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28 April 2017
Issue Four
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Principal's News

From the Principal

Recently, the Department of Education and Training’s Performing Arts Unit auditioned students from across the state for this year’s Victorian State Schools Spectacular. A significant number of our students have been successful in securing roles in this year’s Spectacular core performing company.


Congratulations to:

Coleman Shook and Chloe Horrabin - Principal Vocalists;

Emily Standfield - Principal Dance;

Cody Leggett Musician -  Guitar

Samantha Mikulandra Musician - Oboe,

Priya Manders Musician  - Trombone,

Michael Noble - Saroto Musician - Tenor Saxophone;

Zoe Keltie and Cameron Shook Dance Ensemble; Zac Callum,  Olivia Slade, Indiana Rancie and William Fisher Choir.


We all look forward to enjoying your performances together with the Ringwood SC Dance ensemble in September, at Hisense Arena.


During the past week, there have been many opportunities to commemorate Anzac Day that have involved our students.

Our Year 7 and 8 student ambassadors participated in a schools’ service run by the Rotary Club of Ringwood at Ringwood Lake and another group at the Legacy service at the Shrine of Remembrance.

Our school assembly on Monday was led by our students and focussed on commemorating the service of Australian men and women. There was a particularly strong connection this year with the past and the centenary of Anzac on the western Front in France.

The first Principal of Ringwood High School, Mr James Bennett (1954-58) fought in the Battle of Bullecourt in Northern France in 1917. The story of Mr Bennett has been captured by our Heritage and Alumni group and is attached to my report for your information.

We were joined at the Assembly by Mr Bennett’s grandson, Carl Stevenson and this added to the significance of the event.

Our Senior Symphonic Band did a superb job in presenting the music befitting for such a remembrance ceremony and was highlighted by the playing of the Last Post and Rouse.


On Anzac morning, I was joined by two of our school prefects Ariel Parker and Jayden Anthony for the Ringwood RSL Dawn Service in Ringwood at the Clocktower.  

Lest We Forget.


Ringwood Secondary College Information and Open Night was held on Wednesday as one of a number of activities that highlight the educational options for students at our school. This evening, supplements the program of school tours that runs throughout terms 1 and 2. The weather wasn’t the kindest on what was our coldest day for 2017, but the turnout was again substantial with estimates of over 800 people in attendance.

Once again the demand for places at Year 7 for 2018 will be exceptionally strong, with applications closing on May 12 ,2017.

Further details regarding enrolments can be located on the college website.


We can once again be very proud of our students who are fantastic representatives of the College and are very positive in their outlook and perspective. I would particularly like to thank our teaching staff for their efforts and particularly acknowledge the work of : Mr Jonathan Rogers, Mrs Leah Pritchard, Mrs Karen Carden, Mr James Barut, Mrs Kim Watson, Ms Samantha Asbury, Ms Faith Stepniewski, Ms Jessica Friend and Mrs Voula Margellis.


Our capital works program is at an exciting stage. Next week we move back into our newly refurbished Library Learning Space and whist there is some external facade and landscaping work to be completed it will be operational for student use on May 8.  The main building is really developing now and the major focus of current work in the coming weeks is roof guttering and flashings, services rough-in, external cladding, bricklaying, aircon enclosure, glass installation and external site works.  


Congratulations to the Wellbeing Team and student leaders for their organisation of the Bounce into Mental Health Carnival which was held in conjunction with National Youth Week. It was fantastic to see the laughter and smiles on student faces and at the same time reinforcing positive aspects of Resilience and Mental Health.


Many of you would now be aware that the NAPLAN testing for Year 7 and Year 9 students which will now be held on May 9 to 11  will revert to a pen and paper based test in 2017. Whilst this is disappointing the VCAA advised that there were potentially some glitches that would not be resolved in time for this year.


For all those members of our community who are interested, there is a copy of our 2016 Annual Report and 2017 Annual Implementation Plan located on the College website –

Michael Phillips


Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

The Year 11 Debutante Balls.

The second week of rehearsals have concluded with one week and one rehearsal at the venue to go! Our dance instructors, Caitlin and Tim, are impressed by how quickly the Year 11's have picked up the dance routines and all students are having a great time.

Parent volunteers have been superb and their support at break times is greatly appreciated. The two Deb Balls will be held on the 13th and the 21st of May respectively at The Grand Princess. We are looking forward to both these events eagerly.

A few snapshots highlight the great time being had by all. In particular, we were so pleased to see the former MC of the Deb Ball, Mr Brian Amos, pass on his 31 years of wisdom to our newest recruit, Mitchell Pirera. As always a huge sense of gratitude goes to the indefatigable Kathy Donovan, the organiser of the event.

Parent Teacher Interviews Term 1.

It was lovely to see the large number of parents at the Parent Teacher Student interviews last term. Communication on these days offers the opportunity to share information face to face and helps foster respectful relationships between the college and the home. The next interview date is Wednesday 30th August.


The PCTA is meeting for the first time this term on the 2nd of May. Last term we farewelled our former Secretary, Meredith Anderson, at the council dinner. This year our elected Office Bearers are: President Tracey Howell, Vice-President Michelle Shearn, Treasurer Jacqui Brudenell, Secretary Rossana Fazzolari. Congratulations to all. With such a great group of parents on the committee it is never too late to express interest in joining in. This term the PCTA will prepare a Staff Thank you Morning tea on Wednesday 24 th May during Education week.


I was moved by the voices of students who articulated their opinion about a newly approved camp and their learning from the experience. Ms Anna Russell, the Learning Interventions

co-ordinator and camp organiser handed me the letters from the Year 8 Literacy Support class who went on camp for the very first time. Students raised points about how necessary the camp was to build confidence, self esteem and trust within themselves and as a group. The Year 8 students are to be congratulated for their passionate appeal to the college of the continuation of a camp for Literacy support students.


Curriculum Day

Staff spent the first day of this term listening to esteemed presenter Glen Pearsall as part of a professional learning day. His topic covered effective assessment and feedback practices while encouraging students to take a more active role in the assessment cycle. Staff then experienced what it is like to be a Year 9 student by reading Year 9 NAPLAN passages and discussing reading techniques. It was an interesting exercise which revealed the strategies readers use to interpret information. The emphasis we are placing on reading as a key Literacy skill will become even more apparent as we strive to give students rigorous reading materials across all subjects in order to enhance their capabilities in this area.


Year 9 Personal Project Expo

Finally, a message from Ms Virgina Watson regarding the Year 9 Personal Project Expo.

This expo is a highlight on the Term 2 calendar and we encourage you to come and view the work of our Year 9 students.


 As part of the Year 9 InterGREAT program students have been working on their Personal Projects. Over the course of the project students are encouraged to develop grit, tenacity, perseverance and resilience in order to overcome challenges and complete their projects.

 On Tuesday 2nd May from 7pm-8pm in the 500s area, our year 9 students will be showcasing their completed projects to the wider school community, including staff and Year 9 parents.

 It is important that all year 9 students attend this night as attendance at the expo is also a part of their assessment.

 This night will allow students to show off their completed projects, detail the new skills they have developed and describe the amount of planning, effort and perseverance that went into their finished product. It will also give students the chance to interact and engage with an audience. 


Eleni Stathatos

From Mr Barut


Welcome back to term two to all our parents, carers and students.


This term gives all students an opportunity to reflect on last term and think about the ways that they can improve their efforts in class, and indeed, get involved in all the opportunities the College offers. This personal self reflection allows learning growth to occur, if students are honest and aware of where they are at. I speak daily to most of our teachers, our Heads of Sub Schools and our House Co-ordinators and the overwhelming message that is coming through is that our students love coming to school, really enjoy their classes and have built strong relationships with their teachers. As always, to maintain the focus on positive relationships, we ask you, the parents to support the College in maintaining the positivity that your son/daughter has created and is thriving in.


If you ever need to contact one of the co-ordinators to discuss the best way we can support your son/daughter, here is a list of the relevant personnel of each sub school:


Junior Sub School Leader:

Mr Jonathon Rogers – Years 7 and 8

House Co-ordinators: Ms Samantha Asbury, Ms Jessica Friend, Ms Kim Watson and Ms Faith Stepniewski


Middle Sub School Leader:

Mr Matthew Tucker – Years 9 and 10

House Co-ordinators: Mr Shane Asbury, Mr Benn Jamieson, Ms Alyce Bailey and Mr Michael Kent


Senior Sub School Leader:

Mrs Cathy Menz – Years 11 and 12

House Co-ordinators: Mr Jason Tan, Ms Anna Urbano, Ms Natalie Kosnar and Mrs Fiona Pourgoutzidis (nee Sawyer)


These caring, consummate professionals will answer any queries you may and they are happy to take your call or Compass communique.



Ringwood Secondary College is a uniform school and our uniform policy is clearly stipulated on the college website and we ask for your support in maintaining the guidelines of uniform wearing and policy that was framed collaboratively by both teachers and students. Full winter uniform comes into effect from Monday, 1 May. Garments that do not comply with the prescribed school uniform will be confiscated by staff and handed in to the co-ordinator’s office. Please be reminded that hoodies are not to be worn at school at any time. If there are extenuating circumstances, please supply some written documentation to support a uniform pass, but none will be issued for hoodies. In the same vein, facial piercings are not permitted at any time whilst on school grounds and on another note, facial hair is not permitted.



Some of you may have realised that the school is doubling up in some of its events, especially in Years 10, 11 and 12. There are two Central Australia trips and there will be three Debutante Balls by the end of this year. The reason for this change is to allow a different program to come into effect from next year. The decision was made to minimise disruption to the start of the school year, particularly for the senior students. Thus, in 2018 the extracurricular program will be:


Year 12 – Valedictory Ceremony at the end of the year

Year 11 – Debutante Ball at the start of the year

Year 10 – Central Australia trip, mid year


Thank you in advance for your support as we facilitate these changes.



I am writing to provide you with information about Edrolo, a study program and exam resource that will be utilised across a range of VCE subjects in 2017.


Edrolo is the only comprehensive, premium, online, interactive video and exam simulation resource for the VCE and has been assessed as a fantastic resource for our VCE students. Edrolo is currently used by over 50,000 students across 250 schools, and we are confident it is an extremely valuable investment, providing our students with a differentiated and targeted level of support as they prepare for their most important examinations.


What exactly is Edrolo?

Edrolo is an extensive study and exam revision resource crafted by outstanding VCE teachers (including exam assessors, textbook authors, and department heads). Edrolo is built in accordance with the VCAA Study Designs to guide through their coursework during the year and final exam preparation.

Edrolo is broken up into two key elements:

  • Theory Master: Interactive video courses mapped to each subject’s Study Design and presented by proven expert teachers. Each subject’s Theory Master has 100s of videos and interactive quiz questions for students to learn from and test themselves on.
  • Exam Master: Online simulated practice exams offering video solutions for every single exam question, incorporating unique insights and diagnostic study tools enabling students to identify and target their individual areas of weakness.

Sitting behind Edrolo are rich analytics that our teachers will use to understand, in greater detail, the learning needs of students, and thereby be able to provide more targeted support than has ever been possible with traditional resources.


The resource is available on any device, 24/7 


How will students use Edrolo?

Our teachers will guide students to make full use of Edrolo in a range of ways across the year, including:

  • holiday homework;
  • pre-class work;
  • post-class consolidation;
  • assessment preparation; and,
  • exam revision.

What does Edrolo cost?

As a school subscribing to Edrolo we are able to secure preferred pricing of $30 per subject, on a sliding scale. Thus:

One subject - $30

Two subjects - $60

Three subjects - $85

Four subjects - $110

Five subjects - $125


This compares very favourably with other resources, such as study guides (~$30-$40/subject), revision lectures (~$50-$120/subject) and private tuition (~$40-$100/hour). Edrolo has been deemed an outstanding support resource, providing our students with the best opportunity to perform to their potential on their final examinations.


What you need to do

Please log on to Compass and payments can be made online. Students in Year 11 and 12 have been sorted into how many subjects a students does that is covered by the Edrolo study package.


James Barut

Assistant Principal, Sub Schools

From Mrs Allison

Welcome back to term 2!

It is an important time of the year for students as they consolidate their learning and focus in a positive way. By improving time management and organizational skills, students can work towards building their strengths, reflecting on their performance and planning for improvements.


Maroondah City Council Youth Awards

The Maroondah City Council Youth Awards is an annual event that allows young people to be recognised and celebrated for their achievements, commitment and outstanding work in our local community. Local schools nominate their students for their work under several categories. This year six Ringwood Secondary College students were awarded for their excellent commitment. I was very proud of our students and honoured to be present on April 6th for the award presentations.


Congratulations to:

Theo (Lai Thang Mawia Chhakchhuak)-House Captain

Kip Te (Tluang Kippar)- Personal Journey Award

Noah Htin Lin Htet- Short video project

Pornchai Mevicha-Short video project

Chendoah Smith-Personal Journey Award

Madison Groves-Berry- Personal Journey Award

Phoebe Roach-Super Citizen Award

Eh Ku Paw Moo Dwell- Super Citizen Award


The College encourages our students to have a voice, become active role models to make positive change within the local community. Hopefully, more students from our College will inspired and motivated by this year’s award winners.


ANZAC Day Ceremony

Last Monday, the College community paid homage to our fallen war heroes with our College leaders reciting poems and traditional readings in a solemn and respectful manner. This year our Heritage Group, a group of ex Ringwood High School/Secondary College students, attended the event. These dedicated individuals have spent many years recording the College’s history and their perseverance in researching past staff and students culminated this year, with J R Bennett, our College’s first Principal being recognised for his gallant efforts in WW1 and his overall contribution to our school. We were very honoured to have his grandson, Carl Stevenson, present at the ceremony.


This week’s wellbeing focus is: Mindfulness.

The information below is sourced from the Kids Matter website, a wonderful resource that provides interesting and helpful information.

Mindfulness is a whole body-mind state of awareness that involves ‘tuning in’ to the present moment, with openness and curiosity, instead of ‘tuning out’ from experience. Mindfulness is a state of being fully awake to life – being aware and undistracted in the present moment. It is about focusing attention on the present, rather than thinking about the past or worrying about the future- which is often our brain’s default mode.

Mindful awareness is something that we all possess and that can be strengthened through practice. Mindfulness can be developed through formal sitting meditation practices, or through informal everyday mindfulness activities that use the senses to anchor the attention: such as mindful walking, listening to music, eating or conversation. Mindfulness is a clinically proven tool to support wellbeing and mental health by reducing stress and allowing life to be experienced more fully.

Why practise being mindful?

The way we interact with our kids has a huge impact on the way they think about themselves and their levels of personal resilience.


The benefits of mindfulness with children

  • Research shows that mindfulness training increases connectivity in the frontal lobe of the brain, which is linked to improved attention, memory processing and decision making abilities.
  • Mindfulness training involves tuning in to internal and external experiences with curiosity resulting in increased self-awareness, social awareness, and self-confidence.
  • Mindfulness training increases children’s ability to self-regulate their emotions, especially difficult emotions such as fear and anger, through breathing and other grounding techniques.
  • Mindfulness has been shown to improve empathy or the ability to understand what another person is thinking or feeling, which improves children’s awareness of others and helps them to build positive relationships.

Mindfulness for parents

The best thing parents can do to help their children become more mindful is to commit to some regular mindfulness practises themselves! The more present and mindful you are with your children, the more happy, mindful and resilient they will be. Mindfulness training can assist parents to remain in the present moment and engage more fully when interacting with their children. Research shows that parents and carers who practice being mindful around their children contribute to improving their child’s sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

  • Mindful time: Dedicate a window of time each week to mindfully connect with your child or children. Turn off all other distractions such as TV, and put your mobile away and on silent. Try to give them your full attention during this time and if your mind wanders off to all the things you should be doing, that’s fine – that’s just what minds do! Use your child as an anchor to come back to every time your mind wanders away.
  • Mindful dinnertime: Create a time for your family to appreciate and savour their food at the start of a meal by spending the first few minutes of dinner in silence, just eating and enjoying the food. It’s a surprisingly nice activity to do with the whole family, and done regularly, can become a lovely ritual.


Smiling Mind is another resource worthwhile accessing that provides usable ‘apps’ for mindfulness.


Maria Allison


From the Office

The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN)

NAPLAN will be conducted from Tuesday 9th to Thursday 11th May for Year 7 and 9 students. The timetable is as follows:

Tuesday, 9th May   Literacy (Language Conventions and Writing)

Wednesday, 10th May  Literacy (Reading)

Thursday, 11th  May  Numeracy (Students are required to bring their calculator to this test)


Further information for parents of Year 7 and 9 students is available on parent’s Compass homepage.

Exam Supervisors Needed

Attention Ringwood Secondary College Parents/Guardians and Community Members

The Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 GAT and Exams will run this year as always during June and November and we are looking for Exam Supervisors to add to our roster. Exam supervisors will be responsible for providing adequate supervision to the students, setting out and collecting exam papers before and after exams and responding to various student needs during exams. There is relevant remuneration available.


If you are interested, please send an email to [email protected]  with a short description of any relevant experience in Exam/Assessment program involvement and/or experience in an educational setting, provide a copy of your current working with children’s check, an indication of your availability of the exam dates below and finally, complete and sign the attached stat dec via email or post to the school.


Year 12 GAT                             

Wed 14th June   

Year 10/11 Mid Year Exams      

Fri 9th June - Monday 19th June  

Year 12 End of Year Exams           

Wed 1st Nov - Fri 24th Nov         

Year 11 End of Year Exams           

Mon 20th Nov - Fri 24th Nov       

Year 10 End of Year Exams           

Mon 27th Nov - Fri 1st Dec  


Careers Department

Please read all the up to date information on Careers within the College










This is particularly important for VCE students who have an 90% attendance requirement across all subjects

NB: VCE students who are absent for two or more consecutive days will normally need a medical certificate.  Please contact the student’s Coordinator if you are unsure about this requirement.

Late to School

If a student will be late for any reason:

  • Notify the school via the attendance line where possible in the morning
  • Or send a note with your child
  • In both instances the students will need to sign in at the office on arrival.

Please Note – Students who are regularly late to school without a valid reason will be given a lunchtime detention

To ensure that we can manage the welfare and safety of the student community it is important that you respond to any SMS messages you receive in relation to morning absence notifications in a timely manner.

If you have any questions or require assistance please contact the school.


With Thanks

Kay Priestley

Attendance Officer

Building Project

Facilities Report

Over recent weeks a huge amount of work has taken place at the College.




The Junior School building is starting to look very impressive and the library refurbishment will be partially complete by the end of this month.

Key works currently being undertaken on the Junior school include wall and roof cladding, eave lining, electrical, glazing and brickwork. In the library, it’s a similar situation with painting, installation of lights, cabinet work and new bathroom fittings being installed.  


Other works around the College:

  • Painting of Weatherboards in the main quadrangle
  • Building of the sports storage area
  • Planning for the staff wellbeing area
  • Painting of rooms 1, 2 and 5
  • Replacement of damaged desk tops
  • Several new staff tables
  • Repairs to RT Engineering Workshop door
  • Pruning/brush cutting gardens

OH & S

  • All gas heaters serviced including type 2 hydraulic heaters
  • Additional visitor signs located around the college
  • Test and tagging-several areas
  • Service of Metal/Woodwork machines
  • Tree/Arborist works
  • Emergency lighting tested

Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager

Around the School

Extension Programs

Year 7 Da Vinci Decathlon:

Ringwood SC will be entering two teams of Year 7 students for the Da Vinci Decathlon to be held on May 15 at Camberwell Grammar. This “decathlon with a difference” is an academic interschool gala day run in the spirit of an Olympic Decathlon, with events of an academic nature. The theme for 2017 is “Power”.  There has been a great deal of interest from students in this, and the 2 teams are now finalised. Last Friday April 22, we held our first practice session during lunchtime, where the students worked in their teams for the first time. The students had a fantastic time practising a ‘Code Breaking Challenge’, and they excelled in the task. We will be running practice sessions each Friday lunchtime, until the Decathlon.

Our teams are:

Da Vinci Team 1: Charlotte Jackson 7A, Brooke Humphreys & Jessica Suares 7F, Sue Kumar 7H, and Cade Cavanagh, Tom Jackson, Aidan Maher & Nathan Agache 7I.

Da Vinci Team 2:  Liam Denholm & Lachlan Moroney 7A, Caitlin Dowding, Johanna Feeney & Isabel Kenworthy 7H, and Emma Hanly, Shion Kim & Eve Maskell 7I.


Tournament of Minds (TOM):

Ringwood SC will be entering for the Tournament of Minds to be held on Saturday 26 August at Mount Lilydale Marcy College. Each team must choose one Long Term Challenge to solve over six weeks and then present their solution to a panel of judges and audience on Tournament Day, as well as complete a Spontaneous Challenge on the day. The Long Term Challenges will be chosen from Science Technology; Engineering Maths; Language Literature; or Social Sciences. The Challenges are not made available until July 13.

ACE Tournament Team: Shion Kim, Aidan Maher & Elley Steenhuisen 7I, and Vithara Gunawardena, Kayla Tomlinson, Sam Rhodes & Daniel Watson 8I. We are having our first team meeting this week.


Great to see these students so keen to challenge themselves!


Ms Annette Niven

ACE Program Coordinator

ANZAC Commemoration

On a glorious sunny Friday afternoon, students and staff from 23 schools across Maroondah gathered at the Soundshell at Ringwood Lake for the now annual ANZAC commemoration. The service gathered representatives from local, State and Federal governments as well as the Honorary Consuls from France, Belgium and Turkey, and all dignitaries present urged the audience to consider the ongoing costs of wars and importance for us all to pledge to work for peace.

In his ANZAC address, historian Dr Ross McMullin encouraged us all to imagine having an older brother or relative who had enlisted in the army 100 years ago. A time when communications were limited to letters that travelled by ship. No internet, no TV, no radio. Letters took at least six weeks to arrive from Europe, so as family and friends read their treasured letters, they knew that potentially, the beloved author of the letter they held could be yet another casualty of the bloody Western Front. Letters from the front were censored, newspaper reports were censored so any real sense of what the soldiers experienced was limited. McMullin also told the moving tale of George Challis, a VFL footballer in Carlton’s successful premiership team of 1915. He painted the picture of a young George Challis as a fast-moving on baller, in the style of the Bulldogs Johannisen, who after hearing of the need for more soldiers following the Gallipoli campaign, enlisted in late 1915. Tragically, Challis was killed, along with so many other young men on the Western Front in July 1916. The news of his death arrived in Melbourne during the week of the Grand Final in September 1916, and as a mark of respect for their team mate, Carlton players wore black arm bands.

As the Ringwood Highland Pipe Band played the audience was left a deep sense of the dreadful costs of war for not only the soldiers, but for all of us who are connected through community. As the anthems of France, Belgium, Turkey and Australia rang out, we were reminded of those elements that bind us across time and culture: a deep love of family and friends.


Agatha Fedrizzi


From Senior School

One term is down, just two and a bit to go for all of the Year 12s! The year is passing just as quickly as past year 12s and teachers promised it would!


A highlight of the end of Term 1 for our Head and Deputy Head Prefects, Didier, Ariel, Jasmine and Jayden, was the very first Victorian Government Youth Summit on the 31st of March which they attended along with student leaders from younger year levels. Our leaders were given the opportunity to meet other youth from across Victoria and discuss so many of the issues that are important to youth today. The Ringwood representatives did a workshop on Youth Homelessness and were able to contribute their opinions in a format that will be taken straight to Members of Parliament. Other issues discussed were driver’s license ages, mental health in youth, and diversity and acceptance, amongst many other topics. They even got to briefly meet the Minister for Youth Affairs, Jenny Mikakos MP!


We hope everyone enjoyed their break and are ready to do their best in Term 2.

Ariel Parker, Head Prefect


G'day everyone, welcome back to Term 2, a special announcement on the 12th May we'll be running the Athletics carnival. This is a great opportunity to earn house points and show off your sporty skills. So please enter and come on down. For those not entering please show your support for your peers and housemates. Go Frazer the inquisitive platypus, Mabo the brave tortoise, Freeman the speedy emu and Jackman the loyal dingo

See you all there.

Thomas Hennessy, Frazer House Prefect



During the end of Term 1 there were a couple of levels of swimming. Ringwood did very well at both of these and many students have made it to State swimming. On the last day of term we had cross country. The Year 11s ran in the under 20 age group, and Samantha Olsen was the first Year 11 to cross the finish line. Everyone got plenty of holiday homework and we are all back now ready for another great term!

Ciara Lumsden, Yr 11 Level Leader


Duke of Ed - Mt Buffalo

On the last week of Term 1, the Duke of Edinburgh classes left for Mt Buffalo feeling pumped. The trip was a long five hours. We were prepared to conquer the full three nights of fun and adventure. (Eh doh doh and Flic).


On camp one of our activities was abseiling. We abseiled down three cliff faces. The smallest abseil was 10m, followed by 25m and 35m. For many of the students this was the highlight of the camp and a great new experience (Grace and Tilly).


On the Duke Camp, we went caving in our groups. The caves were very  wet and cold. We had to crawl through tight gaps in between the rocks which was challenging for everybody but still good fun (Will and Harry). Crevassing was awesome. We hiked down a cliff, fitted through small spaces, climbed down big rocks, crawled in underground caves and when we stopped for a break, the view was incredible.


The lovely weather just topped off the amazing experience (Rhi and Sahana). On the Mt Buffalo camp, we experienced rock climbing on a flat faced rock. Unlike regular indoor rock climbing there weren’t set grips built in to the rock to assist with reaching the top. Some parts of climbing were really challenging but everyone made it to the top at their own pace (Fletch and Ky). Aside from the outdoor activities, the teachers arranged a variety of night activities. We went crevassing in the dark, on a night walk and shared many laughs over the trivia night.


Mr Jamieson shared some of his ghost stories and overall these experiences added to the trip and made it a camp we will never forget.


Kate and Nikki

Year 10

InterGREAT news!

On Tuesday the 28th March, we had a guest speaker named Martin come in during InterGREAT. Martin was from The Resilience Project and spoke to all of the year 9’s about the importance of gratitude, mindfulness and empathy. He was a really lively person and very interesting to listen to.

He had many great stories to tell of his career, and behind all the humour the stories were also very uplifting. Looking forward to seeing him again in term 4. 


Tim Steenhuizen

History and Geography Tour

Students interested in enriching their History and Geography experience are invited to join Mr Jamieson and Ms Asbury in visiting significant historical, natural and cultural
sites directly linked to what is studied in Humanities and Media Years 8 to Years 12

Price is approximately $3050 subject to final flights and student numbers.


Parent Information Session will be held on:
MONDAY 8th MAY 7pm
Ringwood Training Facility


Please read the above information on what is happening in BOUNCE.


Kati Recinos

Leadership Summit

Leadership Summit at the MCG was held with the Minister for Youth Affairs, Jenny Mikakos with some of our student leaders from the College attending the event with other schools.

Junior School

Term 2, Week 2 - Junior School

Welcome to Term 2 in Junior School.

We hope that students and their families enjoyed a lovely holiday break and are ready to make a great start to the term.


Term 1 was full of exciting events in which our Junior School students were involved, including; the school swimming carnival, the summer season of inter school sports, House activities and Bounce assemblies, music evenings, ambassador training, and school tours.


On the last day of Term 1, Year 7 students celebrated a successful start to high school with a year level trip to Hoyts Eastland to see Beauty and the Beast. Students enjoyed the walk in the sunshine, which also acted as a warm up for the school cross country which was held later that day.



Year 8 students joined us in the afternoon to enthusiastically participate in the school cross-country event. Some students ran personal best times for the distance, while others ran in small groups, encouraging each other to the finish line.


It has been wonderful to see so many our Year 7 and 8 students making the most of opportunities, and engaging in the wider school community. But there’s no reason to stop now.


The first week back to Term 2 has been a jam-packed extravaganza. On Thursday 20th April the school was buzzing with excitement about the Bounce into Mental Health Day. Junior School students filled their classrooms and the schoolyard with bursts of colour as they dressed in house colours to support this positive day.

As part of the Transition Program, Year 7 students enjoyed access to the activities during period 3, which included food stalls, a rock-climbing wall, henna tattoos, sumo suit wrestling and inflatables.

On Monday 24th April a whole school assembly was held in commemoration of Anzac Day, and Junior School leaders Erin Wynne, Joshua Clements and Lucy Ahearn spoke confidently to the school community, reading from excerpts and poems to recognise the occasion.


While we have experienced a balmy start to term, we now head into some cooler weather, which signals a change of the school uniform. We would like to remind students that the winter uniform must be worn from Monday 1st May 2017.


With so much happening in the school, it is important to keep an eye on the school calendar and Compass for important information. We look forward to the coming weeks, in which we will see our Year 7s participating in a study skills session on Thursday 11th May, and the whole school Athletics Day on Friday 12th May. We encourage Junior School students to again start thinking about costumes, and to get involved in multiple events (whether competitive or novelty) to make for a memorable day.


Samantha Asbury

Junior School House Coordinator (Frazer)

Middle School

Middle School News

Welcome to Term 2!

As Term 2 begins, there are many upcoming events for the students in Middle School.  Year 9 students and parents have the interGREAT personal project expo night on Tuesday 2nd of May.  Year 10 students have the METEC excursion at the end of May and before we know it, Year 10 exam period will begin at the end of week 8, then shortly followed by Work Experience.

All students should look to effectively manage their coursework and subject workloads.  Timely completion of work and adequate preparation for their assessment tasks will assist students greatly in having a successful Term 2!



The beginning of Term 2 indicates the uniform changeover period from summer to winter uniform.  All students will need to be wearing full winter uniform from the 1st of May.  If anyone is unsure of the winter uniform guidelines, please refer to the ‘Student Dress Code Policy’ which is located on the college website. 

For any further concerns, please contact the relevant Middle School Coordinator.  Thank-you to students and parents for their continued support and abiding by our uniform policy.



Year 9 Challen9e Camp

Year 9 students ventured to Phillip Island Adventure Resort on Monday 20th March for a three-day adventure camp. Even though the weather was not the greatest, we persevered and were still able to have a great time and complete all of the planned activities.  A massive thank-you to all staff for their time and efforts to allow the students this great experience. 

Thanks to Jasmine Lacy & Tarni Cavanagh (Year 9 Level Leaders) for sharing their thoughts and experiences about the Year 9 Challen9e Camp.

“On the 20th March, all of the Year 9s travelled together to Philip Island Adventure Resort for our Year 9 Challenge Camp. That afternoon, we got straight into our exciting activities which included things like giant swing, flying fox and archery. After our first day of activities we had a delicious dinner followed by a fun trivia and games night. It was great to see everyone getting involved and having a good time!

Our second day was jammed packed with four more awesome and challenging activities. Things like the team rescue and the initiatives course required lots of teamwork and encouragement. Later that night we had a choice between watching the movies Soul Surfer and Inside Out.

On the third and final day of challenge camp, we got to complete two more activities with our groups, before we packed up our cabins and got on the bus.

While the weather forecast wasn’t great, the year 9’s all managed to have a great time, made new memories and formed new friendships.”



Hard Working & High Achieving Student Morning Tea

The Middle School Team began Term 2 with a very positive morning tea held for many hard working and high achieving students.  We would like to acknowledge and congratulate these students for their efforts and achievements across first term. Keep up the great work and we look forward to celebrating the achievements of these students, along with many more throughout 2017.


Matthew Tucker

Middle School Sub School Leader


Senior School

 From the Prefects


One term is down, just two and a bit to go for all of the Year 12s! The year is passing just as quickly as past year 12s and teachers promised it would!


A highlight of the end of Term 1 for our Head and Deputy Head Prefects, Didier, Ariel, Jasmine and Jayden, was the very first Victorian Government Youth Summit on the 31st of March which they attended along with student leaders from younger year levels. Our leaders were given the opportunity to meet other youth from across Victoria and discuss so many of the issues that are important to youth today. The Ringwood representatives did a workshop on Youth Homelessness and were able to contribute their opinions in a format that will be taken straight to Members of Parliament. Other issues discussed were driver’s license ages, mental health in youth, and diversity and acceptance, amongst many other topics. They even got to briefly meet the Minister for Youth Affairs, Jenny Mikakos MP!


We hope everyone enjoyed their break and are ready to do their best in Term 2.


Ariel Parker, Head Prefect


G'day everyone, welcome back to Term 2, a special announcement on the 12th May we'll be running the Athletics carnival. This is a great opportunity to earn house points and show off your sporty skills. So please enter and come on down. For those not entering please show your support for your peers and housemates. Go Frazer the inquisitive platypus, Mabo the brave tortoise, Freeman the speedy emu and Jackman the loyal dingo

See you all there.


Thomas Hennessy, Frazer House Prefect


During the end of Term 1 there were a couple of levels of swimming. Ringwood did very well at both of these and many students have made it to State swimming. On the last day of term we had cross country. The Year 11s ran in the under 20 age group, and Samantha Olsen was the first Year 11 to cross the finish line. Everyone got plenty of holiday homework and we are all back now ready for another great term!


Ciara Lumsden, Yr 11 Level Leader


2017 Ringwood Cross Country

The school term finished off with students competing in the Ringwood Cross Country event.

It was a fantastic afternoon which saw our students cover a 3km or 5km course through the surrounding areas. Well done to all students that took part.

Congratulations to our Age Group Winners:


Division and Region Swimming Results

Ringwood achieved some fantastic results at the Division and Region swim meets that took place during the last two weeks of Term 1. We had some outstanding individual and team performances at both meets and all students are to be congratulated on their efforts.


Ringwood - Division Champions


Division Age Group Champions

Alice Matanasinga 20Yr, Sophie Caldwell 17Yr, Jonathan Murphy 17Yr, Danial Gazzola 14Yr, Cam Radford 20Yr, Cade Cavanagh 13Yr, Tarni Cavanagh 15Yr, Tiffany Hayes 14Yr.


Sophie and Alice holding the Division Winners Plaque


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our Yr 12 students who have taken part in the swimming meets over the years. They have been fantastic role models for our junior students and their support of the sports program has been greatly appreciated.


Ringwood - Region Winners! 

An amazing performance by our Ringwood swimmers to be crowned the Eastern Region Swimming Champions for 2017. The competition was fierce however everybody’s contribution on the day lead to this fantastic result.




Best of luck to Sophie Caldwell, Ciara Lumsden, Caitlyn Dellows, Tarni and Cade Cavanagh, and Tiffinay Hayes who are competing in the State Swimming Championships, being held at MSAC, this Wednesday.





Ms Roi Boutsikakis

Director of Sport

Intermediate Girls Tennis

On Friday 28th April the RSC Intermediate Girls Tennis Team played against five other schools in the Regional Round Robin.

While they were unsuccessful in qualifying for State, Hayley Daws, Claudia Carter, Jess Jamieson and Jess Bowyer-Smyth showed true grit and determination in all of  their matches.


Anna Benson

Performing Arts and Music

Music Report

The countdown has begun for this year’s Generations in Jazz! All stage bands, jazz combos, Senior Choir and Senior Vocal Ensemble were busy over the break with day camps and masterclasses in the past week, busily preparing for not only the weekend at Mt Gambier but also our upcoming Jazz Night.

Last week the Senior Choir had the great privilege of working with Sally Cameron from the Idea of North. Not only did the choir receive great feedback on how to improve their performances but also were the recipients of a lovely performance from Sally. I know the Choir is especially excited to present what they learnt from Sally, next Monday night.

 Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to hear our talented musicians before they set off for Mt Gambier. All nine ensembles will be performing at the Shoppingtown Hotel this coming Monday, 1 May, starting at 7.30pm. Tickets can still be purchased via Trybooking up to 9am on Monday 1 May. Seats are filling fast so don’t miss out! Please book tickets on .


Thank you to the Symphonic Band and Mr Bonnet for their wonderful playing at the College’s ANZAC ceremony last Monday. It was a very moving performance.


Please check Compass for our upcoming Junior and Intermediate/ Senior concerts.


Senior Strings and Symphony Orchestra are busily preparing for their performances at the Victorian Schools Music Festival at Hawthorn Town Hall in early June. Please check Compass for further details.


Thank you to everyone for a smooth start to a very busy term.


Ms Janine Pero

Director of Music



”True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new.”

Antoine De Saint- Exupery ( 1900-1944), French Writer.

Bounce into Mental Health Carnival

The Ringwood Secondary College Bounce Into Mental Health Carnival, held on Thursday April 20th, was sensational.  The aim of this annual event is to promote positive Mental Health amongst young people and also make the school community aware of the local services that are available to support mental health.  

This year, thanks to the sponsorship of National Youth Week the Bounce Into Mental Health Carnival was the biggest we have seen in the eight years that we have been organising it. We had facilitators from MIC, Reconnect, EACH, Maroondah Youth Services, Laughter for Living and Victoria Legal Aid manning stalls and giving out information to the students along with wristbands pens and lollies.  


A particular highlight was the puppy pen supported by Animal Aid, Lauren Aitkens and Jess Dalboni. Some other activities included inflatable rides; a photo booth where the kids dressed up; henna art; Freestyle Now (BMX and skate demonstration); a live DJ and Mr. Whippy. Our Stand Out group, who promote anti-discrimination, also sold out their fairly floss. The students came in free dress in their house colours. The best dressed winners were Cassidy Work and Maeve Leonard. The Year 7 cohort enjoyed exclusive access during Period 3 thanks to funding from the Junior School Transition program.

We feel that the carnival was a huge success as evident by the feedback we received from both staff, but more importantly, students. We were super excited to see so many people on the quad and tennis courts and it made all the effort worth it. If the kids didn¹t have fun then it would have been a complete flop.  What makes this day so great is the contribution made by so many from the Wellbeing team and beyond.


The team has been planning this event since the first day of term but the college has been making connections with organisations for years, which is why we have such a great turn out. If we didn¹t have their support the carnival wouldn¹t have the merit it has.  This year we also had a great group of students that supported the set-up of the activities and we are eternally grateful. Shout out to Lily and Blake for taking great photos; Harry Taylor, Renee Egan and Phoebe Roach for helping out all day and the Henna girls.


“The Bounce into Mental Health Day was incredible!  There were all sorts of foods and fun activities such as the smoothie bikes, the BMX stunts, the potato spirals, henna and so much more.  A lot of people came dressed up and it was great to see so many people putting effort into their costumes or even just wearing their house colours.  Well done RSC for yet another a spectacular mental health day.’

Bella E

“The puppy play pen was a hit!  Animal Aid was amazingly supportive of the whole day.  We hope to continue this in future years.”

Lauren A


“Animal Aid were very supportive of our school carnival and our idea to run a puppy play pen and raise funds for their organisation.  Overall it was a very successful day.”

Jess D

This event was supported by the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments.


The Welfare Team



LGBTI+ Social Support Program ‘SAGAA’

Maroondah Youth Services are launching their new LGBTI+ Social Support Program ‘SAGAA’ (Sexuality and Gender Acceptance Alliance).


For safety reasons, further details about the program will be given to young people on request but some additional information for the sector include;


Meetings are held on the last Monday of every month from:

Time: 4:30-6:00pm.

Location: EV’s Youth Centre (212 Mt Dandenong Rd, Croydon)


No sign up required.


For more information please contact Rachelle Jones on 9294 5700 or at [email protected]

Maroondah Parkour Program

The Maroondah Parkour Program is back again in Term 2 but it’s now being run on Wednesdays! 


The Program kicks off on Wednesday 19th April at 4pm at Maroondah Y-Space.  There are still a couple of spaces left and there is flexibility to start on the 26th if participants can’t start on the 19th.


See flyer for more details

Annette Degenhardt
Youth Program Worker


The Shine Program

Please find attached the flyer for term two’s ‘Shine’ program.  The Shine program is for young women aged 14-17 years of age, who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and/or depression that are having an impact on their self-esteem and relationships.


Please note that the program takes place during school hours over 6 consecutive weeks.


If you have any queries, or would like to discuss any potential referrals, please feel free to contact me via return email or on 8878 3806.


Netball Club

Decided too late that you wanted to play netball and registration has been cut off?

Never fear, Kilsyth East Netball Club are here and we want you!

We are looking for more players for our Under 15’s, Under 13’s and Under 11’s teams.


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