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03 December 2018
Issue Ten
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From the Principal

The Year in Review

At the start of this year we launched ‘Strategy 2022’. This document not only makes clear the foundational values of the College of Faith, Excellence, Integrity, Perseverance, Respect and Humility, it is guiding all that we do in the College over the next five years. It is clearly articulating and guiding a plan to see improvement in curriculum, teaching and learning, staff development and mission and service throughout the College.


There have been many highlights this year, but one in particular that stands out, is the recent visit from Gideon Kabenge from Ararat Christian Junior School in Uganda. Gideon learnt much from us about Christian education but I think we learnt so much more from him. Our staff and students got to see experience the humility and faith Gideon displayed in the sacrifices he has made to start a school for AIDS orphans. As a College, we are excited about developing ongoing support for Ararat Christian School. Next year, as part of Strategy 2022 several developments will occur.


Middle School classrooms will be fitted out with new, colourful furniture to allow collaborative learning.


The Pentagon will be developed as a community hub for students. New flooring and café style tables and chairs along with a Table Tennis table will provide a space for Middle and Senior School students to eat lunch, especially on wet Warrnambool days.


The current Year 9 classroom will be converted to a Secondary Music facility with offices, storeroom and tuition rooms as well as a performance space. Relocating music to this area brings together P-12 Music in one location in the College.


At the end of this year we farewell three staff members. Dianna Hodgens completes 7 years’ service as Learning Support Assistant in Junior School. Diana and her husband David are relocating to Wodonga with their family as they take on a new Pastoral role at Wodonga Baptist Church.


Sherril McKay completes nearly 7 years as Librarian and classroom teacher. Mrs McKay is retiring after 40 years working as a teacher in three states across Australia. She will join her husband, Ian, who is now working in the University sector in Mount Gambia.


Louisa Doherty completes 3 1/2 years service as Head of Middle School. Mrs Doherty has served the College wholeheartedly during her time at King’s. She is a highly competent, well organised person who has not only fulfilled her role as Head of Middle School with care and compassion, she has also taken on other significant administrative tasks within the College. Mrs Doherty leaves us to join her family who are living and working in Melbourne. We wish her all the best as she commences at Chairo Christian School next year.


We welcome Melisa Champness to the role of Head of Middle School for 2019. Mrs Champness has a strong vision for middle schooling and pastoral care and we look forward to her involvement as part of the College leadership team.


We also welcome Kirrilee Neild to the position of Librarian next year. Mrs Neild brings a wealth of experience from other library settings and we look forward to her contribution to developing the library as a 21st Century learning space.


Thank you for partnering with King's College and seeing the value in Christian Education by making the decision to send your children to the College. Enrolments and interest  continues to grow, and it is encouraging to know that King’s College is a light that shines Christian values brightly into our community.


May you know the love of Jesus Christ this Christmas.

Allister Rouse


Chaplain's Corner 

Reflection from 'Focus on the Family' visit 

King’s College was fortunate to host the CEO of Focus on the Family Australia, Brett Ryan on Thursday 8th November for an evening presentation on the Big Issues facing children and teenagers. The following morning, Brett gave a talk about Choices to our whole school assembly and then Brett finished his day with 5 periods of interactive discussion with students from Year 4 to Year 8.  


During the evening presentation, Brett really challenged us as parents to be aware of the power of technology on a child’s brain, as gaming can become a child’s first addiction due to the physiological reactions that occur in a child’s brain being similar to those associated with substance abuse. He spoke about parents advocating their responsibility by creating boundaries around time spent on electronic devices.  Brett emphasised the importance of allowing children to be comfortable with noiseless time and solitude.


Brett asked us to consider and observe what makes your child distinctive, to notice how are they hardwired, to be sensitive to their temperament and parent them according to their uniqueness. Another area he spoke about was communication, emphasising that we can’t have a good relationship with our kids unless we talk with them. Being involved with our children earns us the right to speak into their lives. We are to embrace our child’s questions and continue to navigate their assumptions by asking questions such as,” I’m interested, how did you come to that conclusion?”  When our child puts forward an opinion different to ours, Brett said we are to “Learn to respond not react to their opinions”, as this helps to promote the discussion further rather than making a comment that ceases the dialogue. The fear of overreaction can shut down any conversation. Knowing what battles are worth fighting and what behaviours may be covering up an insecurity can change the tone of the household. Brett said it is important to have respectful family rules concerning appropriate ways to talk to each other, not allowing personal put downs, name calling or comparing family members in a negative way.

Brett spoke about wanting your children to be ‘failing forward’ to encourage them to look at what, why and how a mistake was made and most importantly what can be learnt from the error.

The subject of parental boundaries for your child as they go through the difficult years of adolescence was another important issue raised by Brett. Healthy boundaries that work for a child’s benefit as well as the parent shouldn’t shift, even if the nag factor increases tenfold by the adolescent. Children thrive in boundaries that are firm, well defined and that come with realistic consequences for breaking the rules. During adolescence, Brett said your child is vulnerable to peer pressure, popular culture, pushing boundaries, risk taking and that your teen can become easily offended. They can appear vague, uncoordinated, exhausted by all the physical, emotional, relational and psychological changes they are experiencing. Fears are to be validated not dismissed as silence can be an enemy to understanding worries. Brett suggested sharing some of your own stories about mistakes and fears you had during adolescence to empathise with your teen. Being proactive not reactive to the Big Issues such as pornography, drugs, alcohol and sexual health is extremely important and having up to date access to current issues from a Christian Perspective is available through the Focus on the Family Australia website( Brett mentioned it is not a matter of if, but when your child hears and sees things that are not appropriate and are confusing and you want to be the parent that they can come to, to question and discuss.


During 2018, King’s College has been able to provide our school community and Warrnambool community with two informative and valuable discussion nights with Sharon Witt in August and Brett Ryan in November and we hope we can continue to provide interesting and relevant parenting and social discussions in 2019.

Sharon Witt has started promoting The Resilient Kids Conference to be held in Warrnambool Saturday March 2nd 2019 at Kardinia Church and early bird registrations are on offer until 31/12/2018 see (


May you enjoy a blessed Christmas with family and friends and celebrate the birth of our saviour, Jesus Christ.

Camilla McLeod



Junior School

Love God and love one another

When Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment was, his answer was to love God first and love one another. Jesus went on to say that all of God’s laws come from following these two commands. Love is central to God’s Word because God is love. The Bible doesn’t leave us to work out our own version of love. Jesus showed us love in the life He lived; love that took him to the cross as he gave his life for us. As we seek to teach our children to love God and love one another, we need to rely on the unchanging word of God, amidst a world where values and morals shift with the consensus of population. With our children watching the things we say and do, we need to be pursue God, so that we can recognise distorted and selfish views of love and truly be imitators of Jesus, to live a life of love.


The Bible has clear instruction on how that love is to be worked out. We are to

  • live in harmony with one another. (Romans 12:16)
  • make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification. (Romans 14:19),
  • welcome one another (Romans 15:7)
  • serve one another (Galatians 5:13),
  • bear with one another in love (Ephesians 4:2)
  • be kind to one another …forgiving one another. (Ephesians 4:32)
  • submit to one another (Ephesians 5:21),
  • count others more significant than ourselves (Philippians 2:3)
  • encourage one another and build one another up (1 Thessalonians 5:13),
  • show hospitality to one another (1 Peter 4:9)
  • bear with one another, forgive each other (Colossians 3:13)


As we look forward to Christmas, let us celebrate together a wonderful year of partnership in learning and community. Thank you for your daily inspiration as you raise children to love God and one another, recognising that God is central to all learning and equipping for life.

Lyndell Tucker

 Head of Junior School

Playground Progress

Every day we see progress in our playground, with provision of new and exciting nature play spaces and equipment. This term we have enjoyed using our ‘loose parts’ to create theme parks, homes, offices, bridges and more!  We have also eagerly watched the development of the new ‘tree house’ structure, with exciting possibilities increasing with every new addition.  We are so very grateful for the work of our PTFA and the Playground Committee in bringing to fruition the wonderful vision for improved nature spaces in our playground. Thank you to the dedicated volunteers involved in research, fundraising and the practical hard work required to achieve so much this year. We are so grateful!


Junior School Concert

Earlier this month our Junior School Concert attracted a large and appreciative audience of family and friends, who were treated to an inspiring hour of musical entertainment. It was certainly an inspiring celebration of talent and commitment, with every Junior School student contributing to the success of the afternoon. Our thanks to Junior School music specialist, Mrs Robyn Parker, for preparing an engaging musical presentation for each class, showcasing the variety of skills taught during the year. It was also a timely opportunity to thank our Pipes and Drums teachers, Donald Blair and Pete Moir, for another year of dedicated voluntary service in training our pipers and drummers.


Fun Afternoon!

Our final Fun Afternoon for 2018 again inspired our students in their various creative pursuits and generated much enthusiasm with an icypole break mid afternoon. These afternoons are a highlight for students and staff, as we join together in smaller groups to relax, create and have fun. Thanks to the many parent volunteers who generously give their time and expertise to support this venture, ensuring the success of planned activities.


Art Exhibition

French artist, Henri Matisse, said “creativity takes courage”. The King’s College Art Exhibition, held at the start of November, was filled with the courageous creativity of artists from Prep through to VCE.  From images of people, life events, complex designs and folios, each class demonstrated their prowess with brush, pen, clay or paper mâché. They translated ideas and visions of their world into objects and vistas for others to enjoy. Our Judge, Jenny Arms, spent time teasing out those who had extra flair, setting them apart from the work around them. Congratulations to all who were honoured, and to all contributors. Every work, big or small, an expression of love, hard work and a desire to make the world a more interesting and beautiful place to live. 

Mrs Snook.

Junior School Art Exhibition Winners:

Most creative: Eliza Raven
Highly Commended: Lylah Van Kempen
Commended: Tyler Jackson
Year 1
Most creative: Lil Jellie
Highly Commended: Ryan McLean
Commended: Elizabeth Harrold
Year 2
Most creative: Anneliese Shergold
Highly Commended: Sophie Burrows
Commended: Freya Raven
Year 3:
Most creative: Harriet Duncan
Highly Commended: Thea Trussler
Commended: Max Kenna
Year 4:
Most creative: Zac Burrows
Highly Commended: Nekoda Ballinger
Commended: Samuel Short

Prep Excursion

Our Prep class enjoyed a wonderful day out in Warrnambool for their Prep excursion. They attended an educational session to learn about the Maremma dogs at Flagstaff Hill, followed by a fun time exploring the maritime village and museum. A lovely time was spent at Lake Pertobe when families joined us for a picnic lunch. Much laughter was heard as the children made their way over the swinging bridge on their way to the Mini Golf centre.  Here the children bounced on the jumping pillow and a few children even managed a hole in one as they negotiated their way around the mini golf course. 


Year 1 Excursion to Port Fairy and Tower Hill

Breakfast at school provided an exciting start to the day for our Year 1 students as they headed to Port Fairy and Tower Hill for their ‘Big Day Out’. Arriving at the playground for morning snack and play, Year 1 then visited the historical society museum, the lolly shop and walked to the lighthouse. After lunch they explored Tower Hill on a scavenger hunt, before playing cricket, jacks and drawing some of the beautiful nature surrounding them. It was an action packed day full of fun, adventure and learning.


Year 2 Kangaroobie  

On November 2, Year 2 headed to Kangaroobie, via the Twelve Apostles, for a day packed with surprise and adventure. Here are some of their favourite memories:

Miss Job- I enjoyed the whole day with Year 2. Some highlights include viewing The Twelve Apostles, riding in the trailer to feed the baby animals, making huts in the bush, playing Ga Ga, eating ice-cream and enjoying a BBQ dinner and play at the Ballinger Farm. From start to finish it was a memorable day! 

Freya-  I enjoyed having mint choc chip ice-cream for afternoon tea.  I also enjoyed getting soaked under my hut with water. 

Ashaan-It was funny when the kids got the adults out in the Ga Ga game.  It was also fun riding in the big, bumpy trailer around the farm. 

Jack- I liked looking at The Twelve Apostles. I also enjoyed riding in the trailer and visiting all the animals. 

Baxter-  I liked it when we had ice-cream. I had vanilla flavor. Riding in the big trailer was a lot of fun. 

Sophie-I loved it when we went to the Ballinger Farm. Their playground was so much fun, especially the flying fox. I also enjoyed having honeycomb ice-cream with big chunks in it. 

Liezel-  I had fun when we played Ga Ga at Kangaroobie.  I enjoyed eating wildforest berry flavoured ice-cream. It was delicious. 

Anneliese-  I was surprised when we slowed down to look at the swans and their babies.  I had an apple pie ice-cream which was very yummy. 

Dusty-I enjoyed feeding hay to the cow Big Red and feeling his horns. Winning the first round of Ga Ga on my birthday was also a highlight. 

Jay-I found it funny when Liezel kissed the pig! 

Sienna S- I enjoyed when I fed the baby lamb and calf. It was also funny when I chased it. Dusty’s birthday cake was delicious. 

Sienna B-  I liked when I rode down the hill on the billy carts. I also enjoyed feeding the cows. 

Julian-I enjoyed pulling really big logs behind me to make our huts in the bush.  Our hut was water proof as we didn’t get wet when Matt tipped the water over our huts.

Year 3

Our class went to the sports centre for a cricket clinic with Olivia from Cricket Victoria. We sat on the white line while Olivia explained that when she blows the whistle, we have to stand up with the cricket ball under our chin. We worked with partners to practise throwing the ball underarm, and then overarm, to each other. We worked in teams of four to practise bowling at the wickets. When we had two turns each at that, we took turns to wicket keep and bat. I really enjoyed the cricket clinic and it was good that everyone had a turn. We could help people who didn’t know how to bowl, or wicket keep or bat.

Tilda Cavanagh


Year 4

Year 4 regularly use the class set of Chrome books, available to Junior and Middle School, to develop their research skills and practise touch typing.

It was an exciting afternoon when one of our parents thought Year 4 might like a break, to have an icecream. As our photo shows, everyone thought this was a great idea!


Year 4 PE

Year 4 enjoyed an afternoon in the Ueberang Stadium playing indoor hockey against Year 7. It was a great opportunity to spend time with the Middle School students, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Continuing two weeks of great sporting opportunities, Year 4 also participated in a Woolworths Cricket clinic led by specialist cricket coaches. Students practiced batting, bowling and learnt some great ball tricks.


Year 3/4 Woolworths Cricket Blast School Cup Carnival

Cricket Victoria hosted a local cricket competition for Year 3 and 4 students, with teams of 8 players involved in four round robin games against other local primary schools on Thursday 15th November. In preparation, qualified coaches conducted a cricket clinic at King’s for our Year 3 and 4 students in the same week. Eighteen Year 3 and 4 students participated in this event at Brierly Oval and had a fantastic day. Some great batting and bowling was on display with some brilliant run outs.

 A huge thankyou to Brendan Short and Gary Stonehouse for assisting with umpiring on the day. Thank you to Miss Stephen and Mrs Howarth for ensuring our students could enjoy this opportunity.



Coming Up

05 Dec-               Junior School Night of         


11 Dec-               Orientation Day 

12 Dec-               End Term 4

19 Dec-               Office closes

15 Jan-               Office opens for 2019

Middle School

Preparing for Christmas

It’s that time of year when shops are more manic than ever and decorations herald the Christmas spending season. It certainly isn’t any religious festival that is on display in our centres of retail worship.

As I see photos of Christmas trees and plans for feasts designed to test the strength of tables, I sometimes wonder if any of the people celebrating recall why we are doing it. What is it about a baby born to a poor couple sleeping in a stable in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago? Why did this event become a celebrated festival in the first place (whatever the origins of yule trees and red-suited gift bearers)?

It is impossible to consider the advent of God into our world in this ignominious manner, without considering why He came. Why leave heaven and put aside His glory and power to enter the world a weak and humble child?


In the letter to the Philippians (Chapter 2) Paul explains what Jesus did:


(Jesus) being in very nature God,

   did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage;

rather, he made himself nothing

   by taking the very nature of a servant,

   being made in human likeness.

And being found in appearance as a man,

   he humbled himself

   by becoming obedient to death—

       even death on a cross!


That is why this baby came to earth. His love for each of us - members of the broken human race. That is why this baby’s birth is remembered even now. Not simply for his birth or even his deeds while living in earth. But for his death, and his rising again, conquering sin and death for all eternity. That is what Christmas is for. It is really for Easter. And that is worth celebrating!

Many of you will know that this is my last Middle School newsletter section as I am re-joining my family and moving to Melbourne over January. I would like to thank everyone with whom I have had the privilege of working with at King’s College and especially the Middle School teachers who had been a truly great team to work with. The Middle School years are a time in students’ development which, I am sure I don’t need to tell parents, can present many challenges. The Middle School teachers are committed to working with your young adolescents through those challenging times in partnership with you. As they grow and mature, the teachers work alongside students helping them to navigate the sometimes rocky paths which lead them into the senior years.

Learning self-control in the classroom, how to relate to peers, how to cope with academic demands and how to meet deadlines are just some of the areas where Middle School students need that guidance. Of course it comes from home as you are your child’s first teacher, but reinforcing shared values and attitudes at school allows for a consistent message to the students. Knowing they are loved and cared for at school as well as at home gives students security and identity in the classroom setting. Middle School teachers are well acquainted with the ups and downs of a pre-teen or early teen’s day and can often be seen providing a word of comfort or reassurance when things have not gone according to plan.


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Mrs Melisa Champness into the role of Head of Middle School. Mrs Champness was selected over several candidates as the best person for this position and I know she will serve King’s College passionately and with great skill in this role.

I would like to thank also the Middle School parents and students with whom I have been able to work over this time. I will miss you all as I move away and I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

Louisa Doherty

Head of Middle School

Mrs Hunter - Baby News

Ruby Rae Hunter was born at 5:20 pm on November 24th to Mrs and Mr Hunter. She is absolutely gorgeous, as one look at the photo will tell you. We give thanks to God for safe delivery and this new addition to the Hunter family.


Focus On the Family Visit

Brett Ryan from Focus on the Family Australia visited King’s Thursday 8th and Friday 9th of November and spent time with families Thursday night and students from years 4-8 on Friday.

It was a valuable time where Brett shared advice, anecdotes and information about the challenging times in which we are raising our children and adolescents. Brett’s life experience as a critical care nurse, children and families minister and now working for Focus on the Family, gives him a special insight into the lives of Australian families as they work to raise children.

His vast knowledge of the big issues families face and some ways to tackle these was evident as he presented to parents and children. Brett’s ability to tailor his discussion to the age of the children listening allowed him to talk about the choices we make at all levels. From the kaleidoscope of choices even prep students face, to the choices parents and teachers make in responding to our children's’ issues, Brett was able to engage his audience and provide positive strategies for us to examine.

The website, contains links to articles and free resources to help parents navigate the current culture in faithful and pro-active ways. I would highly recommend a visit.

Year 5

November has been a busy and exciting month in Year 5. On the 10th of November, Year 5 students Mim Jellie, Bianca Mikhail, Eva Ryan, Ellie Tressler and Brydie Steel (along with other King’s Middle Years students) successfully completed the Pinnacle hike near Halls Gap. Completing a hike was one of the requirements for the Compass Award. All of the students had a great time and demonstrated great enthusiasm and teamwork skills. It was also a pleasure to have Mr Gideon Kabenge accompany us on the hike with us and to learn more about his life and about Ararat Christian School in Uganda.

In other news, on the 12th of November the Art Exhibition was held. It was fantastic to see such great parent and student support of the event which was a really enjoyable show. Congratulations to Daisy Bean who was awarded the top artwork in Year 5 for her tissue paper tree. Congratulations also to Lachlan Dickinson and Chloe Roberts who received commendations for their Aboriginal hand dot paintings.

Year 6

Students in Year 5 and 6 have been learning to write recounts. This is an account written by Ebony Kitto describing her experience in the Year 5/6 Production

Chitty Reflections - By Ebony Kitto


It all started off with the lunch time auditions, the thing EVERYONE was worried about. I managed to get in the 3rd time as they were very popular. I sung ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’ from Mary Poppins. When the day came for us to find out our roles, I was bursting with excitement! When Miss Kenna said, “Jemima Potts will be Ebony Kitto.” I almost screamed! I’d managed to get a lead! It was the best feeling.

We learned about the play and watched the movie in the first week. It was where the Potts family buy Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and find her secret abilities. But meanwhile in Vulgaria, the Baron and Baroness decided to get Chitty for themselves. The Baroness hates children, so once they captured  Chitty and the children, her and the Baron thought things would be fine. But, on the Baron’s birthday, Chitty broke free! Saving the children as well as all the hidden children they had to hide, she managed to overcome the childcatcher and the Baron and Baroness. Happily ever after!

In rehearsals, we had to learn over 100 pages of lines, work on our acting skills and learn and perfect the dances. Very stressful! But if you would see us at the start then again closer to the show, you would see a huge difference. It was amazing watching the growth of everyone all around you, slowly making their way to perfection.

I really enjoyed the feeling of being on stage, that I could be unique, show them what I’m made of and when I was finished, learning that I made everyone's day. I got a lot of attention at the end, and I said, “Thank you so much, but it’s you that should be thanked. I would never have had that opportunity if you hadn’t come along and paid for that ticket. Thank you!”

The easiest thing was enjoying it. I personally loved watching people perform and knowing that all those people watching are loving it. I especially loved when everyone clapped and whistled and the knowledge that we did a good job, I don’t need to pretend to smile. It for me is so fun being on stage and performing for everyone. It’s always good when the easiest thing is the most fun thing!

Finally, my favourite bit of the play was when we all did the bows and I could hear everyone clapping away madly cause they loved our production that we performed.

Thank you so much for watching the play and a special thanks to Miss Kenna for making my dream on stage possible, and everyone else's. Thank you!

Year 7

Student leadership is about learning to motivate, influence and direct people so that we can work together to achieve the same goals.  It is important for students to experience leadership opportunities in Middle School in order to learn the art of building relationships within teams and being able to achieve tasks effectively.  Students also get an opportunity to learn to display effective communication and interpersonal skills.


Over the last two weeks year 7s have been preparing for Middle School leadership roles in 2019.  As a class we have reviewed application forms and discussed what goes into writing an outstanding application form, including when to use formal and informal language.  The year 7s who have applied for MS Captains have given their speeches in front of MS students for 2019. We now await the final decisions.

Year 8


Students in Y8 Science have been doing a chemistry unit and are investigating what happens when physical and chemical changes occur. One of their experiments involved making a pH indicator by extracting pigments from rose petals.


In Humanities, Year 8 students have been learning about the political process. Students were divided into four political parties: Labor Liberal, Nationals and an Independent candidate. Each party chose a candidate to represent them in a Mock Election. In the lead up to election day, partiers had to develop policy, devise a political campaign and give a speech about their party policies. Students from year 5 to Year 8 had to vote for their preferred candidate. Each party also put on a morning tea to try to persuade teachers to vote for them. The outcome of the election will not be known until next week, when the students will be shown how preferrential voting works.


Coming Up...

11 Dec-               Orientation Day 

12 Dec-               End Term 4

                               Middle and Senior School   

                               Presentation Evening 

19 Dec-               Office closes

15 Jan-               Office opens for 2019


Senior School

Christmas Blessings from Senior School

 She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins. Matthew 1:21


With the end of the school year only weeks away, we turn our attention towards Christmas and the story of the birth of Jesus. This is not a story simply about the birth of a baby who would grow up to become a great teacher and wonderful example, although Jesus was those things and more. Rather, it is an incredible story of the birth of the Saviour of the world.


The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem was built over a cave that might possibly have been the location of the birthplace of Jesus. Behind the alter in the church is the entrance to a cave lit by lamps. You can descend the stairs leading down into the cave where a star embedded in the floor commemorates the birth of the saviour of the world. What has struck me each time I have visited this place is that you have bend low to get through the door at the top of the stairs. You can’t go in standing tall. The same is true of Jesus. To witness the gift that he came to bring, we need to get down on our knees.


I trust that you all have a very happy Christmas and a safe New Year.

Michael Tucker

Deputy Principal

Year 12 Graduation Dinner

This year, the graduation dinner was again a wonderful way to celebrate the end of formal schooling forever. It was a very enjoyable evening attended by all the class of 2018, their parents, relatives, friends, and some teachers.


For half of the class, Hudson Snook, Jessica Spencer, Micah Drake, Ruth Philpot, Abbie Collinson, Jasmine Dilley, Noah Keane and Hannah Vestey, this marked the end of thirteen years at King’s College, their entire school life. For six of the sixteen families this also marked the last year they would have a child at our school. While this is sad for King College, we are always extremely thankful for the terrific support these school families have provided through their many years of involvement.


ICAS Competition


Katherine Doherty from Year 12 recently attended the awards ceremony for high performers in the ICAS Competitions in Victoria. Katherine received an ICAS medal for achieving the highest score in Victoria, and the highest score (shared with three others) in the country for the Year 12 ICAS English competition. There were approximately 34000 entrants and only 27 medals presented across all year levels for English. That is, fewer than one in one thousand entrants receive medals. Katherine was the only Year 12 Medallist for the English competition, achieving the highest score. Well done, Katherine.


ICAS competitions are available for King’s students to enter in the disciplines of Digital Technologies, English, Maths, Spelling and Writing. They are a great opportunity for students to apply classroom skills in new contexts and the awards recognise students who perform well in these activities.

Year 9 Connect Community Service Camp

From November 05-09, Year 9 Connect students enjoyed their annual Community Service camp in Red Cliffs and Mildura.  This year our students were able to lay instant turf in a community garden, spread mulch at a local park, spend time with residents at a retirement village, deliver meals on wheels and run a after school club for one of the local churches.  Once again our students worked hard without complaint and we're very much appreciated by those that we had the opportunity to serve. The Parks and Gardens Coordinator from Mildura had this to say about our students. 


"I just wanted to pass on our gratitude for the effort put in by your group on the recent visit to Mildura.  The community has not stopped talking about the works and are singing the praises of all involved.  The group were courteous and extremely hard working and we would have struggled to get it done in time if not for their efforts."

Brad Zeunert


Year 11 Leadership Camp

One of the highlights of Year 11 is the end of year leadership camp in Anglesea. The camp forms the start of our student orientation program focusing on students being the future Year 12 leaders of our College. With a strong emphasis on team building and a focus on further development of leadership skills from a biblical perspective, students engaged in a number of challenging activities including archery, high and low rope courses and a climbing wall. Other highlights of the camp were a bush and beach walk and ice cream in Anglesea town centre. 

Over the course of the camp we were blessed with safe travel and good weather and only faced rain towards the end of our walk. We were soon warm and dry and ready for dinner and an evening of fun activities.

 Throughout the three days all students engaged intently in the devotional sessions focusing on finding strength through faith to overcome all obstacles and challenges. Students reflected on the fruit of their actions either in an official role, wearing a badge, or in their ability to take the initiative and lead regardless of their position.

 All students pushed themselves beyond their comfort zones, all the time bonding closer as a group and contemplating the challenge of being the new leaders of our College. It has been my pleasure to work with all the Year 11 students this year and witness them grow and develop into a very close and supportive group of future College leaders. 

Andrew Perry



Coming Up...

03-07 Dec-        Year 9 Orientation

06 Dec-               Year 9 Connect Celebration

07 Dec-               Year 9 Last Day

11 Dec-               Orientation Day 

12 Dec-               End Term 4

                               Middle and Senior School   

                               Presentation Evening 

19 Dec-               Office closes

15 Jan-               Office opens for 2019





Junior School Night of Celebration


Middle and Senior School Presentation Evening


A Big Thank You From the PTFA

WOW! What a huge day we had on Saturday as we welcomed college families and the wider community to our fair! 

Thank you to everybody for pitching in in so many different ways to make the day an amazing success! Every year our school community continues to show great support for this much loved event on the calendar and that deserves a huge congratulations. What a blessing!

A special thanks to the dedicated team who each spent many, many hours planning and preparing behind the scenes. This team of people went above and beyond. They are blessed with an abundance of talent and we are grateful they choose to use it to serve our college in this very special way.



The PTFA AGM will be held this Tuesday 4th December at 7:30pm in the Library classroom followed by supper as we celebrate and give thanks for all God has done this year. We would love for you to join us on this occasion. 

Coming Up...

03-07 Dec-        Year 9 Orientation

05 Dec-               Junior School Night of         


06 Dec-               Year 9 Connect Celebration

07 Dec-               Year 9 Last Day

11 Dec-               Orientation Day 

12 Dec-               End Term 4

                               Middle and Senior School   

                               Presentation Evening 

19 Dec-               Office closes

15 Jan-               Office opens for 2019

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