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28 July 2017
Issue Seven
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Principal's News

From Mr Phillips

Term 3 has commenced with a rush and I would like to congratulate all those students who worked hard to achieve personal bests on semester one.


It was a pleasure to recognise so many of you across Years 7 to 10, this week for your outstanding achievements. For all students, it is now an excellent time to recalibrate your goals for the second half of the year and to determine some specific actions that you would be prepared to make to bring about further improvements as you continue your learning journey. For our VCE Year 12 students this means paying most attention to preparing for exams and develop a routine that will enable you to tackle the learning challenges involved in this task


Towards the end of term 2, it was a pleasure to attend the Victorian Olympic Council’s Pierre de Coubertin awards at the MCG, where Sophie Caldwell (Year 12) was recognised for not only her outstanding efforts and sporting prowess but also her sense of fairness and inclusion of others. Since then she has been in the Bahamas as a member of the Australian Youth Commonwealth Games Swimming Team. She competed in a number of events, and won a Bronze medal in the 400m Freestyle. Congratulations Sophie on not only being selected in the Australian team but also on medalling as well – you are such a humble champion.


Many of our sporting teams are competing in State and Regional finals in the coming weeks. The State cross country championships were held last Thursday with some excellent results and many of our successful winter sports teams will be competing across a range of sports including Netball, Football, Badminton and Table Tennis.


Chicago opening night is now only 2 weeks away and rehearsals are progressing well, with a very successful production camp being held last week. Ticket sales are over 95% for the season and we expect that most performances will sell out before opening night.  I would encourage you to book a ticket now you are not disappointed on missing out.


The past 4 weeks have been full steam ahead with our Building Program. There has been excellent progress made with civil works during the holiday break and the internal works on the new building are really taking shape.  We are looking forward to occupying a new building in Term 4.


On Friday August 11, all staff will be involved in a curriculum planning day and students will not be required at school.


Michael Phillips

Assistant Principals

From Mr Barut


What an exciting semester is about to unfold!

On Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, the mid year awards were presented to students in the Junior School and the Middle School respectively. Congratulations to all the students that received awards at the ceremony that was attended by parents and carers. Further, students whose work habits where outstanding across all dimensions, were recognised.

We must acknowledge the hard work of all our House Co-ordinators who set the tone on high expectations and, of course, all the teachers who taught the subject matter, gave feedback, marked and reported on the outcomes.

Students are encouraged to achieve their personal best at all times and the College is committed to the ongoing academic, social and well being of all our students.


We are half way through the school year and planning has already begun for 2018. Students from Year 8 to Year 11 have been mentored and counselled about their subject selection for next year. Input data deadlines are fast approaching and we ask parental support in having conversations around potential pathways with your daughter/son. Please log onto Compass and check dates around the timeline of events. Please don’t forget that our Careers team is available to assist all out students.


The Year 12 cohort are busy, busy, busy as they enter their final full term of secondary schooling. Please support our young people in the lead up to the exams, as they will be under pressure to learn and revise, and indeed, monitor stress levels at this time. The Senior School Co-ordinating team is always available to clear the path and assist in any way possible.



Last weekend two of our staff members were recognised by the Minister for Education, James Merlino MP, for 45 years of service to Victorian Public Education.

Congratulations to our College Principal, Michael Phillips and recently retired RT Centre Manager, Joe Pollock on their outstanding contribution and commitment to Victorian Public Education. It has been exciting ride from those very first years in the classroom in the 70s and throughout a career of rich and colourful years, to a vastly different world that is 2017.

To Michael and Joe, you should both be proud of the difference that you have made and the influence you have had in shaping the lives of thousands of young people in this time.


On behalf on the entire Ringwood Secondary College community, we extend our warmest congratulations to you both for your astounding leadership and commitment to state education.


James Barut

Assistant Principal

From Mrs Allison

Community support is the backbone of our educational progress and Ringwood Secondary College is very fortunate to have such wonderful support. The Music Association one of many parent groups supports our music program by actively raising funds throughout the year to purchase musical instruments. Most recently, a Chocolate Drive was launched with chocolates distributed to families participating in the music program. Boxes are still available for distribution, so if you are able to sell a box or two please contact the general office on 9870 2002.


The Strength Switch

Parents often focus on correcting a child weaknesses but starting with their strengths is a more effective strategy. The University of Melbourne, Positive Psychologist Lea Waters, in her recent book ‘the Strength Switch’, encourages parents to flick the strength switch to build resilience, self-esteem and optimism in their children. Waters has seen how this approach enhances self-esteem and energy in both children and teenagers and how parents find it an exciting and rewarding way to raise them.


This book contains many practical suggestions and specific techniques to interact with your children, demonstrating as to how to discover their strengths and talents, use positive emotions as a resource, build strong brains, and even how to deal with problem behaviour and talk about difficult situations and emotions.   A worthwhile read!


Wellbeing Focus

This week’s wellbeing focus is: Compassion

(Living by Giving)


This term’s character strength focus is: Gratitude

(being aware and thankful of the good things that happen and taking time to express thanks)


“Research from Stanford University on compassion, which included the input from Dr James Doti and the Dalai Lama, has revealed that the more people give of themselves to help others benefit and shine as people, the less they focus on the negatives in their lives and the more they focus on the positives; the more they give the more they live”.


Sir Winston Churchill alluded to this is by saying, “we make a living by what we get, but live by what we give.” Living by giving to build your and other peoples’ wellbeing fitness is a proactive way to boost our self-esteem. Research also indicated that people who adopted compassion by wanting to do selfless acts of kindness (altruism), showed less anxiety and more positive attitudes to life. With a growth mindset, people will have better health and more meaningful and harmonious relationships.

By focusing on building students’ self-esteem, they can feel good about themselves which has a flow on effect so they are happy in themselves and motivated to learn. Students who possess a healthy sense of self-esteem usually do positive and good things to help others.

The act of compassion is a very powerful mechanism for personal growth and community wellbeing. Be mindfully on the lookout for opportunities to do acts of kindness for others, when others do them and when you receive them yourself.


 A little quote to think about…

‘the way your heart goes, is the way your feet go’


Maria Allison

Assistant Principal

From the Office

Ringwood Training Open Night

Join us at the College for the Ringwood Training Open Night on Tuesday 8th August 7 - 8 pm



School Council

The new RT Manager Mr. Shayne van der Heide was introduced to the School Council and welcomed aboard. He was unfazed by the “Huge shoes to fill” comments.


From our Fashion Editor:

Three samples of a new student summer dress were on display, two of which were preferred by student leaders. After some discussion the majority of School Council members  supported the option, that they felt represented Ringwood SC the best. The dominant green colour has been replaced and maroon and grey tones introduced via the check pattern, piping and the buttons; white collars and sleeve trims add a nice contrast and would look very smart with the charcoal jumper. There is no change in style to the dress.


This change will be progressively introduced over the next two years commencing in 2018 for all new students. The dress will be on display in the administration office later this term.


“Improving School Governance” folders were distributed to councillors that had requested them; this will enable them to partake fully in the assessment and review of School Council and how well it works.


The Principal, Mr Michael Phillips reported on the Building Project status of the new Junior School and Library.  The building is still on track to be finished for term 4; a proposed grand opening date in late September was mooted.  It was also suggested that an open day for the community should be held for them to see the hard-earned tax dollar at work.  The budget is still healthy and additional funds have been received to resolve drainage problems encountered.  Extensive landscaping and paving outside the Library is underway and the rendering of the front wall has been approved.  Painting in the main building will commence shortly.


In Finance the budget is overall in a healthy position although student fees are down slightly which may be due to the large number of activities and events causing a strain on parental cash available.


Annual Implementation Plan: for Improving Student Outcomes – 6 month snapshot was presented. This outlined improvement strategies to be taken over a flexible two to three year period.  There are a number of teacher teams working together to build consistency of practice  and the council is pleased with progress being made.


Facilities have been beavering away as usual with some more classrooms having a fresh coat of paint; the oval has another level of piers installed; as mention last month, the lighting bars in the PAC are now all motorised ready for the 2017 production.  It was noted that 100 solar panel are now installed and electricity charges at this stage are less than last year.  The girl’s uniform may become less green but the school gets more and more green every day.


Ringwood Training

The automotive section is, well, ‘motoring’. The numbers are steadily climbing and close to 100 students at a time in the facility.  The question was asked as to the limits on the facility to effectively train more students.  Mr van der Heide will investigate what issues may arise in the future.  The CISCO course has 48 more students due to an arrangement with another college.  The laser cutting machine has been sold off and will be replaced by a state of the art plasma cutter when the necessary partnerships are in place.

The signage for the RT is under review; some is already installed on the Hill St facing windows but needs more recognition from Bedford Road.

RT will be hosting a Professional Development Activity and a workshop for IT Teachers, VETis Trainers, Careers and VET Practitioners.

The Satisfaction Survey has been completed with over 95% of students saying they would recommend the training and organisation. 


Thanks once again to the recently retired RT Manager, Mr. Joe Pollock; huge shoes to fill indeed.


Charles Heathcote

School Councillor




  • Parents -  It is important that you call in absences or update Compass on a daily basis
  • Just a reminder that any June/July unapproved absences need to be  updated now
  •  If you receive an SMS message advising that your child is not at school please ring the attendance line on 9845 7519 as soon as possible

Your support with all matters attendance is appreciated.


Attendance Officer

From the Chaplain

THE HEADLINES READ: Wimbledon 2017: Roger Federer 'always believed' he could win again.....  The confidence of a man who had already won 7 Wimbledon tittles but had been on a 5 year drought.  

It's an amazing story of somebody who many people would have believed nearing the end of his career.  But I think this highlights something pivotal for a lot of us in our own personal lives.  The first of those being perseverance.  

Perseverance results in training and hard work despite the odds being stacked up against you. Perseverance understands that things don't come easily and require real effort at times.  Secondly, the inner voice - what is the recording that you are playing in your head?  For Federer he would have moments of thinking what am I doing here and why don't you just give up reinforced by the negative influence of what was written in the tabloids. However, he didn't waiver from his own self belief that "he could win again".  

What areas do you feel you need to show perseverance in?

Where is your inner voice leading you to discouragement. What are the thoughts that you project on yourself and how can you switch it to one of self belief?

There is enough negativity out there so no need being so hard on yourself.  Who knows maybe your own personal victory is just around the corner? 


Adam Bryant

Chaplain (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs) 


Year 12

Year 12 students need to be actively exploring their career pathways. VTAC opens on the 7 August and closes 28 September.  Although there are some courses that close early. These include several courses at the Victorian College of the Arts. For example the following courses close on the 31st August: Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance), Bachelor of Fine Arts (Animation), Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film and Television), Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film and Television) Bachelor of Fine Arts (Screenwriting).  Please check the dates carefully!


 All Year 12 students will be interviewed to ensure appropriate pathways and in a year level assembly the VTAC process will be outlined.  It is an exciting time for year 12s!


Year 9, 10 and 11

Year 10 and 11 students need to be seriously considering their subject selections for 2018.  Attending Open Days should be a major part of their investigations.

Students will be required to submit subject selections on the following dates:

Year 11 students on the 21 August

Year 10 students on the 22 August

Year 9 students on the 23 August


The RSC Careers website is a wealth of information, please take of advantage of this resource.


Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre

 VTAC have just released a new app which gives you access to Prerequisites 2020

 The new VTAC App is free and includes the Prerequisite and Course Explorer for years 10 through to 12.

The VTAC   

 CourseSearch is currently being finalised and will be available from Monday 24 July.



News from

  • La Trobe University

Aspire Program at La Trobe 
La Trobe offers an Early Entry program called Aspire. This program is designed to acknowledge secondary students who work hard to make positive changes in their schools and communities through volunteering. The Aspire Early Admissions Program acknowledges a student’s volunteering efforts when they apply. As a successful applicant, students receive an offer into their course in September before they receive their ATAR - Aspire Early Admissions Program 

Key dates for the Aspire Program 
Applications already open – 1 June 2017
Applications close – 31 August 2017
Notification of Outcome – from mid-September 2017 



Early Achievers' Program - Closing date extended!

We are excited to share that the Early Achiever’s Program has a new, extended closing date of 31st July. This provides students extra time to finalise their applications.


APS Careers in Psychology seminar 2017

Calling all VCE students! The ACU Melbourne Campus will host the Australian Psychological Society (APS) Careers in Psychology seminar. The event is presented by the APS Melbourne Branch Student Working Party, and provides secondary and undergraduate psychology students with an insight into several specialist areas of psychology.

Date: Thursday 3 August 2017, 6pm – 9pm
Venue: Cathedral Hall, 20 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Victoria, 3065.

Free public event. Refreshments provided. Enquiries: [email protected]



Pre-Audition Workshop

NICA is a national not-for-profit arts training organisation registered as a cultural organisation and primarily funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Communications and the Arts. Auspiced by Swinburne University of Technology, NICA is the only training institute of its kind in Australia.

Students keen on applying for one of the NICA courses in 2018, or simply want to advance their circus skills, might like to participate in a one-day pre-audition workshop on Saturday 29 July 2017.
Find out more and/or register at NICA Pre-Audition Workshop


Helen Doherty

Careers / Vet Convenor

Building Project

Facilities Report

Lots going on at the moment and everywhere you look there is action. The Junior School works are ramping up and students and staff see things changing on a daily basis. Currently the key works being undertaken include, civil works, plastering, storm water and electrical.

There are over 100 solar panels on the Western roof of the new Junior School building and we look forward to the College having in excess of 60kw Solar capacity.

The recent holidays also provided opportunity for lots of works to be completed at the school. A brief summary includes:

Painting of rooms 1-5

A/C servicing

Stove repairs/servicing Rooms 6 and 8

Oval tiers –tiers laid for the 3rd level

Drain cleaning-Some major blocked drains were rectified

Painting 506/507-We have commenced painting the 500s

Hall lighting bars motorised-we now have 4 motorised bars

Painting back of hall

Tidy of major garden areas

New table tops Rms 1,2 and 5


OH and S Report

Division 5 Asbestos report

Term inspection-O H & S


Bus servicing/Roadworthy

Arborist works

Fire services inspections

Asbestos repairs Wellbeing


A reminder of the upcoming Facilities Meeting on Thursday 24th August, 7.30pm.


Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager

Around the School

Indonesian News!

We had a really big first semester in Indonesian. Our newest Indonesian students, the Year 7s, have come so far in their first semester and have really enjoyed the challenges of learning a new language. To celebrate their success, they participated in an Indonesian Amazing Race challenge which was a wonderful way to revise what they had learned. A big thank you to the Year 10 Indonesian students who helped make this event happen. Similarly, our Year 8s finished the semester with a fun cultural challenge – to dress each other up using Bu Lundie’s Indonesian costume box! There were a lot of laughs to be had as students learned more about Indonesian traditional dress.


The most exciting news we have is that in just 8 weeks, a group of 15 students, 1 parent and 2 staff will be departing for Bandung, Indonesia. This is a part of our reciprocal sister school exchange so students will be participating in a homestay and Indonesian school experience. We are all really looking forward to learning firsthand about Indonesia’s culture as well as the challenges of communicating in Indonesian for 12 days!


Wishing all of our students a happy second semester!


Jessica Lundie

Head of Languages

Junior School

Junior News

Welcome back to Term 3

Hopefully everyone is feeling refreshed after the term holidays and feeling energised for the exciting and busy term ahead.


Year 7 Transition Program


Trivia afternoon

We had a delightful end of term with our Year 7 Transition Trivia activity at Karralyka in Ringwood on the last day of Term 2. Students brought a competitive spirit along with a sense of fun to ensure that the day was a resounding success. Our winning team came from Fraser House, followed closely by a gallant Mabo group.


We were especially pleased with the enthusiastic participation of all students on the day which is clearly highlighted in the accompanying photos.


Elevate Workshop

Year 7 students were guided through a second workshop on Study Skills run by Elevate. The program is designed to assist students manage their time better by taking ownership of their time and responsibilities and improving memory recall for consolidating their learning. We have been delighted by the feedback from the students who really enjoyed the sessions.


AFLW Speaker Ashley Guest

In the first week of this term Junior school students enjoyed a most informative session hearing from Ashley Guest from the AFLW. In the inaugural 2017 women’s AFL season Guest played in the midfield for Greater Western Sydney along with exhibition games for the Melbourne Football Club. She now works as part of the Melbourne football club’s community team, organising the women’s team program, ensuring the players have the best possible AFL experience.

She shared her personal journey to become an elite Australian footballer and highlighted the resilience, perseverance and commitment required to achieve one’s goals. 

Year 8 Wellbeing days

Next week Year 8 students will participate in a Wellbeing day at Ev’s in Croydon. The sessions will run as follows:


8A, B & C: Tuesday 1st August

8D, E & F: Wednesday 2nd August

8G, H, I & J: Friday 4th August


Throughout the day students will learn more about respectful relationships, safe and legal use of social media and the support services on offer for youth in the Maroondah district. This is a no cost activity but parents must provide consent on Compass where details of the event can be found.


Semester Reports

We have received some queries regarding the progression points on students’ reports. Just to clarify, it is quite possible for a student to have received a ‘C’ when measured against VicVELS even though they have achieved a school-based assessment anywhere from Satisfactory to High Distinction.

The VicVELS results indicate what outcomes they have accomplished, whilst the school-based grade represents their level of competence.


Junior School Awards

Congratulations to the following Junior School students who received an Academic or Merit award for their hard work during Semester One. It was great see so many parents coming along to celebrate their children’s efforts and we encourage all Junior School students to continue their endeavours in the coming months.

Year 7 Academic Award

Nathan Agache

Meg Anderson

Kaila Bergmann

Lachlan Bosomworth

Kimberly Bracher

Mia Busch

Hayley Butler

Natalie Chan

Xiaoyi  Chen

Holly Cvetovac

Caitlin Dowding

Lucy Fairhurst

Johanna Feeney

Alexandra Gibson

Emma Hanly

Jessica Hindmarsh

Brooke Humphreys

Tom Jackson

Arina Jernokleeva

Ebony Kelly

Isabel Kenworthy

Shion Kim

Sienna Koh

Sophia Lee

Maeve Leonard

Abby Lymn

Aidan Maher

Eve Maskell

Tegan Mc Inerney

Hanna  Morrin

Ella Ogden

Shehani Paliyaralalage Don

Brigid Parkinson

Jamie Pether

Skye Purcell

Abigail Roberts

Sienna Sleigh

Erin Timmer

Ava Traplin

Cherry Tsui

Annabelle Veenman

Millie Wallace

Amelie Williamson

Year 7 Merit Award

Kyra Marchenko

Year 8 Academic Award

James Allsop

Shaeden Bakker

Zali Beck

Stevie-Rose Bell

Taylor Boyles

Hayley Brown

Mia Brown

Holli Budd

Htoo Pway Doe Soe Bwint

Darcy Bystersky

Gemma Caldecoat

Joshua Clements

Flynn Commins

Summer Croft

Scarlett Cuthbert

Ruby D' Arcy

Audrey Goodman

Caitlin Graham

Ella Grace

Vithara Gunawardena

Mieke Hansen

Olivia Henry

Abbey Hepworth

Jessie Huang

Courtney Innes

Isuri Jayasinghe

Tamara Johnson

Kirrilee Knipping

Holly Manuel

Tara Mc Pherson

Emily Nancarrow

Pary Nejatbakhsh

Samuel Nicholson

Lachlan O' Donnell

Tia Olsen

Kate O'Meara

Eloise Orgill

Hannah Peake

Lucy Philp

Lachlan Rathbone

Megan Rennick

Jayde Reynolds

Jarrod Ridgway

Julia Rooney-Watson

Kate Rotow

Leigh Smith

Darcy Smoother

Jennifer Sobierajski

Lachlan Stewart

Mitchell Sykes

Mikayla Whitten

Finlay Wright

Erin Wynne

Emilie Young

Honey Zaathang


Year 8 Merit Award

Rachael Allan

Sophie Duffus

Tiffany Hayes

Siya Jawa

K'baw Lwe

Olivia Maud-Bevan

Cameron Shook

Jasmine Walker

Abby Wilson

Za Bet Thang Za Bet Thang



Kim Watson

Year 7/7 House

Co-ordinator MABO 



Middle School

Term 3

We would like to welcome back students and parents from the holiday period and to the beginning of Term 3.  This term will see students studying different elective subjects and starting the transition process in the form of selecting their course and subject preferences for 2018.  Hopefully students and parents have begun discussions around possible subjects’ students will undertake next year.


There are a number of key dates upcoming in the very near future, so please refer to the list below to ensure students and parents are aware of these and other important information.


Wed. 26th July:      

Year 10 Central Australia Trip Parent Meeting  (7pm)


Tues. 1st August:  

Year 8 into 9 Parent Information Evening 

(8A-8E: 7pm)


Thur. 3rd August:      

Year 8 into 9 Parent Information Evening 

(8F-8J: 7pm)


Tues. 8th August:       

Year 9 into 10 Parent Information Evening  (7pm)


Thur. 10th August:    

‘Expression of Interest’ to undertake a VCE Unit 1&2 subject in Year 10 form is due.


I hope students are enjoying their new subjects and working hard to reach their full potential across all of their studies.


Middle School Awards


The Middle School Awards afternoon was held on Thursday 27th of July.  It was a celebration of the effort, hard work and accomplishments of students throughout first Semester.  It was very pleasing to see many students qualify to receive these awards and we encourage this level of commitment towards their studies for the remainder of 2017.

We appreciate all the efforts from staff, students and parents who were there to support the students, not only on the day, but all throughout first Semester.



Year 9 Academic Awards

Richa AJI





Mackenzie BURTON



Caitlin DELLOW








Eh Doh Doh HTOO



Jasmine LACY


Charlie MARTIN

Charlotte MCLEAN



Abigail NGO










Felicity WATTS



Year 9 Merit Awards




Year 10 Academic Awards



Ashleigh BARBER

Karlin BROWN

Hoo Fai (Matthew) CAI




Alice D'ARCY

Moksh DAVE



Nicole DYKES

Jasmine EALES

Richard EVANS






Alexander JACKSON

Joshua JOYCE

Dylan KANE



Lana LEE



Lorenzo LOUW

Jia (May) LUO

Catherine MATERIA






Samuel PHILP




Georgia SCOTTO



Akanksha SINGH










Lachlan WATSON

Yu (Jenny) XIA


Year 10 Merit Awards

Clit Clit Hser (Say La Htoo) CLIT CLIT HSER

Yanzhen GU


Nun Kung Puii (Rebecca) HUAL NGO



Breana MCGEE

Shining  PO

Tracy  TRACY


Matthew Tucker

Middle School Leader






Year 9 City Week

Year 9 students will be attending City Week from Monday 11th September until Friday 15th September.  

During the week, we will be visiting such places as the Melbourne Star, O’Brien Ice Skating Arena, Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks, Lygon Street Pizzeria, Eureka Tower, Shrine of Remembrance, Old Melbourne Gaol, The Big Issue, ACMI and a Street Art tour.


More information will be presented at the Parent Information Evening on Thursday 24th August at 6.30pm in the Hall. All Year 9 parents are encouraged to come along!


Virginia Watson

InterGREAT Coordinator

Senior School

From the Prefects

by Didier Iriarte Fattel Yr.12

The Yr12s had a blast on their last day of term, studying and working in their pyjamas. For hundreds of years Yr12s at Ringwood Secondary College have been honoured with the privilege to wear their pyjamas for one day in the year to celebrate their final year and to re-energise them for the toughest terms ahead of sadly their last year at school. Despite being officially the school holidays after that day, most students were aware of the considerable amounts of homework they had to do and therefore most students left it to the last day of holidays to finish it off J. Even though it was a short break, it was a good rest for the students to have some time and take their minds off things. Additionally, some of the Yr12 students participating in this year’s production of Chicago had their very productive 3-day camp in order to polish and prepare the show for what will be undoubtedly an amazing and unforgettable show full of talent and killer acting. All the students are looking forward to this term!!


Central Australia

by Ciara Lumsden Yr.11

Central Australia was an absolutely amazing experience for the Year 11s this year. Starting off at Uluru, we got to see 'The Rock' and this was a highlight for many. After a few long walks, we headed to King's Canyon for probably the best walk of the trip. The views were fantastic. Off to Alice Springs next, and staying at the Big 4 was a very nice surprise. We had a bit of time to look around Alice and get lunch, most people choosing to go for a feed from Maccas. We left Alice Springs for our longest drive and everyone caught up on some sleep on the bus. When we got to Jabiru and everyone was straight into the pool. We heard some fireworks for Territory Day and then the next day we headed to Darwin and everyone was once again in the pool. On our last day we headed to Wangi Falls, which was a highlight for everyone on the trip. Overall, everyone had a fantastic time and I'm sure we all wish we had some of that nice, sunny weather now in Melbourne!


Pierre de Coubertin Award

Congratulations Sophie Caldwell!!!

On International Olympic Day, Friday the 23rd of June, Sophie headed into the MCG, where she was presented with the prestigious Pierre de Coubertin award.

The Pierre de Coubertin Award is named after the founder of the Modern Olympic Games. The award recognises students who demonstrate academic excellence and sporting prowess whilst exemplifying the Olympic values. In particular, good sportsmanship.


Sophie is currently overseas competing in the Junior Commonwealth games. We wish her all the best.


State Cross Country

On Thursday the 20th of June a number of our Ringwood students participated in the State Cross Country, that was held at Bundoora Park.

It was a freezing day with students having to contend with pouring rain and what looked like rivers mud.

Well done to all our competitors. Special mention to Harry Norman, who came 4th, competing in the 16 Yr Boys age group, with a time of 14:50 for the 5km.


Also our 13 Yr boys who put in a fantastic perfrormance coming in 3rd in the teams event and the 13Yr Girls placing 4th in the team event.

Team Sports Update

Term 3 is an incredibly busy time in sport. We have a number of round robin days coming up for year 7-10.  We also have many teams competing in the next level of competition (Eastern Region), as they won their respective division days.


This coming Tuesday the Yr 8 Boys AFL team, coached by Mr Scott and Mr Johnson will be competing in the Region final and Burwood Reserve. We wish them the best of luck!!

Upcoming sport dates:

Region finals:

Yr 8 Boys soccer – July 28th

7&8 Boys netball – July 31st

Senior girls hockey – July 31st

Senior table tennis – Aug 4th

9&10 Boys Badminton – Aug 4th


Round Robin Days:

Intermediate Hockey/Basketball/Table Tennis – Aug 10th

Yr 8 Hockey/Basketball/Table Tennis – Aug 4th


Busy time in sport


Roi Boutsikakis

Director of Sport

Performing Arts and Music

Music Report

Welcome back everyone to a very eventful Term 3!


We commenced the Victorian Schools Music Festival, the end of last term, with Senior Strings gaining a Silver shield and RSC Symphony Orchestra gaining the highest award of a platinum shield. The chief adjudicator, Brett Kelly from Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, was extremely impressed by our performance of Rhapsody in Blue congratulating not only our soloists but also the entire orchestra on their interpretation and performance of this evergreen work. Congratulations to both ensembles.


Next week the Concert Band section of Victorian Schools Music Festival commences, followed by the Choir section and Jazz Ensemble sections later in August. Please see VSMF dates below.


Dates for Royal South Street Competitions are also included below. Events will be published on Compass in the next week.


Thank you to those families who have been selling chocolates, or has donated money for the Music Association’s fundraising drive. Anyone who would like to sell some more boxes of chocolates, please contact us in the PAC office to organise pick up of boxes. As you know without the Music Association’s tireless efforts with fundraising, we would not be able to offer the extensive range of instruments for each ensemble at the college. This wonderful association, over the years, has supplied those specialist instruments that students/ families could not afford to buy such as French Horns, Oboes, Bassoons, Tubas, Double Basses, Bari Saxes etc. If you can’t manage a box, individual chocolates will be available for purchase at recess and lunchtime. Keep bringing those dollar coins!


Thank you to the staff and students who attended the Stage Band and Choir day rehearsals prior to Term 3 starting and the master classes being held during this past week.


As you can see below we have an exciting term of performances and I look forward to hearing the culmination of almost a year’s hard work for each ensemble.


Upcoming Events:

Mon 31 July     TSB Masterclass rehearsal 3.30- 6.30pm


Victorian Schools Music Festival

31 July             Intermediate Concert Band 6pm Hawthorn Arts Centre

2 Aug               Symphonic Band 7pm Hawthorn Arts Centre

14 Aug             Junior Choir 11am The Deakin Edge

14 Aug             Senior Choir 6.30pm The Deakin Edge

24 Aug             Intermediate Stage Band 6.45pm The Australia Institute of Music

25 Aug             Training Stage Band 7.45am The Australia Institute of Music

25 Aug             Junior Stage Band 11.15am The Australia Institute of Music

25 Aug             Senior Stage Band 7.30pm The Australia Institute of Music

28 Aug             Junior Stage Band 7.30pm Hawthorn Arts Centre

31 Aug             Almost Spring Concert 7.30pm College Hall


Royal South Street Comps Ballarat

29 Aug             Junior and Senior Choirs

1 Sept              Training Strings & Intermediate Strings

2 Sept              Senior Strings and Symphony Orchestra

4 Sept              Junior Concert Band & Jazz Combos

6 Sept              Training Stage Band and Junior Stage Band

7 Sept              Training Band

8 Sept              Intermediate and Senior Stage Bands

9 Sept              Symphonic Band


6 Sept              VCE Unit 4 Recital 6.30pm PAC


21 Sept            Gala Dress rehearsal 7.15 am, Concert 7.30pm, George Woods Performing Arts centre, Yarra Valley Grammar.


Happy music making!

Ms Janine Pero

Director of Music

2017 Production CHICAGO 

Production Camp

Week 1 saw over 100 students; staff members and parents make their way off to Mt. Evelyn for the annual production camp. This is always a great opportunity to intensively focus on the bringing together of the show.


The entire company worked extremely hard for three days in order to make the show come to life and had a lot of fun along the way.

Tickets are selling like crazy with less than 100 seats remaining across the 7 shows. If you have not yet purchased a ticket, get in fast at:


Karl McNamara

Director of Performing Arts


Quote of the Week:

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.”
– Amelia Earhart




Headspace Knox Youth Action Force

The headspace Knox Youth Action Force is recruiting! We are looking for young people passionate about mental health and well-being.




1. What is the Youth Action Force (YAF)?

The YAF hopes to:

  1. Provide young with the opportunity to have input into the strategic direction of headspace Knoxservices, and local mental health services.
  2. Allow a way for the voice of young people to be heard and acted upon.
  3. Provide opportunities for skills and leadership development and provide experience in; media, marketing, communication and advocacy skillse
  4. Support young people to lead projects locally
  5. Allow young people to direct youth mental health policy development
  6. Demonstrate good practice by involving young people in the youth, welfare and health sector


2. What is involved in the role?

Young People on the headspace KnoxYouth Action Force will have the opportunity to be involved in a number of ways including:


  1. Media spokespeople and community engagement opportunities
  2. Lead local projects
  3. Marketing, promotion and community awareness activities
  4. Involvement in mental health related focus groups and consultations
  5. Evaluation and research
  6. Policy and advocacy


By providing a variety of activities it is hoped that it will provide the opportunity to draw on young people’s strengths, abilities and capabilities, while also appealing to a broad range of interests.


3. What’s the time commitment?

The appointment of YAF Members is minimum of 12 months and can go up to 2 years. There are monthly meetings currently on a Thursday night. In between meetings and events, contact will be maintained through Facebook, email, and online forums.


If you have any questions feel free to chat to me directly or if know suitable young people who would like to join our YAF please pass along the flyer and application form.

FMC clinician based at RSC wellbeing house 

FMC’s purpose is to make provision for the relief of poverty, suffering, distress, misfortune and helplessness directly to people in Australia, including those who have experienced family violence.


To achieve this, FMC will provide a range of services for the enhancement of family relationships and the prevention, management and resolution of family conflict, including but not limited to family mediation, conciliation, arbitration, counselling, child counselling, family therapy, elder abuse prevention & relationship education.



Creative Space @ headspace

We have a new group starting at headspace Knox, Creative Space @ headspace. It’s an open social group for young people 12- 25. Through the ‘open studio approach’ young people have the opportunity to engage in self-directed art making and exploration in a relaxed setting, directives will be on offer to navigate stuckness but the emphasis with be on group interaction, the idea being to connect and co-create. No art experience necessary and young people are free to be in the space and not engage in art making if it’s not resonating that day.


Attached is the flyer with more information and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Talking Teens Group

We welcome you along.


Andrew Fuller Seminar

Unlock your child's full potential




Upcoming Car Boot Sale

Come along and Join us on 15 October 2017


After School Yoga

A regular yoga practice can help get you out of your head, stretch and strengthen and relax your body and mind.


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Andrew Fuller FINAL.pdf
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headspace Knox YAF recruitment flyer.pdf
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headspace Knox YAF recruitment flyer.pdf
YAF Application form.pdf
YAF Application form.pdf
headspace Knox YAF recruitment flyer.pdf
YAF Application form.pdf
headspace Knox YAF recruitment flyer.pdf
YAF Application form.pdf
headspace Knox YAF recruitment flyer.pdf