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21 September 2018
Issue Fourteen
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Maths Talent Quest 2018
Wakakirri State Finals 2018
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Mission and Values

Our Mission

To nurture and develop individuals to become adaptable in a changing environment and to acquire a lifelong love of learning and the skills and attitudes necessary to function successfully in a sustainable global society.

Our Values

Respect, Honesty, Excellence and Resilience.

Student Oath

I am Proud to be an Australian

I will honour the flag

Obey the laws

Respect the community and

Care for the environment

Commitment to Child Safety

Jells Park Primary School is committed to safety and wellbeing of all children and young people. This will be the primary focus of our care and decision-making.

Jells Park Primary School has zero tolerance for child abuse.


Jells Park Primary School is committed to providing a child safe environment where children and young people are safe and feel safe, and their voices are heard about decisions that affect their lives. Particular attention will be paid to the cultural safety of Aboriginal children and children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, as well as the safety of children with a disability.


If there are any concerns or questions regarding Child Safety procedures, please see one of the following staff members: Mr Kevin Oakey (Principal), Mr Dave O'Kane (Assistant Principal), Melissa McLeod (Leading Teacher - Wellbeing)

Acknowledgement of Land

Jells Park Primary School acknowledge the Woi Wurrung  people of the Kulin nation,

as the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which our school is situated, and we pay our respects to their Elders both past and present. 


Dates to Remember

Term Dates 2018

Term 3- 16 July - 21 September

Term 4- 8 October - 21 December

Curriculum Days 2018

Friday 24 August

Monday 5 November

Camps 2018

Level 3 - 8 November -9 November 

Level 4 - 31 October - 2 November

Concert Dates 2018

Full Dress Rehearsal - Monday 10 December

Night - Wednesday 12 December 7pm

Matinee- Thursday 13 December 1pm

Night - Thursday 13 December 7pm

September 2018

Friday 21 September- Last day of Term 3- 2pm Assembly, 2.30pm School Finish

October 2018

Monday 8 October- First Day of Term 4

Wednesday 10 October- Foundation Kids Car Incursion

Thursday 11 October- Division Athletics

Friday 12 October- Level 1&2 Maths Incursion

Saturday 13 October- Family Portrait Fundraiser

Monday 15 October- Monash Waverley Division Girls Softball Comp

Tuesday 16 October- Level 2 Adventure Day

Wednesday 17 October- Foundation PJ Party 

Thursday 18 October- 'Being Brave' - Whole School Incursion

Thursday 18 October- Level 1 Outdoor Ed Night

Friday 19 October- Level 6 Kanga Cricket Day

Friday 19 October- Foundation 2019 Transition- Session 1 2.30pm-3.30pm

Monday 22 October- Susan McLean Cyber Safety Presentation

Sunday 28 October- Schoolaerobics Spring Challenge

Tuesday 30 October- Level 5 Scienceworks Excursion

Tuesday 30 October- Level 2 Bricks4Kids Incursion

Wednesday 31 October- Level 1 Bricks4Kids Incursion

Wednesday 31 October- Foundation Community Walk

Principal's Report

Jells Park Primary School


Principal:                         Kevin Oakey


Assistant Principal:     David O'Kane


Parents Committee

I would like to congratulate and thank our Jells Park Parent Committee for the work they have done in the school this year. The JPPC started the year on uncertain ground due to the unexpected departure of key personnel. A new committee was formed with some keen and enthusiastic volunteers, however they had a late start on planning and implementation of events. Despite this all events were successfully run. The outcomes of events like the Color Run were amazing - the kids, teachers and parents had a ball, the community spirit was brilliant and a significant amount of money was raised. It is wonderful to see new ideas being brought to the table and embraced by the JPPC and the community so readily.

If any other parents wish to join this wonderful group of people, and add their ideas and energy to future events, please contact the school and we will put you in touch with Steph or Vicky.

Our next big event is the Twilight Market, so plenty of help will be needed here.

Staffing Changes

As always there will be variations and changes in staffing for each new year and I like to keep the community aware of what is happening.

2019 will see the return of Miss Cavanagh after a stint teaching overseas. However, Mr Farmer and Miss Newton will not be returning to Jells Park, deciding to stay with the schools where they currently teach. We wish them both well and hope they know they are always welcome to drop in and see us.

In 2019 Mr O'Kane and Mrs Dring will be taking leave to pursue other interests and challenges. This is a huge loss to us however we wish them both well in their endeavours next year and hope to see them back in 2020. 

Susan McLean - Cybersafety Presentation 

Don't miss out on this presentation and please enrol as soon as possible. Susan is one of Australia's most highly regarded speakers on Cybersafety and we are lucky to have her at our school. We have promoted this presentation at 6 other local schools, so we wouldn't want JPPS parents to miss out. See the brochure on a later page or visit to book your ticket.

2018 Jells Park Primary Concert

Next term our students will be learning and practicing their concert songs.

The concert dates are:

Wednesday 12 December 2018 - Night Performance

Thursday 13 December 2018- Matinee and Night Performance

The full dress rehearsal will be Monday 10 October 2018.

Tickets for the concert will go on sale in late November. Details of how to book tickets will be emailed to parents and published in the newsletter closer to the date. 

2nd Hand Uniforms

If you have any uniforms that no longer fit your child, and are in good enough condition to be re-used, donations are always much appreciated. Please drop any 2nd hand items into the office at any time. 

Headspace in Monash

The City of Monash and the Monash Leader have been working on a campaign for the last 5 years to get a Headspace Centre in Monash. The young people of Monash have developed a new video asking our governments to back this important campaign. This two minute video was written and developed by young people. Please have a look and follow the prompts to the facebook poll and video and find out how you can contact the politicians who make the decisions.


School Council Update

1:1 BYOD (Bring your own Device) 2019

School Council this week approved the inclusion of Level 4 students in the BYOD program for 2019. This means that beginning next year all Level 4-6 students will be required to bring their own device to school each day. It was also approved that, given the changes in technology since the introduction of the iPad program, Jells Park will move to a 1:1 laptop program starting with Level 4 & 5 for 2019. The change over from class sets of iPads to laptops has already occurred very successfully in Foundation to Level 2, and Level 3 will receive their classroom laptops next year. Arrangements are being finalised with JB Hifi to provide parents with a range of DET compatable options at an affordable price. Further information about this program will be available early in Term 4.

2019 Timetable Changes

To support the inclusion of our new Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Program we will be working with a new timetable in 2019. In summary the changes include:

*   Start time will change from 8.55am to 9.00am 

*   There will be an SEL session of 30mins every morning from 9.00-9.30am

*   Classroom sessions will run for 55 mins - changed from 60mins

*   Recess will run for 20mins - changed from 30mins

Further details will be communicated next term.

Success Stories

Student Awards

Congratulations to the following students who won an award at Assembly on the 17th September:

Finlay T (FJ), Jessie A (FJ), Lucy C (1B), Ethan W (1W), Tom K (2A), Oscar W (2C), Sierra G (2DW), Vic C (3L), Ava E (3N), Jenny S (4C), Evie M (4L), Elijah H (5T), Liam K (5M), River R (5M), Haley V.G. (5S), Sam B (5S), Hunter S (5S).

Maths Talent Quest 2018

Maths Talent Quest Results 2018

This week we received the results for the State Maths Talent Quest Competition. This year the Maths Association of Victoria had an enormous number of entries with roughly 660 projects received across Foundation to Year 10. Mr Noordhoff and Mrs Cornall attended the judging and as always the standard of projects were very good. Students are marked out of 60 on the judging rubric and most projects are judged three times. We would like to congratulate all students who worked extremely hard to put together their projects!

Our school entered 31 projects which is the most we have ever entered. Overall the school received 4 Participation, 4 Credits, 16 Distinctions and 7 High Distinctions. Three of the High Distinctions were judged to be of exceptional standard and will be sent through to the National Maths Talent Quest Competition for judging during the school holidays. These were Emma H from Year 6 with her project ‘Toastie Town’, Mr. Noordhoff’s Maths Group with their project ‘Bee Careful Around the Volcano’ and Miss Masiey’s Maths Group with their project ‘An Investigation into Speed and Kinetic Energy.

Students who received a distinction or high distinction will be invited to the Award Ceremony to be held at La Trobe University (Bundoora) on Thursday 18 October from 10:00am until roughly 12:00pm. Parents will need to organise students to be transported to and from the venue on the day. Invited students should have already received information regarding this and filled out the form on Qkr.

Mr. Noordhoff, Miss Lakeman, Ms Maisey and Mrs. Cornall

MTQ Results

Foundation      Mrs Cornall/Miritis ‘s Maths Group      Our Bee Bot Beehive                             Distinction

Foundation      Mrs Friebel’s Maths Group                      Pattern Fish                                               Distinction

Foundation      Miss Hoewel’s Maths Group                   Run, Run as fast as you can                Distinction    Foundation      Mr Meredith’s Maths Group                   The Road Trip                                           High Distinction

Level 1               Ms Beagley’s Maths Group                     Lemon Squeeze                                       Distinction

Level  3              Mr. Noordhoff’s Maths Group               Bee Careful around the Volcano       High Distinction
Level 3               Miss Mayer’s Maths Group                     Hawaii Home Rebuild                           Distinction

Level 3               Miss Lakeman’s Maths Group              Pallets to Plants                                      Distinction

Level 4               Mr. Coughlan’s Maths Group                 World Cup Soccer 2018                      Credit                   

Level 4               Miss Little’s Maths Group                       Erupting Maths                                       Distinction

Level 5               Ms Maisey’s Maths Group   An investigation into speed and kinetic energy  High Distinction
Level 2               Bella J                                                              Bunny Maths                                         Participation

Level 3               Will B                                                                Footy Maths                                           Participation

Level 3               Ava E, Sofia K                                                Rainbow Cake                                      Participation

Level 3               Sienna H and Scarlett M                           Cooking Express                                  Participation

Level 3              Isha B                                                                Mount Fuji                                               High Distinction

Level 3              Grace C                                                             Worth my weight                                 Distinction

Level 3              Ben R                                                                 Footy Stars                                              Credit

Level 3             Jakara B                                                            My Mathematical Adventure           Distinction
Level 3             Rachel M                                                           Water falls, prices rise                        Distinction

Level 3             Chelsea J                                                          Less Water                                               Distinction

Level 3             Emily F, Ruby M                                             Honey Joy Maths                                  Distinction

Level 4            Marcus C, Lucas C, Abby C                         Decorate your own lolly house      High Distinction
Level 4            Arvin Lee, Elliot McGrath                           Whales and their adaptions             Distinction          
Level 5            Archer J                                                             Walking the world                              Distinction          

Level 5           Jayden H, Lawrence W, James B            Powered by Maths                             High Distinction

Level 6            Emma H                                                            Toastie Town                                       High Distinction

Level 6            Mitchell D                                                         Richmond’s Road to Glory            Distinction
Level 6           Jessica W                                                           5,6,7,8 Dance                                     Distinction

Level 6            Aria B                                                                 Mathball                                               Credit

Level 6           Ashleigh Y                                                         My Hawaiin Holiday                        Credit

Wakakirri State Finals 2018

We Won!!

On 12 September 2018, 90 Level 5 and 6 students represented Jells Park Primary School in the Wakakirri State Finals at The Palais Theatre in St Kilda. We travelled by bus very early in the morning for our dress rehearsals. The students were both excited, nervous and taken back by the beauty of the Palais Theatre. As they walked on stage for their dress rehearsal they were amazed by the size of the venue and thrilled by the fact they would be performing in front of so many people. We were lucky enough to be housed backstage at Luna Park. Hair and makeup took all day and the children were so well behaved. We performed our show late in the evening, the kids were tired yet still ready to perform for the last time. As we heard the words ‘Division 1 winner for 2018 is ………. Jells Park Primary School’ screams, hugs and tears were shared as we all celebrated the hard work and commitment to the Wakakirri performance by all students and staff involved. Well done Jells Park on this incredible achievement. We now await the results of the National Award on 17 October 2018.

Curriculum Matters

Level 3 Classroom News

3L and 3C have been busy planning a trip to the Royal Melbourne Show in Numeracy! Students have been researching all about the show, including the rides they would like to go on, entertainment they would enjoy watching and the show bags they would like to purchase! The students had a $150 budget to spend including transportation and entry fees. They also planned their day in a timetable and mapped out directions for where to go when they arrive at the show! The students finished off this inquiry by creating a poster of all their information to present to their parents! The Royal Melbourne Show… HERE WE COME!!

Level 5 Wax Museum

The Level 5 Wax Museum was open for business on Wednesday 19 September. It was a great occasion, giving the Level 5 students a chance to show off their learning from our Term 3 unit ‘War and Peace’. The students were required to select a memorable person from World War 1 or World War 2 to talk about. It was great being able to showcase this to the Level 5 parents and the Level 4 and 6 students, to show what we have been doing and to see how much the Level 5’s have learned over the last term.

Term 3 Highlights

Level 5 Camp Coonawarra

Foundation Bricks4Kids Incursion

Level 5&6 Melbourne Museum Excursion

Foundation-Level 2 Gymnastics Incursion

Level 5&6 1000 Steps Excursion

Foundation 100 days of school celebration

Foundation Task Works Excursion

Junior Hooptime

Book Fair

Level 3 Woolworths Visits

Performing Arts Showcase

Hockey 7's Tournament

Fiver for a Farmer Fundraiser


Foundation Hands on Science Incursion

Wakakirri Performance

Level 3 & 4 Werribee Zoo Excursion

Bendigo HPV Event

Book Week

Level 3 & 4 Bricks4Kids Incursion

Fathers' Day Stall

Senior Hooptime

JPPC Colour Run

Level 1 & 2 Professor Bunsen Incursion

Kids Teaching Kids Workshop

District Athletics

School Disco

Foundation - Level 2 Swimming Program

Wakakirri State Finals

Term 3 Working Bee


Community News

Digimaker- Term 4 Expression of Interest

Please click the link below to view the Term 4 Digimaker notice. 


Working Bee- Saturday 15 September 2018

We recently had our fourth Working Bee for the year on Saturday 15 September. Despite the cold and wet conditions, it was fantastic to see so many families turn up to help tidy and neaten the school yard. It was an extremely productive morning with enough trimmings and weeds to fill the bins twice over. Thank you so much for the tireless efforts of all the volunteers. Your time, efforts and enthusiasm is so appreciated!

The Mooncake Festival

The mooncake festival is the second most important festival celebrated by the Chinese community. It is on 24 September this year. Chinese families have a reunion dinner and offer food sacrifices to the moon.

The mooncake is the main characteristic food.

If the weather is clear, families like to eat mooncakes and gaze at the full moon in their garden or at a park.

Children light candles in lanterns and have a lantern procession. There is often a neighbourhood lantern procession on Mooncake Festival Day.

Wishing all who are celebrating this festival a HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL!

Seeing Eye Dogs

With 100 puppies expected to be born before the end of October, Seeing Eye Dogs is in DESPERATE need of new volunteer puppy carer’s to help nurture the next generation of Seeing Eye Dogs as they begin their training.

What is Puppy Caring?

The puppy caring program requires volunteers to care for a puppy in their home from the age of 8 weeks, until they are approximately 12-15 months of age, before entering the training program. The puppy will be with you in everyday situations including going to school which has been proven to have a positive impact on health and wellbeing.

Seeing Eye Dogs provide all the equipment, food, training and support needed through regular home visits from a Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Development Trainer, group training days and socialisation days. Various caring options are available.

For anyone who applies before 30 September 2018 and mentions this letter, your class will be entered into the draw to win a tour of the Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Centre located in Kensington!

To Apply:

Apply to become a carer today on the Seeing Eye Dogs website.

For more information call: 0428 010 843 or email: [email protected]


Yours sincerely,
The Team at Seeing Eye Dogs

Cybersafety Presentation

Strongly recommended for all parents!!


Art Room News

It has been a very productive term in the Art Room. In Visual Arts, our Term 3  focus was on painting and modelling. While the clay is being dried then fired in the kiln, everyone is finishing off their painting in preparation for the end of term.

Foundation students are putting the finishing touches on their colourful patterned coffee filter butterflies. Level 1 and 2 students are assembling their Ken Done inspired flowers. Level 3 and 4 students are up to the last phase of their reverse painting, inspired by artist Rosetta Santucci. Level 5 students are wrapping up their abstract artwork which linked to their Integrated Unit on War and Peace. Finally, Level 6 students have begun the planning phase of their Legacy Project. 

Students are very eager to paint their clay art work, which they will do next term. I thank them for their creativity, imagination and hard work. They have been awesome.

Enjoy the holidays!

Ms McSweeney

Sport Report

District Athetics

On Friday 7 September, Jells Park competed in our District Athletics competition. 92 students from Levels 4, 5 and 6 competed in a range of individual and team events throughout the day. Unfortunately, we were not successful in winning the day but came a very close second. Congratulations to every student who competed, but especially to the 23 students who will compete at the Division Event early next Term.

Junior Swimming Program

The Foundation to Level 2 students have spent the last 2 weeks attending Monash Aquatic Centre participating in organised swimming lessons. Over the 9 lessons, the students built on their own swimming ability and participated in two water safety days. Well done to all students who participated and thank you to all the parents who were able to come along and assist.

Jells Park Parents Committee (JPPC)

Hi Everyone,

We’ve had a very successful term of fundraising, mostly due to the success of our first Colour Run Event. Once again, I would like to thank all those who were involved in making the day a success. From the Level 6 Students, to the teachers, to the parents (and helpers), to the children for participating, and for all the efforts made by families to raise money for the school. Next Term, when we have our final tally, we will announce how much we raised. A portion of this will to go towards State School Relief.

There are a few families who have not submitted their cash donations through Qkr. Please make your cash donation via Qkr by Monday 24 September.

Many students have not also claimed their prizes online. We have extended your opportunity to claim prizes until Saturday 29 September 2018. This will be the last chance to order your prizes, so please do so by then. Prizes will be distributed in Term 4 once we receive them. 


 2018/19 Entertainment Book ordering will finish soon. The last day to order a paper book via the school office will be Friday 21 September, or otherwise Digital books can still be ordered prior to the September 30. It's not too late to place an order in time for the school holidays!


In Term 4 we have the Family Portraits Fundraiser and a Twilight Market to look forward to. 

If you, or anyone you know would be interested in booking a stall please contact [email protected]

Wishing everyone a fantastic break and we’ll see you back in Term 4!

Dates to remember:

Next meeting: Friday 12 October, 2pm in the gym

Saturday 13 October - Family Portraits Fundraiser

Friday 30 November - Night Market


Stephanie Triskelidis-JPPC Convenor

JPPC Current Events

Family Portrait Fundraiser


Skoolbag App

Please download the latest Skoolbag App

Skoolbag has re-built their app, and you are now required to download the latest app. Please see the attached document for instructions. We use skoolbag to send important reminders, updates on camp, excursions, activities, free dress days, etc. It is important for all parents to have the Skoolbag app on their phone or device. 

Please delete the skoolbag app that has the Jells Park Logo on it. The new app has a blue skoolbag logo.

You will be prompted to register with a username and password. The app will recognise your details if you already had an account with the old app, and all of your settings will be remembered. Please check that you have the correct subscription groups turned on. 

If if is your first time using the app, you will be prompted to create an account. Once you create an account, you will need to add Jells Park Primary School to your account.  

Once you login, you will be able to personalise your group and notification preferences. The language can be changed by clicking 'more' in the right hand corner, and click 'select language'. All recent, unseen notifications can be found by clicking the bell icon in the top right corner of the app. 

Notices sent to the whole school with still appear in the 'Home' Section. However, information published to specific groups will appear in the groups tab. You can modify your group subscriptions at any time. 


And That's My Family Story 

And that's my family story!

I was born at Box Hill Hospital on 9 December 2007. When mum and dad were going to the hospital for my birth, dad got into trouble from mum because he wanted another piece of toast before they left. My older brother, Max, was 1 and a half years old when I was born. I was only 6 weeks old when I went to childcare at the Alfred Hospital because my mum was doing her PhD there and dad was working full time. I loved it there, although I don’t actually remember it, I enjoy looking at the photos and reading the story books that the child care teachers made for me. 

When I was three years old I started tap, jazz and ballet dancing. I went to kinder at Brentwood Preschool where I liked to paint and play dress-ups. Back at home, my brother and I would enjoy (kind of) tackling each other to the ground even though it usually ended in tears. We also enjoyed going through a hole in the floor of Max’s bedroom to reach an under-the-house hangout that dad built. In 2014, our parents decided to knock down and rebuild our house. After a long 15 months of living in our grandparents house it was finally finished. Our family travelled around Australia in a camper trailer in 2016.  We did 20,000km in 3 months. Some of the highlights were seeing Uluru, going to Darwin, staying in Port Douglas and surfing in Noosa (we liked Noosa so much we're going back there in the September holidays!). It was very hot and got to 43 degrees Celsius in some places - even the road melted. In 2017, I started netball and still do it today. I love meeting new people and playing with friends. And that brings me here - I have been at Jells Park Primary School for 6 years, each year loving school more and more, making lifelong friends and learning new things.

My name is  Bella M and that's my family story!

Want to share your family story?

email it to Miss Mcleod - [email protected]

or hand it in at the office!


Ziggy hopes that everyone at Jells Park PS has a wonderful term break!

She will be enjoying sleep ins, trips to the beach and lots of walks.

If you have any questions about the program please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Small on [email protected]

We are very fortunate to have three community sponsors already and are always looking for more, so if you or anyone you know might be able to help please contact Mr Small via email.

Families are also able to donate toward the cost of Ziggy's care through the Qkr app.

A huge thank you to Mulgrave Country Club for their generous donation towards Ziggy's training and food costs, Brandon Park Vet for their support of the program through free puppy classes and subsidized vet costs and to Waverley Park Dental Care for covering the costs of Ziggy's first obedience training.


JP Racing 2018

Casey Practice Race & Training   

Holiday training sessions have been scheduled as well as Sunday trainings for the HPV team. The HPV team have also been improving their fitness with Thursday afternoon training sessions. As well as their holiday training sessions the HPV team will be 'competing' in a practice race at Casey Fields against some other schools to help gain practice in race conditions.

Pushcart teams attempted to have before school training but unfortunately not many members were able to attend.


Next term things really start to get busy for JP racing. We have our Casey Fields race, team selection, presentations to learn and practice and of course this is all working towards comepeting at Maryborough in November.


We are always looking for sponsors within our local community to assist us and help provide the students with an amazing experience. Please check out the website at for more information about the program and to download a sponsor pack.

 Thank you very much

Scott Zachariassen

J.P Racing Coordinator

If you would like more information about the program visit the Energy Breakthrough Challenge website.

Keep up to date by following us on Social Media


Facebook: JPPS Racing

Platinum Level Sponsors

Mulgrave Country CLub

Mulgrave Country Club has been a valued supporter of JPPS racing for several years now. They are a community club offering great sporting facilities to members. The club is an excellent function venue in Glen Waverley, with three function rooms catering for functions of all types and sizes and is now open until 4am 7 nights a week. The Country Bistro serves meals 7 days per week. Enjoy free entertainment most nights and indulge yourself with the new International Seafood Buffet/Carvery; now every Sunday for lunch and dinner, more info.



Waverley Meadows Netball Club

We are a non-profitable organisation that prides itself on being a family friendly, easily accessible and spirited club. Our love of netball and team environment has helped us grow and develop strong players and coaches. We are represented by 18 teams with over 160 players playing during the week and on Saturdays and we have a number of life members and committed coaches.

Our club has become one of the most successful in the competition where we regularly play in finals and have been successful in winning several premierships in all age groups. We cater for ages 6 and above, always welcoming new players. Please see for more info.




Gold Level Sponsors

CGB Precision Products

CGB Precision Products is a supplier of high performance and high precision products and has been representing some of the world`s leading manufacturers of bearings, rod ends/spherical bearings, brakes/clutches, tooling components/fixtures, hydraulic cylinders/valves and precision hardware for over 40 years.   [email protected]   (03) 9775 1125


Coach Approach

Coach Approach is a national organisation made up of elite and professional athletes from a wide variety of sports. Members of our team have competed at Olympic, Commonwealth, International or State level. At Coach Approach we are passionate in encouraging the people of Australia to ‘Keep Active’ with the principle aim of promoting sports participation, health and fitness education to all Australians.


A.A.V. Tiling PTY LTD

Commercial and Residential Wall and Floor Tiling.






Pebblemix Finishes

A family run concreting business that specializes in all forms of decorative concrete such as exposed aggregate and internal polished concrete. We are veterans in the Melbourne concreting industry and have laid more than 5000 decorative driveways and have in excess of 50 years concreting experience. Customers keep returning because they know we’re fast, accountable and will deliver over and above what we promise.

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Hi Everyone!

This is my first newsletter article as the new Coordinator so I just wanted to tell you all a little about me! When I grew up I had always wanted to do computers and so when I got to university I did a degree in I.T with a major in Application Programming. Towards the end of my degree I started as a Cub Scout Leader and realized my passion for education which led me to working in OSHClub and it has been extremely rewarding!

Congratulations to the OSHClubber of the week for last week, Camden S, who received it for working with his peers and being persistent while problem solving puzzles, and Luca M for always offering to do more cleaning and being helpful.

For Vacation Care, an email should have been received by all families enrolled in OSHClub on 5 September detailing each day's themes and excursions. As always, we are very excited for the program. We have an excursion to the Aquarium on Wednesday and to the movies on the following Tuesday. We can't wait!

If you have any questions regarding Vacation care or need assistance booking, please come see me! The Vacation Care is a great opportunity for children to spend more time doing activities, going on excursions, participating in incursions and seeing their friends and making new ones. It gives the staff more time to get to know each child individually as we spend more time doing activities together!

I look forward to seeing many of you over the next two weeks!

Chris Mar

Program Coordinator 

0422 032 371

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