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10 November 2017
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From Mr Phillips

Check out our new College Facilities.


The Ringwood Secondary College Council is
excited to announce the Official Opening of the Junior School Building and related College Upgrades on Friday 17th November, 2017

The Council invites you to come along in the afternoon between 3.00 pm and 4.30 pm to view the building following the official opening.

Presentation Night

The annual Presentation Night and celebration of Student Achievement will be held at Camberwell Grammar on Tuesday December 19th commencing at 7.30 pm.

Invitations will be emailed early December . 



Michael Phillips


Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

 ‘Lateline’ on the ABC on Thursday night presented a segment on education focusing on the world students entering kindergarten next year will encounter in 2030. The discussion around knowledge, skills, behaviours and jobs was outlined by Mark Scott, Secretary of the NSW Department of Education and it was an eye opening segment, especially in light of how schools are preparing students and the role of artificial intelligence. Reflections and discussions about our practices as a system are always worthwhile to have.


As part of our Internationalising program, and following from the successful Indonesian tour this year for our Indonesian language learners, the Language Department is offering a tour to New Caledonia to our French language learners in September of next year. This tour will be open to Year 9 -12 2018 students and a Parent and Student information night will be held on Tuesday 21st of November at 7pm with the tour representatives. Further information will be provided about the information night on Compass.


A momentous occasion will occur in the next week which will see a new beginning for learning spaces at Ringwood Secondary College. The opening of the new Junior School has been much anticipated and it is with tremendous pride that we move our students and staff into learning spaces that maximise the quality of teaching and learning. It is a credit to all involved that the building and transition process has run so smoothly.


From Mr Barut

For all our Year 12s and those Year 11s doing a Unit 3 and 4 subject, VCAA exams are on in earnest! Last minute revision, new batteries for CAS calculators, sharpened pencils and sharpened minds; it all equates to another learning experience for our students. Many have exited the exam centre looking flushed and relieved and the feedback from students was that they went ‘okay’ and ‘it wasn’t too bad’ – whatever the outcome, we wish them all the best. What a fantastic learning experience for them!


For the Year 12 families, do not forget our Valedictory Evening on Friday, 24th of November. Please check with the General Office if you still want to buy a ticket for this gala event, or go onto and follow the appropriate links.


We look forward to a fantastic evening!


Let’s not forget the Year 12 class of 2018, as they are about embark on their final year of secondary schooling. They have to navigate the examination period and transition week to prepare for next year. Transition classes will be very important for our students, as there will be an outcome set for holiday homework.


In the other Sub Schools, classes continue, learning tasks continue, assessment continues – it is business as usual.


A massive thank you to Ms Pritchard, Ms Margelis, Mr Rogers, Ms Watson and all our Year 7 ambassadors who are visiting our local primary feeder schools to visit our new Year 7 students in 2018…these students will be the first ones in the new Junior School building and after walking through the facility today, it is absolutely magnificent! But, students bring buildings alive and it will be so exciting for the newest members of our college community.


A reminder to all our students and parents that Ringwood Secondary College is a uniform school and the correct school uniform must be worn every day. Students, please visit your relevant House Co-ordinator to get a uniform pass, if you are out of school uniform.


On another note, if you ride your bike to school, please, please, please, lock your bike to the bike rack that has been provided.

From Mrs Allison

Art and Technology Exhibition

A big thank you to the Visual Arts and Technology students and staff for putting on our annual Art and Technology Exhibition, that showcased student’s skills and talents from a wide range of the Arts and Technology subjects such as: Art, Studio Arts, Visual Communication, Media, Photography, Textiles, Wood, Food Technology, Materials, CAD and Digitech. It is always a great collaborative event.


Student Leadership

Leadership applications have been received from all year levels and the applications will be finalised within the next few weeks. It is always inspiring to have so many students applying for leadership positions, willing to make a difference in their lives and the lives of people around them.


Wellbeing focus for this week…

Wellbeing Builder: Positive Feedback

Wellbeing Element: Meaning and Purpose

Character Strength: Spirituality

Wellbeing Fitness Challenge: Brain Stretch


During adolescence, students’ capacities to stay focused on the job at hand and ignore distractions are often tested. Focusing on the strengths leadership, bravery, self-regulation and perspective will connect them with the moment, enabling them to do the right thing and do the thing right. It’s about developing grit = passion + long term persistence.


Many students need to learn the difference between activity and action which is:

activity – having little meaning and purpose for what they do and allowing their minds to be hijacked by their emotions;

action – having meaning and purpose for what they do and following through on what they say they will do;

• leaders know that difference and show it in their every thought, word and action.

Several of the key ingredients which make up leadership are believing that others matter; having a higher purpose in life; using a combination of their own and others’ strengths to achieve what the group sets out to do; understanding that the right thing to do is nearly always the hard thing to do and then being prepared to do it; and welcoming challenges and overcome them by using growth mindsets to learn new approaches to build their brain’s abilities.


“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

From the Office

From the Chaplain

Parenting is a tough gig! With work, social and sporting commitments it can feel like we are always on the run and don't have time for the little arguments, disagreements and mishaps along the way.  I read this great blog during the week and it spoke to me and my family about where we are currently at.  It's a constant mental battle as we resist the need to relinquish the power we hold as parents, try not to sweat the little stuff and endeavour to equip our children to become independent and self thinking individuals.  Kids need our time.


That's one thing I hear constantly in my interactions with young people is that they want more time with their parents and to feel heard from them. Below is a small snippet of the blog I read, with the link to read further if you find it helpful.


“My teenage daughter came to me the other night fresh out of the shower and told me how stressed and overwhelmed she was about a problem that I didn’t think was that big of a deal.

My gut reaction usually would have been to tell her exactly that, give her a quick kiss and move on to the next task — instead I remembered ONLY LOVE TODAY and took a 3 second pause, looked my daughter in her eyes, and said, “How can I help?” My daughter’s eyes immediately filled with tears and she took a big breath and just sagged into my arms. She cried and told me all the things that were upsetting her and I just listened and nodded and loved her. When she was done speaking, she hugged me and told me how much she loved me and thanked me for listening. 

What could have been a quick, meaningless interaction or trivializing my daughter’s problems and hurting her feelings was a beautiful moment we shared together where we both left feeling better than before.”



Adam Bryant


A message from your local pro-active police officers

It has come to police attention that push bikes are being inadvertently converted to motorcycles. 


Welding Short Course

Ringwood Training is conducting an Introduction to Welding Short Course.

Select from Arc, MIG, TIG or Oxy welding processes.

This course ids designed for Beginners to learn how to use a welder for DIY projects at home or to create your own ‘work of art’

Four weekly Sessions, 6-9pm starting Tuesday 14th Nov 2017, cost $350.

For course information and to enroll please Phone 03 9845 7560

Refer attached Flyer for further details.



The Junior School is almost ready for its grand opening on November 17th!


The builders are putting on the final touches and maintenance staff are planting at a furious pace. It is a beautiful building and we are looking forward to sharing it with the full school community. Similarly, the library foyer area is close to completion and also looks spectacular. The staff recreation area is continually improving and recently the deck was coated and lower walls painted. Power points and lights are close to being installed and it has been extremely pleasing to see staff enjoying the area. Other activities include:

  • Installing short throw projector in the library classroom
  • Maintenance of the school oval including fertilizing and weed control
  • Conversion of alarm keys to FOBS
  • Working Bee on Friday 10th –preparing for the Junior School opening

Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager

Around the School


Last week we staged another successful Art and Technology Exhibition.

The work on display was of an exceptionally high standard across all year levels. It highlighted the diverse subject areas taught at Ringwood Secondary College such as; Art, Studio Arts, Media, Textiles, Wood, Materials, CAD, Visual Communication and Design, Food Technology and Digitech.

Work completed by VCE students showcased an extraordinary level of skill and creativity, and we wish them all the best for their exams and future endeavours.


We had an overwhelming amount of votes entered in the People’s Choice Awards. Thank you to everyone who voted for their favourite artwork or product in the exhibition.

We are excited to announce the following students as the winners in their subject area:

Visual Communication and Design: Grace Wilson
Media: Samantha Middlemast
Studio Arts: Melissa Brooks
Tech Wood: Noah Dark
Textiles: Kate Jones

Congratulations to all winners. They should be proud of their achievements and artistic abilities.


We would like to thank our guest speaker Richard Holt, Public Art Officer at Maroondah City Council who officiated and expressed his perceptive viewing of the exhibits. We would also like to thank Shayne van der Heide, Centre Manager from Ringwood Training, and Michael Phillips for their support on the opening night, as well as Maria Allison for presenting the awards.


Thank you to Rosemary Kenna and Music students Melanie Hall, Ashleigh Barber, Shaeya Williams, Stella Parkinson who performed on the evening.


This exhibition would not have been possible without the students’ efforts in producing the work throughout the year and the staff for their ability to encourage a passion of The Arts and Technology.


Finally, we would like to express our appreciation to the school community for their support, attendance and appreciation of the Arts and Technology faculties.


Dina Mihailidis

Head of Visual Arts




A huge thank you to the 11 students who volunteered their time to assist with the 2017 Art and Technology Exhibitions Opening Night:


Lily Anderson

Margaret Anderson

Courtney Canning

Caitlin Dowding

William Fisher

Grace Matthews

Eloise Orgill

Sienna Sleigh

Caelum Smith

Amelie Williamson

Shaun (Xiangyu) Yu


These students demonstrated team work and initiative and it was fantastic to see such young individuals from Ringwood Secondary College with strong leadership qualities. Teachers were extremely appreciative of their help and many parents praised the students on their manner throughout the event.


Kayla Whitfield

Visual Arts Subject Coordinator


A huge thank you to the 11 students who volunteered their time to assist with the 2017 Art and Technology Exhibitions Opening Night:


Lily Anderson

Margaret Anderson

Courtney Canning

Caitlin Dowding

William Fisher

Grace Matthews

Eloise Orgill

Sienna Sleigh

Caelum Smith

Amelie Williamson

Shaun (Xiangyu) Yu


These students demonstrated team work and initiative and it was fantastic to see such young individuals from Ringwood Secondary College with strong leadership qualities. Teachers were extremely appreciative of their help and many parents praised the students on their manner throughout the event.


Kayla Whitfield

Visual Arts Subject Coordinator


We wish the year 12s all best as they proceed through their exams. Students need to remember that once results have been received they have until 20th December 12.00 (noon) to change their preference list. If students wish to discuss their options, they need to make an appointment with a member of the careers team.



Traineeships are a great option for post- Year 12 students who want to work and gain a qualification at the same time. Some possibilities include:


AFP Directions Program Traineeship 
The AFP Directions Program Traineeship is a twelve-month entry-level full time program for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Australians who have a strong interest in an administrative role with a law enforcement agency. 
Find out more and apply online – 
ArtsReady Traineeships
If you’d like to start a career in the arts or creative industries, check out their jobs board.



Year 11 Students

Enhancement studies are offered at most universities.  The program is available to high achieving year 11 students, who have received high scores in their VCE program. Some of the programs available are:


La Trobe: VCE Plus Application and Offers Day
Mon 20 November, 1pm – 6pm @ Bundoora campus
Year 11 students who are interested in participating in VCE Plus, La Trobe’s extension studies program, can attend this day to find out more information about the program and potentially even receive an offer on the day.
Register –


Deakin Accelerate

Applications for 2018 close 15 December.
Deakin Accelerate is Deakin’s extension studies program. High-achieving VCE students can study a university unit and have it contribute towards their ATAR.
Find out more ­–

University of Melbourne Extension Program

Applications for 2018 close Fri 22 December.
The University of Melbourne’s extension program provides high-achieving VCE students with the opportunity to study university subjects while at school and have them contribute to their ATAR.
Find out more –

Monash UniversityWe assess applications on your academic record and a supporting statement from your school. We look for consistently good marks across all Year 11 subjects, particularly how well you have done in any Units 3 and 4. Some of our Extension subjects require you to have previously completed or be concurrently enrolled in particular VCE Units 3 and 4. Applications open on 8 August 2016. Find out more on

RMIT Extension gives you a head start at university by completing two undergraduate courses during the final year of your VCE. Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to transform your future.


Looking for Casual Work?

Students considering looking for part time or casual work over the Christmas and New Year break, might like to browse the following links:

Woolworths & Big W



Students are reminded to not limit themselves to the above links, but to also think about places near to their homes – think about things that are close by, the shops they go to, the places they eat, etc.  Remember, there are so many different ways to keep busy during school holidays, and activities do not have to always be paid work.  For example, volunteering for local charities is a great way to contribute to the community.



NIDA Young Actors Studio Program – Auditions  
Collaborate with other young artists in an ensemble to develop skills for stage and screen. Work with the support and direction from core tutors and gain inspiration from industry professionals. 
6-hour workshop each Sunday during term time for 2018. 
Auditions:  Melbourne Sat 16 Dec, 2017 10am Sat 13 Jan, 2018 2pm 

Whitehouse Institute of Design Summer Workshops  

Melbourne: January 2018 
These short workshops will give you introductory skills in fashion, interior design or photography.  
Find out more and book –



Engineering activities
This page from Careers with STEM has some suggestions for activities you can do to expand your mind and your skillset if you’re interested in engineering.
Check them out –
Tech Girls Movement
The Tech Girls Movement aims to get more women and girls interested in technology and involved in STEM careers. Find out about the movement on the website.
Visit their inspiring videos page –


New Courses

VCA Year Long Short Course: Acting Studio

Passionate about theatre? Looking to discover your hidden talents?  Join VCA's Acting Studio and gain an accelerated introduction to acting and theatre.   

This intensive, year-long part time course is modelled on VCA Theatre’s Bachelor of Fine Art (Acting) and is designed to augment participants’ creative potential and develop them as an actor.  Students will gain valuable insights in Voice technique, Movement and physical presence, Solo and ensemble skills, Improvisation and impulse work, Devised performance, Approach to text, Scene analysis and character development, and Acting to camera.
Find out more at Acting Studio 2018



Bright Awards 
Bright Awards are a rare celebration of creative craft within secondary schools around Australia. They are designed to highlight emerging young creative talent. Year 11 and 12 students can submit their work.
Entries close 1 December. 
Find out more –


Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission Human Rights Essay Competition For Victorian Year 10 and 11 students
The Human Rights Essay Competition is an important part of Human Rights Week 2017 to help Victorians raise awareness and build a better understanding of human rights. Entrants may write an essay (maximum 1,000 words) or record a speech (video or audio should be of less than 5 minutes long) and submit it to the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission via the online entry form on by Monday 27 November 2017.

Entrants must respond to ONE of the following questions.

Topic 1
If the aim of human rights is to help us, why do some people argue against them?
Topic 2
Australia has just been elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council. Is it time for us to have a Bill of Rights? What difference will it make? 

For further information and terms and conditions including prizes visit



Career in the Police Force

Being a police officer no ordinary job!  In fact, it is rather an extraordinary career. People who want to be part of a dynamic organisation that is dedicated to making Victoria a safer place to work and live, and who is looking to make a difference every day of their working lives, might like to visit Police Careers and find out more about the range of careers, as well as the application requirements!

Students often enquire as to the physical requirements they need to enter the police force.  Watch a YouTube video at YouTube to find out more!  Students keen on further YouTube videos regarding the Victoria Police, can watch them at VPBlueTube


Helen Doherty

Careers Cordinator


Sub Schools

Work Experience for 2018

I would like to inform you about some changes to work experience next year which will impact your child. As part of the Year 10 program students complete a work experience placement in the last week of term two.

Those dates for 2018 are June 25th – June 29th. Next year however, the Central camp will also be running at the same time.

Therefore, students that do not go on camp, will still complete their placement during that week. However, students attending the Central camp will be asked to complete their placement during the second week of the holidays July 9th – July 13th , or at the end of the year, once there classes have ceased December 11th – December 15th.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Roi Boutsikakis

InterGREAT Business Fair

On Tuesday 21st November, the year 9’s will be holding a business fair at recess. There will be a huge variety of exciting stalls, ranging from arcade games, various types of food and drinks, clothing, art, craft, health and beauty and lots more! There will certainly be something for everyone!


To top it off, with the theme of InterGREAT being ‘Making a Difference’ the year 9’s will be raising money for charity. All profits will be donated to Opportunity International who are helping families living in poverty start their own business to create a regular income. With a regular income, families in developing countries can afford food, shelter, medicine and education.


So make sure you bring some spare change to school on Tuesday 21st November and make sure you come down to the 500’s area during recess to enjoy the carnival-type atmosphere!


Virginia Watson

InterGREAT coordinator


State Athletics

On Monday the 23rd of October a number of Ringwood students competed at the Victorian Schools State Athletics competition that was held at Lakeside stadium in Albert Park.  Students got to compete in a terrific venue with great facilities and were treated to beautiful weather on the day, allowing us to witness some excellent performances.


It was a terrific effort to make it to State competition. The competition was of a high calibre and our students put in some fantastic performances.

Summary of results:

Ben Hickleton (16B) Discus   - 2nd

Harry Norman (16B) 1500m  - 5th,  800m – 2nd

Imogen Hansen (16G) Discus  - 7th

Thomas Dellow (12-13B) 1500m  - 5th

Jordan Ross (14G) 400m  - 6th

Olivia Henry  (13G) Javelin – 2nd

Jasmine Hass(13-15G) 1500m walk  - 3rd


Congratulations to all competitors.


Roi Boutsikakis

Director of Sport

Regional Table Tennis

Friday 20th October saw our year 7 boys team of Luke, Liam, Lachie and Reuben compete in the regional finals of table tennis at Kilsyth stadium.

Whilst Mt Waverley dominated all teams in our pool, we were extremely close with the other two schools, losing by only one game each time.


Thank you to Reuben for filling in at the last minute for an injured Robert, and to John, Amos and Maurice for helping out with scoring on the day. As always games were played with the utmost sportsmanship, doing Ringwood SC proud.


Mrs Clarke

Female Basketball - Intermediate 

On Friday 20th October, the Ringwood Secondary Intermediate Female Basketball Team played in the Regional Basketball Tournament.

While they were not successful in getting through to State they exhibited amazing determination and grit.

Mel H took a hard fall but was ready to get back on the court after a few minutes;  Pyper R smashed out some 3 point shots (and then airballed a couple); Tayla M  continued to play with a smile on her face the whole day; Paige K’s defensive skills were killer (just ask #15 Doncaster); Ms Benson saved Nicole D’s life with her cat like reflexes; Lara S tried to get another RSC player tech fouled; Izzy R-W got a job;  Ally D was pretty sneaky and brought Red Rooster into Maccas; Maddie L took the opportunity to learn a new skill and scored for the team; and Kiara S was the most positive coach EVER!


Anna Benson

Junior Sportsperson of the Year - SOPHIE CALDWELL

Congratulations to Sophie Caldwell.

Sophie won the Whitehorse Junior Sportsperson of the Year award.

This award is presented to an athlete who has performed at a high level throughout the year and shown excellent sportsmanship. A very worthy recipient, well done Sophie.

Junior Boys Baseball

On the 9th November the Junior Boys baseball team represented Ringwood at the Regional Competition in Knoxfield.


The students showed tremendous passion and determination and their great sportsmanship was a virtue that we were so proud of. While the team did not make it through to State, they had a great day in the wonderful sunshine. Great work Charlie, Riley, Caleb, Kyle, Zac, Philip, Liam and Thang.


Anna Benson

“We’re going to state”


The Year 7 Boys Basketball team will be playing for the State Championship, after a stunning grand final victory last Friday.

Following on from a strong performance at the district basketball, seeing our Ringwood A team beat Moorolbark by 8 points, the Ringwood boys came into Regionals just happy to be there. However, after Zach Fitzpatrick finished a tough lay-up and sunk the game-tying free throw in the first game against Templestowe, the team began to believe they could win.

Their next two games saw them get blowout wins against both Doncaster and Frankston, featuring a 30-point performance from Zach Fitzpatrick, and big games from James Howell and Lachie Clarke. Throughout these games, both James Keltie and Josh Oliver provided key contributions of the bench, leading into a grand final berth. Mid way through the exciting grand final against Lilydale, leading score Zach Fitzpatrick went down, holding his knee. Thanks to the contributions of big man Lachie Hall, and the relentless defence of Lachie Newey, the team held it together, before James Howell scored a quick 4 points leading into half time to cut the defecit to 1.

Coming out of the break, Zach Fitzpatrick came back onto the court, providing the energy the team needed down the stretch. With the game in the balance and 2 minutes on the clock, Nathan Blackman grabbed 2 steals and scored 5 quick points including a 3 pointer to seal the game.

The team will be competing for the state championship on November 20th at MSAC, and we encourage all of you to come down and support the team.


Full Team:

Zachary Fitzpatrick

Lachlan Clarke

Lachlan Newey

Lachlan Hall

James Keltie

James Howell

Joshua Oliver

Nathan Blackman


Lachlan Watson

Performing Arts and Music

Music Department

This year’s Band Tour was a raging success, wowing audiences far and wide from Colac to Portland. In fact, they are still raving about our concerts last week.

Some of the feedback from schools we visited:


“Just a message to thank you for offering us the opportunity to see your fabulous school band and choir in action. They were amazing!!  Even though we were their last port of call, they remained engaging and very, VERY entertaining! The way that they included our students was fantastic. They have been talking about the performance ALL DAY!

Your staff, support staff and coordinators obviously played a very important role in this process. A big thank you to them for giving up what I can only imagine was their own time to support what is obviously an extensive and very successful program.

Please feel free to drop in and see us again at any time. We welcome you with open arms!”

(Heywood Consolidated School)


“WOW! What a show! We had an amazing time today. All of our students were still buzzing when we dismissed them at the end of the day.


I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for providing us with the opportunity to work with your ensembles. The students are a credit to your music department and the visit has inspired a number of our students. I teach my year 7 classes tomorrow and Thursday so I am very interested to hear the feedback from the non-instrumental students. Your group had quite a large number of our students up dancing at the end so that is always a good sign if you can get them up and out of their seats!

Our Principal and both of our Assistant Principals visited the rehearsals today and were blown away by the professionalism of your students and the calibre of their performances. Our Principal was still enthusiastically talking about what she had seen when I saw her at 5pm today. 


We would gladly welcome your group back again and we hope to visit you in a few years when our band program has grown a little more.” (Brauer College, Warrnambool)


Thank you all the students and staff whose wonderful contributions made this tour one of our best yet!


If you want to see what all the excitement was about, don’t miss our rescheduled Home Coming Concert on Monday 20 November at 7pm. Performance space to be confirmed soon!

Upcoming events:

Tuesday 14 November

AMEB Flute Exams

Tuesday 14 November

Victorian Schools Music Festival for Training Band 7.20pm. Deakin Edge, Federation Square

Wednesday 15 November

AMEB Clarinet Exams

Friday 17 November

AMEB Brass Exams

Monday 20 November

Band Tour Home Coming Concert 7pm


Janine Pero

Director of Music


Performing Arts

SHREK Junior Production

Tickets are on sale now - visit


The show will run from Friday December 15th to Monday December 18th, 2017


Don't miss out on your seat for this great show! 


Wicked - starring Jasmine Arthur

We are very proud to announce that Jasmine Arthur will be performing in the lead role of
Gilda in the Young Australian Broadway Chorus (YABC) production of WICKED at the
National Theatre in St Kilda, January 19-27, 2018. Jasmine is a very experienced performer
appearing in lead roles in Young Australian Broadway Chorus productions as Princess Fiona in
SHREK the Musical Jr (2017) and Ariel in Disney The Little Mermaid Jr (2015) at the Union


Karl McNamara

Director of Performing Arts



“What is now proved was once  only imagined“ William Blake ( 1757-1827 ) English Writer and Artist 

In recent years, a whole school Pastoral Care program has been established at Ringwood Secondary College. All members of the College community play a vital role in the pastoral care of our students. We aim to provide an environment where each student feels valued and connected and learns the skills needed to become resilient, productive and community minded individuals. 


Our pastoral care program, called 'BOUNCE', is based on the principles of positive psychology. Students participate in enriched sessions that focus on values and enhancing the tools they have to promote positive mental and physical wellbeing. The program explores many of the issues confronted by adolescents such as bullying, relationships, resilience, optimism and mindfulness. Students in Year 7 – 12 develop a strong understanding of their character strengths and how they can use them individually and with others to get the best out of every opportunity.


Sharlene  (Charlie) Hetherington

Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator 

Digital Space

One of the most difficult issues facing young people today (and adults too) is navigating healthy use of the digital space.  Even without knowing, our obsession with screens can alter family and peer relationships, face to face conversations, self-esteem, concentration and overall well-being.


Watch and discuss Screenagers – an award winning documentary movie – which explores the impact of social media, video games and the online space as a whole.  Brought to you by EACH Health Promotion Team, Maroondah City Council and Eastern Community Legal Centre.


Children Grade 5 and above can attend.  This is vital viewing for families grappling with the influence of online platforms and the impact on relationships. 


Karen Hallam

Social Worker- Wellbeing & Careers

Family Violence Specialist Counsellor available

We are pleased to share with you that Ringwood Secondary College have developed a new partnership with a local specialist family violence service to support members of our school community who may be experiencing family or domestic violence. This free service can provide information and specialist support or are simply available just  to have a chat.

If you would like any further information or have any questions please see Julia Nordlinger in Student Wellbeing.

Our Pact 

OurPact is a simple family locator and parental control app that allows parents to locate family members and limit screen time by blocking internet and app access.

Statistics state that 75% of children sleep with a device in their bedroom, impacting on their sleep.  Children and teens spend more than 7 hours a day on screens.

Depending on which level of the OurPact App you install you have the ability to manage/control the following:


Block Apps
OurPact gives parents the ability to block apps, including social media and games.


Block Internet
Along with blocking apps, OurPact blocks internet browsers like Safari and Chrome.


Schedule Screen Time
Utilize the ability to block internet and apps, and schedule screen time throughout the day.


iPhone Parental Controls
Access the OurPact Family Dashboard at any time using the free OurPact mobile app.


iPad Parental Controls
OurPact's parental control app can be accessed from any shared family iPad or tablet.


Android Parental Controls
Parents can log in to the OurPact Web App to manage any Android smartphone or tablet.


App Rules
App Rules allows parents to block distracting apps, while leaving educational apps for learning.


Block Texting
Create schedules and block texting on your child’s iOS and Android devices using OurPact.


Screen Time Allowance
Set daily screen time limits to ensure healthy device habits.


Family Locator
OurPact's Family Locator lets you quickly locate family members and device locations.



For further information about the OurPact App please visit:



"A sense of connectedness to families and schools is the most significant protective factor for young people”.

(Resnick et al. Protecting Adolescents From Harm 1997)


The Wellbeing team continue to promote a range of programs and supports to work with families and young people in promoting "Mental Wealth and Positive Wellbeing ".Together SCHOOLS play a critical role in the social and emotional learning of young people with the relationship between young people and their FAMILIES having a significant impact on their mental health. The SAFEMinds resource is on the Victorian Department of Education and Training website. The tips sheets and online resources are useful tools in working on a comprehensive learning and resource package that will enhance the capacity of school communities to effectively identify children and young people with early signs of mental health issues, offer school-based interventions and refer appropriately when needed.


SAFEMinds is an important resource for teachers as they are in the unique position of interacting with students daily, can build rapport and offer support, help with successful learning and development, and connect students and families to community services and resources when needed.


SAFEMinds can help parents and carers understand their role in supporting their child's mental health and wellbeing; and connect them with their school and local community resources when needed.



Ms Sharlene (Charlie) Hetherington

Student Wellbeing Coordinator

Community News

Kearney Shoes

20% off Clarks and Harrison school shoes in January 2018 OFFER ENDS 4/2/18


Our staff members are trained fitting specialists and whether the children are preps or teenagers we will have something for them all.


Kilsyth Junior Football Club

Each year we are looking for new family’s to come and join our Family Friendly Football Club


Foster Carers Needed

Key Assets Victoria is a foster care agency operating in the East, South & West of Melbourne.

There is currently a great need for new foster families and we would be very appreciative if you would consider placing the following ad in your Community newsletter or allowing us to place an A4 poster on your notice board. Alternatively, if you could copy and paste the below into a post on your Facebook page, that would be greatly appreciated.


If you have thought about foster care, please get in touch and

ask the questions you have always wanted to.

Ring: Key Assets 1800 932 237 or 1800 WE CARE

Email: [email protected]

Web: or

Interested families would receive a brochure, information and no pressure! 


We write to share with your school community our new Family Fitness program at Aqualink.

This offer was developed to give families the ability to exercise together, spend time together and commit to their health at an affordable rate.


We would be grateful if you would consider placing the attached image in your next school newsletter.


Aqualink’s Family Membership lets families create their own unique combo:


• Mum and son • Dad and daughters • Couples • Any mix of these!


Plus, there’s lots of savings for the whole family:


• Pay the equivalent of only 1 adult joining fee*

• 10% discount on monthly membership fee**

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