02 February 2018
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From the Principal

Welcome to the New School Year

The beginning of the new school year is always an exciting time! We especially welcome the 269 students attending John XXIII College for the first time. We wish them well as their education commences at the College.


We would also like to introduce and welcome the following new staff members:

Miss Morgan Ball                                  Humanities and Social Sciences Teacher

Miss Kathryn Casey                             Home Economics Teacher

Mrs Heather Charly                             French Teacher

Mrs Olivia Green                                   Italian Teacher

Mr James Miller                                    Gifted and Talented Coordinator

Mrs Alana Muscat                                 College Accountant

Mr William Quartermaine                 Director of Inquiry and Innovation

Mrs Kristy Raymond                            Primary Liturgical Music Teacher

Mrs Monica Smokrovic                       Italian Teacher  

Miss Rebecca Worthy                          English Teacher


We trust that 2018 will be a wonderful year for all members of the John XXIII College community.

Excellent Results for Class of 2017

A holistic education with an appropriate balance between spiritual, academic and co-curricular domains is the essence of any good Catholic school. To be a good Catholic school we must first be a good school. Our learning programs must be of a high standard and we were certainly thrilled for last year’s year 12 cohort.


The Class of 2017 received their results just prior to Christmas. The median ATAR of 89.85 was very impressive and is a ranking that has only been surpassed once in the past 12 years. A list of the 19 students with an ATAR over 98 can be found here. Significantly, 69 students received an ATAR in the 90s which is excellent.


Since the initial publication, we have been informed that the College was the seventh ranked school in the State (on median ATAR) which is a particularly pleasing performance considering that 87.6% of John XXIII College students achieved an ATAR. Many schools have a much lower proportion of students studying an ATAR pathway.


Congratulations to Jessica Low on being awarded a Subject Exhibition, achieving the highest examination mark in Religion and Life.


Subject Certificates of Excellence (for achieving in the top 0.5% of examination results in a course) were awarded to the following students:


Chemistry                                     Matthew Harms

Human Biology                          Sophie Mather

Human Biology                          Emma McNeilly

Italian: Second Language      Sophie Pullella

Modern History                          Jessica Low

Physics                                          Matthew Harms

Religion and Life                       Jessica Low

Religion and Life                       Sophie Mazza

Religion and Life                       Sophie Pullella

Religion and Life                       David Stokes


The College was deemed to be a Top Performing School in the following subjects:


Human Biology


Mathematics Applications

Mathematics Specialist

Media Production & Analysis

Modern History

Physical Education Studies

Politics & Law

Religion & Life


Under the guidance of Mrs Kath Negus (Vice Principal/Head of Secondary) and Mrs Jessica Bouwman (Deputy Principal – Teaching and Learning), a very thorough analysis is being undertaken of our results. We are particularly interested in the correlation between results and the views of students and parents from last year’s extensive survey instrument. We look forward to providing more analysis in due course.


Congratulations to the Class of 2017 and to all our families and staff for their excellent guidance and support.


Together, let us seek justice.


Yours sincerely

Robert Henderson

Charter Bus

College Charter Bus


Media Perspectives

Media Perspectives

This week, 2017 Media Captain Sam Tout had his WACE documentary Soundtrack of Life selected, by a panel of judges, to be shown at the 2018 Media Perspectives event. Media Perspectives is a showcase of the top student films, screened at Event Cinemas, Innaloo, in March and at locations in Bunbury and Mandurah later in the year.


Sam’s documentary explores the power of music from the perspective of a number of local musicians; what it means to these people and the effect it has had on their lives.


Sam’s passion for media, creativity, dedication and hard work during 2017 is evident in this documentary and its inclusion in Media Perspectives is a well-deserved reward.


Kate Cuthbert

Secondary Media Teacher 



Around The Primary



Lord, you gave our founders a sense of vision and action.

As members of the John XXIII College Community, we pray for:

Competence to do our work well

Conscience to live in truth

Compassion to open our hearts to those in need, and

Commitment to respond to God at all times.


May our happiness come from the joy of serving others.

As we plan for tomorrow and live our lives today, may we seek justice.


Pope John XXIII                 Pray for us

Ignatius of Loyola             Pray for us

Mary Ward                         Pray for us


Dear Parents

Welcome back!

We hope you managed to have a really relaxing break with your family and that you are as excited to begin the new school year as we are!


The staff have been very busy in the last couple of weeks preparing their classrooms and programs for the term ahead.  They are feeling refreshed, excited and enthusiastic about working together as a team again and, of course, their focus will be getting to know your child and supporting their learning throughout the year. 


As this is the first newsletter of the year, it is timely to remind our Primary community of the following important requests: -

  1. Please make sure your children arrive at school on time.
  2. Please send children to school in the correct uniform, with appropriate hair-styles.
  3. Please read emails and newsletters.
  4. Please let us know if any of your contact details have changed.
  5. Please inform us of your child’s absence from school.

Schools are obligated to contact parents of children who have not arrived at school by the start of the school day and for whom we have no explanation of absence.  This as you can imagine is a labour intensive exercise.  Parents can assist us by making sure we are informed of all absences by 8.30am.  Primary Absentees may be reported by emailing  All emails will be forwarded to the classroom teacher.  Feel free to leave a message if calling outside office hours by leaving a message on the Primary Reception Phone on 9383 0401.


We understand that at times your child may be late for school for a variety of reasons.  Parents need to bring their children to the office if they arrive after 9 am.  Latecomers cannot go directly to the classroom after the bell – they must visit the office first.  These latecomers will be marked absent unless the school is notified. 

Students requiring to leave the school grounds to attend appointments must be signed out at Administration by a Parent/Guardian and obtain a green slip (not returning for the day) or pink slip (returning to school) which is to be handed to the teacher.  Teachers will not be able to release students to a Parent/Guardian unless they have been given a slip.


Please observe Car Park signs and be respectful to others at all times.  The car park near Pre Primary (entry off John XXIII Avenue) is designated for Pre Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Pre Primary families.


Primary students should be at school 10 minutes prior to the commencement of the school day.  Outside supervision is available from 8.15 am.  No supervision is provided before 8.15 am and after 3.30pm.  Primary students are not permitted to play on any play equipment before or after school.  All gates will be locked at the end of the school day.  Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated. 

It is also important to note the all Pre-Kindy, Kindy and Pre-Primary children must be collected by an adult at the end of their session.

Students from Year One to Year Three are encouraged to use the Loop on Mooro Drive for drop off and pick up.  Families are issued with a  FAMILY NAME sign, which is to be attached to the visor and be clearly visible.  This assists with traffic flow and enables staff to efficiently identify family cars.  Please email Tracey McGann in Administration to obtain additional cards.


Students from Year Four and above are required to use the Main Car Park (entry off John XXIII Avenue) for drop off and pick up (unless they have a sibling in Years 1-3).

For any parents who may be feeling a little anxious for themselves and/or their children, please trust us.  Your children are in very good and experienced hands and we are here to support all families.  Please do not hesitate to contact myself or come into the front office if you have a question or concern.

Thanks for a great start to the year.  The staff and I are looking forward to a productive and fun year with your delightful children.


Kind regards,


Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary



Term Dates & Closure Dates

Term 1                  31 January – 13 April
                                 4 April Pupil Free Day

Term 2                  1 May – 29 June

Term 3                  18 July – 21 September

Term 4                  9 October – 18 October
                                                          -   23 October (Year 12
                                                           -  30 November (Year 10)
                                                           -  7 December (PP-Year 9)

Pupil Free Day (Catholic Day)    20 August


Wanju Voices

Wanju Voices is an auditioned choir which has the privilege of performing at the College’s premier music showcases – the Autumn and Spring Soirees – as well as Presentation Evening and numerous smaller engagements throughout the year. The choir sings a variety of repertoire in harmony, and is open to all boys and girls in Years 4 – 6. Auditions for Wanju Voices will be held next Monday, February 5 in the Gonzaga Barry Lecture Theatre, from 3:15 -4:00pm (no signups necessary). Singers are asked to prepare a verse or chorus from a song of their choice.

Rehearsal Times: Mondays, 3:15 – 4:00pm, GBLT, commencing Week 3.


Parent Information Meetings

All Parent Information Meetings will take place in the classrooms.

Monday 12 February

Year 1 – 6pm

Year 2 – 6pm

Year 3 – 7pm

Tuesday 13 February

Year 4 – 6pm

Year 5 – 6pm

Year 6 – 6pm

Please note the 6pm starting time to enable Year 4 and 5 parents to attend the iPad session.


Tuesday 13 February

Year 4 & 5 Parent iPad Workshop

7:00pm in the MacKillop Room


Keeping Safe Education

As of January 1, 2017, the new registration standards and other requirements for Non-Government Schools Subsection (12.1e) requires the “delivery to all students of a developmentally appropriate protective behaviours curriculum, developed by experts in child abuse prevention, and covering what the boundaries are between appropriate and inappropriate interactions and when, how and who to tell when a boundary is crossed…” 

At the end of last year all Primary staff were trained in the delivery of the Keeping Safe : Child Protection Curriculum and all children in the Primary school will be learning the program through out the year. The KS:CPC is an evidence based, best practice curriculum developed collaboratively with child protection experts, teachers, educational leaders and other professionals. 

The KS:CPC is predicated on two main themes which are presented through topics and activities of increasing complexity. The two KS:CPC Themes are: 

  • Theme 1: We all have the right to be safe 
  • Theme 2: We can help ourselves to be safe by talking to people we trust. 

The two KS:CPC Themes are explored through four Focus Areas, which are examined in growing complexity in accordance with the age of the students. The four KS:CPC Focus Areas are: 

  • Focus Area 1: The right to be safe 
  • Focus Area 2: Relationships 
  • Focus Area 3: Recognising and reporting abuse 
  • Focus Area 4: Protective strategies 

A focus area will be covered each term – this term we are focusing on ‘The right to be safe’. Further information will be provided in the newsletter. If you have any queries or concerns about the program please contact the Primary Counsellor Anne Murphy on 93830469 or by email



This term we are offering swimming training for children in Years 3 - 6. The lessons will be run by two UniSwim instructors and they will commence from Tuesday 6 February. The training sessions will then occur every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon until Thursday 15 March at the College pool. It is essential that children are picked up at the College pool by parents at 4:30pm sharp.

This swimming training is offered to our competent swimmers that would like specific instruction for extra speed, improved technique and endurance. The College pool is fairly deep and your child will need to be able to train in the deep water. Please ensure your child has sunscreen, goggles and suitable swimming attire (no board shorts).


Year 4 - 6 Swimming Trials

Next Friday (9 February),  the Years 4 to 6 swimming trials will take place at Claremont Pool.  All children are required to attend these trials.


A special thank you, in anticipation, to the parent volunteers who will be timing the children on Friday.  Your efforts are truly valued and much appreciated.


Dates to Remember

Monday 5 February        Pre Kindy begins
                                                    Wanju Voices Auditions
                                                    (GBLT) 3:15-4:15pm
                                                    Yrs 4-6 Young Engineers begin
                                                    (MacKillop Room) 3:30pm


Tuesday 6 February         Yrs 3-6 Swimming training begins


Wednesday 7 February  Yrs 2-3 Young Engineers begin
                                                       (MacKillop Room) 3:30pm


Thursday 8 February       Yrs 4-6 Swimming lessons end
                                                      Yrs 3-6 Swimming training


Friday 9 February             Yrs 4-6 Swimming Trials


New Parent Welcome

This morning we welcomed the new families of students  in Years 8–11.  Fifteen families joined with the Principal Rob Henderson, Vice Principal Kath Negus, Deputy Principal Jess Bouwman, the Assistant Deputy Principals and Year Representatives.  Parents were given an overview of SEQTA by Mrs Bouwman. Morning tea was enjoyed by all as parents and staff mingled to get to know one another. This was an opportunity to answer any questions parents may have had and to give them a point of contact.


Gemma Wooltorton

Assistant Deputy Principal



Year 7 Coffee Morning


Media Perspectives

Media Perspectives

This week, 2017 Media Captain Sam Tout had his WACE documentary Soundtrack of Life selected, by a panel of judges, to be shown at the 2018 Media Perspectives event. Media Perspectives is a showcase of the top student films, screened at Event Cinemas, Innaloo, in March and at locations in Bunbury and Mandurah later in the year.


Sam’s documentary explores the power of music from the perspective of a number of local musicians; what it means to these people and the effect it has had on their lives.


Sam’s passion for media, creativity, dedication and hard work during 2017 is evident in this documentary and its inclusion in Media Perspectives is a well-deserved reward.


Kate Cuthbert

Secondary Media Teacher 




NAS (Northern Associated School) Sport

NAS trials are currently underway for Term 1, summer sports, for Years 7 to 12. A schedule of NAS trials can be viewed via the following links, on the College website or on the sport section of the College calendar. Once trials and teams are finalised students and parents will receive information, fixtures and venues for the term. NAS fixtures begin in Week 4 on Monday 19 February. Training will be organised by teacher in charge of the team. A draft copy of the fixtures will be published on the College website soon.



Swimming Training (Years 7-12)

Swimming training will commence on Wednesday 7 February from 7.00-7.50am at the College pool. Training is open to students of all ability levels. Training will continue on Monday, Wednesday and Friday until Monday 19 March. No nomination to attend training is needed, simply attend on the day(s) you can make it.

Cross Country Training (Years 7-12)

Cross Country training will commence on Tuesday 20 February from 7.00-7.50am meeting in the College pavilion. Training is open to students of all ability levels. Training will continue on Tuesday and Thursday throughout Term 1 and into Term 2. No nomination to attend training is needed, simply attend on the day(s) you can make it. Distances run vary from 4 to 7km depending on ability level.


Dave Maxwell

Secondary Sport Coordinator

Netball Club

2018 Netball Registrations Open

The John XXIII College Netball Club is open for registrations for Primary and Secondary students until Friday 9 February and Alumni until 28 February 2018.


Players can register via the John XXIII Netball Club website and click on the Information and Registration tab. Please answer all of the questions.

To complete the registration process you will need to pay online via credit card. Please have your Visa or MasterCard ready. Please contact us via email: if you need assistance.


The cost is $235 for Primary School players, $310 per Secondary player and $220 for Alumni players. This fee covers all registrations, grading, insurance, umpiring, specialist training, fitness sessions, coaching, windup and equipment costs for the year. As the Club is run by parent volunteers, there are no other costs passed on to parents.


Dates and times for grading are available now on the website  under the 2018 Season Information tab.

All grading will be on the school netball hard courts (next to the Year 7 block).

The girls are to wear their school sports uniforms to grading.

Players MUST attend all grading sessions. If your child is unable to attend, please advise the Club via email at

The JTC Netball Club Grading Policy can be found on the Club website.


Training is a compulsory and integral part of playing Saturday netball. A register of training attendance is kept. All training is on the school netball courts next to the Year 7 block.

Years 7, 8 and 9 training is on Thursday afternoons from 3.30pm to 5.00pm, commencing on Thursday 22 March.

Years 10, 11 and 12 training is on Tuesday afternoons from 3.30pm to 5.00pm, commencing on Tuesday 20 March.

Pre-Season Fitness

The Club runs a separate pre-season fitness program targeted specifically at improving the fitness and skills of players. Interested girls are encouraged to attend. No need to register - just turn up on the days that you can manage it!

Pre-season fitness is on the oval in front of the netball courts from 7:00am-8:00am, Wednesdays and Friday.
14 & 16 Feb
21 & 23 Feb
28 Feb & 2 March

7 & 9 March

The school canteen is open after morning training sessions to purchase breakfast, if required.


The netball uniforms are available for purchase in the John XXIII College Uniform Shop.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us on and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Remember that parent volunteers run the Netball Club and we have work commitments ourselves, so our responses are not immediate but usually within 48 hours.

We hope you enjoy the 2018 Netball season.

Terri Thornton

Netball Club Secretary

Music - Week 1

Wanju Voices Auditions

All students who love singing in Years 4-6 are invited to audition for the 2018 Wanju Voices! Wanju Voices is directed this year by Ms Kath Alexander, with auditions to be held in the GBLT from 3:15 to 4pm on Monday, 5 February. Students wishing to audition should be prepared to sing a song of their choice. Wanju Voices will rehearse throughout the year on a Monday afternoon, from 3:15 to 4pm in the GBLT, commencing on 12 February. If you have any questions, please contact Ms Alexander (

Chamber Orchestra Auditions

All students who play violin, viola, cello or double bass are invited to audition for the 2018 Chamber Orchestra. The Chamber Orchestra is directed by Mr James Kros, with auditions to be held on Wednesday, 7 February in the MacKillop Room from 7am, with a sign-up sheet in the Music Office. There are two short excerpts to be learned for the auditions. Regular rehearsals for Chamber Orchestra will commence on Wednesday, 14 February at 7am in the MacKillop Room. If you have any questions, please contact Mr Kros (

Treble Choir Auditions

The 2018 Treble Choir is open to all students in Years 7-9 who have a love of singing. Treble Choir is directed by Mr James Kros, and auditions will be held on Wednesday, 7 February from 3:15 to 4:30pm in the GBLT. Students wishing to audition should be prepared to sing a verse or chorus of a song of their choice. Regular rehearsals for Treble Choir commence on Wednesday, 14 February from 3:15 to 4:15pm in the GBLT.

New Student Auditions

For new students who wish to audition for the Chamber Choir (Years 10-12), please contact Ms Alexander ( for information.

Performing Arts Calendar

Hard copies of the 2018 Performing Arts Calendar are available from the Music Office, located in the Performing Arts Centre.

Ensemble Commencement

The first rehearsals for each ensemble will be communicated to parents and students by email. There have been a few changes to rehearsal times for some ensembles, so please check the day and times carefully! Expression of Interest forms for the 2019 Music Tour to Sydney will be distributed in the first full rehearsals for Chamber Orchestra, Concert Band, Chamber Choir and Treble Choir (to Year 9s).

Instrumental and Voice Lessons – Enrolment Deadline

Please note that no applications for lessons on an instrument or voice in Semester 1 will be accepted after next Friday, 9 February. Students wishing to enrol in lessons for Semester 2 are welcome to submit forms after this date. For any questions involving instrumental or voice lessons, please contact the Music Office (


Magis in 2018

Many exciting changes and developments are planned for Magis in 2018. Whilst most of the opportunities offered in 2017 will remain, many new ones are planned. Details of these are contained in the Magis 2018 Handbook, but some of the key foci will include:

  • Creation of a new Magis Student Committee which will include two students from each year from Year 7-12.
  • The introduction of the Altiora Programme with its competitive academic challenges. This will be open to Magis and other gifted students at John XXIII College.
  • Greater acknowledgement and recognition via badges, prizes and certificates for both Magis and Altiora.
  • Magis Tours:  Three tours will be offered in 2018, including a World Scholars Cup Tour, a Jesuit Debating Championship Tour, and an America Tour at the end of November with an exciting program in New York and Washington. Full details will be communicated in the next few weeks. These will be open to Magis and other gifted students at John XXIII College.
  • Magis academic breakfasts with a range of guest speakers.
  • Three Magis enrichment camps: Year 11 and 12 at Rottnest (Geordie Bay chalets), Years 9 and 10 at Point Peron, and a Creative Writing camp at Annapana. Dates are in the Calendar.
  • Magis service including the Magis students running secondary public speaking and creative writing competitions.
  • Extension of John XXIII College involvement in gifted and talented competitions, with Magis and Altiora students being expected to enter in at least one per semester which may be one of those already run by different learning areas or departments, or new competitions run directly under Magis, including da Vinci Decathlon, Opti-MINDS, Catholic Colleges Mooting and Creative Edge Challenge at Curtin University.

Resources already created for Gifted students in 2018 include the Magis Handbook, an Academic competitions handbook with details of most academic competitions available to Australia students, and a resources booklet with Information to assist the Magis and Altiora Programs and learning in general. There is also much more extensive Magis Resources folder set up.

All Magis and other gifted students are encouraged to join up for 2018. Forms are being distributed via Year assemblies and homerooms, or are available directly from the Magis office in the Xavier Wing.

I look forward to a very exciting year and challenge all gifted students to participate and serve your community with great vitality of spirit.


Jim Miller

Gifted and Talented Coordinator


Inigo Parent Talks

Ignatian Induction Program for Parents

All John XXIII College staff and parents are given the opportunity to participate in the Ignatian Induction Program.

The modules aim to provide staff and parents with the essence of the ethos of John XXIII College. They are a great opportunity to learn about lgnatian Spirituality and meet other parents to explore spirituality within an lgnatian context.


The program consists of six independent content modules with a certificate issued upon completion of all six modules.



If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Murray Graham by email or phone 9383 0444.


Sacraments Program

Do you have a child in Year 3, 4 or 6?

Children in Years 3, 4 and 6 prepare to celebrate, respectively, the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation in their own ‘home’ parish. Parents are reminded to enroll their children in parish Sacrament programs as soon as possible, if your children are not enrolled.



When will the sacraments be celebrated?

Each parish is different; refer to your local parish for dates and times.


How are the children prepared?

The Religion curriculum in Catholic schools includes the required content. Some parishes will also request that students attend some or all of the sessions they provide for students not attending Catholic schools. Last, but not least, parents are the children’s first teachers in Faith. The program in our archdiocese is ‘family-focused, parish-based and catholic school supported.’


Why are there differences from parish to parish?

Each parish is a unique Faith community and the parish priest responds to the needs of the parish, within the context of the wider Church.


I have not already enrolled my child and need help with this?

  • Contact your Parish Priest or Sacrament Coordinator.
  • Contact Mary-Anne Lumley, Parish Liaison or 9383 0513.
  • Information for all parishes may be found on the archdiocesan website:

  • Information from parishes will be on the College website as it becomes available.


How soon do I need to decide?

The sooner the better! Some parishes have already closed their enrolments. Some parishes need to know number well in advance in order to provide resources/other materials.



Updates From Local Parishes

Holy Spirit, City Beach

Sacrament information evening: Thursday 8 February, 4:00pm.


Saint Thomas Apostle, Claremont

Sacrament enrolments close: Friday 16 March.

Registration forms are available from


There will be further updates next Friday.

GOOD NEWS for the Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

“He cured many who suffered from diseases of one kind or another.” (Mark 1:29-39)


The reflection for this Sunday’s Gospel is from Jesuit priest, Fr Richard Leonard, and is printed here with kind permission. Fr Richard Leonard SJ is the Director of the Australian Catholic Office for Film and Broadcasting, is a member of the Australian Catholic Media Council and is author of Preaching to the Converted, Paulist Press, New York, 2006.


In the time of Jesus almost everything they couldn't understand was put down to a demon or an evil spirit. In the Talmud, (a large book dating from around the time of Jesus that contains the collected teachings of the Rabbis), several pages are devoted to the healing of ‘fevers’. Even though we have become more advanced in our medical knowledge, it's surprising how this thinking still persists. While most people don't blame evil for their ailments, they can think God has a direct hand in sending an illness or an injury. Such faulty theology cannot be reconciled with the New Testament.


There is not a single instance where Jesus inflicts pain and suffering on others. He regularly tells us we have to carry our cross and bear our burdens, but this is vastly different from personally laying a cross on our shoulders or giving us the burdens in the first place. By contrast, every time that Jesus encounters suffering and pain he works to heal it and restore the person to new life.

The differences between the healing of Peter's mother-in-law and the other healing stories in the first chapter of Mark's Gospel are striking. Rather than in a public space and in front of crowds this personal healing occurs in the privacy of Peter's house. By contrast to the command for the demons to be gone, in his bedside ministry Jesus never mentions a demon and uses no words. Instead he gently takes her by the hand and helps her to her feet. Unlike the others Jesus heals, of whom we never hear about their response, the healing of Peter's mother-in-law leads her to an act of service. Given all the details Mark give us of this encounter it's a pity he never tells us her name.

Sometimes we can think of Jesus' miracles, then and now, as acts of dazzling power. The problem with this idea is that if we see Jesus as going around ‘zapping’ people it's hard to figure out why there were times when he could not perform any miracles at all, or that they happened in stages. Whatever else miracles are, they are deeply personal encounters of faith.

As Catholics we believe in the power of miracles and that the source of them is always the grace of God. But we do not have to see them as something done to us from without. Rather, we can see them as unlocking something from within. For some people Jesus' word or touch set free the healing power God had placed in them. For others it came through another person's intercession. The same holds true for us today.


Furthermore, being anointed, celebrating Reconciliation or Eucharist, going to a place of pilgrimage, fasting, being prayed over or meditating can have a similar effect. Looked at in this way we can see why some people are healed and others are not. If a personal encounter with Jesus did not always lead to healing, then why should it surprise us that some other encounters these days do not always unlock God's healing within us.


Small and large-scale miracles are happening everyday. Today's Gospel reminds us that they do not happen for show or for the sake of the crowd. They are realisations of faith. Taking Peter's mother-in-law as our model we are healed and strengthened so that we can witness to God's saving power, serve the Kingdom of God in any way we can, and continue to wait on the Lord.

© Richard Leonard SJ




Image: Rembrandt, Jesus Heals the Mother-in-Law of Peter. Source:

Community Liturgy

Please note: No Community Mass on next Friday, 9 February. There will be a whole College Mass in the St Louis Sports Centre to mark the beginning of the new school year. Mass commences at 9:00. All welcome!


Community Mass is just that – a celebration of the Eucharist with students, teachers, family and friends.  Everyone is invited and welcome to the Mass and to continue the celebration in the café if you have the time. Next Community Mass Friday 16 February.


Each Friday a House or Year Group takes responsibility for preparing the Mass, and family are especially welcome to celebrate with the students.


When: Fridays in Term Time

Time: 8:00-8:30am

Where: College Chapel

If you have any queries about Community Liturgy, please contact Mary-Anne Lumley: or 9383 0513.


Exception: Friday 9 February – Mass for the whole College at 9:00 in SLSC.

Pathways and Transition

Pathways and Transition

The quarterly newsletter from the Pathways and Transitions Department contains relevant information for Year 10-12 students and their parents. During the year the newsletters will include important dates of career-related activities, such as Career Expos, Open Days hosted by tertiary institutions and careers information sessions held by various organisations. Year 12 students will also be reminded about important deadlines relevant to them during the year. The newsletter will also include information about occupational resources and current employment trends and recent research articles related to the world of work. Students who have good self-knowledge and are well-informed about their post school options are likely to make better quality post-school study and career decisions.

Our department currently comprises two part-time staff.

Ms Nicole Gazey, Head Pathways and Transition:

Mrs Margi Watson, Careers Counsellor:

Attention John XXIII Community – We Need Your Support

At John XXIII College we strive to cater to the needs and aspirations of all our students by offering a range of pathways to our senior secondary students. In 2018 we are delighted to report that we have a growing number of students engaging in nationally recognised training at various Perth providers including:


  • North Metro TAFE
  • South Metro TAFE
  • College of Electrical Training
  • Tubal Workplace Training
  • International Institute of Business and Technology
  • Fremantle Education Centre.


These students will be working hard to complete industry recognised qualifications to assist them in their transition to further education and training. To assist in the completion of their qualifications and to strengthen the relevance to the real world of work many of them are required to find work placements.


We are looking to our wonderful school community business owners, or those with links to industry, to assist by offering structured workplace learning placements. Workplace learning can contribute to the students’ WACE, make them eligible for the prestigious state VET awards, help them be competitive for post-school employment or further study and assist them to meet the requirements of their qualification.


Specifically, we are looking for placements for:


  • Year 12 Certificate IV Business students – these students require placement in a business environment to apply mid-level business administration skills.
  • Two Year 11 Electrical Pre-apprentices
  • One Year 11 Tiling Pre-apprentice
  • One Year 12 Conservation and Land Management student interested in both land and marine conservation.


Your assistance will make a significant impact to these students’ outcomes. Please contact Nicole Gazey, Head of Pathways and Transitions to find out more or to register your interest:, or 9383 0417.

Year 10 Career Education or Personal Planning Program (P3)

The future of work is changing. Economic changes are transforming work through automation, globalization and more flexible work. We have designed a wonderful program to help our Year 10 students learn the skills to be digitally-literate, financially-savvy, innovative and adaptable and help them navigate complex careers of the future. Our new program will cover topics such as World of Work (WoW), Work Ready Skills, Individual Personal Plan, Post-school Pathway Planning options, the $20 Boss and some study skills. Information that students gather over the next two terms will benefit them when they must make their subject choices for Years 11 and 12. It is essential that students make informed decisions based on factors such as their interests, ability and levels of achievement.

Work Experience

Our students will have the option to go out on work experience this year. The dates set for students to go out on work experience will be either in Week 9 or Week 10 in Term 1 and Week 1 in Term 3. All students are encouraged to source their own work experience through family members and friends.


The Get Real Experience and Try (GREaT) – Nursing and Midwifery Year 10 Work Experience Program is supported by the WA Department of Health. The program allows Year 10 students seriously thinking of a career in the Health sector to experience nursing firsthand. It is a five-day work experience program during school term. If a student is accepted into the program it is up to the individual student to ensure there are no exams, work or holiday commitments that may clash with the given placement date. Students must get the Year 10 ADP’s approval before accepting the placement. Unless there is medical evidence to the contrary all students will be required to have the 2018 flu shot. Applications for GREaT are now open and can be accessed via the following link:

Applications open Thursday Feb 1 until March 9.

For more information, students are encouraged to talk or email the Careers Counsellor ( or click on


It is a requirement that all Year 12 students visit Mrs Watson, the Career Counsellor, at least once during the year to discuss possible study, work or GAP options next year. Most students prefer to make a time with the Career Counsellor once their May exams results are known. Students are welcome to come earlier to explore their options as the more informed they are, the more confident they will be with their choices.

Please discuss your child’s exit plans with him or her and encourage those who have vague plans to see Mrs Watson so that we can work together on developing clear goals, action steps and a possible back-up plan.

Students Applying for Medicine in 2019

Students who intend pursuing medicine at Curtin University or applying for the Direct entry into medicine at UWA (predicated ATAR 99) will need to sit a UMAT exam on the 25 July 2018.

Students must read the UMAT2018 Information Booklet  and complete the UMAT Registration Tutorial before you register for UMAT 2018. Some universities in other states also require students who intend studying medicine/dentistry/health sciences to sit the UMAT exam.

Please notify Mrs Watson once you have registered for the UMAT exam so additional information on studying for the UMAT exam can be sent to you.

Notre Dame Medicine Course Information Session is usually held mid- March.

UWA usually hold a Medicine Course Information Evening at the beginning of May.


Defence Force Gap Year Program

The Defence Force GAP Year program gives young Australians, who have completed Year 12 (or equivalent), the chance to experience an exciting and rewarding year in the Navy, Army or Air Force with NO obligation to commit beyond the 12 months.

A Gap Year in the Australian Defence Force is a way to get a feel for a career in the Navy, Army or Air Force, while gaining life skills, making new friends and developing leadership qualities you can take anywhere.

Applications for the 2019 Australian Defence Force (ADF) Gap Year program will be opening in March 2018. For more information,

Gap Idea – Volunteer Overseas

Some students opt for a break from formal study after Year 12 and consider travelling overseas and volunteering with organisations. We have had several students in previous years register with LATTITUDE Global Volunteering ( If students want to find out more about volunteering overseas they should speak to the Careers Counsellor.

Studying Overseas

A representative from Crimson Education will be holding an information session at lunchtime on 13 March for students interested in studying at a university in the United States or United Kingdom. There will be a public session on Monday 12 February at 6pm at Trinity of Hampden, Hampden Road, Crawley. Read the following link for information on studying overseas  ..\A Guide to US, UK and Canadian Universities - Digital Version.pdf

News, Articles & Resources

World Economic Forum: 7 skills your child needs to survive the changing world of work


What is Being a Forensic Scientist Like?

It sounds like the coolest job in the world – find out what it involves from a forensic scientist over at Careers with STEM.



As always, every attempt is made to ensure that material in the Careers newsletter is accurate.
The material may include views or recommendations of third parties, which do not necessarily reflect our views.

The listing of an organisation in this newsletter in no way implies any form of endorsement by us of the products or services provided by that person or organisation.

Links to other web sites are inserted for convenience and do not constitute endorsement of material at those sites, or any associated organisation, product or service.

From time to time this newsletter will include reference to an article of interest based on recent research. In some cases, the rigour of the research may be unclear.


Year 8 Immunisation Program

The Department of Health is offering parents of students in Year 8 the opportunity to have their child vaccinated against pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus, diphtheria and human papillomavirus (HPV).

The Department of Health vaccination team will be visiting the College on Monday 12 March to administer the first round of vaccines. Information packages and consent forms will be sent home with your child before this date.

Please note that all students are vaccinated in school by a nursing team with expertise in immunisation.

To learn more visit:

Year 10 Meningococcal ACWY School Based Immunisation 2018

The Department of Health is offering parents of students in Year 10 the opportunity to have their child vaccinated against Meningococcal ACWY.

The Department of Health Immunisation team will be visiting the College on Monday 21 May 2018 to administer the Meningococcal vaccine.

Information packages and consent forms will be sent home with your child before this date.

Please note that all students are vaccinated in school by a nursing team with expertise in immunisation.

To learn more visit:


Jenny Hill

College Nurse

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop can provide jumpers made from synthetic fibres for those students who are allergic to wool, but they must be ordered.


Orders must be placed before the end of February and will then be available by the end of March. 


Please contact the shop (either in person or by email) for more details. The shop is open on:


Monday 8.00am to 5.45pm

Wednesday 8.00am to 4.15pm

Friday 8.00am to 11.45am



Bev Sainsbury

Uniform Shop Coordinator


Menu Price Changes

Please note there has been a small price increase on some canteen items this term.



Avocado Supply

As you may be aware, avocados are currently very expensive, so there may be times when the canteen will not have stock and when in stock, only a little will be put into orders.


Lunch Order Reminders

A reminder to make sure year group, and if applicable, class groups are written on lunch order bags. Without this, canteen staff have no way of knowing if a student is in pre-primary, primary or secondary school and do not know where to send the lunch order. Orders without year groups on, will be kept in the canteen for collection by the student.

Secondary school students are reminded to bring some form of ID when collecting their lunches.


Dianne Combrink

Canteen Manager



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Yr 8 NAS trials schedule Term 1 2018.pdf
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Yr 8 NAS trials schedule Term 1 2018.pdf
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Yr 7 NAS trials schedule Term 1 2018.pdf
Yr 8 NAS trials schedule Term 1 2018.pdf
Yr 9 NAS trials schedule Term 1 2018.pdf
Yr 10 NAS trials schedule Term 1 2018.pdf
Yr 11 to 12 NAS trials schedule Term 1 2018.pdf