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08 November 2019
Issue 10 - Term 4, Week 5, 2019

"Once a Willy Kid, always a Willy Kid!"

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From the Principal

Term 4, Week 5 (Friday 8th November 2019)

Dear Families,


We hope you managed to find some time for fun on Monday, Pupil-Free Day (staff professional learning day) and Tuesday, Melbourne Cup Day. 

Staff were at school on Monday engaging in workshops to review our school’s performance data this year and our Willy Values and Beliefs. It has been some time since the original Values and Beliefs document was written and still some time since it was revised in 2011. With a considerable number of new staff on board, it is essential that this piece of work is reviewed and checked for continued understanding, purpose and relevance for all. Going into 2020, we aim to republish this piece of work, inviting community consultation from families and students as well.

Warm regards,
Andrea (Principal) & Mat (Assistant Principal) 

Only 9 days to go! Seaside fair Update:

  • Willy Kids are in a class competition for the most number of volunteers. Thanks to our wonderful Willy families for putting your hand up to volunteer! Collectively we’re sitting at 70% with a week to go so, please give an hour of power and click the volunteers link to get on board! 
  • Raffle Tickets have been sent home to all families this week. Knowing there are many great prizes to be won, we hope you can quickly sell these in support of the fair.
  • Families are asked to join us for a Working Bee to prepare our school for the Seaside Fair. This will be held on Sunday November 10th 9:00am - 12:00pm. Can you help us out for an hour or so?  We ask you to bring along rakes, brooms, weeding gloves and trowels. Throughout the morning, we will share in a sausage sizzle as our way of saying thank you!
  • Have you purchased a food card and ride wrist band for your children?

Class placements 2020

Teaching staff will soon begin the process of placing children in classes for 2020.  This is a task which teachers spend many hours trying to get right, or as right as possible given all the elements they are juggling when placing children in the most appropriate groupings. With the change to our structure next year, it will be interesting to see whether the process of class placement is easier or indeed more difficult. Class placement requires the collective efforts of all staff throughout a considerable process. Initially, the teachers meet to consider the relative academic and social abilities of the children and then begin to place them in grades, taking into account their current friendship groups. Please note that this is based on teachers’ knowledge of the children. The most important consideration however will always be around placement with compatible learners.

A range of factors are considered based on some simple principles:

  • classes need to have a gender balance,
  • classes need an academically compatible balance,
  • classes need a “social behaviour” balance,
  • children need to be placed with familiar faces while at the same time acknowledging that some children work better with certain students than others, irrespective of friendships,
  • “Willy kids are friendly kids”; we strongly believe it is essential for children to be challenged to make new friends as these opportunities often lead to wonderful new friendships and relationships never before imagined. Additionally, it is unrealistic to expect that we will travel through life with only one set of friends.
  • Students need opportunities to work through social challenges with care, support and understanding from the adults in their life. Please do not expect that a student with whom a child had an issue with one year will never be in the same grouping with them again. We need to help children learn to adapt and skill ourselves up to deal with all kinds of people and most importantly, give relationships a second opportunity to flourish.

If there are important family matters that you feel the school needs to take into consideration when organising classes, you should email Andrea. Whilst every effort will be made to consider these pieces of information, ultimately, what works best for the majority of students will be the biggest consideration of all as we cast our eyes over final lists. Please note that the school will not accept requests from parents for specific placements of peers and we will not consider specific requests for teachers. Parents should also understand that notifications made last year or in previous years are not ‘carried over’ or considered for the 2020 class placements. All notifications must be written and addressed to the Principal and can be made up until Monday 18th November 2019. Notifications will be forwarded to the respective Team Leaders to assist the teachers when they are selecting the grades for the following year. Whilst all correspondence will be given consideration, no promises or guarantees can or will be made. There are often confidential matters which may influence the placement of children.  These matters cannot be shared and we expect that parents trust and respect the school’s decisions. Thank you for your understanding.

One final reminder, please inform us in writing if your circumstances have changed and your child will NOT be attending WPS in 2020.

Other notes and highlights and reminders:

  • Our Year 3 /4s presented their Clayamation film festival last week which was wonderfully received by the many families who came along. Thanks for supporting this work. Your children have demonstrated their collaboration and communication skills beautifully as they worked hard to produce a story and creatively present this through claymation. It was excellent work!
  • We are pleased to share that our new personalised Willy pavers are now in place at the Seagull Gate (Parker Street entrance). Next, the remaining pavers will be laid at the Fish Gate (near OSH Club and the Prep playground). Thank you for your patience as this gate is temporarily out of action. 
  • Congratulations to our Junior School Council who organised Bandanna Day last Friday for our school community. This event was a fundraiser in support of CanTeen, Kids with cancer and we were very pleased with the amount of support it generated. Willy Kids are caring kids! Thank you to all who wore or purchased bandanas. 

Feedback about the WPS iNewsletter

In the last newsletter, we invited our Willy PS community to share any feedback about the new iNewsletter format. We’re hoping that the response rate means that you are pleased with the change – we only received one suggestion!


The suggestion was this: “In the Upcoming Events, it would be convenient to see what has changed since the last newsletter. At present, I manually compare to what I have in my calendar which is cumbersome and time consuming.”

In response, you will notice we have made a slight change to the ‘Coming Up At Willy’ page. The following terms will appear in italics at the end of the event headers:

  • Repeat – means this section is exactly the same as it was in the previous edition.
  • Update – means this section has an updated component and will have new information that you may need to know about.
  • New – means that this is a newly listed event.

We hope this small change makes it easier for our Willy families to keep track of the whole-school happenings of our school.


If you would still like to provide feedback about the re-designed newsletter (for example: format, content, frequency, delivery method), we will hold the survey open for one more week. You can access the survey at: https://forms.gle/mNXRFWTxGnmQBho17 


If you feel that your newsletter feedback requires a discussion with a member of our staff, please phone through to our school office on 9397 1248 and ask for Liz Beasley (Leading Teacher).

Dates to Remember

Dates to Remember



Sun 10th: Working Bee 9am - 12pm

Thu 14th: Marimba Workshops (Grade 3/4)

Thu 14th: Prep Warm Water Swimming Program begins

Fri 15th: Prep Warm Water Swimming Program continues
Sun 17th: SEASIDE FAIR at Willy Primary!
Tue 19th: Grades 5/6 B & L Cold Water Swimming

Tue 19th: Bike Education (5/6D - Day 1)

Tue 19th: School Council Meeting (6:30pm)

Wed 20th: Grades 5/6 H & M Cold Water Swimming

Wed 20th: Bike Education (5/6D - Day 2)

Wed 20th: Prep 2020 Parent Info Session (7pm)

Thu 21st: Bike Education (5/6L - Day 1)

Thu 21st: Prep Warm Water Swimming Program continues

Thu 21st: Grades 5/6 D & K Cold Water Swimming

Fri 22nd: Prep Warm Water Swimming Program continues

Tue 26th: Grades 3/4 C & W Cold Water Swimming

Wed 27th: Grades 3/4  E & K Cold Water Swimming

Wed 27th: Wishing Tree Stall

Thu 28th: Prep Warm Water Swimming Program continues

Thu 28th: Grades 3/4 H & S Cold Water Swimming

Fri 29th: Prep Warm Water Swimming Program continues



Mon 2nd: Bike Education (5/6L - Day 2)

Tue 3rd: Bike Education (5/6H - Day 1)

Wed 4th: Willy Games (Prep to 6)

Thu 5th: Bike Education (5/6H - Day 2)

Thu 5th: Prep Warm Water Swimming Program continues

Fri 6th: Prep Warm Water Swimming Program continues

Mon 9th: Bike Education (5/6K - Day 1)

Tue 10th: Step Up Program (Years Prep-5)

Tue 10th: Orientation Day (Year 6 into Year 7)

Tue 10th: 2020 Prep Play Date (time TBC)

Tue 10th: Parent Info Session - Transition Year 2 to 3 (6.30pm - 7.15pm)

Tue 10th: Parent Info Session - Transition Year 4 to 5 (7:30pm - 8.15pm)

Wed 11th: Bike Education (5/6K - Day 2)

Wed 11th: Botanic Gardens excursion (Grade 2)

Wed 11th: Junior Concert Evening (Years Prep-2)

Thu 12th: Bike Education (5/6B - Day 1)

Thu 12th: Prep Warm Water Swimming Program continues

Fri 13th: Bike Education (5/6B - Day 2)

Fri 13th: Prep Warm Water Swimming Program ends

Mon 16th: Grade 6 Graduation Evening

Tue 17th: Life Saving Club excursion (Grade 5/6) 

Wed 18th: Adventure Park excursion (Grade 5/6)

Wed 18th: End of year concert - Marimba Band, Rock Band, Choir

Thur 19th: Commonwealth Reserve excursion (Grade 5/6)

Fri 20th: Last day of the school year (dismissal @ 1:30pm)

Coming Up at Willy

Calling all volunteers! Working Bee - Sunday 10th November, 9am-12pm (repeat)

In preparation for the Seaside Fair the following week, we are kindly asking for volunteers (adults and kids alike!) to join us on Sunday 10th November from 9am to 12pm for a 'tidying up' working bee. If you can offer any amount of time - be it one hour or the full three, we would be immensely appreciative. As always, a delicious BBQ will be an incentive for our lovely volunteers!

SEASIDE FAIR!!! Sunday 17th November (new)

Don't forget to lock in Sunday 17th of November with all your friends and family for the Willy Primary Seaside Fair!


Wishing Tree Stall - Wednesday 27th November (repeat)

The Grade Two students are working hard on creating many gorgeous Christmas goodies that they will be selling at the Wishing Tree Stall on Wednesday 27th November.


The Wishing Tree Stall is a meaningful opportunity for our Willy Kids to raise money for children who are less fortunate than us and to give back to the community. All money raised goes towards buying presents for the West Welcome Wagon and more details will come in the next editions of the newsletter.

Willy Games – Wednesday 4th December (repeat)

On Wednesday 4th December, the whole-school will be participating in the Willy Games, a fun-filled day where the kids will come dressed in their house colours and join in on all sorts of round-robin, cross-aged, multi-skilled activities and score points for their sporting house.  Once again we welcome back ‘Kaboom Kid Sports’ which is a multi age focused extravaganza with unique sports that will include all students. There will be activities such as the Giant Dart Board, the Wacky Wheel, Olympic Javelin, Air Time, Ping Pong World, mini golf and many others! Parents are welcome to come down and join in the fun from 1:30pm onwards on the oval. An event will be released via Compass in due time.

Step Up Day – Tuesday 10th December (repeat)

On Tuesday 10th December we have our Step-Up Morning.  During the morning block the students have the chance to head off to their 2020 year levels, where they will join the teachers to undertake some transition activities. Please note that this WILL NOT be their grade (classmates or teacher) for 2020 – but rather just a general mix of kids trying some activities/routines from the next year level.  The staffing placements for 2020 will be announced later in the year and a letter will be sent home informing you of your child’s 2020 teacher before they meet them on the last day of the year.  

Junior School Concert – Wednesday 11th December, time TBC (repeat)

On Wednesday 11th December (Week 10), our Grade Prep - 2s will be performing in their biennial junior concert. There will be two concerts held, which will take place after school (students are required for one concert only). Faye will be sending home information shortly about the concert including attendance, concert times and costume suggestions.
Don’t forget to save the date! 

Willy Kids

The Willy Kids Program  

Term 4: Willy Kids are Resilient
Weeks 5 & 6: Willy Kids Bounce Back


This fortnight we are looking at "Willy Kids Bounce Back".


The ability to bounce back means if something doesn’t go our way, we keep trying. Life is full of ups and downs and we often encounter issues in the classroom and in the playground. The way in which we respond to those situations determines how we grow and develop as a learner.


As Willy Kids, we bounce back in the classroom by:

  • learning from our mistakes and having a go.
  • having a growth mindset.
  • responding positively to feedback from teachers and peers.

As Willy Kids, we bounce back in the playground by:

  • trying hard to achieve something, even if things don’t go our way (e.g. if we lose a game of down ball, we just keep trying).
  • negotiating and compromising (.g. playing other people’s games as well as our own).
  • responding positively to setbacks. 

In the classroom and playground, Willy Kids who bounce back are focused on growing as a learner and building positive relationships. Resilient Willy Kids choose their responses carefully when dealing with decisions, disappointments and new challenges. When encountering difficult situations in the classroom and in the playground, we try to bounce back by making good choices!

Prep Team News

Hello Prep Families

After enjoying our first Kinder to Prep transition day for our 2020 Preps, it has been lovely to reflect on how far our Preps have come over the year. They have made amazing growth both academically and socially, and we know that shortly they will be more than ready to embrace the new challenges of Grade One.

The Preps are enjoying the opportunity to learn about the Sea and how and what they can do to impact our environment. It is wonderful to see their inquiring minds at work.

Please find below an outline of our upcoming and past events related to Prep only. For additional events relating to the entire school, please see the "Coming Up" section of this newsletter.


Warm regards,

The Grade Prep Team - Lauren Cunningham (Prep C), Zoe Dawkins (Prep D - Team Leader), Michelle Jordan (Prep J)  & Toni Lind (Prep L)

Prep Swimming

There are some very busy weeks coming up with our swimming program beginning next week. Our swimming program is a great opportunity for our Preps to challenge themselves and build on their resilience, while also working on their safety around water and swimming ability. Thank you to all the parents who will be joining us each day. We thank you for your help and support of this program. Please remember to send your child to school in their bathers each Thursday and Friday for the next five weeks. They will also require a swimming bag containing, goggles, underwear and a towel.



Prep Breakfast

The Prep Breakfast is another event that is only weeks away. This is an introduction to a camp-like experience and is planned to develop your child’s independence in a familiar and safe environment away from home. Students will arrive at school in their pyjamas at the usual time, eat breakfast at school, wash their dishes, brush their teeth and change into their school clothes to continue their activities for the day. The cost is $5 and further details are available on Compass. 

Curriculum Overview (Grade Prep) - Term 4, 2019 


Grade One Team News

Hello Grade One Families

Please find below an outline of our upcoming and past events related to Grade One only. For additional events relating to the entire school, please see the "Coming Up" section of this newsletter.

Warm regards,
The Grade One Team - Sheena Angus (1A), Marina Robb (1R) and Tanya Chambers (1T - Team Leader)

Year One Camp – Dinner at School

To say there were many excited Year One students would be an understatement! Everyone had a great time moving through the activities of the camp program - playing board games, eating their baked potatoes, washing dishes, getting changed into pj’s and listening to bedtime stories! Thank goodness, the weather was on our side as well!


However, the best way to read about their camp experiences come from the kids. Please enjoy reading some of the responses that highlight their thoughts and feelings about this great event.


Dinner at School by Isla C

Wow! Last night I had an amazing dinner at school. I felt amazing all the way through. First, at the Grade 1 dinner, I went to put my bag away in the girls changing room. After I played a board game with Rocco and I won! Next, we had some beautiful dinner. We had baked potatoes, tomatoes, avocado, baked beans, salad, lettuce and cheese. For dessert, we had magnificent icy poles as well. They were delicious! Then we had to do some washing up. I felt so happy about everything. I would love to do it again. I loved, loved, and loved it apart from cleaning up because I hate washing up!


Dinner at School by Stirling M 

Hooray! It is dinner at school and I am feeling great! While I was packing my bag, I was thinking about how dinner was going to be. When I got to school, I said good-bye to my mum. Then my class went into the red brick hall to play games. After that, we had dinner. It was baked potatoes with toppings on them. When that finished, 1A got dressed and I put my blue and black pj’s on. Then I went off to brush my teeth. After that, I was feeling awesome!


Dinner at School by Saphira H

Wow! Yesterday I had dinner at school! First, I packed my bag. Next, I went to school and played games. Then I had dinner. I tried the potato but I didn’t like it! P.S. So many flies! Then I washed up! After that, I got changed. I felt happy!



Seaside Fair

Students are invited to visit the Grade One Team at the photo booth in 1T’s classroom at the Seaside Fair. We’d love to see you there!

Curriculum Overview (Grade One) - Term 4, 2019 


Grade Two Team News

Hello Grade Two Families

We hope you all enjoyed the Melbourne Cup long weekend.  Based on the stories we have heard in class, it sounds like a lot of you had a very exciting four days off.  The Grade Two students have been whole-heartedly enjoying our ‘I Spy In My Garden’ unit of work.  Last week the Grade Two students helped Liz to plant some seeds in the school vegetable garden.  The students loved getting their hands dirty and we cannot wait for some seedlings to sprout.  In class, we have been loving the mini-beast presentations the students have been doing.  Both teachers and students are learning so much about a wide range of mini-beasts, and the students should be very proud of all the hard work they have put in to getting prepared.  If you would like to have a look at the posters/models that the students have made, they are on display in the corridors outside the Grade Two classrooms.  We highly recommend taking a look, we are sure you will all learn something new!

Please find below an outline of our upcoming and past events related to Grade Two only. For additional events relating to the entire school, please see the "Coming Up" section of this newsletter.


Warm regards,
The Grade Two Team - Anna Swan & Robin Nankivell (2A), Caitlin Sullivan (2S - Team Leader) & Helen Thomaidis (2T)

Wishing Tree Stall – Wednesday 27th November

The Grade Two students are hard at work preparing lots of wonderful Christmas goodies for our community to buy at the Wishing Tree Stall this year. The Wishing Tree Stall is a chance for us to raise money for children who are less fortunate than us and give back to our community. All money raised goes towards buying presents for the West Welcome Wagon.

Royal Botanic Gardens Excursion – Wednesday 11th December

As part of our unit of work this term, ‘I Spy in my Garden’, the Grade Two children will visit the Education Centre at the Royal Botanic Gardens. They will observe mini-beasts in different habitats and explore their connection to the plant world. They will also investigate a worm farm, explore a water habitat and hunt with a magnifying glass in the leaf litter of the Gardens. We will be departing school at 9:15am and around lunchtime. Students will be required to bring a small backpack containing their snack, lunch and drink bottle.  Please minimise the rubbish as students will need to bring this back to school.  Students must also bring a sun hat, as well as wet weather gear (rain coat, umbrella, gumboots) if required, on the day. School uniform and comfortable closed-in shoes must be worn.  More information will be released closer to the date.

Curriculum Overview (Grade Two) - Term 4, 2019 


Grade 3/4 Team News

Hello Grade 3/4 Families

Our Grade 3/4 students have been working hard this past week, as our assessment schedule is now underway. Students have begun some of their end of year assessment tasks, which teachers will be using for reporting purposes. These assessment tasks are a celebration of student learning! In addition to this, the tasks provide us with evidence of the students’ learning and growth across all curriculum areas. Our assessment schedule will continue throughout next week, so please ensure that your child is well-rested and punctual to school to maximise learning time.

Please find below an outline of our upcoming and past events related to Grade 3/4 only. For additional events relating to the entire school, please see the "Coming Up" section of this newsletter.


Warm regards,
The 3/4 Team - Mary Colangelo & Carmel Byrne (3/4C), Matt Eason-Jones (3/4E), Molly Hedditch & Steven Puhar (3/4H), Steph Keswick (3/4K), Matt Scalzo (3/4S) and Rochelle White (3/4W - Team Leader).

Claymation Project - Short Movie Festival

On Thursday 31st October, the students thoroughly enjoyed showing their Claymation Movies to parents and carers. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our short movie festival! Even though we are aware that not every parent was able to attend, we were quite pleased with the turnout at such a busy time. If you were unable to attend, please ensure that you watch your child’s Claymation Movie together on their iPad at home. Enjoy!




Drink Bottles

As the weather is warming up, please remind your child to bring a drink bottle to school. As hydration is important, particularly on the hotter days, we encourage students to bring a drink bottle to class so that they can drink throughout the day.

Cold Water Swimming Program

Dates for our Cold Water Swimming Program have been confirmed. Each class will attend one day as outlined below:

  • Tuesday November 26th, 2019 (3/4C & 3/4W)
  • Wednesday November 27th, 2019 (3/4E & 3/4K)
  • Thursday November 28th, 2019 (3/4H & 3/4S)

Times Table Challenge

Later in Term Four, some of our Grade 3/4 students will be participating in the 3/4 Times Table Challenge. This annual event has become somewhat of a tradition at Willy Primary. Each class will have at least one Grade 3 and one Grade 4 representative and the winner of each level will win the highly-coveted Times Table Trophy.


Please remind your child to practise their times tables daily. Quizzing your child at home to quickly recall answers to the times table is a fun way to help your child practise their times tables and prepare for the Times Table Challenge.

Curriculum Overview (Grade 3/4) - Term 4, 2019 


Grade 5/6 Team News

Hello Grade 5/6 Families

We hope you have have enjoyed a shorter working week and managed to find some time to relax over the long weekend together. This week grade 6 students have been continuing to put some work into their graduation, with filming for the video beginning next week! The excitement they are showing is infectious and we cannot wait to share what they have created. Our 5/6 Willy’s Got Talent auditions also came to a close, showing just how creative and brave Willy Kids are and they have certainly brightened up our 5/6 assemblies over the past couple of months.


Please find below an outline of our past and upcoming events related to Grade 5/6 only. For additional events relating to the entire school, please see the "Coming Up" section of this newsletter.


Warm regards,
The Grade 5/6 Team - Laura Bartholomeusz (5/6B), Emil de Vries (5/6D), Joel Hogarth (5/6H), Joel Kitchen (5/6K), Lisa Leydin & Robin Nankivell (5/6L) and Bianca Muraca (5/6M). 

Bike Education

Our Bike Ed program has begun with 5/6M heading out onto the streets this week. It has been great to see our kids acting so responsibly on the roads. A reminder for the remaining grades to get their bikes in working order and ensure they have a safe helmet ready!


Week 7: 5/6D Tues 19th and Wed 20th Nov

Week 7:  5/6L Thurs 21st Nov

Week 9: 5/6L Mon 2nd Dec 

Week 9: 5/6H Tues 3rd Dec and Thurs 5th Dec

Week 10: 5/6K Mon 9th Dec and Wed 11th Dec

Week 10: 5/6B Thurs 12th and Fri 13th Dec



Our Willy Kids have been busy battling it out on the sports fields with many of our teams competing in the Western Metropolitan Region finals over the last couple of weeks. We would like to congratulate our Volleyball, Basketball and Hotshots players who all did a fantastic job of representing Willy Primary. The kids all played fantastically and should be proud of making it so far! An especially big congratulations goes to our Hotshots players, who managed to win their finals and will now battle it out at state level!


Willy’s Got Talent

Willy’s Got Talent


A big thank you to all our wonderful performers who auditioned for Willy’s Got Talent this year. We were blown away by the talent on show and are incredibly proud of all the amazing things our Willy Kids can do!

Grade 6 Photo

Each year we take a photo of our grade six cohort that will be used for our graduation certificates. A reminder that this year the photo will be taken on Tuesday November the 26th at 9:10am. We ask that all grade six students wear their full school uniform for the photo. 

Curriculum Overview (Grade 5/6) - Term 4, 2019 


Specialist Team News

Performing Arts with Faye

Willy’s Got Talent @ Seaside Fair

We are nearly at the end of our auditioning process for selecting students to perform at the Seaside Fair. Notes will be given out early next week to those who have been chosen.

The Willy’s Got Talent segment will run on the stage outside the music room from 1.00 – 2.00pm.

Well done to all students who have tried out!


Music. Count Us In

Today all Willy kids joined with up to a million other Australian students to sing this year’s Music. Count Us In song “We Are”. Students from P-6 did a great job coming together to sing this song with gusto and celebrate music in schools.

P – 2 Junior Concert - Save the date - Weds 11th Dec (week 10)!

All students should have received an information note about the Junior Concert with show times, costume suggestions and an attendance slip. For help in planning, please ensure you return the attendance slip circling whether your child will or will not be able to attend, to Faye by Friday 29th November.

Warm regards,
Faye Ferry (Performing Arts)

Visual Art with JoJo

With just 9 days to go until the Seaside Fair, in the At Room we are adding the finishing touches to our bunting flags, fish and sea creatures. Featuring both natural and manmade landmarks in Williamstown, the bunting flags will be on display around the entertainment tent. The fish will swim together to become part of a whole school art installation. Weather permitting, the sea creatures will be there to add a seaside feel to our Seaside Fair. So make sure you take some time to check out our creations while you are at the Fair.

Hope to see you there.

Jo Jo


Warm regards,
Jo Wilson (Visual Art).

LOTE - French with Madame CriCri


The student response to our Willy French program has been a very positive one since last term. I could not be prouder of our Willy kids!

‘La reciprocation, les interactions positives, la collaboration mutuelle et la participation active en classe…’ Such is our recipe for language learning, topped up with warmth and friendliness from every single student which contributes to a harmonious and productive French learning environment in ‘la salle de classe’.

Last week, as I was walking back to my classroom, Kevin and Harrison from Grade 3/4H ran up to me. They simply wanted to share with me what learning French together means to them and how grateful they are to have the opportunity to explore the world from within our Willy French classroom. It always is a proud moment for a teacher to have students articulate and acknowledge the core intent of what is delivered in the classroom. Yes, we learn French together; yes, we discover and discuss cultural aspects about France; yes, we develop brain plasticity every time we speak the target language and assimilate it internally; etc... But, the bigger picture is that students develop themselves as individuals by becoming citizens of the world from the inside out which in turn equips them with the necessary tools to embrace Internationalism by becoming better thinkers, communicators, inquirers, explorers and open-minded learners. 

Kevin and Harrison's message was so pure, unprompted and summed up so beautifully exactly the way I see my mission as the Willy French teacher that I offered the boys to take charge of this week's French article to allow them to voice their own message to the whole school. Both boys took great pride in it, merci les garcons!    


Warm regards,
Madame Cricri/Christine Castel-Singh (LOTE French)

Physical Education with Paddy




Last Wednesday 4 teams from Willy Primary went and competed against other schools from our Division in a Sofcrosse tournament at Paisley Park. Each team played 7 games, in a round robin format, with the top four making finals. Both the Boys Gold team and Gold Mixed team finished on top of their pools and made it into the finals. They then both won their preliminary finals and it was into the Grand Final for both teams! In a nail bitter, the boys game went into overtime and after playing valiantly, they went down to St Mary’s who scored the golden goal. The girls team were involved in another close final, eventually coming out victorious 4 goals to 3! It was a fantastic effort by all teams who made Willy Primary very proud! We now wish the girls the best of luck for state finals!


Warm regards,

Paddy Gallivan (Physical Education)


Seaside Fair News

Seaside Fair News


Only 9 days to go!!!

The key to running a successful fair is to let everyone know we are having one! Please like us on
Facebook and Instagram, and tick going at: www.facebook.com/events/2442829209308624

Storage Container

The storage container is open for business! Donations of second hand goods, uniforms, toys, books, games and puzzles in good saleable condition, are all greatly appreciated!!
We are also collecting brand quality women’s clothing. Please no shoes and only complete sets (games, puzzles) and be mindful, we will need to dispose of unsalable items.


Opening times:

  • Mon, Wed & Fri: 8.45 - 9.15am and 3.15 - 3.45pm
  • Saturday November 9th: 9.00 - 10am


Plant Stall

Green thumbs are needed to grow plants for the plant stall. Donations of pots, potting mix would also be fantastic! On the day of the fair, donations of any fresh produce from your garden (eg herbs, cut flowers, fruit or veggies) would be wonderful.


Craft Stall

This we are asking for crafty donations of Christmas themed items. Other craft items including crocheting, knitting, sewing, jewellery, woodwork etc. will also be greatly accepted!



To volunteer for our Fair, please head to: www.williamstownprimaryseasidefair.com.au/volunteer where you will find a volunteer sign up list with links to the various stalls. Once you click on the link you can enter your details, you will then get a confirmation email with your designated time.


The Great Willy Bake Off

The Great Willy Bake Off is back! This year's categories are:
1. Easy & Yummy
2. Creative
Look out for entry forms coming home today, or download a copy from below:


Community Partners / News

Raine & Horne Williamstown -Official Community Partners of Williamstown Primary School


Save the date: Kids & Teens at School (KiTeS) Project


Parents Victoria Annual Conference

Parents Victoria would like to draw your attention to our 2019 Annual Conference Everyone’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Matters. The conference will be held on the 18th and 19th November at the Pullman Melbourne on the Park. The keynote speaker is Andrew Fuller. Full details about the conference are attached.


Williamstown Sailing Club Tackers Program


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