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04 October 2016
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Principal's Report

Welcome back to Term 4 at Marlborough.  Hopefully everyone has had a good rest after a very busy end to Term 3 and you are ready to go with another busy term ahead.


This term we have our Milestones at Marlborough celebration, 2017 Prep Transition, Yr 6 Valedictory Dinner, free after-school trial Mandarin classes (more information will come out about this on Tiqbiz shortly) and a whole range of learning activities and events to engage our whole community.


Term 4 is an exciting time for students as they consolidate their prior knowledge from earlier in the year, look at achieving learning goals they have set for themselves and begin to get ready for transition into the next year level and  secondary school.

As a school we are constantly working on preparing children for changes that are ahead of them (both expected and unexpected) and giving them opportunities to develop their resilience and a growth mindset with which to face challenges in a positive way.


As a staff we are constantly trying to display a Growth Mindset to our students and you can also support this at home. Some simple statements that help us to have a Growth Mindset are:

  • I can learn anything I want to
  • I learn from my failures
  • I want to challenge myself
  • I feel like feedback is constructive
  • I am inspired by the success of others
  • I always persevere, even when I’m frustrated

We look forward to continuing to work in partnership with all of the families within our community to enable our students to achieve outstanding success socially and academically. We hope you all have an exciting and rewarding term and thank-you for your involvement and support with your children’s learning.

Pupils of the Week


Pupils of the week

The following students will be rewarded certificates at the next assembly on

Monday 10th October.


Congratulations to:


Zach F


For amazing writing and reading. You have been working so hard. Great work on upper case and lower case writing.

Luke H


For the amazing effort he is putting into his reading. Luke is trying his Personal Best to improve his reading and using excellent blending. Keep it up, Luke!

Liam B


For using multiple CAFÉ strategies to help improve his reading. Well done for always trying your Personal Best during CAFÉ sessions!

Avirah T


For the way he has settled into 1B so beautifully. It is wonderful to have you in our class, Avirah!

Scarlett B


For always being an Attentive Listener.  Scarlett listens with her eyes, ears and heart and always has a smile on her face when listening carefully. Thank you, Scarlett!

Nathan C


For a great start at Marlborough Primary School. Welcome to our class.

Mia G


For sharing all her holiday news and souvenirs from Singapore. You were able to related the items back to work done in class and re-motivate us to want to learn more. Well done, Mia!

Spencer E


For being so caring and honest. Spencer has been finding a lot of special ‘lost’ things on the ground at school and handing them in at the office. Thank you, Spencer.

Hollie N


For her amazing start to Term 4. Hollie has jumped straight into her learning and is impressing everyone with her incredible counting. Go Hollie!

Brodie R


For always being cheerful in class and in the playground. Brodie always has a smile on his face and makes others smile too. Thank you, Brodie!

Alec C


For always being a thoughtful and helpful class member! Always using your initiative to help others out!

Jarrod A


For participating so enthusiastically in all the exciting activities at Camp. Jarrod was in his element making it an enjoyable experience for everyone!

The following students will be rewarded certificates at the following assembly on

Monday 17th October.


Congratulations to:


Ava D


For your amazing water poster. You did a beautiful job promoting water, growth, life. You have helped the class remember why water is so important. Well done.

Brandon V


For demonstrating excellent initiative in the class. BJ is always one of the first to take the chairs down and sow Safety First. He also looks for ways to keep our room neat and tidy!

Jayden L


For always showing Appreciations to his classmates and helping to celebrate their successes. You’re a champion, Jayden.

Nate H


For the way he always tries his Personal Best to improve his writing. You are a champion, Nate!

Ada A


For the lovely way she encourages others to do their Personal Best. Ada always shows Mutual Respect to her classmates!

Bailey C


For being an amazing addition to our class. You always do your Personal Best and you are a great friend. We love having you on our team.

Christina B


For writing a personal reflection for the class and allowing us to revise and suggest changes to improve it.  Sounded like a wonderful holiday in Sydney! Christina always contributes to class activities. Excellent!

Zac D


For his wonderful reflection about his holidays. Zac engaged his reader with an interesting start and enjoyed sharing with his peers. Great job, Zac!

Lewis M


For always putting in his Personal Best at school. Lewis produces fantastic projects that are creative and interesting. Well done, Lewis!

Chloe C


For the dedication she puts into her project work. Chloe goes above and beyond to present her work so beautifully – a fantastic role model.

Dates to remember


Wednesday 5th

  • Crazy Sock Day

Friday 7th

  • Working Bee/Sausage Sizzle - 3.30pm to 6.00pm

Tuesday 11th

  • School Council Meeting - 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Monday 17th

  • Whole school healthy breakfast morning

Tuesday 18th

  • Whole school Asia Day

Sunday 23rd

  • MPS 40th Anniversary and Art Show

Monday 31st



Tuesday 1st


Monday 7th

  • Tasting Fundraiser

Tuesday 8th

  • Gr 5/6 Metro Trains Safety Program
  • Prep Fire Education

Friday 11th 

  • Life Education Van (until 15th)

Tuesday 15th

  • School Council Meeting - 7.30pm to 9.30pm






School News

Parent Helpers Needed

We are in need of some parent helpers to assist with Grade 4/5/6 sport this Friday between 11.30am and 1.30pm.


If you can help please let us know by contacting the school office.

Crazy Sock Day

Wednesday the 5th of October is crazy sock day!!  All students are encouraged to wear colourful/odd socks or stockings to help mark October as Walk to School Month.


School Hats

Just a reminder that students will need to wear school hats from the beginning of Term 4.


New Baby!

Congratulations to the Beth and Robbie on the arrival of baby Jimmy on the 17th of September  - new baby brother to Jaxon (45B) and Jordy (3C).  


Working Bee

Friday 7th October

3:30pm - 6:00pm

Sausage sizzle will be provided

Grade 6 Graduation Fundraiser

Please click on this  link to register.

Also here is a link to the Tastepoint Facebook page so that people can watch the video.

MPS 40th Anniversary

MPS's Prize Winning Chook!


Fun & Fitness Track 


Helpers Needed!!



40th Anniversary Historical Committee

Parent's Association


Shopping Tour

If you are coming along to the Shopping Tour, please return your booking form (see below) to the office - we need to start getting an idea of numbers! 

If you are coming along to the Shopping Tour, please return your booking form to the office - we need to start getting an idea of numbers!



Out of School Hours Care





Class Blogs

Community News





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