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10 April 2019
Issue Four
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R.E News


Lent is a time of abstinence, prayer, charity. As Catholics we can prepare for Easter in Lent by:


  • Putting up something violet around the home as a reminder that it is the lenten season
  • Fasting and abstaining from meat on Ash Wednesday
  • Going to the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Attending the stations of the Cross (Friday evenings at 5.00pm at the Cathedral and the last day of term at school)
  • Daily Prayer
  • Attending Sunday mass
  • Contributing toward Project Compassion
  • Joining a Lenten group


Project Compassion

Students have being given a Project Compassion box to take home to collect change as a donation to Caritas (the official charity of the Church). This year's theme is "Give Lent 100%". Your contributions help empower communities with hope, and help those in great need shape a better future. The focus in the first week in Lent is to provide clean water for vulnerable communities in Zimbabwe.


Lenten Groups

There are a number of Lenten groups in the Cathedral Parish. You can contact the Parish Office for more details. There is a Lenten Group held every Tuesday at O'Connor in the chapel from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.


Youth Group

Youth Group is really going well and gaining numbers under the leadership of our Lasallian Youth Ministers. It is on every Friday after school.


Lasallian Youth Gathering

All notes are now due for our pilgrimage to Melbourne for the Lasallian Youth Gathering. It is getting very close and the excitement is building!



Damian Roff

Religious Education Coordinator

Principal's Report

Dear Parents and Carers

Being a parent in current times is a hard but very rewarding pursuit. I have read two articles recently in regards to parents and parenting in these times: ‘The Relentlessness of Modern Parenting’ in the New York Times (25.12.18), can be accessed here; and 'Profoundly dangerous': A generation at risk from 'concierge parents' in the Sydney Morning Herald (24/3/19) accessed here.


The first article discusses how being a parent has become much more demanding than it used to be. This article is based on research from the USA but I feel it would be much the same here. The amount of time, attention and money parents spend raising children has increased enormously. The article states that mothers spend an average of 5 hours a week on doing hands on activities with their children compared with 1 hour 45 minutes in 1975. Fathers have had a similar percent increase. Parents down time is much more likely to be spent with children than it used to be. This is not necessarily a good or bad thing, but it is definitely worth contemplating.


The second article which has excerpts from Principals in Sydney looks at the rise of parents who consistently manage their children and smooth out any problems. Parents who query team selections and results on learning tasks. The implications of children never experiencing failure or consequences for their actions at school affects their wellbeing. Children need to experience setbacks and failures in order to develop resilience that enables them to persevere when setbacks occur. I am pleased to report that ‘concierge parents’ are rare at O’Connor!


The articles highlight for me how confusing and hard it can be to be a parent. The guilt of spending quality time with children when most parents are working full time; the challenges of being a single parent; the caring for children and elderly parents are just some of the challenges facing parents today. It is important for parents to take time for themselves, to step away, to let children experience setbacks knowing that this is part of their development and will help them grow as a person.

Year 7 2020

We hosted 120 Year 6 students on Thursday last week for our first STEP (Stage Three Enrichment Program). The students participated in a range of activities in Science, Maths, Technology and PDHPE. The students also had the opportunity to participate in fun games to get to know each other better with our Lasallian Youth Ministers.


We held our first parent and carer night on the same day, where parents toured our school hosted by our Year 11 and 12 leaders to see and learn more about O’Connor. Applications are now open for Year 7 2020. There are limited vacancies in years 8-12. For more information about enrolment please contact Mrs Gemma Creagan on 6772 1666.



Parents should soon receive a letter outlining how to login to Compass, our new communication system, with your unique code and password. You can download the app to have on your device as well. We will gradually fade out our use of skoolbag app as you will be able to access the same and more information through compass. Compass allows parents and carers to view their students profile including:
- Student’s timetable
- School notices
- Attendance

The parent/carer Compass portal also allows parents and/or Carers to:
- Update their contact details
- Approve absences and indicate future absences
- Email the student’s teacher
- View a student’s report as an electronic PDF file


What new learning will you undertake this week?



Regina Menz


 Assistant Principal's Message

Year 9

Last Tuesday I was fortunate enough to visit the Year 9 Camp at Keepit. Whilst the Dam site itself resembled a nuclear wasteland, the students were not deterred or reluctant to involve themselves in the various activities.  This site itself provides us with a keen perspective as to the severity of the current drought, and the impact of this natural disaster on all people in the region.

The Kayak group, for example, came across a large Murray Cod up to a metre in length that had perished from the conditions. A grime reminder. In this respect the learning this environment provided on the camp was in itself valuable and something to be remembered for a long time.

I witnessed the students participating in a variety of activities. The key aspect was the students' ability to work as a team, and support each other. Nowhere was this more evident than in the mud challenge! Students had to undergo an obstacle course complete with plenty of sticky mud. Students demonstrated great team work and resilience to the challenge. All were willing to become involved and this was most impressive.  

 Gratitude must be given to the teachers who spent time away from their families and usual responsibilities, to help make this camp a success.



Year 7

Our Year 7's are currently on camp at Barrington Tops where I am sure they will meet the same types of challenges as Year 9 and we look forward to the Report. 


Progress Reports & Compass

All parents/carers should have received their student progress reports by now. The reports provide an important opportunity for students to reflect on how they have settled into their studies in 2019. The feedback from these reports is an important step for students who wish to continue to improve their learning growth and overall achievement across their subjects. I ask that students discuss with their families what these reports tell them about their current progress and develop some questions for how they can improve.

Parents/Carers should have also received a letter with a username and password to access the parent portal on Compass. Please keep your Compass username and password secure and confidential. Please let the school know if you did not receive these mailings.


Assessment Tasks

Years 11 and 12 will be completing Assessment Tasks during the final weeks of term. For some students this can be a source of anxiety and stress. Remember students should be able to communicate with both parents and staff about how they are feeling and coping with assessments. We do not want students losing motivation or hating school due to these assessments. Helping students with their organisational skills is key to working through this assessment period.

Minimum Standards Test

This week Year 10 students sat the minimum standards test. This was the first time that students had attempted the test, which will be subsequently acknowledged as part of their school credentials. Students who may not have been successful at this point will be provided with specialist support before making another attempt either later this year or in Year 11. 

Staff Development Days 2019

We wish to advise parents/carers of the dates for staff development days for the remainder of the year.

Term 2 - Tuesday 11th June and Wednesday 12th June. The College will be closed as all staff will be attending the Systems Conference run by the Catholic Schools Office.

Term 3 - Monday 22nd July. The Library will be open for senior students wishing to study.

Term 4 - School concludes on Wednesday 18 December.


Upcoming Events

April 3 - Year 8 Mass

April 5 - Year 7 Immunisation catch up

April 9-10 - NSWCCC Touch Carnival

April 11 - O'Connor Cross Country

April 9-12 - Warraymalaya Retreat to Sydney

April 12 - Stations of the Cross, Easter Liturgy


Thank you ..

For your ongoing support & Cooperation



Simon Fleming

Assistant Principal

Pastoral Academic Care


Pastoral Academic Care (PAC) Focus

This week’s Pastoral Academic Care focus is SMARTER NOTE TAKING

Character Strength: CURIOSITY
Wellbeing Fitness Challenge: SELF_IMAGE


Parent Wellbeing: Another component of Self Determination Theory (SDT) is autonomy,

the feeling you have a choice in what you do. Describe a time you have felt autonomous and

how it motivated you.

Note Taking should be much more than purely writing, and there are more effective and intelligent ways to do so. Optimal learning occurs when students use both sides of their brains to gather information by hearing, seeing, feeling and sensing it using their dominant Multiple Intelligences, and drawing idea maps, using thinking tools, making lists, creating flowcharts and using abbreviations. The method described will achieve these things and is called the Cornell method.

When taking notes in class, many students try to write down everything that the teacher says and consequently, find great difficulty keeping up, which in turn, puts them under pressure and tests their resilience to stay focussed and engaged. For many students this leads to anxious feelings.

The 80/20 Principle is an effective listening and note taking technique and involves listening attentively for 80% of the time and writing/ posing questions/ recording/ drawing for 20% of the time.

Questioning what they are listening to, lights the fire in their brains to start looking for connections to what they already know. Their brains are engaged in exploring and searching for meaning and patterns, which is real learning. Encourage them to use the character strengths open-mindedness, perspective and curiosity in their note taking.


“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” Confucius

Year 7

It has been a very busy two weeks at O’Connor for Year 7 in preparation for camp. Thank you to parents and carers for getting Year 7 ready for camp. Also a big thank you to our pastoral team. Students are all very excited. An update with photos will be in our next newsletter.


Reminder for catch up immunisation the date will be Friday the 5th of April. Students are reminded to wear sport uniform, eat a healthy breakfast and drink plenty of water on the day.


With only two weeks left of term this could be a fantastic time to have learning conversations with your children about what they have learnt this term. Remember to use the six critical questions to challenge students to discuss what they are learning.

Six Critical Questions

  • What are you learning?
  • Why are you learning this?
  • How are you going?
  • How do you know?
  • How can you improve?
  • Where do you go for help?





Yolanda Kreuzen

Yr 7 PAC Leader

Year 9

Year 9 are continuing to partake in great learning activities and tasks. Their reports highlight their positive attitudes and the respect they give their teachers, each other and their learning. This is matched by a record number (40+) of Year 9 students receiving Commendation Certificates to accompany their reports.

The Pastoral Academic Care team also need commending for the excellent job they do every day with your children. Through the advent of Learning Talks, they are able to assess how each student is coping with their studies and Learning Task preparations and offer strategies to ensure they are performing at their best.

Let’s not forget you, the parents and carers of the young people in our care. Changes in your child’s persona may be related to the pressure they feel at the end of term when learning tasks are due. Have your own learning talk with them. It will pay dividends. Your ongoing support is always greatly appreciated.

By the time you read this, our camp will have come and gone. I hope to be able to attach some photographs. (Watch this space)



Peter McLeish

Year 9 PAC Leader

(on behalf of the Year 9 Pastoral Academic Care team)

Year 10

Year 10 have had a busy week getting through their NESA HSC minimum standards tests for Reading/Writing and Numeracy. And from the feedback I have been given by staff and students that it has been a relatively smooth process with ICT and students completing their tests in the designated time frame. I wish our students all the luck with the results of these tests. It is also a timely reminder that Year 10 students are actively seeking employers to secure work experience ready for week 9 term 2. The focus for the rest of term will to complete work and projects before we break into the Easter holiday period.




Mark Fulloon

Year 10 PAC  Leader

Year 11

A big thank you to the LYL’s who helped out at STEP day last week. This involved leading and shadowing a group of Year 6 students to their various activities throughout the day. They have again proved to be excellent role models for our future students.

LYL’s also assisted at the parent/carer information evening. The students conducted tours around our beautiful school for our guests. They were again excellent ambassadors for the College.


Pauper’s Banquet was another activity that many of our Year 11 students chose to participate in. Three of these students; Chelsea, Georgia and Henry were lucky enough to be one of the 12 students who had their ticket drawn out, which allowed them to be a part of a banquet. The table was laden with pizza, KFC, hot chips, Maccas, lollies etc. These 12 students represent the 1% of the world population that have a decent meal each day. The others ‘feasted’ on a bowl of rice, which represents that 90% of people who live below the poverty line. Thank you to those who joined in.



Students have been diligently working on assessment tasks these last few weeks, with many of them being due in Weeks 9 -11. It is important that they remember to stay calm and positive and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Some have struggled with the planning and time management of these tasks, but they have also seeked assistance which is always there for them. They just need to ask. The key thing is that it takes more than one bite to eat an elephant, so breaking tasks up into smaller bite sizes is a good way to manage the overall and often daunting thing ahead of them. When students see it in a visual form and create a mindmap OR list this often helps see the bigger picture.


This Friday is a PAC period. Students will be given this time to work on assessment tasks, study, revise, make study notes, ask teachers for help…. It is important that ALL time at school is used wisely.


We again celebrate the success of many of our students this fortnight, with commendations awarded for a variety of things; including application to course work and service to the school. Well done to all of those students who are striving to do their best.


We have had success on the sporting field as well recently. Congratulations to Nathan Czinner, Jake McCann, Liam Smith and Kieran Wicks who were selected in the Opens Hockey team at the recent NSW CCC trials in Moorebank.These boys will participate in the Tri Series v CHS and CIS. Congratulations also to the students who were selected in the Opens Diocesan Touch Teams; these include Jake McCann and Grayson Te Moana and Tori Brazier, Tahlia Carson and Ruby Watson. Well done students.



Vicki Channon

Year 11 PAC Leader

Year 12

Year 12 have entered a particularly busy time of year at the moment with many formal assessment tasks due in the last few weeks of Term 1. Given the inherent pressure of completing the HSC Year of study, busy periods such as this can significantly affect the mental health and wellbeing of students as they endeavour to manage their time and submit tasks to deadlines. All students handle such pressures differently with some seemingly oblivious to the pressure and others really struggling to keep their head above water and maintain their wellbeing. The Yr 12 PAC Team are approaching this proactively and engaging in learning conversations with students to assist them to manage their time and complete tasks to the best of their ability. We are also focusing our conversations on student wellbeing and doing our best to monitor how all students are coping.


Over recent weeks a number of strategies have been discussed to assist students to manage their learning and the stresses associated. Students have been encouraged to develop schedules for their time outside of school and to maintain a balance between work and play by including some social time, but most importantly time for some form of exercise. Be it walking the dog, attending a yoga class or playing some sport, physical exercise has been shown to have a significant positive effect in managing stress and improving mental health. Further to this students have been encouraged to eat healthily and maintain adequate sleep patterns. The importance of talking to somebody and getting help if the pressures are becoming too much have also been highlighted to students.


Student health and wellbeing is at the heart of the pastoral care that we provide and our Yr 12 PAC Team will continue to provide support, care and encouragement for all students. I would also encourage all parents/guardians to also keep a close eye on your young people, to take the time to ask students how they are coping and to encourage them to engage in a schedule that supports their health and wellbeing.




     James Russell

      Yr 12 PAC Leader


Parent Information

Edwards Bus Pass

A reminder to all parents and carers as from Monday the 1st of April students who catch intown buses including Uralla 1 and Uralla 2 must present a bus pass or a fare of $1 for the Armidale area or $3 for Uralla will be charged.


James Cross

Depot Manager

Edwards Coaches

02 67723116 or 0427 003 844

Uniform Shop

Opening hours

Monday - 8am - 12pm

Wednesday - 12pm - 4pm

Friday - 10am - 2pm

Holiday Opening Hours

The uniform shop will be open for your convenience Friday April 26 between 9am - 2pm

for all Winter Uniform requirements.

Winter Uniform Term 2 & 3

Blazers are to be worn to and from school, every day.

All black leather shoes should be 'proper' lace up shoes not 'Vans', leather joggers or ballet style shoes that do not cover the W.H&S requirements for Science and TAS practical classes.


Winter Uniform  
Boys Girls
Grey trousers as supplied at the uniform shop Dark blue skirt or navy trousers as supplied by the Uniform Shop
Light blue shirt Light blue blouse
College tie (junior or senior) College tie (junior or senior)
College jumper College jumper
College Blazer

College Blazer

Black leather lace up shoes

Navy stockings

Black leather lace up shoes

O'Connor Scarf/ Beanie

( optional)

O'Connor Scarf/ Beanie

( optional)
















Surviving Your Adolescents


New England Art Grant

Here’s an opportunity for young musicians.


Naplan 2019

All students in years 7 and 9 are expected to sit the NAPLAN tests between the 14th -24th May 2019.

While participation by all students is expected, students may be withdrawn from the testing program by their parent/carer. This is a matter for consideration by individual parents/carers. Withdrawals are intended to address issues such as religious beliefs and philosophical objections to testing. A formal application in the manner specified for each state or territory must be received by the principal prior to the testing. Ms Menz can provide further information about the withdrawal process.


Netball Rego

Acsc Netball Registrations are now open and need to be completed by the 1st April, trials are to be held on the 4th April from 4.30. 

Please email [email protected] for more information. Kristy Curry


Positive Partnerships 

A Free One Day Autism Workshop for parents & Carers Tuesday 18th June, 2019.

Hillgrove Trivia Night

6th April, 2019 - Hillgrove Hall

Max 6 people per team- Enter teams on the night

On your own? No worries we can find you a team

Family Friendly - Free Sausage Sizzle

(kindly donated by Woolworths) 

Please bring a plate to share - All Welcome

Further details please contact Jill Walker [email protected] or 0400 347 191

Gillian Triggs : Speaker

Speaking up:Human Rights in Australia

Keep Calm Theyr'e Just Kids

Does your child:

  •     Show extreme behaviour?
  •     Have intense temper tantrums?
  •     Refuse to do what they are asked?
  •      Use verbal and physical aggression?


Keep Calm, They’re Just Kids shows parents, carers and teachers how:


  •    To identify the child’s concerns and triggers that cause the behaviour,
  •    To teach the child coping skills and
  •    To find workable solutions that satisfy both parent and child and lessen the likelihood of negative behaviour


Registrations are essential. This course is subject to numbers


WHEN: Three Thursdays - 30th May, 6th & 13th June 2019 - 10am to 1pm

WHERE: Glen Innes Pool House - 185 West Avenue, Glen Innes


For more information or to book, please call

FREE CALL 1800 372 826


Spotlighting Adventure


Around the School

Year 7 RE

Year 7RE4 got creative last week and decorated a jar as part of a project for Lent. The students will receive beans to place in their individual jars when they show kindness, work well, say something positive, contribute, etc. After Easter, they may find a nice surprise in their jar which will take the place of the beans. It is our reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made for us and the joy of the resurrection on Easter Sunday. It is a way of showing how we can play our part in the message of Jesus. 



Year 7 Technology

Year 7 Technology with their completed projects. The students really enjoyed constructing and tie dyeing a drawstring bag. They all learned some great skills.


St Jude

 These students got the opportunity to listen to Gemma Sisia, founder of School of St Jude’s, Tanzania at NEGS today. Gemma has been an inspiration in regards to following your passions. From the beginnings in 2002 with 3 students, the school now boasts 1800 in 2019, an amazing way for families to combat poverty. Education is the key.



Vicki Channon (B.Ed Home Economics, Grad Cert. Religious Education)

Z Club Coordinator


Year 9 English

Ms Kreuzen and Miss Davidson's Year 9 English classes have been joining together to conduct philosophical chair activities about the texts they are studying. The students have also been practising giving peer feedback to move their learning forward. Exciting things are happening in English this term!


Remembrance Service

We joined the Armidale community at the UNE Mosque at the Remembrance Service for the Christchurch victims and their families. We stand together in tolerance, inclusivity, respect and belonging.


World Book Online

The College is very fortunate that the CSO has paid for our subscription to World Book Online. It allows for differentiation as it provides three variations of information. The e-book section allows for multiple copies to be open at once.

The web address is: www.worldbookonline.com

The user name is: oconnor

The password is: oconnor

The account has access to:

 Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgas, World Book Student, Mobile, Timelines, Kids and Advanced

Students can use it as a valuable resource and we thank the CSO.

If you have any problems contact the Librarian, Mrs Glenda Lemon. [email protected]

Agriculture Report

Walcha Show Report 2019

Last weekend we had many O’Connor students participate and compete at the Walcha show. We were very successful with many students placing in the meat sheep judging, merino sheep judging, cattle judging and paraders. All of our cattle did well in the heifer and interbreed classes. A special thanks goes to Janet Price for taking these students and the cattle, and ensuring everything ran smoothly.
By Analiese Wark - Yr 10




The last show for the New England Season, Walcha show proved very successful for O'Connor
Merino Sheep Judging
1st - Lucy Barley
2nd - Eliza Boland
3rd - Jamie Jorden
Meat Sheep Judging
1 st - Eliza Boland
2nd - Analiese Wark
3rd - Hain van Eyk
Cattle Judging
Sam Graham
Harrison Clark
Kloe Levingston
Cattle Parading
Angela Ryan -  3rd 13yrs
Macey Clarke finalists
William Starr -  2nd 12 years
Champion Devon - 'Not A Lot Allie'

Janet Price

Agriculture/ Primary Industries

Career Corner

Career News

For Year 12s:

UAC Guides and pins should be available very soon.

UAC applications open Wednesday, April 3 and close Monday, 30 September.


Letters will be sent out next week in regards to 

a)UNE Open Day on Friday 10th May and 

b) Northwest Regional Career Expo in Tamworth on Wednesday, 15th May.


For Year 10s:

In May the College will receive UAC Year 10 booklets which we will distribute to you.

A reminder that your fully completed Work Experience forms need to be returned to the Office by Friday 3rd May. See Mrs Lemon if you have a problem.


Career Development Years 9 & 10

Over the course of the term the PAC classes from years 9-10 have had a careers lesson each fortnight. The focus  has been on Personal Discovery (self-discovery, personality traits, interests, abilities, etc.) The personal discovery phase helps students to learn more about themselves and what their strengths  and interests are. Equally important, is identifying their weaknesses or areas they need to build upon.

Next term the focus  will be on What is a career? What is work? and on Employability Skills. We will be looking at resumes, cover letters, job applications etc. We will also  be accessing two very user friendly websites to help the students in their career development.

As I am always on duty in the Library at lunchtimes, any student or parent can make a time to see me and I'll do my best to help with any concerns.


World Book

The College is very fortunate that the CSO has paid for our subscription to World Book Online. It allows for differentiation as it provides three variations of information. The e-book section allows for multiple copies to be open at once.

The web address is: www.worldbookonline.com

The user name is: oconnor

The password is: oconnor

The account has access to:

 Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgas, World Book Student, Mobile, Timelines, Kids and Advanced

Students can use it as a valuable resource and we thank the CSO.

If you have any problems contact the Librarian, Mrs Glenda Lemon. ([email protected])


School Based Apprenticeships & Traineeships

School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships are available to all Year 10, 11 and 12 high school students in NSW. They allow students to commence an apprenticeship or complete a traineeship while at school. A School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship combines paid work, training and school; and as well as an industry recognised national qualification you will gain credit towards the HSC. At O'Connor we have 21 students that do either SBAT or TAFE course. There is a big range in the type of training that they are undertaking from plumbing, electrical, primary industries, metals and engineering, automotive, animal studies, tourism, health, construction, early childhood, hairdressing, dental as well as many others. Each course has different requirements. Here are comments from two of the students. Nina Engler in Year 12 doing Nursing through Human Services at TAFE and Molly Kratz in Year 11 doing an SBAT with Whiteleaf Dental. Molly is the first ever Dental Assistant School Based Trainee for the region.


Mitchell Smidt

M. Theology, B.Sc (Hons), B.Sc/B.Teach


Dio Rugby League

Logan Dalli, Darcy Booth, Sam Johnson, Josh Urquhart and Zac Walters represented our Dio u15's league side in the combined Armidale/Lismore selection trials, at Woodlawn.

In very hot conditions, the boys all played extremely well, with our Dio side winning all four shortened games.

Logan and Darcy then played in a Possibles v Probables game where Darcy was selected to represent the Armidale/Lismore Dio team. Darcy will now come up against the Maitland/Newcastle squad at the Northern Country trials, to be held in Smithtown during week 10. Good Luck


Mark Honeysett

Sport Organiser


Touch Footy

On Friday Camilla, Brydie, Mark, Isaac and I took just under 60 students across to the Dio Touch Trials in Inverell. It was a fantastic day out for the students (tough day at the office for staff!) and we enjoyed quite a bit of success on the paddock.  While some of the touch played by our students was pretty impressive, the sportsmanship displayed by all were even more so. 


At the end of the day a number of students were selected for Dio Representation. Boys selected were Jake McCann and Grayson Te Moana in the Opens and Banjo Clark, Tom Honeysett, Zac Walters, Darcy Booth, Logan Dalli and Josh Urquhart in the Juniors. I'm not 100% certain in the girls but pretty sure the following were selected. In the Opens - Tori Brazier, Erin Porter, Tahlia Carson and Ruby Watson and the Juniors - Paige Brown, Sophie Carson, Anastasia Martin and Ema Suluma.


Behavior of students was excellent both on and off the field and all represented our College with great pride. Thanks to Mark for doing most of the organising and the staff that came along and helped out.


James Russell

Touch Footy 


Yesterday a group of students trialed for the NSW CCC teams in Moorebank. We had huge success with five of our students being selected.


OPENS- Nathan Czinner, Jake McCann, Liam Smith and Kieran Wicks. These boys will participate in the Tri Series v CHS and CIS.

U16- Tyler McCann will attend further trials at the TAPcamp  for the U16 All schools team.


These boys have been working hard at their hockey for a long time. I am very excited that they have been selected.


Hayden Schumacher, Erin Porter and Alannah Lowe also attended the trials. Although not selected they gave it their best shot. 

Kath Czinner



A very quick update from the Netball NSW TAFE Schools Cup, played today at the picturesque Lynches Rd complex.
At the time of this report, those schools who are progressing through to the next round in Tamworth, are still being determined.
I can reveal that the Eliza coached undefeated 9/10 girls side will go through, as will the 9/10 boys side, masterfully coached by, yours truly.
All 7 O’Connor teams played extremely well and should be commended on their performance/sportsmanship.
Special thanks to Eliza, Lilly and the old SuperCoach Fleming for helping out.
Not to mention any names, but a certain member of staff seemed a little confused with comments such as; “ Girls, you need to play down this side of the field more”, and “that was a great game of footy”

Yours in netball 
Mark Honeysett

O'Connor Newsletter
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