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25 March 2020
2020 Issue 4
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Principal's Message

I love working with people, they genuinely fascinate me. I am constantly in awe of just how amazing people can be. Equally, I find myself shaking my head at just how bizarre people can be. The bushfires earlier this year brought out both the best and worst in people, but mainly the best. But with the arrival of COVID-19 people have gone slightly mad, and I have again found myself pondering both just how amazing people can be and yet in the same circumstances just how bizarre people can be. 


The essential difference I think is that the bushfires pushed people together while COVID-19, by its nature, pulls people apart. This fundamental difference, I believe, needs to be recognised and responded to very intentionally. An excellent example of this is the need to re-imagine 'Social Distancing'. There is no question that at this time, to limit the spread of COVID-19, it is essential that we need to physically change how we interact because this is how we care and love for each other as we tackle the spread of the virus.


The word ‘physical’ however is the key. What happens, I wonder, if we start thinking about physically distancing ourselves rather than socially distancing? I suspect that if we focus on our physical distance rather than our social distance we will be more willing to care for others, to communicate, to share. I believe it is possible to limit the spread of the virus while maintaining high levels of generosity and care in our community; things that I suspect will be sorely needed in the days and weeks to come.


Finally, I would like to encourage you again to remember in the hurly burly of all things COVID-19 that Easter is almost here. The Easter story is always relevant to the world, but I wonder though, if COVID-19 presents a unique opportunity as people for the first time in a long time, to begin to seriously question what they know, and look for the hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ.


May you be truly blessed in these strange times. Thank you all again for your encouragement and support, and I look forward to catching up with you socially soon, even if it is no physically closer than 1.5m or online.




Andrew Manning


Pray for Bayside

Please pray that the Lord would watch over the safety of our families over the coming weeks.


Pray for our teaching staff as they prepare lessons and materials should classes not be able to resume as normal at the start of Term 2.


Please pray for our school leadership group as they daily grapple with how best to respond to the COVID-19 situation.


Pray that even in the unknown, College families would know the joy and peace of Christ this Easter.

From the Deputy's Desk

This term break is a lead up to Easter; a time to remember that Christ's sacrifice on the cross redeems us. He is there to bring us closer to our loving heavenly father and to remind us that we can look to him in whatever circumstances we find ourselves. The Bible says: “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” ~ Isaiah 41:10


This is an important message to give to our children at this time. Although things are changing rapidly around us, we must remember that we can look to God for peace and strength to help us through all things. 

It is also helpful to keep things that might be causing uncertainty for our children in perspective. Schools closing early for students is simply a strategy from the Victorian Government to allow teachers the time to plan and prepare more adequately, should learning need to go online in the future. If it does, we will still have school, but it will look different.

In the meantime, enjoy the early and extended break. Parents, remember to plan balance in your daily events. Children should have plenty of time scheduled to be outside in the fresh air, getting exercise and energising their brains. Balance screen time, and monitor to ensure social media for older children remains positive. Keep a balanced diet. And above all, remember to celebrate the love of Christ this Easter.

We look forward to seeing you all again next term, commencing Wednesday 15 April.



As you may be aware, NAPLAN testing for all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 has been cancelled for this year. This is to allow teachers to focus on continual preparation for remote and online learning. There has not been any information on whether tests would be administered at a later date, or who will participate in 2021.


Preparations for Online and Remote Learning

An email was sent to all families, on Friday 20 March, regarding preparations for remote and online learning, should this become necessary in the future. It is also attached here for your reference. 



Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal

Primary News

From the Head of Primary

What a lot of unexpected changes we have seen in the past fortnight! Thank you to all the parents/carers who attended Parent/Teacher Conferences. It is so important that staff and parents work closely together and this will become even more important as we move into a more challenging situation in the coming weeks. Please email staff if you have any concerns about your child or their distance learning. There will be regular communication with families, and we ask that, if it is possible, you help your child to engage with their distance learning. Also get out the board games, read lots of stories and have some fun!


Years 1/2 National Trust Incursion

Last week, you may have seen some students in braces and long dresses from Years 1 & 2. They had a visitor, ‘Mrs Sargood’ from the National Trust, who pretended to be a teacher from the late 1870s. The children had an opportunity to write with nibs and ink, and also to hear the ‘swish’ of a cane as Mrs Sargood demonstrated what happened to some students who didn’t do their work properly in days gone by! 



Year 6 Student Leaders - Leadership Day

Last Tuesday, the Student Leaders spent the day on North Campus developing their leadership skills with Sara Wright. They enjoyed a pizza lunch, a walk around the property, studied composing and presenting speeches ,and then did some prayer writing. Last Friday 20 March, the Student Leaders visited each of the Primary classes and read out the prayers they had written for each class. The prayers were very heartfelt and special. 


We are thankful that we can keep trusting God knowing that He is in control when everything else seems not to be. My prayer for each of us is that we may know more of His love instead of fear, more of His joy instead of stress, more of His Spirit of peace instead of a foreboding spirit. 


May God bless you and your family,


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary

Leadership Activity Day

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, many events have been cancelled. Sadly, this included our 2020 GRIP Conference, which is a highlight of the year. The leaders were very disappointed along with the teachers, but came up with an alternative plan. Miss Wright and Mrs Bailey planned a jam-packed day for all us leaders to go to North Campus and enjoy a day of leadership-building activities and games, and indulge in some yummy pizza! 


We put our bags in the new Arts building, which looked amazing! The day started off with some fun games. We played forty-forty and ran some relays, before settling down to write a speech. There were a lot of interesting topics from, “Why I love my phone” to the simple, “How to eat”. There were a lot of laughs shared! Then after performing our speeches, we had recess.


After recess, we went for a walk at the back of the North Campus. We walked for a bit, talking and examining dead animals. We found a dead mole and found out more about moles, bones and all. After a while, we spotted some dirt mounds and began leaping from one to another, leading to a game of "follow the leader”. It was very fun but we got very dusty. A quick clean off and a drink of water was nice. Then we headed to the car park where the lovely Mrs Armstrong was there with our nice warm cheesy pizza. We ate together whilst playing a game of "what are the odds?” It was very enjoyable watching the poor contestant get “torched”.


After lunch we went back to the Arts building and paired up with each other to create a prayer for all of the Primary classes. 


Overall, the day was a success, and a very memorable day. We are so thankful for the teachers who helped that day.


Primary Captains



Blast From the Past

As part of our History unit for Years 5/6, we were able to use the STEAM room and resources to begin designing and building an 1850s dwelling. Some children chose to use LEGO, and others used cardboard with screws to create their designs.

Monique Manning

Primary Teacher



Free Dress Day

Although we weren't able to have our Twilight Carnival this year, we had an enjoyable day on Friday 20 March in our free dress. In the Primary School we raised $258.70.

I Sound Like a Duck!

Last week the Years 1/2 students were visited in their Music class by the Bayside woodwind teacher, Emma Rogers, who introduced them to the flute, clarinet and saxophone. Students had the opportunity to make a sound on these instruments, and enjoyed a small taste of what learning the instruments would be like.


Dave Mallen

Music Teacher



Secondary News

Years 9/10 Robotics

The Year 9/10 Robotics elective students have been hard at work for the past few weeks building and coding their robots. In Week 4 students were given the challenge of creating a robot that either pushed, lifted or flipped. Students were required to work through the Design Process: Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Test and Improve, while creating a solution. 

Over the five weeks, groups have worked through many challenges, some based on the design of their robot and some coding-related.

I am extremely proud of all students and the work they have accomplished. I look forward to seeing next term's creations. Pictures attached are of the robots students created.


Kerri Bernon

Robotics Teacher



SchoolTV - Preparing for Homeschooling

Special Report: Preparing for Homeschooling
Homeschooling could soon be a reality for many adult carers as nations act to implement strategies in the prevention of COVID-19. The daunting task of establishing new routines and schedules, whilst juggling work responsibilities, could prove to be disruptive and challenging for families and schools...

From the Family Zone Blog

Managing screen-time when everybody's stuck at home

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, schools have closed in more than 70 countries. Australia is not yet one of them. But infectious disease experts warn it’s a case of when, not if. 

In the meantime, between activity cancellations, voluntary self-quarantine and social distancing measures, Australian families will be spending more time at home than ever before...

Senior Secondary News

From the Head of Senior Secondary

Farewell to our Japanese Students

This term we had the pleasure of Yuma Fukumoto, Mika Kuwayama, Tamiko Mizutani, Sakura Hiramatsu and Yuri Ogura from Kinjo High School, Japan joining our Year 10 classes.


The cross-cultural engagement was most valuable for all students. The visit provided Bayside students with the opportunity to be hospitable and compassionate towards our Japanese visitors as they adjusted to our College and to our culture.


Our Japanese students have formed many new friendships during Term 1, been involved in the Bayside Community, and shared in many rich classroom experiences to provide happy memories of their time with us.


Last Thursday 19 March, our Year 10 leaders decorated N1, organised the food and drink and prepared speeches for the farewell luncheon.

Here's what one of our Year 10 students had to say:


This term the Year 10s were lucky enough to have five amazing Japanese exchange students join our classes. Having classmates from another part of the world was a very different experience that I'm sure everybody took a lot from. Having Mika, Yuri, Tamiko, Sakura and Yuma with us for the term was a very beneficial experience for all of us, as they taught us many new things, such as sports and games from Japan, musical instruments like the piano, and we even learned some Japanese! 


The girls and boy attended our camp at Blairgowrie earlier on in the Term, where we went snorkelling, we played beach games, we went canoeing, strawberry picking and tree surfing. The camp was a huge bonding experience, creating plenty of amazing memories that I hope they will cherish for a long time to come. 


This term was absolutely fantastic, and spending it with Mika, Yuri, Tamiko, Sakura and Yuma made it even better. Throughout the term, friendships flourished, we all had a lot of fun, and plenty of memories were made. Having Mika, Yuri, Tamiko, Sakura and Yuma was an amazing experience that we will all treasure forever. They all gave us a new point of view and we are so thankful for the effect they have had on us. 


On behalf of all of the Year 10 students, I would like to thank these amazing people for making this term so enjoyable and full of incredible experiences that we will never forget. We will miss them all dearly and we hope they have a safe flight back to Japan. 


Harriet - Year 10


Sharyn Hadlow

Head of Senior Secondary

Year 10 VCAL news

Year 10 VCAL Industry Elective students have been working on the Secondary Mountain Bike Track (MTB) this term. Once a term, we ride on the track to enjoy the fruits of our labour and to see extra work that is needed for each feature. The students did a brilliant job, and I hope you enjoy the photos from our session.

Students then turned a fallen tree into a feature on a section of the MTB track. The highly skilled Justin Mason cut up this tree, as well as felling another two dead trees, and the students did the rest. It was great for the group to see Justin expertly fell these trees and then think creatively about how to utilise them.


Ken Berry

Secondary Teacher

Paddock to Plate

Look at the photos below, and see how our Certificate II in Agriculture and Certificate II in Kitchen Operations have worked together to bring the "paddock to the plate".


Thanks to Samson, Delilah, Timnah and Gaza (the chickens) who provided the animal product to be cooked and then eaten!


Thanks to David Goschnick and Scott Megee and their classes for being involved.


Olivia Williams

Applied Learning Coordinator



Japanese Students Say Goodbye

The Japanese exchange student program finished this week, and I want to thank all the Bayside Christian College staff, children and families for welcoming Mika, Tamiko, Sakura, Yuri and Yuma from Kinjo High School, Tokyo, Japan. The aim of the program run by AIIU (Australian Institute of International Understanding) is to provide the students with a cultural and educational homestay experience through immersion in Australian classes, conversation practice and shared activities.


All of the students were very nervous about meeting their host families for the first time. However, after a short period of adjustment, they soon settled in to their new families and school-life.


On arrival day we visited the Shrine of Remembrance, Southbank for lunch in the international food court, Federation Square, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Hosier Lane to see the graffiti art, the Australian Opal Museum and then on to Frankston beach, where they braved the cold water to dip their feet into Aussie waters.


Program highlights included the Year 10 camp at Blairgowrie, where the students participated in many first-time experiences like kayaking and snorkelling. Camp gave them the opportunity to begin new friendships with students and teachers in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. They also participated in the school swimming sports day by cheering from the sidelines with their new Aussie friends, further developing their relationships. At school they were always helped by Bayside students if they didn't understand anything.


Our active English lessons were often held out of the school. We visited Moonlit Sanctuary, where the students delighted in hand-feeding the Australian animals. The Dandenong Market was also a wonderful opportunity for them to chat with Australians of many different cultures, whilst completing a questionnaire and learning about our multicultural society. They also snapped up many souvenirs to take home to family and friends. Another memorable activity was a typical Aussie BBQ... the students decided on a menu, shopped for the food items, and then braved the elements as they cooked their lunch on the BBQs at Frankston foreshore... bracing themselves against unseasonal icy winds and ravenous seagulls!


As well as all these fantastic experiences, their wonderful host families have shown them some of our most popular tourist spots: Philip Island’s little penguins, Luna Park, Puffing Billy, Melbourne city and Healesville Sanctuary, as well as the beach, shopping centres, church, local sports events and festivals, which even included Moomba! 


As in the past, I find that the success of this program can best be summed up in the words of the students, host families and teachers.


Host family A – [she] is lovely - she is very happy to participate in anything we are doing and is a cheerful and enthusiastic member of the household.

Host family B – Thanks very much for the opportunity! I think it’s a wonderful experience for the Australian kids as well as the Japanese students.

Host Family C - She is a sweet girl and we really enjoyed having her.....

Host Family D - We are enjoying hosting …..she is enthusiastic and interested in new activities/places and foods!

Teacher A – They are always so very polite and respectful. 

Student A – I am enjoying my life in Australia. I have the best host family in the world so I have good time with them. I don't want to go back to Japan!

Student B – I feel very sad, because I have to come back to Japan. 

Student C - I'm really happy when I find my English is better. I've made lots of kind friends at school.



The students have shown great courage in facing new challenges, sometimes daily, and they are to be commended for their effort during the program. We wish them a safe trip home and all the best for their future studies in English. They will have many happy memories of their time here upon which to reflect.


Zina Ferrarin

AIIU Group Coordinator

Year 10 VCE Pathway Maths

In Year 10 VCE Pathway Maths students have been focusing on Algebra. They have recently learned how to save 5-10 minutes on Simultaneous Equations by using their CAS calculator, which enables them to answer questions inside of a minute. Some may be concerned that the students don’t learn to understand the principles when using the CAS, however it is quite the opposite. By enabling them to quickly solve questions on their CAS, students are able to get more practice at worded problems, thus deepening their understanding of the application of these skills. Those students who need to be able to manipulate these problems without a CAS (namely those heading on to do Maths Methods in VCE) are being taught the processes to solve such equations without technology.

Year 10 Applied Maths

In Year 10 Applied Maths we were doing tessellations, starting off with a bit of history on them. We started off by watching a video on the Islamic history of tessellations. We then went on to make our own designs; beginning with the construction lines template, creating some draft designs and deciding on a final design to make into a tessellation. After this we were given a large piece of paper and had to repeat our design continuously onto this paper. The final result came out really well.

By Jordan & Toby



Catherine Cloherty

Secondary Teacher

The Igloo is Nearly Full!

After a busy term of propagating all sorts of plants, the Agriculture classes have almost filled the igloo.


Organised into nine categories, we now have sections for vegetables, sub tropical fruit trees, landscaping stock, indoor plants, aquatics, Year 8 plants, Years 9/10 plants, bush-tucker, and propagation.


With the temperature beginning to drop, the igloo will provide welcome, warm, humid and bright conditions for plant growth over the autumn/winter period, not to mention a lovely warm, dry work area for the Agriculture students on cold wintery days.


Amongst all the disruption generated by the current health crisis, it is a great time to take stock about where our food comes from and how it is produced.


One great way to respond (especially if you have plenty of time at home) is to focus on growing some of your own produce. This time of year is ideal for planting the following easy care veggies: silverbeet, snow peas, broad beans, lettuce, parsley and kale are very undemanding in our mild autumn weather, and will grow in most local soils. Even potatoes and garlic cloves sitting in your cupboard will most likely thrive if planted now (ignore the “must be seed potatoes” myth).


Nothing beats the feeling of picking and consuming your own fresh produce with the added benefits of low environmental impact, high nutritional content and no virus contact!


David Goshnick

Agriculture Teacher

Careers Update

Our Senior Secondary Careers Program generally includes a range of Careers Excursions during Term 2. In the past this has included the FMP Jobs & Careers Expo held at Chisholm TAFE (for Year 10 students, plus Years 11/12 VCAL); the VCE & Careers Expo at Caulfield Racecourse (for Year 11 VCE students); and, the Peninsula Tertiary Information Service (TIS) event at Monash University's Peninsula Campus (for Year 12 VCE). Unfortunately these events will no longer run as planned due to COVID-19. 


Students and parents are reminded to make the most of the wealth of careers-related information that is now available online, including via our school Careers website and Facebook page. Looking ahead to Term 2, please be assured that Ms Dawson will remain available for appointments by phone and Zoom in the event that education is delivered remotely/online. Meetings with Year 12 students will be made a priority, especially those intending to make university applications through VTAC during Term 3. 


Please don't hesitate to be in contact at any time by email


Claire Dawson

Careers Coordinator


Office Hours During School Holidays

At this stage, we are planning to have the College office open during the first official week of school holidays, 30 March - 3 April, from 9am to 3pm each day. The office will be closed in the week leading up to Easter.

ICT Support - Expressions of Interest

IT Assistant / IT Technician: casual position/s

In preparing for the possible online delivery of education after the school holidays, we are calling for expressions of interest from suitably experienced and qualified IT professionals who have the capacity to work casually in supporting our existing ICT team. Interested candidates are invited to complete our online application process. Queries can be directed to Claire Dawson (HR Manager). 

Celebrating 40 Years of the Association

On Friday 13 March, around 50 members of the Bayside community got together at Sandhurst Club to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of our College Association in March 1980. We also launched our alumni, which is now called "Old Collegians".



COVID-19 – Support for College Families Experiencing Hardship

If your family has been impacted financially by the COVID-19 pandemic, please don’t make any decisions regarding withdrawal from the College without speaking with us first.


If needed, please contact Helen Spink (Finance Manager) on 5971 6711 or via, and if necessary book a meeting with us.



School Photos 2020

Just a short note to let you know that the school photos which were scheduled for Term 2 have now been postponed until later in the year.

Twilight Carnival 2021

Although disappointed to have not been able to host our biennial Twilight Carnival last week, we have rescheduled our fabulous event to take place the same weekend next year - Friday 19 March 2021!

Community Supporting Community

To our valued community members,


These are trying times for many of us as we navigate the challenges that COVID-19 has created for our families, businesses and the general community.


We want to assure you all of our College’s support at this time, and one way we can do this is by continuing to build our school business directory and encouraging our members to access, connect and engage with our service providers there.


B2Me is one of the tools we are using to keep our community connected and to see businesses stay in business. If you know of a service provider who is a current family, alumni or staff, and they are not yet in our directory, then feel free to invite them to jump on board. You can find our directory at Sign up for service providers and service seekers continues to be FREE.


Now more than ever, we need to work together and support each other.



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