Photo: Jazz Band at Generations in Jazz, Mt Gambier

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26 May 2017
Issue Five
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Greetings everyone!


St Andrews Christian College has been undergoing a routine registration process. It is an audit by the VRQA (Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority) who ensure that all schools are meeting minimum standards to deliver a quality education, so that all students have the opportunity to reach their potential.  The VRQA is the peak accreditation, registration, certification and quality assurance body for school education, vocational education and training and higher education (except universities established under their own Acts).


The areas covered in the audits include governance, finance, administration, curriculum/teaching and learning, student welfare and safety and all areas of compliance.


We always aim to not only meet minimum standards, but be above what is required and expected. It is not an issue of pride (I hope), but an issue where we want to give glory to God. “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31


The registration process focuses on ‘what’ we do at St Andrews and does not delve into the important question of ‘why’ we do what we do. The ‘why’ for St Andrew Christian College is our core business. It is what directs us, motivates us and drives us each day.


Our purpose as a Christian school is much bigger than NAPLAN and VCE results. We exist to help our students find their life’s purpose in Christ. It is a greater calling that brings purpose and births hope in whatever each day brings to our life.


It is the ‘why’ that keeps me going in the most difficult days. It is my faith in Jesus that carries me beyond my self-confidence, my experiences, my qualifications and all my training.


May we all dig deep into the ‘why’ we exist and may that take us straight to the cross and all who Jesus is.


Jesus said: “I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10


Blessings on your week,


Catriona Wansbrough



Drama Event!


Friends, Romans, Countrymen – lend me your ears!

If Shakespeare be not quite your cup of tea,

And theatre not your ideal ev’ning lark,

Then think of this instead, judiciously,

A chance to warm the cockles of your heart,

In bearing witness to the great success

Of children whom you reared in years gone by

Who have, with time, come ever to impress,

And now will make you proud as they do fly.

Elizabethan language was their foe

But now defeated, with their mighty skill,

And what they have prepared and soon must show

Is sure to please, impress, delight and thrill.

So lend your ears, your eyes, and clapping hands

To their endeavour – come, do be their fans!


For sooth, thou wants not to miss this!


Featuring INCREDIBLE performances by our Year 10-12 students, this is a ONE NIGHT ONLY opportunity to see just what our kids are capable of.


The Senior Drama League is proud to present ‘Cake Here With Shakespeare’ – an evening of dessert, coffee and magnificent Shakespearean performances! Commencing at 7pm on Saturday May 27th. This is an event not to be missed! Come witness our talented students performing scenes from Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, A Midsummer Nights’ Dream and more!


Tickets are $5 for students and $10 for adults, and are available at

More Drama news on the Drama page.

Karen Elbourne and Kathryn Brown

Drama Teachers

Accomodation Request

We have a new family coming into the St Andrews Community next term. They are moving from South Korea and are seeking accommodation in the local area. A 1-2 bedroom private accommodation is desired and they are willing to pay up to $300 per week. If you are able to help out in any way please contact the following: Jasmine Lee [email protected]


Suzy Song

School Registrar


During week four this term, St Andrews Christian College students from Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 were all involved in sitting the NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy) tests. This year’s tests included Language Conventions, Writing, Reading and Numeracy.


Assessment results will be provided to the College in August along with a written report that will be delivered to parents. While we always endeavour to strive for excellent results, it is important to remember NAPLAN only tests areas of literacy and numeracy; and is a narrow assessment of educational progress that does not encapsulate all that education needs to be for our children and our future generation. Our children’s effort and improvement are more solid indicators of their future success than just reviewing their raw score and comparing this mark with their peers.


It is with that in mind we say well done to all students involved, for giving of their best selves and for all their hard work. A special thank you is expressed to parents for supporting their children and encouraging their involvement. We would like to extend further acknowledgement to our wonderful teachers for their tremendous effort coordinating this year’s NAPLAN.


Merrick Brewer

Head of Learning and Teaching


Students from Year 7 to 12 will soon be sitting exams. These are usually held for Maths, English, Science, and Humanities. Students, by now, should have their exam timetable and can be preparing for these by allowing plenty of time for study and revision.


Sufficient sleep and healthy eating are equal elements that ensure students are building healthy minds. Completing 'more' work is not really study, rather revising, note taking and summarising are contributing factors that will help to enhance results. 


Please note that exam scores will be included in forming overall Semester Results for most subjects. Where they are kept separate, an explanation of this will be included in the relevant subject description. Semester Reports for every year level are usually sent out on the last day of each Semester. If your child is absent on this day, the Report will be posted. 


Merrick Brewer

Head of Learning and Teaching

St Andrews Food Garden and Garden Club  

Each Tuesday lunchtime students from Year 3 up join Mrs Darlison in the school food garden area to work. They learn how to make cuttings, grow plants from seed and plant seedlings.


Each Tuesday after school a stall is held to sell any produce that was ready, bunches of flowers and herbs. These are all sold for around $1 a bunch.

Herbs regularly available are : Rosemary, tarragon, sage, parsley, mint, Vietnamese mint. Generous bunches are given for only $1 – much better value than the supermarket!


We also sometimes have items donated from other’s gardens and welcome any donations of fresh home grown produce. We also would welcome any home made produce- previously we have had for sale – chili paste and herbed Olive oil.


The money raised from these sales is spent on replenishing our gardens as well as supporting TEAR Australia by buying a $10 Vegetable garden gift card for each $100 raised. So far we have raised $100 for TEAR in the past 2 ½ years  


Sally Darlison would welcome the help of any parent or grandparent who likes to garden either at lunchtime or after school for ½ hr on Tuesdays from 3.10 – 3.40 to assist with the running of the stall.


Students who are interested are welcome to join in each Tuesday.


Sally Darlison

Garden Club Coordinator

Foodstar (500 Burwood Highway) Development

The College is concerned about the proposed residential development on Foodstar site which is opposite the College. There is currently a planning permit request lodged with the Knox City Council to build 28 townhouses on the carpark area and a 9 story apartment block where the restaurant is located. This development would bring additional traffic to Tyner Road and areas around the College. The College has lodged an objection with the Knox Council with our major concern being the safety of students due to the increase of vehicle traffic flow. We would encourage concerned parents to also lodge an objection with the Knox Council. These should be made directly to the Council officer dealing with the planning permit, Mr Cliff Bostock. His email address is [email protected]


Greg Waterhouse on behalf of Darren Waterworth

Business Manager

St Andrews Alumni

In our focus on growing community, our desire is to set up an ALUMNI group at St Andrews.


Dr Rebecca Lim is volunteering at the College to help set up this group and will be concentrating on putting together a list of past staff and students.


If you know of any past students/staff can you please let her know via our special ALUMNI email [email protected]

This will be such a blessing for all to get this group underway – thanks Rebecca!


Many blessings

Catriona Wansbrough


Mission Cup - Coins for Change

We are collecting ‘change’ to help support our mission programs (Vanuatu/Cambodia/Pakistan) at St Andrews Christian College. 

Keep the cup in an obvious place in your home or car, drop your loose coins into it and if the cup is full send it to school to be added to the collection. The cup will come back to you, so that you can start filling it up again. 


We hope you enjoy collecting funds this way, and we are looking forward to seeing how these small coins will grow into a mountain of help over the coming years.


Sally Wade

Vanuatu Mission Coordinator

Prayer Group

Wednesdays at 8:45am

This year the St Andrews Parent Prayer Group will be meeting every Wednesday morning at 8:45am in the meeting room next to the school office. 


The St Andrews Prayer Group would like to welcome and invite all parents to come along and join in prayer, with other parents for the needs of the St Andrews school community. 


It is a great opportunity to join in fellowship with other parents.


For specific prayer requests, there is a prayer request box at the front reception desk for you to put your request in if you are unable to join us.


We are greatly blessed at St Andrews to have the opportunity to gather together for prayer. As Christians we are called to pray, and we encourage parents to join us. Be reassured that you don’t have to pray out loud if you are not comfortable in doing so.


Suzy Song

Prayer Group Coordinator

Community House Points

Barton 924

Deakin 1135

Parkes 1025


Important Coming Events for Term 2 2017:




Saturday 27th - Drama Show - Cake Here With Shakespeare 7pm*


Week 7B

Monday 29th - Whole School Assembly 9am*

Monday 29th - 2nd Yr7/8 Exam Week

Tuesday 30th - ICAS Science

Wednesday 31st - Parent Prayer Meeting 8:45am*

Wednesday 31st - CSEN Yr9/10 Sport


Thursday 1st - Yr5/6 Winter Sport Round 1


Week 8A

Monday 5th - Whole School Assembly 9am*

Monday 5th - 8th Yr7/8 Exam Week

Monday 5th - 8th Yr9/11 Exam Week

Wednesday 7th - Parent Prayer Meeting 8:45am*

Wednesday 7th - CSEN Yr7/8 Sport (catch up)

Wednesday 7th - Interschool Debating (Tintern)

Friday 9th - Report Writing Day - Student Free Day


Week 9B

Monday 12th - Queens Birthday Holiday

Wednesday 14th - Community Devotions 8:15am*

Wednesday 14th - Parent Prayer Meeting 8:45am*

Wednesday 14th - GAT

Wednesday 14th - ICAS Spelling

Wednesday 14th - CSEN Yr9/10 Sport

Wednesday 14th - Duke of Ed NZ Preparation Session 3:30-5:30pm

Thursday 15th -Middle School House Event

Friday 16th - Yr5/6 Winter Sport Round 2

Friday 16th - VCE Formal


* Parents welcome

Term Dates



Term 2: Wednesday 19th April – Friday 30th June 

Term 3: Monday 24th July – Friday 22nd September 

Term 4: Monday 9th October – Friday 8th December 



Term 1: Thursday 1st February – Friday 29th March 

*Prep commence Friday 2nd February

Term 2: Tuesday 17th April – Friday 29th June 

Term 3: Monday 23rd July – Friday 21st September 

Term 4: Mon 8th October – Tuesday 11th December 

Women in Leadership

Photo: Women In Leadership - Senior Students

Women in Leadership

On Wednesday 17th May, St Andrews Christian College hosted a Women in Leadership event for Senior School students across the Christian Schools Network. This event, specifically aimed at girls from Years 10 - 12, focused on lifting up and supporting young women in their educational journey, whilst encouraging them to pursue leadership opportunities in the future. There was an impressive attendance with students gathering from a number of schools; Belgrave Heights Christian School, Flinders Christian Community College, Heatherton Christian College, Hillcrest Christian College, Waverley Christian College and St Andrews Christian College.

Attendees began the day with a beautiful devotion shared by Mrs de Meester, Head of Wellbeing. The day followed on with three practical sessions: examining self-awareness, the leadership journey and how to develop -

Who am I?

  • Presented by Yvonne Hughes, Women in Leadership Coordinator
  • Exploring ‘What are my natural abilities?’
  • Exploring ‘What are my passions?’

The Leadership Journey

  • Presented by Nicola Gibbs, Manager for Strategy and Communications at Victoria Polytechnic
  • What Leadership looks like
  • Situational and practical applications

How can I develop

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Personal Brand
  • Practical steps to reach my goals


The Women in Leadership day was engaging and fun, providing senior students with practical activities and teachings to help encourage the girls to reach their full potential. There were some great responses from the girls, who shared their experiences of the event –


“I really liked how the speakers explained that I didn’t have to be the top of the pack to be a leader and that I could be an influencer from wherever I am.”


“I loved how I was pushed to think about what I was passionate about, and how I could lead in this area.”


“The sessions were so practical. My favourite thing was that there were step-by-step instructions on how to develop emotional intelligence. Usually you are just told that emotional intelligence will help. But we were told HOW to develop emotional intelligence.”


“I really learned that knowing myself and becoming self-aware can lead to better leadership skills. Also, understanding my weaknesses, and how to improve on these, can ensure my influence on others is greater, as I’m able to work with others in a way which I wouldn’t usually be able to do.”


“I loved that we adulted!”


With the wonderful success of the debut Women in Leadership event, there are plans to host another next year to continue investing into the young women leaders of tomorrow.


Yvonne Hughes

Women in Leadership Coordinator

Parents and Friends

Photo: Staff Appreciation Morning Tea

School Banking - Calling for Volunteers

Calling for volunteers – we need your help!

Our students really enjoy participating in the Commonwealth Bank School Banking program and to keep this program running we need your help.

The program requires a volunteer School Banking Coordinator to facilitate the banking and distribution of School Banking rewards. This only takes a small amount of your time one day a week and the Commonwealth Bank will provide support in how to run the program. Your help with the program will greatly benefit students as they develop vital saving skills and also help our school with fundraising.


Currently, the School Banking day is TUESDAY.


If you are interested in volunteering for this great program, please email Juli Tu on [email protected]


Juli Tu

School Banking Coordinator

Staff Appreciation Morning Tea


Entertainment Books

The 2017/18 Entertainment Books are now available from the school office for purchase (see Ms Hoenen). Only $70 and crammed with great value. A portion of each sale goes to the PFA. You can alternatively purchase a digital membership here.


Sonia Sires

Entertainment Book Coordinator

Icy Pole Fridays

Every Friday students can purchase an icy pole from the kitchen, located next to the Multi-Purpose Hall. Parents and Senior School students supervise the selling of the treats.


A reminder to parents who are rostered on, to swap with someone else if you are unable to attend. Thank you to the many parents who responded to the call for helpers last week. We now have enough parent volunteers on the roster.


Andrew Musgrove

Icy Pole Coordinator

2nd Hand Uniform Shop

The 2nd Hand Uniform Shop is open every Wednesday morning from 8:30am-9:30am. The shop is located in Rembrandts and staffed by parent volunteers. If you can help for 2-3 weeks, please see Liz Romney at the shop or email PFA at [email protected]


Liz Romney

2nd Hand Uniform Shop Coordinator

PFA Committee 2017

President: Shaun Beovich

Vice-President: Sally Wade

Secretary: Lesley Goh

Treasurer: Peter Wan

email: [email protected]


Junior School

Photo: Year 2 Mont De Lancey Excursion

Yr2 Mont De Lancey

The Year 2 children visited Mont De Lancey to learn about Australia's past. We explored a range of different activities and had the most enjoyable time. We appreciated the way staff of Mont De Lancey were accommodating of 52 excited little people, some of whom learnt for the first time, what a billy cart was! 

It was very interesting, experiencing for a short time, the way school operated in the past. In the words of one of the children, "I was so scared in the classroom. I didn’t even want to move!"  The teacher was strict and stern and you could hear a pin drop in her classroom. I think the cane in her hand had something to do with that! It was lovely to watch the children greet her with a curtsy from the ladies and a bow from the gentleman and addressing themselves as Miss and Master. 

I suppose the best part of the day was having the opportunity to play some games from the olden days. The children enjoyed playing with the billy cart, tug of war, walking on stilts and skipping ropes - the children even got a chance to see how rope was made!. 

All in all, it was a fantastic day! 


We’ll let the pictures speak for itself.


Nicole Ng

Year 2 Teacher

Middle School

Photo: Year 7 Camp

Stories of Impact

At St Andrews, our staff are passionate about educating to impact young lives for Christ. We love hearing stories about how God is actively at work here at the College and we would like to share with you a story of one of our Year 7 students:


At the start of Year 7, I felt that I wasn’t fit enough in Sport. I would always dread Sport as it was physically challenging and I would always puff out badly while others would still be ready to do more.


I felt really disappointed in myself, as I could not do as well as the really sporty people. During a team sport, I felt as if I was useless and one of the weak, bad ones. I felt that no matter how hard I tried, I could never do well in Sport and that I was horrible at it.


When I started to have Mrs Gaschk as my Sport teacher, she encouraged us by saying that it’s okay not to be good at every sport, but to try your hardest at other sports. She said that every person is good at a particular sport or skill and not so good at other sports or skills. Thanks to that, I have been encouraged that though I might not be good at some stuff, I might shine at others.

I have now started to enjoy Sport more, knowing that God has blessed me with some talents. I love going to 7/8 Sport training to improve at Netball with the constant encouragement of Mrs Gaschk. I feel much fitter now, and I am not getting as puffed out as I used to be. I have learnt that it is completely fine not to be as sporty as other people, because God has made me in a unique way, and I am proud of that.


What a wonderful witness of God working in the lives of our students through their teachers!


Christa Cloete

Middle School Teacher

Guiding Principles and Culture Awards in Middle School

In Middle School at St Andrews, we have three guiding principles.


Serve Others: This is about being generous with our time, talents and resources.


Support the Team: This is about being faithful with the tasks that have been set before us.


Steward Every Opportunity: This is about being committed to improving in our learning at school.


During Middle School Assembly, we have been awarding culture awards to students who actively practice one or more of these principles in the classroom from day to day.

Some of the previous award recipients have been:


Timothy Chou, Matilda Russell, Andrew Tan, Adrian Tan, Abigail Lim, Tom Audet, Christopher Tran, Kevin, Renata Fanthome, Daniel Mikhael, Kaya Madhlazi, Sarah Farmer, Egan Nallathamby, Jaydon Lee, Rory Geinitz, Adel Kalnoki, Julia Pajor, Kaylene Tieu, Jacob Chung, Jayden Hung, Christian Fernandez, Jai Malhotra, Emma Russell, Joshua Jones, Jacky Qui, Eric Ye, Jerry Hui, Kate Courtis and Patrick Accadia.


Congratulations to these students! We are looking forward to doing many more Culture Awards in Middle School.


Daniel Lee

Head of Middle School

Middle School Duolingo Championship

During Year 6, 7 and 8, students have the opportunity to be part of the Middle School Duolingo Championship. Initially, I thought it would be impossible for a student to achieve a Golden Owl, which is rewarded by the Duolingo website. To my surprise, more and more students are achieving the sought-after Golden Owl as reward for their focussed efforts on Duolingo. Who will bring in the first Golden Owl in Year 6?


The current owners of Golden Owls are:


Samantha Ooi (8K)

Isabel Kong (8S)

Belinda Svay (8K)

Roselyn Koh (7C)

Kayle Dharmadasa (7C)

Chavella Tanubrata (7C)

Congratulations to these students! May we soon see many more Golden Owls!


À bientôt!

Madame Cloete

French teacher, Year 6 - 8

Year 5 Art Excursion

On the 18th of May 2017 we went to the Botanical Gardens and to the National Gallery of Victoria. I would like to tell you my favourite highlights.


My most favourite highlight was when we were drawing at the Botanical Gardens. We were asked to draw a picture of what you could see in the gardens. Some people had asked me to draw them (Dean and Kevin). I drew Dean’s face in my pastel painting (it was done with pastels), but when I went to draw Kevin’s face, Dean put bunny ears over Kevin’s head and said “Every single detail!” It was very funny when I drew it onto my portrait. A part from my pictures of Kevin and Dean, my picture was quite good.


Next we went to the National Gallery of Victoria. We went to the Van Gogh exhibition. There were many wonderful paintings, but many boys liked playing with the flyscreen instead, including me.


After lunch, in the outside restaurant, we had to go. We really enjoyed it especially me. I hoped we could go there again. It was very fun and interesting.


Tony Zhang


Year 7 Camp

Narla and Sassy welcomed us to Alexandra Adventure resort for a week of challenging activities and growing friendships.

The best things about camp were:

“Spending time with others doing fun activities.”

“Laser Skirmish”

“The art”

“The Giant Swing”

“The high ropes course”

“Working in teams to help each other in the harder activities.”

“Facing my fears and growing in Christ.”

Thanks to all the students for helping the teachers to really enjoy their week.


Greg Crotty

Middle School Teacher

Year 7 Camp Art

During the Year 7 camp, students created environmental artworks inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.

They were encouraged to experiment with contrast, balance, scale, and movement, using found objects in the natural landscape as their materials for art. Everyone had a unique approach to the activity, with some very creative and impressive outcomes!


Tom Gibbs

Middle and Senior Art Teacher

Senior School

Photo: Year 10 Camp

Looking Back - Reflections on Year 10 Camp

The Year 10 cohort spent Tuesday 9th to Friday 12th May at Ovens Valley Homestead, at the foothills of the High Country near Myrtleford and the stunning vista of Mt Buffalo, on a four-day camp. Valley Homestead is one of Victoria’s premium school adventure camps where all outdoor activities are onsite and are aimed at overcoming personal barriers and building team spirit. The students tested themselves with new experiences and challenges, often faced fears and learned much in the process.

We departed on Tuesday at 9am, all filled with excitement for the four days which lay ahead and returned on Friday at 3.30pm, with unforgettable life long memories and strengthened relationships.


The camp was a positive experience for many reasons. The outdoor group solving activities and team building exercises presented our students with range of different challenges and obstacles. However, the evening activities, prepared by St Andrews staff, were especially memorable.

Well done to all Year 10 students for your thoughtfulness, kindness and support for each other and thank you for your enthusiasm, perseverance and courage during this wonderful character-building week.


 Irena Yevlahova
10Y Homeroom teacher and Year 10 Camp Teacher in Charge.


Last week, the Year 10s went away to Valley Homestead for a week of camp. We enjoyed participating in a range of activities, from abseiling to bush survival. In one particular challenge, we had to race to find wood and light own our fires, which proved harder than we thought. Another one involved climbing a 10m pole, jumping off it and hanging onto a ring. This challenged many people, especially those with a fear of heights. At night, we all sat around a campfire telling stories, listening to devotions, singing and eating marshmallows. Everyone grew closer as we all had to trust and help each other in many of the activities and we all created many unforgettable memories. Our last night, when our semiformal night was held, was especially memorable, as a few people reflected on the year so far and everyone wrote encouraging letters for someone else. Year 10 camp was an experience I will always remember and I am so glad I got to build and grow in many of my friendships with the people in my year level.
Chloe Chandraraj, 10Y

Year 10 camp for me was a fantastic experience. My personal favourite moments were spent cycling which gave us an incredible view of the landscape surrounding the camp and also spending time with all my classmates and getting to know each of them better throughout the camp. Everyone was very supportive and friendly and if you were nervous, they would cheer you on and encourage you when faced against something you felt you couldn’t do. This year’s camp is full of moments I will remember forever.
Alex Visser, 10Y


Year 10 camp was definitely a memorable experience. Sitting with friends on the bus and enjoying each other’s company was a big highlight. We were given many challenges throughout the week and I feel as though our group has grown stronger and closer together as a result. I really enjoyed the different activities, especially the flying fox and bush survival. Bush survival challenged us to build a fire, cook our own lunch and make a stretcher. My team won the stretcher race and we all had lots of fun trying to figure out how to make a stretcher strong enough to carry someone with only six pieces of string and whatever logs we could find. On Thursday night, we had a semiformal party. We all had fun dressing up and it was a great experience for building relationships. I wish we could go back and do it all again.
Michaela Swank, 10Y

VCE Chemistry


Yr9/10 Science


Careers News

Previous issues of the Careers News are here:

If you have a question about a topic featured in the Careers Newsletter, please contact Careers Coordinator Mrs Irena Yevlahova [email protected]


Irena Yevlahova

Careers Coordinator


Photo: Theatre Sports

Drama News



The Senior Drama League is proud to present ‘Cake Here With Shakespeare’ – an evening of dessert, coffee and magnificent Shakespearean performances! Commencing at 7pm on Saturday May 27th. This is an event not to be missed! Come witness our talented students performing scenes from Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, A Midsummer Nights’ Dream and more!


Tickets are $5 for students and $10 for adults, and are available at



This week two St Andrews teams competed in the state finals of the CSEN Theatre Sports competition. Eleven of our students competed, against visiting teams from Echuca, Bendigo, Western and Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

The competition was fierce and fantastic, with some outstanding performances. Our teams did an amazing job, with our junior team coming in third place and our senior team coming in second place by two points, to Heatherton Christian College, who have won the trophy for the last three years. To come this close to beating such a strong team shows the calibre of our students, and we are very proud of them!

Karen Elbourne and Kathryn Brown

Drama Teachers

Yr9/10 Drama Excursion

Usually when you go to a theatre performance you notice the actors on stage and enjoy the story they perform for you. But there's a lot more to making a performance than acting - a huge amount of work happens "behind the scenes". On Tuesday 16th May the Year 9/10 Drama (stagecraft) class went to visit the Melbourne Theatre Company for a look at the behind the scenes action, attending a tour of the MTC Headquarters.

We looked at the design process, explored the massive wardrobe and props departments, learned about theatrical effects (just how do you make fake dirt? How do you make a realistic fake hand?), saw set builders in action and peeked in at rehearsal spaces where creative teams were getting ready for their next shows. It was a fascinating day!


Karen Elbourne

Drama Teacher


Photo: Generations in Jazz

Generations in Jazz

Generations in Jazz is a national jazz festival and competition for high schools, held every year in South Australia. This is the third year St Andrews has gone down, and in those three years the number of students we've taken has increased from nine to over 40, from various vocal ensembles and a jazz band! Our groups started preparing for the weekend in term four last year, so a lot of effort and dedication goes into learning and refining the pieces we present. 

Each group competed in a division against other groups from all around the country (the largest division had 46 other schools in it!), and we were all able to watch each other perform. Our highest division was in the division one vocal ensemble, and this was also the first year we had a jazz band enter- it's great to see the music program growing so quickly, with so many more opportunities for students every year.

Another part of the weekend were the concerts held both evenings, where we had the amazing opportunity to watch world-famous musicians from Australia and oversees perform- such as Gordon Goodwin, Wycliffe Gordon, Jazzmeia Horn and James Morison. This was an amazing chance for us to get to listen to musicians make great music, and we all came away from the weekend excited and inspired to start learning new pieces.


The weekend was also a chance for students to get to know each other better, and to build a stronger community within the music department.

With the constant growth of this program at St Andrews, it's exciting to think what we'll be able to do next year!​


Luke Batty

Music Director


Photo: CSEN Nationals

CSEN Nationals

In September/October last year the Christian Schools Events Network of Victoria held tryouts for their teams for Nationals. After two long and tiring days of drills, games and skill testing, six St Andrews students were given the amazing news that they’d been selected for Team Victoria out of the hundreds of people that tried out for the five different sports (Netball, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball and Soccer).


I was lucky enough to be chosen for the Open Girls Basketball team. Soon after the teams were announced, our training began! In the lead up to Sydney everyone worked hard, bonding as teams, learning plays and fine tuning our skills. By the time May rolled around everyone was very hyped, the final training sessions had finished, uniforms had arrived and we did our final bits of packing for the Sydney National Championships.


We left for Sydney by bus on Saturday 13th May, excitement levels off the chart for the week of competition to come. After a long drive overnight, we arrived in Bondi on Sunday and spent the morning having breakfast at the beach and exploring the foreshore. With lots of pictures taken (including some with the stars of Bondi Rescue) we all boarded the buses again and headed to Sydney's Northern beaches to check out the venues we would be playing at, then headed to our accommodation for a brief team meeting and devotion.


On Monday morning we headed off to various venues with Basketball, Netball and Volleyball all being played at the same venue. The first day of competition proved to be a very successful one. The Open Girls Basketball came away with two convincing wins against NSW and QLD (49-23 and 55-11) and the other three Victorian Basketball teams came away with two wins also. That night we headed down to C3 church and had an opening ceremony with all the other states, including the National Anthem, Pledges and some worship songs.


Day two saw the Open Girls Basketball Team start the day with a tough match against South Australia (who would prove to be our rivals) losing by 15, however continued on to pick up another win against New South Wales. Bright and early at 8am on Wednesday we took on Queensland again, coming away with a hard fought win. We went on to lose to S.A. again but this time by only 8 points, even with our captain unfortunately tearing a ligament in her ankle half way through.


Wednesday afternoon marked the start of finals. After a couple of close semi-finals the day concluded with all four of the basketball teams making it through to the grand-final! The excitement and nerves on grand-final morning were at peak level, everyone anxious to get out there and play.


We (Open Girls) were going head to head against our rivals South Australia and by half time there was only one point the difference. In the end South Australia proved too strong for our Victorian side and we ended up picking up the silver, going down by 7 points. The other three basketball teams all did incredibly well and managed to come away with gold!


One of my favourite things about the week was the incredible amount of support and cheering there was all the time, if someone’s team wasn't playing they would come and cheer you on. It was great to see how people were cheering others on, even those from other sports.

After a closing ceremony Team Victoria prepared themselves for the 14 hour bus trip home, exhausted and ready for a good sleep! After a stop off at Beechworth Bakery for breakfast on Friday morning, we powered on through, arriving back in Melbourne at 2pm. It was an incredible experience and I encourage anyone who loves sport to try out next year - you won't regret it!


Olivia Rowland

Year 12 Student

This was the first year that netball was included in National Christian School Sports for U15 and U21. From St Andrews, four students made it into the Victorian National teams which included Talar Hagopian and myself (U15), Lucy Potter and Sarah Alexander (U21).


Both teams played 10 matches and experienced a great week despite some struggles along the way. The U21 team finished up with a bronze medal and even though the U15 didn't place, they connected well as a team.


My first year at Nationals, I can definitely say was the best experience of my life. I was able to grow closer to friends and meet new people from different sports all while I grew in my understanding of life and how I should live. It was a good opportunity to meet other people from not only Victoria but also different states.


Though injuries may have occurred throughout the week, teams all pulled together and managed to get 4 Gold, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze medals. One memory that I will never forget would be during dinner time, when one of the U21 Basketballers decided to pull out a whole chicken and ate it instead of the food we were given. All in all, Nationals was the best week of my life, even the 15 hour bus trip to Sydney was fun. It was a week to grow closer to not only friends but also to God, and to increase sports knowledge while playing your favourite sport.


Audrey Ang

Year 10 Student


With 4 games left of the season before finals the St Andrews Netball club is thriving. Our Monday afternoon Net2ball program which involves Yr2-3 students is full of vibrant and eager future netballers. They are learning the basic skills of netball and are progressing incredibly well, they will now proudly show you how to pivot, bounce pass, and lob.


Our U/11 Mockingbirds have been doing exceedingly well. After grading games the girls were taken out of the development squad for new teams and placed into section competition. This speaks levels about the ability of the girls and their netball skills. They have had fabulous coaches who have taught them how to play netball and the results keep showing their hard work and determination. The girls have only lost one game this season and are sitting 1st on the ladder. The girls are very excited to finish the season on top of ladder. Keep aiming high girls!


The U/13 Swifts have also only lost 1 game this season and they are wiping the slate with all the other teams in their section. The girls are 1st on the ladder and are 4 games away from facing finals in their first season of netball ever, how fantastic is that?! Their coaches Audrey and Chloe are constantly teaching the girls new strategies and game plays. The girls are really bonding as a team and are a force to be reckoned with.


The 2 U/15 teams the Stars and the Diamonds are also doing really well. The stars are currently 4th on ladder in section 3 and pushing for a strong finals campaign after defeating first on the ladder 2 weeks ago. The Diamonds are sitting 7th on the ladder in section 4 and just won their 2nd game for the season. These girls are real troopers as they have only played one game this season with their full team on court. These girls also play without substitutes each week. A big effort for what is for all of them their first season of netball. Keep up the hard work girls!


Once again I would like to thank all coaches, umpires and parents for their continued support of the St Andrews Netball Club.


Lauren Gaschk

Middle and Senior  School Teacher


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May is the anniversary for a number of notable historical events for Australia.

230 years ago on the 13th May 1787, the First Fleet set sail to establish a penal colony in Australia. Listen to a podcast about the journey


There are number of books about the First Fleet in the Junior Library. They can be found at NF 994 (Australian History)

90 years ago on the 9th May1927 the Australian Parliament met for the first time in the new capital, Canberra.


Read a short history of the first parliament here


75 years  ago, on 31st May 1942, a Japanese midget submarine attacked HMAS Kittabul in Sydney Harbour.


50 years ago, on the 27th May 1967, the Australian constitution was amended to bring all Australians under the law.

If students are interested in finding out more about this referendum, they may like to read “Say yes” by Jennifer Castles. The title can be found in the Family section of the Senior Library.                                               



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