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27 July 2016
Issue Twelve
Upcoming Events &  Principal's Report 
School News
Global Citizen Awards
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Upcoming Events &  Principal's Report 

Dates to Remember


Tuesday 26th  African Drumming Yr5/6

                              Bike Ed Yr 4

Wednesday 27th  Bike Ed Yr 5/6

Thursday 28th  Headlice Checks                          


Tuesday 2nd  African Drumming Yr 5/6

Wednesday 3rd  Bike Ed Yr 5/6

Saturday 6th   P&F Trivia Night

Tuesday 9th   African Drumming Yr 5/6 

                         Education Sub Committee                                                              Meeting

Wednesday 10th  Bike Ed Yr 5/6

                               Coats for Kids Collection Day

                                Casual Clothes Day

Thursday 11th   Yr 3 Camp Depart

Friday 12th       Yr 3 Camp Return

Wednesday 17th  Bike Ed Yr 5/6

Tuesday 23rd   African Drumming Yr 5/6

                              Soiree Level 4 (Yr5/6)

Monday 29th CURRICULUM DAY - NO                                                                            SCHOOL

Tuesday 30th          Book Fair 

Wednesday 31st    Book Fair 


Thursday 1st          Book Fair 

Tuesday 6th  Education Sub Committee                                                                            Meeting

Friday 16th - LAST DAY OF TERM 3 -                                                          2:30pm FINISH


Monday 3rd  TERM 4 BEGINS

Tuesday 11th  Education Sub Committee                                                                             Meeting

Wednesday 12th  Yr 1/2 Soiree TBC

Wednesday 26th   Prep Soiree TBC

Curriculum Days 2016

  • Friday 15th July
  • Monday 29th August
  • Monday 31st October

Public Holidays 2016

  • Tuesday 26th January - Australia Day
  • Monday 14th March - Labour Day
  • Friday 25th March - Good Friday
  • Monday 28th March - Easter Monday
  • Monday 25th April - Anzac Day
  • Monday 13th June - Queens Birthday
  • Tuesday 1st November - Melbourne Cup Day
  • Sunday 25th December - Christmas Day

Prep Enrolments 2017 - School Tours

  • Friday 29th July
  • Monday 8th August
  • Monday 22nd August

All School Tours begin at 9:30am. Please meet at the School Office off Murray Road no earlier than 5 minutes prior to the tour. 

School Council Meetings 2016

  • 17th of August
  • 14th of September
  • 19th of October
  • 16th of November
  •  7th of December

Principal's Report

Global Citizen Awards

Congratulations to all students who have been awarded the very first of our ‘Global Citizen Awards’. Two students from each class have been nominated by their teacher because they have demonstrated that they can put our school values into practice. Global Citizen Award Certificates will be presented at the Monday morning assembly.


Our students are part of an emerging world community, they respect and value diversity, understand their responsibilities to each other and to the Earth itself. As an integral part of our learning we will be focussing on the following values:



  • Treating one another with consideration and courtesy    
  • For self and others
  • For property and the environment


  • Displaying fairness in our words and actions
  • Accepting of other people’s beliefs
  • Accepting of other people’s differences
  • Accepting of other people’s perspectives

Quality Learning

  • Gaining knowledge and skills through educational experiences    
  • Seeking knowledge through study and investigation
  • Displaying a positive attitude towards learning
  • Utilise critical and strategic thinking 


  • Never give up 
  • Remain committed to achieving our goals


  • Take pride in what we do 
  • Strive to always do our best



Ormond Primary School is very pleased to welcome our new Year 6 teacher, Joshua Kamoen. Following a period of teaching in a range of schools in the UK, Joshua brings skill and enthusiasm to his classroom practice. I am sure that the students of Year 6 will benefit from these qualities and energy.


Trivia Night

The Parents & Friends will be conducting the annual Trivia Night on Saturday, 6th of August. This is always a fabulous community event which provides an opportunity for all Ormond parents to mix in a very relaxed, local atmosphere. Thank you to Andy and Marcus Guss, who have Charli in Year 4, for donating the trestle tables for the night through their business: Melbourne Table and Chair Hire.



Last week the Ormond community was saddened with news of the death of past School Council President, Stewart Somerville. As an active member of our community, Stewart brought a sense of camaraderie to School Council and particularly the Facilities & Environment Sub-committee. His humour and wise counsel was an asset to our school governance ensuring that the school leadership and parent representatives were able to establish a clear vision for the improvements around our school. A legacy of Stewart’s contribution to the improvements to the outdoor school environment are the ‘mop top’ robinia trees planted a few years ago along the embankment adjacent to the school oval. They serve as a living symbol of Stewart’s time amongst us. Our thoughts are with Sam, Charlie and Poppy at this sad time.


Facebook Policy

Thank you to parents, teachers and School Councillors who provided feedback and input in the development of the Facebook Policy. This policy sets out to provide guidance for the effective use of Facebook as an adjunct to the school’s communication strategies. The final draft of the policy will be presented at the Education & Policy Sub-committee meeting in two weeks’ time before being ratified by School Council on the 17th of August.


Parent Opinion Survey

2016 Parent Opinion Surveys have been sent home this week to randomly selected Ormond Families. If you have been selected by the computer please send in your responses by Friday 29th July. 


Parent Opinion Surveys are completely confidential and the survey is conducted anonymously. Feedback received from these surveys contribute greatly to the future management and organisation of the school.


Parent Occupation Data Updates - Mid Year Cencus

In preparation for the Mid Year Census Parent Occupation Data Update forms were sent home last week. 


In order that each school receives the appropriate level of funding to support student learning, the data must provide an accurate record of the current occupations of all parents and guardians. 


Please ensure that you do not overstate your occupation. While you may be qualified to do a range of occupations it is extremely important you only state the occupation that you have undergone for the last 12 months. If a parent has not been in paid work for the last 12 months please compete the form with 'N' 


All information is strictly confidential and only aggregated data will be used. Individual parents or guardians will not be identifiable. 


Please ensure you read through these forms thoroughly making any necessary changes. Please return these forms to the office as soon as possible if you have not already done so. 


Year 3 Camp

The Year 3 Camp is, once again, being held at ‘The Briars’ on the Mornington Peninsula. Year 3 students and their teachers will attend this two-day camp on the 11th & 12th of August. The range of outdoor challenge tasks and the opportunity spend overnight with their peers is a great introduction to outdoor education.


Virtual Classroom

The use of multimedia resources to allow real-time virtual classrooms experiences is being trialled in our Korean room. Year 6C use a flat screen TV and a Zoom webcam to communicate with a Year 6 class in Daegu, South Korea. Last weeks’ lesson allowed the Korean students to teach the Ormond students K-Pop dancing. These sorts of age-appropriate cultural exchanges add an authenticity and purpose to language and cultural studies.


Korean Visit

On Tuesday, 2nd of August Ormond will host a small delegation of educators from Korea. The focus will be on observation of a Victorian school involved in regular, day to day learning activities. I am sure that our visitors will be very impressed with how Ormond students work with their teachers to set specific learning goals and work in both standards-based and flexible groupings to achieve against appropriate educational challenges. I know that the ability of Ormond students, at all year levels, to articulate their learning to adults will be of great interest to our visitors.


Long Service Leave

I would like to inform the community that will be taking a short period of Long Service Leave from the 8th -16th of August. During this time Lorrie Dell will be the Acting Principal.


Glenn Butler


School News

Upcoming Events & Excursions

Year 3

Camp Briars           -  11th August

Year 4

Bike Education   -   12th, 19th and 26th July

Year 5

Bike Education  -  13th, 20th, 27th July

                                     3rd, 10th and 17th August

African Drumming  -  19th, 26th July, 2nd,                                                     9th, 23rd August

Year 6 

Bike Education  -  13th, 20th, 27th July

                                     3rd, 10th and 17th August

African Drumming  -  19th, 26th July, 2nd,                                                     9th, 23rd August


Payments to the Office

For families paying the Essential Education Contributions by Instalments. 

Term 3 Instalment $50.00 - due now


Year 3 Camp Payment Schedule

2nd and final instalment - due 3rd August


Payments can be made by cash or cheque and sent via your child's classroom cash bag in an envelope clearly labelled with your child's Name, Class and name of payment. If paying in cash please send correct amount as limited change is available.


Alternatively, payments of cash, cheque or EFTPOS can be made in person at the office between the hours of 8:15am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday. Phone payments or manual credit card payments will not be accepted. Limited change is available if making cash payments.


If you have any questions, please contact Jan or Brodie in the office on 9578 1327.

Scouts Victoria Monster Raffle

Please return all books (sold or unsold) along with the money to the office no later than Wednesday 10th August


As this is a Government registered fundraiser all tickets must be accounted for. If you do not wish to take part in this fundraiser, please do not dispose of your raffle book, instead please return it to the office as soon as possible. Any lost books must be reported to Brodie by Wednesday 10th August.


JSC - Coats for Kids

Do you have any children's warm winter clothes that you don't need anymore? There are kids desperate for them in this cold weather. St Kilda Mums needs our help to donate coats for babies and children living in poverty. We would especially like coats but will also accept gloves, scarves and hats.


Please make sure the clothes are clean and in good condition. If you wish to donate, bring items in on the collection day Wednesday 10th August. Please do not bring them earlier as we have limit space to store the donations. Volunteers from St. Kilda Mums can arrange to collect all the sorted bags on this day. However, if there are any parents/friends who are able to drop off bags in their cars, we would love to hear from you.


In recognition of our efforts, it will be a casual clothes day too! All the coats will be donated to St Kilda Mums and they will pass them on to needy children as soon as possible. Remember, clean and in good donation and only on Wednesday 10th August. Thanks so much.


Kate & Sam

Community Captains and the JSC


James Lee Visit

Last Tuesday morning, students in Year 4-6 were treated to an entertaining performance by children’s author James Lee, of the Ghostworks series. James shared many tips on writing stories to draw in a reading audience, and did so with help from students in the audience. James was impressed with the questions our students asked.


“The kids were brilliant and their questions very intelligent and perceptive… asking about point-of-view, how to avoid clichés, writing techniques; one even offered me his services as manager/agent!  It's very inspiring for an author to have such an engrossed audience.”


Thank you to Benn’s Books in Centre Road, for enabling students to purchase from the series on the day.


James will have another four books published by May 2017, and one of these, OUR SCHOOL GHOUL, Ghostworks Book 8, will feature… me! Hmmm, I’m still wondering whether to be pleased about that!


Lorraine Bell


Prep News

The current inquiry topic for Preps is ‘Weather.’ This concept has been explored in Maths, Literacy, Art and ICT. Some of the activities in ICT have included investigating the influence of weather on clothing and housing. In the classroom we have learnt about the sequence and specific features of seasons. Additionally, students have bravely prepared weather reports and presented them in front of their peers. It has been great to watch everyone develop their oral language skills. We are anticipating even more wonderful presentations over the next few weeks!

100 Days of School

On Thursday the Preps will be attending their 100th day of school. To celebrate they will be dressing up how they imagine they will look like when they are 100 years old. We look forward to sharing how our day went in the next newsletter

Year 1 News

It is surprising how quickly the year has gone and that we’re now well into Term 3. From the beginning of the year the students have come so far, it is amazing to see the differences between from the beginning of the year to now. We continue to write information reports and recounts. We are now learning to use more adjectives to add greater description to our writing and for those students ready we have also introduced paragraphs. We have sent spelling lists home in their reading journals, words are already practiced daily in class however for those who also want to practise at home, they now have the word list.


In mathematics we are revising place value as it is foundation skill that assists many other mathematical concepts, for example adding 2 digit numbers.  If they are wanting any further practice at home, there are many online games to play to help assist the understanding of hundreds, tens and ones, and the ordering of numbers from smallest to largest.


We have started out new inquiry unit, Our Place. The Year One students are learning that our local area is home to many living things. Some of the questions we will be exploring include.

Essential Questions:

~ What are the different environments in Melbourne?

~ What are the features of these environments?

~ What is our connection to or local area?

~ What is important about our area?

~ Should we look after the land, why?


There will many exciting activities coming up to learn about our local area including, making a box suburb, taking a walk around our local area and visiting some other habitats in Melbourne home to many living things, more details to come soon.

Year 2 News

The Year 2 students have had a gooey, gluey beginning to Term 3 with our new Inquiry Unit, Marvellous Mixtures. Last Wednesday we were visited by Hands-on Science for an introduction to Materials and Mixtures.

A green gelatine mixture was aerated and poured into sample trays. Different materials were sorted and classified according to their properties. After mixing dry materials together, we experimented with different ways of separating them again! We also compared plastic polymers to starch-based polymers and saw how fast the starch-based materials dissolved!

During week two, students manufactured some marvellous mixtures and examined them under a magnifying glass.


The students enjoyed an hour and a half of investigating, sorting, mixing and observing. They asked and answered questions and worked co-operatively as budding young scientists. Here are some comments about their session.

"Water and oil together don’t mix." Ella

"You can soak up oil with a towel if you are at the beach."  Ella

"Oil spilt in the sea or rivers is very dangerous for sea creatures."   Raph and Dimitri

"Salt dissolves in water."  Zane

"Metal in the test-tube was attracted to the magnet."  Darcy M

"We mixed gelatine with warm water and put some in a lid. The gelatine started to set."  Aydan

"We blew bubbles with a straw. The gelatine had oxygen in it and bubbled." Anu

"A tablet dissolved in the water. It had bubbles first."  Nellie

"Newspaper can be recycled and used for origami."  Subira

"Polystyrene does not dissolve in water even if it is in there for 200 years."  Emma

"Potato starch mixed in water gets soggy and starts dissolving."  Sasha

"Material is man-made."  Max

During Literacy, we have been linking our writing with our Inquiry Unit, exploring Procedural Texts. We’re reading and writing procedures for cooking, making mixtures such as playdough and giving ‘how to’ instructions and directions. Students returned with some impressive concoctions and recipes from their week two homework. Thank you parents for all your home efforts and creativity!

In Maths, we have been looking at skip counting, number patterns and place value. We are reinforcing the base 10 hands-on materials for making numbers into the thousands and the students are all becoming so confident with their counting, swapping and trading. On Thursdays and Fridays we are learning about mass, volume and capacity. We’re balancing scales, comparing everyday objects and learning to estimate.


PE & Sports News

District Athletics 

District Athletics will be held on Monday 5th Spetember at Duncan McKinnon Reserve. 

Training for squad members will be on Tuesday mornings beginning at 8.10. Please don’t send your child if conditions are not suitable for outdoor training.


Year 5/6 Winter Inter School Sport

Congratulations to our Mixed and Girls Basketball teams who both had narrow losses in their respective Grand Finals.

Well done to our T-Ball team, Soccer Team and Boys Hockey Teams who all made the semi – finals.


Michael Pannam

Sports Coordinator

Basketball Finals

Last Friday the Ormond girls and mixed basketball teams both competed in the Basketball Grand Finals held at McKinnon Primary.  The girl’s team played against Valkstone Primary and the boy’s team played against Hugesdale Primary.


The games were very competitive, and with all team members displaying excellent skills and sportsmanship, and all played their roles brillantly. Both the girl’s and the mixed teams came home with a second place pennant.  Our school is very proud of all our basketball team members. They have shown dedication to training and a commitment to improving their game. They regularly encouraged each other, cheered for each other and showed initiative throughout the season! Great job - lets bring on the 2017 season!


Siobhan Hosking


Out of School Hours

After School Care Activities

Thursday 28th            Jack in the Box

Friday 29th                   Masks

Monday 1st                  Balloon Animals

Tuesday 2nd                Cooking

Wednesday 3rd          Marbling Light Frames

Thursday 4th              Bubble Wrap Sheep

Friday 5th                     Snow Flakes

Monday 8th                 Cooking

Tuesday 9th                 Sharpie Tiles/Coasters

Wednesday 10th       Pot Pourri Bags

April Kopitz

Out of School Hours Coordinator

Parents & Friends Update

Fathers’ Day Breakfast

Fathers’ Day Breakfast will be held before school on the morning of Friday 9th September.  Pancakes will again be offered due to their popularity in previous years.  Class Conveners will email out more details in the next few weeks regarding how to confirm your attendance and order your breakfast in advance.   


Twilight Market

The Twilight Market will be held on Friday 25th November from 5:30pm-8:30pm.  Each class will be assigned a stall to help run.  The parents/carers of each child in each grade will be asked to volunteer by helping out on their assigned stall at set times.  Your class conveners will have more details on this shortly.  This event is the school’s main fund raiser and is always a lot of fun.  The Twilight Market is open to the wider community not just the families of Ormond Primary, so please invite your extended family and friends!


Trivia Night

The Parents & Friends will be conducting the annual Trivia Night on Saturday, 7th of August. This is always a fabulous community event which provides an opportunity for all Ormond parents to mix in a very relaxed, local atmosphere. Thank you to Andy and Marcus Guss, who have Charli in Year 4, for donating the trestle tables for the night through their business: Melbourne Table and Chair Hire. Please find their business details are in the Ad section below.


Entertainment Book

There are a few copies still available to purchase for $65 from Brodie in the office or online at https://www.entertainmentbook.com.au/orderbooks/186r356

Get in quick before they all go!

Community News & Adverts


Global Citizen Awards


Summer   -  Respect

Summer always displays great consideration of others and impeccable manners.She is extremely respectful and sensitive towards the feelings of her classmates. A wonderful friend!  

Arjun  -  Respect

Arjun is a great role model in the way he interacts and helps others when working in group situations. Well done, Arjun!

Noah  -  Respect

Noah consistently treats his friends with respect by taking their feelings into consideration. Well done, Noah!

Skye   -  Respect

Skye has shown her respect by being courteous when new students have arrived. She has offered to play and show them around the school. Great job, Skye!

Year 1

Georgia  -  Respect

Georgia always shows respect towards her peers. She waits her turn to speak and asks thoughtful questions in group discussions.

Well done Georgia!

Stefan   -  Respect

Stefan is a fantastic role model, always displaying respect in our classroom. He has exemplary listening skills and manners to be proud of!

Maggie  -  Respect

Maggie always demonstrates respect by listening attentively to her peers during show and tell.

Jiek  -  Respect

Jiek demonstrates respect by always remembering to raise his hand before speaking.

Year 2

Annabelle  -  Respect

Annabelle always treats her classmates with respect and uses beautiful manners. We love having you in our class, Annabelle!

Sylas  -  Respect

Sylas always treats his classmates with respect and works so well with every partner he is paired with. Thank you for looking after others, Sylas.

William  -  Respect

William complimented the whole class on their skilful handwriting this week.

Talya  -  Respect

Talya is consistently courteous and well-mannered to her peers and teachers.

Bella  -  Respect

Bella discussed how she respects the environment, and encouraged her classmates to collect rubbish around the school.

Michael  -  Respect

Michael has taken great care of our new classmate.  

Year 3

Mair  -  Excellence

Mair showed excellence by taking on an extra speaking role at the last minute on the night of the soiree.

Rosa  -  Respect

Rosa demonstrated respect for her classmates by creating original compliments for them during the Compliments Cavalcade activity.

Sophie  -  Quality Learning

Sophie enthusiastically took on and memorised extra speaking lines, at late notice, to introduce the grade 3 / 4 Olympic Soiree.  

Lachlan  -  Persistence

Lachlan has shown excellent results during multiplication ‘quick maths,’ due to his dedicated approach to learning his times tables.   

Jacob  - Tolerance

Jacob always comes to school with a smile on his face and continues to work well with everyone in 3C.

Ashton  -  Excellence

Ashton continues to explore the many uses of ICT within the classroom and is always willing to help both his peers and Miss Cash when they are faced with technological difficulties. Thank you Ashton!

Year 4

Alice  -  Excellence

Alice strives to do her best. She is industrious and takes pride in her work. She was instrumental in the choreography and performance at the recent soiree.

Louie  -  Respect

Louie consistently treats others with consideration and courtesy. His manners are exemplary.

Grace  -  Quality Learning

In every learning task set to her, Grace strives to go beyond expectation, seeking out extra knowledge with ever increasing independence. Outstanding!

Austin  -  Tolerance

Austin exhibits an exceptional degree of resilience and compassion with his peers, and as a result is a respected, admired member of the class. A model Global Citizen.

Year 5

Alex  -  Persistence

For his determination to master new concepts during our angles unit. Well done!

Annabelle  -  Quality Learning

For the effort that she puts into her spelling work, above and beyond and very much appreciated. Keep it up!

Ella  -  Quality Learning

For her commitment in developing her skills and knowledge about angles through listening, questioning, investigating and applying what has been taught.  

Zareef  -  Excellence

For consistently striving to generate work of a high standard by focusing on tasks, listening openly to feedback and considering how to improve what he has already produced.   

Year 6

Abby  -  Persistence

Abby remained committed to the task whilst working on her prototype for her DCT project.

Xing  -  Quality Learning

Xing has started the semester with a positive attitude to all his learning. He is working independently to improve his language skills in writing.

Jasmine  -  Tolerance

For valuing the contributions of others and accepting their differences and perspectives during Design, Creativity and Technology (DCT).

Denny  -  Respect

For treating others with consideration and courtesy, ensuring all students feel respected and valued during the ‘Book Club’ and Bike Education programs.

Mia  -  Respect

For treating one another with consideration and courtesy during Maths Through Footy which helped herself and others work to the best of their abilities.

Ethan   -  Persistence

For remaining committed to achieving goals when drawing the Jack of Clubs for Book Week and working hard during Maths testing.


Georgia, Year 6 -  Respect

For being a student who who respects others feelings and abilities on the sporting field. Always acts in a respectful manner towards peers.

Ethan St, Year 6  -  Excellence

For his persistence to perform and master bike skills. His improvement has been fantastic.


Tom M, Year 3  -  Persistence

Demonstrating persistence in learning to read during Korean.

Laura, Year 6  -  Respect

Showing cultural respect at all times during Korean classes.

Visual Arts

Harry, Year 4  -  Excellence

For consistently applying himself to all art projects with pride and persistence. This has been particularly evident in his ‘Henri Rousseau’ inspired painting.

Elly B, Year 5  -  Respect

For being an awesome ‘expert sewing’ assistant by helping her peers with the completion of their “Ugly Dolls” and always with a friendly smile and patient approach.

GCA Values


  • Treating one another with consideration and courtesy
  • For self and others
  • For property and the environment


  • Displaying fairness in our words and actions
  • Accepting of other people’s beliefs
  • Accepying of other people’s differences
  • Accepting of other people’s perspectives


  • Gaining knowledge and skills through educational experiences
  • Seeking knowledge through study and investigation
  • Displaying a positive aƫtude towards learning
  • Utilise critical and strategic thinking


  • Never give up
  • Remain committed to achieving our goals
  • Excellence
  • Take pride in what we do
  •  Strive to always do our best
Ormond Primary School