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01 December 2017
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From Mr Phillips


College Significant Events 

During the past fortnight, there have been two significant events in the life of the College. The opening of the new Junior School, highlighted in this edition of the newsletter, is the culmination of years of hard work by many in our community. In particular it provides wonderful opportunities for our teachers and students to explore new possibilities for learning. We are grateful for the contribution of the State Government and look forward to planning for the next stage, which includes a new Senior School centre and STEM centre.


Our Valedictory, held at the National Tennis Centre was a fitting farewell to our Year 12 class of 2017. The recognition of student achievement, contribution and celebration of the end of the secondary school journey were all highlights of an evening that brought together staff, students and families. We look forward to the VCE Unit 3 and 4 results on December 15, 2017.


In the final weeks of the year we are planning for 2018 and our presentation night to be held at Camberwell Grammar School on Tuesday December 19.




Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos



In our first year of reporting wholly through the continuous reporting model, parents will have been provided with regular feedback on the progress of their child throughout the year. The end of year reports which indicate among other things, the achievement grades, absences and work habits will be published through Compass on Wednesday 20th of December for Year 7-10 students.


InterGREAT Business Fair

Congratulations to all Year 9 students and their teachers for a magnificent display of entrepreneurship at the Year 9 InterGREAT Business Fair held last week.

A huge number of staff and students visited the fair and were thrilled with the purchases they made. Year 9 students certainly used their communication skills very well to persuade their audiences to participate in transactions.


Economics and Business Unit at Year 7

The Economics and Business unit, called The Impact of Gambling, was launched this week in the new Junior School Building and it has been received very positively by students and teachers. The unit provides the opportunity for students to deepen their financial literacy and work collaboratively with their peers in the new learning space.

Thank you to the team of teachers who created the unit and to the Year 7 staff in English, Maths, Science, Humanities and Languages who are delivering it. I look forward to seeing the work the students will do next week which will draw on their critical and creative thinking skills.


Instructional Model

The staff at Ringwood Secondary College have participated in a workshop on the Instructional Model which the College is adopting in 2018. Using the GANAG lesson schema, the College aims to provide consistency of teacher practice to students across year levels and learning areas. A great deal of research has indicated the strengths of adopting a carefully crafted lesson schema, the key one being an improvement in student outcomes. Further workshops are planned in the coming weeks.


Bastow – Leading Literacy

A core group of staff has concluded the year long Bastow course on Leading Literacy and last fortnight presented a plan to other schools at The Bastow Institute in Melbourne to help support the improvement of literacy at the Year 8 level. More information about the work in this area will be communicated in future newsletters.


Parent Citizen Teacher Association

The last meeting of the PCTA for 2017 was held on Tuesday and it was a celebration of the group’s work over the year. It has been an absolute privilege and pleasure to be part of the PCTA and I look forward to working with the group again in 2018. Preparations for the one Debutante Ball that will be held on the 3rd of March in 2018 have begun and a notification on Compass will provide further information to families. 


New Caledonia 2018

Deposits are now sought for a proposed trip for students of French in Years 9-12 next year.

The information night provided families with an itinerary of the trip which includes lessons in French at the CREIPAC school and other language and cultural experiences. Further enquiries about the trip are to be directed to the Head of Languages, Jessica Lundie.



From Mr Barut


As you can see by the many photos that adorn this newsletter, the Valedictory Evening that was held at Melbourne Park was a huge success with over 600 members of the College community gathering as one to farewell the class of 2017.


The night was filled with warmth, affirmation, friendship and reflection. The College is so proud of the class of 2017 and they are to be wished all the best in the next phase of their life, whether that includes further study, employment, travel or a gap year.


The staff of Ringwood Secondary College are to be congratulated for their input into our students, thus preparing them to take their place in the world as global citizens.


Thanks must also go to the Senior School team for all the meticulous planning and organisation of the night. Thank you to the office staff who prepared all the awards and thank you to all the staff who attended and supported the evening.


On another note, transition classes for Year 11 students going into Year 12 are happening as you read this newsletter, and Year 10 into 11 will be happening next week, after the conclusion of the Year 10 exams.


Every student, in every subject will have a task that will need to be completed over the summer holidays. The transition program establishes preparedness for the upcoming school year and allows all our students to start the year in a positive manner, willing and ready to take on the challenges that they will face.


The College program continues with all our students in Years 7-9 and they, too, have tasks to complete as teachers get ready to produce all the end of year reports.


From Mrs Allison

Stay focussed!

These two words ‘stay focussed’, are so important for all students to think about carefully. At this business end of the year, with reports and assessments being finalised, students can often loose direction and not apply them to the task at hand. They are strongly encouraged to finish the year on a high and work solidly towards 2018.


Sun Smart

As the weather is warming up students must ensure they cover up with sunscreen and use a hat/cap (these are available for sale from the General Office).


Cancer Council Victoria recommends using SPF30 or higher broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen. However, sunscreen alone will not provide adequate protection against overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Cancer Council recommends five steps to protect against sun damage during the daily sun protection times (when the UV level is 3 and above):


1.Slip on sun-protective clothing.

2.Slop on SPF30 or higher sunscreen–make sure it is broad-spectrum and water-resistant. Put it on 20 minutes before you go outdoors and re-apply every two hours.

3.Slap on a hat –that protects your face, head, neck and ears.

4.Seek shade.

5.Slide on sunglasses –make sure they meet Australian Standards. UV levels are most intense during the middle of the day. Check the daily sun protection times, available via the free Sun Smart app online at or or in the weather section of newspapers as a free website widget. The sun protection time shows when the UV Index is forecast to be 3 or above.


Wellbeing focus for the week…

Wellbeing Builder: Positive Self-Image

Wellbeing Element: Strengths and Emotions

Character Strength: Humility

Wellbeing Fitness Challenge: Emotions Spotting


The greatest assets we all have to be happy with healthy wellbeing fitness are ourselves and other people. How we see ourselves, our self-image influences how we want others to see us. For adolescents in particular, how they are accepted and viewed by their peer group is all important for them.

To quote Abraham Lincoln, “if I had nine hours to cut down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my axe”. Providing students with effective tools to develop a positive self-image is the sharpening part of the exercise.

To do this, each week role model two Positive Personal Descriptors they want others to think of when they see them. They will need to practise the body language which shows each of them. Make a list of positive emotions they want to feel and negative ones they want to avoid, then use Positive Self-talk to encourage themselves to accomplish what they have set for themselves to achieve. Doing this also develops student’s social-emotional resilience.


Junior School Opening

Opening Friday 17th November 2017

The grand opening of the new complex was highly successful and everyone is amazed at just how beautiful and functional the new building is. Lots of work, but in the end it was all worthwhile!


A Message from the Class of 2022:


A big thank you to the Facilities Committee members who assisted at our recent Working Bee. We planted many grasses in preparation for the grand opening and the gardens look fantastic.

Students Conducted Tours for the College community that came to view the new facilities.


From the Facilities Manager 

Facilities Report

Exciting times at Ringwood Secondary College.


The grand opening of the new complex was highly successful and everyone is amazed at just how beautiful and functional the new building is. Lots of work, but in the end it was all worthwhile!


A big thankyou to the Facilities Committee members who assisted at our recent Working Bee. We planted many grasses in preparation for the grand opening and the gardens look fantastic. Other works taking place around the school include:

  • Admin traffic control -parking fence, bollards and line marking to protect students from traffic
  • Repairs to the soccerfield including installation of an aggie pipe, levelling and seeding
  • Visitor parking area on Rosewarne Lane
  • Staff recreation area-painting, flashing and electrical works
  • Instal of new short throw projector in library classroom
  • Whole school alarm FOB system
  • Instal of anti-skating devices

OH & S

  • Traffic Management Plan
  • Test and Tagging
  • Exit lights

Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager

Year 12 Valedictory

Last Friday 24th November the Year 12s celebrated the end of their schooling at their Valedictory Dinner. Melbourne Park was a beautiful venue to come together and recognise the hard work and achievements of our Year 12 students, supported by teachers, family and friends.


Every student received their graduation certificate on stage, and we were entertained by some beautiful musical performances.


The Class of 2017:



Leah Nichol, Elisha Dand and Didier Iriarte Fattel

Samantha Middlemast and Cody Leggett

Presentations and Speeches:

Student Celebration:

It was fantastic to see the students relaxing and chatting over their meals, and taking the opportunity to mingle with the other graduating students, their last opportunity to do so as one cohort.

Thank you to all who organised and contributed to the evening. In particular, the Senior School team, the Office staff, Ms Roi Boutsikakis and the Principal team.


We wish the students all the best and thank them for the contribution they have made to RSC over the years.


Cathy Menz

Senior Sub School Leader

Sub Schools

Junior School

The time has finally arrived where the new Junior School building has been completed. There is an excited buzz throughout the Year 7 and Year 8 students as they have been sneaking through to look at the new teaching and learning spaces. After the official opening on November the 17th, classes have started to move in and take full advantage of each space available. The Year 7 students will work almost exclusively in this space as they complete their ‘Impact on Gambling’ unit and I am looking forward to seeing how the classes start sharing the collaborative zones of the building.


We have held parent information sessions to officially welcome our new parents of the 2018 Year 7 intake to the College. At times, it may seem like information overload; however, we have valued the opportunity to continue to communicate the many wonderful aspects of life at Ringwood Secondary College. It is my hope and belief that the changes we have made to the Junior School program this year will be reviewed and reflected on to further improve the learning opportunities for our youngest members of the College in 2018 and beyond.


Looking to 2018, Junior School will take on another change in direction with Ms Anna Urbano taking over as the Head of Junior School. Anna has worked in some capacity across all year levels at Ringwood Secondary College and will transition seamlessly into this role working with a very supportive team of House Co-ordinators.


As I embark on a new journey as the Assistant Principal at Emerald Secondary College I would like to express a heartfelt thank you to all parents for their support when it comes to their children’s education. The Junior School in 2017 have worked tirelessly to be open and transparent in all our conversations with students and parents and I am grateful for the shared understanding we have been able to develop. We know that working closely with parents helps to build the connections to the College and improve the learning opportunities for our students. I would especially like to thank James Barut, Kim Watson, Faith Stepniewski, Samantha Asbury and Jessica Friend for their valuable contributions to the Junior School this year. Their approach to new ideas and structures has been met with an eagerness to improve the opportunities for students.


Thank you and I wish you all the very best of luck for the coming years.


Jonathon Rogers

Junior Sub-School Leader

Middle School

interGREAT News

In mid October, the Year 9 students had the pleasure of having Andy Philp from Opportunity International come speak with us around the work they are doing in third world countries around the globe. Andy explained the idea of microfinance loans and then went on to challenge us Year 9’s to do the same, in hope of raising a good amount to go towards Opportunity International and those overseas looking to start up a business. We were asked to borrow $10 per person and as a group come up with an in-depth idea that would hopefully be successful in raising some money. As a year level, we were excited and felt extremely privileged to have an opportunity to not only raise money for those in need but to learn and continue to grow many sills including; teamwork, money handling, organisation, marketing and budgeting. We had 5 weeks to come up with an idea, complete work documents and make our final products.


On Tuesday the 21st of November, the Year 9 InterGREAT ‘Business Fair’ took place in the 500’s and with over 50 unique stalls, there was something for everyone.

During Period 1 & 2 the Year 9 students had time to set up our stalls and then take it in turns to view each year 9 classroom. The day was extremely successful and the lovely weather bought many students and teacher from across the whole school to the Fair during recess time.

The day ended up being extremely successful with many stores making well over $50 and my class alone making $203.20. Overall, the Year 9 Students learnt a lot from this opportunity and had a lot of fun creating their stalls in order to Raise money for such a great cause.

Kiara Dowling

Year 9, 2017



Youth Voice for Peace

On the 10th of November, some students went to the Youth Voice for Peace. It was a special ceremony to commemorate the soldiers who have served in peace keeping activities and remember those who have died. Many schools, both primary and secondary attended and performed.

The day started with an opening ceremony which included a piece on the bagpipes and a slideshow filled with photos from wars to remind us why we were all there. Once everyone had sat down, school choirs from Croydon Special Developmental School and Tinternvale Primary School, group of girls from Blackburn English Language School, Bianca Riman from Heathmont College played the piano, Melba College Bent Brass and Vocal Group. A speech was made by Lieut Colonel Ian Southwell who also read the famous poem ‘Flanders Field’, this was followed by Caspar Witherspoon reading ‘For the Fallen’ and Emily Kefford reading ‘The Ode’. Before the minute of silence ‘The Last Post’ was played by Nick Graham from Ringwood Secondary who after the minute of silence played ‘The Rouse’. Once that was finished Ringwood Secondary choir sung ‘Peace song’ and Norwood Chorale, after singing ‘True Colours’, sung the National Anthem which lead to you could say the best part of the whole ceremony.

When the lights came back on ‘You’re the Voice’ by John Farnham played and every audience member from all schools sung along and waved the small Australian flags that were handed out when entering.


There were flags raised high and just seeing everyone really get into the song and laugh with their friends just made the whole day. It was so much fun and great to see the hidden talents from people who you wouldn’t expect from them.

Overall, a great day to commemorate Remembrance Day as a community.


Jenna Edwards, 9H


Senior School

Business Management Market Day

On Thursday the 7th of September 2017, Year 11 Business Management students from Ringwood Secondary College ran their annual Market Day event. In groups, students devised a marketing plan and created stalls made up of baked goods, ice cream, pancakes, milkshakes, lollies, popcorn, fairy floss and everything sweet and savoury in between. Students had to plan and run their stalls in the aim of breaking even and making the most profit. This year our total profit was just over $1000 and the funding was donated to Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault (ECASA).


We are proud to be able to support a small, local organisation who are aiming to make a positive change in our community. Due to limited funds, ECASA hadn’t prioritised the designing of their counselling room to the best of its ability. They were very grateful for the kind donation and are planning on using the money to create a more comforting area for counselling sessions for victims of family violence.


Congratulations to everyone involved in Market Day and thank you to all students and teachers who purchased our products, contributing to the final donation for ECASA.


Ringwood Secondary College wishes to continue the support of ECASA through our new Respectful Relationship program that aims to support and create awareness for family violence. If you would like to be apart of this movement, or if you are seeking help for yourself or someone you know, please feel free to visit the wellbeing centre.


Samantha Olsen, Becky Hine and Kiara Simons, Year 11


Around the School

LOTE Department

Indonesian News

In Term 4 the Asia Education Foundation provided the RSC Indonesian program with two Language Learning Ambassadors. These volunteers worked with our students once a week on general conversation practise. Students across Years 7-10 were all exposed to this opportunity.


Our students really enjoyed this authentic language learning experience and the challenge this presented really improved their confidence in speaking in the Indonesian.


On behalf of all of my students I would like to thank both Mukti and Nuur for all of their work this term.


French News

On Tuesday 21st of November an information session was held for the New Caledonia Study Tour in 2018. The turnout was promising and at this stage the tour will be held on the 21st September 2018 for 10 days. The opportunity is still open for students to express an interest in this amazing educational opportunity. Please contact Ms. Dauguet for more information: [email protected]

The first deposit is due on the 19th of December.


Jessica Lundie

Head of Languages


Best Effort Award

Congratulations to Amelia Phillips, year 10, for being awarded the Best Effort Award in French from VSL this year. Amelia was a top French student in Year 9 and decided to take up VSL French this year in order to fulfil her subject choices at RSC. She excelled in Year 9 and has now excelled in Year 10 French.


This award recognises that Amelia has maintained consistent effort and a very high level of achievement across all areas of the Distance Education course in 2017 with VSL. Amelia will attend a ceremony with her family in December to receive the award.


This is a very proud moment and a terrific achievement and I would like to congratulate Amelia again for her fine efforts and determination. Magnifique!


Rosemary Devereux


From the Office

Attendance Matters




  • Please contact the attendance line if your child/children will be leaving school before 22ndth December for any reason
  • Ensure that all absences in November and December are updated on a daily basis


IMPORTANT - If you receive an SMS please ring the attendance line on 9845 7519 as soon as possible.

Your support with all matters attendance is appreciated.


With thanks 

Kay Priestly

Attendance Officer

Careers News

Please read the newsletter below for Careers News around the College.

Helen Doherty

Careers/VET Co-ordinator

Performing Arts and Music

Performing Arts

SHREK Junior Production

Tickets are on sale now - visit


The show will run from Friday December 15th to Monday December 18th, 2017


Don't miss out on your seat for this great show! 



Karl McNamara

Director of Performing Arts



Girls Cricket


The Year 8 girls cricket team headed off to Berwick for the super eights competition. Under hot conditions the girls fought bravely but were unable to get a win against the power hitters from Norwood and Wantirna. A stop at Maccas on the way home helped cool us down. Thanks again to Marj and Sam for coaching, umpiring and just being all round awesome.

             Mrs Clarke


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowline. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream.Discover".

Mark Twain  

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From the Chaplain

It is always a great space to get to the end of the year and reflect on all of the achievements.

Having just been to the Year 12 Valedictory, it was wonderful to see all the Year 12 VCE and VCAL students who had finished their school education. Many were honoured for their hard work and excellence in their chosen subjects and impact on the school and wider community. All so well deserved.

There are also students who whilst might not have received awards, have overcome lots of hurdles and personal obstacles to get through their education and we also honour them and hope they feel incredibly proud of themselves.

Ringwood Secondary College is a school of amazing young people and as the year comes to an end we want to thank those who have stepped up and helped and provided a positive role model for other students this year.

Grace Matthews, Chloe Granville, Jack McVee, Caroline Sutton, Lily O'Shaughnessy and Victoria Sutton for helping with Breakfast Club. You have been an incredible team to work with. 

Nidhi Sobran for her amazing energy and positive influence each week with the  on the Year 8 Girls group. Molly Phillips Stone and  Madeline Schubert have also been  regular helpers with the group this year and have been such a great influence. Thanks so much to you all !!


Gail Ackroyd

Chaplain - Tuesday and Wednesday


Neami Steps to Wellbeing

We are excited to share information with you regarding a new FREE Wellbeing Coaching Service – Neami Steps to Wellbeing, and hoping this can be promoted more broadly within your youth services network.

This initiative is funded though Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network as part of their stepped care model for Mental Health.


How young is too young to have a say on political issues?

Between August 8 and August 24 this year, an impressive 98,000 people were added to the electoral role, with over 65,000 of those new enrolments being young people aged between 18 and 24. This jump in the youth vote enrolment numbers is sure to have a huge impact on the next State and Federal Elections. 


Below is a small and incomplete list of some youth organisations and initiatives that are amplifying young people’s voices. If you are under 18 and want to find ways to take action on the issues you care about, check them out! 


·Seed Mob is building a movement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people for climate justice with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. Their latest campaign, ‘Land Rights not Mining Rights’ is aimed at protecting and strengthening Native Title Laws.


 ·Oaktee is one of the largest youth-run organisations in Australia who are leading a movement to end poverty. They raise awareness, build partnerships and advocate for social change through policy development.


·Plan International’s Youth Activist Leaders are a group of passionate young people between 16 and 25 making change in Australia and beyond, with specific attention to gender equality. It is focused on providing youth-led opportunities to make real-world change.


·The National Indigenous Youth Parliament is a leadership program for young Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander people aged 16 to 25 who are interested in learning about Australia’s democracy.

Community News

Frequency Studios

Frequency Studios provides clean, professional rehearsal studios in Ringwood.


Mention this advertisement and receive one 1/2 priced session (saving $40).


To book TEL: 0429 588 587

Or          WEB:

Kilsyth East Netball Club

Are you or your child keen to join a netball club that is focused on FUN and TEAMWORK with low player fees!?   Then Kilsyth East Netball Club is for you!

We are looking for players aged 6 (prior to end of year) all the way through to Open age group. We welcome players of all ages and abilities who are keen to make new friends and enjoy a team sport at a great family orientated club.  We train and play at Pinks Reserve in Kilsyth. 

All players are welcome to come down to a training session to have a trial and see if they would like to join!  We are also keen for coaches, umpires and volunteers to help out. 


Please call President Sara Barber on 0408 997 228 or Secretary Kirra Charlton on 0439 851 921 for more information or email us at [email protected]


Noel Jones Ringwood – Loyalty Program

In order to better support the local community, Noel Jones Ringwood is offering a loyalty program to all families of Ringwood Secondary College.


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