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12 February 2019
Issue One
Diary Dates
From the Principal Linda Jones
Parenting Ideas by Michael Grose
Specialist Team 2019
CPS Staff for 2019
PFA News
What's Happening
Aftercare News
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Diary Dates

For Your Diary

Thursday 14th February

Second Hand Uniform Stall 8.45am-9.15am


Friday 15th February

Assembly  in hall 9am- Years 1-6

Icy Pole Day- lunchtime


Monday 18th February

PFA Meeting 7.30pm in staffroom


Wednesday 20th February

"You Tell Us" afternoon- Years 1 to 6


Wednesday 27th February

"You Tell Us" afternoon - Preps


Thursday 28th February

Year 6 Excursion to Immigration Museum


Monday 4th March

District Swimming


Tuesday  5th March

Prep Picnic


Monday 11th March

Labour Day holiday-no school


Wednesday 13th-Friday 15th March

Year 6 Camp


Thursday 27th March

School photo Day

From the Principal
Linda Jones


Our 2019 school year commenced last week and as I write this I reflect on the lovely start we’ve once again had to the new school year. I do hope you all had time with family and friends over the break and that the start of the year has been a positive one for you all.

You will notice that we are using a new online format for the newsletter this year,  which will make it easier to read over different formats ie. computer, ipad, phone etc. We hope you enjoy  the update.


This year, we again welcome new families to Carnegie across all year levels as well as our new preps. I am sure the whole community joins me in welcoming you all to our school and I trust that your time with us is positive and enjoyable. I do hope you will all quickly become part of our CPS community.


Each year when we return, it is a pleasure to see such happy and enthusiastic faces. When I chat to students they share lovely holiday stories but are also looking forward to their new school year. I would like to thank you, the parents, for your efforts in preparing your children so well for the start of the school year. Throughout the year, I hope we will share many opportunities of watching our students shine in many ways.


We welcome four new teaching staff to Carnegie Primary School this year.  Sabrina Scrivener will work with our Year 2 team, Emily Connelly and Liana Macklin have joined our Year 4 team, Claire Clarke will be teaching Year 5 and Dallas O’Brien will be teaching PE with Ms Amy Travers and overseeing our sport program. We also warmly welcome back from leave, Emi Nakajima to the Year 2 team. Holly Byrden and Beau Landes will support our classrooms as newly appointed Education Support Officers.


Since returning, our students have been spending time engaging in activities in their classrooms and learning teams focusing on our ‘Start Up’ program. This culminated on Friday afternoon with an opportunity for families to visit their child/children’s class sharing some of their first week activities. Through the Start Up activities we focus on :-

  • Students getting to know their new classes and the daily routines
  • Establishing positive, engaging learning environments where each child feels valued
  • Developing clear, shared expectations and processes for classrooms and learning teams
  • Encouraging a sense of responsibility and active involvement in decision making
  • An awareness of the behaviours that demonstrate the values we hold
  • Support for self-directed learning


Over recent days parents have had a chance to meet staff informally before and after school. Many of you would have attended Monday’s ‘Meet the Teacher’ session. ‘You Tell Us’ afternoons are scheduled for Wednesday 20th February, (Years 1 to 6) and Wednesday 27th February, (Prep families). Notices have been sent home but if you require information please ask your child’s teacher or call into the office.


As this is the first newsletter for the term it is full of many ‘housekeeping’ items. I do strongly encourage families to take the time to carefully read our fortnightly newsletter, it is an excellent form of communication. Like 2018, the majority of parents have chosen to subscribe to an email copy but a more traditional paper copy can be collected from the office if you’d prefer.


In the last few days of 2018, myself and staff were touched by the thoughtfulness of families. As a staff we received a number of cards with kind words acknowledging the efforts of our school; we also received some culinary delights to share over the last few days and at our final last day luncheon and Kris Kringle festivities. There are certainly some fine cooks within our community.

Last week we once again saw wonderful volunteers. Some of our PFA members welcomed the new prep parents after they said farewell to their prep children.



On 17th December, Sarah Locket and her partner welcomed their little girl Matilda (Millie) Rose Lockett–Jewell into the world.

On December 27th Genevieve Murtagh gave birth to her beautiful son Emmanuel Louis (Manny Lou) into the world.

We are also happy to announce that Ms Parker and her partner Dane are expecting their first child in June. We wish them all the best!

I am sure you will join me in congratulating them all on their lovely news.

Last week one of our lovely prep teachers, Lucy Hallmark announced her engagement to her partner Luke. We wish them a long and happy future together.



As part of the rigorous DET Accountability, our school wrote a new Strategic Plan last year which will guide our school’s direction. This process enabled us to set purposeful goals and priorities. The specific goals that we’ve agreed upon and will guide much of our teaching, professional learning opportunities and resourcing are:-

  • To maximise learning growth in literacy and numeracy for all students
  • To foster an inclusive and respectful community
  • To empower all students to be motivated, curious and self–directed learners


A copy of our 2018 – 2021 Strategic Plan is be available on our website and our 2019 Annual Implementation Plan will be available shortly.


As those of you who visit the school, will have seen we are up to the final stages of our terrific capital works project. The refurbishment of our prep building is complete with a few finishing touches to be made.

Our old multipurpose room was removed over the holiday break and the creation of a ½ basketball court is well and truly underway with further landscaping to occur in this area.

The work on our new oval is also proceeding. This area is not accessible at present but we eagerly await the transformation of our oval.

I again thank all for their patience in juggling the necessary changes while works are completed. In a matter of weeks we will be able to celebrate the completion of this wonderful project. How very lucky we are at CPS.



As shared in 2018 when we received our capital works funding, the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) strongly encouraged schools such as ours to build facilities such as our gym/multipurpose facility.

The VSBA recognises that schools can act as both educational and social hubs for communities, such facilities benefit both school communities and local residents. Maximising the use of facilities can provide significant educational, economic and community benefits. These include stronger social networks between schools and the community, improving the availability of sports, arts and other educational facilities. Such partnerships will also assist in sharing the financial costs of maintaining such a facility.

Our Before and After School program, which is used by a large percentage of the families that make up our school community is one such strong partnership. Our program was relocated to our gym once it was made available to us. Their formal program operates from 7 till 8.45am in the mornings and from 3.30 till 6.30pm in the evening. At the peak up to 80 students currently attend and this is expected to rise with growing enrolment numbers. Their program uses inside our gym and when weather permits our grounds. Numbers do decline throughout the afternoon/evening but the program still needs to be of a high quality. If it is a little quieter I believe this is appropriate for the children who have spent a long day at school.

If all goes to plan, from the beginning of term 2, we will commence hiring our gym beyond these hours (from 7 till 9pm weeknights and on weekends). I am aware that there are some members of our community who hold strong views about co-hiring our gym and are questioning my decision to not open our gym to hire when Before and After Care are operating within the space.

Within our large community there are always broad opinions and I respect these and do try to make decisions that are well considered, fair and respectful. In relation to hiring our facilities be it inside or out the final duty of care and responsibility falls to me, as principal

I remind our community that once our grounds work has been completed we will be in a position to allow our Carnegie sporting clubs to again use our outside facilities before and after school.

Our fully refurbished oval area and a new 1/2 basketball court are the final stage of our capital works project.  I do hope we can all celebrate all our capital works project has bought to CPS.


Our school banking program will commence this Friday, 15th February. Thank you again to Donna McNamara and Effie Volakakis for their efforts supporting this. Information pertaining to this can be picked up from the office if it is something you would like to be involved in.



Children who are sick during the day are sent to the First Aid room. If children need to go home, parents or carers are informed and children are collected from school.

If children are very sick or more seriously injured and parents or their emergency contact person cannot be contacted by phone, we are obliged to ring an ambulance to take the child to the doctor or hospital. DET does not provide personal accident insurance for students. Parents and guardians are generally responsible for paying the costs of medical treatment for injured students including medical transport. Teachers cannot take children to the doctor or hospital in private cars. The cost of the ambulance will be the responsibility of the parents.

This can be very expensive unless parents have an ambulance subscription. It is very important parents consider taking out ambulance cover. Health Care Card holders receive free ambulance service (children’s names must be on the Health Care Card).


Parents are requested to advise the school if a child’s family situation, medical circumstances, address or phone contact changes during the school year. It is important that all information is kept up-to-date in case the school needs to contact parents/guardians. Asthma and allergic or anaphylactic reaction forms should have been received by parents if such medical conditions are recorded on our system. Please fill out and return these forms as soon as possible. It is imperative such records remain up to date at all times to ensure we can adequately care for your child should there be a need.


Thank you to all those families who have already settled their 2019 School Contributions. It would be appreciated if all payments could be made by Friday, 15th February. If payments are causing any concern, please contact our office to make alternative arrangements. If you are unclear about any of these payments or require a new payment slip then please call in to the office for further details.


Our first fortnightly Friday assembly will be Friday 15th February for our year one to six students. Our assembly time is 9am in the gymnasium. All parents are invited to attend.

Parenting Ideas
by Michael Grose


One way to help your child achieve at school is to work together with your child’s teacher. The parent-teacher partnership takes work from both sides to become a reality. Here are some ideas that will help.

There’s no doubt that the best outcomes for kids happen when teachers and parents work together to support children’s learning. Here are 10 ways you can work with your child’s teacher to maximise your child’s chances of school success.

1. Know what your child’s teacher is trying to achieve

Like children, every teacher is different with their own specific expectations, goals and interests. Get to know your child’s teacher and gain an understanding of their approach and aspirations for your child’s class.

2. Keep your expectations reasonable and positive

If your expectations are too high your teacher may give up. Too low and they will meet them! The trick is to keep your aspirations for your child in line with their ability and their interests. Also be realistic about what your child’s school can deliver. Sometimes our expectations of schools are not in line with their capabilities or their roles.

3. Support your teacher’s expectations & activities at home

One practical way of supporting your child is to take a real interest in their home-based learning tasks and follow the guidelines laid out by teachers.

4. Send kids to school ready to learn and on time

Maximise your child’s chances of success by sending them to school in a good frame of mind, with plenty of sleep and a good breakfast. Also make sure they get to school on time. It’s estimated that many kids miss up to two weeks of school a year when they are routinely late by just five minutes a day.

5. Inform teachers of your child’s challenges and changes

Life’s not always smooth sailing for kids. Family circumstances can alter. Friends move away. Illness happens. These changes affect learning. Make sure you keep your child’s teacher up-to-date with significant changes or difficulties your child experiences, so he or she can accommodate their emotional and learning needs at school.

6. Skill children to work with others

Schools are social places requiring children to work and play with each other much of the time. Teaching manners to kids, as well as encouraging them to share their time, space and things with others are practical ways to help kids with their social skills. Talk through any social challenges they may have, helping them develop their own strategies to get on with others.

7. Respectfully seek joint solutions to problems and difficulties

Resist the temptation to solve all your children’s problems or think you have the only solution. Most learning and social problems can be resolved when teachers and parents work together in the best interests of the child.

8. Participate fully in class & school activities

There is a huge body of research that points to the correlation between parent involvement in a child’s schooling and their educational success. Quite simply, if you want your child to improve his learning then take an interest in his learning, attend as many school functions as you can, and follow the lead provided by your child’s teacher. This simple strategy will have a massive, long-term impact.

9. Trust your teacher’s knowledge, professionalism and experience

Your child’s teachers are your greatest allies. Their training, their experience around kids, and their objective professionalism puts them in a strong position to make judgment calls about your child.

10. Talk up what happens at school

Your child will take their cues from you about how they see their school. If you want your child to value learning, and enjoy their time at school then you need to support your school and make sure he or she hears positive messages about learning, teachers and the school itself. You can set a strong educational agenda at home by talking up your school.

This type of 10-point plan is easy to read but hard to put into practice, particularly when you get busy or your child has significant difficulties. Choose two or three ideas from this list to really focus on in the coming year and you’ll find that the rest will fall into place. Good luck and nurture the partnerships you have with your child’s teachers.


Specialist Team 2019




CPS Staff for 2019


Linda Jones                                                     Principal

Karen Bentata-Grimm                                 Assistant Principal

Suzy Bolger                                                      Arts / Visual and Performing

Alice Dell                                                            0.4 Performing Arts (Music)

Dallas O’Brien                                                 0.8 PE / Sport

Amy Travers                                                     0.6 PE

Josh Acklom                                                    Information & Communication  Technology

Tess Yoshida                                                    0.60 - LOTE Japanese


Prep A              Amanda Dowsett and Dim Budic         Prep building                                      

Prep B              Lucy Hallmark                                             Prep building                                      

Prep C              Brittany Hudgell                                         Prep building                                      

Prep D              Alicia Parker                                                 Prep building                                                                

1A                       Rochelle Airdrie                                         Year 1 Learning Centre           

1B                       Cate Allan and April Minniece              Year 1 Learning Centre           

1C                       Stephanie Lipson                                      Year 1 Learning Centre

1D                       Dominique Oosterbaan                          Year 1 Learning Centre

2A                       Peta Bourke                                                  Year 2 Learning Centre

2B                       Desiree Oh and Cheryl Laing                Year 2 Learning Centre

2C                      Emi Nakajima                                               Year 2 Learning Centre

2D                     Sabrina Scrivener                                        Year 2 Learning Centre

3A                     Jessica Beckman                                          Year 3 portable

3B                      Amanda Knight                                            Year 3 portable

3C                      Kate Lawerson                                              Year 3 portable

3D                      Brett Nathan                                                  Year 3 portable          

4A                      Amy Carhart                                                   Year 4 portable

4B                      Emily Connelly                                             Year 4 portable

4C                      Liz Harley                                                        Year 4 portable

4D                      Liana Macklin                                                Year 4 portable

Year 3 & 4       Janette Taylor                                                Year 4 portable         

5A                      Claire Clarke                                                   Year 5 portable

5B                     Steve Miller                                                      Year 5 portable

5C                     Anna Remfry and Jenni Spataro            Year 5 portable

6A                    Jessica Buczko                                                Upstairs

6B                    Sue McGregor                                                  Upstairs

6C                    Amanda Miller                                                 Upstairs

Year 6             Tyahnne Cogan                                               Upstairs



Education Support Officers supporting students and learning teams across the school:

Suzie Dawe, Margaret Roberts, Beau Landes, Michelle Tyzack, Selina O’Sullivan,

Holly Byrden, Kae Slattery, Penny Bradley and Stephen Chilver

PFA News

PFA Meeting-next Monday

Our first PFA meeting is next Monday 18th February in the staffroom at 7.30pm. I encourage anyone to come along and join us and see what the PFA is all about. We will be planning the events for the year, so would welcome any new ideas!


PFA Representatives

As at the start of each year we put the call out for Class PFA reps. This role is one which communicates PFA news to their class including when we call for volunteers for certain events. It's great if the PFA rep can come to the monthly meetings, but this is not essential.

If you would like to volunteer or would like some further information, please contact me on

Icy Pole Fridays return!

Every Friday (starting this week) in Term 1 we will be selling icy poles at the hall at lunchtime after the 2nd bell.  Only $1 each!


What's Happening


Summer P  1C          Thank You for Being For Friend

Lucas MS  1B             Chip The Lifeguard

Thank you for these great books and many happy birthday wishes for all at Carnegie Primary!



The CSEF is an annual payment to the school to be used towards camps, sports and/or excursion expenses for the benefit of eligible students. 

Primary school student rate: $125

Please read the notice below to check on your eligibility. 

CSEF forms are available at the office and should be returned by 30 June 2019.

Please note:

Parents (including guardians) no longer need to submit a new application form each year in most cases.

Parents only need to submit an application form in 2019 if any of these changes have occurred since 2018:

  • New student enrolments: students who have started or changed schools in 2019 or if the parent did not apply for CSEF at the school in 2018
  • Changed family circumstances: such as a change of custody, change of name, concession card number, or new siblings commencing at the school in 2019
  • Please see attached pdf for further information






Hi Carnegie parents and students, there are multiple places available to new violin students opening in Term 1 2019 for all students in years 2-6. Weekly lessons run for 30 mins and free trial lessons are available. Please contact Emma Winestone at or 0408828428, for more information. 


Coding Club is run at school during Tuesday lunchtimes. If you are interested you need to book through Kids Unlimited this year, not through the school as in previous years.


Aftercare News

Youth Leadership Victoria

Carnegie Primary School OSHC

Opening Hours:  Before School Care 7am-8.45am

           After School Care 3.30pm-6.30pm

Vacation Care 7am-6pm




email: /

A copy of the enrolment and booking form can be downloaded through our website on:

Prices for the Program:

Before School Care

Permanent Booking: $14

Casual Booking: $17

After School Care

Permanent Booking: $15

Casual Booking: $20


Welcome back to all our families. The team look forward to another exciting year with your children and to meeting all our new prep children and their families to the service.

Just a few reminders for the New Year:

  • All new families will need to fill out an enrolment form and booking form Copies are available from the service directly or through our website at:
  • Existing families only need to RE-BOOK their children into the service, for prior bookings do not roll over for the new year You can re-book your child into the service by emailing head office at: with the days and sessions that you require
  • Existing families please advise the service ASAP if your contact details have changed
  • The fees for the year are stated as above
  • Also families with children with medical conditions/allergies need to provide the service with an updated medical action plan as well as up to date medications that are required
  • Being Term1 of a school year, families need to provide their children with a hat for going outdoors

Please don’t hesitate to contact the service if you have any enquiries or concerns. You can contact the service through our email address at: or through our Mobile Phone No: 0402043810














Saint Anthony’s Catholic Church Glen Huntly                                                    Every Sunday of the school term at 10 am.


Saint Anthony’s Sunday School Classes are held each Sunday of the school year from 10am-10.45am in the Parish House, 74 Grange Road, Glen Huntly. Classes are available for all age groups. 


Preparation is provided for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation as well as a good grounding in the Catholic faith. For more information please ring the Parish House on 9569 2099, or email 












317 Neerim Rd

Carnegie  3163

Ph. 9041-2389      

Mob. 0412-365515





No need to buy an instrument if you don’t have one.


It’s acknowledged by educators the world over, one-to-one private lessons are the quickest way to learn an instrument. To get you started, for just our regular fees, without hidden costs...


We’ll give you FREE hire of GUITARS and VIOLINS for the duration of your term of lessons with The Music School.


For all other instruments and singing the first lesson of your term is FREE.


Offer applies to new students and only while stocks last. Lessons take place in our studios and outside of school hours. Adult students welcome.

Instruments We Teach:

Acoustic Guitar – Electric Guitar – Piano – Violin -

Singing Drums – Keyboards – Bass – Saxophone –
Flute – Clarinet


Give the gift of music and get them off their game screens!





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