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29 November 2019
Bulletin 36

Students are at the Heart of everything we do!

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Dates to Remember  
OHSC by Extend
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Principal News

A Final Reflection

This past week, the staff and I have continued to receive great feedback about our concert "Music from the Heart", specifically what a sensational job the students, Kate and staff did.  As our community recognises, our school mantra is "Students are at the heart of everything we do" and that is always the motivation for any decision we make. In the case of the concert, to give our students an authentic experience where they could practice and then deliver the many skills Kate's music program gives them. However I would like to thank the many families who have passed on their congratulations and gratitude, it is always good to get feedback about what we are doing well and where we need to improve.




Learning Dispositions

At our school closure day on Tuesday, our staff had the opportunity to visit two schools who were recommended to us by learning consultant Deb Viteri (who is working with our staff in 2020). These schools are doing great things giving their students authentic learning experiences. One of our learning and teaching goals for 2020, is to give our students integrated, motivating experiences that will be the catalyst for literacy improvement, particularly in the area of writing.

As part of the day, the staff finalised the learning dispositions for both ourselves as learners and our students. These six dispositions will become the foundation upon which our learning and teaching experiences will be planned and implemented, and will become part of the every day language of our school community. 

Sacred Heart "Good Samaritan" Award Recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of the Sacred Heart "Good Samaritan" Award, presented at this week's assembly. Our recipients were Enock (Year Two), Milli, Ria and Ari (Year Three), Nicola and Ankita (Year Four) and Huy (Year Five)

For A Good Cause

Our Year Five/Six Environment group, continues to encourage our school community to support their initiative, to collect the plastic bottle tops found on soft drink, milk containers, juice bottles, etc. These tops can be turned into prosthetics for children who have a missing limb. Their great work was given a boost this week when Pauline bought in a bag full of tops she had been collecting at home. Thanks Pauline and the Environment Group.

All Ready To Go


On Monday, our first Year Prep student for 2020, Frances (or as she likes to be known Frankie), was fitted by the mums in the uniform shop with her new school uniform. Rumour has it that Jo, Frankie's mum had a challenge getting Frankie to take her uniform off when she got home she loves it that much! All our 2020 Year Prep students will be back at our school on Friday afternoon for a special end of year celebration where they will meet their Year Six Buddy.


Please note:

Next week is the last week our students will be able to put in a lunch order on a Wednesday at Parade.

Icy poles will continue to be sold of a lunch time on Fridays now that the concert is over


Yours sincerely

Mark Tierney




Library Returns 

The library is now closed for 2019. 

Could you please check that any library books (that may be at home) are now returned to the library. 

Keep reading during the Christmas break! Your local library will be open for borrowing as well as hosting fantastic activities.

Please note your child will receive a notice in their  school bag if they have are any overdue books.


We are also looking for volunteers to help with stocktake of the library. If you can assist, please leave your name at the office for Liz. 

Angela Gangi (Library)


Deputy Principal / Religious Education News 

Christmas Carols

When: Thursday 12th December at 7:00pm

Where: Sacred Heart Church

Everyone is invited to come along and join in singing as one.


Spectrum Visits: Monday 2nd, Tuesday 3rd and Friday 6th of December.

As a part of the Year 6 Transition Program, students will be attending Spectrum Aged Care Respite in Clifton Grove to sing Christmas Carols to the elderly citizens.

Classroom News 

Year 5/6 News 

In Year 5/6 students have the opportunity to plan, write, edit and publish a piece of writing. Below is a sonnet from Lilly in year 5/6 TJ


Seasons of The Year Sonnet  

Many days, shorter nights.

Rippling waters reflect summer’s glow.

Darker shades and brighter lights.

The wind is like a song swaying as it flows.

Hot summer days are over.

Golden leaves turn to a crisp.

I’ll be in need of a four leaf clover.

Because I’ll miss the warm autumn wisp’s.

You can't help but shudder from cold.

The snow falls off the empty trees.

You’ll be lucky if you have someone to hold.

I’ll relish every moment of the sharp winter’s breeze.

Flowers blossom as the wind blows.

As another year is coming to a close.


Lilly Year 6

CD Launch Night

The CD launch was a momentous event for our school this year, and I am sure most of our students past and present will remember this event for the rest of their lives. The songs we sang were absolutely beautiful, from start to finish. I'm sure the entire school plus the parents and friends enjoyed it all. The Year 1/2 ‘s with their song ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ was amazing and very cute if I must say so myself, as well as the Year Prep/1/2‘s who sang ‘When I grow up’. The in between acts performed by The Neon Shooting Stars, the Group that sang Ho Hey and Huy’s Keyboard thingy were also very good. Year 3/4 ‘s did a spectacular job, with Year 3/4M doing ‘Happy’ and Year 3/4AB singing ‘This is Me’. The Year 5/6 performance telling the story of an important part of Australia’s History was sensational. For the finale, we all sang 'One Day', in short it was the loudest and possibly the most extraordinary song that night.


The night was awesome and I enjoyed it a lot, as did my family who loved it too. 

Huy Year 5

Italian News

For several weeks, the Year 3/4's and 5/6's have had fun while working hard on their Italian projects. They chose one of the regions of Italia to explore - foods, capital city, geography, famous people, buildings and unique features. They researched on computer and then produced a visual representation to display. They included Italian words and sentences in their projects. 

Well done ragazzi/bambini! 

Signora Claudia (Italian Teacher)

Dates to Remember  

Term 4 - 7th October - 18th December



5th December

Choir Performance at the Zoo

12th December - Thursday 7pm

School Carols Night

16th December - Monday 

Y6 Graduation 

17th December - Tuesday 

Year 6 Fun day, Last Day. 


18th December - Wednesday 3:15pm 

P- 5 Last Day Term 4.

2020 Dates 

9th August - Sunday 10.30 


OHSC by Extend


Next week's activities!….






Art- Reindeer or snowman cup making 

Science- Candy cane experiment  

Cooking-Chocolate crackles 

Science- Magic pepper and soap experiment  

Sport- Musical basketballs 

The Extend Superstar is…

Chen, for showing great hands-on art skills!


What’s Been Happening?

This week at Extend we cooked up a storm with our fruity raspberry muffins with chocolate sauce, they were berry delicious.


In before school care we made some marvellous bubbles. The rain cloud experiment was very foamy We developed our hand-eye coordination when making origami. 


We applied our STEM Science knowledge to create a glow in the dark dream jar. We were very curious about how the ingredients would make it glow! The fluffy slime we made was seriously squishy and everyone added different colours to make theirs unique. 


On Curriculum day we made our own pipe cleaner wands to blow bubbles in. Our dyed egg experiment was very colourful and we learnt that oil and water does not mix. Tennis and grip-ball was very popular.We made pancakes, ate lots of yummy fruit.


Community Links

This month we will commence our pen pals with a local Extend school. We look forward to communicating with others and learning about some other students our age. 


CD Orders

‘Music from the Heart’ 

Sacred Heart CD Launch Night Photos

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Some photos of students were taken during the night of the performance. These photos will be available to download or emailed to you for a donation. The photos will be displayed in the staff room on:

Monday 2nd December from 8.30-9.00 am

Monday 2nd December from 3.15-3.45 pm

Thursday 5th December from 3.15-3.45 pm


All donations will go towards paying for the cost of the CD. 

Sacred Heart Primary School 1 Clifton Grove Preston Newsletter
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