12 September 2019
Term 3 / Week 9
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From the Principal

Dear Families,
Term 3 Concludes -
Friday 20th September (2.30pm) 

Term 4 Commences - Monday 7th October


Sacrament of Confirmation -
Saturday 14th September

We congratulate all Confirmation Candidates who will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday afternoon. (3pm).  We thank the parish and school staff, led by Father Joe, Daniela Dal Santo and the Year 5/6 team, along with the parents and sponsors for supporting each child along their faith journey.  Our thanks to Fr Brendan Hayes and Father Joe for leading the celebration. 


5/6CM 5/6E 5/6M 5/6D 5/6L
Bun Choeun 

Footy Colours Day -  Thursday 19th September

On Thursday 19th September we encourage all children to come dressed in their favourite teams’ colours in the lead up to all footy finals.   A form has been distributed advising that the canteen will be selling Hot Dogs on the day.   Please return order forms.

School Fees

Thank you to all families who are up to date with school fees. This is a reminder to all families who have fallen behind with payments to please make sure to attend to this as soon as possible.  Reminder accounts will be going home today.

Optional Child School Attendance – Monday 16th September – 1.35pm-3.15pm

Teaching staff will be released on the afternoon of Monday 16th September to commence ‘Three Way Interviews’.   Children remaining at school for the afternoon block will be grouped in levels and supervised by staff not required at Interviews.  Parents attending interviews may collect their children from these level gatherings. 
Parents do have the option of collecting their children for a shortened school day from 1.35pm.  Collection of children assists staff by reducing the number of children being present in the afternoon block.  Please inform your child’s class teacher in writing if you plan to collect your child from school at this early time.
Parents do not need to sign out from the school office on this day.  Your written notification will be a record of student early exits. 

Term 4 Summer Uniform & ‘No Hat - No Play’

With term 4 approaching we alert parents that children can make the transition to summer uniform at the beginning of term 4. We also remind parents that term 4 has a ‘No Hat – No Play’ SunSmart policy.   
As a SunSmart registered school all children will have access to Sunscreen. 

Students Departures/Future Numbers

If your children (Foundation - Year 5) will not be returning to St Andrew’s in 2019 we ask that you notify us through the CareMonkey form as previously distributed. This information is essential as we plan for 2020 class structures.

CEMSIS - Catholic Education Melbourne

School Improvement Surveys 

We need your feedback! 

Each year St Andrew’s School has sought parent, staff and student feedback through the use of annual surveys with the aim to further develop our School Improvement Plan. 

The questionnaire is anticipated to take you approximately 25 minutes.  

All families have been invited to participate in the CEMSIS online survey between the dates of September 2 – 20

Survey details, logins and passwords were distributed previously.
Results of the parent, child and staff surveys are reviewed by the Education Board and the staff and sections of it will be released to parents through the school newsletter. 


We thank you for your time and for your support of the school as we continue to gather ongoing data to aid our School Improvement Programs.


Tell me more about CEMSIS…. Please refer to the youtube link for further details:

2020 Classes - Placement of Students

Early in Term 4 the staff will begin the process of putting together class lists for the 2020 school year.  The process will be completed with consideration given to:

  • The social and academic distribution of the children within the same level across classes
  • A gender balance in each class
  • Children’s requests for friendship groupings
  • Specific placement of siblings and children with individual needs, inclusive of emotional, learning, physical and behavioural needs
  • The social needs of children including the working relationships of all children and the desired separation of children who do not have a positive social or learning influence on each other
  • An awareness of teachers in the previous academic year

Teachers in term 4 will ask children to name six friends who they work well with.  Children will be reminded to consider children from their current class and from other class settings.  Classes will then be structured with the aim to have at least one nominated friend.  However if the class teacher feels that the choices are not in the best interest of the child then the child will be asked to nominate others.  Parents please note that it is sometimes commented that, ‘My child didn’t get any of their friendship requests from last year’. It is often in this situation that a child’s actual friendship group has slightly or significantly changed from October through to the end of the year and as a result the child feels that their requests weren’t taken into account.  
With approximately 24 children in each class each child is provided with 23 opportunities to either further develop existing friendships or the opportunity to develop new friendships.  To be highly successful participants in our social, school and future working environments it is a most important skill to create new friendships each year.  We make every effort to support our children by providing them with supportive environments but at the same time we wish for some form of challenge so that our children can further develop personal life skills by negotiating new friendships. 
As detailed above there is a significant level of care that goes into establishing the best learning environments for our children.     

Parent Requests - Meeting with Leadership

We are aware that some parents may have valid reasons to have input into the placement of their children for the forthcoming year.  I am always concerned that should there be numerous requests from parents then the ability for staff to make positive and professional judgements for  the best learning environments for our classes is compromised.  Given this if parents have any relevant information that you believe is essential to the grade placement process, I invite you to email me directly via     Should we need to gain greater clarity on the request as made we will make contact with you to make an appointment to share your thoughts or concerns.   Alternatively parents can make a time to meet with Kelli Johnston or Paul Wakeling to share your thoughts for the 2020 year.   Parents are requested to either submit a request via email or make an appointment by Friday 18th, October.  Appointment times can either be negotiated with me via email to or through Annette or Marie in the school office.  We will evaluate all requests and make a professional judgement on the placement of the child in question. The final decision rests with the school. Please keep in mind the many limitations that are already placed on the staff during this complex process. 
 ‘Teacher Shopping’ -  At St Andrew’s we are blessed with a highly skilled and enthusiastic staff team and we are confident that all teachers will meet the needs of your children. Parents making requests simply as ‘Teacher Shopping’, without any foundation,may not necessarily receive their requests for the new year.  The reference to ‘teacher shopping’ meaning that, for example, parents have heard positive comments about teachers in the school from other parents and think that teacher may be good for their child.  Likewise a sibling may have had a teacher previously and a parent wishes for their next child to also have that teacher.  We would love to meet all requests but there are other elements around class placements, as detailed previously, which may take priority over a request as such.  As stated above, parents are invited to meet with leadership to discuss thoughts that may be pertinent to 2020 class placements but we ask that you take on board all of the above information before making your request.

School Interview Bookings - Term 3 Parent/Child/Teacher Interview  - Monday 16th September

We advise parents to lock in Monday 16th September as the date for our Term 3 ‘3 Way Interviews’.   Bookings will be made through the online site.  Bookings will open from Monday 2nd September from 8am. To make a booking to see your child’s class teacher for the 10 minute interviews please refer to .    The login code is  475pm

Bookings for interviews close Friday 13th September.


‘3 Way Interviews’ - 1/2DW, 1/2S & 1/2C - Interviews on Monday 14th October

Parents of 1/2DW, 1/2S & 1/2C have been advised previously that due to staff leave interview times for these classes will take place in week 2 of Term 4.  We will notify you when online bookings open for these classes.

CareMonkey Registration for New Families -

It is recommended that parents access the site .   By following the instructions you can create your own free CareMonkey account and control all data about your child/children. The CareMonkey system stores the information on your behalf and you will be able to grant (or deny) access to your data with our school. You are also able to share this data with any other group or individual you choose (eg. your child's grandparents, their child-minder, their sports club, etc).

From the schools perspective, this information will only be visible by the relevant staff for your child and will be managed in accordance with the Privacy Act.  

School Closure Days

Closure days 

Friday 1st November and

Monday 4th November (Melbourne Cup Monday)

The Out of Hours Care Program will be open on these days to supervise students.  Parents who require this service are asked to enrol their child prior to these dates.

Skoolbag App - Download

To install the St. Andrew’s School App, just look for our school name "St Andrews Parish Primary School Clayton South" in the Apple App Store (iPhone Users) or Google Play Store (Android Users), and install it on your phone.  Alternatively, once in the App Store or Play Store search ‘skoolbag app st andrews’ .

Dates for Your Diary

2019 Key Dates - 

Thur 12th - Confirmation Reflection Day

Fri 13th -     Parents & Friends Morning Tea

Sat 14th -   Sacrament of Confirmation  - Mass 3.00 pm

Mon 16th - Parent/child/teacher interviews

                       Optional Early Dismissal from 1.35pm

Tue 17th -  Year 5  Maths Games Day

Thur 19th - Whole School Footy Day activities

                     - Mass 1/2G

                     - Education Board Meeting - 7pm

Fri 20th -     End of Term 3 - 2.30 pm Dismissal 



Mon 7th -    Term 4 commences

Wed 9th -   Parents and Friends meeting

Mon 14th - Parent/Child/Teacher Interviews Gr 1/2S, 1/2C, 1/2DW 



Mr Paul Wakeling



Around the Classrooms

Multicultural Day - Foundation 2019

On Monday 9th September the Foundation students took part in hosting a Multicultural Day to celebrate their learning in Term 3. The intention for this day was to promote a greater awareness and appreciation amongst our students for the different cultures represented in our school community. This celebration linked in with our Inquiry Topic for this term ‘Diversity: Australia’s Changing Face’.
On this day the children dressed in their national costume and brought along a special item which represented a cultural celebration.
We also had many parents attend this celebration. The children enjoyed sharing their learning with their families. 
A great day had by all.
Foundation Teachers


Beachside Zone Athletics

Congratulations to Nicholas G and Charlotte T for competing in at Beachside Zone Athletics Carnival at Lakeside stadium Albert Park. Approximately  70 schools were part of this zone competition.

 Nicholas came 3rd in the 200m sprint.

Charlotte came 4th in the 100 m Sprint and 9th in the long jump. 

BEST Awards

Please click on the link below


School Office News

Term Dates 2019

Term 3 Holidays          Monday 23 September to Friday 4 October

Term 4  commences    Monday 7 October - Wed 18 December

Overdue School Fees

All school fees are now overdue except for Term 4,  Foundation to Year 2 Swimming and Year 4 Camp. If you are on a monthly payment plan disregard this reminder, otherwise to avoid further action we require all school fees to be paid before the end of Term 3.  If you are experiencing financial difficulties please contact the office.  We appreciate your co-operation. 

Student Absence Line

When reporting your child's absence please remember to speak  in a clear and audible voice. Thank you.

Parents and Friends

End of Term Morning Tea

Come along…coffee and tea will be provided. All are welcome. 

Parent & Friends Meetings

Update to the P&F Meetings for the remainder of the year:
•     Wednesday 9th October 9th  at 7pm, Conference room
•      Tuesday 12th November at 2pm, Conference room

Vision Portraits - 
Saturday 23rd November 2019

Help St Andrew's Primary School - Clayton South raise funds this year and book your $15 family photo today! Include your whole family or just the kids in the session. Book now to secure your place.

Your shoot will take place at St Andrew's Primary School - Clayton South

Your $15 includes your photo session and a 10" x 13" portrait of your choice with frame. There is a $1 booking fee.


$15 of your booking fee is fundraised for St Andrew's Primary School - Clayton South


Booking link:
Use the password fundraise2019 to gain access.

Once in the home page,  scroll down and select St Andrew's Primary School - Clayton South  You will then be able to make your booking time.

P & F Reach and Connection

If you want to lend a hand but without the long-term commitment, you can join our casual Parent & Friends email registry of helpers.  Please email us your interest at
We will add you to the email list and notify you of any upcoming opportunities to lend a hand. If one catches your fancy, simply respond back and let us know how you can assist.

School Tuckshop 

Tuckshop Roster


Fri  13 September

Mon 16 Sept Volunteer Needed
Tues 17 Sept Volunteer Needed
Wed 18 Sept Volunteer Needed
Thur 19 Sept Volunteer Needed


Activity Programs

YLV Vacation Care

Vacation care will be operating 23rd september-4th October.

Forbookings please visit,


Clayton District Junior Cricket


Football Star Academy Soccer Holiday Camp

Football Star Academy is offering a 25% discount offer to all our students.


Kelly Sports - September School Holiday Program


Kelly Sports - Term 4 

New Basketball Program on Thursdays! 


Kingston Libraries School Holiday Program

Kingston Libraries’ September school holiday program has just been released and bookings will open this Friday 6 September. The program offers a range of free activities including craft, robotics, movie screenings, theatrical performances, sports stars and gaming, for ages 3 to 18. Bookings are essential for all events so please promote to your school community and encourage them to book early to avoid missing out.


Creating Respect & Equality

The two-part workshop series will be held at the Westall Community Hub.  This may be of interest to community leaders and key influential community members .


Community Festival 


Australian School of Performing Arts


Fete News

St Andrew's Parish Community Fete

Saturday 19th October

Announcing the St Andrew's Parish Community Fete! Saturday 19th October, 10am-4pm. All families have received a booklet of raffle tickets. There are some raffle amazing prizes this year. Please support the Parish community in our efforts to sell the tickets for our raffle and return money and ticket stubs to the School Office.



Fete News from the Parish Bulletin

VOLUNTEERS: As our Fete draws nearer to the date we are still seeking Volunteers to help with the setting up the evening before the Fete and taking down marquees, etc. after the Fete.

We are also seeking some of the Youth to volunteer for our Games Stalls. Do give us some of your time and please put your name down on the list for Volunteers at the back of the Church.

DONATIONS: We need donations for our stalls, these will need to be new items such as glasses, platters, tools or any such thing. If you work in retail or know someone who works in retail perhaps we could get some merchandise from these stores. Please leave your donations at the Parish House, Tuesdays to Fridays 10m-3pm or in the Church foyer.


If you do need additional books please put your name down on the Raffle list at the back of the Church. We will also start selling the Wrist Bands for rides from this weekend.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact us at any time.
Jenny Conyers 0417 588 116
Ean Brewty 0457 527 633

Edwin Braganza 0403 005 962

Fete Ride Wrist Bands

Sale will start this weekend as mentioned in the Parish Bulletin.

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