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29 August 2019
Issue Eight

We are kind. We are resilient. We are respectful. 

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Principal's Report

As a school it is crucial that we are always analysing academic and wellbeing performance, planning for improvement and working hard to implement any changes required to achieve this improvement.


Over the last few weeks, our school’s Wellbeing Leaders (Mel Tattersall and Bron Steele) spent a day with me developing a 2 year well-being plan for Kalinda PS. Also our School Improvement Team (Shaun McClare, Lauren Hopkins, Dani Thomas, Michelle Anderson, Jess Swingler, Chelsey Lloyd, Bron Steele and Mel Tattersall) spent a day developing improvement plans for 2019 and 2020 for Writing and Numeracy.


In these plans we Evaluate and Diagnose where we are currently at, we Prioritise and Set Goals we want to achieve, we Develop and Plan our strategies to reach these goals and then we set parameters to Monitor the Implementation of them. The School Improvement Team then meets every 3 weeks throughout the entire year to monitor progress, make adjustments and discuss the next steps in improvement in that area.


The work in these plans is translated directly into our school’s Annual Implementation Plan, and is reflected in the goals that teachers set in their Professional Development Plans. These plans for teachers allow them to set their own goals for improvement in their own practice that will contribute to achieving school-wide improvements.


Please find attached below our 2 year Well-being Plan. The Well-being plan focuses on staff and student well-being. As an organisation it is crucial that we value the wellbeing of all staff members and without a doubt, improving their wellbeing has a direct impact on the wellbeing of our students.



I will share the Writing and Numeracy Improvement Plans in the next newsletter after we have the opportunity to include 2019 NAPLAN data into them.


Throughout this work and through my own observations at Kalinda, it is clear to me that there is some room for growth. We have a great school culture and an incredibly talented group of staff members. The talent of our staff is broad and diverse and they show an incredible amount of care for the students and work incredibly hard to deliver high quality teaching and learning.



However, there are always things we can do with our practice, resources and structures that will enable our staff to apply their talent and work ethic more effectively in order to achieve better outcomes in wellbeing and academic achievement.


Some of these changes will include a significant increase in resources being allocated towards staff professional development, further resourcing teachers with materials and reference texts and providing more time for our middle leaders (Learning Specialists) to work side-by-side with teachers to coach, provide feedback and support planning.


The other crucial thing we can do is provide the best possible structure to allow for high quality teaching and learning. At the moment, our class structure (Foundation, 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6) means that we have teams of teachers who are not located together geographically within the school and the teams are also too large to work together in the most effective way. Our largest team (1/2) comprises of 9 teachers (8 classes)

From experience, it is clear that teams in school work most effectively when the following parameters are met:

  • They are small enough to know all of the students  in their team very well
  • They can meet as an entire team during the day (during Specialist classes)
  • The team is small enough that everyone has a voice and there is a great sense of collective efficacy

In 2020 we will be moving to a straight class structure as this means we will have teams of 3-4 teachers per level. These teachers will then be able to be located together in the one space, they will have planning time together during the day, they will be able to share strategies and advice about each individual student and they will have a much more intimate knowledge of the students in their year level.


There will still be connections between Yr 1 and Yr2, Yr 3 and Yr 4, and Yr 5 and Yr 6. Whilst the individual year level teams will meet together during the school day to plan for Numeracy and Literacy, the larger composite teams will meet together to plan for humanities subjects and CBL projects. The students will also have the opportunities to occasionally work between levels for these learning areas.


Camps, inter-school sports and other activities that happened at a composite level will continue to take place at a composite class level.


This structural change has been discussed at length with staff and we have looked at the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of the change to our structure. We also understand that there are students who had really looked forward to being in class with peers from another level for next year. However, the overwhelming need to improve the performance of our academic and well-being outcomes and the way that smaller teams of teachers can enhance this, made the decision very clear to us.

Under the structure we have developed, there will be 25 classes, with a class average size of 23 students per class and class sizes of between 20 to 25 students (based on our current enrolments for 2020).



   2020 Class Structure

Year Level

Number of classes
















We are kind. We are resilient. We are respectful.

From the Assistant Principal 

From Mrs Hopkins' office....

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to raise resilient children. Resilience is certainly not only a Kalinda school value, but also something we parents are keen to develop in our children. One particular author has caught my eye lately, Dr Justin Coulson, author of (amongst other material) "9 ways to a resilient child" (2017). 


Dr Coulson says "more than anything, we raise resilient kids by building strong relationships together, helping them know they matter more than we can say, and letting them know that whatever happens, we're always going to be there for them". 


And this statement rings so true for not only parents, but educators too. We know that feeling 'connected' is vital to not only academic success but also social emotional resilience. Whether children find that connection at school, or outside groups like dance schools, Scouts or sports clubs, it is so important that our children develop strong relationships with trusted adults in their lives. 


Each minute of each day I see staff at Kalinda making efforts to 'connect' with our students. Whether it be as big as solving a problem together or as small as greeting a child by name and with a smile, I feel so proud each day to see the dedication of every adult at Kalinda to the wellbeing of our children. The outlay is small but the payback is infinite!

Book Day

We are very excited about Book Day tomorrow and can't wait to see everyone in their costumes. We will be holding a parade in the stadium at approximately 9.10am and later in the day classes will be enjoying a performance from Perform Education centred around some of this year's best books. 

Footy Maths Day

On Thursday 19th of September we will be holding our annual Footy Maths Day. It will be day filled with really fantastic maths activities and games planned by teachers. Students (and staff!) are invited to come along dressed in their favourite team colours. As part of your outfit, please include a number (like a players number) somewhere on your outfit. The number should be between 1-99. 

School toilets

Please note that adults are not permitted to use student toilets when visiting the school. Any parents or carers in the school are welcome to use the Staff toilets, although we ask that school-aged children do not join you. Thank you for your help in this matter. 


We are kind.

We are resilient.

We are respectful. 

Save the date

Events to mark in your calendar: 


Friday 30th August

Book Day and Parade

A reminder that there will not be a regular Assembly, due to the Book Day Parade



Thursday and 


3rd September

5th September and 

6th September

District Athletics Ringwood North


Dental Van visit


9th September  Performing Arts Assembly


10th September

5/6 Market Day

Wednesday 11th September

Hoop Time for Years 5 and 6

Responsible Pet Ownership program for Foundation

Musical Soiree

Thursday 12th September

State School Spec. offsite rehearsal

Responsible Pet Ownership program for Years 3 and 4

 Friday 13th September

State School Spec. offsite rehearsal

Responsible Pet Ownership program for Years 1 and 2     


14th September State School Spectacular
Wednesday 18th September

ICAS Maths Testing

Canteen Special Pie Lunch 

Thursday 19th September Footy Maths Day
Friday 20th September Final Day of Term 3 - 2:30pm Dismissal

Working Bees

Sunday September 15

Sunday November 24

Looking Ahead, Key Dates

Term 4    
  7th October to 14th October Waste Education Incursion, all years
  14th October to 7th November Yoganauts Yoga for Foundation
  16th October to 6th November Yoga for Years 1 and 2
Thursday 17th October Waterways incursion, for Years 5 and 6
  18 October to 8 November Yoganauts  Yoga for Years 3 and 4
Wednesday 30th October Colour Run, including after school BBQ
Friday 1st November Curriculum Day (Students do not attend)
Tuesday 5th November Melbourne Cup Public Holiday
Wednesday 13th November Excursion for Foundations students  - Ceres
Friday 15th November Cricket Gala Day for Years 5 and 6
Monday 18th November House Athletics for Foundation to Year 2
Tuesday 26th November Ice Cream Special Food Day
Thursday 5th December Carols and Market Night
Friday 6th December Swimming Program commences
Wednesday 18th December Graduation Ceremony, Year 6
Friday 20th December Final Day of the 2019 school year - 1.30pm dismissal.

Special Dates for Future Foundation Students


2020 and beyond

Special Date for Term 1, 2020:

School Photo Day, Tuesday, March 17

School Counsellor

Hello Parents and Carers!

Things have been really busy in my office, with lots of parents approaching me for support. It is really heart-warming to know that parents are reaching out to help their children with emotional and social issues.


If you would still like to have your child meet with me and haven’t contacted the school yet, please be in touch with Assistant Principal Mrs Lauren Hopkins so we can make sure the service is delivered to those most in need. You can email hopkins.lauren.d@edumail.vic.gov.au or call the office to speak with her. 


I have been meeting with various students over the past month here at Kalinda Primary School. I have been delighted to meet so many warm, funny and smart children! As a mother of three primary school aged students, I would say to you all, whatever challenge you are facing at home, there are other parents facing the same issues! Don’t do it alone. It’s a long road! So, this week, I would like to share some very basic parenting supports with you.


Parentline 13 22 89

This telephone service is staffed by professionals. There is no parenting question too big or too scary that they haven’t heard before. You can call anonymously if you wish and you can call at all hours of the day! I thoroughly recommend them, even if just for a debrief or a few quick ideas.



Raising Children Website


This page has heaps of easy to read fact sheets which can act as a good refresher for topics like:

  • Screen time
  • Anxiety
  • Making friends
  • Boundaries & routines

And finally,

Child FIRST (Child & Family Information, Referral & Support)


The names says it all! You can call and ask for general ideas, referral options in your region and request family support from their pool of social workers. This is a free service and can include home visits to help you with a whole range of family challenges.


Until next time,

Emily Bieber, School Counsellor.

Local parenting support:


Kalinda Kids Corner

The Kalinda Kids Corner is a place for Student Voice. A place to showcase student ideas and reports. 

What do our students have to say this week?

The Buddy Bench

Emily and Isla here from 3/4 B 

We would like to give you a quick reminder about the buddy bench. 

The buddy bench is a yellow seat and is located outside  the 3 /4 module and looks out to the basketball court.


We think that people are forgetting about what the buddy bench means we are going to tell you a couple of things about the buddy bench:

It's good that not many people sit on the buddy bench anymore but if you do see someone sitting on the bench we do ask that you invite them to play what you are playing or offer to help them find their friends again because here at Kalinda we are kind and respectful to everyone in the yard. 


Thank you! Emily and Isla.



Student Achievements

Student Achievements

The children of Kalinda have many wonderful talents, achievements and hobbies. If your child has recently celebrated an achievement of some sort we would love to hear about it! Maybe they have broken a record at Little Athletics, earned a new belt in Karate, been selected for a choir or dance group, or been awarded a special badge in Cubs, Scouts or Guides. Whatever the accomplishment, please send details (and photos if possible) to hopkins.lauren.d@edumail.vic.gov.au or chat to Lauren Hopkins (Assistant Principal) because we would really like to share their achievements here! 


This week we have news about Taylah, Chloe and Natasha and their amazing achievements. Well done girls we are very proud of you! 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champs!

Submitted by Nathan D


Taylah (34S) and Chloe (12B) have had recent success at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) – a form of Martial Arts.


A few weeks ago they both received their 2nd stripes in their white belts at Immersion MMA in Ringwood (first picture with their coaches), for continuous hard work, commitment and improvement over the past 6 months training.


Taylah followed this up competing in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu National Championship on 11th August at Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre, for her division she finished 3rd and won the bronze medal! Pictures attached of her matches, podium receiving her bronze medal and one with her coach Nikki (world champion brown belt).



Gymnastics success for Natasha

Natasha in 3/4S has been doing Gymnastics since she was 3. Currently she’s in the WAG (Women’s Artistic Gymnastics) program at BTYC. This month, she was involved in 4 inter-club competitions, where she and her team came in 2nd place overall for 2 of them. She has been selected for Regionals and if their team does well, they will compete in the Victorian Championships in November. The 4 events in WAG are Beam, Floor, Bars and Vault. Natasha’s favourite is Bars.


Around the school

Rotary Speech Competition

Public speaking is not something many of us would jump to do! In fact, there are many adults who shudder and perhaps feel physically ill at the mere mention of speaking in front of a crowd. Yet, two of our amazing students did just that. Kalinda have a proud association with the Rotary Club of Croydon and Montrose Primary School Public Speaking Competition. This year, at Melba College, Ava Kannegiesser and Thiyara Herath proudly represented our school. As young people they spoke with incredible poise and confidence on their chosen topics, ‘Aliens landed in my backyard!’ and ‘If I had three wishes, they would be …’. Both students were commended for their courage, the way in which they engaged their audience and their ability to speak eloquently with smiles on their faces.  Ava and Thiyara, congratulations, we are so very proud of you. You are amazing ambassadors for Kalinda Primary School!


The Grade 5/6 Team


More on Lilyvale Primary School from Japan

"We hosted a Japanese student named Sumaru. She was nice and beautiful and wore black glasses, she liked me and always gave me lots of cuddles.  Sumaru liked to have a shower then a bath.


We took her to the beach for fish and chips and the seagulls kept trying to eat our food.  Sumaru helped to shew them away. We also went to the Chocolate Factory, we got to choose one thing each to buy.


I was happy to have her as a host student it was fun!!"


By Emelia S



"Having a host student was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys learning something new. Our host students arrived on Tuesday morning. Although they were a bit shy, they soon became more comfortable. 


They were very good at English and were really excited to learn about Australian culture. We also learnt a lot about going to school in Japan, the similarities and differences between our cultures and of course a bit of origami!! 

We learnt lots of traditional Japanese games such as ohajiki, a game similar to marbles. We did lots of fun things with our host student (Sumaru) like the beach and a fabulous playground! We also went into the good old Aussie bush and to an old train and a TALL bridge! I really enjoyed having a Japanese student stay with us! I would gladly volunteer again!!! "


By Alexandra S


Photo memories:

We hope you enjoy scrolling through this gallery

(the limosine photo is a stand-alone photo.)






From staff and the Office

For Year 6 Only - State School Relief, uniform assistance for CSEF funded students

Please see the item below for assistance with purchasing uniforms for your child's Year 7 Uniform

Please be aware this applies to families who receive CSEF funding




A reminder that the Canteen will be closed on Monday 2nd September


A reminder that the Pie Day and Pie Drive orders close next Tuesday at 3pm.  We regret we are unable to accept late orders for these activities


New Menu

A new menu for Term 4 will be out, Monday, 7th October



Surprise your child and order them a birthday cupcake for $2.50 with raspberry or lemonade icing on top.     You must order at the Canteen only. Orders are now being taken for August and September.


Pie Day

Pie Day will be  Wednesday 18th September. 

We especially need 5 extra helpers on this day.  If you can spare a few hours, please let Justine know in the Canteen or go to https://www.volunteersignup.org/XJ3WF


Ivan's Pie Drive

Ivan's Pie Drive can be picked up from school on Thursday 19th September. Please note: this is different from the Special Food  Pie Day.


End of Term

The last day that Canteen will operate this term will be Monday 16th September.

There will be NO CANTEEN on Thursday and Friday 19th and 20th September (and no normal Canteen operating on Wednesday 18th September, Pie Day food only)


Term 4

A reminder that in the first week of Term 4, being Monday to Thursday, 7th to 10th October,  the Canteen will also be closed.



Helpers needed this term please 


If you can help, please go to https://www.volunteersignup.org/XJ3WF

The roster is available for the whole year, including Special Food Days.


Next Week

Monday  2nd September       Canteen Closed

Wednesday 4th September   Elisha McP

Thursday,   5th September    Helper Needed please

Friday,  6th September              9.30am to 1.30pm,    Helper Needed please

                                                          11.30am to 1.30pm, Helper Needed please


Week 9

Monday 9th                              Helper Needed please

Wednesday 11th                    Helper Needed please

Thursday 12th                         Helper Needed please

Friday 13th                                  9.30am to 1.30pm,    Suzanne H

                                                         11.30am to 1.30pm,  Jane C



Final Week

Monday, 16th September         Helper Needed please  - final regular Canteen day of Term 3.

Wednesday, 18th September  Special Pie Day  - 5 Helpers needed please, 9am to 10am

                                                                                               - 20 Helpers needed please, 12.15pm to 1pm

Thursday, 19th September          Canteen Closed - But Ivan's Pie Drive can be collected from 2.30pm                                                                                                         to 3.15pm

Friday,  20th September                Canteen Closed




We continue to experience an astronomical amount of lost property around the school.

Locations are at the Stadium, Oshclub and in the main building near the Canteen.


We URGENTLY need a person to be willing to volunteer their time once per week to help sort it and distribute named items back to their owners. If you can only do this task as a once-only thing, please contact the School Office. Maybe you could enlist a couple of friends and do it together?


in the meantime, PARENTS/CARERS:

Please ensure all your child's items are clearly labelled, including lunchboxes, drink bottles, raincoats and of course, jackets and jumpers. You will need to ensure your child's full names, as initials may result in the item going to a child with the same initials.



If you are a family with a Foundation child this year and you are eligible for CSEF,  you may also be eligible for the special Winter Warmer package offered by State School Relief.  This usually entails a warm jacket, shoes and trousers/dress etc. there is only a short timeline to apply for these.

Please contact Adele Woolard or the school office for further information.





The end date for this was originally 11th August.   If you haven't been able to complete the survey in time, don't lose heart! We have been advised that the survey is now extended to Friday 23rd August.

We genuinely want to know what our parents think and request that, if you have been invited and have not yet done so, please complete your survey as soon as possible. Many thanks.


The survey results will be reported back to the school at the end of September.  
Please speak to Sarah Attwood at the Office if you would like more information.



We, of course, have many activities throughout the school, most permissions and payments can be granted via Compass. 

Current Events on Compass Are:

Tabloid Sports                                           

Friday August 16th                                                              - Years 1 and 2 

RSPCA Pet Incursion

Monday August 19                                                               - Years 1 and 2                   

State School Spectacular rehearsal #2         

Wednesday August 21                                                        - participating students

Basketball/Hooptime Round Robin 3/4                

Wednesday August 28                                                       - Years 3 and 4

Ringwood North District Athletics

Tuesday September 3                                                         - participating students

Basketball/Hooptime Round Robin 5/6

Wednesday September 11                                              - Years 5 and 6

CERES Excursion  3/4                                                                 

Thursday October 10                                                        - Years 3 and 4

Yoganauts 3/4                                                                  

Starts Friday October 18                                                 - Years 3 and 4

CERES Excursion, Foundation                                     

Wednesday November 13                                               -  Foundation students



We have organised a school dentist to visit the school starting next Monday, 26th August. Forms have now been collected by the dentists.

Fundraising and Parents and Friends




Colour Run followed by a BBQ after school - Wednesday 30th October

Mega Christmas Raffle – tickets to go home in November to be drawn at Carols night

Christmas Market & Carols Night - Thursday 5th December

We love having the opportunity to provide these events and opportunities for our Kalinda students and families, but we can’t do it all on our own and need some support to share the load and just like the disco we encourage you to get involved where you can either by volunteering at an event or behind the scenes in the planning.  Rosters will be sent prior to each event and we are seeking support and encourage families to volunteer where you can and if you would like to get involved behind the scenes in any of our events or just come along to our planning meetings please touch base with one of the team.

Thank you from all of us,

Parents & Friends & Fundraising Teams

Christmas Market

Please see the Expressions of Interest form below, 
and then a copy of the article regarding the Christmas Market that was sent home this week.


Athlete's Foot Offer




Health and First Aid



Welcome to another instalment of Heath and First Aid at Kalinda Primary School!

This week’s focus is on food allergy awareness and a reminder about Student Health Support Plans.


Student Health Support Plans

Student Health Support Plans were sent out in the first week back to school. This is a reminder that the Student Health Support Plan and all required forms are now overdue. Please return them to the office at your earliest convenience

Food Allergy Awareness

A reminder that no food is to be shared between students at school. There are a number of students at Kalinda with severe anaphylaxis or allergic reactions resulting from the following foods:

  • Eggs
  • Kiwi Fruit
  • Peanuts
  • Cashews
  • Pistachios
  • Sesame
  • Walnuts
  • Almonds
  • All tree nuts – including hazelnuts and by-products, eg. Nutella.

This is an extremely serious condition and we must treat it with great care and concern.


Our school canteen will not be selling products containing these allergens EXCEPT cooked egg in baked products, and mayonnaise. These items are always identified on the canteen menu and prepared separately. Families with allergies should make sure that any canteen order is clearly marked as a child with an allergy.


In addition to this, all children with dietary restrictions, allergies or anaphylaxis should make this known on their Student Health Support Plan and supplementary documentation.


All children at Kalinda must be safe at school and it is the responsibility of the school and its community to make sure that happens. Even though these children may not be in your child’s class it is still possible for playground equipment to be contaminated by residue on fingers, etc.

Please communicate this message to the rest of your family if they are making lunches for your children.


Anna Diacos EEN

First Aid Officer

Kalinda Primary School



Articles and Information from OshClub

Ongoing Information

Phone: OshClub on 0439 992 434   Email: kalinda@oshclub.com.au

Head Office: 1300 395 735   


Coordinator: Jane Evans

Program Assistant: Sarah Taroza

OshClub Casual Staff:Leonie Keilor, Claire Zolich, Loressa Mancuso and Maddy Plant


IMPORTANT - Please message the program phone ASAP if your child/ren are booked in for an After School Care session, but will not be attending. 

We need to account for every child booked into our care.  If a child does not arrive to After School Care in a timely manner our process is as follows:

  1. Check school attendance with the school office
  2. Call and text parents
  3. Call and text emergency contacts
  4. Escalate to a missing child incident and contact police

Your cooperation in letting us know in advance if a booking is no longer required is hugely appreciated. 


This week's news:

Our weekly drama workshops with Drama Co. are now well underway. We have three more weeks of workshops planned for After School Care on Fridays from 4:00-5:00 pm. Each workshop is a standalone workshop that includes both a drama and a craft component. 

Friday 30th Aug - A story from the Dreamtime 

Friday 6th Sept - Emotion Restaurants 

Friday 13th Sept - Pirate Island 

If this sounds like something your child would love to participate in, they can do so if booked into OSHClub on Friday afternoons. There is no extra cost involved. For more information, please see the attached flyer.  



What we have been doing and making:


In Other News

This week we farewell Jamie-Lee Quinn who has been Assistant Coordinator at Kalinda OSHClub during most of 2019. Jamie has decided to take on a position in a Long Day Care setting so that she can spend more time with her two boys. She will continue to work with us as an OSHClub Casual during Vacation Care and Before School Care.   


EARLY SCHOOL FINISH - Friday 20th Sept 

Kalinda OSHClub will be offering an extended After School Care session on Friday 20th of September. 

The session will run from 2.30pm to 6.00pm at the cost of $39.00 (before any applicable Child Care Subsidy). Many families are eligible for Child Care Subsidy, which reduces the out of pocket cost of outside school hours care. To establish what level of CCS you may be entitled to please contact the Centrelink Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50. 

Please note that the pre-existing After School Care bookings have been automatically transferred to the associated Early Finish Time. 


How to book 

Please log in to your account online at www.oshclub.com.au to access the iParent Portal. 

  1. Select the bookings tab 
  1. Select the date in which you would like to book (press the ‘+ Booking’ button) 
  1. Select the child/ren that you would like to book into the session 
  1. Underneath the Room select the After School Care - Early Finish  
  1. Acknowledge the terms and conditions 



Bookings are now open for the Spring School Holidays at Kalinda OSHClub 

This school holidays we will be running two exciting incursions and one excursion each week. 

 During the first week we will be visiting Chesterfield Farm in Scoresby, and the following week we will be attending an OSHClub Carnival Day at Laburnum Primary School, which will involve fun games, sporting challenges and another chance to meet some farm animals.  

Our incursions include a cooking workshop with Jamie Oliver's Learn Your Fruit & Veg Program, a wildlife incursion with Wild Action, a terrarium building workshop, and a circus workshop with Fun Fit.  

Please see the attached Vacation Care flyer for details or come in and pick up a copy from the sign-in/sign-out desk.  

Bookings can be made online via your account.  




With spring and Term 4 just around the corner, we will be requiring children to wear a sun hat outdoors when the UV rating 3 or higher.  

As school hats are often stored in children's classroom tubs, please pop a spare sun hat into your child's bag for OSHClub. They are welcome to leave their hat at OSHClub or keep it with them in their bags. 



Please note:  

Online bookings for each session close 24 hours in advance. If online bookings have closed and you would like to make or cancel a booking, please SMS the program phone on 0439 992 434.  


Alternatively, bookings can be cancelled using the KidSoft app. This will automatically mark your child as absent on our system.  


Any other queries, please feel free to call, SMS or email us at kalinda@oshclub.com.au. 

Handy Links

Instructions for accessing student sites: 

1. Click on the link above

2. Ensure (by checking in the top right hand corner of your screen) that you are not logged into any other google account other than your child's Google account. If you are currently logged into a personal or work Google account, you will not be able to access the student site

3. Select the Year level of your child. 

4. Enter the username and password that was issued via your child's diary. 

5. Please contact your class teacher or the school office if you are having issues. 

Public Announcements

















Please see the important announcement here from the Department of Education, regarding privacy




Kalinda Primary School Newsletter
FISO Improvement Model - Well-being 2019.pdf
Kalinda PS Child Safe Policy.pdf