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13 March 2019
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Principal's Page

WHSC Victorious at the 2019 Monash Division Swimming Sports

The 2019 Monash Division Swimming Sports were held at Aquanation in Ringwood last week (28/2) and Wheelers Hill Secondary College were victorious! On a per capita basis, we were successful in winning the overall competition against a number of schools from our local area.

Congratulations to all of our students and a special mention to our staff in attendance on the day.  Well done!

Mandarin at WHSC from 2020

The work of the WHSC Languages Committee has concluded (27/2/19) with the Committee making a recommendation to our Teaching and Learning Committee with respect to the College's Languages Program.


The recommendation tabled with our Teaching and Learning Committee can be found below:


“From 2020, the WHSC Languages Committee recommends that WHSC includes Mandarin and French as the Languages that form part of its Languages Program”.


This recommendation was accepted by the WHSC Teaching and Learning Committee (4/3/19). 


Please note that Indonesian will now be dropped from our Languages Program (there will be a period of transition for those students currently studying Indonesian at the school).


Through its work, the Languages Committee determined which language (s) should be a part of our curriculum on the basis of:


- Ongoing relevance with our Global Community

- Having the strongest chance of being studied from Year 7 all the way through to Year 12

- Further improving connections and enrolments from our College Community


There was broad representation on the Languages Committee (students, parents, leadership and staff) and we thank all members for their time and effort over an extended period of time.


We will further announce the changes to our Languages Program at our College Open Night on the 3rd April this year.

WHSC College Council, 2019

We thank those from our College Community that have shown an interest in our College Council for 2019.

After conducting and concluding a process, we can now announce the composition of our WHSC College Council for 2019. The Parent Representative Vacancies (x 4) have been filled by:

- Andrew Doppel

- Brooke Cooke

- Gosia Zastawnik

- Remco Kleinman


The DET Representative Vacancies (x 2) have been filled by:

- Andrew Dixon

- Claire Hanley


The Student Representative Vacancies (x 2) have been filled by:

- Simone Janjua (Year 9)

- Jasmine Kleinman (Year 9)


We congratulate those listed above and thank them in advance for their time, effort and participation on the WHSC College Council for 2019.


The full membership of our College Council for 2019 is as follows:


DET Representatives - Aaron Smith, Judy Anderson, Andrew Dixon, Claire Hanley and Peter Allen 


Parent Representatives - Jenny O’Connor, Lorraine Thompson, Christine Gramberg, Sue Stibilj, Steve Kourtis, Andrew Doppel, Brooke Cooke, Gosia Zastawnik, Remco Kleinman


Student Representatives - 

Simone Janjua (Year 9), Jasmine Kleinman (Year 9)

*Issy Jones, *Jasmine Sweeney, *Kyle Gwynne, *Ben Segal

*Our College Captains (all in Year 12) and they are Observers on the 2019 College Council


As per our Constituting Order, we are able co-opt Community Members.  For 2019, we are able to co-opt x 1 Community Member.   As a result, we plan to co-opt a Community Member at the next School Council Meeting in March (20/3/19).  It is at this March Meeting of Council that we will form Sub Committees (Resources, Uniform, Education) and establish Office Bearers such as the School Council President, School Council Vice President and Treasurer.


We thank the College Council of 2018 for all of their hard work.  Michael Kandanoleon and Lisa Bentley (both Parent Representatives) will both be leaving Council and we acknowledge their participation and contribution over an extended period of time - thank you Michael and Lisa.

Parent Participation at WHSC

We value Parent Participation at our College.  From our Second Hand Uniform Shop to our WHSC Parents and Friends Committee, there are opportunities for parents / guardians to get involved with the school.


If parents / guardians would like to get involved, they are welcome to contact me via the General Office to find out more.


STEM (or Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is an important part of our curriculum program here at the College.


There are many opportunities provided to students across a number of year levels in the area of STEM.  Our new STEM Learning Specialist, Ms. Kim Hewlett, is working with our school community to further grow STEM at the College.  Please read on in the Newsletter for a detailed report of STEM at Wheelers Hill Secondary College.

Department of Education and Training (DET) : Student accident insurance, ambulance cover arrangements and private property brought to school

Parents and guardians are reminded that DET does not provide personal accident insurance or ambulance cover for students.  


So parents/guardians are reminded that:


- parents / guardians of students, who do not have student accident insurance, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance or transport as well as any other transport costs; and


- parents / guardians can purchase insurance policies from commercial insurers


It is the responsibility of parents / guardians to look into their preferred options in this regard.  DET cannot provide advice to parents / guardians on the purchase of individual student accident policy or ambulance cover.


Parents / guardians and students are also reminded that private property brought to school by students or visitors is not insured and DET does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage.  This can include mobile phones, calculators, toys, sporting equipment and cars parked on school premises.  As DET does not hold insurance for personal property brought to schools and has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property, students should be discouraged from bringing any unnecessary or particularly valuable items to school.

Value of the Week - Creativity

Our casting for this year's production, Singing in the Rain, was announced earlier in the week (4/3/19).  We congratulate all of our students included in the cast and crew, and we look forward to another high quality performance in 2019.

And finally....

Our College Athletics Carnival will be Monday 18th March, while our 2019 College Open Night has been brought forward this year to Wednesday 3rd  April (commencing at 6:00 pm in the Gymnasium and Performing Arts Complex).


Have a great long weekend everyone,




Aaron Smith










Assistant Principal's Page

Student Free Day - Tuesday 12th March

A reminder to parents and students that the College will be running a professional learning day on the teaching of literacy and numeracy on Tuesday 12th March. While all staff will be present on this date, they will be involved in sessions throughout the day. As a consequence, no classes will be held on that day.

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the General Office on 9561 5811.

National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence
'Bullying. No Way! Take action every day'. Friday March 15.

The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, held on the third Friday of March each year, is an opportunity for Australian schools to highlight their everyday work to counter bullying and violence.

At Wheelers Hill Secondary College, as a community,  we will be collectively supporting this cause via a range of activities commencing from Wednesday 13th to Friday 15th March. Students will participate in special activities relating to "Bullying No Way! Take action every day", during homegroup and lunch times. This work will be led by the student leaders and will be overseen by Ms Robinson (Leader of the Middle School)  and Ms McMahon (Leader of Student Voice). It is hoped that as a college we can continue to practice respectful relationships in our day to day interactions with each other. On this day students will receive a wrist band to wear in support of this initiative and staff have been wearing orange ribbons to symbolise their support of this worthy cause.

WHSC Policies

For policies implemented by the College relevant to the broader community there is a thorough ratification process overseen by the College Council. 

As each policy is assessed by Council, the final part of the process is to seek community feedback via Compass.

This process occurs throughout the year and we encourage all members of our community to read and provide feedback on these policies.

Should you have any questions regarding this process or College Council procedures, please don't hesitate to contact Andrew Dixon via the College Office or email to dx@whsc.vic.edu.au

Student Diaries

If students require the use of a hard copy diary to record their homework and due dates, they are encouraged to purchase a generic planner from a retailer in 2019. The College has reviewed the reintroduction of hard copy diaries and steps are underway to reintroduce these in 2020.


Mrs Judy Anderson & Mr Andrew Dixon   

Assistant Principals

What's Coming Up Next


  • Intermediate Inter-school Sport


  • Labour Day Holiday


  • Student Free Day


  • Top Class Drama and Theatre Studies - VCE & Yr 10


  • Grand Prix - Year 9


  • Surf Trip - Year 8


  • College Athletics Carnival



Don’t get triggered, life’s Lit!


Hello everyone, and welcome to a new column in our newsletter. I’m Claire Hanley and I am an English and Drama teacher as well as the Literacy Learning Specialist. As part of my role, I want to use this column to explore the most important and confusing element within our schools these days.


I want to try and work it all out for everyone.


I want to be the one to pass on my findings and say ‘Here, this is what’s going on’.


I want to open our eyes and reassure all of us, that we can work this one out.


And what is this . . . thing?


Well, it’s kids. What are they on about??? They say things and do things that don’t make any sense to us and I just want to know, what is going on?


The most beautiful and confusing thing about English is that it is a social language. Which means, it’s ever changing. It has and will always be that way. Nothing will stop it from evolving. It goes back centuries, where we started with sounds and then from sounds, characters were created. If you fast forward slightly, the Vikings invaded Britain, introduced their sounds, followed by another invasion and the passing of more sounds and characters.


Then an animal made a noise down the back paddock but Dot thought it was Terry calling out to her and so she passed on this new sound and character to her neighbours. And it just goes on and on.*


Our students have sayings that seem to make sense to them, but to us, it’s gibberish. In the back of our minds, there is a slight hope that the student has delivered a line that our French teachers have taught them at school, but deep down we know.


We just don’t understand. There is a language barrier. We are lost in translation.


This must stop.


In this column I am going to be translating all the lit** language the students are saying. We don’t have to be triggered** at something the students say anymore because we will finally understand. I am going to meet them at their level.


Come with me on this journey.


*Some of this may be factually inaccurate.


**Words kids are saying. I’m totally nailing it.



Claire Hanley

Literacy Learning Specialist


My name is Michelle Galli and I am excited to be taking on the role of Numeracy Learning Specialist at Wheelers Hill Secondary. My previous 9 years teaching was at Emerald Secondary College. In that time, I had a variety of roles including Data Coordinator, Year 7 Coordinator, Wellbeing Coordinator, Maths Domain leader and Whole School Numeracy Leader.


The Numeracy Learning Specialist role at Wheeler’s Hill Secondary involves taking a strategic approach to Numeracy across the college in all curriculum areas. I am looking forward to working with the students, staff and wider community to improve Numeracy at the school. This is a different role from the Maths Domain Leader role that focuses on developing the Maths Curriculum at the school.


I have developed a plan which will involve leading a Numeracy Data Improvement Team to focus on a whole school approach improving numeracy across the college. Details of this are below.


The Wheelers Hill Secondary Whole School Approach to Numeracy involves:

  • Leading a Numeracy Professional Learning Day on 12th March with staff exploring how numeracy strategies can be embedded in the classrooms of each Domain
  • Providing Professional Learning for Mathematics Staff on a new approach to teaching Mathematics that involves embedding a rich curriculum with lots of opportunities for students to develop and strengthen their problem solving and reasoning skills
  • Introducing Quicksmart Numeracy to the school which is a Mathematics Intervention Program to help students develop automaticity and fluency in their basic mathematics operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
  • Working with a small group of Year 12 Further Maths students to develop strategies for the students to use to solve the most difficult questions in past exams to achieve a higher study score
  • Developing a Numeracy Partnership with a feeder Primary School


I look  forward to communicating with you regularly to keep you updated on the Numeracy Journey at Wheelers Hill Secondary.


Michelle Galli

Numeracy Learning Specialist

Stem Learning


What is STEM education?

STEM (Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics) education comprises the specific knowledge, understandings and skills in each of these learning areas as well as the interrelationship between each of them. STEM education acknowledges that there are opportunities for learning to be delivered in an integrated manner that facilitates greater engagement in each of these learning areas. This approach enables skills such as critical and creative thinking, collaboration and communication to be deployed in a rich and authentic way.


STEM education in the Victorian Curriculum includes the following learning areas: Science, Design and Technologies (including Engineering principles and systems), Digital Technologies and Mathematics.


In the Victorian Curriculum, the Learning Area “Technologies” comprises two strands, “Design and Technologies” and “Digital Technologies”. The Engineering component of STEM is taught through the Design and Technologies strand and the Technology component of STEM is taught through the Digital Technologies strand. (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, 2017)


What will STEM education look like at Wheelers Hill Secondary College?


At Wheelers Hill Secondary College, all students will participate in STEM education at Years 7 and 8 completing Digital Technologies as well as Design and Technologies (STEM Materials). We offer electives in these areas at Years 9 to 12.


We have a partnership with the Monash Technical School with students participating in STEM programs and activities at Years 7 to 10 throughout the year.


Classes will begin to utilise our STEM centre, which is in the process of being set up with collaboration spaces and equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutters, drones and much more. We currently run STEM classes at Years 7 to 9, where programs have been developed to use the equipment.


Teachers will have STEM professional learning sessions to enhance skills and provide them with knowledge of the program and a seamless integration with their maths, digital technology, design and technology and related subjects and capabilities.


Yr 7 Digital Technologies

Yr 8 STEM Materials

Yr 9 Robotics and Coding


Kim Hewlett

Learning Specialist - STEM


House Swimming & Diving Carnival

1st place               Jells                        1073 points

2nd place              Scott                      912 points

3rd place               Derrimut              854 points

4th place               Napier                  630 points


Age Group Champions

13 Yr Female                    Jessica Saunders               Scott

13 Yr Male                           Mitchell Plant                    Scott

14 Yr Female                     Jasmine Poole                   Napier

                                               Kara O’Gorman                 Jells

14 Yr Male                           Brady Thomassen            Scott

15 Yr Female                      Maddy Huckel                   Jells

15 Yr Male                           Blake Smith                        Jells

16 Yr Female                     Jessica Naylor                    Derrimut

                                               Imogen Wilson-Kells       Jells

16 Yr Male                          Brandon Nguyen               Napier

                                               Jake Sia                                 Derrimut

17 Yr Female                     Emily Fitzpatrick               Jells       

17 Yr Male                          Aidan Smith                        Jells

                                               Dennis Quach                    Scott

20 Yr Female                      Issy Jones                            Derrimut             

20 Yr Male                          Joshua Richardson           Derrimut                                                                             


Records Broken

15 Yr Male          200m Freestyle                 Brady Thomassen            2.18.50                 Scott

14 Yr Male          25m Backstroke               Brady Thomassen            16.14                     Scott

14 Yr Male          25m Freestyle                   Brady Thomassen            14.02                     Scott

14 Yr Male          25m Breaststroke            Brady Thomassen            17.34                     Scott

14 Yr Male          50m Backstroke               Brady Thomassen            34.36                     Scott

14 Yr Male          50m Freestyle                   Brady Thomassen            30.99                     Scott

14 Yr Male          50m Butterfly                    Brady Thomassen            33.01                     Scott

14 Yr Male          50m Breaststroke            Brady Thomassen            38.52                     Scott

15 Yr Male           4x50m Ind Medley          Brady Thomassen            2.38.27                  Scott

13 Yr Female      25m Freestyle                   Kristen Swartz                   17.65                     Derrimut

13 Yr Female      25m Breaststroke            Grace Alexander              25.03                     Napier

14 Yr Female      25m Breaststroke            Jasmine Poole                   20.25                    Napier

17 Yr Female      25m Freestyle                   Emily Fitzpatrick               15.83                    Jells

20 Yr Female      25m Freestyle                   Issy Jones                            16.24                     Derrimut

15 Yr Female      4x25m Freestyle Relay                                                   1.14.74                  Jells

Monash Division Swimming & Diving Championships

On the 28th of March, 53 students from yr7-12 went to Aquanation to compete in the Monash Division Swimming and Diving Championships. Wheelers Hill had a strong team and student participation was high. We had many wins throughout the day, with many students now advancing onto the Regional Competition. Every single student tried their best, whether that be in the swimming or the diving events. We had a successful day winning the first overall Aggregate Award and the Diving Shield for the second consecutive year.

The participation throughout the day was great with many students achieving some excellent results, particularly our divers. A big thanks in particular to Imogen Wilson-Kells, Kara O’Gorman, Dennis Quach, Hayden Jackson, Jasmine Poole and Brady Thomassen who filled in and swam in many difficult events.

Overall results of the day were:

Diving Championship – 1st place

Aggregate Swimming Championship – 1st place

Issy Jones, Emily Fitzpatrick & Connor Whyte - 2019 Swimming & Diving Captains


Ms Kerrie Lay & Sally Pryde

Sport Coordinators

Performing Arts

Production Cast Announcement!

Auditions are over and the cast rehearsals are well underway! We are beyond excited to have so many students from Year 7 - 12 on board for the wonderful musical classic, Singin' in the Rain!  The Performing Arts and Production team would like to congratulate all students who participated in the audition process, and acknowledge the effort and passion that went into every audition. We certainly have a talented bunch of students here at Wheelers Hill Secondary College! 

All students involved in the cast are reminded to follow the rehearsal schedule and attend all scheduled auditions for their roles.  


VCE Theatre Studies Productions

For two nights only, Unit 1 and Unit 3 Theatre Studies students will present their productions for the wider community. Students have worked on all areas of the production, from acting, direction to design of the key components of the show. The performance is a major assessment task for the VCE Theatre Studies Students. All members of the community are encouraged to come along and support the work of the students! 

Thursday 28th March, Unit 1 Production - Mr Melancholy by Matt Cameron. An Australian absurdist comedy, the play explores the triumphs and pitfalls of human relationships, hopes, dreams and the routine of life. 
Friday 29th March, Unit 3 Production - The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. A fresh take on the hilarious literary classic of mistaken identity, marriage proposals and scolding hot tea.


Book your tickets now via: VCE Theatre Studies Productions

Instrumental Music - Sign up now for Term 2!

Music lessons have been flourishing this year, as students have been quick to sign up to lessons as part of the Instrumental Music Program! Some spots are available in Term 2 - so make sure you download and fill in the Music Enrolment Form, sign and return to the Performing Arts Office before the end of term, to make sure you are ready to start lessons in Term 2! 


Genelle Lentini

Performing Arts Leader

Middle School Report

Middle School News

Creativity takes courage! Henri Matisse.  Creativity can come in different ways, from thinking outside the box when solving a problem, to designing something different. Often though we fall back into our old habits to feel safe and comfortable and maybe to achieve what we expect. This means that we miss the great moments and opportunities that will widen our perspectives on different things. Being creative gives ours students the opportunity to uncover Big Ideas or create an open mind that will eventually help our students in all aspects of their lives. 

On Wednesday a group finished a program that they started last year called the The Therapeutic Martial Arts Program. We had two groups last year do the program and the participants learnt many aspects both on their personal growth and their reactions towards others. The final part of the program is to break tiles of different strengths showing the focus and dedication of our students. Since the program was successful we have been asked to be part of CORE (MAT Program) initiative looking at the Social and Personal Capability perspective of the Curriculum. These will be beginning next Term.

"Bullying No Way" activities next week will be taking place in homerooms and at lunch-times.  We have had the opportunity to meet with the Home Group and Vice Captains, who will have a role to play in leading the different activities throughout the week.


Middle School Leaders

Meeting every week the students have been discussing and putting proposals forward for the  purchase of recycling garbage bins. After the eye opening STEM project - War on Waste last year, the students wanted to address the recycling issue at our school. For the sustainability aspect the group have been looking at placing bins around the locker bay areas.

Lachlan and Jasmine have been very helpful in meeting and greeting the tour groups as part of their role and this week they had the opportunity to speak with our Federal Member of Hotham , Claire O'Neil. 

Year 7

Last week the Clean Up Australia Day was postponed due to the weather, however on Wednesday this week all Year 7 students had the opportunity to help clean up our schools environment. The students separated and collected the rubbish. 

This week the Year 7 Home Group and Vice Captains were presented with their badges. Congratulations to all students with achieving this role. It was also fantastic that so many students nominated themselves across the classes. Elections were held.

Year 8 and 9

Last week the students had the opportunity to watch a Brainstorm Production - Flipside. This enabled our students to look inside a world where two actors showed how as students, the positive and negative uses of social media can have. It showed how when commenting and changing images others have put up, can have on other people's mental health and well being. Once things have been placed, words are said, even though it only lasts a certain time in some APP's, it could haunt the student for years to come.


Melissa Robinson

Middle School Leader

Senior School


Lions Youth of the Year

On Tuesday 26th February, Judy Anderson, Gemma McMahon and myself had the privilege and pleasure to watch Jasmine Sweeney, one of our College Captains, participate in the Lions Youth of the Year Competition that was held at the Mulgrave Country Club.

This competition requires the competitors to attend an interview, followed by two public speaking challenges. In the first of these, the students answer two impromptu questions, which require the students to think quickly on their feet. The second is a prepared speech on a topic of their choice - Jasmine spoke on Domestic Violence. Jasmine’s speech was thoughtful and well written. She spoke clearly and was obviously passionate about her topic. While Jasmine did not win the competition, she can be very proud of the way she participated and conducted herself on the evening. I know we are.

Congratulations and well done Jasmine.

Mrs Judith Riddoch

Senior School 





On Wednesday 6th March our year 10 students attended a motivational presentation in the Library where they got to hear from Nathan Hulls.

Nathan Hulls is a high school motivational speaker who has been engaging, inspiring and empowering students, teachers, youth workers and parents across Australia for the past 19 years. Through his research into positive psychology, social + emotional intelligence, resilience and motivational theory Nathan has designed and runs seminars that engage and strengthen the whole school community.

Nathan’s presentation today was engaging and entertaining and his story of how he overcame adversity and his disability at a young age to follow his dreams was inspiring. There was a great vibe in the room with our students really connecting with Nathan and what he had to say.

“Choosing how you show up everyday determines the results you follow”, was a very powerful statement that Nathan made. He mentioned that we all have a blank page at the start of everyday and that we don’t have to copy or accept what has happened to us in the past, but rather, look at re-writing our story! He challenged students to think about how they want the rest of their life story to go and empowered them to believe that they can hit the ‘reset’ button!

The three key elements that Nathan believes assists with increasing motivation includes –

1. Knowing yourself – Who am I? Not what other people want me to be or think I am

2. Be Your Best – the best you can be, take responsibility for your results, ask, how can I be better than yesterday?

3. Make the world a better place – life has a strange way of giving us back what we give out, find your purpose

There were some great questions form students at the end of Nathan’s presentation which indicated a real connection with what had been presented. We hope that all students felt a little bit more inspired walking away from today’s presentation but as Nathan stated, “motivation is like deodorant, you need it every day”.

Voula Jakubicki

Careers Coordinator


February 2019

The Knox SFYS Newsletter is a compilation of flyers and events regarding wellbeing for you to share within your school community.  If you'd like any of the below flyers emailed to you directly, or would like me to promote something within the newsletter, please  get in contact.

Use the links at the bottom to manage your subscription - you can add recipients or remove yourself from the list using the 'subscribe' and 'unsubscribe' links. 


Knox SFYS:
Lynn Arvanitakis - 03  9298 8465 




Knox City Council Information



Information for Parents / Young People


Information for Professionals

Ms Louise Ford

Student Wellbeing Senior School

Community News


Thank you on behalf of College Council to most families who have already paid both voluntary levies and elective charges or have committed to payments plans for this year. 


For those families that have not completed the payment process this can be accessed on Compass at https://whsc-vic.compass.education via the Course Confirmation tab on the main screen.  This portal also contains agreements, policies and other important information that require your attention so do ensure you log in via Google Chrome with your user name and password to address these items.  Copies of all supporting documentation are available on the Community Tab – School Documentation – Course Confirmation 2019. 


Should you wish to set up an alternative payment plan, have other payment preferences or are unsure whether you have completed payment for your child’s education for the year, please contact the Business Manager as a matter of urgency either via email at business.manager@whsc.vic.edu.au or on 9561 5811 to ensure all outstanding charges are paid in a timely manner. 

Second Hand Uniform Term 1 2019 Dates

Monday               11th March

Thursday             28th March



Brentwood Secondary College 50th Anniversary


Fitness Factory Mulgrave


The Hills Pantry


Wheelers Hill Open Night


Wheelers News