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15 August 2019
Issue Twenty Four 15th August
Diary Dates
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Diary Dates

August 2019

17-18th   Aerobics Nationals

17 - 23rd   Children's BOOK WEEK

19th  Gourmet Kids - Year 1 & 2

20th- 21st  Cognercise Incursion

23rd  Book Parade

26th - 6th Sept   Swimming - Year 5/6

29th  Superhero Incursion - Level 1

30th  Royal Botanic Gardens - Level 3



September 2019

4th  Spoil the Staff Morning Tea

5th  Japanese Cultural Day

6th  MW Div Athletics

17th  Curriculum Day






October 2019

19th Pre Fete working bee All school

26th  SSPS Fete


Victorian School Dates 2019

Term 1:  29 (Teachers only) - 30 January - 5 April 2019

Term 2:  23 April - 28 June

Term 3:  15 July - 20 September

Term 4:  7 October - 20 December

Assistant Principal

Syndal South News

Book Week Celebrations

To celebrate the Children’s Book week, running from 17th-23rd August, we would love our students to dress up as their favourite book character. The theme for this years Children’s Book week is “Reading is my Secret Power”. Mrs Inger Robinson has purchased copies of the shortlisted books and she has them on display in the library for reading and borrowing in the library by staff. Students can borrow the short listed books the following week.



Congratulations to Lisa, Janine the Syndal South PA and the many wonderful parent volunteers who supported this event to make it the best ever disco Syndal South has staged. We had many of our students attend the evening and the sale of Glow items was quite popular this year. This event has been long held at Syndal South and is always a highlight for the children. We look forward in anticipation to the next disco in 2020.


Fete News-Lucky Jar Collection

Next Friday, we would like all of our students to bring a lucky jar for the fete, instead of a gold coin donation for Book week dress up day. We would like the clean jars to be filled with exciting items that customers would like to buy at the fete. Eg. Hair accessories, stationary, sealed lollies, small toys etc. Please see the flyer below.


John Monash Science School

Albin, Sanjaya, Sathee and Nupur spent a wonderful afternoon at John Monash Science School exploring the topic of physics. I love this topic at JMSS as the activity taught engages the students immediately and allows them to demonstrate their collaborative and creative thinking skills. Albin has written a great article to share his recount of the afternoon.


John Monash Science School: 

“Little Scientist Program - Session 2”  


This week at John Monash Science School (JMSS) we learnt about physics and how planes fly. If you remember our article from last week, you will know that we learn at JMSS by participating in group activities.


After a quick class on the principles of flight and wing design, our first activity was to make paper planes. Two of us were chosen to throw our paper planes across the classroom and we discussed why they went as far as they did. 


For the second activity, we had to make parachutes for eggs. Our team had $1000 of fake money to spend on supplies. We bought a balloon, a plastic bag, a meter-long piece of string, masking tape and some bubble wrap with our money. 


The idea of our parachute was to put the balloon under the little bubble wrap so when it hit the ground the balloon would break instead of the egg. Also, we had a plastic bag on top to catch the air so that it would fall slower. 

   Unfortunately, our egg broke after being dropped from roof height. Although our egg broke it was still fun to watch the other teams. The team that won had a good design because they had 4 balloons under a little cage where the egg was. 


Parent Opinion Surveys

A huge thankyou to the parents who have completed the Parent Opinion Survey. One hundred and six parents were sent a link to the survey and at this stage we have had a 33% response. We would appreciate if parents who have yet to complete the survey could spend the time to do so, as the responses you provide the school, help us to understand from a different perspective the successes and challenges Syndal South faces. This year is our review year where we have been reflecting upon the last four years and what we have achieved in our 2016-2019 Strategic Plan. The information parents provide within the 2019 Parent Opinion Survey will be of extreme benefit to help guide us in the writing of the Strategic Plan for 2020-2024. Even if you have been randomly selected to complete a Parent Opinion Survey in the past 4 years, we would still appreciate your input for 2019.


Parent Workshop H.E.L.P education (Health. Empowerment. Lifeskills. Performance)

Next Wednesday 21st August  7-8pm, Judd Murray co-founder of the Cognercise Foundation will be presenting a very special workshop to the parents at Syndal South.   I highly encourage parents to attend this workshop. We are being made increasingly more aware of the rise of anxiety in young people from sources within the media and newspapers. The more that we can educate ourselves about the link between physical activity and improved and sustainable health and well-being in students, will no doubt be of a huge benefit to all of our children.

H.E.L.P for parents is a 60 min practical workshop, which focuses upon positive parenting and family well-being.

We look forward to seeing you there.

If you are interested in learning more about the Foundation please follow the link below.


School Aerobics Championships- Queensland

I would like to take the time to wish all of our students the very best of luck this weekend for their exciting Aerobics finals in Queensland. Thank you to Michelle Dodson who has coached our teams this year with the support of Clare Searle. Helen Freeman and Danielle Canavan will also be attending the finals to support our students. The entire school looks forward to hearing all about the success of the event next week.


School Entrant Health Questionnaire (SEHQ)

Thankyou to all of our Foundation parents who returned to school this week their child’s School Entrant Health Questionnaire (SEQH). This questionnaire is a clinical tool, which assists the school nurses to identify children who may require further assistance and support in the first year of school. Teachers and the school nurses then work collaboratively with families to improve outcomes for children.

If you have a child in year’s 1-6 who is new to the school and you believe needs to be seen by the school nurse due to concerns about their vision or hearing, please contact Rebecca Stonehouse-Melke Assistant Principal, or your child’s class teacher, so that we can arrange for you to receive a questionnaire to complete.


School Policies

As part of the governance of a school, school policies need to be monitored and reviewed by an Education Committee and then ratified by School Council. For our parents who are interested in polices that govern Department of Education Schools, you have had the chance to view a selection of them on our Syndal South School website. This website is continually being updated, so when new polices are ratified by School Council they will be also uploaded onto the current website.

This week the Department of Education released its new department policy relating to Privacy.


Parents are encouraged to read this document as it will answer any questions you have in regards to student privacy.

Important Information


ICAS times and dates will be put in the Rocket over the next 2 weeks. 

The tests are in September.

If students are absent on the day they will miss out on participating in the test. 

Parent Workshop

You should have received your invitation to our Parents Workshop via Compass this week. Judd Murray, founder of the 'Just Get Active' program and the creative force behind Cognercise, is running a workshop for parents on Wednesday 21st August in the BER. This not to be missed session will be a 60 minute practical workshop that will provide you with the tools and information designed to strengthen positive parenting and family well being. Judd will also be running workshops for our kids during the week. 

Student News


Every family will soon have the opportunity to turn their children’s artwork into keepsakes you can look at everyday. This would make a great gift for your child, yourself, family or friends. At the same time you’re raising money for the school. Choose from these great products:

  • Calendars - be organised for the year ahead

  • Greeting cards - a perfect Christmas gift for friends and family or something to have for special occasions.

  • Tote bags - a unique special bag for your shopping.

  • Tea towels - bring a smile to your face as you’re doing the drying up!

  • Pillowcases - a great decorating idea.

  • Diaries/notebooks/sketchpads - beautiful gift ideas.


Children will make their artwork in Visual Art lessons and this will be sent home for you to look at in the coming weeks. Orders will be due in by the last week of Term (Monday 16th September) and the keepsakes will come back to you early in Term 4. 


Skye Threadgold

Visual Arts Teacher


Student of the Week




  • Care – By using his words and showing patience to his peers.




  • Respect – By treating everyone kindly and fairly.  Great job Levi!




  • Respect – By politely greeting his teachers and friends every morning and afternoon.




  • Care – By being an amazing friend and showing compassion and sympathy when others are sad or down.




  • Well done Olivia on showing encouraging signs of Resilience, when you encounter Poetry Writing dilemmas.




  • For taking time and care to produce neat and tidy bookwork.  Well done Scarlett!




  • Care – Ella took her time to answer her assessment questions and carefully created some fantastic worded problems.  Well done!



  • Respect – Sahasra has fit into 3/4I so well.  Thank you for always raising your hand and showing respect to all of your classmates.



  • Care – Wesley worked well with his team to ensure that all the compost bins in the level 3 building are cleaned every week.  Great work Wesley!



  • Curiosity – For being an active learner in all class activities.  She did a great job with using ‘Iceberg Thinking’ when reading the book “Teacup”.  Well done Yolanda.



  • Such insightful things to say about our socratic topics.  Great job Alizeh!



Jun Hu

  • Care – In the effort you are putting into all lessons, including Garden Club.

Photo: Go Syndal!

From the Sport Desk

Photo: Go Syndal!


Year 1/2

Tuesday 20th August (1.50pm in Hall) - Matthew Cudmore, Hong Zhang 


Thursday 22nd August (2.30pm in Hall) -  Fiona Walker, Jennifer Zhong, Ritsuko Sone 

Basketball Clinics

Coaches from Nunawading Basketball Stadium dropped in to SSPS during the week to run clinics for our Year 3-6 students. 



On behalf of the SSPS Community, we would like to wish Ms Dodson and her team of amazing kids all the best as they head off to the Gold Coast for the National Aerobics Championships to be held over the weekend. We know that they will do us proud and do their best.

Go Syndal - BELIEVE !!!

Primary School Golf

Students wishing to register for the 2019 Victorian Primary Schools Golf Championships, can enter online at Box Hill on Monday the 6th September is probably our nearest course. This event is aimed to encourage students of any ability, both beginner and experienced, to get out on the course and have a go at golf. The event and course is modified to suit the primary aged student with all holes shortened and equipment available to borrow.

To be eligible to play students must be enrolled in grades 3, 4, 5 or 6 at a School Sport Victoria member school. The event consists of three stages: division events, region finals and the state final.

In both the division and region events the students will play 9 holes on a short course. Those who qualify for the state final will play 18 holes on a shortened course. See me if you would like any further information.

Footy Tipping

CONGRATULATIONS to Collingwood supporter Daryn Godson who picked all 9 winners to pocket the $20 Jackpot following Round 21. With just 2 rounds to go, we have only 1 point separating the top 3, while at the other end of the ladder, only 1 point also separates 3 players. Good Luck for this week & may your team win. Go Blues!!! 

Parent's Association

Syndal South School Disco

Last Friday night the Parent's Association held the annual school disco. The Disco was an amazing success with the kids having an fabulous time!  There was lots of dancing, loud singing and children glowing from the variety of glow items such as sunglasses, glow sticks, bunny ears, unicorns, spiky bracelets and dreadlocks. 

The consensus from the kids was that the Disco was AWESOME!

Thankyou to our hard working organisers Janine and Lisa.   Also a huge thankyou to all the parent volunteers who helped out with inside supervision, checking in the children, outside supervision, glow items sales and checking the children out. We couldn't do it without you!


Thankyou so much to: Libby, Lakshmi, Kate, Rushali, Beccie, Jie, Mei, Lesley, Michelle H, Michael, Sandeep G, Helen, Nicki, Sandeep J, Gaya, Omar, Deeparani, Deepa , Abhilasha, Michelle A and Alan.


See you again next year!



OSHC - Crafty Fruit

Terrific job cleaning our paint brushes Kaylie and Haylie.  You are our Helpers of the Week.


Anannya is our Maker of the Week with this wonderful Snowy Owl.  What a great effort.  


Gallery of events over the past week


Pupil Free Day - 17th September

The Program will operate from 7.15 am until 6.30 pm on 17/09/19. Please let the Educators know if you intend to use the Program.  


September 2019 Holiday Program

The program is available from the Parent Desk in the OSHC room.  Bookings will close on 09.09.19 and will be accepted after this date and once the program has commenced subject to availability.  All of these bookings will incur an additional $5.00 per day per child late fee.


OSHC Breakfast

The Educators at the Program would like to invite you and your children to a special breakfast on Wednesday 28/08/19. To cater for the occassion we request that you RSVP by 23/08/19.  If you do not accompany your child/ren, they will be booked into the Program.


Morning Drop Off at OSHC

It is a requirement that you accompany your child to the Program and sign them in of a morning.  We have noticed a few children making their own way to the OSHC room.



Monday:  Tissue Paper Floral Art

Tuesday:  Paper Crowns

Wednesday:  Greeting Cards

Thursday:  Penguins using Icy Pole Sticks

Friday:  Abstract Fanning

Community Advertising








School Community Information

Second Hand Uniform

Our second hand uniform shop is run by volunteer parents and is open monthly on the 1st Thursday of the month from 9.00 to 10.00am. It is located next to the OSHC rooms.


Please note:  payments are now cash only. 


Our uniform is available at the PSW store in Mt Waverley.  Please see attached forms for further details.




School Banking

Thursday is School Banking Day!!

Contribute to the Rocket

For all enquiries please call the office on

03 9802 5277 or email


Ad rates:  

Inserts - $35.00                                                             

Small items for school families -$3.00

Non-profit organisations  - No charge

Lunch Orders

Students are able to order their lunch via Classroom Cuisine – Monday through Friday, except Tuesdays. Classroom Cuisine is an online lunch order provider.

Community Contacts

School Office / Newsletter
Phone: 03 9802 5277


Helen Freeman

Assistant Principal

Rebecca Stonehouse-Melke

School Council President

Aaron Sudholz

Parents' Association President

Lisa Macdermott

Phys Ed Co-ordinator

Charlie Kenez


Maree Sier

Phone: 03 9886 8483

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