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07 September 2018
2018 - Issue 28
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Principal's report

Dear Parents, Carers and Students of MPWPS

Our first group of 5/6 campers are almost home. I am imagining some quiet homes will tonight be full of stories, wet clothes, shoes and socks casualties from the snow trip. Please remember how tired children can be dramatic, and support a smooth re-entry dinner on the couch of course!

Camp is a wonderful opportunity for children to start on that road to independence with some of those roads being bumpy and some smooth.  Please acknowledge and celebrate that your child has been away from you and the trusted family for four nights.   Listen to their stories of high adventure.  Remind them they have been able to manage themselves, their personal belongings (mostly) and bounced back from times when they would have missed home and their families.  All of the campers returning today have achieved success and as their Principal, I acknowledged and celebrate their experiences.  They are now on the road to being resilient young people.  Welcome home campers!

Our next group leave on Monday and I know they are excited, as I have witnessed some of this excitement in the Library where groups of children have been working on their Red Faces scripts.  I will be waving them off on Monday so hope to catch you all there.

Whole School Survey

This year we are hoping to have all families complete an online survey.  The survey is a simple one just to capture your thoughts on our programs and activities that happen at MPWPS. Which will feed into our Program Budgeting process for 2019.

The survey is NOT like the Department of Education version, which goes to designated randomly selected families. Our Whole School Survey is to be accessed through COMPASS.  We are also looking for comment that will be for our Review.  The School Council members will be completing the survey this week, and we hope to have it open for all families commencing in Week 9 closing on Thursday Sept 20.  The survey will not be perfect, this is our first try on Insight, but having a tool to seek opinion that we can manage and use is the goal.  I invite you all to make your good school great!

Show Day

On the last Thursday of this Term, we will be holding Show Day.  This activity/event has long been in the history of student participation at MPWPS.  It almost goes with the $2 sale and Free Activity Time.  Last week Jenny Irvine painted a picture of the event and the student’s involvement.  Show Day enables students to build independence, organisation and a sense of entrepreneurial behaviour as they design, contribute too and ‘man’ their stalls.  Most of all they have a sense of pride and fun generated from this event.  Our JSC is overseeing the event as part of their leadership role.  The Melbourne Show is a calendar event that some children wait for each year.  It is fitting to acknowledge the Melbourne Show and its importance now and in the past.

Term Calendar for Parents

We are working on the Term 4 Calendar of events for parents. When complete it will be circulated via COMPASS.  On COMPASS there is a Community Calendar for easy access anywhere anytime.  Staying informed and knowing where to gain information is very important in our busy worlds. Look out for the Parent Calendar coming to you.

Toilet Upgrade

The upgrade for the toilets is moving along with the tender process complete, and demolition work scheduled to commence in the Term 3 holidays that are fast approaching.  During this process, portable toilets will be in place, and the proposed location could be on the asphalt area near the Little Adventure.  This is a great meeting place at present, but this placement may cause inconvenience for a short period.  I will be trying to manage with you all in mind.  The complete back corner is to be redeveloped because of the toilet redevelopment.  As with any build, there will probably be a short period of pain for much gain!

Term 4

The School Council President has been informed by our Senior Education Improvement Leader, that your substantive Principal Jeff Lyon will remain on leave until November.   This means that for stability, I will remain in the Principal position until further notice.  On behalf of the MPWPS community, I offer Jeff our best wishes.

Until we meet in person. Have a great week.

Kerri Simspon

Principal (Acting)

Closing Date for Online Parent Opinion Survey Extended

The closing date for the online Parent Opinion Survey has been extended to Sunday 9 September 2018. Parents can submit completed online surveys until 11:59PM Sunday 9 September 2018.


Thank you for your school participation in the 2018 online survey.


Questions? Should you have any technical queries regarding the “Your School, Your Say” portal, please contact ORIMA Research on 1800 654 585 (toll free), or by email:

Should you have any participation or general survey-related queries, please contact the Department by email:

School Council

Annual General Meeting

The School Council meeting on 27 August followed our Annual General Meeting for 2018.


At the Annual General Meeting, Kerri, Barb and Sandra took us through the 2017 Annual Report. This included student results in literacy and numeracy, student, staff and parent opinion surveys, a summary of the curriculum approaches and our financials.


As usual we started our Council meeting with an update from JSC. We heard about Father's Day stall plans and fundraising ideas.


Our three subcommittees reported back:


Education Subcommittee focused on giving feedback on a planned school survey. This survey gains to get parents and teachers views about all aspects of the school and feeds into our school review, which then informs our strategic plan for the next few years. We expect this to go out soon so watch this space and please take the time to respond.


We also heard about how the school is tracking against actions identified in this years Annual Implementation Plan. All teacher action teams have been busy actioning a range of work in English, maths, Inquiry and well-being.


From the Resources Subcommittee we had the usual update on our finances and facility and grounds updates. 


The Environment Subcommittee is submitting grants for more environmental improvements at the school. This group is interested in attracting more parents - so if interested please let the office know.


Discussion about camps was quite a chunk of the meeting. We approved the risk assessment for the grade 5/6 camp. Next year the grade 5/6 camp will move from September to May to avoid clashes with other activities and enable team building earlier in the year. Council approved this change. We hope the grade 5/6's are enjoying themselves at the moment! It looks like a great camp. We had a philosophical discussion about whether 1-2 parents should go on camp to assist with staffing ratios. The general view around the table was that it should just be teachers - but you may disagree. Please let Kerri know if you have views either way.


You may remember last year that the school did a survey about communications. We went back to this report and saw how much progress has been made, for example, introducing Compass. However, there's more to do. 


We continue to gear up for our review which will be the focus next term.

Louise Evans

School Council President

School Council Membership 2018

Parent members:

  • Louise Evans 
  • Ben Atchison 
  • Lisa Shaw 
  • Simone Beever
  • Lee Cath
  • Nigel Keegan
  • Jarrod Smith
  • Nigel Toussaint

DET members:

  • Kerri Simpson - Executive Officer
  • Michelle Bovè
  • Helen Lockart
  • Vicki McCormack
  • Alyena Mohummadally
  • Sandra Monaghan (School Council Secretary)

Community Calendar


Monday 10th September

Camp Nillahcootie  Group 2 Rm's 14/15/18 departs

Tuesday 11th September

Resource Committee - 19:00

Wednesday 12th September

Environment Committee Meeting 18:00

Thursday 13th September

VSSS Dress Rehearsal  8:00

Friday 14th September 

VSSS Dress Rehearsal  8:00

District Basketball Grades 5/6

Camp Nillahcootie Group 2 Rm's 14/15/18 returns

Saturday 15th September

VSSS Matinee and Evening Performance

Monday 17th September

School Council 19:00

Tuesday 18th September

Circus Grades 5/6

Friday 21 st September

Assembly 9:00

Term 3 concludes at 14:30


Monday 8th October

Term 4 begins 9:00

Tuesday 16th October

Circus Grades 5/6

Tuesday 30th October 

Circus Performance Grades 5/6


Tuesday 6th November

Melbourne Cup Day - No school

Tuesday 13th November

Soundgarage Concert

Wednesday 14th November

Soundgarage Concert

Education News 


Just a reminder to all families that as spring is approaching, all students will need a wide brimmed or legionaries hat at school. Please ensure that your child/ren have their hats next week.

From Monday 10th September, we will be enforcing our playground responsibility of wearing a hat at all times when outside. Children who do not have hats will be asked to play under sheltered areas.

News from Room 12

On the 5th of September 2018, Jarrod (Poppy’s dad) came in to talk to us about sustainability and helpful buildings.


Jarrod is an Architect that designs sustainable buildings.  Jarrod is currently working on the Auckland Airport Project in New Zealand.  He also has worked on Highpoint Shopping Centre.


In some of the buildings Jarrod designed, he put in glass windows that were double-glazed and he had gas in the middle, which kept the cool in and heat out.


He showed us some designs of rooftop gardens.  Rooftop gardens are sustainable because the rain can come down to water the plants, flowers and trees, which give us oxygen.


All the 3/4’s enjoyed having Jarrod come in and explaining sustainability too us



By Ari and Mia from Room 12

Make Jack's Paddock Great Again!

Thank you to those who have voted so far, but we have a few days left so please email the below link to everyone you know! It’s a two minute process to sign up, select three projects (one of course being Make Jack’s Paddock great again) and then vote!

Please sign up here:

Alyena Mohummadally

Environment and Sustainability Sub-committee

Sport News

Division Athletics

On Tuesday 3rd September, 16 of our Athletics Team members headed to Keilor Park to compete at Division Athletics.

We had a great day out and some really impressive results.

Congratulations to all of our students who competed and good luck to those who will now go on to compete at Regional's on Tuesday 16th October.


Thanks to all the parents who came and supported us on the day.

District Basketball

Today our Basketball Teams competed at the District Carnival at Keilor Basketball stadium.  A full report will be in the newsletter next week.

Odd Sock Circus – Performance Tuesday 30th October

Gr 5/6 students from MPW will be performing the ‘Odd Socks Circus’ in Term 4 on Tuesday 30th October.  This is an event for the whole community.  The students have been practicing various skills throughout Term 3 and have participated in incursion days under the guidance of Phil Melgaard.


Circus is a great way for students to challenge themselves in skills that we normally wouldn’t learn or practice.  It is often a test of persistence and perseverance.  This is the 6th time the school has performed the circus as a biannual event that is a combination of the Physical Education, Performing Arts and Creative Arts programs at MPW.

Fundraising Events

A touch of Bond – Friday October 19th 

MPW “Touch of Bond”

If you believe “Diamonds are Forever” and Martinis should be shaken, not stirred please join us for this fun filled and glamorous evening. Take part in our “Fashions on the Field” for the chance to win prizes and bring along your competitive spirit to bid in our Live Auction for a weekend away!    


The Union Function Room

Union Hotel

252 Union Rd, Ascot Vale (enter via Maribyrnong Rd)

7:30pm to 12:30am


Dress Code: Bond…..James Bond!


Cost: $60 per person


Includes substantial finger food and 3 complimentary drinks (beer, wine and soft drink). Music, Live Auction & Best Dressed Prizes.

Tickets available from Eventbrite @


Please advise the school of any dietary requirements

Please purchase your tickets @ Eventbrite from Tuesday 21st of August.

Please note this is an adult only event.

Fundraising contacts

Rachel, Danielle & Sophie - please enquire at the office and your details will be forwarded on to Rachel, Danielle and Sophie.     

School Information

General Office

Office:                                         8:15a.m - 4:45p.m

Telephone:                       9370 6875 / 9375 1197

FAX:                                                              9370 1909

Sandra Monaghan          Business Manager

Cristina Zelaya                 Administration Officer

Sharyn Reinke                  Administration Officer

Leadership Team

Principal - Acting

Kerri Simpson

Assistant Principal - Acting

Barbara Springfield 

Business Operations Manager 

Sandra Monaghan

Leading Teacher

Michelle Bové

Jarrod Sutton

Student Absences

If your child is absent from school (including illness and appointment), it is necessary to inform the  school.  This can be in the form of a telephone call, email, entering the absence through the COMPASS parent portal , in writing or by advising the office or classroom teacher directly.

If your child is sick it is advisable to not send your child to school.

2018 Term Dates

Term 1:

Monday 29th January to Thursday 29th March

Term 2:

Monday 16th April to Friday 29th June

Term 3:

Monday 16th July to Friday 21st September

Term 4:

Monday 8th October to Friday 21st December


End of term dismissal is at 2.30pm for Terms 1, 2 & 3 and End of Year dismissal is at 1.30pm.

Curriculum Days

Term 1:

Monday 29th January and Friday 9th March

Term 2:

Thursday 26th April

Term 3:

Wednesday 25th July

Before and After School Care

At MPW before and after school care is provided by Camp Australia. The service operates 7.15  - 8.45 am in the morning and  3.30 to 6.15 pm afternoons.  Camp Australia can be contacted on 1300 105 343.

To enrol your child please go to

Lost Property

In 2017 - a significant amount of unnamed clothing and unnamed plastic containers were donated to charity each month.


Our lost property is managed by parent volunteers and we need your help to reduce this  workload and loss of property.


You can help by:

  • ensuring that all belongings are clearly marked with students' names and room numbers
  • regularly check (and encourage your child/ren to check) for their lost property
  • remember that it is the responsibility of students and families to regularly check lost property and reclaim items

When is unnamed lost property cleared and donated to charity?

  • Last Friday of every month

Where is lost property?

In the Gym on the right hand side, as you walk in.

Community News



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