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10 October 2016
Issue Eleven
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  Diary Dates & Events        


Diary Dates & Events


Friday 14 October

Year 12 Final Day

Year 12 Valedictory Dinner


Tuesday 18 October

Finance Committee Meeting 6pm


Wednesday 19 October

Art & Tecnologhy Showcase from 6:30pm


Thursday 20 October

School Council Meeting 7pm


Tuesday 25 October

Year 9 City Experience Information Meeting 7pm



Tuesday November 1

Melbourne Cup Day

(Students not required to attend)


Thursday 5 November

Unifom Committee Meeting 5pm


Monday 7 - Friday 11 November

Year 9 City Experience


Tuesday 8 November

Education Policy Meeting 6pm


Tuesday 15 November

Finance Committee Meeting 6pm


Wednesday 16 November - Friday 2 December

Year 10 into Year 11 Headstart Program


Wednesday 16 - Thursday 24 November

Year 11 into Year 12 Headstart Program


Thursday 17 November 

School Council Meeting 7pm


Tuesday 29 Novmber

Finance Committee Meeting 6pm



Thursday 1 December 

School Council Meeting 7pm


End of Year Activities Year 7-9

Wednesday 7 - Tuesday 13 December


Thursday 8 December 

Orion Night 7pm


Tuesday 13 December

End of year reports distributed 


Wednesday 14  - Monday 19 December 

Community Service Enviroment Days


Monday 19 December

Last day of Term 4 





College Principal's Report           

Welcome back to Term Four

It is always a great term, with many occasions to celebrate the success of students from all year levels.  I especially enjoy the journey that begins with those coming into our College community from grade six and those exiting from our senior classes as they transition into further study or work. Term four highlights for us the growth of our young people into adulthood.

Over the break Year 12 students were offered additional revision preparation classes by their teachers and in other instances presentations by expert VCAA assessors. I would like to thank teachers for their commitment to conducting these sessions for our students and Mr Aaron Mackinnon Head of Senior School for his organisation and attendance throughout.


Next week we have a number of events to honour our Year 12 students for their persistence with their studies and their contribution to their studies. The schedule of events was developed following a review last year and establishment of the specific groups the students have been associated with in their time at Scoresby Secondary College.  I am looking forward to seeing our Year 12 parents at the valedictory dinner which is the traditional evening where in which students acknowledge support and guidance pf parents over their thirteen years of school.  Year 12 parents are also invited to participate in are the Parent Net barbeque breakfast between 8.00am and 8.30am on Monday. This year, the final assembly will not be attended by parents as it is the students’ farewell to their fellow students.


Australian Council for Education Leaders Conference

The Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) held their annual national conference last week from the 28 – 30 September at the Melbourne Convention Centre.  Despite being school holidays, Mr Chris Knight, Mr Aaron Mackinnon and myself attended this outstanding program along with over 1400 delegates including system leaders, principals, policy makers, teachers and researchers from independent, catholic and public sectors.


Keynotes at the ACEL conference included several global thought leaders in education like Sugata Mitra (UK), Daniel Goleman (US), Carol Tomlinson (US). Wendy Kopp (US), Jane West (US), John Hattie (AU) and Brian Caldwell (AU).  The conference line up also featured other presenters, Ben Walden (UK), Rosie Batty (AU) and Geoff Gallop (AU) who shared their unique perspectives to the conference theme of ‘Leadership with Insight and Innovation’.


The personal highlight of the three days was seeing our own Mr MacKinnon receiving his New Voice Emerging Leader Award at the National Award Ceremony on the evening of 29 September.  Almost 160 guests attended the event to acknowledge and celebrate the leadership and commitment demonstrated by each awardee.

Aaron MacKinnon together with Bruce Armstrong Department Deputy Secretary, Jeremy Beard ACEL Victorian President and Hayley Dureau another ACEL New Voice award winner.


Learning and evidence gained from attending such a conference shapes both our knowledge and practice.  At Scoresby Secondary College, we need to embrace new ways of thinking and doing and if we are to lead continuous improvement.


Knox City Council CEO ‘Principal for a Day’

Tony Doyle Knox City Councils new CEO spent a day at Scoresby Secondary College as part of the Principal for a Day Program. The objectives of the program were:

  • To increase understanding and awareness between the school, local Council, business and the wider community
  • Promote the great work that Scoresby Secondary College is achieving
  • Provide first-hand and current experiences of the transformation of a school
  • To develop on-going relationships with a local leader and draw on each other leadership strategies




Tony had a very busy schedule, engaging in class visits, gaining insight into the transformation of the College, hearing from our student leaders on their work within the college and local community, attending a planning meeting to discuss the progress of the boundary works between Harcrest Estate and looking at the challenges of the financial operation of a school.


Tony commended us on the quality of the teaching and learning in the college and provided an overview of many opportunities for our students to further develop their leadership skills and to work with council representing youth in the area.


Arts Show

Celebration of the creative and artistic talents of our students will take place on Wednesday October 19 at our Arts and Technology Showcase.  This event was organised to showcase the work of junior and senior students completing units in Art, Music, Media, Design and Technology, Food Technology, Information Technology and Visual Communication and Design.  It is difficult to under-sell the time and effort that goes into preparing art work, folios of work and performance pieces.  Students and staff have been working together in the development of their final presentation pieces.  Being able to recognise the achievement of these students is very important.


Staffing Adjustments

We welcome back Andy Phillips our Chaplain who has returned this term. Unfortunately Mr Michael Alexis has become unwell and after his recent hospital visit, will be unable to return for four weeks.  In the interim, Ms Emma Morris will be acting Head of Junior School and Student Services.  Mr Chris Knight and Ms Morris will be overseeing the transition process during this time.


Gail Major



Assistant Principal's Report

Making the most of Term 4

As we all know Term 4 is the completion of the school year and it has a number of milestones throughout the term.


It is incredible how quickly the year has gone for our Year 12 students. It doesn’t seem that long ago when the graduating cohort attended their Residential study camp at Ormond College (The University of Melbourne). Over the coming weeks the students of Year 12 will complete their schooling at Scoresby Secondary College and continue on their life journey. It is great to hear the level of aspiration from our senior students and their willingness to focus on their final assessments.


It is very important that all of our students remain focus and concentrate on making the most of their educational opportunities. VCAL students are enwill complete all of their requirements. For our VCE student it was great to see the number of students who attended the revision sessions during the holiday period. These final examinations are undoubtedly the most important of all VCE assessments as they have the biggest impact in determining each student’s final ATAR score. The manner in which students approach their studies and how well they perform across the next two months will play a major role in determining which tertiary course they are accepted into, and hence their future career paths. In order to secure the highest possible VCE marks, students need to commit to a consistent and comprehensive study effort between now and the end of year examinations. All the best to the cohort!


The Year 10 and 11 students will also undertake exams in the middle of November. Students will gain skills in preparing and sitting for exams. After the exam period they will also begin preparation for 2017 by attending the Headstart Program. This is a great opportunity for students to get a ‘headstart’ and begin their 2017 academic year ahead of the game. Students will learn great insight into the requirements for success and learn some strategies that will assist them in planning, preparing and succeeding in 2017.


In terms of parental support for senior students, you may find that your son/daughter is showing signs of stress at the moment. I encourage you to help them achieve their best with some of the following strategies:

-  Give positive reinforcement

-  Assist them to plan their tasks and      timelines

-  Help them structure rewards for themselves for completed tasks

-  Encourage them to work together with others

-  Structure a distraction-free space for them to work

-  Support them to balance times of concentrated effort with time for relaxation

-  No technology in the 30 minutes prior to going to sleep


Attendance - Everyday Counts

It was great to see the number of students who are making the most of their learning opportunities by attending every day in Term 3. As we are so close to the end for Year 12 students, students who have attended every school day for the year will be acknowledged at the completion of the year.

I would like to congratulate the following students who attended every school day in Term 3.

Year 7

Bj Calkin   

Bonnie Collins  

Ty Diaz-Baird           

Kasey Driscoll 

Jordan  Haag     

Ally Kendt   

Roimata Manavaroa        

Eduard Marcu  

Levi Rigby    

Brian Shum   

Jaidyn Steele  

Caitlyn Tilley     

Samuel  Williams


Year 8

Amber Christy

Jade Driscoll

Jaslyn Macleod

Paige Otte

Matt Sutton

Shannen Toogood


Year 9   

Jake Barbuto

Marcus Brown

Brock Franklin

Zoe Jenkins

Kaushal  Kumar

Michelle Shum

Ryan Turnbull


Year 10

Christopher Clarke

Callum Ellison

Serena  McCurdy

Olivia Parsons

Bryce Prissmann

Avalana Pritchard

Dylan Toogood


Year 11

Anthony Barnewall

Samuel Berkery

Bradley Bishop

Bec Carpenter

Nicholas Carroll

Jake Foster

Amy Lucas

Sukhmeet Maan

Nathan Matthews

Charli Shotton

Aaron Sutton

Mislav Tosic  


Use of School Car Park

It is disappointing that I again am writing a message in regards to the school car park. It has been raised at College Council that the safety of the carpark is a concern. The safety of the students, staff and the community is of paramount importance at our school and rules have been established to ensure the health and safety of our community members for the use of the carpark. Can I remind families that the school carpark is out of bounds for families dropping off or picking up their child except for if you or your child requires the use of the disabled carpark.


If you are required to drive into the school (eg: to collect your child during the school day), please drive at walking pace and ensure that you take note of the pedestrian crossings and park your car in the visitors car park located in front of the 200 block.


Carrington Primary School – Aussie of the Month

Over the year we have had the pleasure of attending and presenting the Carrington Primary School Aussie of the month along with other awards.


Towards the end of Term 3 our College Captains – Tom Wilson and Lucinda Formaini represented Scoresby Secondary College in presenting the Aussie of the Month to a well deserving student. It was a highlight for Tom as he attended Carrington Primary School.

The photo is of Tom and Lucinda with the Carrington Primary School Aussie of the Month.


Chris Knight

Assistant Principal




Junior School

Term 4 in Junior School 

On behalf of Junior School I would like to welcome everyone back to school for the final term of 2016.


As we head towards the end of the year there is a busy term ahead for junior school students.


Friday 14 October we have a Brainstorm Production, Verbal Combat looking into issues around bulling, permission forms for this where due at the end of Term 3, if you have not handed yours in yet please ensure that collect a new on from the junior school office and hand it in immediately.


Our year 8’s will be participating in a day of learning at KIOSC on Friday 4 November with a focus on   forces and motion.


Our year 9 students will be preparing for their City Experience week that will take place from Monday 7 November - Friday 11 November, providing students with the opportunity to explore our wonderful city of Melbourne. An information night for City Experience participants and their parents/guardians will be held on Tuesday 25 October.

We encourage students to make the most of these opportunities outside of the classroom to enhance their learning this term, students are reminded that there is learning to be done and expectations remain with work effort, homework and assignment completion as we head towards the end of the year.


All the best for a wonderful term 4,


Emma Morris

Year 7 Coordinator

Senior School 

Term 4

Welcome back to Term 4! I hope all our students and families have enjoyed a restful and refreshing break and are rearing to go for the new term ahead.

Whilst the term break is a timely opportunity to recharge the batteries it is also an invaluable time for further study and revision in order to embed the knowledge and skills gained in the various studies undertaken by our students. Something our Senior School students understand and appreciate the importance of as they continue their preparations for the upcoming Unit 3 & 4 Exams.


To assist and support our students in preparation for their exams, the Senior School Team ran a highly successful Study Program during the term break. It was really pleasing to see so many of our Year 12 cohort attending the college at different stages throughout this Study Program, making the most of these opportunities for intensive study and support. I would like to thank our teaching staff who ran various holiday study sessions for our students undertaking Unit 3&4 studies. Without doubt, this program serves as a springboard for our students in their revision work, which will continue over the next month in the lead up to the end of Year Examination period.


Year 12 Final Week Arrangements

Traditionally, our Year 12 students have had the opportunity to conclude their classes at the college with a number of celebratory events held during their final week of classes. This tradition will be continuing for our current Year 12 cohort with a number of planned activities to be held starting the week of October 10. These events will provide our Year 12s with the opportunity to thank and celebrate alongside the various people who have supported them throughout their educational journey. It is a chance to also bid farewell to their cohort and to the wider college community as they prepare to embark on their final examination period and post secondary school pathways. The finalized itinerary for this celebration week has been provided for your reference.

*A note for all parents who are wishing to attend the college during this time in support of their Year 12 son or daughter, that the Monday breakfast is the forum for parent attendance.


Finally, I would like to wish our Year 12s the very best for their upcoming exam period and end of year celebrations.

Year 12 Students

Wishing all of our Year 12 Students the very best for the future.

Aaron Mackinnon

Head of Senior School

Staff Profile

Ms Simone Hargrave

Simone Hargrave joined Scoresby Secondary College in 2016 as a first year teacher. She teaches Year 11 Legal Studies, Humanities and English.

Simone Hargrave is always a part of the school community and supported building our new culture. Simone puts her hand up for any fundraising activities. She along with a group of four raised over $3000 for school supplies in Malawi. After completing Year 12, she studied a Business Degree at Deakin University for 2 years before realising that it was not quite for her.


She did not complete her degree and started working as a casual waitress in a restaurant before being asked to work full time. While working over 40 hours per week, she was asked to be the host every Friday and Saturday nights and would be the host during functions on weekends. Simone was finally approached to see if she would be interested in being promoted to be a part of the management team. She accepted and became one of the four managers within the restaurant.  


Simone has always had the passion to go back to school but was not sure on her career path. She had always been told that she would be a great teacher. When Simone was not working she would be helping out her niece and nephew with their homework from school. Simone would also help out her friends by correcting some of their university assessments.


Simone left her job and went back to university. She completed her Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) at La Trobe University. Although not  working for the first year of her degree, Simone took this opportunity to ensure that she was organised. Simone went back to work in the second year of her degree, but only working part time. She completed two rounds of placement at Scoresby Secondary College before applying for a job at the College.


Simone enjoys being a part of the school comunity and runs Homework Club every second Tuesday at lunchtime. Simone finds that being a teacher is a rewarding career and enjoys seeing the improvements that her students have made throughout the year. She is looking forward to seeing her students grow in the future and hopes to inspire them to achieve their dreams.  


Community News

Dads Matter


No Sexting


Parents Building Solutions


The Parenting Journey


This is a free service offering telephone counselling, information and referrals to parents of children aged between 0-18 years. Parents and other carers may call to obtain advice about managing difficult behaviours – including conflict and relationship issues.

People who ring while the line is busy, or outside business hours, can leave a message and they will be called back.

Dyslexia Week


Parenting Seminars


Talking Teens


2nd Hand Uniforms

Our 2nd Hand Uniform shop will no longer be accepting any 2nd hand uniforms, due to the changes taking place with the 'new uniform'.


Any parent/guardian wishing to collect any unsold items of uniform that is currently on consignment, are welcome to contact the school and your details will be passed to the uniform committee to contact you for collection.


Many thanks for your support over these past years.


Shirley Clarke

2nd Hand Uniform Shop


Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club will be serving up Bacon & Eggs.

Where:  Scoresby Secondary College Canteen

When: Thursday 13 October, 2016

Time: 8am – 8:50am

Has there ever been a better match made in heaven than Bacon & Eggs?  Of course the answer is no. 

So come on down & join us for bacon & eggs along with toast juice & cereal too.


Breakfast Club is held every Thursday morning of the school year from 8am onwards.

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