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22 June 2018
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Important Dates


Monday 16th: 1st Day Term 3

Thursday 26th: School Council


Wednesday 1st: Curriculum Day (student free day)

Thursday 23rd: School Council

Friday 31st: Senior School Formal


Tuesday 18th: Junior Summer  Sport Day 1

Thursday 20th: Parent Teacher Interviews

Friday 21st: Parent Teacher Interviews


Monday 8th: 1st Day Term 4

Principal's Report


Dear Parents and Friends,


On Monday the 5th and Tuesday the 6th of June Megan, Anna and I had the opportunity to attend the 2018 Regional Leadership Conference:     

"Leading excellence in teaching and learning –Unleashing greatness together”

The conference provided us with the opportunity to learn and engage with local and global leaders in education and to develop a deeper understanding of how to lead improvement work within our school, looking explicitly at evidence informed practice that will support teachers to improve their professional practice and impact on student learning and achievement.


Over the two day program we attended multiple interactive opportunities including, expert practice practitioner workshops and peer learning labs facilitated by schools.  Highlights included:

Dr Simon Breakspear Leading Teacher Learning. The workshop focused on how to support teachers to continually enhance their expertise. Drawing on research studies confirming that teacher quality has the largest in-school influence on student learning, and that high-quality professional learning can lead to improvements in student achievement.  The session explored the role school leaders play in designing and leading evidence-informed professional learning across their school. Including; providing an overview of the research-base on effective approaches to professional learning and teacher expertise development, examining the practical challenge of shifting practice in schools, especially when teachers feel overwhelmed and overloaded and introducing us to a Learning Sprints approach to running job-embedded, evidence-informed, collaborative professional learning in your school.

Professor Stephen Dinham. What works best in teaching and what do quality teachers do?  The importance of evidence and collegial approaches to improving teacher quality and student outcomes. This workshop provided us with the opportunity to encounter and consider current research evidence on teaching for learning. The importance of using known high impact strategies and approaches was stressed in order to most effectively meet expectations and intended outcomes. The session also asked us to reflect on current practices which might be less effective. The importance of collaborative planning through improvement cycles, models and measures of impact consistent with the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes model was stressed.

Michael Fulan and Joanne Quinn: Leading Coherence Making in Complex Times.

This key note presentation asked us to reflect on leaders who thrive in turbulent times to unleash powerful cultures of learning and create coherence. The session explored a four part Coherence Framework that builds the capacity of schools to deepen student learning, encouraging leaders to focus on school coherence in relationship to system priorities. The session also encourages us to prioritise the use of protocols to cultivate collaborative cultures and deepen student learning through increased student agency and engagement. 

Viviane Robinson: Make it Count! How to Reduce Change and Increase Improvement. In this presentation Viviane Robinson described how leaders at all levels can increase improvement while reducing ineffective change and innovation. She attributed the failure of many change efforts to the way leaders ‘bypass’ the tacit theories of action that sustain the teaching practices they wish to improve. Viviane advocated the more effective ‘engage’ approach, where leaders build trust and discover common ground by inquiring into those theories before suggesting or constructing alternative practices. The contrast between bypass and engage was richly illustrated and participants were engaged in structured activities to deepen our understanding of how to lead improvement through engagement.







Debutante Ball

On Friday night we welcomed family, friends and staff members to the McGuire College and Shepparton High School Debutante Ball for 2018. 

Our debutantes and their partners looked stunning and represented their school communities with poise and polish.


A huge thank you to the team of champions who have worked tirelessly over the last months to ensure the night went off went off without a hitch.


Thank you to  

  • Gabrielle Ryan and the McGuire College School Band and Lachlan Gallacher and the Shepparton High School Jazz Band who entertained us beautifully whilst dinner was served.
  • Rachel Bell School Captain from Shepparton High School and Nimi Jumapili McGuire College Vice Captain who presented the debututantes and their partners.
  • Cosi Rando and the student photography team.
  • Jamason Miller for teaching the students all of the dances.

And a huge thank you to Paige Martin and Robbie Muston for coordinating our debutante ball this year.


Well done team on your work towards a fabulous night and a great celebration of our school communities.


Kind regards, Claire Kelly









VTAC Magazine 

An interview with McGuire College student, Kadega studying and working near her home, in Shepparton.


Lynda Bruce

Careers Advisor

VTAC Information Evening


University Open Days 2018

Australian Catholic University (ACU)

Deakin University (DEAKIN)

Federation University (FEDUNI)

La Trobe University (LATROBE)

Monash University (MONASH)

RMIT University (RMIT)

Swinburne University of Technology (SWINBURNE)

University of Melbourne (UNIMELB)

Victoria University (VU)

Year 9 

Year 9 Sailing Camp

On Monday 18th June, we left school at about 7:36 am drove to Wallan, had a quick break then we got back on the road to continue our journey to Geelong.  We arrived in Geelong at about 11:30 where we were introduced to our instructors who showed us our planned course for our sailing session after lunch, as well as how to look at the wind and weather.  For some of us this refreshed our prior knowledge from completing the work during class.

After lunch we got ready for our sailing trip. The preparation included getting into some wet suits, a waterproof jacket and a life jacket. Once we had ourselves ready for the sailing session we had to get the boats ready for the sailing trip. Getting the boats included taking them down to the beach and listening to our instructors about how to rig up the boats. This process included the instructor showing us how to do a step and then us going back to our boats and doing the step ourselves.

Now that our boats are all rigged up we are ready to go sailing, or so we thought. Dave (the instructor) suggested that we might need to put the boats in the water to then go sailing. So now we all had to step into the really freezing cold water, take the boats off the trailer and wait in the really cold water, while Dave got his power boat ready so that if we got stuck he could come quickly and help us out. Now that Dave was ready we slowly one by one started sailing out with the very little wind that we had.


Tuesday, we left our caravan park at 8:30 am, we arrived at the sailing school and sat through a quick briefing of what we were going to be doing today then we started yesterday’s process again which was getting changed into the clothes that we needed to wear while we were sailing. We rigged the boats again by ourselves this time. Once the boats were rigged up we went through same process of waiting in the freezing cold water again until Dave was ready with the safety boat. But instead of sailing  we did more of a canoeing trip because there was very little to no wind. After we finished we spent 1:30 hrs at Westfield shopping centre walking around and looking for some cheap, interesting and useful items. After this interesting shopping trip, we walked back to the bus then drove back to the caravan park where we were staying, then we all started cooking our very healthy and nutritious meals (I wish) the meals ranged from micro wave meals to some fresh salad, frozen vegies and sausages.


Wednesday, we all woke up very reluctantly as it was about -1 degrees, but we were all persistent young people and pushed through this minor hurdle. Besides, when we got to the sailing school again for our last sailing session we had bigger issues, there was very little wind. Which meant once again we were paddling and not sailing. We once again rigged up our boats and stood in the very cold water waiting for Dave to get the safety boat. Once Dave was insight we went through the same process as the previous days. When we got out of the bay we had some wind finally blow through the sails which meant that we got to do some actual sailing rather than canoeing in sail boats. The opportunity arose for some capsizing to occur today but unfortunately everyone except for one very willing student wanted to get their feet wet, because we were not used to the very cold temperatures that we had experienced on the bay. After a slow sail/paddle into the beach we were all relieved to hop into some nice warm showers.


Once we were all defrosted and warmed up we hopped on to the bus ready for our long 3.5 hr drive and bus ride home which was quieter than the ride to Geelong, but it was still a very lively ride because we were all excited to get home and sleep in our own beds.


By: Ben Okely

Photo: By Brody Atkinson

Around the School

Photo: By Brody Atkinson

Illford Photo Competition

While studying Photography, students at McGuire College have the opportunity to enter the Ilford Photographic Competition.


The competition runs during Terms one, two and three. Students can win individual prizes that are given a point value which goes towards a score for the school. The school can then also win prizes for their photography department.


This Term, Brody Atkinson won a Certificate of Merit for his photograph ‘FireFox’.  Well done Brody! Good luck to all for this coming term.


Casandra O'Keeffe

Visual Arts Domain


Dig Box Workshop

On Monday the 18th of June, Year 7D attended a Conducted Dig Box workshop activity run by the Shepparton campus of La Trobe University Department of Archaeology and History.


Students learned some Archaeology skills about unearthing the past and interpreting layers while conducting a simulated dig box under the supervision of University staff.  Students learned about the importance of Archaeology in interpreting and understanding history, while carefully excavating and interpreting strata, to uncover and interpret artifacts to tell a story.


Patrick Challis

Science Domain



Year 9 Home Economics

Decorated Cakes created by Year 9 students.


Year 8 Plastics

Photos of some of the student projects created in Year 8 Plastics.


Lynda Howard

Technology Domain

Music News


Jazz Ensemble Plays at Eastbank for the Debutante Ball


Fourteen players in the Jazz Ensemble provided inviting ambience over dinner prior to the presentation of the Debs and partners at the McGuire College, Shepparton High School Debutante Ball last Friday, June 15th.

The ensemble played jazz standards including 'Stand by Me and 'Basin Street, along with some Latin style with Sway.


Vocalists Angelina Mason, Paige Johnston and Amy Lyle also sang a “moody” rendition of The Hanging Tree from the Hunger Games, backed by Jonathan Safari and Joshua Safari.



Marimbas Open Refugee Week in the Maude St. Mall


On Monday, 18th June fourteen marimba players provided a tuneful introduction to the official opening of Refugee Week for the Shire of  Greater Shepparton , and also played throughout the official program.

Many community members spoke to our students and appreciated their contribution to the event, in what is becoming a tradition for the Marimba Mojo Ensemble.


Thanks to the students for their performances!


Look out for a lunchtime concert next week at McGuire to celebrate World Music Day.



Singers Festival – The Boite Big Sing

Any singers are welcome to join choir members preparing for a Big Sing in September.

Registrations need to be completed before end of term so see Ms Ryan if you would like to join this fabulous event.


Play on!

Gabrielle Ryan

Music Coordinator


Library News

Check out these new books in the library. We are constantly replenishing the shelves with the latest fiction. Students are able to request books or series that can be added to our collection.

We are ordering additional new shelving so there is plenty of room for our fiction area and students will be able access books easier.

The Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge is available to all students. Please encourage your student to be involved. They need to pick up the Challenge checklist from the library and fill out the books they have read from the extensive challenge list.


We will be purchasing new Non Fiction in the next few weeks, which we are quite excited about.

The focus for the library lately has been the assistance in setting up Classroom Library books. These books will be available for students to read in different areas of the College.


Please check at home for books that need to be returned to the library.


Dianne Steele & Faye Andrew 

Library staff

Parent Information

Time Out - What is it and how does it work

Time out has become part of our school behavioural management strategy for use when a student is behaving inappropriately and a temporary separation from that particular environment may assist in supporting the student to demonstrate appropriate behaviour.

A classroom teacher may send a student to time out if they have failed to meet our behavioural expectations.

In time out a student completes a “Behavioural Reflections Sheet” which asks the student to identify what expectation they did not meet, what behaviours they need to change and what help and support they need to improve their performance in their class.

Prior to the next class (with the same teacher), a restorative conversation between the student and teacher will take place. In this conversation both the teacher and student will have the opportunity to be heard and ways to support the student in class will be discussed. When the student returns to the next class it is to be treated as a fresh start for the student.


Anna Sloane

Assistant Principal Year 7-9

Parents Matter



GameAware Information Sessions

Supported  by Headspace and GMLLEN.


These seminars for parents and professionals, provide further insights into the psychology and culture of gaming. The sessions will also provide information around resources and strategies to better engage and support young people who might have a gaming compulsion.  



Mon 2nd July       6.30 – 8.30pm    At the Bridge Youth Service, 127 Welsford St, Shepparton. To register for this session, please email Alex Bruinier at the Bridge E: or P: 03 5831 2390.



Tue 3rd July         9am – 3.30pm    At Uniting, 219 – 225 Wyndham St, Shepparton. To register for this session, please email Kristen Elliott at Uniting E: or P: 0358 31 6157.


Please advise of any dietary requirements when you register.


Kristen Elliott

School Focused Youth Service Co-ordinator, Uniting Kildonan



Cool Heads Young Driver Program



Berry St Debutante Ball


Information Sessions


Holdiday Netball Clinics


Car Parking

Parents and visitors are asked to be mindful when parking in Wilmot road to avoid parking across private driveways blocking residents from exiting their properties.  

College Uniform

Student Dress Code

A reminder to all students and families that full College Uniform is a requirement for all students at the College. 

Why are uniforms important?  

Uniforms show that we are all part of an organisation and wearing it says we’re all in this together.

If we wear our uniforms with pride, it means that we are half way there to being respectful, buying into what the McGuire Values are all about.

Uniforms give students a sense of belonging to McGuire College and create an identity for our school community.

  • Hoodies are not permitted to be worn under school T shirts. A long sleeve navy  top may be worn under the school T shirt during the colder months. 
  • Leggings and skins are not permitted to be worn with school uniform.
  • School jackets and jumpers can be purchased from the general office for $75.00.  
  • State School Relief provide assistance to families in need of help purchasing uniform. Contact the College Wellbeing office.


From the Office

Contact Details

We understand that from time to time student details may change. Please remember to notify the office immediately if these details change for you:

  • Mobile numbers
  • Email address
  • Occupation/Employer
  • Work place phone number 

It is also necessary that we have your student Emergency Contacts correct.  In the event of illness or injury, we have a duty of care to ensure that students are only released with a relative or family friend who appears on the student record. 

  • Please review these details from time to time and advise particularly if you need to ADD or REMOVE one of your emergencies.


Parents who call the office to notify of their child/s absence are now required to provide a signed hand written note or medical certificate to have the absence approved.


Collecting your student early

It is preferable that students do not miss valuable school time to attend appointments that could be scheduled outside of school hours. However, we understand that sometimes this is not possible.  If you need to collect your student before the end of the school day please provide them with a note in the morning that they can show the general office who will issue a pass to give to the classroom teacher  so that they can leave on time.


This way, the student will be waiting at the office to be collected when you arrive.  It is not always timely for students to be located at short notice. Class rooms often change and sport or other activities could mean your student cannot be readily located.


Students should not leave school grounds at any time without signing out at the office

Lost Property


Please ensure all school clothes, books and personal property are clearly labelled with your student’s name. Many items are not returned to their rightful owners because they are not labelled correctly or clearly.

Important Camp Dates

Year 8 Rubicon Camp:  20th - 24th August

Year 9- Term 3  Alpine School: Dinner Plain 

Year 10/11 Central Australia Trip:  17th - 27th September

Year 10/11 OE Snow Camp: 1st - 3rd August

Year 12 Camp:  27th - 29th June

Uniform Donations Wanted

Our Wellbeing Team would appreciate donations of any items of school uniform that you no longer need .  Please contact the general office if you can assist.

Contact Us

Principal Team

Claire Kelly- Principal

Anna Sloane - Assistant Principal: Year 7-9

Megan Michalaidis - Assistant Principal: Year 10 -12

Leadership Team


Megan Dixon – eLearning Leader

Julie Hannan - Transition & Pathways Leader Year 7 -9

Matt Koutroubas – Transition & Pathways Leader Year 10-12

Stacie Lundberg – Student Wellbeing,  Engagement & Agency

Paige Martin – Data & Assessment Leader

Sam Owen – Student Wellbeing, Engagement & Agency

Sharon Wagstaff – Business Manager

Year Level Leaders

Emma O'Keeffe -Year 7

Kimberley Songberg - Year 8

Dale Cuthbert - Year 9

Vince Branigan - Year 10

Georgie Schofield - Year 11

Nicole Craighead - Year 12


Lynda Bruce

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