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18 August 2017
Issue Thirteen
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Principal News

The traditional words of the  Memorare remind us all that we have  the heavenly support of Mary for all our prayers: Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thy intercession, was left unaided. Inspired by this confidence I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother. To thee do I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen.

This week we particularly remember  the feast day of the Assumption of Mary, also known as Assumption Day. This celebrates the day that the Virgin Mary ascended into Heaven following her death. It is celebrated annually on August 15.

Assumption Day is a chance for Catholics to celebrate the heavenly birthday of the Virgin Mary. As  Roman Catholics, we believe in the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into heaven; when her earthly life was finished, Mary was taken up body and soul into heavenly glory, where the Lord exalts her as Queen of Heaven. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, # 966). Mary’s assumption gives us the assurance and hope of our own resurrection and assumption into heaven on the day of our Last Judgment.  As this is a Holy Day of Obligation, Marian Catholic College community celebrated the Feast Day with Mass at 1pm today. The College will be also providing music and readers for the 9am Sacred Heart Parish Mass this Sunday in the Marcellin Hall.


Dear Parents, Students and Friends

With the HSC Trials drawing to a close, we now turn our attention to the marking of the Practical Projects in Design and Technology, Music, Drama and  Visual Arts. I have watched a number of these important major works take shape and they look exciting. Major works need to be at school according to the NESA rules. Italian students are examined in the oral section of the HSC later this month and the Society and Culture Personal Interest Projects have also been completed.

Whilst on the topic of examinations, and there seems to be a never ending round of them...Year 11 soon start the Preliminary final examinations. I hope all students are preparing as best as they can and that families are supporting them by keeping outside events as low key as possible in order to maximise study time. Students also need to keep their priorities in order to give the best account of themselves. These examinations commence on September 11 and a timetable will be issued for students soon. Year 11 and Year 12 will also have final  Support Evenings to help them in their preparation.

The process for moving from one stage to another is well under way, as students in Year 8 and Year 10 make their selections for their chosen subjects for 2018. We have been very impressed with the maturity and level of responsibility that students have had in approaching this task. There has been excellent attendance at information evenings and students have asked pertinent questions and sought assistance in making their selections. The first round of selections that the students submit are the basis of the decisions that the College makes about the final possibilities of subjects that we can successfully offer. A second round of final selections should be available before the end of this term.

The 2017 NAPLAN student reports  were posted home earlier this week to all families with students in Years 7 and 9. The staff have had a “first look” at the overall summaries and have been pleased to see that the attention given to comprehension strategies has made an impact across both of these cohorts. Broadly speaking there has been a shift upwards towards the higher bands.

Finally, congratulations to the Science Faculty who have organised Science Week, culminating in displays in our hall this evening from 5:30pm.    








Transition Program 2017

Session Two of our MCC Transition Program with the Year 6 students of St Mary’s Yoogali and St Patrick’s Griffith occurred during Week Four of the Term, Monday August 7th and Thursday August 10th.

The session focused on the comprehension strategy of making inferences through exploring historical inquiry of ancient artifacts and archelogy, and through investigating science with experimentation activities and skills.

Teachers, Miss Brittany Crofts, Mrs Tonetta Iannelli, Ms Lisa Davis, Mr Elijah Marshall and the Year 6 teachers from St Mary’s and St Pat’s, team-taught to provide the students with a two-hour learning sequence, exploring authentic experiences of collaborative, inquiry learning in problem solving and critical thinking skills for historical and scientific contexts.  Feedback from the students and the Year 6 teachers detailed that both History and Science experiences were extremely enjoyable and that they all learnt a lot about the skills and thinking used in archelogy and science inquiry.

The Year 6 students will be returning to MCC for the next session of the Transition Program in Term Four. Session Three will focus on the strategies of inferencing, questioning and problem solving through numeracy activities and mathematical games. The Mathematics team at MCC are already working on this next phase of our Transition Program and look forward to meeting our future Year 7 students of 2018.

 (photos taken of second session – FB page/email)


Year 8 into 9 Elective Subject Selection Process

The Year 8 into 9 Elective Subject Selection Process has commenced. The Year 8 students had the opportunity to attend elective subject information sessions with the Leaders of Learning and the teaching staff for elective subjects offered at the College in the Key Learning Areas of CAPA, TAS, HSIE and PDHPE. The students found the sessions extremely informative to help them in deciding which two elective subjects they may choose to study in Years 9 and 10 for Stage 5.

Students and parents also attended and Information Evening on Thursday which provided further essential information on decision-making and the process for elective subject selection. The evening also showcased the learning of each Key Learning Area with stalls filled with resources, whilst the KLA Leaders of Learning and expert teachers were available to give advice and answer questions. Many parents and carers and Year 8 students attended the evening and it was deemed a very successful and informative night.


Mrs Tonetta Iannelli


Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning (Acting)


Director of Pastoral Care

It is amazing how quickly we have hit the midway point of this term. The final term for our Yr 12s who have been busy completing their Trial Examinations over the last fortnight. I am extremely proud of this cohort and the manner in which they conducted themselves throughout this challenge. Every morning they gathered together and the level of enthusiasm, peer support and care was clearly visible. Each student showed strength in their emotional management throughout this period and the teachers were all highly supportive, which again is a great sign of a positive College community. This year teachers were invited to join the students in a prayer, before each exam started, outside the hall. Many teachers accepted this invitation and student appreciation was evident. It is these little things that our community does so well that makes it so great. The Chapel was also opened every morning for the last two weeks before exams for teachers and students to utilise the spiritual space.

Whilst the Yr 12s were not present at the College it was still full of energy and events. We saw another session of Academic Pastoral Care occur in week 4. I encourage you to question your sons and daughters on what they achieved in this session and what their Yr group is up to. As the leadership group walked throughout these classes we observed some quality activities taking place across various Yr groups; too many to mention in this forum.

Here at the College we actively encourage pride in our faith, our community and ourselves. This is supported by the many Marian Policies that we have in place. We foster a safe environment for all students with certain expectations for them to meet. Communication is always the key in building a good team between the family and College in order for the student to fully achieve. This is clearly represented in the image below:

With this in mind it is essential that your child is not the only line of communication/information regarding the College. I would like to remind all that a simple email to a classroom teacher or Pastoral Coordinator is always welcomed and a healthy strategy in maintaining this relationship modeled above.

Another way of staying involved in the College is attending the many events that are presented. In the past fortnight we have had information nights for Yr 8 and 10, HSC Drama performances and Science Week celebration BBQ’s where all were welcome. It is participation at these events that encourage and support our Marian pride.

This Sunday we also have our College mass which occurs once a term at 9 am. Here is another opportunity to get involved and immerse in the College ethos. It is Yr 12’s final weekend mass and we are expecting a number of students and staff to attend. All are welcome to kick-start your Sunday with the College community and share some morning tea afterwards supplied by the students.

Finally, I would like to propose a fun challenge for families this week. Today as I sat in the Feast of Assumption mass here at the school and was impressed with the level of reverence and respect across our whole student body, I was amazed once again by the talent of our College choir, run by Mr Segrave and Mrs Aventi and the array of musicians and singers. It was a great touch to a beautifully set up hall and mass that was assisted by four courageous students doing altar service. It was a great way to finish the week. It was this moment that I was reminded of how proud I was to be teaching at Marian in such a great community. So I propose you ask your kids, what makes them proud to be Marian? And finally, how do they show it? Just a thought.


Kind Regards and God bless,

Heath Neville

Director of Pastoral Care (Acting)

The Marian Way

For this week’s Marian Way we have a submission from one of our enthusiastic homeroom teachers Ms Davis. The effort of this homeroom and teacher could not be ignored as it truly exemplifies the Marian spirit and that is what this segment is all about. So without further ado I would like to congratulate ‘The Mighty Goats’ homeroom 9.2 for you are this week’s proud example of the Marian Way. Thank you Mighty Goats and now enjoy Ms Davis’ write up below.

The Mighty Goats of Homeroom 9.2 lay down a Challenge

Homeroom 9.2 are known throughout the College community as the “Mighty Goats”. The Goats are a proud team who throw themselves wholeheartedly into all activities and have an incredible sense of comradeship. They are also slightly competitive. Their Homeroom teacher, Ms Davis, proudly tells everyone that they are the best Homeroom in the entire school!

When the Community Action Team announced their Needy Paws fundraising, the Goats came up with a cunning plan – they decided to bring in coin donations to the Chief Goat (Ms Davis) and send her shopping to buy supplies. After a week and a half of coin collecting in Homeroom and the playground at lunch, the Mighty Goats (with a little help from some associate goats such as Mitch and Ioane) have amassed a huge stash of dog food ready to donate.

It is as such that the Mighty Goats are laying down a challenge – Bring in coins for your teacher or dog food to donate. 

We think that we are the champion Homeroom and no-one will even come close to our donation. We dare you all to prove us wrong.

Ms Davis

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College News

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Pastoral Care

Thank you to everyone who have donated to our NEEDY PAWS campaign and in particular to the Might Goats and their head goat Miss Davis. The generosity and enthusiasm of 9:2 is awesome. We will continue our collection for an extended period until Tuesday 29th August in the hope that other homerooms will rise to the challenge and try and match the amazing contribution of this class.

For those who are not familiar with Needy Paws please have a look at their Facebook site and you will see what an incredible job they all do; completely on a voluntary basis.

C.A.T members will continue visiting homerooms and collecting either cans of dog food or dry biscuits or if preferred a gold coin. Raffle tickets are still available for the HUGE plush toy and all funds raised will then purchase bulk food to also be donated.

In acknowledgement of “Book Week” next week the COMMUNITY ACTION TEAM will be collecting unwanted books to be distributed to local community services. All books will then be donated to CAREVAN and St Vincent De Paul.

We have decided to donate to both services as they each provide unique support, therefore supporting a wider scope of the community.

St Vincent De Paul will sell the donated books at their Banna Ave store and use the funds raised to continue their vital, charitable work within our community.

Alternatively, CAREVAN will use the books as part of their mobile food van recreational and socialisation activities. The books will be lent (free of charge) to members of the public who access CAREVAN and then returned at a later date for a new selection of reading material; therefore, being a sustainable activity. Children have the opportunity to be engaged in reading /story time whilst attending CAREVAN with the goal of increasing their English skills, improving their literacy levels and hopefully awakening a passion for reading.


We will promote and collect for two weeks commencing Monday 21st until Friday 1st September. 

REMEMBER TO SAVE THE DATE Saturday 2nd September for the Year 12 “Spring Bazaar” the day promises to be HUGE so bring the family along, have the car washed and see what the market stalls have on offer. The TRASH N TREASURE promises not to disappoint so there will be something for every one.

Check out their facebook site MCC SPRING BAZAAR 2017

So now is the time to clean out ythe cupboards, clean out the shed and let the students know (or me) if you would like to donate any quality goods to their stall to support their fundraising activities.

”Let your trash become their treasure" 



National Youth Science Forum


Science Sparks

National Science Week has been an exciting week at MCC.  There have been competitions to enter with some amazing prizes.

Students have had a week long of extra activities including;

  • Learning to code on swift playground with the new apple iPads
  • Learning how to compound a cream like a pharmacist would do
  • Problem solving by trying to balance as many nails as possible on one single nail
  • Building and racing cars from scratch
  • Designing and flying the best paper planes
  • Building pressure rockets and launching them on the oval
  • Following instructions for making origami animals
  • Building no less than four Tardis’ for the Science Family extravaganza
  • A Quiz and essay competition for Year 7
  • Three mystery sounds per day to submit an hypothesis as to what they were
  • A mystery image each day to also have an educated guess as to what it was
  • Classroom door decorations

We will finish the week with a Family Science Extravaganza tonight at 5:30pm where all families have been invited to share a meal while they look over the student works in the Hall.  The Chemistry and Physics senior students will have some science to demonstrate and explain while the Tardis’ will be available to enter and listen to the Year 7 and Year 8 podcasts.  The year 9 will display their models and the Year 12 will display their motors.  It will be a hive of SCIENCE. 

Many thanks and sincere gratitude to the dedicated and hard working teachers in the science department.  In the centre of the hive of activity is Mrs McIntosh who prepares all the materials for over 60 activities and has a wealth of experience to share as she supports us all.

Some Year 12 students leave on Sunday bound for a science filled three day excursion to Sydney and Canberra.  They will experience hands on relevant Science at the University of Sydney, ANSTO Nuclear facility, Sydney Observatory, Power House Museum, Australian National University and the University of Canberra.  They will meet scientists working on current ideas and learn from the experts prior to their HSC examinations.  What a wonderful opportunity!

We certainly have students who are building brains in the science department and we are building experts for the future.


Best wishes

Esther Dumbleton  




Year 11 First Aid Course



Bill Turner Soccer

On Friday 21st July, Marian’s U15 Bill Turner Trophy side travelled to Albury to compete against Albury High School in the Riverina Final. The game was extremely close with both sides having opportunities to score. Maree Cirillo performed well in goals for Marian along with a strong defense lead by Sarah Quarisa and Maree Rinaldo.  Ella Farronato held the middle well and provided some excellent opportunities for Claudia Torresan who chased and competed for the ball at every opportunity. Unfortunately, the girls were defeated 1 nil, but have shown a lot of potential for next year’s campaign.

After a strong win in the Riverina Final against Young High School (6 – 1), our U15’s Bill Turner Cup boys side travelled to Albury to play Orange High in the final round 32 match. This game was extremely close, with our boys controlling the middle of the field with strong games from Jordan Austin and Andrew Febo. These boys were well supported with both Connor Sully and James Glennon playing a strong attacking game. Marian finished the half 1 nil in the lead. Despite a very strong defensive line, led by Luke Cadorin and Tyler Andreazza, Orange High scored an equalizer late in the second half.

With a final 1 all scoreline after extra time and drop off, the result was decided through a penalty shoot – out. Due to two extremely good saves from the Orange High keeper, Marian were defeated in penalties 3 – 5.


Open Girls Soccer

Our Open Girls Soccer team has enjoyed another strong year. After winning the Wagga Wagga Diocese carnival, Marian played MacKillop College Bathurst in round 2. Marian were comfortable during their 2 – 1 win and felt they could have scored more goals. In round 3 (Quarter Finals) Marian played the very strong Freeman Catholic College, Bonnyrigg. After a great start in the first half, Marian were leading 2 nil, with strong performances from Johane Oberholzer and Alana Marando up front, Sabine Mazzarolo and Jaclyn Agostini in the centre and a strong defensive line in Samantha Pandolfo, Lauren Zalunardo, Elizabeth Barbaro and Makayla Agresta. Marian went on to win the game 2 – 1 with outstanding defensive games from Sabine Mazzarolo, Lauren Zalunardo and Claire Murray in goals.

The girls now travel to Sydney on Monday 28/8 – Wednesday 30/8 to compete in the final four in the state at Valentine Park, Glenmore.

I would like to congratulate all our teams on their performances this year, and wish the Open Girls all the best in the finals.


BISSA Athletics

On Thursday 27th July, Mr Moore, Mr Morris and Mrs Aventi accompanied a team of 39 students to compete at the Border Independent Schools Sports Association (BISSA) Regional Athletics Carnival. Despite a relatively small team, Marian enjoyed some of its best results to date. With 13 students selected in the Wagga Wagga Diocesan Team to compete at the Combined Catholic Colleges (CCC) Athletics Championships at Homebush on Friday 15th September in one or more events.

There were a number of notable stand outs, which include:

Isabella Salmon –             
1 st in 1500 m
1 st in 800 m

Connor Sully

1 st in 200 m

Claudia Torresan -            
1 st in 200 m
 1 st in 100 m

Allira Aventi -                  
1 st in 200 m

Samuel Scarfone -           

1 st in 100 m

1 st in 400 m
1 st in Long Jump
 1 st in Javelin
 1 st in Triple Jump

Delroy Kasawaya
 1 st in 800 m (BISSA record)

Connor Bourke              
1 st in 800 m

Joshua Golden              
1 st in 800 m

Alexandra Parisotto          
1 st in 800 m
 1 st in 400 m

 1 st in Shot Put

 1 st in Javelin

Ethan Donetto            
1st in 400 m (BISSA Record)

Airlee Savage

1 st in 400 m

Samuel Raciti                    
1 st in Discus

1 st in Shot Put

Connor Higgins                  

2nd in 100        

2nd in 200 m

13 year Boys came 1 st in the relay

I would like to also like to congratulate the following students for their overall performance on the day:

Age Champions Points Score

Airlee Savage -                    3rd  Overall

Alexandra Parisotto           2nd Overall

Samuel Scarfone                1st Overall


I would like to congratulate all students on their effort, behavior, sportsmanship and effort on the day. The teachers could not have spoken more highly of the team. Well done.



Mr John Seers

Father Christian - Parish Chaplain

This week we celebrate a beautiful feast, the Assumption of Mary into heaven. We feel a special connection to Mary because she is our patron saint but also she is equally our heavenly Mother and prays for us all.

I pray through Mary’s intercession, that God may bring special graces and help to our Year 12 students in their exams and that He may help each one of us in whatever good we are doing.

May we make this words of Mother Teresa of Calcutta our reflection for this week;

People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.
If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies. Succeed anyway.
If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you. Be honest and sincere anyway.
What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. Create anyway.
If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous. Be happy anyway.
The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.
Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway.
In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.
~Mother Teresa


God bless


Chess News

CHESS COMP: ROUND 4 v Deniliquin

Round 4 was a tricky one. 2 rounds were scheduled in one day, at one venue. The final of the Riverina section was to be a match between the winner of this morning’s round between MCC and Deniliquin Christian School (DCS), and Kooringal High School, who had already travelled 2 hours and were watching and waiting to meet their challenger. After 3 straight and definitive wins, MCC faced DCS - a team containing members that had beaten us in the past. This was the business end of the Riverina section. Table 4 found an unexpected brave onslaught on Aditha Jayasuriya from a rookie challenger, yielding an early win to DCS. Table 3, featuring Matthew Salvestro, witnessed unbelievable patience. After 45 minutes, neither side had lost one pawn! Right to the end, Matthew held his nerve to declare ‘checkmate’. One-all was only the beginning. Piri Karunapalan on table 2 tried his standard early queen swap against our first female challenger who matched Piri’s every move and swooped on a single minor error to prove a narrow but worthy victor. Or is that victress?! At 1-2, the determinant was Munteqim Chowdhury. Having been beaten before by this table 1 opponent before, Munty turned his blitzkrieg strategy on its head as both sides spent the first hour mirroring their opponent’s moves in a strategy of extreme caution. One false move would spell ‘the end’. After 90 minutes, it was my melancholy duty to declare that a final result was required within 30 minutes as the Riverina final was ready to start. As DCS we're already up 2-1, their number 1 player sat back and played for a draw, knowing that would be enough. Munteqim valiantly tried to force the win but it was not to be. Table 1 finished as a win to DCS and MCC bowed out from a thrilling 4 round journey in this knockout state tournament. Congratulations to Munteqim, Piri, Matthew, Aditha and Zac for holding the MCC flag high. Sound experience has steeled them for next year!

Hold the presses. Word has just arrived that a ‘Second Place Competition’ will run for those who just missed out on the Sydney finals so MCC lives to fight another day!!



Please SAVE THE DATE ............Saturday 2nd September...

This is going to be HUGE and the Year 12 students hope you will support their final fund raising activity for 2017.

The students would love for you to bring your car along to be washed for $10.00

You can visit the many stalls which will be available, located in the undercover area facing the oval (off Hickey Crescent).

Rumour has it there will also be some amazing pulled pork burgers for sale.

so now is the time to clean out the cupboards or the shed and let "Your trash become their treasure" .





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