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22 September 2017
Issue Sixteen
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Principal's Report

What a Show!!!

What a fabulous performance from all students at our production of Captain Kelly's Diamond! 


The lights dimmed, there was a hush in the audience and we were welcomed with a highly humourous introduction from Cooper, Hayley and Josh... the curtain parted and the the show was underway!  Sighs of delight filled the theatre as 27 Foundation students made their way on to the stage to see what they could see, see, see and the adventure began.


We followed Captain Kelly and his fearless (if slightly misguided) crew as they docked and painted the town red (despite the fact they only had blue paint)... schemed over who would possess the biggest diamond I have ever seen (strategically hidden in a parrot)... fought off a mutiny (led by a pirate with the biggest beard in history)... were entertained by a motley choir (who totally nailed it!)... travelled back in time (whoowhooowhooo)... saw some brilliant Tongan drumming (great job Sione)...  and then ....  no, I won't spoil the ending...    if you weren't there you'll have to wait until the DVD comes out next term.  (DVD's $30 - contact the office to order yours)


Thank you so much to our staff and parents who worked so hard to make the night possible, specifically:

  • Miss Donnelly for running sound and lighting - the show looked and sounded fantastic
  • Wendy for leading the creation of the sets  - an incredible job. 
  • Beck for organising the choir and all the music  - sounded great. 
  • Ms Hubbard for helping with the choir and putting designing the poster and the programs. 
  • Sharon Sticht who created the pattern for the year 1 and foundation sailor costumes and created the bandanas for the senior students.
  • Rebecca West, Amy Davis, Melinda Woodworth, and Tamy Bryson who sewed frantically to get costumes ready in time.
  • Kristy Way for organising our advertising.
  • Frank Vaughan and the entire Vaughan clan for their assistance in building and transporting sets
  • Jess - choreographer extraordinaire.

AND OF COURSE MISS VAUGHAN - without whom none of this would have been possible.  Miss Vaughan led our team of staff who  managed practices, organised costumes and arranegd sets - and did it all with grace and positivity.    Thank you Sara-Jane for an amazing show.


AND WHAT ABOUT OUR AMAZING CAST!!!  It take such great persistence, thought and preparation to hit your mark, deliver a line, bust out a dance move and make it all look effortless and our cast pulled it off so very well.  Well done everyone.



Building Works

We have a number of ramps being installed around the school over the holiday break.  The works have been timed to minimise interruption to our learning program at school, however they will need to extend into next term for a few weeks.  Areas were work is being undertaken will be fenced off and will be out of bounds to ensure student safety.  I know that our school community will respect these boundaries and we look forward to having the works completed and some great new ramps in place to make moving around our school easier for all of us.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday everyone!!! 
​See you next Term!


What's Happening @ KPS

Calendar of Events



22nd    Hot Dog Day-Footy dress up (Gold coin donation)

              Last Day Term 3- 2.30pm dismissal



9th​     Term 4 commences

11th   Kinder Transition-Language with Kym

16th-20th        Swimming program

23rd    Year 6-visit from Yarra Hills SC students

24th     Junior-Yarra Valley Water talk

25th   Kinder Transition-Fine motor skills with Blair

27th    Senior Hooptime Regional finals

31st      Year 5-Visiti Mooroolbark College visit



7th​     CUP DAY  Public Holiday

10th    Senior- Community Sports Day-Oxley

13th    Curriculum Day

14th    Scientist in Schools program

15th    Kinder Transition-Buddies

21st     Year 3-6- Soccer Clinic

22nd    Multicultural Day

24th   Jump Disco





  Notices sent home this fortnight

Click on the link below to download copies of the notices:


Term 4 Levies -individually named ( please contact your child's class teacher if you need a replacement)



Woolworths Earn & Learn


When you shop at Woolworths, make sure to collect your Earn & Learn stickers. Every $10 you spend will earn one sticker – it’s amazing how quickly they add up with a hungry family!

Sticker sheets are available from the office. Fill in your sheets and return them to the office or the collection box outside Woolworths in Kilsyth. Every sticker helps our school earn resources for our classrooms.

From the Office

Direct Deposit details:

Payments can be made via internet banking directly into the schools Bank account.


Acc Name:  Kilsyth Primary School Council

             BSB: 313 140 
             Account Number: 23183981
             Reference: (Family Surname)

Please also send an email to the school  notifying us that you have made the payment, and to which program/event it should be allocated. The email confirms your payment and states:



Child’s name, 

Amount paid

What the payment is for eg: Level 3 camp


Monday- Friday:  8.30am -4.00pm

Absences -Tiqbiz:

Please notify the office of your child's absence using the Tiqbiz app.



Download the app:

  • Apple App Store (iOS - iPhone or iPad)
  • Google Play (android phone or tablet
  • Windows (Phone or Tablet)
  • Mac or PC


Please note that if you have ordered Subway and your child is absent on Friday, please organise to come and collect it from the office at 12.30pm. Unfortunately we are unable to cancel your order.

The office is unable to provide change, and please hand orders into the class at 9am.

  • Subway Order form


Outgrown Uniforms

As winter is now here we are in urgent need of second hand Bomber Jackets and Windcheaters especially size 10 & up. If you have any items that your children have outgrown please drop them off to the office any time.  Thank you

Asthma Friendly


Whole-School Production 

What a great performance it was!

If you would like a DVD copy of the production the date has been extended until first day of Term 4 October 9th.  Please put $30 in an envelope with your child's name, class and contact number and hand in to the office.


Thank you to all the parents that helped us in preparation for the production, we couldn't have done it with out your help.  


Foundation News

Did you like what you saw?

How magnificent were our Foundation students on stage?! We were so proud of their efforts during our production.  After many weeks of practise they made it look too easy!  Thank you parents for keeping up to date with all the information and being on time.  All these things help make the night so great.  After a quiet start to the day we are warming up to our usual selves and celebrating a wonderful Term of learning.


A summary of WWW (What Worked Well)

In Maths we have finished our work on Ordinal Numbers.  Students worked solidly to develop knowledge of the ordinal language and how to use these numbers in real life situations.  They were excited to share that they were the FIRST class to sing on stage!  Students played many board games to discuss the position of the players and also our position in the class roll.  Speaking of that, our new lining up order outside is beginning to make the end of morning and afternoon break times much less chaotic and more orderly.  

Reading goals have been worked on consistently this term.  Students have developed their understanding of concepts around Comprehension and Accuracy.  Our latest focus has been on a strategy called Cross Checking.  Students use the text and the pictures to check if words sound right and if they make sense when reading aloud.  We've explored what good readers do such as correcting their mistakes and rereading.  We encourage you to continue to snuggle up with a good book over the holidays (although the days will be much nicer outside).

I love this time of year when we can reflect on their writing progress! Students have worked hard to develop their formation of lower and upper-case letters AND explore different writing genres.  We've explored what an information report is and how we can plan ideas to write one.  We used non-fiction books with our writing and students are very interested in what you find in these books! Something they may enjoy over the holidays is writing down some of their holiday activities or experiences in a journal, diary or a scrapbook that they can bring into class next term to share. 


Thank you!

Sending many appreciations to all our families for another busy but successful term.  We've seen HUGE student growth this term and more so in their confidence!  We encourage play dates this lovely spring break and opportunities to develop your child's skills and strengths.  I would like to thank my ES staff, Kylie and Jenny, for their continual hard work and dedication to our students and our school community.  

From the Foundation team, we hope you have a relaxing, warm and enjoyable holiday with your loved ones.  I know I will be spending it walking these two fur babies, renovating and indulging in numerous coffee dates.  

We look forward to our last 11 weeks together!  

See you on MONDAY 9th October xxx


Junior School News

End of term madness

What a fantastic finish to term 3! We have been super busy in Junior School. We have been doing so much learning. Our maths unit on Place Value has finished, we have created interesting animal information posters and have been practicing our summarising skills. 

But... most of our time has been taken up rehearsing for our awesome production.  We were practicing everyday, we had whole school rehearsals and even adventured to Lilydale Mercy College to rehearse before the evening performance. What a success the production was! All of Junior school did so well on the big stage. 

A HUGE thank-you to Miss Vaughan who organised the whole production and a big thank-you to all family and friends that came and watched. 



We look forward to seeing all of Junior School back on Monday the  9th of October.

Have a safe and happy holidays!

Middle School News


As the end of another busy term draws near we can take a moment to reflect on the dedication and hard work of our students. It’s been an amazing term and the students have had many opportunities to dive into exciting activities.


In Maths we’ve been learning about various types of measurement. In Middle A we spent a lesson using our knowledge about volume and capacity to make a magic potion. Students had to use six different measurements to make a potion that made up 1 litre.


Hooptime was such a fun day! All the teams played with enthusiasm and exuded fantastic team spirit. They really represented Kilsyth Primary School in the best way possible.


The Drama Toolbox was a real hit with the students and we look forward to seeing their skills as they film their explorers iMovies. We’ve had to postpone the filming slightly as time put into the school production took priority. Early next term will see students conclude this activity.


Speaking of Production, we are so proud of our students. They have all shown such commitment to their dance and choir roles and we couldn’t be prouder of them. They danced their hearts out last night in the Grade 3 and 4 dances. The choir was simply superb and we’d like to extend a big thank you to the students from Middle School who were a part of this. From the feedback I’ve had the parents loved the play, Captain Kelly’s Diamond and are looking forward to seeing it all again on DVD.


Our recent TRIBES Day was a real success too. The students enjoyed participating in a variety of activities, all focused on healthy living. A real highlight was having Morgan Mitchell as a guest speaker to inspire and enthuse our students.


On a personal note I’d like to thank all of Middle School, both students and parents, for the fun and enjoyment of the past three terms of 2017. I have loved every minute of working in Middle A with Wendy and the kids. I have felt supported and involved as I educated our students. Thank you to all for your kind messages and good wishes as I conclude my contract. I’ll still be around returning to my previous role as a casual teacher and look forward to seeing you all next term.


Jane Seemann




Seniors enjoyed working on rockets and constructing Ferris wheels for this terms STEM challenges. I take great delight in watching students overcome frustration and failed attempts to end up with a working finished product. 



Seniors created paper clip switches to end our unit on Electricity. Students have come along way in their skills and have really enjoyed our circuit work. 



Junior students made helicopters this week and had lots of fun observing what happens to the flight of the helicopter depending on the wing size. 


How does that move?

Foundation students have been learning about how things move.  We have spoken about objects that roll, bounce, spin, slide and swing.  

Students have experiment and hypothesised about how an object moves.  Today we played with bubbles we were able to explain how a bubble pops.  



The weather was not kind to us on our National Health and PE day.  Even though we were unable to run the Colour Run we still participated in lots of Health and PE activities.  Students learnt about Red, Amber and Green food, we made skeletons out of pasta, the food pyramid and what's in our lunchbox.  We will reschedule the Colour Run next term so please keep and eye on the calendar.  


Junior Athletics Open Day

On Tuesday last week Mount Evelyn Little Athletics had an open afternoon for the Foundation to 2 students.  It was a great afternoon out where students worked in groups and participated in several events.  Mount Evelyn Little Athletics season starts soon.  If you would like any information about the Athletics season please look up Mount Evelyn Little Athletics.  



Swimming starts Week 2 of Term 4.  16th - 20th October.  I'm so excited about this program because learning to swim is so important because of where we live.    

Visual Arts

What a fun and busy term. All students have been very busy making wonderful and creative things.

Over the holidays it would be great if your children are bored to encourage them to be creative. I would love to see what they can make.

Thanks again for your kind donations. Any craft supplies or Christmas items you no longer need would be fantastic.


Next term we have both Multicultural Day in November and Plate Art  for our Art Show at the end of the year. More information to come next term.


Have a safe and fun filled break.

Bu Wallace



Chaplain’s Chat
“Worth Considering”

I regularly receive a newsletter from FAMPI (Families where a Parent has a Mental Illness), the most recent one included information gathered from a range of research projects with interesting observations regarding overall wellbeing, resilience and happiness over a lifetime. It demonstrates that none of us have control over the things that occur to us but that we do have control over what we do with them and how we can thrive regardless.

The article was entitled Helping Others Really Does Help Ourselves, and it is by   Dr Helena Popovic,   

 In the late 1930s Harvard researchers began a study of over 700 men that tracked their physical, mental and emotional health for the next 78 years. Not surprisingly, having a difficult childhood (characterised by illness, abuse or extreme poverty) often led to fewer opportunities and less happiness in later life. However, when they reached adulthood, those individuals who decided to mentor young people going through hardship became more contented and fulfilled than those who had no such interaction with the next generation. 

Another notable finding was that men who engaged directly with troubling issues, rather than sweeping them under the carpet, had better relationships with people.  Unresolved issues can drain us of energy and distance us from others, even if we think we’ve put the matter out of our mind.  It isn’t that we deliberately withdraw or pay less attention at work—the unconscious burden of an upsetting event smoulders in our subconscious.  Speaking (not shouting to the person you believe is responsible for your distress gives them the opportunity to explain their side of the story.  You may even discover it was all a big misunderstanding.

An earlier study that tried to uncover the secret of becoming a centenarian (living to 100 years) found that longevity wasn’t related to having less stress in life—it was related to knowing how to bounce back after stressful events.  In fact, one of the centenarians attributed his long life to ‘Going to bed when I probably should have stayed up worrying.’

Another researcher Steven Locke studied the effects of stressful life events on the immune function of Harvard graduates by measuring the number of natural killer (NK) cells in their blood.  Those who coped poorly with stressful events and reported feeling anxious or depressed had fewer and less effective NK cells.  When their cells were placed in the presence of infectious agents, they were sluggish in the attack.  Conversely those students who experienced stressful events bud handled them effectively showed higher immune cell activity—even higher than for students who experienced few demands and low anxiety.

Overcoming challenges also boosts brain growth.  Two groups of rats were reared under identical conditions.  They all belonged to the same breed and were fed the same food.  The only different between them was that one group were given food without having to work for it while the second group had to overcome obstacles in order to get food.  After three months, the scientists scanned the brains of all the rats and found that those who had overcome obstacles had bigger brains (a larger cerebral cortex) than rats simply given food without having to exert any effort.

Friedrich Nietzsche was onto something when he said ‘That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.’  It also makes us smarter.

For any further information about books, workshops and blogs by Dr Helena Popovia, email at:  [email protected] 

I hope this gave you something to think about and maybe consider trying. If you would like to talk further about it please pop in and have a chat with me.

Gill Van Der Ende


Student Awards

Friday 8th September

Foundation        Max

You are trying so very hard with your reading. We love listening to you read your words and your books…. It must be all that practise you are doing at home! Keep it up, Maxie!



We are noticing how much effort you are putting into your learning. We are hearing awesome reading, seeing excellent writing and feeling grateful for your kindness. You should be proud of how far you’ve come, Abby!


Junior A       Mykayla

You are working really hard on your maths skills and it is showing in the work you are producing. Keep challenging yourself Mykayla! Well Done!



Ava you have a really interesting 'voice' when you write your stories. You know how to hook the listener in and keep them interested until the end. Keep writing! Well Done!


Junior B         Sienna

Sienna you are doing a fantastic job in your maths. You are becoming an expert at identifying different numbers place value using hundreds, tens and ones. Keep up the super work!    


Junior C   Zel

You have been doing amazing work in maths the past couple of weeks. You have been able to demonstrate and explain your understanding of place value. Keep up the great work, Zel!


Middle A   Sarah

What a superstar you are Sarah! You’ve been doing amazing learning in Maths. Your understanding of our measurement topic has been fantastic. You’ve applied yourself to all of our learning tasks and made the most of every opportunity.



Well done Dylan on your fantastic commitment to your neatly presented bookwork. You’ve really taken the responsibility of your pen license to heart. Keep up the great work!


Middle B                   Andy

Thank you Andy for being our Library book return superhero! You buzz around the library with your super trolley and put all the books back where they belong. Your help is recognised and always appreciated. Great Job!


Middle C             Alex

Alex, you've done such a fantastic job learning and remembering your production dance and you are going to look awesome on stage! Thanks for being a good role model for other students. Keep up the amazing work!


Senior C          Charlie

You have improved lots with your reading. Your fluency and accuracy when reading is to a high level. Keep up the hard work!


Science             Jame

Jame, I am super impressed with your persistence and use of feedback feedback to improve your explanations in science. Keep it up, your efforts are really paying off.



Friday 15th September

Foundation     Dane

Dane, you're certainly showing us how to 'Be the Best You Can Be!' We appreciate your manners, participation, effort and learning. You should be very proud of how focused you are and what a great job you do each day! Well done!



Erinn, you've put in an excellent effort this term with your reading. We are very proud of how far you've come. Keep working hard to travel even further with your goals, your words and take-home books. Top stuff!


Junior A       Arancha

What a terrific role model you are Arancha. You are kind to your class mates and work hard on your learning. Well Done!


Junior B     Jessica

Welcome to Kilsyth Jessica! You have settled into Junior B excellently and have been working very hard. We can’t wait to get to know you better!


Junior C    Lola

Congratulations on a great week Lola. You have been working so hard in all areas of your learning. Your information writing about Hyenas was really interesting and detailed. Keep up the awesome work!


Middle C           Max

Max, I'm so proud of you for bringing so much energy and enthusiasm to Hoop Time last week. You gave every game your best shot and you were a great sport too. Well done!


Senior B    Riley

Riley you have worked really well on your writing tasks this week. It's great to see you setting your writing out clearly and using the correct format when writing a formal letter. Well done!

Senior C     Chelsea

For being a happy and positive influence in the classroom this week. Well done!







Community Notices

Whats happening in our community:


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