020

Whilst the Trivia Night 2019 was our outstanding culminating event in the absence of a fete this year, the P&F now turns its mind to the HT Fete 2020.  After all, it is now less than a year away!  We want to continue the success of our HT Fete 2018 and further consolidate the sense of community at HT with a brilliant fete in 2020.  Whilst we have formed a Fete Committee for 2020 with the ball starting to roll now, success will depend on the HT community's interest and engagement.  If you are interested in directly or indirectly helping with the HT Fete 2020, please email the P&F at to become involved.  Alternatively, please join the P&F family and get stuck in for 2020 – new members are always welcome. 

 We are planning on a wonderful HT Fete on Saturday, November 7, 2020 and the fun starts now.  The P&F extend our warmest invitation to you to become involved.

Thank You to our Class Representatives

The P&F are blessed to have wonderful parents volunteer each year to be class representatives. Their role is important in keeping the communication lines open between the P&F committee, the school administration and the parent cohort at each level (Pre-prep to Year 12).

We’d like to express our sincere gratitude to our 2019 Class Representatives for their time, effort and professionalism and for supporting our various P&F events throughout the year.

Best wishes are extended to our outgoing Year 12 class representative, Peggy, who has served as class representative and in other volunteer capacities for the P&F over several years.

Thank you to the volunteers who have decided to continue in their class representative role in 2020.

2020 Class Representatives - Expressions of Interest

Expressions of Interest for 2020 Class Representative positions are open. This is a great way to become involved in the school community and also a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded parents, learn more about the way the school functions and have a positive input into your child’s year at Huntingtower.


Limited vacancies exist for 2020 class rep positions. Interested parents should contact their current class representative and email the P&F Secretary, Poppy, at We hope to fill the remaining vacancies before the end of the academic year. No experience is necessary!

P&F Honour Boards

In November, the P&F activated the Honour Boards installation for the PAC, which is Mr Bowen’s legacy project primarily funded by P&F proceeds for the HT 2018 Fete.   We have engaged electricians and ordered 4 amazing electronic monitors which will be installed in the foyer of the MYC.  Utilising contemporary technology and visual formats, these Honour Boards will be a treasure trove of HT history and events.  We look forward to conclusion of this work before the end of this school year and to an official 'unveiling' early in 2020.  We anticipate that Mr Bowen will assist us with the curtain-raising and have a ready-made reason to return and visit us again soon!


The P&F will hold its AGM on March 5, 2020 at 7.30 pm in the Senior School Library.  Next year will be a big year for the P&F with return of the HT Fete in November.  We extend a warm invitation to the entire parent community to attend this critically important meeting.  It is a great opportunity to join the P&F team and to gain an insight into the functioning of the P&F and school management.  Importantly, it is the forum for election of office-bearers and sets the scene for the year ahead.  Our new principal, Mr Andrew Houghton, will be attending and we will be making him feel welcome and part of our amazing school community.  Then our year starts in earnest.  Please come along. 

Thank you

We extend our heartfelt thanks to members of our wonderful committee, our class representatives and the support of the HT school staff, especially Mr Bowen and Dr McDonald.  We have valued their friendship and contributions throughout 2019 and look forward to welcoming them back, along with new members, next year.  Sincere thanks to our retiring Secretary, Poppy, for her selfless and caring contribution to the P&F over her 5 year tenure.  We look forward to welcoming her back as a regular P&F member next year!

P&F Sholto Farewell

It was with a mixture of sadness and joy that the P&F paid tribute to our wonderful Principal, Sholto Bowen, in the final P&F get-together of 2019.  We were host to 25 members of committee to bid our farewell to Mr Bowen after his 33 years of service to Huntingtower.  Our gathering was a joyful evening of food, dancing and an 'unplugged'  impromptu concert from Mr Bowen and his guitar.  It was probably the only event (in recorded history, at least), where 'The Zorba' was performed in the MYC! 



Thank you Mr Bowen for making this an unforgettable and emotional evening and to our wonderful P&F team who made it all happen.  The P&F has been truly blessed to have experienced Mr Bowen’s inspiration and we so appreciated the privilege of being able to express our heartfelt gratitude to him.


'Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.'



Uniform Shop

The new time for the last day of the Uniform Shop this year is Thursday 5  December from 
3-5.00 pm

The dates for 2020  back to school are now available on the school website.

Please note that we do not take appointments in January.

NEW 2020 students must be in attendance when purchasing their uniform. Please allow a minimum 45 minutes for the fitting of new uniform.

For any uniform information or queries  please email the HT Uniform Shop at


A very BIG thank you to our wonderful Uniform Shop Volunteers and Duke of Ed students. Your support is much appreciated.  We couldn't do our work without you.


Huntingtower Swimming Club (HTSC)

The HT Swimming Club

If you enjoy swimming you can become a member of the Huntingtower Swimming Club.  This will allow you to join the fun and team oriented Club Nights at HSAC and you can also attend official Swim Victoria meets with other HTSC members.

For further details contact the HTSC Secretary on, see us on Facebook or speak with one of the friendly Swimming Coaches at the pool.


'Bring a Friend' Night

HT Club Night 5, a 'Bring a Friend Night' is on January 31 2020 at HSAC

Special event – Parents vs Kids Race

Prizes are up for grabs!

Kids - make sure your parents bring their bathers! Tell them that they have the holidays to practise!

Congratulations Jordan and Kate!

Well done!

Under the tutorage of Marika Borlase, Jordan Koudmani has been offered a place at the VCA (Victorian College of the Arts) with her wonderful folio of work and Kate Healey has been short listed for TOP ARTS.

Congratulations to all involved; a fabulous result for our students and staff.

Marion Power

Head of Visual Art & Design



The Huntingtower Bulletin
Volunteers at our thank you coffee and cake get-together
Southern Boys Tennis Team