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31 January 2019
Issue One
Upcoming Events
Principal's News
Family Engagement
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Upcoming Events

What's On - Term 1

28th  January    Australia Day Public Holiday

29th January    First Day Staff

30th January   Students begin

1st February     Preps begin

7th February  Parent Teacher Chats

13th February   Beginning of Year Mass @ 9am

21st February  Parent Information Evening @ 6pm

25th February  Open Day

6th March   Ash Wednesday Mass

21st March    Harmony Day and Multicultural Night

26th March    Year 3/4 Camp @ Campaspe Downs

28th March  Books in Homes Assembly

5th April      Last day of Term 


Principal's News


Welcome Back everyone! I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season and had the opportunity to enjoy (and escape when necessary) the warm weather. 


Today's newsletter is just a brief one to welcome you and your families and to begin to give you a few key term dates that have hit our calendar so far. 


Wednesday was a very hot start to the new year for students but students jumped straight into their learning and were really pleased to be back. 



Over the school holiday break, tradesmen were busy throughout Trinity. The ground floor classrooms and hallways were painted and blinds were replaced in a number of grades and office spaces.



After suffering from the downpour in mid-December, our Library/Community Center has been refurbished and its new furniture delivered. Please drop in and have a look when you get the chance. Library sessions begin for students next week and we're expecting that this space will become popular with parents as well as students. 

Collection of Students

Just a reminder that our school day begins and 8.45am and ends at 3.15pm. Students need to be collected by 3.30pm or will be placed into after school care. If you feel that you may struggle to make collection of your children on time, please make alternative arrangements for them to be collected or register them with After School Care. 

Welcome Tea & Sympathy with our Preps

A huge welcome to our new Prep families. The transition was incredibly smooth for both students and parents! The Preps settled in well today and were mixing well on yard and seemed pretty excited to be starting the next stage on their learning journey. 



Welcome New Staff

A big welcome to our new staff who have joined Trinity this year. Urania Rivas is teaching in Year Year 1/2. Georgina Hession is our new Year 3/4 teacher and ICT leader. Briony Moylan joins us as our new Art teacher. Belinda Nechwatal leads Music this year.  Monga Mukasa and Samantha Tighe join our staff as Learning Support Officers. Welcome back also to Kate Foley who will be teaching in each of the Prep/1 grades for half a day on Wednesdays as Anna takes on the role of Playgroup Leader (to be released Wednesday mornings) and Lucy takes on the role of Junior Transition Leader (to be released Wednesday afternoons).  


Thank you to our staff for their work in preparing for the year over the break and for their extremely positive start to the year. 

Student Art Work

You'll notice post-painting our walls are looking a little bare. Over the next few weeks you'll notice student art work appearing on our walls. Thanks to all those students whose work will appear and to Elorraine who is gradually hanging the art work and has overseen the framing. 

Have a great week everyone.






Our Garden

Despite the heat of summer and the absence of our wonderful Gardening Club we still managed to pick a crop of tomatoes on the first day of school.  As soon as our Gardening Club is up and running, we will restore our garden plot to looking spectacular!


In the meantime, we agreed our tomatoes taste delicious!

Family Engagement



Welcome back to all our students and families.

A special welcome to our 2019 Preps, new students and families.


At Trinity Catholic School, Family Engagement and Learning is an opportunity for the school community

to collaborate, form strong partnerships and support our students in an holistic and authentic way.


Throughout the year events and activities are organised which provide engaging learning experiences and invite the entire school and wider community to participate.


Some of these events and activities are:-


  • Talking Circles with parents

  • Parent information sessions

  • School events such as sports, fundraising, school celebrations and Masses

  • Parent/Teacher Chats

  • Students Led Conferences

  • Parents and Friends Association

  • Classroom helpers

  • Home Learning


We strive to build a positive learning environment that encourages

a love of learning, risk taking, individual reflection and goal setting, development of personal initiative and life skills for all.


I look forward to an exciting year ahead in our vibrant learning community.


Vicki Gualano


Family Engagement Leader


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