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25 May 2018
Issue Fourteen
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Assistant Principal Update



Dear Families, Students and Community Members,


Term 2 at Mordialloc College has been as busy as usual! It is always a challenging time of year as the weather becomes colder and the daylight hours shorten. But this hasn’t darkened the spirits of our Senior School students who have yet again made us all proud to be a part of the College community.


For the ANZAC day school service at the Shrine of Remembrance, 30 SRC members, along with Ms Campbell and Mrs Brown, paid their respects and laid a wreath in honour of those who lost their lives in wars and conflicts. Mordialloc College’s representation at this commemorative event is important to us and we are proud of those who choose to attend.


 At the start of May, Year 10 and 11 students attended the Careers Expo at Caulfield racecourse. The excursion was organised by Jane Jamieson, our Careers and Pathways Advisor, and proved to be highly valuable to many of the students. They were able to attend seminars on VCE subjects, tertiary courses, careers and gap year options; there was well over a hundred exhibitors for them to visit. For some students, the event provided insight into careers they had not considered previously, whilst for others it offered guidance around possible pathways available to them in order to achieve their dream career.


We were lucky this year that House Cross Country took place on a sunny autumn day, making the 3 or 5 kilometre course somewhat less of a challenge! Senior school participation was good and it was, as whole school sports events always are, fantastic to see so many students and some staff taking part – regardless of ability.

Our College Captains have engaged the four houses in a five-cent collection competition; the first house to fill their jar will win and all the money collected will be donated to The Smith Family. At the moment, Iwala is in the lead with Kalura running a close second. It is difficult to estimate how much will be raised from the competition but Sabrina assures me it is likely to be in excess of $300. The response so far has been excellent!


Year 10 went out on work experience this term and represented the College incredibly well. Most students enjoyed their week and were able to reflect on their experience in the workplace. They could review what they had learnt and how the skills they developed could help them in the future. Some found they were inspired to pursue careers in particular areas whereas others discovered that the career they had previously been considering was perhaps not as suited to them as they thought. All in all, the week provided a wide range of learning opportunities for our students and we are grateful to Jane for her hard work in organising these opportunities and to Kim Cowain-Menzies for supporting Jane in ensuring the huge amounts of paperwork were processed in time.


Elevate will be in school again this term, running sessions with Year 11s as they approach end of unit exams, and Year 12s as they approach their final semester of study and begin to prepare for their final exams. It is always hoped that students take away valuable study skills from these sessions so that their home study can be more focused and useful.

As the end of semester and subject units come to an end, and GAT (General Assessment Task) approaches, we wish all our Senior students great success. Exams can present challenges and we are keen that students achieve their best. The Wellbeing team will be running a session with Year 12 students to give them strategies for managing stress and they are always happy to support anyone who might experience feelings of uncertainty or worry at these times. We hope to see all students taking responsibility for achieving their personal best, by studying and preparing for exams in each of their subjects.  As in everything we do at Mordialloc College, we have high expectations of all our students and look forward to some excellent results for this semester.


Mrs Joanne Greenhalgh

Acting Assistant Principal




Important Dates


Monday 28

  • Close of Student School Council Ballot

Tuesday 29

  • Yr 11 VCAL Young Ambassadors Program
  • SEAL ICAS Science Competition
  • Yr 8A Rock Climbing Excursion
  • Declaration of Student School Council Poll

Wednesday 30

  • Yr 11 Elevate Session
  • Yr 8C Up Unlimited Excursion
  • Yr 8H Rock Climbing Excursion

Thursday 31

  • Yr 8B Up Unlimited Excursion


Monday 4

  • Yr 10 Exams 
  • Yr 11 Unit 1 Exams
  • Yr 8F Rock Climbing Excursion

Tuesday 5

  • Yr 10 Exams
  • Yr 11 Unit 1 Exams
  • Yr 11 VCAL Young Ambassadors Program
  • Yr 8E Rock Climbing Excursion



Wednesday 6

  • Yr 10 Exams
  • Yr 11 Unit 1 Exams
  • Yr 12 Elevate Session: How to Ace Your Exams


Thursday 7

  • Yr 10 Exams
  • Yr 11 Unit 1 Exams
  • World Challenge Fitness Session 
  • Yr 10 VCAL METEC Defensive Driving Course
  • Yr 8D Up Unlimited Excursion

Friday 8

  • Yr 10 Exams
  • Yr 11 Unit 1 Exams
  • Yr 8G Rock Climbing Excursion

Monday 11

  • Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Tuesday 12

  • Yr 9 Exams

Wednesday 13

  • GAT - General Assessment Test
  • Yr 9 Exams

Thursday 14

  • Production Trivia Night Fundraiser 6:30 pm in the Learning Centre

Friday 15

  • Student Free Day

Exam Timetable


Student Council Elections


Student Council Candidates


                                                         Student Awards      

Student Values Awards

Personal Best - Work to the best of your ability. Pursue excellence, try hard and constantly seek to improve.

Integrity  - Be true to yourself by doing what is right. Be honest and trustworthy.

Respect  - Treat everyone with equal consideration. Be accepting of others and their differences.

Responsibility - Be accountable for your actions. Contribute positively to the school and wider community.



Congratulations to the following student for displaying our College values of responsibility and personal best:

Tom Wakelin: For his fantastic essay on the nature poetry we have been studying.

Congratulations to the following students for displaying their personal best in these areas:


Ashleigh McCulloch: For always giving her personal best in lessons, homework, classwork and everything she does.


And to the following students for applying their personal best efforts to their Japanese Menu task:
Ben Curtin:

Jasmine Cane:

Anna Kuppe:

Amelia Davidson:

Patrick Kennedy: 

Liam Maher:

Angela Prudnikove:

Esha Stevenson-Phillips: 

Jeremy Thai-Chan:


Lana Paten




Debating News

Dauntless Debaters Defy Defeat

Last Tuesday night, students from years 7 to 12 competed in Round 3 of the Victorian Schools Debating Competition. After weeks of rigorous training and intense practice debates, our hardened debate team were ready for their first secret topic round. A secret topic round is where students find out the topic only one hour before their debate and must prepare with no outside help from the internet, teachers or coaches.

Even though our students were up against older, more experienced students from private schools they conducted themselves with grace and confidence. Our results speak for themselves. We were undefeated, again, across all teams and we had many standout performances.

Our C Grade Year 10s won their debate by a decisive seven-point margin on the topic: ‘That Australia should introduce citizenship tests for all Australians as a prerequisite for the right to vote’.   Congratulations to Callum Roberts, Ricardo Provenzale and James Vicendese for their eloquence and for taking home the Best Speaker award for their round.

Our A Grade team also won their debate with flying colours decimating their opposition on the topic: ‘That the media should not be allowed to report on the private lives of politicians’. Congratulations to Annie Mey Lee (awarded Best Speaker), Dylan Brown and Alex Vujicic for their incisive performance.

Furthermore, a special mention to Jeremy Thai Chan who, despite being in Year 7 and debating in the Year 9 competition, was awarded the Best Speaker in his debate's last round. These talented young minds have a bright future ahead of them.


Peter Vicary

Careers News

May Careers Update

The majority of Year 10 students went out on work experience last week and we will be sharing their insights in next week’s newsletter. The Careers newsletters from the year can currently be found on the homepage of Mordialloc College Careers Website.  I would encourage all students and parents to have a good look around the website.

The Real Skills for Real Careers video highlights the benefits of  VET programs (Vocational Education and Training) as they are designed and developed by industry leaders with an eye to the future needs.  Completing a VET certificate or Diploma before, or as an alternative to, completing a degree can positively impact students' employability outcomes.


Students in Years 10-12 who include VET subjects in their secondary school programs, can advance their careers and employability skills by gaining entry level certificates and credit for their VCE and VCAL programs. Many VCE VET programs provide a study score, contributing towards an ATAR in the same manner as conventional VCE subjects. The two main providers of VET for our students are Holmesglen and Chisholm.

Year 9-11 students are encouraged to visit the Careers Office during Term 2 & 3 to discuss the range of VET options available for 2019 to suit their needs and to complete an expression of interest form.


Mays Careers Newsletters – The content summary is below the title – click title for full content.

Careers Newsletter – May 25th

  • Students have found these two series of seminars to be very useful.
  • La Trobe University Aspire Program 2018
  • Engineers Australia
  • Career as a Civil Engineer
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering Degrees in Victoria   
  • Snapshot of William Angliss Institute (WAI) in 2018

Careers Newsletter – May 18th

  • Pathways to Registration as a Psychologist
  • Deakin Genie
  • Sport and Exercise Psychology at UQ
  • Career Information Afternoon hosted by the Blue Mountains International Management Hotel School
  • Study Cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu
  • Reminder: UMAT2018
  • Career Weeks 2018 at the International College of Hotel Management
  • Studying Business at Monash means Choice and Flexibility
  • Careers in Psychology and Where to Study in Victoria
  • Snapshot of La Trobe University in 2018

Careers Newsletter – May 11th

  • Law Week 2018
  • TSFX Year 11 & 12 Winter School Programs
  • News from Swinburne University
    • Sport Development/Leadership and Management
    • Architecture at Swinburne
  • Career in Health Information Management
  • DeakInspire 2018
  • UNSW CO-OP Program
  • Career as an Architect
  • Architecture, Construction & Surveying Degrees in Victoria  
  • Graphic, Interior & Visual Design Degrees in Victoria
  • Snapshot of The University of Otago (NZ) in 2018

Careers Newsletter – May 4th

  • REMINDER: VCE and Careers Expo 2018
  • Monash University Scholars Program
  • Early Entry Programs at ACU
    • Community Achiever Program (CAP)
    • Passion for Business (P4B) Early Entry Program
    • Passion for Law (P4L) Early Entry Program
  • Travel & Tourism Courses in Victoria
  • Snapshot of James Cook University (JCU) in 2018    

African Dancing and Drumming

Year 7 African Dancing and Drumming Incursion

To continue our Cultural Diversity celebration, last Thursday 17 May, we had a special incursion for all of the Year 7 cohort.


Here are some anecdotes from students in 7A :


Andrei Fomichev: “I would simply say it was awesome!”


Kirra Childs: “The session was fun and hands-on!”


Taylah Lewis: “I thought the incursion was educational and got to learn about the different instruments and drums.”


Nema Laut: “For me, it was a personal and new experience; it was very inclusive and lots of students got to try and give it a go.”


Isabella Sullivan: “An interesting thing to do!”


Tenilia Tong, Chanelle Turnayan and Maya Whetstone: “For us, we felt it was very interesting culturally and also we learnt about the background story of the presenter, his country and the instruments.”


Ava Coulton and Nadia Henriques: “NAPLAN wasn’t the most fun activity… but luckily we got to experience AFRICAN DRUMMING! It was entertaining and super interesting. We learnt about many different African instruments and how they work. Overall it was really good.”

Production Trivia Night

The Addams Family College Production Trivia Night

One of the biggest and most exciting events to feature on the Performing Arts Calendar this year, is our upcoming school production of ‘The Addams Family: School Edition’. Rehearsals are well underway and the show is really taking shape.


In order to make this production the best the College has seen yet, we are raising some much-needed funds to help us hire costumes, build sets, as well as create an outstanding visual experience. In order to do so, the cast and crew are hosting a FUNdraising Trivia Night, and we want you to come along and get amongst the action!


Date: Thursday 14 June, 2018

Time: 7pm kick off, arrive from 6:30pm

Location: Learning Centre, Mordialloc College, 1 Station Street, Mordialloc

Cost: $15 per ticket, purchased from Reception or on the door


There will be some light refreshments provided on the night, but if you would like to bring a plate of food to share with your team, you are more than welcome to do so (please note that this is an alcohol-free event). Aside from a great night of trivia, there will be bonus games, great music, and a silent auction. In addition to all of this, you will be privy to a sneak peek of the show!


Teams will be organised on the night, but if you would like to bring your own team of no more than 8, please feel free to do so. Parents, students, teachers and staff will all be competing to take out the title of ‘The Smartest Table’. Questions will be appropriate to challenge people of all ages and areas of interest, so feel free to bring along the History Buff, the Movie Buff as well as the Random Fact Buff!

If you have any questions, or would like to donate some prizes for the event, please contact Miss Stevenson on 9580 1184, or via email [email protected] or Miss Sears on [email protected]


Thank you for your support

The Production Team

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School Photos Update

Updated Information Regarding School Photos

School Snaps have advised the College that photos will not be available for another 2-3 weeks due to unforeseen, last minute changes.

Sibling photos are available to be viewed and ordered online. Please click on the link in your Compass feed to order these photos.

If you have any queries, please contact School Snaps directly at  [email protected].

Community News

Dobsons School Uniform Shop Trading Hours for Term 2 2018

Monday 8:30 am - 11:30 am

Wednesday 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Private appointments are available on Wednesdays after shop hours.  Please call 9587 0738 for an appointment.

Visit the new, improved website Click and Collect ordering now available.

Phone: 9587 0738

Located on the corner of the main building, near the staff car park.

Kingston Refuge Week Movie Screening


Moorabbin Junior RUFC


Mordialloc College Alumni

Please see below the latest Alumni newsletter


Yarrabah Parent Expo



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