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08 September 2017
Issue Nine
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Diary Dates & Events                             

Diary Dates & Events


Thursday 7 September

Home Work Club 3 pm - 4 pm


Tuesday 12 September

Home Work Club 3 pm - 4 pm


Thursday 14 September 

Home Work Club 3 pm - 4 pm

Education Committee - 5 pm


Thursday 16 September

Home Work Club 3 pm - 4 pm


Tuesday 19 September

Home Work Club 3 pm - 4 pm


Thursday 21 September

No Home Work Club

Student Parent Teacher Conferences 1 pm - 7 pm


Friday 22 September

Last day of Term 3 early dismissal at 2:30 pm



Monday 9 October

Term 4 commences


Wednesday 11 October

Education Committee - 5 pm


Thursday 19 October

Year 12 Final Assembly 

Finance Committee Meeting 6:30 pm

School Council Meeting 7 pm


Friday 20 October

Year 12 Valedictory Dinner 7 - 11 pm



​Friday 1 November - Tuesday 21 November

Year 12 VCE Exams


Tuesday 7 November

Melbourne Cup Day

Students not required to attend

College Principal's Report           

Welcome to 'The Score'

Principal for a Day

Today we had the pleasure of welcoming Peter Hitchener (Channel Nine Newsreader) to Scoresby Secondary College as Principal for a Day. The day started with the beat of the drums as Tribe opened the whole college assembly before Peter was welcomed to the stage by our College Captains Frazer Spence and Tash Orfanidis.


Peter’s opening address as the Principal for the Day was exceptional. His warmth, humour and passion to engage the students exceeded everyone’s expectations and provided students an opportunity to ask questions about his education and career.  Bridgette Caesar (Year 12)  performed one of her original songs before Peter went off to visit classes. 


Peter was provided many experiences in his role throughout his visit, including: speaking to classes and individual students , attending a finance meeting,  hearing student voice in a round table discussion with student leaders, hearing about the multiple partnerships our College has with the community, spending time in the student wellbeing centre and meeting staff.


The day provided Peter great insight into the role of a Principal,  making it a challenge to even finish one cup of coffee throughout the day.



Improving Numeracy Outcomes

Scoresby Secondary College is proud to be working with Bayswater South, Carrington, Knox Park, Mountain Gate and Rowville Primary Schools in a collegiate project to raise student numeracy outcomes.  Together we are using the latest research on student learning and global best-practice to focus our instructional practices that are known to have the greatest impact on school improvement.  


This week Principals and numeracy leaders from each of the schools conducted an analysis of student numeracy data from primary to secondary to develop strategies to minimise impact on student learning confidence and outcomes between primary and secondary college.The group of schools have identified shared goals and targets and developed an action plan which has included

  • teacher observations of best practice
  • teacher exchange experiences between schools
  • teacher participation in professional learning online with Jo Boaler, Stanford University


2018 Uniform

In 2018 all students in years 7-12 will be required to be in the new Scoresby Secondary College uniform. A full list of uniform requirements and visuals will be distributed with re-enrolment kits in term 4.


Please check the details in the new requirements very closely, especially in regards to jumper colour, jackets, dress and skirt length, shoes, school bag and jewellery.  



In accordance with the Department of Education and Training’s SunSmart Policy hats were made compulsory in the Junior School in terms 1 and 4. I would encourage Senior School students to also purchase a College hat to wear during recess, lunchtime and periods of outdoor activity. Our College aims to protect students and staff from excessive UV exposure to help minimise future skin cancer risk. Without a hat, students must be undercover to avoid the damaging UV rays.


Term 3 has been hard in terms of our unpredictable cold weather and illness and like many workplaces as a number of our staff and students have been impacted. I thank parents who informed us of student absences through our absence hotline and followed up with notes and medical certificates upon their return to school. When students are absent for illness and are unable to complete work, it is important that extensions are applied for through the relevant subject teacher or in the case of a prolonged illness, having a conversation with the relevant year level coordinator.  Homework club runs after school between 3.00 pm and 4.00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Resource Centre should any student require assistance to catch up or complete homework in or a quiet area with teacher support after school.


2018 Enrolments

We are continuing to receive enrolments for next year across all year levels. If you know of anyone who is still considering Scoresby Secondary College for next year, it is important that they complete an enrollment application to finalise our staffing numbers for 2018.  I would also request that if anyone is moving out of the area or not returning next year to please contact us. Student allocation to electives for years 9 -10 and VCE subjects for Years 10 - 12 is currently underway. All students will be notified of their subjects and final materials charges in term four.


College Council Parent Member Vacancy

We have a College Council parent member who is unable to complete their term as a parent representative.  We are therefore seeking expressions of interest for a Scoresby Secondary College parent to fill the vacancy from October until next College Council elections in February next year. Please contact the General Office if you would be interetsed in filling this temporary vacancy.  


Thank you

On behalf of Scoresby Secondary College, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of the community for the support and messages of condolence that have been provided to students, staff  and families who have had recent family member losses. 


Gail Major




Assistant Principal's Report

Subject Selections

Planning for 2018 is well underway and we are on track for finalizing elective subjects for year 9 – 12 students; however, there are still a few students who have not returned their subject selection form and/or the $100 deposit.


If your child has not yet returned this form, can you please have it returned as soon as possible to allow them the best opportunity to obtain their chosen subjects.  Once the options have been finalized, students who have not returned forms  will only be able  to select subjects from the remaining available options. If you know that your child/ren will not be returning to Scoresby Secondary College next year can you please let the College know as soon as possible.



The week of Monday 4 September is National eSmart Week. The goal is for everybody to be able to access the great things that the digital technology has to offer and ensure that young people are being smart, safe and responsible in the way they behave online.


At Scoresby Secondary College Students in Year 7-9 explicitly participated in activities during their Digital Technology lessons as well as participate in specific events throughout the year. Common messages of being safe in an online environment is important all of the time and this occurs when teachers ask students to use the internet and other interactive programs.


The importance of cyber safety and strategies when dealing with issues online are important for all people. We aim to teach students the preventative approach (not putting things online that might get them into trouble in the future) as well as strategies in getting support if/when they are impacted on by something they see online eg: bullying messages, inappropriate comments or images.


To test your knowledge there is an online quiz where people can test their understanding of the cyberworld and obtain a digital license. The Digital License is an online research with quizzes for young people – students can work with their parents to earn a digital license. This tool is interactive, comprehensive and covers a range of different subject matters across safety and security. The skills taught in the classroom and online are important for young people to be able to explore and navigate the web safely.


Student / Parent/Guardian / Teacher Conferences

This conferences are a valuable opportunity for students, families and teachers to reflect on the individual’s learning over the semester as well as establish goals and develop strategies to achieve success for the remainder of the semester.


I encourage all families to attend these days and find out specific information about how your child is progressing so far. This allows families to be proactive with future learning and be able to continue to work with your child’s teachers to ensure your child makes the most of their learning opportunities. Normal classes do not run on this day and students are expected to attend the conferences with their parents.


International Students

Over the last month we have had two International Students studying at Scoresby Secondary College. Both students were only at the school for a short time – two weeks each. International Students studying at Scoresby Secondary College can have a positive impact on our community. Not only does the student studying at our school get to experience education in Australia, our students gain valuable employability skills  from students from another country. In particular, they can gain a greater appreciation and understanding of other cultures and have the opportunity to share their pride of their school and learning with new people.


Over the next few years we are looking forward to more International students studying at our great school.


Chris Knight

Assistant Principal


Junior School

Junior School News

The Challenge week and Respectful Relationships program took place Tuesday 22 -  Friday 25 August. The program focused around educating the Year 8 and 9 students about the importance of developing respectful relationships to prevent gender based violence. 


Just like other major social and health issues such as smoking and road toll, evidence shows that family violence can be prevented by working across the whole population (in this case, all schools) to address the attitudes, beliefs and knowledge that support violence.


The Victorian Government is investing $21.8 million to deliver Respectful Relationships and as part of this initiative Victorian schools will be supported to review their practices and policies, and model respectful relationships and gender equality across the whole school community.


A good education is about more than simply getting good marks. It is about becoming a member of society and succeeding in life – knowing how to build respectful relationships is key to achieving this. When young people build positive relationships with their teachers and peers they feel safer and happier at school, are more resilience and have positive social attitudes. Positive relationships increase a young person’s sense of social contentedness and belonging to school and family, and result in better health and academic outcomes.


Further information about Respectful Relationships, is available on the Department of Education and Training website: 

ur teachers along with special performances delivered age-appropriate teaching and learning materials. The evidence-based materials are designed to enable teachers to develop student’s social and emotional capabilities, build positive, healthy and respectful relationships, make responsible decisions and create positive gender relations. The initiative also provides resources to best support young people who are affected by family violence.


Our Respectful Relationship - Challenge Week program is aimed to challenge the students physically, socially, intellectually and emotionally. The following activities were organised throughout the week to challenge students:

  • Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationship lessons
  • Class act performance “show some respect”
  • Bubble soccer
  • Circus workshop
  • Improvisation
  • Cartooning
  • Trivia
  • Hip hop dancing
  • Challenge games

The following highlights have been captured from Year 8 students who were involved in the program.


 “During challenge week I enjoyed hip hop dance because dance is a good hobby that I like and it was really fun.”


“My highlight was hip hop because it was energising and fun. It also taught me to include people.”


“During challenge week my highlight was hip hop dance because it was really fun and my favourite thing was cartooning because I can draw a cartoon character.”


“My highlight was hip hop because I became more confident which will help with my singing performances.”


“My highlight of challenge week for me was bubble soccer because it was really fun and the bubbles were awesome.”


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Year 8 and 9 students for their participation in the program and the enthusiasm they brought to many of the activities that they have never tried before.


We would also like to thank the staff involved in delivering the respectful relationship program: Emma Morris, Alirra Scott, Jake Barnett, Chris Knight, Fiona Matthews, Simone Hargrave and Casey Lawson and the school support team/teaching staff for their assistance in ensuring the program ran smoothly.

Emma Morris, Emily Phibbs, Casey Lawson

Junior School Team





Senior School  

Term 3 - Nearly There

Only three more weeks until holidays! 

During Term 3, many of our Senior School students have noticed that the expectations have increased as they begin to prepare for their exams.  It is also at this time that we remind students that they should be completing twenty hours of study each week, including any school-based study periods.  Students who do part-time work are encouraged to begin reducing their shifts over the coming weeks, so that revision and preparation is not affected by part-time work.  All students should be using the holidays as an opportunity to review all materials and attempt a range of practice tasks, including trial exams, under timed conditions.


Revision sessions are being offered in a number of subjects during the first week of school holidays for those students completing a Units 3 & 4 subject – the listing of offerings is below, as well as available via Compass.  While sessions are voluntary, students are strongly encouraged to attend as these sessions will offer the best preparation for their external exams.  Many sessions are being conducted by external presenters and assessors, giving our students insight into the requirements to do well in these exams. 


Units 3 & 4 Revision Sessions:

Monday 25 September

9 -11 am – PE

11 am -1 pm – Psychology

11 am -1 pm – Health and Human Development (guest speaker)


Tuesday 26 September

10 am -12 pm – Legal Studies

12.30 pm - 3 pm – Biology (guest lecturer)


Wednesday 27 September

10 am -11.30 am – Business Management

Studio Arts – individual feedback sessions – students to book an appropriate time


Thursday 28 September

2 pm-6 pm – Physics (guest speaker)


To further support our Year 12 students as they move closer to their external exams, staff are offering their time and assistance on a Wednesday and Thursday afternoons in the Hub.  Often, students need a motivator to remain on task; these staff will offer that assistance, as well as being available for individual help.  Again, attendance is voluntary but students are encouraged to make use of the support being offered.


Our Year 11 students will also begin preparation for their end of year exams, with all exams covering Unit 1 and Unit 2 material and mirroring the structure and length of VCAA’s external exams.  This is all designed to encourage students to find their best form of study and learning, as well as dealing with the concept of having to learn a whole year’s work, just as they will in Year 12.  We hope that all Year 11s make best use of these exams to refine their study techniques prior to Year 12.


Should parents have concerns about the preparation or wellbeing of their student, they are encouraged to contact the relevant Year Level Coordinator so that we can put support measures into place.


Finally, our thanks to Jack Howe from the Year 11 VCAL class who was invited to attend a Rotary dinner where a guest speaker in Horticulture and Environmental Science spoke.  Jack was seated next to the guest speaker, Lis Gallagher, who was able to share her experiences in this field and her association with Rotary, while Jack was able to share some of the great work completed by the VCAL class to make our College more sustainable.  Thanks Jack!


Ellen Sawyer

Head of Senior School

Maths & Numeracy

Scoresby Secondary College Leads the Way Again

2017 saw the inclusion of coding into the Mathematics syllabus nationally. In preparation for this students at Scoresby Secondary College were exposed to Algorithmic thinking via the CAT (Computing and Algorithmic Thinking) Competition in both 2016 and 2017.


This year in conjunction with KIOSC at Swinburne University we decided to introduce coding to Year 7 at one of the whole day visits. This is now being followed up at school with an intensive short course on coding delivered by Dr Russell Smits, who is currently working as part of the Mathematics staff.


The learning intention is for students to investigate properties of geometrical shapes by coding ‘spheros’ to draw the shapes on paper. This will involve coding similar to this.

Algorithm for drawing a square

1     Set up a drawing area with a width of 400 and a height of 400.

    Go to the point (-80, 150).

    Do the following steps 4 times:

3a      Draw a line with length 40.

3b      Turn left 90 degrees.


It is exciting to see our students participating in such an innovative activity. At a recent meeting of Mathematics coordinators from schools over Melbourne, including government and non government schools and colleges, Scoresby Secondary College was one of only two schools currently implementing coding through Mathematics lessons.

This makes me very proud!


Leanne Wilson

Mathematics & Numeracy

Visual Arts

Studio Arts

This semester is all about art in context for our senior students. Our VCE Studio Arts students have been immersing themselves in what the contemporary art world has to offer, visiting an array of gallery spaces in the city such as Flinders Lane Gallery, Fortyfivedownstairs, Blindside Gallery and many more.

To understand the role of art spaces in presenting, conserving and preserving artworks we also visited ACCA – Australian Centre for Contemporary Art and had. These excursions undertaken by Studio Arts students are part of the requirements of the unit and provide a great insight into the diverse employment opportunities available within the creative arts industry.


Joel Sartore’s Photo Ark

Year 10 art students are in the process of planning and creating their major art piece for this subject prompted by the question of “Can art save a species?”


On Monday 28 August, the students visited Melbourne Zoo to experience the Art of Conservation program in conjunction with Joel Sartore’s Photo Ark photography exhibition currently on display. It was an absolute treat and honour that Joel himself was present while we were there! He gave a first hand explanation of the Photo Ark project which through photographs, aims to catalogue as many different endangered animal species currently residing in zoos around the world, in the hope of raising awareness of the dire situation these beautiful creatures face now and in the immediate future.

The exhibition is now on within Melbourne Zoo until October 1 2017 so check it out before it is too late!


Art in Junior School

Year 7 students have hit the ground running, developing their knowledge of the Art Elements and Principles that are the building blocks of all art. Learning about colour theory, how certain colours can convey moods with some colour mixing from our primary colours to produce secondary and even tertiary colours! As the term and semester progresses, they will continue their investigation of the other Art Elements in more detail.


As for Year 9, street art, stencilling and spray paint is the word! Students have been creating their own street art inspired pieces with stencilled images, text and different spray-painting effects. Their ability to experiment with the techniques and processes of spray painting has been a wonderful thing to witness for me as an art teacher.

Erin O’Sullivan

 Art Teacher


Our Year 7 Presentation 

On Thursday 17 August the Year 11 and Year 12 VCAL students presented their Sustainability Project to the Year 7 students. The presentation informed students about the Wall to Wall project (pictured above), the sustainability garden project, the pond project and excursions to the Knox Environmental Society, Bunnings and Bosch. 


Each group spoke about what they achieved and what steps were taken to achieve the various goals.  After that, the Year 11 students took charge of small groups, teaching them how to use a compass then guiding them on an orienteering activity, created to make students visit the various locations that were mentioned in the presentation.

We received positive feedback from the Year 7’s who enjoyed learning about the work we have done this year.


Some of their comments were:

‘We liked the presentation, the video and the word search activity’ - Tahleena & Jenny

‘The orienteering and word search activitie

s were fun’ - Mason, Melissa, Lucinda, Drew, Oscar, Lana, & Madison


‘It was interesting to know how such a small group can make a big change’ - Derien, Charles, Kevin, Camron & Jed


‘I enjoyed learning about the bird boxes and how to use a compass’ - Ebony, Ally & Madison


Overall, public speaking was a challenging but a good learning experience for us:

‘We were organised, confident and presented well’ - Dylan 


‘It was a worthwhile experience’ - Andrew 


‘It was good to inform the school community about what we have done as a group this year’ - Kurtis 

Kurtis Clarke, Dylan Hamilton-Thomson & Andrew Diaz-Baird 

Year 12 VCAL

Staff Profile

Kim Winton

Kim Winton completed the Post Graduate Diploma of Teaching at the University of Melbourne in 2010 and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in 2009. She has experience teaching in both primary and secondary school settings in Melbourne and London.


Kim joined Scoresby Secondary College to teach Design Technology at the beginning of semester 2 this year. Prior to joining the team at Scoresby she was employed as an Art teacher in Dandenong for 4 years. Kim has been a student at The Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking since 2013. Earlier this year she travelled to British Columbia, Canada where she spent 3 months studying traditional cabinet making at the Inside Passage School.


Kim is passionate about working with wood and sharing knowledge of craft techniques. She firmly believes that the development of creative and technical arts skills enriches one’s life physically and mentally. Kim is looking forward to engaging students with learning through the process of making creative projects.


Community News

Healthy Ways


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