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19 September 2018
Issue Fifteen
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Message from the Principal

It has been a very busy and productive term...

Our Year 12’s have completed their trial exams and Year 11 are currently sitting theirs. We have experienced a very strong winter season of sport and been privileged to see some of the outstanding works by our HSC Drama, Music and Industrial Technology students over the past weeks.

At our recent assembly one of our HSC Drama Groups performed their Major Work ‘AvocadNOO’- a hilarious, physical and witty story about the journey to save the world’s last avocado. A superb and creative act that immensely entertained the audience and one which has been recognised by the HSC examiners by the award of an OnSTAGE Nomination. Our Year 12 class also received a further two OnSTAGE nominations for Individual Performances. Congratulations to Zac Condon and Hunter Wilson for their Individual nominations and to Myriam Kwa, Edward Dodds, Hunta Wilson and Porcha Bolte for their Group Performance nomination. OnSTAGE is where the NSW Board of Studies showcase the best Dramatic HSC Performances in the state, a tremendous achievement.

We had the opportunity to see the great skill, design and craftsmanship of our Industrial Technology students as they displayed their work in their annual exhibition.

Their hard work, attention to detail and desire for excellence was highly evident. We all possess many talents, each of us having skills and gifts in different areas. As someone who struggles to put a piece of IKEA furniture together, I was so impressed by the skill and care revealed in the great array of IT projects. Congratulations to every one of the students whose work was on display. They were outstanding.

We have also recently been treated with a marvellous strings concert showcasing the skills and talents of our musicians from both the Preparatory and Senior School. As I have said many times before, the standard of our music at Kinross Wolaroi is first-class.

Thank you to all our musicians who performed so well and provided such a delightful evening. It is very special that at Kinross Wolaroi we are able to excel in so many areas and that we support each other to do so. Excellence is something we should all aspire to and it is clear many of our students are.

I have very much enjoyed watching some of your winter sport and would like to commend our students on the way they play their games. Week in week out I see fine displays of the spirit of good sportsmanship. They strive to achieve their best and when victory is achieved, it is done so with humility; and, when defeat is experienced it is done so with grace. The enthusiasm and pleasure that is readily evident when our students play is fabulous to observe. It is clear they are enjoying the challenge and friendship that sport provides.

I saw this over the past week in our Netball, Hockey and Football semi-finals. Some outstanding play, fine demonstrations of skill and courage. Wins and losses experienced and wonderful examples of school sport at its best.

All our teams were tremendous ambassadors for Kinross Wolaroi and clearly displayed the values we strive to uphold. Congratulations to our Girls 1st Football, Hockey and Netball teams for making it through to their respective Grand Finals, and to the Netball team on their victory.

I was at a meeting with Dr Wenham, the Principal of St Stanislaus College recently and she also commented upon the fine spirit in which our annual Rugby fixture was played and of the good sportsmanship displayed on the day.  The community witnessing our students behaviour and favourably commenting upon our students builds their personal reputation and that of our School.

Congratulations to all those who have represented the School so well over the Winter months.

I will conclude by thanking our Student Representative Council for the initiative, energy and enthusiasm they are demonstrating in designing strategies to improve our School. Their focus on litter and their campaigning involving the assistance of our Kindergarten students has been tremendous.

It is important that our student body has a voice because they are the ones that determine the quality and tone of our School and community.  It is important that our students have an opportunity to express their views and that they contribute to the good of the School.

This should always be done in a spirit of humility, knowing we can all learn from others. And we should always be respectful, rational and reasonable.

I am greatly encouraged and so should you be by the energy and genuine desire shown by the SRC to make our School a finer place.

Staff News

Mr Graeme Walters – Retirement

Mr Graeme Walters has advised of his intention to resign from Kinross Wolaroi School, as of 22 July, 2019.  Graeme will take Long Service Leave for most of the 2019 school year, until his retirement date. Graeme has made an outstanding contribution to life of Kinross Wolaroi in so many domains of the School with his main-focus being Mathematics. Graeme was the Head of Mathematics for 11 years has and also taken on other teaching roles in Woodwork, Technical Drawing and Computer Studies. Being new to KWS, I am most grateful for his diligence and expertise to the timetabling of our School – a very complex and demanding facet of his role. Paul has generously offered to assist with finalising the 2019 Timetable in the lead up to the 2019 academic year. Upon retirement, Graeme intends to change gears a little and ‘get a golf handicap’ as well as find some time to enjoy his hobbies and grandchildren.


Mr Bill Tink – Resignation

Mr Bill Tink has advised of his intention to resign from Kinross Wolaroi School at the end of Term 4 this year. Bill intends to spend the next few years focussing on his family, taking some work as a casual teacher as well as some work with CSU. He also hopes to take some time to enjoy his love of art. Bill has proved that he is a highly accomplished Visual Arts teacher and artist in his own right. The last six years of Year 12 Visual Arts student’s under Bill’s tutelage has resulted in nominations and inclusions into the prestigious ARTEXPRESS exhibition in the Art Gallery of NSW. Bill also has proven results in the art community with his works being displayed as both solo works and as part of art exhibitions in the Orange and broader community.


Mr David Lee – Resignation

Mr David Lee has also advised the school of his intention to resign from Kinross Wolaroi School at the end of Term 4 this year. David has been on Long Service Leave this year which has allowed him time to gather his thoughts and decide what the future holds for him. David is excited that his resignation will allow him more time to devote to the 2nd Orange Scout Group and will also allow him to take on the challenge as an ICT Integrator in a school Cowra. David was initially employed as a Mathematics teacher in 2008 and has since made numerous contributions to different areas of the School, including IST and Junior Technology where he introduced Robotics into the classroom. His most recent appointment prior to taking leave was the ICT Integrator, which allowed him the opportunity to work with the youngest and the oldest students of the School.

On behalf of the school community I thank Graeme, Bill and David for their dedication and commitment to the School and wish them all the best in their future endeavours. They will be greatly missed!


HSC Drama OnSTAGE nominations

Drama students – Zac Condon and Hunta Wilson have been nominated for possible inclusion in OnSTAGE for their  individual HSC performances.  The group performance ‘AvocadNoo’ - Myriam Kwa, Edward Dodds, Hunta Wilson and Porcha Bolte - has been nominated for possible inclusion in OnSTAGE, a selection of performances and individual projects from Higher School Certificate Drama students. Congratulations to each of these students for such an outstanding achievement, and also to your teacher, Mrs Dunkley who was thrilled to receive this news from NESA.


ISA Athletics Championships

A small squad of KWS students attended the ISA Championships last week. The girls team won the Junior Division Shield and taking third place in both the Intermediate and Senior divisions. This placed them first overall in the Championships.  The boys squad were also very competitive finishing fourth in the Junior Division, sixth in the Intermediates and fifth in the Seniors. They were placed fourth overall. As a result of the KWS performances, 20 students were selected for the CIS Championships later this month.

Dr Andrew Parry 

Announcement to the
School Community

Mr James Boyd
Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School

It gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of Mr James Boyd as the new Deputy Principal

and Head of Senior School. James will commence his role on 1 January, 2019 following Mrs Bev West's
retirement at the end of this year.
We warmly welcome James along with his wife Caroline and their children, Lachlan (10) Harriet (7) and
Angus (5) to the Kinross Wolaroi community.
His appointment is the culmination of an extensive search, using the services of a specialist education
executive recruitment firm that yielded a very strong field of candidates from leading schools across
James has had considerable success as a leader and teacher in a both single sex and co-educational schools in Australia and the United Kingdom. He is passionate about developing, leading and empowering excellence from staff and students, by creating and enabling a culture in which staff and students can flourish, and strive for and achieve personal bests. He is currently Director of Boarding at Cranbrook School in Sydney where he has transformed the culture and quality of the boarding experience. His previous appointments have been as a Boarding Housemaster, Director of Rugby and History teacher at Merchiston Castle School in Edinburgh and teacher of History at St Edward's School, Oxford and Eton College, Windsor. James holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in History from the University of Durham and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Buckingham.
In addition to his leadership experience in various educational settings, James is a highly skilled Rugby
Coach having led Cranbrook to its first 1st X.V Premiership in twenty years in 2014 and has coached
Scotland Under 18 and Oxford University. During his time in Edinburgh, he was a member of the Scottish
Rugby Union High Performance Coach program. James also possesses a strong interest in Russian History, Literature, Film and Politics.
On behalf of the Kinross Wolaroi School community, I very much look forward to formally welcoming James and his family to Orange and into the School community.


Dr Andrew Parry

Message from the
Head of Senior School

Term 3 Week 9B

Planning for the final week of Year 12 lessons and activities is well in hand; parents of Year 12 students will have received several communications from the school about these. When speaking to Year 12 students in the playground today, their overwhelming emotion is excitement to be heading off into the next stage of their lives. This is as it should be – we have all done our job well if they are feeling confident to leave school and enthusiastic about what life holds for them. I believe our Year 12 students are well placed to live rich, satisfying and challenging lives, with a mindset of service to others and commitment to the greater good.

Next Tuesday we will witness their Year 12 Showcase, a period of music and entertainment which they present to the rest of the Senior School. Given that lessons have been going on right till the last minute, it is amazing what they are able to put together. On Wednesday they will be farewelled by their Tutor House, and of course Thursday is the Graduation Ceremony and Grad Ball. Parents who have not as yet lived the reality of having a student prepare for HSC may find it hard to imagine the high emotions surrounding these final ceremonies – your turn will come! I feel very proud of our Year 12 students and of the way they finish their time here at school. Our ceremonies contain a lovely balance of warmth, humour and formality, the result of many years of fine-tuning and listening to feedback from both the students themselves and the wider school community.

Of course, 2018 is my own last chance to walk this journey with the Year 12s. I feel very blessed to have accompanied them through to this point, and to have been able to share the Grad Ceremony with other KWS Year 12 students in the past. The singing of the Parting Prayer may well bring me spectacularly and very publicly undone next Thursday!

Finally, I remind you all that in Term 4 students return in full summer uniform, including hat. The term will begin with three days of camps and activities; Friday of Week 1 sees a full return to lessons. The HSC exams will be occurring on the PLC site so please be aware of this when visiting that campus.

With my best wishes for a great fortnight and relaxing two weeks of holiday with your children.


Bev West

Head of Senior School

Message from the Chaplain

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Ruth answered Naomi, “Don't ask me to leave you! Let me go with you. Wherever you go, I will go; wherever you live, I will live. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God. When Naomi saw that Ruth was determined to go with her, she said nothing more.

Book of Ruth, 1:16-18

Last week, I was asked by a student; “why do bad things happen to good people?” It’s difficult to answer why it happens. However, I do know that it is not because ‘God knows that they are capable of handling it’. What rubbish! That means that God selects individuals and makes bad things happen to them, that God takes pleasure in causing pain. This is clearly contrary to the teachings of Jesus. We need to think logically before we believe everything we are told by – even by well-intentioned people.

It’s a fact of life is that good and bad happens to everyone. The rain falls on the good and the bad (Matt 5:45). Sometimes it seems like bad people prosper. We all know of people who have done the wrong thing and supposedly got away with it. But we know, and consequently they have compromised their integrity and reputation. We need to protect our reputation and our integrity. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

The good people of the Bible also encountered the cruelty of life’s twists and turns. Their fidelity in the face of the bad is the quality that makes them great. Ruth’s reputation and her integrity have been spoken of for over 3000 years. Her story is told in just four short chapters. She is one of just two women in the Bible to have a book named after them. The other is Esther. Esther took her life into her hands by approaching the king without being summoned in an effort to defend her people from persecution. We need to develop courage if we are to be people of integrity who can transcend the bad things of life.

It was Ruth’s integrity that attracted Boaz’s attentions. Now, integrity means being honest and having strong moral principles. People of integrity are valued but they are hard to find. Boaz was told about all that Ruth had done for Naomi and he says to Ruth: “May the Lord repay you for what you have done.” I guess his prayer was granted, Boaz married Ruth.

Ruth’s actions were significant because in those times, women of Judaism were not allowed to be employed. They could not earn an income. If they did not have a husband, a father or a son to protect them, they were completely at the mercy of villainy and violence. Ruth’s husband died, and although she did not have a son, she did still have her father and his extended family. She could find protection. But Naomi was a widow, and Ruth’s husband was Naomi’s the last surviving son. She was alone, vulnerable, destitute and in a foreign land.

Ruth ensured that Naomi was not alone. Ruth’s actions eventually secured for Naomi a new family and protection. She stuck to her moral principles to do what was in the best interest of Naomi. Behaving in the best interest of the other: that’s integrity. Ruth’s integrity was rewarded by God. Her son to Boaz was the grandfather of King David, the greatest king of Jewish history.

To care about the other rather than serving our own interests can be tough. Being truthful, being honest, being kind, being dependable, being respectful are all practices of integrity. We need to practice being people of integrity.

Next week, at the Year Twelve Graduation, a blessing will be sung upon the Graduates; “May you be like Ruth and like Esther. May you be deserving of praise.” May they (and us all) be blessed with courage and integrity and may they be favourably repaid for what they do.


Phil Worrad 

Student Wellbeing

Teaching your child to cope

To adults, childhood and teenage years can seem like a carefree time in comparison to the realities of adulthood. But kids still experience stress. Earlier this month all of the Senior School students completed a Wellbeing Survey designed by our Wellbeing Team. We had a total of 537 student responses. Such a survey provides the opportunity to check our current school climate and areas of concern, identify areas for potential growth and develop a big picture view of the wellbeing of our students. Stress was named as the number one concern by our student body, closely followed by anxiety. Things like school and a student’s social life can sometimes create pressures that can feel overwhelming for kids, leading to higher levels of stress and anxiety.

Stress is part of everyday life and coping is how we deal with stress. Coping skills are what we think and what we do to help us get through difficult situations. Coping skills can be taught, and with depression rates on the rise among young people, learning them is more important than ever. While there is no right or wrong way to cope, there are helpful and unhelpful ways to deal with the stresses of everyday life. These include:


At home:

  • Listen and talk to your child. Help them to identify their concerns or worries and acknowledge how they are feeling.
  • Comfort your child. There may be times when your child does not want to talk and just having a parent nearby engaging in a shared activity or giving them a cuddle is helpful. 
  • Demonstrate and model ways that you cope with situations.
  • Prepare your child for changes and talk positively about any upcoming changes occurring in their life.
  • Encourage help-seeking by teaching your child when to ask for help.
  • Problem-solve the situation with your child through a step-by-step process.
  • Encourage your child by talking positively about their attempts to cope.

At school:

  • Relationships and belonging are the most important factors that can help students cope with adversity. The importance of positive student-teacher relationships can never be underestimated and is certainly a focus area for the Wellbeing Team.
  • Talking through problems with a trusted adult. Young children, even pre-schoolers, can start to learn coping skills by talking about situations they encountered and how they coped and other ways they may cope in future.
  • Targeted programs and resources in Tutor. Teaching young adolescents coping skills is vitally important. Touch points of particular concern are the transition years of starting and finishing high school.
  • Explicit teaching of time management and organisation skills becomes increasingly important as students get older.

Hopefully some of these tips may be useful for you and your child/children. As we near the end of Term 3, I wish you all a restful and calm break!


Mrs Emma Bylsma 
Head of Student Wellbeing

Message from the Head of Teaching and Learning

What does it mean to be a Visible Learning School?

What does learning look like? Is it passing exams? Is it waving your hand around like mad because you know the answer? Is it coming first in class? Is it giving the teacher the exact answer he/she is anticipating you give? Is it completing a task without making a single mistake?

Yes …. and no. This is certainly what ‘knowing’ looks like but is that the same thing as ‘learning’?

In many ways, this is a foolish question because learning is a messy and unpredictable business and may well present itself in ways that we least expect:

So we have to be careful that our understanding and view of learning is not dictated by end results and expectations only. We have to be open to the fact that learning might present itself in weird and wonderful ways and we have to be able to channel that learning in such a way that the learning power[1] of our students is nurtured rather than quashed like the poor boy in the cartoon above!

The best way to do this is to encourage our students to make their learning visible: visible to themselves; visible to their teachers and visible to their parents/caregivers. So what does a Visible Learner look like? Firstly, a Visible Learner is an active participant in the learning process – Visible Learners do not sit passively, waiting for learning to somehow ‘happen’ to them. They know that attending class and being physically present in the lesson is not learning. It is merely attending. Visible Learners actually have to be active participants in the learning process – that is, they understand that their learning outcomes are a result of effective learning strategies as opposed to ‘luck’ or ‘fixed’ abilities. They know what their learning goal is, because they have had a conversation with their teacher and as a result of that conversation, they have set their own goal. They work hard to achieve that goal because they know that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.[2] Visible Learners act on feedback - they know exactly what they need to do to move forward in their learning … and they do it!

Visible Learners ask questions; they answer questions with more questions. They actively seek feedback and persist when the learning becomes challenging. They recognise that learning can sometimes be a real struggle and they persevere. Visible Learners see mistakes and failures as valuable learning opportunities and not reasons to ‘give up’; they support each other in their learning.

Students can really only be Visible Learners, if they are provided with the opportunities to demonstrate Visible Learning both at school and at home.  It is important that teachers make learning intentions clear; that they provide timely feedback so that students know exactly where they are in their learning. Teachers must therefore see learning through the eyes of their students, just as students should see teaching as the key to their ongoing learning. When learning is visible the student knows what to do and how to do it and the teacher knows if learning is occurring or not.

How can you support your child to be a Visible Learner?

Visible Learning is about individual progress and development – whilst it is tempting to ask them how they are doing in comparison with their peers, it is much more valuable to talk about how they are performing now, compared with how they were performing last term. Students should be far more interested in their own progress and development than that of their peers. Students peak at different times and learn at different rates in different subjects and that is OK. Students should strive to be the best version of themselves. Reminding your child that effort is actually the bigger part of success, is really valuable. The outcome does not have to be perfect – they’re learning. There would be little point in them being at school if they knew everything already! Research shows that when we focus on effort and not results, we have greater success and growth overall.

Visible Learning teaches students to learn very important lessons; taking responsibility for their own learning and setting goals for their own development. Those are the sorts of skills that will serve them well in all aspects of life, not just schooling. Learning is a continuous journey, and it is not simply about reaching some designated destination.


[1] Learning traits, characteristics and behaviours

[2] Kevin Wayne Durant (born September 29, 1988) is an American professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 


Mrs Serena Lewis 
Head of Teaching and Learning

Message from the
Director of Boarding

Boarding News - Term 3 Week 9

Yesterday, I attended the Year 7 assembly during tutor period as I had been asked by Mrs. Claudia McCalman (Year 7 Coordinator) to give a short presentation on ‘Boarding’, the importance of it within our community and to shed a little light on the mysteries around it. I am quite passionate about boarding education and the influence it can have on a young person’s life so talking about life as a boarder comes very easy to me. I was surprised when I asked how many day students could count a boarder amongst their friends; almost all put their hands up. I was further surprised (and pleased I might add) when I asked the question, ‘hands up those day students who have hosted a boarder in their home at some point during the year?’ Again, a large majority of the crowd thrust up their hands. It is so pleasing to see our day students and boarders getting on so well; together they create the fabric of this unique school and sometimes I think they don’t quite know how lucky they are.

Towards the end of the assembly, Rhianna Simpson and Vinnie Reilly both gave a superb account of their own personal journey as a boarder, how they had changed because of the experience and what it meant for them. When I asked Rhi to recall her favourite boarding moment she didn’t specify one in particular, she just said, ‘friends’…and went on to say her one abiding memory will always be of her spending time with her friends. Vinnie offered to the audience his one bit of advice for a new boarder starting out and it was this, ‘get involved, do something different and above all, get to know people, make the most of what KWS has to offer’. Truer words have not been spoken. A special thanks to both Vinnie and Rhi for their insightful words and leadership with the Year 7s.

On the topic of leadership, it has been a busy couple of weeks in boarding houses with our Year 11s putting themselves forward for leadership positions; namely House Captains and Vice Captains. Campaigning has been furious to say the least as candidates have pledged promises, outlined visions and thrown unashamed bribes to undecided voters. There have been no pledges of ‘building walls’ or ‘making boarding great again’ but rather meaningful visions of what life would be like under one’s leadership. A valiant pursuit indeed! This Sunday our boarders will be engaged in a frenetic afternoon of touch footy, bubble soccer, roasting marshmallows followed by a boarding BBQ then a Church Service dedicated to the announcement of the new Boarding Prefects and House Captains. It promises to be a brilliant occasion and whilst I am excited for our future boarding leaders, I am also looking forward to thanking our outgoing Year 12s for their contributions and wishing them all the best for their respective journeys ahead.

Next week is quite different with the focus being on farewelling our Year 12s. To confirm, the following details below outline the key events for boarders and their parents next week. Please note that all boarders are expected to attend the Graduation Ceremony at 12pm. No leave will be granted before the conclusion of the ceremony. Those boarders travelling home on Friday are permitted to stay overnight on Thursday evening.

Monday 24th September:

  • Normal school day

Tuesday 25th September:

  • Co-Curricular Awards Assembly
  • Year 12 boarders’ dinner and trivia night

Wednesday 26th September:

  • Winter Sports Carnival for Years 7 – 10

Thursday 27th September:

  • Morning tea for Year 12 parents in the Wolaroi Dining Room (10.45am)
  • Year 12 Graduation Ceremony (12pm)
  • Year 12 Graduation Ball (6.30pm)

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all boarding parents a very happy and enjoyable break with family and I hope that all are looking forward to an exciting (and warmer!) final term of the year.


Mr Matt Curran
Director of Boarding

Message from the Acting Director of Co-curricular

It certainly has been a busy few weeks in the co-curricular world with finals, gala days and presentations.

Last Thursday night, the Football (Soccer) presentation evening was held in the DPA. It was lovely to witness such a supportive community coming together to celebrate the wonderful season they have had. Whilst not always successful to the point of winning games, many of the coaches spoke about the other successes that have been achieved this year. The skills the players have developed, improving round after round, working well as a team. These are all wonderful things to acknowledge, and a true sign of a program that is gaining strength. Congratulations to the KWS Girls firsts team who made it all the way to the minor final last weekend, going down to Mudgee who will go on to play Cowra in the grand final this weekend. These girls have had a wonderful season, ably guided by Mr Peter Whiting. Two weeks ago, along with our boys team, the girls played in the Inter-school football gala day. Teams from around Orange competed, with our girls walking away victorious having not lost a game all day. Congratulations, girls on winning the day, and for the wonderful season you have had! Thank you to all of the coaches and supporters this year. And, a special thank you and congratulations to Ms Annaliese Stammer for the wonderful work she has done as the MIC of football this year.

Over the weekend, there were also a number of Hockey Finals played, with KWS Timberwolves defeating the Cyms Frosties in a nail-biting 1-0 game in which the sole goal was scored in the dying minutes of extra time. Congratulations to Mr Priest and the boys involved in what has been a wonderful season. Every Hockey grade final featured a KWS team this year, with the majority of teams going on to win the final. Congratulations to the Under 18s girls, Under 16s girls and Under 14s teams who took out their premiership games, and well done to the Under 12s for making it to your final. The KWS Opens side had a wonderful win over the weekend against Molong and will go on to play their final this weekend, good luck girls! Thank you to all of the coaches, and especially Mrs Jade Georgiou the MIC of Hockey for your support and wonderful leadership of our teams this year.

The finals were also held over the weekend for our netball teams. Congratulations to all of the teams who played their final on Saturday. The KWS 14A’s, KWS Strikers, 13A’s and KWS Swallows all took the court, and were unfortunately defeated on the day. The KWS 1sts went down to the Life Studio team, in what was a hard-fought game. At the same time, the KWS 3rds team were on the next court fighting it out against Orange High in a tense game that was lost in extra time. Congratulations girls on a wonderful season. You should be very proud of this wonderful achievement! Well done to all of the girls on a wonderful season, and thank you to all of the coaches for your efforts this year. Thank you also to Mrs Sophie Fardell for her excellent guidance as the MIC of Netball.


Ms Heidi Anthony 
Acting Head of Co-Curricular

Performing Arts Updates

HSC Performances

Congratulations to our Music 2 and Extension, and Music 1 students who performed their HSC music programs to external examiners on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. The students have been extremely dedicated in their practice and preparation for the exams and performed confidently and with maturity. Thank you to Ms Anthony, Mr Key and all the music tutors who have provided huge support, expertise and have guided the year 12s through their performances so well.

String Concert

On Thursday 6th September we hosted the annual String Concert. The concert featured all our String ensembles across the Prep and Secondary schools including: Junior Strings and Six Strings, both directed by Mrs Katie Sinclair, Prep Strings, Paix and Thompson String Quartets, iStrings and Chamber Strings which are all directed by Mrs Lorraine Moxey. The night was well attended by family and friends, creating a fantastic evening for all! It was especially lovely to see the journey from the Prep ensembles through to the Secondary school ensembles. Mrs Sinclair and Mrs Moxey do an incredible job with our strings program along with the other string music tutors, and the night highlighted the exceptional standard and high quality of performances that is maintained across all ensembles.  Mrs Moxey also farewelled her Year 12 students, Hannah Solari, Sophie Hoskins-Murphy, Elizabeth Watt and Ailish Seedsman. The evening finished with a light supper provided by the parents of students performing on the night.


Congratulations Prep Strings and Chamber Strings!

On Friday 7th September Mrs Moxey took Prep Strings and Chamber Strings to the Orange Eisteddfod and both groups won all their sections! Prep Strings received the highest score across the entire eisteddfod which is an amazing achievement.

‘A Pleasant Afternoon Concert’ – Wesley Uniting Church

On Sunday 9th September, the Chamber Choir directed by Ms Anthony and accompanied by Ms Innes, performed at Wesley Uniting Church singing two items ‘The Lord Bless you and Keep you’ by John Rutter, and ‘I’m a Train’ by the King Singers. The Concert was titled ‘A Pleasant Afternoon’ and it was indeed just that. The concert included solo performances by Liv Mirrington and Owen Bloomfield who sang beautifully. We also heard delightful music from a trio of musicians from Sydney playing the clarinet, flute and organ. A local singer Gabriel Rae also performed a number of entertaining and witty songs. The concert was held to help raise funds for CamKids which Mr Phil Worrad organises each year and the Church was able to donate $1000 to this worthy cause. The audience and performers all enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea after the concert in the main hall.

Congratulations and thank you to members of Chamber Choir, Liv Mirrington, Owen Bloomfield, Ms Anthony and Ms Innes for providing such wonderful music for this event.


Winter Co-Curricular Assembly – Tuesday 25th September

SWE are reminded to bring their instruments next Tuesday 25th September for our performance at the Winter Co-Curricular Assembly. Students will be required to be at the DPA for a rehearsal at the beginning of Period 2.

All SWE members are also reminded to ensure they are at our rehearsal this Friday 21st September. This is our last morning rehearsal for the term where we will be farewelling our Year 12 students, Hamish McIntyre and Lachlan Cisco.


Grad Ceremony – Thursday 27th September

Orchestra will be performing for the Grad Ceremony on Thursday 27th September. Students involved are reminded to bring their instruments and are to meet in the DPA at 8:45am.


Mrs Annie McRae
Acting Head of Performing Arts

The Regional Engagement Enterprise


Our Year 9 unit on sustainability finishes this week with the students having explored their focus areas for the past 6 weeks. Our community mentors have revisited their cohorts in viticulture, paddock to plate, regional wellbeing, agri-innovation and Orange 360 to assess their progress on creating a documentary, TED-Ed talk or magazine article for the Central Western Daily. A selection of these will appear in the next bulletin. Below is a photo of James Robson from Ross Hill Wines being interviewed by the students on how being carbon neutral helps limit climate change.


Wired for Wonder

Year 9 and 10 IST attended the ‘Wired for Wonder’ conference in Sydney last week, during which they heard from a series of inspirational speakers on emerging trends and creative ideas for the future. The commonwealth bank kindly sponsored our attendance.


Molong Show

Our cattle team had a great day at the Molong Show on the weekend as they prepare for their visit to the Scone Beef Bonanza early next term. Taylah Hobbs (Year 7) continued her success from Parkes by taking out champion parader, whilst Hugo Bartlett came 2nd in junior judging and Lily Davies-Etheridge collected several ribbons in her first outing for the year.



40 students from Year 9 attended the GATEway conference at the NSW Department of Primary Industries to learn about the future of agri-technology in Australia. The day began with a variety of workshops in the morning on gaming, virtual reality, blockchain and the use of drones and sensors in agriculture. Following this the students heard from Andrew Logan, CEO of OneCrop, regarding his journey into entrepreneurship. UNSW provided an entertaining lunch break during which many of the students built solar powered cars and had a play on the virtual reality excavators and front end loaders. The final session of the afternoon was a design thinking workshop facilitated by Tom Riley from KWS and the Commonwealth Bank. The students from different schools in Orange were mixed together and their task was to design the next big game in agriculture. KWS students were instrumental in designing each of the games put on the podium, including ‘Pro Bull Riding’ and ‘Ag Australia’.



It is all hands to the pump to finish our archibull submission before the deadline of Thursday! This week the students have cut the shearing shed floorboards for the stage, clothed the mannequins for the catwalk, finished painting the shearing of the rams, completed the animation and loaded it onto the tablet built into the ‘bull’, affixed the spinning wheel and finished yarn bombing for the legs! If you’d like to follow their progress, check out their own blog

Co-Curricular TREE – The Farmers Market Team

Applications for TREE as a summer co-curricular will close shortly. Anyone interested in being involved must see Mrs Bilton before the end of Week 9.


Mr Tom Riley
Director of TREE

Sports Updates


Grand Final: KWS Strikers 16 def by Orange United U14s 22

The Strikers had an exciting season that saw them reach the Grand Final. Our defence was outstanding with Emma and Ellen continuing their intercepts and ability to disrupt the focus of the opposition. Ella, Sophie and Lily worked tirelessly in the mid court to create opportunities to return the ball to our goal third. Jemima and Emily worked well in the goal circle and shot some amazing goals. Charlotte enthusiastically cheered the team on from the sidelines. Orange United were able to gain the upper hand in the first quarter. The Strikers worked well to reduce the margin in the third quarter. Unfortunately, Orange United maintained their lead and won the match. Well done to the Strikers for their determination and improvement throughout the season.

Larissa Terrey

ISA Athletics

Following a very strong showing from the squad at the WAS Athletics Carnival in Dubbo a much depleted team travelled to Sydney for the ISA Championships last week.

The girls team were outstanding, winning the Junior Division Shield and taking third place in both the Intermediate and Senior divisions. This placed them first overall in the Championship, and resulted in the following selections for the CIS Championships later this month...Brooke Barrett, Ella Buesnel, Evie Hall, Taylor Hobbs, Sophie Martin, Sarah Jackson, Ella Kirby, Chanel Knight, Phoebe Litchfield, Grace McRae, Isabelle Medway, Lucy Payne, Lily Robson, Maggie Smith and the Junior Relay.

The boys squad were very competitive finishing fourth in the Junior Division, sixth in the Intermediates and fifth in the Seniors, to be placed fourth overall.

Ethan Buesnel, Max Bylsma, Liam Choi, Fletcher Doyle, William Fuller, Harry May, Ben Jones, Cody Kelso, Thomas Patton, Vincent Reilly, Cooper Reynolds and Jack Weeks were selected in the CIS squad.

Multiple first places were achieved by Ben Jones, Sarah Martin, Taylor Hobbs, Jayde Caro, Ella Kirby, Isabelle Medway, Phoebe Litchfield and Maggie Smith.

We wish our 26 CIS representatives all the best of fortunes in two weeks.

Mr Giuffre

Career News

Orange Agricultural Institute

OPEN DAY – Saturday 22nd September 2018

1447 Forest Road 9.30am-3pm

Displays from Central Tablelands Local Land Services, WaterNSW, Primary Industries including Climate Unit, Vertebrate Pests and Weeds Unit and many more.


Skillset Workforce

Skillset have a number of roles available. These roles are great opportunities for applicants to join well-known and prominent organisations whilst entering a full-time placement that will provide both on the job experience and study. Applicants will be allocated a dedicated Skillset Workforce Consultant who will support them through the Apprenticeship or Traineeship and at the successful completion of the role they will graduate with a nationally recognised qualification.

 To apply please go to and follow the links or to ask any questions please contact Skillset Workforce on 1300 853 525.


Newcrest Mining - Cadia

2019 | Cadia - Apprentice & Scholarships Program Applications - NOW OPEN!

Newcrest Mining's Cadia Valley Operation is offering a number of Apprenticeships starting January 2019, within the following disciplines:

  • Auto Electrical
  • Electrical
  • Fitter Machinist
  • Boilermaker

Click on the link for more information

UAC Information

Has drought affected your studies?

You may be eligible for Educational Access Schemes (EAS) on the basis of excessive family responsibilities, severe family disruption and financial hardship.

Students who attend schools in regional and remote areas are automatically eligible for EAS consideration and will receive notification from UAC after they apply for study. 

Find out how EAS can help you get into uni.


Be an Undergrad Early Bird

If you've applied for undergraduate study we recommend you complete and pay for your application before midnight on Friday 28 September, when the processing charge increases. Once you’ve applied, you can change your preferences as many times as you like for free.

If you're in Year 12 make sure you include all your chosen courses in your application by midnight on Sunday 16 December. The first round of offers to Year 12 students based on their Year 12 results will be made in December Round 2 (Thursday 20 December 2018).

Some courses have early closing dates: check the closing dates in the course search to make sure you apply for your preferred courses in plenty of time.

If you're considering undergraduate study, find out more about:

2019 Charles Hawker Scholarships

2019 C.A.S. Hawker Scholarships Applications for the 2019 Charles Hawker Scholarships open on December 3rd 2018 and close on January 4th 2019. An application form and further information about C.A.S. Hawker and the scholarship is available from

 or by contacting the secretary to the Trustees in Adelaide on 08 8127 1654. Hawker Scholarships are valued at up to $60,000.00 over three years and are amongst the most generous privately funded residential scholarships available to Australian undergraduate and postgraduate students. There are a number of scholarships awarded each year. The Trustees offer them to capable students of principle and character, who have demonstrated a committed to the wider community. Selection is based on personal qualities as well as academic ability


NIDA applications closing 30 September

Thinking about a career in the performing arts? The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) is accepting applications for the 2019 intake to its world-class higher education performing arts courses. Applications close 30 September 2018. There are greater opportunities than ever before for a career in creative industries with VET Diplomas, Bachelor and Masters degrees.

UNSW's Women in Engineering Camp 2019

Applications Open for UNSW's Women in Engineering Camp 2019

For any female student going into year 11 or 12 in 2019 - applications for the 2019 UNSW Women in Engineering Camp are now open! The 3-day residential program will run from 7th-9th January 2019. Participants will take part in site visits, workshops, networking events and more.

Head to for more info and to apply.

UTS Bachelor of Accounting

UTS Bachelor of Accounting Scholarship Program Closing date for the 2019 intake for the UTS Bachelor of Accounting Cooperative Scholarship Program will be Friday, 19 October 2018. Online applications are now open at For more information, email [email protected]


Study Medicine - Medicine Applications. How the Australian system works New Study Medicine information this month looks at how to apply for medicine and key aspects to take into consideration. Medicine applications – how the Australian system works.


Applying for Med Guide The Australian Medical Students' Association has put together a guide for students wishing to apply to medical schools. It aims to provide clear, concise information and advice to students and can be found here:


Study Medicine – Deadline updates for undergraduates for end of September, and October deadlines New Study Medicine information this month includes: - end of September and October deadlines for Australian medical degrees/degrees leading to medicine


Mrs Kimberley Jones
Year 12 Co-ordinator/Career Advisor

Upcoming Events

Spring Soiree


Parent Lecture Series - Paul Dillon

Parent Lecture Series – Paul Dillon

Monday 22 October 2018

6.00-8.00pm in the DPA Chapel

Paul Dillon has been working in the area of drug education for the past 25 years. Through his own business, Drug and Alcohol Research Training Australia (DARTA), he has been contracted by many organisations to give regular updates on current drug trends within the community. He continues to work with many school communities across the country to ensure they have access to good quality information and best practice drug education

Bookings to be made via TryBooking

Notices & News

Parent Teacher Interviews - Term 4, 2018

Day Students:

Parents of Years 7 to 11 Day Students only  will have access to make appointments via PTO from 9am on Monday 1 October 2018. 

  • Please ensure your EMAIL address is up to date in the KWS System.  We have provided PTO the mother’s email address, unless there is no address and then the father’s will be used. This is the email address that will need to be entered by you to request the login details from the PTO website.  Both parents’ email addresses will be provided in the case of parents living apart so separate logins can be requested.
  • Interview Dates: Tuesday 30 October 4:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Interviews will be held in the DPA, refreshments will be provided.


Boarding Students:

Parents of Years 7 to 11 Boarding Students only  will have access to make appointments via PTO from 9am on Monday, 1 October 2018. 

  • Please ensure your EMAIL address is up to date in the KWS System.  We have provided PTO the mother’s email address, unless there is no address and then the father’s will be used. This is the email address that will need to be entered by you to request the login details from the PTO website. Both parents’ email addresses will be provided in the case of parents living apart so separate logins can be requested.
  • Interview Dates: Monday 15 October 1:30pm - 6:00pm
  • Interviews will be held in the DPA, refreshments will be provided.


Families of Year 3, 5, 7 & 9 students should soon receive their child’s NAPLAN results. The reports are due to families by 28 September. I trust that the report will give families a snapshot of your child’s literacy and numeracy levels of achievement.

NAPLAN results will soon be accessible to the school. Once this is available, a thorough analysis will be undertaken to ascertain the cohort’s strengths and weaknesses in literacy and numeracy skills. However, the primary focus will be on student growth. That is, has the student result increased, decreased or remained static over the years.

For Year 9, 2018 students there is still the requirement to demonstrate the National Minimum Standards in order to be awarded the HSC. Whilst the link to NAPLAN has been removed for this year, next year, all Year 10s in 2019 will need to sit online tests in Reading, Writing and Numeracy. Further information about this requirement will be given in the new year. Based on the Year 9 2018 NAPLAN results, students who do not achieve a BAND 8 or above in Reading, Writing and Numeracy will be given the opportunity to attend additional literacy and numeracy workshops to further develop these skills. This program under the title Never Stop Improving (NSI) will be conducted prior to these online tests.

For more information regarding NAPLAN and/or the National Minimum Standards, please contact me on [email protected]

Yooie Choi

Coordinator of Learning Enhancement

Club 3:16: School Christian Fellowship group

Club 3:16 is the School’s Christian Fellowship group. As a way of an update for Term 3, I thought I would share what the group has been doing and to encourage the Kinross Wolaroi School community to think and pray for us as we meet. The group meets weekly on Friday lunch in the Bennett Building. The group varies in size but the core group numbers around 12 to 15 regular students.

This term, the group has looked at the book of Ephesians. The book is jam packed with a lot of gospel truths, so this term we have only focused on key words from key passages. Such key phrases have included “Spiritual blessings in Christ” (Ephesians 1:3), “Thanksgiving and Prayer” (Ephesians 1:15-17) and “Alive in Christ” (Ephesians 2:4-5). These phrases help us to see that we are part of God’s family, because of what Jesus has done for us, and in response we are thankful!

Being a teenager at school is a time of great change and identity building. Life can sometimes be difficult and peer influence increasingly more influential. When celebrity role models become more fickle and the worries of the world get heavier, there is no better time to explore ones faith and look to Jesus – our ultimate role model!

It is no easy feat for a teenager to give up a lunch time, stand out from the crowd and say I want to learn more about God. I ask that as we end this term and think about Term 4, that you keep us in your prayers. If your child is keen to explore, discuss and ask questions about faith, life and God, please encourage them to come along. They are very welcomed! It is a relaxed atmosphere, with supper on offer, and more student input and leadership are welcome!

If you have any questions, comments and/or would like to join a Club 3:16 Family Support group, please contact me on [email protected].  

Yooie Choi

Year 9 Non-Cadets during Activities Week
Week 1 Term 4

All forms for Volunteer Service placements were due last Friday. Please return completed forms ASAP.

If you need assistance with finding a placement, please contact Ms Terrey.

All students must have both the Host and Parent Forms returned.

Ms Larissa Terrey

Cadet Notice

All new Cadets  - Reminder for Medical forms

Health/Medical/Permission Form for Bivouac is needed now as we have no time in Term 4 to collect the information. The form is on Frog and can be emailed or sent to school with the student. Your prompt attention would be appreciated.

Lyn Vernon MAJ (AAC)


KWS Shop News

Summer Uniforms

Please be reminded that girls summer uniforms are to be worn in Term 4 (starting from 16 October). 

Summer uniform for girls includes Summer Blouse, Summer Tunic, White Socks, Straw Hat, Criss Cross Tie (Year 11-12 only), Summer A-Line Dress (Prep Girls only). For more information please contact Gail or Sharron in the Shop.

Clothing Pool


Any current school uniform items of no longer use, can be delivered to the KWS Shop to be sold on your behalf. Items need to be in good condition are of current designs and are washed or dry cleaned. With the up and coming School Orientation Day and seasonal uniform changes there is now the opportunity to have your items processed quickly.

Volunteers for HSC Disability Provisions

The Student Academic Services team are on a desperate search for a bank of volunteers to use for Year 12 HSC Disability Provisions in Term 4. Volunteers are required to act as readers for a number of our Year 12 students. If you are available (or know someone who might be available) to assist between 18 October and 9 November, please contact Tina Moshkanbaryans ([email protected]) at your earliest convenience.

Please note: Working with Children Check required (free for voluntary work); current Year 12 parents cannot act as readers

Tina Moshkanbaryans

Canteen News

The Canteen is now offering freshly handmade sushi everyday... Yum!


Cyber Safety & Bullying

Years 7-10 - Brainstorm Productions

In Week 6 Years 7-10 attended Brainstorm Production ‘The Flipside’ which addressed cyber safety and cyber bullying in schools. Based on a true story, students witnessed how the use of social media can go horribly wrong.  

When bullying and revenge are used to wield power, Jack and Ella realise they must create an ethical roadmap for the internet. When people post words or images, how will they be received? What will be the consequences?

The Flipside challenged student's perspectives on what's humorous, toxic, private, humiliating, informative, safe or appropriate. The performance provided strategies for positiveethical communication online.


Increasingly mobile phones, iPads and other devices are playing a significant role (good and bad) in our children’s lives. Take a minute to think about the following questions:

  1. How much time does your child spend on their device?
  2. Do you know what they are uploading, sending and sharing?
  3. Where are their devices at night?
  4. What accounts do they have? Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc.

Some tips to help encourage positive behaviour and ensure your child is getting enough sleep:

  1. Dock all devices at night in the kitchen or lounge room (parents included as it sends a positive message). If they need an alarm, buy them one.
  2. Ask your child the question ‘what social media are you signed up to?’  Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram  – Age 13+
  3. Talk about responsible use – Don’t say something on-line that you wouldn’t say face to face.
  4. No devices at the dinner table, this is a good time to talk and debrief on the day.
  5. Take some responsibility for your child’s mobile account, you can check how many phone calls are made and data used.
  6. Set your Wifi restrictions/parent control to turn-off at bed-time.
  7. Highlight the benefits of not using devices e.g. opportunity to be active, engage with family/friends in face to face conversations, improved sleeping patterns.

Huon Barrett

Head of PDHPE

Charity Fundraising
by Year 9 Commerce

The Cookie Man

Our class business was ‘The Cookie Man.’ We sold choc chip cookies and rainbow cookies. We sold our cookies to the girl boarders for supper at $1 each on the 20th of August. We sold 232 cookies overall. The members of our business are Bella Scammell and Bailee Davis who were in charge of production, Ollie McLaughlin and Taylah Caro who were in charge of Finance and Jessica Clowes who was in charge of Marketing. We made $135 profit after paying back our shareholders, and we will be donating the profit to the Salvation Army.


Year 9 Commerce: Mr BJ's Ice Cream


Our class business was Mr BJ’s Ice Cream. We sold chocolate and vanilla ice cream with toppings of ice magic and sprinkles. We sold on the 7th of September and plan to sell on 21st again. The members of our group are Brad O’Brien - Head of Production, Max Bylsma - CEO, Ryan Rutherford - Head of Marketing, Jin Luechai - Head of Finance. We made $70 profit from first selling and hope to make more to donate to Cam Kids and Drought Week Foundation.

Craving Crepes

Craving Crepes is a Year 9 Commerce business that is run by Josie Mitchell (Head of Production), Sophia Bird (Head of Marketing) and Bethany Bell (Head of Finance). They aimed to achieve a profit to donate to the Glenn McGrath foundation. They had two selling dates during their time as a business and successfully raised just over one hundred dollars to donate. This was a good practice experience for their future in the commerce area.


KWS Senior School Fortnightly Bulletin
Spring Soiree Invitation.pdf
Parent Lecture Series - Paul Dillon.pdf