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13 November 2017
Issue Seventeen
College Principal's Report
Junior Campus Principal's Report
Senior Campus  Principal's Report
Year 8 Camp
School Uniform Reminder
College & Community Updates
College Calendar
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College Principal's Report

Mr David Mowbray
College Principal

The last two Monday’s have been very productive whole school professional learning days for staff and we appreciate your support to use these student free days for this important work. Just to let you know that these opportunities are essential building blocks for our continual search for improving our collective teaching practice.

We were very fortunate on the first day to have access to Glen Pearsall to facilitate our learning. In a follow up this past Monday we were in the very capable hands of Richard Dungey, Aden Wyers and Narelle Loechel who organised and facilitated more focused work for all teachers. Our overall focus is on a new structured teaching approach using a gradual release of responsibility framework (see diagram) that builds greater student responsibility into the learning delivery.

Learning is a complex process that involves more than just telling students about a topic or how to do something…it involves modelling the learning process, providing relevant and useable work examples, accessing and using feedback – self, peers and from and to the teacher, having other students sharing, supporting and challenging what is known or misinterpreted, and lots of practice at and just beyond their current ability level. This is where we can shift the control and responsibility of the learning, gradually, from a reliance on the teacher and more to the student. We are trying to instil in all students, regardless of their age or ability level, independence in their learning. It is when students reach this level of control and understanding of their learning they become more engaged, more accountable and place themselves into a better position to achieve higher levels of learning.

You would be proud of the outstanding level of professional engagement displayed by all of your children’s teachers over these two days. We achieved a lot. And, already teachers are having success in using some of the new strategies explored over the last couple of weeks and students are responding better to these approaches.

We look forward to developing your child into a highly engaged and successful learner ready to achieve great things.


Junior Campus Principal's Report

Mrs Sue Coffey
Junior Campus

Already we are half way through the term and there has been lots happening in the school. The year 9 students departed for Melbourne this morning for their City Camp. Ninety two students and 8 staff will be exploring the city until Thursday afternoon. I look forward to hearing about the activities and the students insight into life in the city. Something that many of our students are unfamiliar with.


We have eight year 9 students in China at the moment. You may have seen some photos on the School Face Book page. The students are certainly learning a lot about the Chinese culture, they have been working on their language skills and developing self-resilience and leadership skills. Last week l attended a Jiangsu Principal Forum in Melbourne with other Victorian Principals and with 40 Principals from Jiangsu Province, China.  This was very timely and a reminder of the importance of educating our students to be global citizens. The more opportunities we create for our students to learn about Asia, to learn some language and to be immersed in different cultures the better we develop students with a global perspective, an understanding  and acceptance of multi-culturalism and a view of future career/employment pathways.  

We have students in Year 8 beginning to communicate with students in our Sister School in Shanghai.  I am hoping that a small group of students will go on exchange to Shanghai in September next year. Interested Year 7 and 8 students should discuss this with their Chinese teacher.


Learning to lean is one of the keys to being successful at school and in the future. Over the past two weeks our teachers have been learning together, focusing on the Instructional Model that we will  all use to create a consistent approach to teaching in our classrooms. We have high expectations of our students and believe that through a consistent teaching approach we can engage our students in high quality learning opportunities that will see them grow and develop in the future. This is an exciting time to be a teacher at Traralgon College and even more exciting for students who connect with the learning opportunities available.


Senior Campus  Principal's Report

Ms Nicole Pryor
Senior Campus Principal

The year 12s are continuing with perseverance through exams and we congratulate the amount of students taking advantage of the study space and supporting each other with revision. The rest of the student body have had excellent exam etiquette, keeping quiet around the hall and getting to class without music reminders.


Year 10 and 11 Exams


Year 11 exam week commences Monday 20th November. Students will have the Monday for revision and then exams Tuesday to Friday. Students are only required at school for their exam.

Year 10 exams commence Monday 27th November and students are only required at school for their exam.




Headstart will follow the new structure. Students are required in homegroup or cohort meeting at 9am. They will have a one-week timetable and 5 periods per day. Same finish time of 3.13pm.


Year 12 2018, commence Headstart on Monday 27th November until Friday 8th December this is NOT optional. All students are expected at school and Unit 3 work will begin and not be repeated in 2018.


Year 8- 11 Headstart begins on Monday 4th December and finishes Wednesday 13th December. This is NOT optional. All students are expected to attend and work will not be repeated in 2018.




We have been working hard to improve attendance this year and we have been doing well. However, there is starting to be a drop off in attendance. Trend data shows us that students particularly in year 11 start to not attend over the next few weeks. There is still learning occurring, we have revision, skills building and exams for year 12 readiness. Headstart is an integral component of preparation for VCE/ VCAL and year 10 students for their course next year and not to be missed. Everyday Counts!


2018 readiness


We will be sending home letters or organising parent meetings for students that we have concerns about their preparation for the classes and courses they have chosen in 2018. If you have any concerns about your child’s progress, please call us for an appointment.

Year 8 Camp

Year 8 Camp

Students from our school have recently undertaken, an education tour of the national capital. Students have been given the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational programs with a focus on Australia’s history, culture, heritage and democracy. The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion the Australian Government is contributing funding of $30 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program towards those costs. The rebate is paid directly to the school upon completion of the excursion.

An early morning start for 74 students and 5 teachers leaving the Traralgon College bus bay at 5:30am to be exact. Everyone put their luggage under one of the two buses before getting onto either bus to get ready for the long bus trip. We arrived in Canberra around mid-day and drove to the top of a hill to a Canberra lookout witch looked over the whole of Canberra, directly in line with the war memorial, Old Parliament House and the new Parliament House. We headed to the War Memorial and walked around inside to look at all the displays from each world war, we got to have a look in the gift shop and walk where all the poppies were in lines on the wall.

The next day we got up early to pack to leave Canberra and head to Sydney. While being in Canberra we visited the national museum of Australia and parliament house which was very fancy. In the parliament house we were split into two groups to go on a tour. We left to go to Sydney at approximately 2:30pm and arriving in Sydney late at about 7:30 to hurry and get our bags of the bus into our rooms and straight down to dinner. After dinner as a choice we could walk down to darling harbour to take pictures and hang around the harbour, we also went to a big park afterwards. On the way to Darling Harbour we got a little lost and went the wrong way so we took longer to arrive than expected.

On Wednesday we went for a walk down the road to Paddy’s Market witch didn’t open till 10 so we had to wait a little. At Paddy’s Market we got to shop for about 2 and a half hours at an actual market and some of it was a shopping centre. Most people spent their money well but some not so much. Because we took so long at Paddy’s Market and it opened later than we thought we didn’t get to visit the Powerhouse sadly. At 2:00pm we got to walk down to a jetty where we waited for a boat to take us around Sydney Harbour. On the boat we got to go under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and take photos around the harbour while a speaker on the boat was talking about different historical parts of the harbour. When we got back to our rooms we had an early dinner at 5:30 before walking to the cinema to watch Happy Death Day. Happy  Death Day was scary for some and others way too loud.

Thursday morning we had an early breakfast and drove to the Bondi sanctuary walk to walk down to Bondi beach. It was a long walk and lots of steps. We had lunch at Bondi beach and were then able to walk along Bondi beach and walk around the streets to go shopping along Bondi beach during free time. After Bondi beach we drove to Manly beach and had free time for just about an hour and headed to the manly sea life sanctuary to have a tour around to look at sea animal including penguins, sharks, fish, turtles, seahorse act. Later that night we went on a ghost tour visiting a haunted house, haunted cemetery and a haunted park.

Friday was sadly our last day in Sydney, we had the chance to walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Luna park witch was the last part of our trip. At Luna Park we had the chance to ride as many rides, as many times we wanted during 4-5 hours. Most student’s favourite park of Luna park was the dodgem cars because we could crash into other students and our teachers.

We left Sydney at 5:00pm on our buses and stopped for dinner at about 9:00pm for pizza. The teachers ordered a little too many pizzas for 79 people, altogether there were 100 pizzas ordered! We got back to Traralgon just after 7:30 to meet our parents who surely would have had peace and quiet while we were all gone for the week. Canberra and Sydney camp was a time to remember and I’m sure plenty of students would recommend people should participate in, in years to come.

By Taylah Veitch 8D


School Uniform Reminder

College Uniform

Traralgon College is a uniform school, we wear our uniform with pride to identify us as part of the Traralgon College community.

A reminder to all parents/ guardians and students that as the weather warms up we should be wearing correct summer uniform. Students NOT in uniform are required to bring a note and are required to change. We are encouraging families to check they have the correct uniform items and restock ready for the summer period.


The College Uniform policy is set out by the College Council.  Staff, parents and students are responsible for ensuring the policy is adhered to. The Traralgon College uniform instils in students and the College Community a sense of pride and belonging.  It is designed to be comfortable and have enough variety to cater for individual student preference. 

It assists to minimise unhelpful fashion comparisons amongst students and foster an environment focused on learning rather than fashion choices.


Students are expected to be in full school uniform at all times and to keep their uniform in good condition.


Uniform Exchange Program


If students are unable to wear full uniform for a valid reason they are asked to:

  • Go to the student manager’s/sub-school office before Form Assembly/TLC.
  • Ask for the uniform item(s) you require, in your size.
  • Hand over your own clothes
  • Treat the school uniform items with respect throughout the day
  • At the end of the day (before you leave school) return the school uniform items and collect your own clothes/shoes.  We will keep your clothes until the uniform is returned.

We guarantee that the school uniform items are washed and dried before they are worn again by another student.


If students do not follow the process outlined above before TLC/Form Assembly and/or they are found to be out of uniform throughout the day, they will be given the usual consequence of a detention and still have to exchange non-uniform items.

Summer Uniform


  • Summer Dress - To be worn with knee high or short white socks


  • Navy Logo Shorts and College monogrammed polo shirt - 
  • To be worn with knee high or short white socks
  • Navy V Neck Woollen Jumper (monogrammed)


  • Fully enclosed shoes 
  • There must be a mechanism for securing the shoe to the foot eg. strap, buckle, laces.


  • Micofibre or weather proof jacket
  • It is to be worn over the regularly school day uniform when it is cold or wet or windy or any combination of these.

Sports Uniform

Junior Campus:

Compulsory for all students undertaking PE classes

  • Plain Black Basketball Shorts
  • House colour Polo Shirt
  • Sneakers of student choice.
  • Navy Bucket Hat or Cap.

To be carried to school and changed into for PE classes and subsequently changed out of after PE classes.

Senior Campus:

Change of Clothes

College & Community Updates

Traralgon College - New On Site Uniform Shop
Managed by Uniforms ByDesign

We are pleased to announce that Uniforms By Design will be opening an On Site Uniform Shop at Traralgon College.

Our first trading time will be on Thursday 9th/November from 8.15am to 10.15am.

From then on our times will be Tuesdays 2.00pm to 4.00pm and Thursdays 8.15am to 10.15am

We will advise in the near future our additional times for January and February


We are very excited to have this opportunity to provide all uniform requirements for your school. Our commitment is to offer both competitive pricing and convenient times for families to purchase the school uniform. We intend to carry good quantities of stock to ensure the highest level of service.

Uniforms By Design manufacture the majority of special make garments in Australia, and in the case of your school, all Jackets, Polo Shirts, Summer Dresses, Rugby Tops and Winter Skirts are Australian Made. 

In the near future we will advise re the availability of On Line ordering, but we will of course be providing full Efpos facilities.

Free Meningococal ACWY vaccinge for Years 10, 11 and 12

In 2017 the Victorian Secondary School Vaccine Program will offer free meningococcal ACWY vaccine to students in Years 10, 11 and 12. The vaccine provides protection against four strains of meningococcal disease (ACWY) and is administered as a single dose.

Adolescents are at increased risk of meningococcal disease. Although uncommon, it can become life-threatening, very quickly. There are different strains of meningococcal bacteria known by letters of the alphabet, including meningococcal A, B, C, W and Y. In recent years, the meningococcal W strain has increased across Australia, with Victoria experiencing 11 cases to date in 2017 and 48 cases in 2016, compared to 17 cases in 2015, four in 2014 and one in 2013. It is now the predominant strain in Victoria.

To receive this vaccination, students may attend any Latrobe City Council Community Immunisation Session or alternatively make an appointment with their local doctor. Latrobe City Community Immunisation sessions are run every month with day and evening session available. Session times and dates can be found here:

To learn more about meningococcal disease, the meningococcal ACWY vaccine and how you can prepare your child for vaccination, visit or 


Trading Hours 


​Family & Care Support Services


Thunderstorm Asthma


Healthy Together Victoria


College Calendar


13 -  Active Lifestyles - Law Bowls

13-16 Year 9 Melbourne Camp

15 -17 Year 10 Outdoor Education  3 day Challenge - Lake Tyers

16 -  Active Lifestyles - Energetics Gymnastics

17 - Broadening Horizons

18 -  Boot Camp - The Summit Survivior

20 -24 - Year 11 Exams

21 -  Build Up Day - World Challenge

21 -  Broadening Horizons

22-24 Year 10 VCAL Doxa City Camp

22 November - 22 December World Challenge Expedition Cambodia

23 - Active Lifestyles - Morwell National Park Walk

23 - Year 9 Active Women Sky Fitness

24 - Yr 9 Outdoor Ed Surfing Sem 2

24 - Year 12 exams conclude

24 - Broadening Horizons

27 - Year 12 Headstart

27 - Active Lifestyles - Traralgon Tennis Courts

27 -1 December-  Year 10 Exams

28 - Year 9 Formal

30 - Active Lifestyles - Jump & Climb

30 - Yr 9 Active Women Sky Fitness


4-8 Year 12 Headstart

4-13 Years 8-11 Headstart

13- Presentation Assembley 1.30pm-3.00pm Senior Campus Hall

14 - Activity Day - Jump & Climb

14-  Cowwar Weir - End of Year Activity

15 -  Fishing Trip to Port Albert - End of Year Activities

18- Student Free Day - Staff Professional Learning

19 - Student Free Day - Staff Professional Learning

19 - Valedictory Dinner

22 - Last Day Term 4

January 2018

30 - First Day Term 1

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