Photo: Missions at St Andrews Christian College

St Andrews Christian College

11 August 2017
Issue Seven
Parents and Friends
Junior School
Middle School
Senior School
Community Notices
St Andrews Christian College
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Dear Friends,



At St Andrews Christian College we declare we are a Shalom Community – Christ-centred, God-fearing, Bible-focussed and Spirit-led. But are our practices (what we do and how we do them) really helping the faith formation of our students?


Are we encouraging our students and modelling Christ in all we do or actually turning them off and discouraging their faith or desire to know Christ as their Lord and Saviour?


To find the answers to these questions we ran a detailed survey with all our students from Years 8 to Year 12.


Praise God! The results indicated that we are (some more than others) helping students to know God and their purpose in His world and educating our students so that they are well skilled, understand life on the basis of biblical truth, and motivated to walk with God and serve Him in their lives.



To educate our students so that they are well skilled, understand life on the basis of biblical truth, and are motivated to walk with God and serve Him in their lives, so that they will be a positive Christian influence in the world.


Clearly from our students’ responses, the biggest influences on our students are their peers and the staff.


There are some beautiful comments and testimonies from students in the survey responses that display how God is working in all of us and through us to impact our students and the world for Christ.

  • I had an allergic reaction on camp which caused my entire face to swell up.  Instead of feeling uncomfortable and wanting to go home, I enjoyed it just the same because of the care of the teachers on camp who made sure I was feeling both mentally and physically alright.  Their care for me showed me that God can work in peoples’ lives through other people.  
  • If it wasn’t for this school, I probably wouldn’t have known about God.
  • I thought my faith was enough before coming to St Andrews, however, when I saw other students’ devotion to Christ in the school, I came to the realisation that I have much more to do before becoming faithful in Christ.   St Andrews really developed me to build my faith.  
  • At the end of last year, I got really sick and almost missed a whole semester of school.  On a few days I was here, my friends and teachers were so encouraging.  Many people said they had been praying for me which made me feel really loved an appreciated.  It was their support that got me through.
  • By coming to St Andrews, my faith has been developed and I can now call myself a Christian.
  • Just the way teachers go above and beyond with what is required in their job description.  After really struggling with issues in my life, my teachers have provided so much support for me and have made me realise that God is there and He is carrying me through everything. It has made the whole recovery process that little bit easier.   I can honestly say that without their support I wouldn’t be where I am now.  I think the most important thing is teachers investing into their students as the difference can literally be life changing. 
  • Go to Vanuatu! (Mission Trip) It will be an incredible, life-changing experience.


Praise God for our beautiful community!


Great friends and great teachers do make the difference.  Students in our care are prayed for and nurtured in who they are, “made in the image of God.”


Be blessed!

Catriona Wansbrough


Parents’ Impact on Student Performance



Congratulations to Catriona and Paul who have become grandparents!

Their daughter Kim had a beautiful baby girl called Amelie. She was 3.5 kgs and born Saturday night in Canberra....and she is a healthy beautiful baby.


Photo: Our new School Crossing

Language Translation

The newsletter has a new feature where it will translate into a different language. There is a small box at the bottom of every newsletter page where you can select which language you'd like the newsletter to be translated to.

Shaun Beovich

Newsletter Editor


Senior School Expo

Tuesday 15th August, 2017 for all the community
Come, see and hear about subjects on offer and other exciting opportunities for your child to learn, lead and serve in the St Andrews Christian College Senior School. This invitation is extended to ALL PARENTS IN OUR COMMUNITY, not just Senior School parents, as we would love for everyone in our community to have a sound understanding and to be prepared for their child’s secondary schooling.

John Presant

Head of Senior School

Save The Date!

21st September 2017

Invite your Pastor / Minister / Youth Pastor to St Andrews Christian College to introduce them to the wonderful ministry of Christian Education in this College.

Details coming!


Catriona Wansbrough


2018 Enrolments

We have commenced our planning for 2018 and are confirming places for new students to start in Term 1, 2018. Unless we have been advised, we are assuming that all current students will be returning to the College in 2018.


If a student is not returning to the College, in line with the enrolment policy, one term’s notice in writing is required. If the notice is not received on time, one term’s tuition fees in lieu of notice will be charged. This requirement is clearly noted in the enrolment Agreement and Declaration which all parents/guardians signed when their child(ren) was enrolled.


To assist with our planning, we ask you to advise the College by Monday 9th October 2017 if a student is not returning to the College in 2018. The notice should be addressed to the College Registrar and can be sent via email to [email protected]  It will be helpful to receive this notice as soon as possible as it will allow us to offer any vacant places to students on our waiting lists.



If there are siblings of current students wanting to enrol at the College, it is important that parents submit an enrolment application at the commencement of the year prior to their planned entry. This allows the College to provide a priority place for siblings of current students.


Please do not hesitate to speak with the Registrar, Mrs Suzy Song (8847 8309) if you have any concerns regarding this information or if you need clarification in any way.


Darren Waterworth

Business Manager

You call that a 3D printer? This is a 3D printer.

In the last two weeks of Semester One, St Andrews Christian College hosted a huge 3D printer in a trial of the educational potential of this innovative machine. A common limitation for 3D printing in schools is the time and effort involved in managing multiple print jobs. 3D prints can take several hours, and cannot be queued like paper prints. This is a logistical challenge when printing a full class of objects on the typical small printers currently available to schools.


The large format printer was designed and constructed in Melbourne by local company 333D. It boasted an 80 cm by 40 cm build plate and was capable of printing objects for up to 30 students in one run.


Alongside my role as St Andrews’ IT Coordinator, I spent time in Semester One developing a series of Learning Activity Plans for 333D. These are tied to specific Australian Curriculum learning areas from Digital Technologies to Mathematics, to History and Geography.


For the trial, Year 6 homeroom teacher Ben Sheahan ran one of the activities with his class. Students were tasked with 3D modelling a Nautilus shell. This creature grows at a constant rate, so the chambers of its shell display a beautiful Mathematical pattern – a geometric sequence.


Students learned to use the online tool Beetle Blocks, which features a Blockly-like visual coding environment. To model the pattern of the Nautilus shell they wrote an iterative algorithm, one of the computational thinking skills in the new Australian Digital Technologies curriculum. By adding their names to the model, each student designed a small object that they could take home once printed.


While the 6S project was going, Yvonne Hughes ran activities with students from the Junior School. These students designed small tokens to signify data from a class survey, as well as famous world landmarks. Yvonne was impressed with the high level of engagement shown by the students, saying, “For a Junior School student, in particular, to hold something that they have created from a learning experience is really important across the board. But to be able to do it digitally was amazing for them.”


I recently presented the outcomes of this trial at DigiCon17, the annual conference run by Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria.


Nathan Alison

IT Coordinator

Special announcement from Mrs Mehanni

A special congratulations to Mrs Lauren Mehanni and her husband Sherif as they welcomed the newest member into their family last month.

Sherif and Lauren are thankful to God for the gift of their beautiful daughter, Lyla Juliette Mehanni. She is a gorgeous, Egyptian princess and is simply adorable. Lyla arrived at 11:48am on 1-7-17 weighing 3.58kg. She loves her food just like her dad as well as sleep just like her mum. Please pray for the Mehanni family as they raise their little girl to know and love the Lord.

New School Crossing

Dear College Community,

It is such a blessing to see that the new school crossing is going well!


There were smiling faces a plenty as Term 3 began and our children and their families enjoyed the safety provided by the new Tyner Road crossing. Cr Darren Pearce (Mayor) came along for the afternoon joining in the excitement as he, Mrs Wansbrough, Mr Waterworth and more of our lovely staff greeted and handed out lollipops to enthusiastic children/families using the crossing.


Please be reminded that we all need to set an example to our students to ensure everyone crosses the road at the CROSSING. All students and families crossing Tyner Rd, must use the crossing provided or cross at the lights at Burwood Highway or High Street Road.


Tony, our LOLLIPOP man directs us all when we cross before or after school. When he blows the whistle twice, that is the signal that it is safe to cross.


Thanks for your co-operation and enthusiasm. 
Don’t forget to introduce yourselves and say “Hi” to Tony when you cross the road at the crossing!


Darren Waterworth

Business Manager

College Bus

The College has purchased a new 12 seater bus, a Renault Master Bus.

It has recently been ‘decorated’ in the College colours and logo, and looks great! The bus will be used to transport small groups to sport events and other excursions.


Darren Waterworth

Business Manager

Working Bee Tomorrow!

We would like to invite you to our 3rd Working Bee for 2017, to be held on Saturday August 12th from 9:00am – 12:00noon.


Our Working Bee will be a great time for you to get involved and take pride in our fabulous College .

We are working on creating a clean and tidy school with gardens and plants that are indigenous to this area.


We invite you and your children to help with this important school community event, it will create greater ownership of the College and encourage students to care of the gardens and facilities we are creating.


Even if you can only come for an hour it will be a great help.


We plan to undertake the following tasks:

-          General Garden maintenance including weeding, clearing leaves, some planting and replenishing the garden beds with mulch.

-          Watering Plants due to the amount of heat we have had for the first term so far.

-          Cleaning of the drinking troughs.

-          Washing of windows.

-          Oiling the decking.

-          Assemble additional garden bed/s

-          Cobwebs eviction.

-          Raking the sandpit areas.

-          Rubbish collection.


And for those skilled at painting

-          Painting of some of the high visible areas, (steps)

-          Painting of hand rails where needed.


If you have any of the following tools you can bring, that would assist as we only have a limited supply:

-          Hand shovel

-          Gloves

-          Spade/ Shovel/ fork

-          Wheelbarrow

-          Window squeegee


Attendance at the Working Bee is also a way to ‘work off’ your Parent Participation Hours.

If you find yourself available and able to come, please inform me by email at [email protected] so that we can adequately prepare the tasks and morning tea.

Ted Waterman

Grounds and Maintenance Manager

Knox Young Leaders

Recently I attended the Knox Young Leaders Presentation Night, the culmination of the week-long program which Caylee, Chloe, Audrey, Yunny, Daniel and Ahdi were part of. I was there as a parent, but I was so proud of all our students, who participated confidently and enthusiastically. 

The students had to prepare a two minute presentation as part of their final day activities. Adhi was one of two participants, chosen by the group, to repeat their presentations on the night, and he did a fantastic job!


Judith Hendricks

Year 2 Teacher

On Sale Now!

With this wintery weather upon us it’s a good time to be prepared for those cold and rainy days. So we’re here to help! There are a limited number of beautiful new St Andrews golf umbrellas available to purchase for $40. See Ms Hoenen at the College office to purchase one now.

St Andrews Alumni

In our focus on growing community, our desire is to set up an ALUMNI group at St Andrews.


Dr Rebecca Lim is volunteering at the College to help set up this group and will be concentrating on putting together a list of past staff and students.


If you know of any past students/staff can you please let her know via our special ALUMNI email [email protected]


Catriona Wansbrough


Mission Cup - Coins for Change

We are collecting ‘change’ to help support our mission programs (Vanuatu/Cambodia/Pakistan) at St Andrews Christian College. 

Keep the cup in an obvious place in your home or car, drop your loose coins into it and if the cup is full send it to school to be added to the collection. Tubes will be available in Rembrandts to empty your coins into. The next week to do this is from Monday 4th September to Friday 8th September.


We hope you enjoy collecting funds this way, and we are looking forward to seeing how these small coins will grow into a mountain of help over the coming years.


Sally Wade

Vanuatu Mission Coordinator

Prayer Group

Wednesdays at 8:45am

This year the St Andrews Parent Prayer Group will be meeting every Wednesday morning at 8:45am in the meeting room next to the school office. 


The St Andrews Prayer Group would like to welcome and invite all parents to come along and join in prayer, with other parents for the needs of the St Andrews school community. 


It is a great opportunity to join in fellowship with other parents.


For specific prayer requests, there is a prayer request box at the front reception desk for you to put your request in if you are unable to join us.


We are greatly blessed at St Andrews to have the opportunity to gather together for prayer. As Christians we are called to pray, and we encourage parents to join us. Be reassured that you don’t have to pray out loud if you are not comfortable in doing so.


Suzy Song

Prayer Group Coordinator


Photo: Vanuatu Mission Trip 2017

The Blessings of Mission at St Andrews Christian College

This winter has provided for some inspiring, heart changing, Christ serving moments for a number of our St Andrews Christian College staff members as they embarked on various mission trips. We are grateful to God for the opportunities He provides to grow in Him and to share His love and light. These wonderful experiences build into the hearts and minds of our staff and in return benefit and grow our children and College.

Vanuatu Mission Trip 2017

Tata Presbyterian School
In June/July 2017 our annual trip to Vanuatu saw just myself and my wife attend due to other staff or students being unavailable this year. As such, we spent our time building upon our relationships with the people of the School.  This visit to Tata Presbyterian School gave us an opportunity to deliver 100 uniform shirts for the staff, which led to great joy and excitement upon our arrival. Having uniform shirts (much like the ones our past teams had worn on trips) to unite all their primary and secondary staff, was something the school had been wanting ever since they expanded to include secondary levels. They were thrilled to be able to have recognition as a united group, when attending big school events. Principal David was very happy and amazed at God’s provision of these shirts. We too are thankful that God used St Andrews to provide the opportunity to have them designed, purchased and delivered to the staff at Tata.

We were able to spend four nights/five days within the school community. This included teaching for 6 lessons a day, teacher training as well as assistance in night study for the secondary students (which was 7:00 to 8:30pm). It was a blessing to have time to really communicate, help and see what the important areas are that we will be able to assist with in the coming years. At the Centenary Presbyterian Church we led Sunday School for two Sundays and enjoyed special one on one times with Renata, our contact from the church. Overall a great time was had refreshing and strengthening the friendships that God has guided us to over the years.


Andrew and Sally Wade

Vanuatu Mission Trip Coordinators

2017 Mission in Malawi

It was blessing to be able to be part of the Orbus school community for orphans and the vulnerable for 2 weeks in Malawi. I taught in various classrooms with up to 60 children in a class.

The children are hungry for the word of God and want to know more about Jesus and His way, truth and life. I pray that they learn more about Jesus and live a meaningful life for Him.

There is so much poverty in Malawi. Most children speak Chichewa so it was a challenge teaching. I taught songs in English and then the teacher translated them into Chichewa. They were soon singing songs in both languages. I was privileged to go to some orphans homes where the aunty was looking after her deceased sisters’ children, as well as having 6 of her own. They live in mud huts and all sleep in the same room. They cook on the fire outside. Their homes in the villages have no electricity. Their staple diet is tsema, a nutritious porridge which is not always available. Fortunately the temperature stays between 20 and 30 degrees in winter. Fruit is plentiful and much sweeter than the fruit in Australia.

Malawians work in a Shalom community which is very close as they all look after each other. May God bless them as they continue to grow in the Lord. The theme for the school is Isiah 1:17. Defend the cause of the Fatherless.


Gail van Heerden

Junior School Teacher

Island Heart Mission Trip - Vanuatu

Serving on Mission has been one of the most amazing life changing experiences of my life. Mission  can be a humbling experience when you allow yourself to embrace and engage with the culture you serve alongside. I have had the privilege and joy over the past 6 years to serve alongside the beautiful people of Vanuatu both in Port Vila and on Pele Island through the Island Heart Ministry. We seek to make Jesus known by sharing a message of hope to struggling communities and provide them with purpose for their future.


This past month (June-July) I had the delight to lead alongside 4 dedicated team members. We experienced Gods grace and provision as we entrusted our time and program to Him, our plans turn into opportunities that only God Himself could orchestrate.

During my month in Vanuatu we ran childrens and mums programs, teaching and training of ukulele workshops, futsal (soccer) ministry, bible studies for kids, music ministry, ladies craft, assisted in Pele Island School and so much more as we spent our time investing into the lives of those around us. We had the privilege to see God at work, He changed lives as we partnered in the Gospel together, He offered hope as new inspiration was given. We saw God isnspire young ones to use their gifts and talents to bring about hope and purpose for their futures. Small business opportunities were offered to many who are unable to attend school or work with the making and selling of hand crafted ukuleles. New truths about who God is ignighted the childrens hearts, while God inspired protential new leaders to grasp His mission and purpose for life.


I can only encourage those who are keen to experience Mission, to let nothing hold you back, because it's  as you step out in faith you will experience how God will use you and it will grow you and bless you for your good and His glory!


Much love, appreciation for your support and prayers.


Kylie O'Donnell

Integration Aide



Important Coming Events for Term 3 2017:




Saturday 12th - Working Bee 9am-12*


Week 4A

Monday 14th - Whole School Assembly 9am*

Monday 14th - Yr 10 Leaders of Change

Monday 14th - Yr 5 ACARA Testing

Tuesday 15th - Junior Secondary Debating - Melba College 6pm

Tuesday 15th - Senior School Information Night 7pm*

Wednesday 16th - Parent Prayer Meeting 8:45am*

Wednesday 16th - CSEN Yr7/8 Sport

Thursday 17th - Yr11 Biology - Zoo Excursion


Week 5B

Monday 21st - Whole School Assembly 9am*

Monday 21st - Yr12 Get into Genes at Latrobe Uni

Tuesday 22nd - Bible Society Masterclass

Tuesday 22nd - NZ Expedition Preparation Session 3:30pm

Wednesday 23rd - Parent Prayer Meeting 8:45am*

Wednesday 23rd - Senior Captain's Excursion

Wednesday 23rd - CSEN Yr9/10 Sport

Thursday 24th - PFA Food Day

Thursday 24th - Yr4 State Library and CERES

Thursday 24th - Senior Vocal Ensemble - Ballarat

Thursday 24th - Science Expo

Friday 25th - Yr5-12 House Athletics*


Week 6A

Monday 28th - Whole School Assembly 9am*

Monday 28th - Friday 1st - Yr9 Ski Camp

Tuesday 29th - Junior Secondary Debating - Melba College 6pm

Wednesday 30th - Parent Prayer Meeting 8:45am*

Wednesday 30th - CSEN Yr7/8 Sport

Thursday 31st - Prep Fathers' Day Breakfast*

Thursday 31st - Yr4 Tree Planting in Knox




Friday 1st - PFA Fathers' Day Stall*


* Parents welcome

Term Dates



Term 3: Monday 24th July – Friday 22nd September 

Term 4: Monday 9th October – Friday 8th December 



Term 1: Thursday 1st February – Friday 29th March 

*Prep commence Friday 2nd February

Term 2: Tuesday 17th April – Friday 29th June 

Term 3: Monday 23rd July – Friday 21st September 

Term 4: Mon 8th October – Tuesday 11th December 

Parents and Friends

Photo: A Parent Rep organised get together

Movie Night - Friday 15th September

The PFA Movie Night is on Friday 15th September starting at 6:30pm in Rembrandts. The movie selected this year is "THE BOSS BABY" rated G. Entry is just a gold coin donation with popcorn, snacks and drinks for sale. BYO bean bags, cushions, blankets and dinner if necessary.


Shaun Beovich

PFA President

Woolworths Earn and Learn

This year we will be participating in the Woolworths Earn and Learn program. Through this program we will be able to get new educational resources which we provide to the Tata School in Vanuatu – and all we need you to do is shop for your groceries at Woolworths.


Until Tuesday 19th September, we are collecting Woolworths Earn and Learn Stickers.  You will get one Woolworths Earn and Learn Sticker for every $10 spent (excluding liquor, tobacco and gift cards). Place the sticker onto a Woolworths Earn and Learn Sticker Sheet and when it’s complete, the Sticker Sheet can be dropped into the Collection Box here at the school (in the office) or at your local Woolworths.

At the end of the promotion, we’ll be able to get some great new equipment for the school in Vanuatu. The range is extensive and offers lots of items ideal for students – including resources for Maths, English, Science and some fantastic fun supplies for Arts and Craft, Sport and the library. 


Shaun Beovich

PFA President

Mothers' and Fathers' Day Stall Coordinator Required

The PFA Mothers' and Fathers' Day Stalls are community events that provide a service to our children. Colin and Sonia Sires, who have been coordinating this for the last few years, are stepping down from this role. We thank them for their service.


The PFA require 1 or 2 parents to take on this role. It can be split up or managed in a way to suit you. The coordinator is responsible for buying gifts, setting up and packing up, organising parent helpers and coordinating with teachers. The coordinator needs to be thrifty and considerate in buying appropriate gifts. 


If you are able to help or require more information please email [email protected] or talk to  Colin or Sonia.



Shaun Beovich

PFA President

Victorian Parents Council Annual Seminar 

The VPC would kindly like to invite you to its Annual Seminar 2017, "Mental Health and Wellbeing in a digital age", on 1st September generously hosted by Brighton Grammar School. Seating is limited, please book your ticket via;



"Wellbeing Centre" at Brighton Grammar School

Corner New Street and Allee Street, Brighton



Friday 1 September 2017

Registration from 9:00am

Seminar commences at 9:30am - 3:15pm


Topics include:

  • Understanding and Responding to Anxiety in Kids and Teens - What can Parents do?    
  • Fostering teen mental health using Smartphone Apps 
  • Building Resilience with our children; what can we do as Parents.
  • Digital resilience and beyond.  
  • Just Be Nice - Tools for parents and communities.

Shaun Beovich

PFA President

Entertainment Books

The 2017/18 Entertainment Books are now available from the school office for purchase (see Ms Hoenen). Only $70 and crammed with great value. A portion of each sale goes to the PFA. You can alternatively purchase a digital membership here.


Sonia Sires

Entertainment Book Coordinator

2nd Hand Uniform Shop

50% off sale now on!

The 2nd Hand Uniform Shop is having a 50% off sale for the rest of Term 3. It's open every Wednesday morning from 8:30am-9:30am. The shop is located in Rembrandts and staffed by parent volunteers. If you can help for 2-3 weeks, please see Liz Romney at the shop or email PFA at [email protected]


Liz Romney

2nd Hand Uniform Shop Coordinator

Next Meeting

PFA AGM and General Meeting

Thursday 9th November at 7:30pm. Office bearers for 2018 will be elected. Parents are encouraged to attend.

PFA Committee 2017

President: Shaun Beovich

Vice-President: Sally Wade

Secretary: Lesley Goh

Treasurer: Peter Wan

email: [email protected]


Junior School

Photo: Tree planting with State MP, Nick Wakeling

Competition Awards

Congratulations to the children who received High Distinctions or Distinctions in the Junior School for the recent competitions in Digital Technology, Science and Spelling.

Nicole Ng

Year 2 Teacher

Tree Planting

Our local State Member, Nick Wakeling MP came to St Andrews and donated 50 indigenous plants to the school. The Years 1 and 2 students planted them.


Middle School

Photo: Ringwood Art Society Youth Art Competition

Middle Leadership structure

Dear Middle School parents, 


I hope your child has had a great start to the new term!


I would like to update you about some changes in the Middle Leadership structure in Middle School (MS).


Two of our MS staff, Christa Cloete and Ben Sheahan, were appointed at the beginning of the year as Operations Leaders to assist with the day-to-day operational work in Middle School. They have done a wonderful job and as of Term 3 2017, they will step into new roles as Year Level Coordinators (Ben – 5/6 and Christa – 7/8). As Year Level Coordinators, they will now be providing support to our MS staff and students in the areas of student pastoral care and discipline. They will be working closely with the Well-Being team (comprised of Yvonne Hughes, Christa Cloete, Jo De Meester and Warwick Grant) and myself to improve the level of care given to students.

Practically speaking, if you have concerns about your child, Ben (Year 5/6) and Christa (Year 7/8) will be the point person to contact after your child’s homeroom teacher (if the issue has not been resolved).

Below are their contact details:

Year 5/6 Coordinator: Ben Sheahan – [email protected]


Year 7/8 Coordinator: Christa Cloete – [email protected]


I look forward to seeing them make a fantastic contribution in new and different ways for the remainder of 2017!


Dan Lee

Head of Middle School​

New Locker Bay

The new locker bay for Year 7 and 8 has been completed, and students have recently moved into the new area. In order to help us keep the locker bay a pleasant area for all concerned, a locker bay creed has been drawn up and introduced to the students.


We have a team of Year 7 students who regularly help with the clean-up in and around the locker bay, but the expectation is that students do not drop their rubbish, food or other possessions on the locker bay floor. Bins are provided for rubbish and recycling, as well as a compost bucket for food remains.


It is saddening, however, to see how many of our students throw away sandwiches that have not even been unwrapped, as well as full pieces of fruit. Could we suggest that parents have a talk with their children on what and how much they really feel like eating at school, in order to minimise waste.


At the start of the year, the school provided each student with a lock, which the school paid for. We are constantly encouraging our students to keep their lockers locked to develop the basic life skill of organising and caring for their possessions. Please encourage them in this endeavour.

Christa Cloete

Year 7/8 Coordinator

Ringwood Art Society Youth Art Competition

Four creative students from Year 7 and Year 8 (Grace, Alice, Sophia and Cindy) participated in the Ringwood Art Society Youth Art Competition on Saturday the 29th of July.

The day was facilitated by Tom Gibbs and Janicke Johansen, and provided an opportunity for students to develop their artistic abilities whilst interacting with other young creative people from the eastern suburbs of Victoria. We congratulate Cindy, who won the third place, and Alice who was highly commended.


Tom Gibbs

Middle and Senior Art Teacher

Senior School

Photo: Winter with centenarian Jack

Year 9 Melbourne Experience

On Monday 31 July all Year 9 students experienced the Melbourne CBD for the day. Students worked on their Bibilical Studies projects, aimed at seeing the city through the different lenses being studied in class. Destinations included: Federation Square, St Paul’s Cathedral, Flinders Street Station, and Flagstaff Gardens, finishing with a tour of Parliament House. Using public transport, and their own two feet, students navigated their way around the city to take photos of different locations. The sights and sounds of the CBD were a new experience for some, and many students came away with a view of the amazing city we live in, as well as an appreciation that not all people experience the benefits. This day will lead into future city experience days later in the school year.


John Presant

Head of Senior School

Centenarian Portrait Project By Teenagers

Winter has begun her first drawing of a centenarian, for the "Centenarian Portrait Project By Teenagers”. This project partners skilled teenage artists with centenarians. Winter’s final artwork will be displayed at the 2017 Victorian Seniors Festival. Jack, who recently celebrated his 102nd birthday, was very excited to see her progress!

Tom Gibbs

Middle and Senior Art Teacher

Year 10 Work Experience

The Work Experience program at St Andrews Christian College provides Year 10 students with a rich opportunity to learn about work through observation. The program encourages students to take initiative in arranging their work experience placement by building connections with businesses and employers. The Year 10 students spent the last week of Term 2 working alongside others in a variety of exciting environments, from medical institutes to cafes and everything in between. Students used this opportunity wisely to learn more about working as part of a team and safety at the workplace, as well as explore possible career pathways.

Here are two students experiences:


I had the privilege of spending five days working with film composer Ricky Edwards (Shine, Australia, The Water Diviner) in his studio, writing and arranging original music for Australian director Stephen Amis' upcoming family comedy The BBQ, starring Shane Jacobson, Magda Szubanski, Manu Feildel, Julia Zemiro and Nicholas Hammond. Ricky was a super engaging mentor who generously gave me valuable insight into the world of film scoring, as well as providing me with guidance in working with others in the film industry. Through my work experience placement, I was given the opportunity to carry out music editing tasks in addition to working on the score with Ricky. I am very grateful for this wonderful opportunity and I hope that my fellow Year 10s have also achieved success in their work experience placements. A big thank you to Mrs Yevlahova for her fantastic work as our school's careers coordinator.


Jerry Cheng

Year 10


Work experience for me was a great learning experience as it allowed me to have an insight into working life. I did my work experience in an I.T. business called Tech This Out, which specialise in computer repair and maintenance. I found my work experience in this business thanks to the help of the year 10 work experience coordinator, Mrs Yevlahova. She suggested I send an email to their business as I'm interested in I.T. as a possible career option for the future. After getting an email back saying that I would be able to do my work experience there, I went to the store and had all the papers signed. My hours were from 10am until 3pm from the 26th - 30th of June.


While working at Tech This Out, I helped with all different kinds of tasks, ranging from clicking a couple of buttons, to helping disassemble computers of all sorts (which was by far the coolest part). In the first couple of days of working there, I was only doing the simpler jobs like installing a program on a computer or things like that. By the end of the week, both the staff members and myself had enough confidence in me that I was able to start doing more complicated jobs such as taking apart laptops, removing the old parts, and installing new parts. The disassembly and reassembly jobs I found to be very exciting as it was interesting to see all the inner workings of a computer and how all the parts work together to make it function.


I really enjoyed work experience this year and I feel like I've learnt a lot from it. I've learned about the inside parts of computers, different programs, tricks I can use to help make computers run and do all sorts of things and also that this wouldn't be an industry I'd mind working in.


Alex Visser

Year 10

Careers News

University Open Days continue this weekend. I encourage all Senior School students to attend them to learn more about courses and careers they lead to, as well as about pathway options and how to apply.


In one of the recent publications about Future Workplaces I’ve read that new jobs will demand double the amount of time that people spend today on critical thinking, problem solving, using maths, science and technology and communication skills.  In particular,

  •  41 per cent more time will be spent on critical thinking and judgment
  • 77 per cent more time will be spent using science and mathematics skills
  • 7 hours a week will be spent on verbal communication and interpersonal relations.

With fewer managers predicted, workers will have to supervise and manage themselves, adopting an entrepreneurial mindset in order to get ahead.


Working (or being) smart will be much more about how effectively people develop and utilize their cognitive and emotional skills.


Future Australian workers would, on average, make at least 17 changes in employers, across five different careers over their lifetime. Hence, future workers will be required to have greater adaptability, participate effectively in more complex forms of communication and non-routine problem solving, as well as demonstrating self-development and systems thinking.


Our Universities are at the forefront of developing 21st Century skills and Open Days present a great opportunity to explore their new and/or reviewed courses and programs.


A big thank you to the parents and students who found the time during Parent/Teacher Interview Day to visit the Careers Room, say hello to me and for your positive comments about our Careers Program at St Andrews.


Please find more information in the attached Careers News:

If you have a question about a topic featured in the Careers Newsletter, please contact Careers Coordinator Mrs Irena Yevlahova [email protected]


Irena Yevlahova

Careers Coordinator


National Championships

Just a quick update on the National Championships that our senior vocal ensemble entered earlier this month. Thank you to all who voted. ​We ended up with 82 votes which is a great effort for a school this size. Fortunately for us the public vote did not have any impact on who makes it through to the next round. 


I have just heard back from the judges and St Andrews has made it through to the grand final to be held in Melbourne in September!

This is a huge achievement for our students. Please be sure to congratulate them if you see them around the school. 


Luke Batty

Music Director



Photo: Victorious U13 Swifts

St Andrews Netball Club

What an awesome end to the winter season!!


After their first season of netball the Under 11 Mockingbirds finished Runners Up! Such an incredible achievement for our youngest team. They finished their season with a round robin day where they played 4x 15 minute matches across 2 hrs. The girls won all of these games and showed great finesse and sportsmanship. We look forward to seeing what happens next season as they continue to grow and develop in their netball skills.


And what about our Under 13s!! All season the Swifts have showed us how it is done. Only losing 1 game this season, the girls went on to play a semi-final where they won a straight entry into the Grand Final. The girls battled their nerves last Saturday as parents and friends watched a goal for goal game for the first 3 quarters. But in true style the girls took the game away in the last quarter to win the clubs first ever Premiership.


I would also like to congratulate our 2 Under 15 teams. The Stars finished the season 4th on the ladder, being knocked out of the semi-final in a nail-biting 3 point loss. The diamonds also in their first ever season were on a comeback and finished 6th position.


Once again I would like to give thanks to all our coaches and umpires who make it possible to run this netball club within the school community, and of course thank you to all of our parents who spend many weekends braving the wintery weather of Melbourne to support their girls.


Here are some photo’s of our Under 11s and Under 13s celebrating the finish of their amazing 1st season.

Lauren Gaschk

Middle and Senior School Teacher


Photo: Library

Library News

 Library Staff: Lynne Marks, Joanne Edwards, Wai-Peng Heath


Junior Library

Lunchtime Monday


Middle/ Senior Library:

Monday to Friday: Recess and Lunch


After school:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays until 4pm.

Wednesdays until 3.45pm.


 Email:  [email protected]

Book Coverers Needed     

Do you still have some parent hours to complete? Would you prefer to work at home? If you would like to take some books home to cover, the library staff would love to hear from you. We will provide the contact and a “how to” guide. Please contact Mrs Wai Peng Heath with your details if you are interested, in person, by telephone or by email- [email protected]

Mrs Heath is happy to demonstrate book covering if required.  

Do You Know?

That the Library has a parent resource section? Here you will find a number of books on parenting, technology and Christian living. These resources are located in Reception. Please feel free to browse and borrow. Resources can be kept for two weeks.




The list of added titles in the 2017 Premiers’ Reading Challenge is now available at:

Some of these titles are in the Senior Library. Ask the library staff.


Horizon- Scott Westerfield

Year 7 up Adventure


Danger Ahead- R.A. Spratt

Year 5 up Crime


Super Con-Nerd – Oliver Phommavanh

Year 7 up Humour


Never say die- Anthony Horowitz

Year 7 up Crime


Escape to the Moon Islands - Mardi McConnochie

Year 5 up Adventure


Our Race for reconciliation - Anita Hess

Year 5 up Sport


Thank you,

Library Staff

Community Notices

Newsletter 7

This section of our newsletter is to give our families information about programs being run by organisations outside of the school which may interest our school families.

These organisations are not endorsed by St Andrews Christian College.

Techno Tennis

Term 3 Enrolment Form

Maths Tutor

It is important to give your child a good foundation and head start in Mathematics at an early age. With the acquired foundation and understanding, he/she will be able to grasp and appreciate the application of Mathematics in their course of study. In addition, they will develop and enhance problem-solving techniques, strengthen areas that require improvement and boost their confidence in maths.

I am a professional tutor with many years of experience and result oriented tutoring for students, available to tutor grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 (VCE).  Note: For year 11 and 12 (VCE) maths, be sure to book early as vacancies are limited.


Contact Michael Loh at 0403879001 or email me at [email protected]     

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