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31 October 2019
Issue Sixteen
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Important Dates 

Dates for your diary 



Thursday 7 November 6pm 

2019 Voice Showcase 


Monday 18 November - Friday 29 November 

Year 10 & 11 exams 


Friday 22 November to Sunday 1 December 

Great Victorian Bike Ride - Robe to Torquay 


Monday 2 December - Friday 6 December

EDGE & Stepping programs 


Thursday 5 December 

Presentation Night 


Saturday 7 December 

Second Hand Book Sale 










Monday 9 December 

Wellbeing Day - Year 7-9


Tuesday 10 December 

2020 Year 7 Orientation Day 

(No Year 8 or 9 classes)


Wednesday 11 December - Friday 13 December 

Year 9 Camp


Thursday 20 December 

Last day for students 












Principals' Report

Principal Team Report 

Year 12 Class of 2019

October 18 saw the final formal classes for our Year 12 cohort. The senior team and teachers were very pleased with the high level of attendance and commitment by the students to the practice exams which were held during the holidays and to the revision sessions held after school. Friday’s final Celebration Day was a thoroughly positive affair, beginning with the breakfast and the opening of time capsules, followed by a wonderful whole school assembly and culminating with the Valedictory Dinner.


Congratulations to all in the Senior School and to staff members who contributed to and celebrated with our Year 12 students on a very big, yet positive day.
The atmosphere was excellent and the students’ behaviour was exemplary. Strong relationships and great community spirit was evident. Feedback from parents and students has been extremely positive, they are grateful for all the support they have received. It is a collective effort and we should all be proud of our community. The school captains and vice captains spoke eloquently about their experiences and thanked all who contributed to their time at Koonung.


VCE Exams – Tips to stay focussed and motivated

As our students prepare for the examination period it is important for them to look after themselves well. This time can be compared to the final training phase of elite athletes as they prepare for major competition. The major training block has been done. It is now time for precise practice, combined with good nutrition to fuel the body and brain alongside adequate rest and recovery.

Remaining focused can be one of the biggest challenges when attempting to study. It is easy to be prone to distractions, getting caught up with Facebook, Instagram or going down a YouTube spiral. If that can be you, try to put your phone in another room. There is also a  great app called SelfControl that can be downloaded to a computer — it blocks all those distracting websites during study. Remember an hour of undistracted revision is far more effective than two hours without focus.


Find your best study time

For some students it’s the morning, when they are well rested and minds are clear. This can be a good time with excellent focus potential.  Others may find afternoon or evening works well.


Get organised

Have all of your resources and study material, notes and practice exams available.


Take a break from study

If you’ve read the same line a million times, maybe it’s time to take a break. Better yet, go talk to someone and tell them about what you are studying. It will help you retain more information.


Revisit topics

Spend time to review and revisit concepts and notes on multiple days prior to the exam. If completing practice exam questions or past exams, mark them yourself using examiners notes and identify the gaps in your answers. What are the difference between the best answer and your original response.


Drink lots of water eat well and get lots of sleep

Drink lots of water and make yourself a cup of tea or coffee when you need a lift – just stay hydrated while you’re in the study bubble.

Take a break to refuel with healthy options, not too much sugar or salt. It is a good opportunity to walk away from your desk. Aim to go to bed early so that you are allowing your brain to recover. A rested brain thinks more clearly.

Good luck to all students working through final exams, I know they will be well supported and encouraged as they head to the conclusion of the exam period and their secondary schooling.


VCE Art Show

The annual VCE Art show was officially opened on Wednesday 23 October. The Art Captains spoke passionately about the Art experience at Koonung and it is wonderful to see the diverse and interesting products on display. Students, parents and staff members enjoyed the gallery experience and voted on their favourite art piece. The staff were also treated to a screening of the Year 12 Media films in the theatre prior to the opening. The films were excellent and displayed terrific technical skill.

We are very fortunate to have such talented and dedicated visual art and technology teachers at our school.


PFA Bunnings BBQ and Bake Sale 

Thank you to our wonderful PFA for their efforts and hard work in the lead up to and at the Bunnings BBQ and Bake Sale on Saturday. The long day was a resounding success and I would especially like to thank event coordinators Nicky, Janelle and Lou, along with all the parent helpers who contributed to the day. Thank you also to our amazing Year 8 Food Technology class, led by their teacher Ms Kelly Szlachetko, for baking an array of delicious cakes and slices for the bake sale. 
We are very fortunate to be part of a wonderful community.


Marianne Lee 


Capital Works Program Update

Following consultation and feedback from our College community, the revised proposed masterplan has been endorsed by College Council and submitted for Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) approval. The first stage of the proposed masterplan includes the demolition of the lower gym and toilet block and relocation of the portable classrooms near the staff carpark. A new building will be constructed on this site and will consist of a new Year 7 to 9 space and new reception area facing towards Box Hill Crescent to reorient the entrance to the school. This stage will cause minimal impact to the learning and teaching activities as we will be able to utilise existing buildings while construction occurs. The next stage in the program, after VSBA approval, is the schematic design process. This is where we start looking at how the spaces within the building footprint will best suit 21st century learners. The revised masterplan is attached below.


Stace Kerr
Business Manager





College Notices 

2019 Voice Showcase 


The 2019 Voice Showcase will be held on Thursday 7 November at 6pm in the theatre. This concert is to showcase the talents and hard work of this year’s voice students, with solos and duets. Students from 7-12 will be performing a range of items from pop to musical theatre, from accompanying their own singing on piano to guitar, so it is definitely going to a concert you won’t want to miss!

What: 2019 Voice Showcase
When: Thursday 7 November 6pm
Where: Koonung theatre
Admission: Free


Olivia Foy 

Classroom Music and Voice teacher

Maths Teacher 









Student accident insurance arrangements

Families are reminded that neither Koonung Secondary College nor the Department provide personal accident insurance for students. Parents and guardians are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including any transport costs. Student accident insurance policies are available from some commercial insurers. These cover a range of medical expenses not covered by Medicare or private health insurance.

It is recommended that families seek assistance in this matter with their insurance broker or find a suitable personal accident insurer.


Second hand book sale 

Please add this event to your diary. Further details will follow. 


Middle Years 

Middle Years Update 

Part 2 of my 'tips' continues from the last addition of the newsletter:

Over the next two or three weeks I'd like to share with you some tips on parenting. I have borrowed these ideas from parents, grandparents and some very experienced members of a range of different communities who have shared their expertise with me over the years. Some I have picked up from the wide range of material on this subject, on the internet or in articles on parenting teenagers. They come with no guarantees, but seem very logical to me.


Learn to say 'No" 

Loving your child does not mean giving in to their every whim. It is important that they realise that you are the responsible adult and that if you say 'No' you actually mean 'No'. Young people are not always the best judges of what is good for them. They are under huge pressure to conform with their peers, but sometimes they know deep down that they ought not go to a certain get together. If you as a parent are prepared to accept the 'blame' for their non attendance they do not loose face with their peers. On simple things like bedtime they do not know what is best. Try to remember that you are the adult in this relationship. You decide what is best and you set the boundaries. Be reasonable and be firm.


Listen and talk 

Treasure time that your teenager shares with you. Avoid making your chats all about academic matters. Yes it is important to show interest in their academic progress. But, don't forget: How are your friends going? Who do you hang out with at lunch time? Sometimes these chats help build a picture of how your child is coping at school and outside of school. By listening to, rather than talking at, our children we can get to know them better. It is better to share our concerns with our child and work out mutual solutions, rather than try to impose solutions. 'How ya going?' is a very Australian expression, but often we get a shock if people actually proceed to tell us how they are really going. Make sure that if you ask your child this question you give them your full attention so that you pick up the cues to any problems they might be experiencing or the current positives they want to share with you.


Unconditional love 

Your children should know that, no matter what has happened, they can always come back to their home. It is important that they believe in their hearts there is nothing that can ever change the love you have for them. The confidence they have in your love is vital in difficult times and essential in good times. 'Remember I am here for you no matter what has happened' is a reassurance that you can regularly give in good times so that your child will remember that promise if times become difficult.


We want the best for you 

As teenagers, many kids have vastly different ideas from their parents as to what is best for them. Despite the likely differences it is important that they come to believe and trust you when you tell them you want the best for them. They need to understand that you have a sense of purpose in your parenting.' I have to say "No" because I have your best interests at heart.'  Don't be afraid to try to logically explain your decision. Expect the response 'But everybody else is allowed."

This is where it is handy if you actually know other parents, because in fact it is highly unlikely that 'everyone' is allowed. Hopefully they will realise that you don't enjoy shutting down what they want and will start to appreciate that you do always have their best interests at heart.


Year 9 Exams

All Year 9 students will sit formal examinations on the 4- 5 December.

The exams will cover the following subjects: English, Mathematics, Humanities, Language, Science 


Year 7 Project Rocket Incursion

Our Year 7 cohort are going to be a part of the solution!


Congratulations Johnny Suares

Congratulations to Johnny Suares  (7G) who is the 2019 Victorian All Schools Championships Under 14 Pole Vault  Gold Medallist.   

He jumped 3.40 meters and qualified for the Australian All Schools Championships to be  held in Perth from 5 December  to  8 December 2019.

We wish Johnny the very best for this event. 


Congratulations Sophie Zarafa

Sophie Zarafa  (8 G) also competed at the All Schools Competition last weekend. She finished 3rd in the Triple Jump. She is competing in the Long Jump this coming weekend.

Good luck Sophie!


Summer Uniform

It is important to remind all Middle School students that their school uniform should always reflect a level of care in their personal presentation and that they are to be correctly dressed at all times – this includes both travelling to and from school as well during the school day. We are extremely proud of our students and our School and our expectation is that students will wear the Koonung uniform with pride at all times.


Breakfast Club



Friday mornings from 8am in the MYC


Homework Club


A homework club is  available to students.  It is held every Monday  in the library from 3:30pm to 4:15pm.


Upcoming events

Year 8 Alcohol Awareness Incursion  27 November 

Year 9 Exams                                             4 - 5 December

Year 9 Student free day                             6  December

Year 8 and Year 9 Student free day      10 December

Year 9 Camp                                         11 - 13 December





Allira Howe

Director of Learning: Middle Years


Senior School News 

Year 12 farewell 

I have the absolute honour to share with the school community the events of the final day of school life for the 2019 Year 12 graduating class.

We started bright and early at the annual breakfast for the parents and students of the graduating class of 2019. What a spread! At this point I must thank the Senior Coordinating team and especially Zaiga Bendrups for their endless dedication and support of our students. Zaiga did it all. The breakfast, the dinner… if it was left to me, we probably would have gathered around a couple of packets of Arnott’s Family Assorted biscuits and a jar of instant coffee. Students opened their time capsules from Year 7 to revisit dreams and ambitions of their younger selves… A wonderful start to a memorable day.

From there we ventured to the Hall for the final assembly and saw one last time the amazing talents of the group with Kaia Duong stealing the show with a phenomenal solo singing performance that set the mood for this last day. Our Captains; Annie, Seb, Libby and Tom were fantastic with their final addresses to the Koonung community and the demonstration of their affection for the school, the staff and their families. The goodwill among staff and students was a highlight. I have never signed so many school uniforms and yearbooks. From there it was time to prep, not for exams (yet), but the valedictory dinner. What a wonderful night for all that attended.


I had the great pleasure of celebrating with and sending off a cohort that I have thoroughly enjoyed working with over the past three years. This night has been the highlight of my career at Koonung, and one that I will never forget.

For those that were not in attendance, and for those that were, I feel it would be appropriate to include an excerpt of my final speech to the cohort of 2019 as their Year 12 coordinator.

To the class of 2019,

 I have spent 3 years as your coordinator. For many, our interactions have been within the four walls of a classroom, others, I have never taught… For some of you I wasn’t able to do anything more than say “Hi, how’s it going?”.

In my role as your coordinator, all I hope is that I’ve been able to make the good times better and the bad times not so bad.

I grew up off Greythorn Road in North Balwyn and prior to teaching had never heard of Koonung. When you start out as a teacher it’s a bit of pot luck where you end up. I could not have wished for a more amazing school and students to start my career.

I have been a coordinator since 2015. In my first two years, I had Year 12 and then took on you guys at Year 10. From a biological and psychological sense a Year 9/10 student is just plain weird. Your Year 9 coordinator Brendan Tuckerman may have thought that too. He didn’t actually say that to me, but he left Koonung after coordinating your year level...


I see being a teacher of VCE as the pinnacle of high school teaching. To teach a class of students in Year 12 is great, and I’m sure that I am echoing the thoughts of your VCE teachers here tonight when I say that. It is why they are here. BUT to be the coordinator of a bunch of students that have now grown into a collection of amazing young adults over the past three years is even better. Thank you so much. I believe you may have ruined me for any other cohort of students that I look after. I’ll leave it for you to decide if that is in a good or bad way.

This night. This celebration, is…..about the culmination of, at times, a seemingly endless period of hard work and study.

It’s a chance to thank your parents and carers for their love and support. Make sure you indulge them as they reminisce about your first day of prep and the rest of your journey to now.

It’s about the highs and the lows.

Tonight is the big deep breath before you plough into exams.

For those of you that struggled to get to school…

Those mornings you couldn’t get out of bed…

All those years when 2019 looked like it would never arrive. I am sure I speak for every non-student in this room when I say don’t waste a moment.

Tonight. For you all. Congratulations. You have attained your VCE.

I am proud of each and every one of you.

I see a lot of love and support in this group, I see it everyday. You back each other.

Now, in life, you don’t have to love and support everyone, but you do have to respect everyone.

I have respected you all and I hope I have given you enough support in these past three years.

One last thing - in your lives be complementary to everything you do. Be present and make every interaction you have with every individual the best it can possibly be.


One last message to the students of Koonung who will soon be attending their very own Valedictory in the future as they progress to Year 12. Your goal is not to be better than anyone else, your goal should be to be the best you can possibly be. 


Chris Sheehan, Year 12 Coordinator

Year 11 History 

On Monday 21 October the Year 11 History class had guest speakers, Jim and Rob, who shared some of their personal experiences from the Vietnam War. From these anecdotes, our class learnt first hand the impacts of the war on the soldier’s mental and physical state before, during, and after their experiences. Rob and Jim discussed their interactions with the US troops, the training process, conscription and some of the struggles they faced such as the 50+kg they carried in the humid Vietnamese jungle. Their stories made us greatly consider the views and values of society at the time of war and the reasoning for Australia’s involvement within it, helping us further comprehend the reality of the Vietnam war and its impacts.


Ruken Zeyto  11F


2020 Arts Captains announced 


Kajal Desai and Zoe Unterrainer are our newly appointed Arts Captains for 2020.  I look forward to working in collaboration with them next year. Please read Kajal's and Zoe's reflections on becoming a 2020 Arts captains.


Being chosen to be Co-Art Captain is a great honour and privilege. For as long as I can remember Art is the class I have always looked forward to the most. Creating art is a way for an individual to convey their emotions and unique meanings as well as express themselves creatively. I believe anyone can create art which is why I want students to enjoy art as much as I do. I would love students to be more involved in Koonung’s Art Program, either by joining ‘Art Space’ or alternately choosing an art subject as one of their electives. As Art Captains, Zoe and I would be happy to take into consideration anyone’s ideas or thoughts to create an art community within Koonung where everyone feels welcomed and involved.


As Co- Art Captain for 2020, my goal is that I want students to express themselves through their artworks. Art is a great way to express yourself and in 2020 I would like to encourage the idea of building a sense of belonging and community at Koonung, because I understand what it feels like to be an outsider as I am from overseas. I understand isolation, but I also understand what belonging feels like and I want everyone to feel part of the Koonung community. I want people to be able to come up to me or Kajal and share their ideas with us whether it’s about the Arts program, Arts space or about choosing Art as subject. “Art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world” Leonardo da Vinci”.


VCE Arts Exhibition

As we celebrated the Opening of the VCE Arts Exhibition on Wednesday night we witnessed amazing pieces of artworks from very talented students. It is so exciting to be part of all this creativity and be inspired by the talents of students in Art, Media, Studio Arts and Visual Communication Design. Thank you to all the students who exhibited in the exhibition – you should all be very proud of your achievements, hard work, dedication and success.

Many thanks goes to the Arts Domain who worked very hard to set the exhibition up, to Mat and Peter for setting up and dismantling the display boards, our amazing office staff, Helen and Gill for creating awards, editing newsletter items and organizing light refreshment supplies.

 To the Senior School staff for the loan of the Senior Centre. Thank you to the Principal team for supporting the Arts and taking the time to select the Principal Acquisition Award winners.

To the Arts/Technology Domain staff- David Foote, Amy Mclellan, Richard Leask, Georgina Russell, Kirby Sens, and Sandy  Angliss, for all they have put into making this VCE Exhibition look polished, refined and creative.

To David Forward for setting up the microphone system.

To the Arts captains (2019) Marina and Erin who both undertook folio subjects yet found the time to give back to the Arts. To Zoe and Kajal (2020 Arts Captains), thanking you for all your efforts in supporting the Arts and starting off with a big bang.

 We say goodbye and thank you Marina and Erin and welcome Kajal and Zoe.

To the students of Art, Media, Studio Arts and Visual Communications-well done! We can see the amount of work that you have completed and we are so proud of you all!


Congratulations to the following students who were award reciprocants at the VCE Art Show:


Principal Acquisitions Award


Mina Wakefield





People’s Choice Award:

  • Art- Mina Wakefield
  • Media- Jazmyn Flintoff
  • Studio Arts- Hannah Clauson
  • Visual Communication-Vicky Mangonis


Highly Commended

 Class teachers selected one student from each subject area based on their ideas, thought processes and perseverance towards their  Arts subject

  • VCD- Vicky Mangonis
  • Media – Jazmyn Flintoff
  • Art- Emma Hocking
  • Studio Arts- Nicholas Hadj Michael


Congratulations  to our Arts DUX- these students showed excellent skills, talents and amazing creativity with both practical and theoretical components of their  Year 12 Arts subjects for 2019:

  • Art- Mina Wakefield
  • Media- Jazmyn Flintoff
  • Studio Arts- Hannah Clauson
  • Visual Communication Design- Elizabeth Odria


 VCD - Elizabeth Odria 



Helen Briffa 

Arts Domain Leader

 Box Hill Rotary Whitehorse Art Show 

Our Year 11 Studio Arts class are entering this Exhibition – their work is on view from Thursday of this week until Sunday.


Arts Space Term 4 Lunchtime Activities


Please click on the table above to view the weekly lunchtime Art space activities. Talented artist, Sandy Angliss, will be running the sessions for the remainder of the term.

Student Activities 

So you think you can dance....

This year, Room 2 has hosted a variety of events and competitions for students at lunch times including karaoke, band performances and a dance competition. In term 3, the So You Think You Can Dance competition kicked off with 12 contestants over 4 heats. Our judges Joe Healey and Emma Hocking had the difficult task of choosing who would go through to the Grand Final to be performed on Koonung Day. They were so blown away with the plethora of talent that all contestants went through. But in the end there could only be one winner… congratulations Stavroula of Year 7 for taking out the title of the best dancer at Koonung. Looking forward to seeing even more talent in 2020!


Samantha Prosenak  






I’m a Year 7 student attending Koonung Secondary College, and when I heard that there was a dance competition, I was so excited. Wouldn’t it be great if I could perform in front of the whole school and maybe even win? Yes, it would, and that’s exactly what I did. I choreographed a solo and I performed it in front of the whole school. Happy and proud, I made it to the finals! I then thought to myself, if I could make my next routine on fire, I might even have a chance at winning So You Think You Can Dance Koonung! So, I added special tricks into my routine to ensure that my routine was on fire. In the end I happily won So You Think You Can Dance Koonung! To me that didn’t matter. What really mattered was that I got up and I performed in front of the whole school. To me that’s worth more than any first place!

Stavroula Siolis 7C

Inter-school competitions & Sport 

Year 8 Hockey Boys through to State Championships after winning Eastern Metro Region 

L-R back row: Stephen Wong, Alex Lee, Dylan Llewellyn, Toby Griffith, Max Anastasiou, Rory Spicer, Riley McQuin

L-R front row: Ben Harding (vice captain), Robson McGee, Harrison Brindle (coach), Will Paull, James Peter-Budge, Vihaan Billimoria (absent from photo: Sal Ballan)


On Monday 21 October, the Koonung Boys Year 8 hockey team played in the Eastern Metro Region hockey tournament. We played two pool games and then a final.

Our first game was against Vermont Secondary College. The game was extremely close and we ended up winning 3-2, with goals to Max Anastasiou, and Rory. In the second game, which would decide who went through to the final, we took on Templestowe College, a game which was again quite close. Our goalkeeper, Riley McQuin, began a great run of form in this game, and didn’t concede a goal for the rest of the tournament. In this game Toby Griffith was extremely unlucky not to score a goal, but Rory and myself both scored to make it 2-0 at the final whistle.

In the final we played an incredibly strong Balwyn team, led by a state player. However. Vihaan Billimoria, Alex Lee, Stephen Wong, William Paull, James Peter-Budge and I were a very strong defensive unit and we looked forward to the challenge. The game was a tight tussle, but we got the breakthrough at about the 15 minute mark of the first half, by way of a perfect defensive sequence and a brilliant run and finish by Dylan Llewellyn. In the second half, we played almost purely defensively, and even after a few very scary moments, as well as a few amazing ones (such as Dylan’s stick being knocked out of his hands and stopping the ball’s path to a Balwyn forward), we prevailed 1-0 winners.

Our team wasn’t carried, but was inspired by our captain, Robson McGee, who used his spectacular skill a few (rather than ‘a few’, I suggest something like ‘at crucial’ or ‘at decisive’ or ‘at pivotal’ or at critical’ or something else you choose) times throughout the day.

All in all, it was an amazing day, and our team is now preparing for the State Hockey Finals to be played later this term.

Ben Harding 8D, Vice Captain



Year 8 Basketball 

Congratulations to our Year 8 Boys Basketball team who were runners-up the Eastern Metropolitan Finals last week. 



Training well under way for Great Victorian Bike Ride 

This year our Great Victorian Bike Ride team will be led by Anthony Hasseldine. They featured in last week's Leader newspaper. We look forward to hearing more about their journey in upcoming newsletters.


Anthony Hasseldine

Learning Specialist in eLearning and Digital Systems, and

STEAM Program Leader

Students continue their success in sport

Allira Howe  has touched on the successes of Sophie Zarafa and Johnny Suares in her Middle years report in this newsletter. Congratulations also to Nanako Masuda (11D) who was 3rd in a recent EMR javelin competition. 





Library News

All things DC

In the library I will often overhear the students discussing what their preferences are regarding superheroes.  Basically you are either a DC fan or a Marvel fan, not many like both!  Soon we will have a new trio of DC novels for students to sink their teeth into. The covers alone make them intriguing and worth the wait. Keep an eye out for their arrival (coming soon!).


ClickView for everyone

According to the statistics, ClickView is being used by staff and students prolifically at school and at home, which is fabulous to see. There are over 100 G and PG rated movies to watch, not to mention the 5,000 educational shows. Access is via compass or the library catalogue. Netflix, Stan and Foxtel only have shows/movies on for a small period of time where as ClickView will have them on for ages and ages (years). Why not have a look next time you're too hot to do anything, relax and enjoy!




Parents and Friends Association  

Bunnings BBQ and Bake  Sale - Saturday 26 October 

Dear Volunteers 

Thank you to you all; our volunteers and bakers from Saturdays Bunnings BBQ and Bake Sale!

We persevered through wind, rain (and sunshine), selling out of both sausages and cakes by 4pm.

Provisional results are $1394 from the BBQ and approximately $1089 from the bake sale. That’s a fantastic result!

A special thank you to Lou Will and Janelle Leeding for the coordination and organisation of the BBQ. It all ran very smoothly and the Bunnings customers made special mention that the sausages from Dench Butchers, Forest Hill Chase, were very tasty.

A special mention to Kyle Crawford from Wallaroo Camping Hire for the donation of the hire of the ice chests.

We also discovered that the Koonung Community hides an amazing number of bakers! A wonderful amount of donated baked goods came in from so many families. Also a marvellous contribution from the Koonung Food Tech classes led by Kelly Szlachetko, who baked for us on Thursday, meant that our stock levels were sky high.

A special mention to those bakers who baked SO MUCH stock they could have run their own bake sale! They know who they are.

A special thank you to Naomi Robinson for preparing the packaging and cute tags and for assisting with coordinating the event. Also to Tara Payne and Lauretta Zychla for their Halloween decorations.

It’s wonderful to be part of the strong community spirit at Koonung!

Andrew Gifford

PFA President 2019




Wanted......a Book Sale Coordinator for 2020 and onwards

Dear Koonung SC Community, the PFA runs a very successful and effective 2nd hand book sale at the school each year in December. In 2018, the sale raised over $7K  for the PFA to allocate back to the school and returned over $17K to parents who sold their books. The sale is run by an army of volunteers and has been led for the past 6+ years by Carolyn Minster.


As Carolyn’s time at Koonung comes to an end, we need someone to volunteer as the coordinator to be able to continue this fabulous service to the Koonung families.


The event this year is well in hand but the opportunity is available for the next coordinator to be able to shadow Carolyn and see how the event runs. Carolyn will also be available to mentor this person through the sale in 2020.


We have a full list of duties (summarised below) available for anyone who is interested and advise the process is fully documented. The process has been in place and bedded down for a number of years and is very efficient.


There is a definite possibility to have 2 people run the event as joint coordinators.


If you have been looking for an opportunity to become involved with Koonung in a role which really gives back to both the school and the families, then this role is ideal for someone who has some time in September/October and then again mid November-early December.


Please contact Andrew Gifford at pfa@koonung.vic.edu.au with any queries or to express interest.


Summary of role:

Prep work-September/October-about 1 hour a week producing the 2nd hand book list/setting sales date/ booking rooms/updating volunteer app/updating flyers.


Mid November-early December-about 3 hours a week. Organising early book drop offs/organising storage of the items/clearing the cupboard from last year’s stock


First week of December-Thursday to Monday of book sale week-Set up (Thursday), book collection (Friday), Volunteer pre sale (Friday night), Book sale day (Saturday), Paperwork completion (Saturday afternoon), Book return and pack up (Monday)


December/February-ad hoc requests for books to be addressed

PFA information

Upcoming  PFA meeting dates for 2019

December Christmas Dinner TBA 


Your Committee for 2019:

 President -   Andrew Gifford

 Vice President - Danielle Croyden 

 Secretary - George Anastasiou

 Treasurer - Nicky Smith


PFA Contact Details

If you have any questions or would like to help out with PFA events or come to our meetings, please email pfa@koonung.vic.edu.au - we would love to hear from you.

Careers and Pathways

Careers News

Years 11 & 12

We would like to wish all of our Year 12’s the best of luck for the VCE Exams. All institutes will be available to assist with Change of Preference for University and TAFE courses for 2020 from 12th to 14th December, 2019. The Careers Office will be available to assist with Change of Preference.


Year 11 Careers Interviews will continue during Term 4. Check compass schedule for interview time.


Year 10

Compulsory VET Information Sessions are being held for IMVC 1st Year VET students. Please check dates on the Provisional Expression of Interest VET letter sent out at the end of Term 3. Box Hill Direct 1st year students will be notified of Information Sessions as soon as possible.



Melbourne Polytechnic | Early Childhood Education Information Session

29 October 2019, 10:00 am

Melbourne Polytechnic, Preston Campus

Now’s the time to register for our information and enrolment sessions. We give you an in-depth look at your chosen area of study and a tour of our department facilities.

Find out about the following courses:

  • Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

Find out more: https://www.melbournepolytechnic.edu.au/information-enrolment-sessions/session/earlychildhood-29oct2019

Harvard Law School | International Students at HLS Webinar

30 October 2019, 3:00 am - 4:00 am


International students are an integral part of the HLS community, and each year we welcome students from across the globe to campus. Current international students will share their reflections on their transition to law school and provide insight on the differences of studying in the United States.

Find out more: https://jdadmissions.law.harvard.edu/register/InternationalStudentsatHLS-2019


Student Exchange Australia New Zealand | Online Information Session

30 October 2019, 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm


The LIVE Online Info Session is conducted by a senior member of our staff using a service which allows us to meet online or over the telephone. You will be able to meet our representative over a video internet connection, ask any questions and watch a presentation.

Our LIVE online session will cover the following topics.

  • Introduction to Student Exchange, the regulatory environment & benefits
  • Program options, destinations & eligibility
  • Safety and Wellbeing, our support system & where you will stay
  • Money Matters, including available discounts & scholarships
  • Deadlines & how to apply
  • Why choose Student Exchange?

Find out more: https://studentexchange.org.au/info-sessions/live-online/


Deakin | Accelerate Information Evening, Online Webinar

12 November 2019, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Deakin Accelerate provides high-achievers with university-level learning opportunities. You will complete two units of a first-year university subject at the same time as your Year 12 studies. Studying one unit per trimester, alongside first-year university students, you will complete your units either on campus at one of Deakin’s four vibrant locations, or study anywhere, anytime, at the Cloud Campus – our innovative online learning environment.

Attend an information evening to learn more about the Deakin Accelerate program and how it will benefit you. You will hear from past program students and find out about the application process.

Find out more: https://www.deakin.edu.au/about-deakin/events/accelerate-information-evening





RMIT | Experience Surveying Day

29 October 2019, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Argyle Square, Carlton

If you are interested in a career as a land surveyor, this practical one hour event hosted by RMIT University provides a fantastic opportunity for you to do practical surveying activities with the help of fully qualified Surveyors.

You will see all the current surveying equipment used in the industry including a digital level, total station, GPS and laser scanner. You’ll get the opportunity to do a practical activity measuring distance and use professional surveying tools to check your measurement.

Events are held each month at Argyle Square and are designed for Year 10 -12 secondary students and school leavers that are interested in mathematics and IT or those considering a career change to the industry.

You’ll also get the chance to meet with staff who teach surveying at RMIT, and ask any questions you have about a future career in land surveying as well as the study options available at RMIT.

Find out more: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/experience-surveying-day-tickets-73516986285


Print Workshop at Australian Print Workshop

23 November 2019, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Australian Print Workshop Inc., Fitzroy

This workshop offers the opportunity to explore two simple and highly effective printmaking techniques. Use drawings or photographs as guides to draw, scratch and incise directly into plates to create images with texture and tone. Construct spontaneous and colourful monotypes, merging painting and printmaking, to create beautiful one-of-a-kind prints. Instruction is by one of APW’s highly skilled printers.

Find out more:


Work Experience

Work Experience at the Royal Melbourne Hospital

If you are interested in a career in health, medicine or nursing, the Royal Melbourne Hospital offers work experience for students in year 10, 11 and 12.

They have placements available in all different areas, including Neurology, Immunology, Pathology, People & Culture, Allied Health and more.

Applications for 2020 placements will be open from Monday 4 November, for one week only.

Find out more here: https://www.thermh.org.au/health-professionals/careers/work-experience


Scholarships & Competitions


ACU Gill Family Scholarship

Value: $2,500

Open/Closing Dates: September 9, 2019 – March 9, 2020

Established in 2014, the Gill Family Scholarship is intended to financially assist students from low socio-economic backgrounds to undertake a Nursing or Midwifery course.

This scholarship is open to applicants who meet all of the following criteria:

  • Citizenship: domestic students
  • Campus: Melbourne or Ballarat
  • Course: enrolled in a Nursing or Midwifery degree

Find out more


ACU Law – Equity Scholarship

Value: $5,000

Open/Closing Dates: September 9, 2019 – March 9, 2020

Established in 2012, the ACU Law – Equity Scholarship is intended to assist students from low socio-economic backgrounds.

This scholarship is open to applicants who meet all of the following criteria:

  • Citizenship: Domestic students
  • Faculty: Law
  • Course: Any ACU Law degree
  • Campus: Any
  • Year level: First year
  • Not a previous recipient of this scholarship.

Find out more


National Summer Art Scholarship

Value: Development program

Open/Closing Dates: September 1, 2019 – October 28, 2019

The National Summer Art Scholarship is a week-long intensive bringing sixteen young people from across Australia to the National Gallery of Australia. If you are in year 11 in 2019 and passionate about art, you can enjoy a week of creative workshops and experiences this Summer.

To apply for the National Summer Art Scholarship, you must:

  • Have permission from a parent/guardian
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Be in Year 11 in 2019
  • Be passionate about art
  • Be comfortable meeting and working with new people
  • Advocate for young people, proudly promoting a youth audience at the NGA by remaining respectful and engaged

Find out more


VU George Alexander Foundation Leadership Scholarship

Value: $7,500 per year

Open/Closing Dates: August 12, 2019 – February 7, 2020

Each year, five George Alexander Foundation scholarships are offered to encourage study in an undergraduate course that potentially leads to a community-focused career. The scholarship supports young people with academic ability, leadership potential and a commitment to their community to achieve their full academic and leadership potential.

Eligible applicants must satisfy all of the following criteria. They are:

  • students commencing their first undergraduate degree program at Victoria University
  • year 12 school leavers and students who are returning to study aged between 18 – 25 years old
  • applicants who have been accepted into a full time undergraduate academic program and who will be commencing their studies in Semester 1 of 2020
  • applicants who have attained a minimum ATAR score of 80
  • applicants who complete the scholarship application in full and lodge it by the advertised closing date with the specified University office
  • Australian citizens or have permanent residence status.

Find out more


La Trobe Computer Science and Information Technology Scholarship for Excellence

Value: $5,000

Open/Closing Dates: August 1, 2019 – January 31, 2020

This scholarship is available to students with an outstanding academic record, who enrols full-time in any undergraduate degree within the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology.

To be eligible to apply for this scholarship, applicants must:

  • Have an outstanding academic record
  • Be intending to enrol full-time in any undergraduate degree within the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology in 2019.

Find out more


Summer Jobs


Summer Jobs Prep Time

The start of Term 4 means it’s not long until the summer break.

Are you thinking about getting a summer job? If you are, now’s the perfect time to start getting organised.


Ways to prepare

You could:

  • Create or update your resume
  • Work out how much time you’ll have available to work
  • Plan how you’ll be able to get to and from work
  • Read up on your rights and responsibilities
  • Find out what you’ll need (e.g. Tax file number and super account)
  • Start looking out for jobs near you
  • Read up about how to write great cover letters to go with your resume or application
  • Start practising how to answer interview questions with friends or family members

Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start, we’ll be writing more posts over the next few weeks with details about how to go about each of the items above.


Benefits of summer jobs

You might be hoping to spend the entire summer holidays vegging out and relaxing, and that’s perfectly understandable.

But if you are thinking about getting job, here’s our top reasons to go ahead and take the plunge.

  1. The most obvious is that you’ll be earning money – you’ll have some fun money to spend, or you could start saving up a big ticket item, travel, or uni.
  2. You’ll learn new skills
  3. Build up your resume
  4. Meet new people
  5. Sample different jobs and industries
  6. Boost your confidence

Remember, you don’t have to work full time – a part time job could help you achieve all the benefits and still leave you with lots of free time to enjoy the summer.


Resume readiness for summer job applications

Before you start applying for jobs, it’s a good idea to make sure that you have a resume ready to go and that it’s up to date and looking schmick.


Updating your resume

If you already have a resume, but you haven’t looked at it since you applied for a summer job last year – it could be due for a refresh.

  • Check your contact and personal details are correct
  • Add in any recent jobs you’ve not listed (including voluntary and community work)
  • Revise your skills, awards, achievements and hobbies if necessary

You might like to review your skills and attributes section, the better you make it – the more likely you are to stand out.

Don’t forget that if you’re applying for a particular job, it’s a good idea to edit your CV to reflect what the employer is looking for. Never make things up, but it’s amazing how a little re-wording could make you more appealing as a prospective employee.


Creating a resume

Don’t have a resume and you’ll be applying for your first job, no problem, you’ve got some time to prepare one.


  • Your name, age and contact details
  • Your education details, including the names of your schools and a list of subjects you’ve studied
  • Any jobs you’ve had, including volunteer work and work experience
  • A list of your skills
  • Any awards or achievements
  • Your hobbies and interests

Keep it brief, simple, honest and easy to read.

These blogs “It’s all about the resume” and “Create your resume” have a few more tips and ideas.


Tailor the details

Your resume and cover letter will determine whether you get an interview or not, so you’ve got to make them relevant and stand out.

If you’re just planning on going around to businesses handing over your resume, keep it short and sweet.

Applying for specific jobs, you’ll need to address skills or qualities listed in the advert.

If you really don’t think you have many of the skills or experience they’re looking for, but you’re still keen on the job – say that in the cover letter. Tell them you’re really keen to learn, it could make a difference.


Looking for a Summer Job?

Thinking about earning a bit of extra cash over the Summer holidays, but don’t know where to look for a job?

Student Services Australia has put together a great database called Summer Jobs, containing a huge list of Christmas casual jobs from all around Australia.

Simply put in your suburb and find the jobs closest to you.

You can check it out here: https://summerjobs.com.au/


Further Learning


Information Management & Information Technology Traineeships with ASIO

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) is currently seeking applications from graduating year 12 students for Information Management (IM) and Information Technology (IT) Traineeships at their office in Canberra.

If you are interested in IT, computers or security, this could be a great starting point for your career. You will learn about several areas of IT and IM within ASIO, as well as earning a Certificate IV in your field.

Even if you live outside of Canberra, people willing to relocate can get an assistance package to help with the costs.

Find out more here: https://www.asio.gov.au/im-it-trainee.html


Australian Border Force Careers

If you’re interested in a career that could be different every day, is challenging and rewarding, you could consider becoming a Border Control Officer.

You could be patrolling Australia’s air and seaports, remote locations, mail and cargo centres and Australia’s extended maritime domain. Officers also perform specialist functions relating to investigation, compliance and immigration detention operations.


  • be an Australian Citizen
  • be aged 18 or older
  • have Government security clearance (and maintain it)
  • pass ABF physical fitness standards (and maintain them)

You’ll then have to apply for the Border Force Officer Recruit Training Program (BFORT) where you’ll be required to:

  • complete Operational Safety Training, carry and use personal defence equipment, including a firearm, if required
  • have completed a Year 12 education, or Year 10 with a trade certificate or Year 10 with a Cert IV and/or equivalent

Ensure you meet other entry requirements such as wearing a uniform, agree to be deployed at short notice, etc.

You can read all about what it takes to join the Australian Border Force (ABF) on their official website.

Applications for the Border Force Officer Recruit Training Program are currently closed. The next annual recruitment process is likely to be advertised in January 2020. You’ll need to check here for updated information.


TAFE and VET funding options explained

If you’ve decided that TAFE or VET is the best option for you after leaving high school, but you’re confused about the fees or just worried about whether you can afford it. There are options for you to investigate.


Subsidised Training

You may have come across the term “subsidised training”. This means that either the Australian Government or a specific State Government has put money towards certain courses to reduce their costs for students.

You do need to meet some eligibility requirements to access subsidised training, which can vary from state to state. Take a look at the general requirements below:


  • Australian or NZ Citizen
  • Under 20, OR;
  • If over 20, enrolling in a course with a higher-level qualification than any you have previously studied, OR;
  • You are unemployed or a retrenched worker

Subsidised courses could mean either their fees are reduced so you’ll have to pay a smaller amount, or in some cases the courses may be completely free.

Not every course is subsidised, and those that are differ between states depending on the current level of funding from the government. Most states will have a list of subsidised courses that are decided based on whether those skills are currently in demand. This means that the list of subsidised courses can change from year to year.

You can use the following resource to find subsidised courses:

If you search for a course on the MySkills website, it will also tell you whether the course is subsidised or not.


VET Student Loans 

VET Student Loans (VSLs) are another way to help with the costs of your course. To be eligible for a VSL, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Enrolling in a Diploma or Advanced Diploma (foundation and certificate level studies are ineligible)
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Have finished year 12 or equivalent
  • Have a Tax File Number (TFN)
  • Have a USI

These loans work in a similar way to FEE-HELP loans for universities. The government will cover some or all of the cost of your course, which you don’t have to repay until you start earning a certain amount.

Only some courses are eligible for VSLs. Searching for a course on the MySkills website will tell you whether the course you’re interested in is eligible.

There is a limit to how much you can borrow under VSLs, called the “loan cap”. The loan cap amount is different depending on the course you study. Some providers may offer courses that cost more than the loan cap. In these cases, you will need to pay the difference between the course cost and the loan cap.

For example, you might want to study a Diploma of Business. The loan cap for this course in 2019 is $5,171. The place you want to study the course has a fee of $6,000. Therefore, you will need to pay the $829 difference directly to the course provider.

To apply for a VSL, you need to fill out an electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form for VET Student Loans (eCAF), and submit it before the course provider’s census date.

You can find more information on VET Student Loans, including on how to apply, here.



Some course providers will reduce the cost of your course if you meet certain criteria. These can be things such as:

  • You receive Centrelink benefits
  • You or your family has a low income
  • You come from a rural or regional area
  • You have experienced family or domestic violence
  • You live in social or public housing

Whether or not you can receive a concession will depend on the course you are studying and the course provider. You are usually asked to provide relevant information upon enrolling, so that the course provider can automatically determine whether you are eligible for a concession.

Once you’ve decided on a course, contact the providers directly to find out if you’d be eligible for any concessions and how to go about applying.



Just like university study, there are plenty of scholarships available out there for VET as well. Take a look at our Scholarships Database to find some that might be right for you.

Many course providers also list any relevant scholarships on their website.


Don’t give up

If you’ve explored all the funding options and you’re still not sure if you’re eligible for any help, contact training providers directly. They could suggest other options that might suit you or offer you a payment plan that’s manageable.

Once you’ve got your funding sorted, it’s time to apply – find out the simple steps to applying in our blog.


Job Spotlight

Security Industry

The security industry in Australia generates around $4.5 billion of revenue providing jobs to over 170,000 employees (ASIAL).

What type of person would this job suit?

  • You’ll need to be physically fit with good reflexes
  • Possess exceptional emotional intelligence and self-control
  • Be observant, able to remain alert and focused for long periods
  • Be a quick and critical thinker who remains calm under pressure
  • Have good communication skills – verbal, non-verbal and written, as well as other customer service skills
  • Be able to remain objective and professional at all times

Other industries security workers might be employed:

  • Law enforcement, defence and intelligence
  • Law and corrections
  • Travel and transport
  • Events and entertainment
  • Personal Protection
  • Business and Retail
  • Border control and Biosecurity



If a career working in security interests you, you’ll have lots of options about which career and industry in which you’d like to work. Plus, there’s a variety of pathways to get you there.

If you’ve completed Year 10 at high school and would like to enter the workplace as a security officer, the absolute minimum you’ll need is a Certificate II in Security Operations from a registered RTO. You may even be able to complete some of your training online.

You may also need to obtain a security license, the requirements vary between jobs, states and territories. So you’ll have to check if you will need one before you can apply.

If you’d like to go to University, there are plenty of degrees that could qualify you for roles within this industry. Completing a degree (especially if you get work experience through an internship or cadetship), could allow you to apply for more senior and professional roles once you graduate.

Completing a Bachelor of Public and Safety Security from Charles Sturt could pave the way for a career in policing, law enforcement, corrections, probation and parole, or juvenile and social justice.

The Bachelor of Security Studies from Macquarie is also designed to qualify you for a range of careers in security and intelligence, policymaking and criminal justice.




Security Guard

Certificate II & Security License

Protecting assets including property, equipment, personnel or money from damage, theft and other criminal or unsafe activities.

You could be working on-site, patrolling, monitoring alarm systems and surveillance equipment, or taking action to prevent and minimise danger or threats.

You could expect to earn over $50,000 per year but this could vary hugely depending on your skills, experience and employer.


Security Officer in Melbourne Western Suburbs

Security Guard / Crowd Controller in Sydney


Installations Technician

Apprenticeship or traineeship

Install, set up, maintain and repair security systems in homes, businesses and public settings.

Technicians earn an average of $60,000 per year.


Security Service Technician in Syndal, VIC

Communications / Security Technician in Emerald, QLD


CCTV Operator

Certificate III

Works in centralised control rooms, monitoring and controlling a bank of screens linked to surveillance cameras placed in public places, buildings and places. Monitoring and reporting any unusual or illegal activity.

The average salary for this role is $63,000 per year.


Security Monitoring Officer in Brisbane, QLD

Control Room Operator in Sydney, NSW


Border Force Officer

Completed Year 12 / Year 10 with a trade certificate /Year 10 with a Cert IV and/or equivalent and then complete Border Force Officer Recruit Training Program (BFORT)

Manage the security of Australia’s borders, working at international airports, seaports or outposts along the coast. Preventing the illegal entry into Australia of people, animals and prohibited, quarantined or dutiable goods.

As a trainee or cadet you could expect to earn an average of $45,000 per year, as a graduate the average salary is $60,000 depending on specialisation and experience.


Border Force Supervising Officer ACT & NSW


Security Operations Manager

Diploma (e.g. of Security and Risk Management)

Oversee all aspects of an organisation’s security, with responsibility for the safety of staff, the organisation and its assets. With supervisory and advisory functions. Interviewing, hiring, training, managing, and evaluating security staff.

Reporting to upper management and working in conjunction with the organisational needs to plan and implement security and public safety measures for an organisation. Analyse and assess safety and security protocols and procedures, recommend and implement changes or improvements.

The average salary for this role is $100,000 per year.


Security Operations Manager in Melbourne CBD

Security Operations Manager in Brisbane, QLD


Growth in this industry is strong and expected to remain so.

Carole Marcianti and Karen Riding 

The Careers Team 





Resilience is a term used often. A term that describes an individual’s capacity to recover from difficulties.


Your years spent at secondary school can be a challenging time – homework and study pressures, boundaries coupled with growing independence, behaviour and uniform expectations, friendships and social issues, wondering what the future holds for you. In order to face and cope with these challenges, we need to call upon our resilience through exposure and persistence. Exposure to the ‘uncomfortable’, sitting with feelings of worry and concern, and persisting when it all seems too difficult. What can YOU do to improve your situation?


A close friend of mine once said ‘hard times don’t last.’ He said this to me during a particularly stressful period where I felt overwhelmed, at times quite panicked and unable to gain clarity of my situation. However, this statement resonated with me. So simple, yet so accurate. Hard times don’t last. Problems and issues in our lives will always come and go. Stressful times force us to learn about who we are and how we cope, how we build our skills to fight on and to overcome adversity.


Remind yourself of your own personal goals and priorities - what is it that you hope to achieve in your life? With goals, usually come sacrifices and hard work. Want to study at University? Then you must study consistently. Want healthy and fulfilling friendships/relationships? Then you must be open, honest and thoughtful with people. Want more money? Then you must work.


The greatest thing about life is that it’s a gift. A gift that with an expiry date. Life opens up doors and provides you with the opportunity to pursue your goals and happiness. Seek out those people who make you laugh and feel good and offer that to them in return. Draw upon your individual skills and strengths and apply them in a meaningful way. Smell the flowers you pass on your way to school, look up at the sky, know that you are never alone and always try to be grateful.


Stressful and difficult times are challenging, but in the midst of these times, remind yourself that ‘hard times don’t last’ and to be brave in confronting your fears and anxieties. By doing so, you’ll become a more content and resilient you.



Wellbeing Day - Monday 9 December 

Monday 9 December  is our Year 7-9 Wellbeing Day. It will incorporate team building games (including a Zumba dance class at lunchtime, and challenging obstacle games), Art Therapy, a Respectful Relationships workshop and a variety of presentations by Headspace and Relationships Australia. There will also be student information stands at lunchtime from Headspace and Youth ConneXions (Whitehorse City Council Youth Services). The Wellbeing team has also run a competition for Year 7-9s to design a poster for Wellbeing Day to use to promote this fantastic day.



Michael Oaten

Director of Learning: Learning Enhancement

Community Notices 

2019 Second Hand Book Sale 


Box Hill Rotary Art Show 



Blackburn Cycling Club 


School Information  

General Office

Office hours are:                        8:00am - 4:00pm

Telephone:                                                9890 9662


Parents should always make contact with the General Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.


Appointments with teachers must be made via telephone or email them directly.


ABSENCE LINE  9890 9887

All school absences require written or online approval from a parent/guardian of the student.  Student absence approvals can be entered electronically through our Compass Parent Portal, or, alternatively, a letter of approval must be provided to the school.  Absence approvals can be provided prior to the absence, during the absence or immediately after the absence. The school has a legal obligation to monitor and record student absences and attendance. Failure to provide approval for an absence may impact VISA conditions, VCE conditions and Centrelink payments.



8.50 – 9.20          Period 1

9.20 – 9.50          Period 2

9.55 – 10.25        Period 3

10.25 – 10.55     Period 4

10.55 – 11.20     Recess

11.20 – 11.50     Period 5

11.50 – 12.20     Period 6

12.20 – 12.50     Period 7

12.50 – 1.45        Lunch

1.45 – 2.15          Period 8

2.15 – 2.45          Period 9

2.45 – 3.15          Period 10

NB:  There is a 5 minute changeover in the morning:

Periods 2&3 from 9.50 – 9.55 (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri)

Periods 3&4 from 10.20-10.25 (Wednesday only)


If a Unit 3/4 teacher is absent periods 1-3 or 8-10 the class will be cancelled unless indicated on Compass. Students should check Compass in this case. 



The  College  employs a part-time nurse and has a range of level 2 qualified first aid staff to deal with injuries or illness that occur at school. In addition to this, the wellbeing team consists of 2 counsellors and a visiting psychologist who are available to support the needs of our students. 



Early leavers require parental approval or acknowledgement. Approvals for early leavers from school can be completed either online (through the Compass Parent Portal) or by handing in a written letter of approval to your Sub School Office at the beginning of the day. All students must report to their sub-school to sign out prior to leaving. 



Electronic rolls are kept in all classes. Students who arrive late to school are required to sign-in at their sub-school for a late pass. 


All late arrivals require parental approval or acknowledgement. Approvals for late arrival to school can be completed either online (through the Compass Parent Portal) or by handing in a written letter of approval to your Sub School Office. SMS notifications may be sent to parents where a student arrives late to school.



The second hand uniform shop (situated near the Library at Koonung SC) will be open every Thursday from 12:45pm – 3:45pm.

Any enquiries please email secondhanduniforms@koonung.vic.edu.au



Please ensure all school clothes, books and personal property are clearly labelled with the student’s name. Many items are not returned to their rightful owners because they are not labelled correctly or clearly.


USBs should include a folder with the student’s name and form to assist in returning it to the correct person. If you have lost anything please check with your subschool office during recess, lunch or end of day.



Please find attached the 2019 canteen menu. The canteen staff will be serving a selection of items from this menu each day. Please note that not all items are available every day but there will be a variety of foods available for students to choose. The canteen is open every day from 8 am. To avoid disappointment and the possibility of long queues, students are encouraged to place lunch orders at the start of the day. 



Koonung Secondary College Newsletter
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