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12 November 2018
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Student News

Year 7/8 T20 Blast Cricket Report

The year 7/8 cricketers competed in the T20 Blast cricket competition run by Cricket Victoria. This was held in Ballarat on Thursday 18th November. The conditions were very cold with rain on the cards, but the weather was good to them and held off the rain. We thank Mr Edwards and Mrs Woods for taking them. Along with the senior student helpers on the day; Bodie Maffescioni, Levi Chaffey, Ben Stubbings, Chloe Langley and Tarni Williams.


Year 7 Boys

In the first game the year 7 boys played St Joseph’s. Unfortunately we lost. The second game we were defeated by Ballarat High School. The last game we played was against St. Joseph’s second team and we were defeated again. Even though we lost all our games it was in good spirit and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Year 7 Girls

Amelia, Marni, Laura, Eve, Alisha, Kayla, Emma and Lekeisha all participated in the year 7 girls cricket team. Starting off with little knowledge of the logistics of the game, the girls improved a lot throughout the day having won their final game against Beaufort. They all had a lot of energy and had a great time. Laura the captain said ‘The day was full of excitement and encouragement even though we lost.’

It was a pleasure being their coach. Written by Bodie Maffescioni.


Year 8 Boys

The year 8 boys all went into the first game with a positive intent and a good vibe. Unfortunately we lost after a good start to the game against St Joseph’s.

The next game they bowled first and were on fire with the ball, racking up the wickets. But an even better bowling performance from Ballarat High School got them the win. All up it was a great effort from the boys

Year 8 Girls

On Thursday, Chloe and I both scored and coached the year 8 girls at the T20 cricket tournament. We had a very strong side consisting of Tia, Jess, Isla, Abby, Maisie, Rena, Gemma and Hayley. All the girls played exceptionally well winning 2 out of 3 games and just missing out on finals. Our Victorian rep Tia did not fail to impress averaging 3 wickets and 4 12’s every game. Well done to all the other girls on a successful day. 

Written by Tarni & Chloe

Congratulations to Piper Albrecht!

Congratulations to Piper Albrecht! Piper raced last weekend in the Inter-School State Championships for mountain biking and won the title of Victorian Inter-School State Champion u19. 


Canoe Camp Year 10/11                    



Coming Events

Dates to remember....

Don't forget to look on the calendar in XUNO for these and future events



12                     Yr 7 Music Recital

13                     Yr 11 Theatre Studies Performance "The Bear"

15                     Yr 8 Music Recital

16                     Yr 8 Wellbeing Day

16                     Yr 9  French/Indonesian Excursion

17                    Music Support Cake/BBQ Stall in Castlemaine

19-23             Yr 10/11 Exams

20                    Yr 9 French Excursion

20                     Yr 7/8 Drama Performance

12-16             Steiner Farming Camp

22                   Yr 12 Graduation Dinner  

23                    Yr 10 Steiner Graduation

26-7                Yr 7-11 Step Up

28-30              Yr 10 Steiner Camp


Drama/Theatre Studies Performances – End of semester.

Drama students at all year levels have been busy with a wide range of performances taking place at school in P7.

VCE Theatre Studies will present ‘The Bear’ and ‘The Proposal’ by Anton Chekov at 7pm, Tuesday, November 13.  All welcome.


A selection of performance work by year 7 and 8 students will take place on Tuesday, November 20 at 6pm. All welcome.


Darren Lowe

Drama Teacher 







Looking for host families for the French exchange in 2019


Students studying French who will be in years 9, 10 or 11 in 2019 are invited to host a French student for two weeks next year.

A group of 16 students from Arras, France will be arriving on Monday the 1st April, 2019, which is the start of the last week of Term 1. They will be staying for two weeks on their exchange trip here and then later in the year many of them will host our students participating in the trip to France.


We will be organising school for the French students here at CSC on two days during the first week and also several excursions before the holidays start. The next week is holidays for you to spend time together. We already have some host families but need and would like more families to have this opportunity. It is a wonderful experience to host someone from France and they will enjoy practicing their English with you and discovering life in Australia. (Students, you can also get a bit of practice of French in as well). This is a really great way to make a friend from another country, possibly even a life-long friend you could visit one day in France, if you’re not already going on exchange right now.


For further details about hosting you can call me, Jane Macdonald, or Mark Johansson on 5479 1111 during school hours as soon as you can as we would like to let the French people know how many students they can bring over.



Principal's / Business Manager News 

Farewell to the Year 12 class of 2018

On Thursday, 27 October we fare-welled our Year 12 class of 2018 with a special morning of celebrations at school. The staff at CSC are very proud of this group of students and we will miss them as they now begin the next chapter of their lives. Of course, most of these students have not quite finished yet since they are currently undertaking their final VCE exams. We wish them well during this time and we look forward to seeing all of our Year 12 students and their parents at the Graduation Dinner on November 22.


End of year program for Years 7-11

Years 10 and 11 exams will also be occurring soon (November 19 to 23), and students will receive their exam schedules within the next week. Following this exam week all students from Years 7 to 11 will undertake a two week “Step-Up” program, which will finish on Friday 7 December. During these two weeks, students will make a “head start” on their next year’s schooling and “step-up” to the next year level. This is an important program which we have extended for a week this year to allow students effective preparation for their 2019 studies. It is essential that all CSC students from Years 7 to 11 maintain full attendance throughout the two week “Step-Up” program. At the conclusion of this program (i.e. after December 7), students aged 15 years and over are permitted to finish school for the year to take on part-time summer vacation work. The final two weeks of the year for our junior students will consist of the annual CSC Learning Festival, which will be a program of community based learning activities for our students (more details to be provided very soon) and an activities program for the final four days of the school year.



Building Update

Fortnightly meetings are continuing to occur between Y2 Architecture and various consultative groups representing the future users of the three new buildings which will be constructed from the middle of 2019. The first phase of planning has involved the overall layout of the spaces within the Administration and Library Building, the Artisans’ Building and the extension of the Performers’ Building. This stage of planning will conclude after another series of consultative meetings this week, and we will then move into more detailed interior design of each of the spaces within the three buildings. I have appreciated the broad range of ideas and input from teachers, support staff, students and School Council members during the consultation meetings.



Paul Frye 




CSC School Council member Maria Angeloni has been leading the Profile and Communications Sub-committee in the development of a vibrant new CSC website.  Working with local web designer Rob Jennings from We Push Buttons, and photographer Penny Ryan Photography, the committee plans to launch a pilot version of the site by the end of November.  The aim of the site is to more effectively communicate the myriad of learning opportunities and great stories generated by life at CSC.  We look forward to launching the site and receiving feedback from the CSC community.



Bring Your Own Device

As noted in our last newsletter update, resource lists for 2019 will be distributed to families the week of 19th November. With CSC a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ school, students are also required to bring a notebook computer to school in order to access online platforms and learning resources.  Further information on devices suitable for use at CSC and prices can be found here (as well as accessed via our website):




Changes to CSC Reception Hours

Commencing the week starting Monday, 12th November, the CSC Reception will be closing at 4.00pm on Fridays.  Monday to Thursday Reception hours will remain at 8.30am to 4.30pm.  This adjustment is to provide time for a new professional development meeting for the Administration team to be held at 8am on Friday morning.  In recording ‘foot traffic’ and phone calls during the Friday afternoon period for the past few weeks, we are confident that students, parents, carers and staff will not be adversely impacted by this change.  Please feel free to call me on 5479 1111 if you would like to provide us with any feedback.



Elissa O’Connor

Business Manager

Art Show & Drama

CSC Art Show

This years show yet again highlights the diverse talents of the CSC students, with work in very different mediums . Congratulation to Alyssa McArdle on winning the Acquisitive Prize for the college with her photographic piece which will be purchased by the college as part of school's collection.


Second prize was awarded to Nick Webb with his stop motion animation short film and third prize to Callum Hubbard for his striking industrial  photographic work.


The show started on the 20th of October and will close on the 13th of November at the Castlemaine Market Building. The students wish to thank all the teachers for their time in helping set up the show and for their help throughout the year.




Drama National Conference recognises MAMA Drama Legends

Drama Victoria, as part of our Memories and Memorials Archive (MAMA) project, recorded 50 interviews with leading Drama teachers around Victoria.  CSC Drama teacher Darren Lowe was one of those selected.   All 50 of these interviews were recorded on video and this resource has been developed by Dr Richard Sallis, Dr Jane Bird and Kelly McConville into an Ethnodrama Performance based on our 50 collected interviews.

The 2018  National Drama Conference in November coincides with Drama Victoria’s 50th Birthday Celebrations and a performance will be an integral part of honouring the history of Drama Education in Victoria.

Also, as part of our ‘Archive Project’ Drama Victoria  are going to be displaying the complete list of MAMA Legends as well as presenting a five minute trailer which includes some highlights from our MAMA interviews. The "Archive Project". This is the bio submitted to Drama Victoria.


Drama Victoria


 Darren Lowe – Bio – Mama project

I began my teaching career in Cobram, as a young kid really, in my early 20’s, having just completed a B.Ed at the now defunct Melbourne State College. It was there I met my future wife, best friend and partner Susan and began my Drama teaching journey. I taught here for four years and began to direct School Musicals, the popular ‘Man of Steel’, Peepshow productions (Maverick Musicals), an almost rite of passage for  80’s Drama teachers.

I have since taught at Maribyrnong SC in the early 90’s for two years, where I learned the real value of teacher unionism, with a fabulous staff and very multicultural school population.

I then transferred to Ballarat High School, to be closer to home in Hepburn Springs, where I gained experience in the teaching of Drama and Theatre Studies at VCE for many years, through a range of new study designs and continued to direct a range of major school productions – 1992- 2008.

In 2008, I successfully applied for a position at Castlemaine SC, where I currently teach Drama and Theatre Studies across a number of year levels and have just directed my 25th School Production!!

Not sure about legend, but I’ve certainly seen some changes!


Darren Lowe 

Drama Teacher

Solar, Sustainability,ODE

Solar Power at CSC

Our solar panels have just been installed on the Wellbeing Building. This is an exciting project for the Sustainability Group and School Council who are busy planning to reduce electricity use, and waste on the school grounds.


Sustainability Support Group Gift

As an end-of-year parting gift, school captain Nioka Mellick-Cooper, is donating hundreds of non-disposable melamine cups to each of the precinct buildings. This is part of the Sustainability Support Group’s vision to reduce waste, and will be a part of the school’s Environment Policy and Green Purchasing Policy. Staff and students are encouraged to use non-disposable catering items during school functions. Donations of other non-disposable items are welcomed.



Outdoor Education Murray River Paddle Yr 11 & 10 Steiner Dog Rocks


Blissful Tunes

Musician of the Year Competition

This year, we had 11 competitors for the Musician of the Year Competition. They were Palmira DeMaria O’Sullivan, Gracie Carroll, Scarlet Boyak, Karli Showell, Isabel Lynzaat, Abigail Meadows, Eva DeMaria O’Sullivan, Cohen Saunders, Ezra Demchy, Dani Rodier and Alex Marney. Our adjudicator for the night was Dr David Chisholm who is a Bendigo based composer and festival director and our accompanist was Pauline Walden.


All students performed with confidence and showcased their talent and professionalism to the appreciative and supportive audience. It was a very difficult decision for David to choose the three winners but he did an amazing job in awarding the following prizes.


  • 2nd runner up Alex Marney-violin
  • 1st runner up Eva DeMaria O’Sullivan-violin
  • Winner Cohen Saunders-percussion

The Music Support Group awards the prizes of $100 each for the runners up and $150 to the winner. This will be given to the students at Awards Night.

Congratulations to the students and their instrumental teachers for all of their hard work.



Kirsten Boerema

Music Coordinator

Bagus Kan!


We had Arron from Bagus Kan come to our school to share his knowledge of the Gamelan. The Gamelan are instruments from Indonesia that make up a percussion orchestra. There are various pieces including drums (kendang), gongs (kempul), bells (talempong)and metal keys (gambang) that complete the orchestra.



Photo: The SOAR Adventures Participants Celebrate their year

SOAR, Foods, Maths

Photo: The SOAR Adventures Participants Celebrate their year

SOAR Adventures Celebrates

The Castlemaine Secondary College SOAR Adventures program celebrated the student’s achievements recently at an event attended by families and school staff.  Maia Postil was given the Bendigo Bank Award for most improved girl, and Lochlin Haebich, the Castlemaine Rotary Award for most improved boy.  Earlier in the night, those present heard personal stories about what the program had meant to them, including a parent who thanked the team for the work they had done with her daughter in the girls program.  SOAR Adventures, a partnership between the school, Castlemaine Church of Christ, Rotary and the Castlemaine Branch of Bendigo Bank is an 8 month program of personal and leadership development.  The program is run by community volunteers.  Activities included ‘Justice’ Trips to Broken Hill and Port Augusta where the participants engaged in community service activity supporting the Salvation Army.  There were also  “Make a Difference’ days where the students provided support to elderly and less fortunate persons in the shire, a full pack hike through the Grampians, and weekly team and personal development sessions.

In his testimony, one of the participants spoke about how SOAR had helped him to mature, make new friends, and speak up for what is right.  A parent, thanking the team,  spoke about the importance to her daughter of having mature mentors and support in her life.        


Benefit Function and a Market Visit!


VET Kitchen Operations students have been busy again! They worked on Sunday to prepare and serve refreshments at the benefit 'Concert for Jarrah', held at the Campbells Creek Community Centre.  They also enjoyed a day out at Queen Victoria Market, updating their Hospitality Industry Knowlege and trying new foods!



Maths Competition

Congratulations to the following students who participated in the Maths Competition in August this year.


Year 7 – Yindi Adam, Oktavius Frew, Tom Barker, Amelia Britt

Year 8 – Oberon Adam

Year 9 – Elwyn Carlile

Year 10 – Niamh O’Connor Smith, Jacob Robinson-Bunn, Amy Ferguson, Shanti Steventon-Lorenzen

Year 12 – Tate Canny, Will Hinrichsen, Sidney Showell


Well done to Octavius, Tom, Elwyn and Niamh who all received distinctions placing them in the top 20% of the state.

Year 12 Final Day 



Community Events


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Judith McLean and Elissa O'Connor enjoying the celebration
English Exam