18 October 2019
Issue Sixteen
McKinnon Secondary College
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Thursday 17 October

Year 12 - last day of classes


Friday 18 October

Year 12 Assembly


Monday 21 October

Outdoor Ed Surf Camp (Group 1 Depart)

6:30pm Junior Debating (Merc)


Tuesday 22 October

Outdoor Ed Surf Camp (Group 1)

Year 8 Survivor – Maths Challenge


Wednesday 23 October

Outdoor Ed Surf Camp (Group 1) Return

Outdoor Ed Surf Camp (Group 2 Depart)

Valedictory Dinner


Thursday 24 October

Outdoor Ed Surf Camp (Group 2)

Year 7 Zoo (7A-7H)

7:00pm Percussion Night (Music Auditorium)


Friday 25 October

Outdoor Ed Surf Camp (Group 2 returns)

Year 7 Zoo (7I – 7O)


Saturday 26 October

6:30pm McKinnon Grand Reunion


Monday 28 October

Year 8 Camp (8A, B, C, D, I, J, K) Depart


Tuesday 29 October

Year 8 Camp (8A, B, C, D, I, J, K)

7:00pm Year 11 Music Night (Theatre)

7:00pm Education Sub-Committee


Wednesday 30 October

Year 8 Camp (8A, B, C, D, I, J, K) Return

Year 8 Camp (8E, F, G, H, L, M, N) Depart

Year 12 English/EAL exam


Thursday 31 October

Year 8 Camp (8E, F, G, H, L, M, N)


Friday 1 November

Year 8 Camp (8E, F, G, H, L, M, N) Return


Tuesday 5 November

Melbourne Cup Day – no classes


Thursday 7 November

Art Show


Monday 11 November

6:30pm Junior Debating (MERC)


Tuesday 12 November

Year 11 Study Day

7:00pm Buildings & Grounds Sub-Committee


Wednesday 13 November

Year 11 Exams

7:00pm Intermediate Concert (Theatre)


Thursday 14 November

Year 11 Exams

7:00pm Year 10 Drama Performance (Theatre)


Friday 15 November

Year 11 Exams


Monday 18 November

Year 11 Exams

6:30pm Junior Debating (MERC)


Tuesday 19 November

Year 11 Exams

Year 10 Study Day


Wednesday 20 November

Year 10 Exams

GVBR Year 9 Exams (alternate)


Thursday 21 November

Year 10 Exams

GVBR Year 9 Exams (alternate)


Friday 22 November

GVBR (11 days)

Year 10 Exams


Monday 25 November

Year 10 Respect and Resilience Day


Tuesday 26 November

Year 10 Respect and Resilience Day

6:30pm Finance Sub-Committee

7:00pm School Council


Wednesday 27 November

Year 9 Study Day

Year 10 Peer Support


Thursday 28 November

Year 10 Peer Support

Year 9 Exams


Friday 29 November

Year 9 Exams


Monday 2 December

VCE Orientation Week

Year 9 Exam Clash Day


Tuesday 3 December

VCE Orientation Week


Wednesday 4 December

VCE Orientation Week


Thursday 5 December

VCE Orientation Week

7:00pm Junior Concert


Friday 6 December

Campion Book Collection (Senior School)





Students, staff and parents celebrated the end of compulsory schooling for our Year 12s this week.


I sincerely thank the staff at McKinnon who have shaped the next generation of Graduates.


I appreciate your incredible efforts on providing the best learning for our students.


Many parents end their formal association with the school and I thank all of you for your support over the many years.


The special relationship between parents and staff is part of the McKinnon magic!


I wish the Class of 2019 all the very best with their future endeavours and thank them for their service to McKinnon Secondary College.


Earlier this year, Monash University invited 212 female Year 10 students (53 teams from 45 schools) to attend a series of one-day workshops to learn about connected technology and the 'Internet of Things', develop hands-on skills in IT coding using the micro:bit device and discover how to develop and pitch an entrepreneurial idea. McKinnon sent two teams.


The girls involved were:


Team 1 - Bridget Chapman, Karleen Han, Alisha Gollen and Michelle Gu


Team 2 - Julia Giantos, Catherine Braniska, Jaime Tyzack and Grace James


Their teacher mentors were Ms Sweeney and Ms Nicholls.


At the conclusion of the Stage 1 workshops, a judging panel from the Monash IT Department and international organisations such as Hacker Exchange, selected 12 teams to attend a bespoke entrepreneurial workshop, designed to instil an entrepreneurial mindset and train participants how to turn their concepts into an economically sustainable product. Impressively, both McKinnon teams were selected to attend the final workshop.


In the final stage, two successful teams were selected to win an immersive entrepreneurial experience to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, California, USA - the global centre of technological innovation! 


With a flawless presentation, McKinnon Team 1 was selected as one of the winning teams. The girls will be travelling, with their Monash mentors, to the USA in January. Congratulations to all of the girls involved and their mentors. This is truly a marvellous achievement.


On Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 September thirty-two Year 12 students attended a Your Job Camp which consisted of organisations engaged in offering students the opportunity to receive certificates for First Aid Training (Certificate 2), Working With Children Checks, Safe Food Handling and Responsible Service of Alcohol.


I received the following email after this event from one of the hospitality trainers:


“Good afternoon,


This is the first time I’ve taken the time to give my feedback to a school Principal regarding the students I have trained.


Yesterday and today I had the pleasure to work with 32 of your Year 12s and I would just like to inform you that in all the years I have been training this cohort of young people I have never been more impressed! These young adults were AMAZING!


Well mannered, attentive, switched on, engaging and inclusive! They clearly look out for each other and were very supportive. Congratulations to McKinnon College for producing such a great bunch of people!


All the best!”


I was absolutely thrilled to receive this email. I congratulate these students who are truly wonderful ambassadors for the College.


Congratulations Eliza Cowley (Year 12) who has achieved Guiding’s Peak Achievement Award, the Queen’s Guide Award. This is the highest award that can be earned by youth members of Girl Guides Victoria.


As part of the Queen’s Guide Award, Guides are required to accomplish tasks in leadership, community service (volunteer work) outdoor skills, cultural awareness, working with their peers and to advance their own personal development in areas of their choice.


Eliza’s efforts in achieving this Award are highly commendable and we congratulate her on this wonderful achievement.




Year 12 students will be required to attend revision sessions conducted by their teachers (in their scheduled double-periods and additional subject lectures), as advised by their Student Managers. All students are encouraged to meet with their teachers to discuss their revision and seek assistance with their work. We require all students to attend the College in full school uniform when meeting with teachers, submitting/collecting work and studying at the College; we also advise students to contact teachers in advance to arrange a time to meet with them.  We wish all students preparing for the Units 3 & 4 examinations every success.


Until Melbourne Cup Day (Tuesday 5 November) students may wear either winter or summer uniform.  From Wednesday 6 November, however, all students must be in full summer uniform.  We remind all students that you are ambassadors for the McKinnon community at all times, and should therefore wear the McKinnon uniform correctly. For both summer and winter uniforms, the blazer is the required outer garment; in warm weather students may choose not to wear the blazer to/from school, however the College jumper must not be worn as the outer garment. School scarves are not to be worn during Term 4.


Over the coming weeks, many senior students in the College are preparing for and undertaking exams and junior students are completing important assessment tasks. Whilst this is a time of celebration for the Year 12 students, it is critical that all students are focused on their studies and we expect McKinnon’s high standards of behaviour to be maintained throughout Term 4.


All Year 9 parents were sent an email at the end of Term 3 about purchasing a new Chromebook for their child. This is a very important process and ensures students have a reliable and up-to-date computer to facilitate online learning, but also a device that is within its 3 year extended warranty. Many of the current devices are starting to process more slowly, and showing signs of 'wear and tear'. We do not want these issues to adversely affect student learning, especially during the crucial VCE years. Organising an upgrade now is the best option, rather than leaving it until next year. The new model has many improved features, including touch screen, access to Android Apps, and is much quicker to charge with USB Type C.   


Chromebooks are ordered through this portal:


McKinnon’s Chromebook program plays an incredibly important role in delivering an effective and engaging curriculum to our students. Its success relies on all students using a standard platform and we thank all families for their ongoing support.


McKinnon Secondary College is committed to the safety, participation, empowerment and wellbeing of all children and young people. Ministerial Order 870 sets out the specific actions that registered schools need to take to meet the seven Child Safety Standards. We take this issue very seriously and have processes and procedures in place to ensure the safety of our students. Key policies relating to child safety, including mandatory reporting, Esmart and the prevention of bullying, are available on the College website


In recent months many families and former students have made generous donations to our tax-deductible Building Fund. The College plans to use such funds to support the next stage of our redevelopment of the College’s teaching facilities. Donations can be made via the following link - 


On behalf of all staff and students of McKinnon Secondary College, we sincerely thank all those who have contributed to our Building Fund and the future of our school.


National Anthem performed by the Ovenden Band, conducted by Mrs Videon and vocals by Michael Birkett (Year 12) and the Ovenden Band performing Libertango by Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla


2019 Glen Eira Council Student Achievement Award Winners



Writer of the Monthly Competition winners and Writer of the year winner Anna Chapman


Maths Award Winners


National Computer Science School Competition Award Winners


Ash Nathan presents on Beyond Blue and is handed a cheque of donations from his charity ride


Science Talent Search Award Winners


Language Perfect Elite Award Winners


Winners of the 2019 House Cup


Mrs Nayyar presents on the recent Asia Week festivities


Tait Thomson, Monique Andjelic and Alice Kernich present on the recent French Language tour to New Caledonia


Alice Connolly and Jack Scherer present on the recent Year 9 leadership trip to Timor-Leste






On Tuesday 8 October 190 Year 8 History students went back in time to the Medieval era. Medieval Day involves Year 8 History students dressing up in costumes and competing in various Medieval activities. The costumes were especially amazing! Luke Zhai from 8C made a costume out of cardboard which was a replica of a medieval warrior which was the best hand-made costume I think I have ever seen.


The day was an outstanding success and I would like to thank all the students from Year 8 who were involved (8A, 8C, 8E, 8G, 8I, 8K and 8M). Students participated wonderfully in all activities, ranging from the Medieval Skits, Shields, Trivia, News Reports and Table Decorations. There was a wonderful spirit around throughout the day and I have to thank the students for their willingness to get involved.

Days like Medieval Day cannot occur without the spirit and willingness of teachers to get involved as well. I would like to thank the Year 8 History team (Matt Shaw, Stephen Gurry, Jenny Jones and Chelsea Han) plus all of the teachers who assisted on the day. A special mention goes to Rosie Patterson for helping us organize things and Cameron Chan making his Medieval debut as a judge. This semester we debuted two Year 11s as student judges so thank you to Coco Parker and Roisin Lyon for their efforts as well. 




Jonathan Jhoomun (on behalf of the Year 8 Team)

History Teacher & Medieval Day Co-ordinator


On Friday 26 July more than 120 Year 10 and 11 VCE Psychology students headed to the Melbourne Museum to investigate the museum’s immersive “The Mind” exhibit. The exhibit explored sensation and perception, dreams, emotions and mental well-being. These topics were pertinent to our studies of visual perception. At the start of the exhibit, we were provided with booklets to fill in, prompting us with questions and provoking a deeper understanding of the displays and activities when in “The Mind” exhibit.


One major highlight of the excursion was the Ames Room, which is a distorted room and when viewed from a peephole it creates the illusion of an object standing at one end of the room look much larger than the object standing at the other end, which looks miniature. Another highlight was the dream simulator where you lie down on your back with your head inside a cubby hole and watch a video above you which resembles a sort of dream-like state accompanied by speakers on either side of your head playing either calming or ominous music. The eventful day ended with a dismissal from 2pm with an extended understanding of our studies.


A huge thank you to Ms Bertsa, Mr Van Pelt, Ms Bowes and Ms Gambino for this opportunity.


Lucy Robertson-Reid & Claudia Gerbic

Year 10 Students


During Unit 4 of Psychology, involving the nature of consciousness and the importance of sleep, the Year 12 Psychology classes participated in a mock sleep laboratory run by Julie from the Epworth Sleep Centre.


Julie first introduced us to sleep by explaining how sleep is vital for our survival and for us to effectively function in our world. We looked at a typical sleep-cycle, delved into the stages of sleep and discussed the characteristics of both REM and NREM sleep. To consolidate this, we participated in an activity where we had to guess the stages of sleep using only brain wave patterns.


We also found someone who fell asleep easily and set them up using devices that monitor and observe sleep. While they were trying to fall asleep in the other room, we analysed their brain wave patterns as well as their body muscles and eye movement.


Thank you Julie for teaching us and answering our many questions about sleep!


Sabrina Humphry & Myles Kelemen

Year 12 Students


















Congratulations to all Year 12 GERMAN students who already completed their Oral Examinations on Friday 11 October. Congratulations also to all Year 12 students who completed their Oral Examinations in a Language other than English. To all Year 12 FRENCH students and all other students completing their VCE Oral Exams in the next week, best of luck to all of you. 


On Thursday 10 October, the first information evening for the inaugural SPANISH LANGUAGE AND CULTURE TOUR was held in the MERC. Students studying Spanish and background speakers and their parents were introduced to an amazing itinerary planned for 2020.


This tour introduces students to the capital of Spain, Madrid, and the area stretching to Valencia. Students will also meet their online pen-pals, spend seven days in host families and attend our Sister School in Cuenca. They will visit some famous World Heritage sights and experience Spanish culture first hand.


Two thirds of participants have already expressed interest and we would like to invite anyone who is interested in this tour and missed this information session to contact Ms Jimenez as soon as possible.


A special thank you to Ms Jimenez for organising this wonderful tour to Spain. 


Andrea Fowler

Head of Languages


There will be an information session for any current Year 9 students interested in next year's exchange program and their parents on Wednesday 6 November at 6:30pm in the Lecture Theatre.


If you are interested in learning more about the opportunity, please come along to the session. Our exchange program with our sister school in France has been going for over 10 years and is highly successful. It is a 3-4 week reciprocal program where you host a French student in your home in June/July and then travel to France to stay with that student and their family in November/December.


During this session, we will outline the program and what it involves. We will also explain the application process and key dates. Expressions of interest will be due by Monday 26 November.


Ms Kellie Dickson, Ms Ludmila Antal and Ms Annette Reid

French Exchange Co-ordinators


Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, The University of Melbourne offers a production by the GERMAN THEATRE GROUP on Tuesday 29 October from 4:30pm to 6:00pm.  The link is online now Aufbau II Abau II The Wall  Ii The Fall 


The event is proudly sponsored by: The Henkell Brothers, the Goethe Institute and the DAAD.


Andrea Fowler

Head of Languages



We visited The Australian Synchrotron, which we found out to be the largest in the southern hemisphere. It was a fascinating experience and we learned a lot about the uses and the important nature of the impressive technology. The synchrotron is a particle accelerator that speeds up electrons to 99.98% of the speed of light; used to produce brilliant (very bright) light in the form of x-rays used for many areas of study. From areas such as medical research to uncovering and reconstructing images of covered paintings.


Overall, I found this excursion very insightful and I am grateful for the opportunity we were given to see it.  Emma Farrell


The excursion was a trip travelling to the Synchrotron and learning all about how it was made, how it operates and all its uses. The Synchrotron showed us all the benefits it has brought. This information is still with me today and has started some great conversations with my dad who had no idea what I was talking about. I am extremely glad that we had the opportunity to find out about the Synchrotron and definitely changed the way that I view many different things even down to the rice that I eat. Another example is its ability to show 3D photographic imaging of skeletal bones and fossils. As well as being able to show the blood flow and heart rate within living things which was one of the things which I found to be the most interesting and I can't wait to see the advancements it makes further down the track. Jean-Pierre Du Toit


The excursion to the Synchrotron was not only interesting, but also insightful. The Synchrotron is a particular type of cyclic particle accelerator, in which the accelerating particle beam travels around a fixed closed-loop path. The excursion reinforced our knowledge of the physics concepts we had learnt in the classroom, and also allowed us to firsthand witness an important piece of technology which is used for crucial scientific discovery and advancement. Our excursion consisted of first understanding how the Synchrotron accelerated electrons to almost the speed of light, and then we undertook a tour of the 10 different beamlines inside the Synchrotron, where the fascinating uses of each beamline were explained to us. Yifan Yang


At the synchrotron, we looked at the southern hemisphere’s biggest particle accelerator and the ways in which it is used and has been in the past to help scientists around the world expedite their experiments. The Australian synchrotron fires electrons into a booster ring which accelerates the electrons as close to the speed of light as possible. These electrons are then used at 10 different stations around the circular structure to convert the electrons into light which gives users the ability to examine and take images such as 3D x-rays, discovering the elemental components of an object and much more. Nick Paizis


On Wednesday 10 October, our Year 10 environmental class went on an excursion to Deakin University, where we learnt about the Environmental and Science programs that are offered there. We got to test out some of the things we've been learning about in the classroom by doing a variety of activities throughout the day, such as water testing, radio tracking, animal identification and navigating using a GPS.


After a short lunch, we got to have some fun, and made our own ice cream using liquid nitrogen, with oreos and plenty of toppings, followed by a short demonstration of the effects of liquid nitrogen on everyday objects and foods. Even after our ice cream, we stopped at maccas on the way back to school, the perfect way to end a really fun day!


Thanks so much to Miss Andrieux for taking us on this amazing day and being an all round legend!


Izzy Rake

Year 10 Student



On Tuesday 17 September, the Year 7 Badminton teams headed to the State Finals at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre after their triumph at Southern Metro Regional Finals.


On the day, the team smashed through their rounds, winning all of their pool games comfortably to qualify for the final against Glen Waverley Secondary College. The Final started well with twin badminton sensations Kevin Dai and Arvin Jiao both playing elite badminton to win their respective singles matches comfortably and give McKinnon a 2-0 lead. Unfortunately, Glen Waverley proved to have too much depth as their 3rd and 4th best players were almost as good as their number 1 and 2 and were able to guide their team to wins in the remaining singles and doubles matches. The final had many twists and turns and missed opportunities, but in the end we lost the game by 2-4 overall and McKinnon became runners up for SSV Badminton State Finals. Congratulations to the boys: Kevin Dai, Arvin Jiao, Raghav Senthil Kumar, Michal Foroncewicz and Jason Ye on an outstanding campaign.


Also, thanks to Mr Hislop for coaching the teams and giving up his time. 


Kevin Feng

Year 9 Assistant Coach


On Saturday 28 September ten McKinnon students (Kate McGlone, Kyla Peel, Angus Apps, James Kay, Alec Rae, Roie Greenberg, Tom Howells, Arwen Verdnik, Tayla Fischer and Zoe Fischer) set off on an eight hour drive to Canberra to compete in the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships with the Victorian Volleyball team. The week long tournament allowed for a lot of success for McKinnon athletes.


With James Kay of Year 7 winning Gold and Kyla, Alec, Roie, Tom, Arwen and Tayla all winning Bronze in their respective age groups. Although being able to bring home a medal is a wonderful achievement, all athletes will never be able to forget the amazing experience they had from the whole week. Making new friends that now feel like family, being able to experience a week in the life of a professional athlete and supporting fellow McKinnon students when they got the chance. It was an unforgettable experience that will leave a mark on each student for years to come.


We hope that any aspiring volleyball players will take the chance to try out next year, to join the incredible volleyball community and hopefully be lucky enough to compete at a national championship level.


Zoe Fischer and Tayla Fischer

Year 11 Students



Maths Asian Games were held during lunchtime on Tuesday and Thursday during Asia Week. Students competed against themselves and even played against some of the teachers present. Even though some games like Pong Hau K’i and Sz’kwa seemed simple and easy to play, however, in order to win required the development of strategies, patience, hope and a little bit of luck.


"Despite being an Asian myself, I never knew such interesting games existed. The Asian Game makes lunchtime less boring and also the opportunity to play against some of the math enthusiasts at our school". Thuy Khue Nguyen, Year 11 Student


Bill Manolas

Head of Maths



Welcome back to Term 4. We trust that all students had a relaxing break and are prepared for the many assessments that are coming this term.


Great things are happening in the Music Department at the moment. VCE performance exams have started and students have prepared well for these. Students have been rehearsing and practicing very hard to perfect their programs for these exams. Thanks to Mr Kurowski for allowing the VCE students to run full scale practice exams during the last holiday break. Students who are yet to complete their performance exams are reminded to keep practicing each and every day.


Congratulations to the Ovenden Band who performed the National Anthem with Michael Birkett (Year 12). The Ovenden Band also performed Libertango by Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla. The standard was very high and we thank Ms Videon for her preparation of this ensemble.


Congratulations to the Isabella Eikelis (Year 12) who performed at Gigs on the Green on Friday 11 October, and to the Bolshevix who performed Tuesday 15 October. This has been an outstanding concert series with many students performing throughout the year. We are finishing with the Year 12 performances this week, but other students will be performing throughout the remainder of the term. Congratulations to Mr Kurowski and the Gigs on the Green student committee for their amazing and tireless work in providing great lunchtime entertainment.


Year 10 Music Students have recently visited a local recording studio - firstly to record six tracks, and then to mix the music for airplay. The standard of performance was incredibly high and the final outcome was fantastic to hear. These students will be performing at Gigs on the Green in the next month.


Congratulations to the Year 9 and 10 students who performed at Claremont Terrace on Tuesday 8 October. The standard was incredibly high and demonstrated a developing musicianship and performance technique. Thank you to Ms West for her organisation of this event and the continual development of the vocal students.


  • Percussion Night – Thursday 24 October
  • Year 11 Music Night – Tuesday 29 October
  • Intermediate Concert – Wednesday 13 November
  • Junior Concert – Thursday 5 December
  • Presentation Night –Tuesday 17 December

Megan Papworth

Head of Music



Welcome back for Term 4.


I would like to remind students and parents about the library’s opening hours this term.


MONDAY – THURSDAY  8:15am – 5:30pm

FRIDAYS  8:15am – 4:30pm


The library can provide a quiet place for students to study with a minimum of distraction and disruption and library staff can assist with resources for school assessments. The library has private corrals for personal study and larger tables for group work. Remember no eating, no computer games and no phones in the library.


In the last newsletter I mentioned the upgrade to our library catalogue. Our library system is named Oliver and last term library staff upgraded to a new improved interface. The new look Oliver provides new ways for students to explore and discover books in the library collection. The improvements include browsing by customised lists, by genre and by reading lists.


Links to our electronic resources can be found on the library homepage:


·         World Book Encyclopedia

·         Encyclopedia Britannica

·         Online newspapers (The Age & Australian Financial Review)

·         Clickview and Enhance TV

·         Echo - Contemporary Issues in the Media

·         Online Referencing Generator


Students have access to both Britannica and World Book encyclopedias via the library homepage. Both provide comprehensive coverage with thousands of encyclopedia articles that include multimedia such as photos, videos and animations. Both products provide quality information that is reliable and credible. Please see library staff for assistance. 



Happy Reading!


Janene Watson

Resource Centre Manager



Office hours are:                        8:15am - 4:30pm

Telephone:                                                8520 9000


Parents should always make contact with the General Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.


Appointments with teachers must be made via telephone or email them directly.



Student absences should be reported to the school before 9:00am. Please email the Attendance Officer Courtney Mauger ( or telephone 8520 9050 on the day of the absence by 9:00am


A note on the day of return to the General Office is required for absences where no parent contact has been possible.



In order to minimise disruption to class and maximise learning opportunities for our students, we would like to remind you of the school policy regarding late arrival to school. Students are expected to be at school at 8:30am. A locker bell rings at 8:35am and class begins punctually at 8:50am. If your child is late for any reason, please notify the school by phone 8520 9050, email or by writing a note in the student's diary explaining the reason. 


If no explanation has been received students are given a pass to class and an after school detention for the following day.


Please ensure that if your child is leaving early or arriving late for any reason that a note needs to be written in the diary so that the teachers are aware too.


If your student needs to leave school early for any reason, please write a note in their diary explaining the reason. Teachers will not allow any student to leave their class unless there is authorisation.


We appreciate your support in this. If you have any questions please call Courtney on 8520 9050.


Families are now able to order and purchase uniforms online. Ordered items can be collected from the Uniform Shop. Please allow three working days for pick-up. Please click on the attached link to order uniforms:

Phone/Fax No:  9578 2151



Tuesdays                                      8:15am - 12 noon

Fridays                                        12:30pm - 4:00pm

1st Saturday every month    9:30am - 12 noon


Please ensure all school clothes, books and personal property are clearly labelled with the student’s name. Many items are not returned to their rightful owners because they are not labelled correctly or clearly.


USBs should include a folder with the student’s name and form to assist in returning it to the correct person. If you have lost anything see Mrs Plate in the Sick Bay during recess, lunch or end of day.



Local Community News


A walk for Mental Health is being held on Sunday 20 October, 2019 at Albert Park Lake, Melbourne, 10 - 12:30pm. Please click on the attached link for further information and to register for this event.



The Victorian School of Languages is currently considering commencing Italian classes for students in the area. If there is enough interest then classes could run Saturdays or event week nights in the Mentone area. Please click on the link for further information and to register your interest.



Local Advertisements


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