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09 May 2019
Issue Twelve
We can only imagine...
Teens and Technology: Navigating the Unknown
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We can only imagine...

By Carolyn O'Brien (Discovery Centre Manager)

When we arrived at Open Day at BHCS in May 1998 it was with some reservations and without any endorsements from friends or parents from the school. We were met by an enthusiastic, friendly (and much younger) Karelyn Joy.


The tour consisted of the two classrooms, a church hall and a very damp and smelly art room/library. There were no car parking issues, apart from quite a bit of mud, we didn’t have to queue for a sausage and it was all over very quickly. Everyone was friendly but we left, telling Mr Murray, the Principal, thanks but it is definitely not a school for our son.


At that stage a school of 60 students without any real facilities, a very ugly uniform and the thought of paying school fees was not an appealing prospect. Then our circumstances changed after our then 8 year old son suffered a life threatening illness. Suddenly size, facilities and fees were no longer our focus. Support, prayer and care trumped all else.


In 1999 the schools enrolment was just over 90, our son Caleb one of nearly 40 new the students to start that year.


Now it is nearly Open Day May 2019. After 20 years of being a parent at BHCS our youngest son Jonah graduated last year. There is no need for me to explain the massive building projects that have taken place over those years, the introduction of a secondary school, the growth in student numbers, the increase in staffing, the bus fleet from one bus, the amazing opportunities that our students now have available and a much nicer uniform. They are all mostly measurable and can be represented in graphs, statistics, awards and car parking issues.


However for me the things that can’t be measured are far more important and exciting. The feeling we get at Celebration Night, the joy at our Kinder Nativity at the Cameo Cinema, the pride on Grandparents Day, the reverence at our Easter and Anzac services, the sheer beauty of our school grounds. Now most people who attend our open days come because someone they know, family, friend or neighbour, will have told them about BHCS.


It’s no longer a few balloons tied to a scruffy sign at the end of the road, hoping to attract someone to visit the school for open day. It is now a major event that requires planning, catering, staff, student and parent commitment, and car parking attendants.


As a child growing up I had a poster on my bedroom wall that had this Bible verse on it - “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has entered into the heart of man, the things that God has prepared for them that love Him”- 1 Corinthians 2 v 9. Another translation says “...what no one ever thought could happen, is the very thing God prepared for those who love Him.”


I like to think that each one of us at BHCS is a part of what God has planned for our school, our community and our children. I would never have imagined, from my first visit to the school in 1998, to this present time, what God had prepared for our family through our own personal journey.


I also believe that in 1998 God was the only one who could have known what He had prepared for our school 21 years later. We can therefore be very excited about what may still lie ahead.

Teens and Technology:
Navigating the Unknown

In the Know Parenting Night with Luke Martin
By Emma Hughes (Writer in Residence)


We are living in an unprecedented time. Technology is shifting and transforming the cultural landscape underneath us and our kids are navigating a virtual world we know little about. In a world where we grew up with cassettes and dial up, it is easy to feel adrift in the sea of uncertainty around social media and technology.


But, with knowledge comes power, and Luke Martin of In The Know Parenting gave this gift to our parents last night, sharing candidly about the sobering realities that lie a few clicks away on popular apps such as Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube and how important it is to open up conversations with our kids about their consumption of social media.


Our teens are growing up in an age of influencers and brands - where the creation of public personas becomes currency and they feel the pressure to maintain this image to an audience at all times. Luke challenged us not to see social media as a privacy issue, but reframed our perspective to allow us to realise that the posting of content is public and has lasting ramifications not only on peers (in situations such as cyberbullying) but on their employability and chances of getting into university later on. Ultimately, as parents we are in charge of what rules we set governing social media consumption and we are also important role models in their lives.


Technology is transforming our culture and marketing lines are becoming blurred as many celebrities and influencers receive handsome payments for spruiking products for companies. Luke opened our eyes to the behind the scenes realities of this industry and also encouraged us to train our kids to think critically about what they see. Instead of simply comparing themselves to the airbrushed perfection that abounds on Instagram, guide them to notice the hashtags and subtext and become active consumers who pursue values rather than influence.


It wouldn’t be a comprehensive session without confronting the sobering realities of the porn industry and its influence on social media. Sadly, we learned that the average age of exposure to pornography is now between 8-11 years old and the porn industry is actively seeking ways of finding our children online in order to create dependent consumers later on. From creating pornographic animated versions of kids’ shows to researching the typical misspellings and keystrokes to redirect to explicit content, we need to face the reality that our kids will see awful things online at some point and it is our responsibility to be having honest conversations with them whenever we can. This may be uncomfortable and awkward, but Luke challenged us to see it as the lesser of the evils or ‘short term pain for long term gain’. When kids obtain education about sex and sexuality through social media and pornography, they are coming away with damaging ideas about consent, about the place of violence against females and feeding a dark addiction that can only lead to destruction.


While the realities of technology and social media can seem overwhelming, it is important not to lose heart. We have such an important role to play in shaping the rules governing screen use and can set in place family habits that are healthy for everyone. Knowledge is power and the more we know about the apps our kids are using and the sites that they frequent, the more we can engage in healthy discussions, be digital mentors and help our teens navigate this complicated world with wisdom.


What a privilege it is to have people like Luke stand in the gap and provide valuable and insightful information about this complex topic.


If you are interested in more information here are some helpful links:

In the Know Parenting - or contact Luke at [email protected]

iParent  - an initiative of the eSafety Commissioner

Commonsense media  - reviews for appropriate age brackets on shows, movies, apps and games

Family Zone - a home internet use regulation provider available by subscription

Qustodio - parental control app for regulating internet use

The Parent Sphere - our very own resource designed to support parents with issues related to learning and wellbeing


The next parenting night  is on Wednesday, 2nd September with Sharon Witt who will be presenting on how to "build resilience in teens and children." 

Please book your place here:

What's been happening? 

Gravitate Training Retreat 2019
By Rowan Jeffery (Gravitate Co-ordinator)

What do you look like? (What do people see).  This was the question our 17 Gravitate students grappled with at Phillip Island this past weekend.  They, with other students from across Victoria contemplated what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.  Jesus said, “A new command I give you: Love one another.  As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:34-35


Amidst storms and sun, cold and warm, they managed to stay enthusiastic for the whole weekend and embraced the challenges of discovering what it means to love Jesus and to love one another. The theme of the talks were ‘How do we love Jesus, love each other and others’.  Each session gave the students time to reflect on, discuss and incorporate this key concept into their life.  It was great preparation for the students as they prepare to put what they have learnt into action later this term as they go to Fiji on their mission trip serving God and the Fijian people.


Gravitate is a Cert 3 in Christian Ministry and Theology that is run by Youth Dimension that BHCS facilitate to VCE students.  This is a one year accredited VET course as a part of our VCE program.  This one year course is an opportunity for students to discover who they are and what it means to passionately follow Jesus in their day to day lives, plus have hands on ministry experience throughout the year.    


Resources for Fiji 

The VCE Gravitate students will soon be off to Fiji on their Missions Trip in June. They’ll be visiting various communities and schools. To assist the people in these areas they would love to take with them some necessary resources that we take for granted.


If you would like to help by donating a packet of pencils or crayons or anything on the following list, these donations will be happily received. Please send all items to the school office by Thursday, June 13 and mark them "Fiji".


Resources required:

  • Pencils (black)
  • Pencils (coloured)
  • Crayons
  • Lots of chalk (white and coloured)
  • Pencil sharpeners
  • Erasers 
  • Biro pens (for teachers - blue/black/red)
  • Soccer, Footy, Rugby and Volley Balls (deflated)



ANZAC Remembrance Service 2019
By Mrs Joy McGrath 

Last Thursday morning, the school community held a small ANZAC Remembrance Service down in the Gallery area of the Tech building adjoining the Peace Garden. Led by Mr Andrew Ware and students from a wide range of year levels, we gathered to remember the sacrifice of Australian veterans in world conflicts both past and present. The more than forty Junior Primary students in the Junior Choir sang ‘Lest We Forget’ in two part harmony, under the guidance of Mrs Lucile Nicholas, Mr Gerry Holmes and Mrs Joy McGrath.


Students chose to profile seven veterans whose plaques are found on the Veterans’ Wall. Their individual stories spoke of sacrifice and endurance in difficult situations, and the students presented this information with evident and justified pride.

Once more our ceremony was brightened by three beautiful wreaths created by Mrs Leanne Webster.


A very special word of appreciation goes to Year 12 student leader, Ben Seskis, who once again ably supported me in all aspects of the ceremony.


“At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them".



Upcoming School Events

2019 Kinder VIP Cafe 


Go the Extra Mile- Kinder

Six hundred million dollars! Is a rather large amount of money and it is the amount of money that the Kinder children are hoping to raise this year for Ugandan orphans by walking 50km during the month of May. For Kinder children this is no small feat, but already (we started on May 1st) some children have run and walked 5.8km around the school oval!!!


In previous years we have raised funds to purchase taps so that the orphans can have access to drinking water, and shoes so that they can participate in sports activities. This year we are raising money to purchase wheel chairs for children whose arms and legs do not work.


If you like to help the Kinder children reach their goal, please donate to:


Anything that you can contribute would be greatly appreciated!


General Information 

Open Day- Next Saturday!

Open Day is next week and as in previous years we highly value the students and parents who volunteer their time on the day.  


Our student tour guides and students helping in classrooms really assist the school in coming alive. We often get lots of positive feedback about how the students have conducted themselves.  


Parents - we need your help this year! Open Day is Saturday, May 18, 10am - 1pm (please allow a little time either side).  If you are only able to come for some of the time, that's okay, we'd still love to have you here. Please let Sarah Kelly know if you are able to help: [email protected]


Thank you for helping us show off our beautiful school - it really is a fun day!  


More info here - please help us by tagging anyone who might be interested in coming.  


Future Year 7 Registrations 

If you have a child who is due to commence Year 7 in 2021 we would recommend that you speak to the Registrar in regards to submitting an application if you have not already done so:

  • Yr 7: Entry for 2021 (Applications will close Friday May, 31 2019)

Alinta Uniform Shop

Alinta Uniform Shop Open Times (during school terms):

Mondays & Tuesdays - 8am to 10am

Thursdays - 2pm to 4pm

2019 Term Dates

Please find below the term dates for the remainder of 2019:

Term 2: Last day Friday, 28 June 

Term 3: Wednesday, 17 July - Friday, 20 September

Term 4: Monday, 7 October - Tuesday, 10 December

Looking for Community?

Parents Friday Morning Coffee: Parents are invited to join us each Friday morning after drop off in the school restuarant for a coffee.

If you are a new family at the school this is a great way to meet other parents. There is no need to RSVP,  just come for as little or as long as you can. We would love to see you! 


Parents of Prayer (POP) Meeting: Parent's who would like to pray together are invited on Thursday morning to meet at 9.00am in the restaurant. 

Camp Australia - Outside School Hours Care

Did you know that we have before and after school care?


Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) is time for our students to explore their passions and dive into new activities that push them outside of their comfort zones. It is a time for students to get creative and explore a variety of activities.


Take a look at what is happening this term below. 


Cafe Closed: Monday, 13 May

Please note that the School Cafe will be closed on Monday, 13 May due to the Middle/Senior House Athletics Carnival. The school canteen will be open on this day for lunch orders. 
















NAPLAN Testing- Next Week

The NAPLAN testing window is set to begin next week for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. All test sessions will take place in the Discovery Centre. The schedule at Belgrave Heights Christian School is as follows:


Tuesday 14 May, 2019

Period 1 - Year 3 and 5 Writing

Period 2 - Year 9 Writing

Period 3 - Year 7 Writing


Wednesday 15 May, 2019

Period 1 - Year 7 Reading

Period 2 - Year 9 Reading


Thursday 16 May, 2019

Period 1 - Year 9 Conventions of Language

Period 2 - Year 9 Numeracy

Period 3 - Year 3/5 Reading


Friday 17 May, 2019

Period 1 - Year 7 Conventions of Language

Period 2 - Year 7 Numeracy


Monday 20 May, 2019

Period 1 - Year 3/5 Numeracy

Period 2 - Year 3/5 Conventions of Language


If parents or carers missed the deadline for exemptions or requests for adjustments, please contact Mr David Hughes directly at [email protected]

Earn & Learn - Woolworths 

The Earn & Learn program through Woolworths provides an great opportunity for our school to have access to new equipment  (ICT, science, sports, mathematics, arts and more) simply by collecting stickers by shopping at Woolworths! 


How can you help?  Between 1 May & 25 June 2019, collect as many stickers as you can.  Stick them on the supplied posters at school or on a sticker sheet and return to the Earn & Learn box at reception. 


You can download extra sticker sheets at

Earn & learn only runs for a limited time, so spread the word and get everyone in your family helping you to collect stickers!


BHCS Community Care Update

We had a wonderful time at the first cook up and it's been so good to be able to offer meals to families at BHCS in need. The team have planned the menu for the next cook up, so please consider donating any of the following :


Sundried tomato pesto, tinned tomatoes, tinned lentils, tomato paste, olive oil, dried chilli, lasagne sheets (both regular and GF), balsamic vinegar, basmati rice, breadcrumbs, tinned chickpeas, coconut cream, honey, bakers flour, tinned pineapple, passata, yeast, tomato sauce, vegemite, BBQ sauce. 


Donations can be left Reception (we also have a box for donations at Kinder).  Every donation is so appreciated!


Term 2 cook up is 11th June.  If you'd like to be involved, please contact Al Giles-Kaye on [email protected] Thank you for your support!

Building Fund Donations

With some exciting future plans in the pipeline (and as the end of the financial year is drawing to a close), we would like to give the parents and friends of Belgrave Height Christian School an opportunity to donate to our Building Fund.


Donations can be made by cash, cheque or EFTPOS at reception or by bank transfer into the Schools Building Fund account as follows:-


                Belgrave Heights Christian School Building Fund

                BSB 633-000

                Account No. 137 265 468


All donations to the building fund are tax deductible, so if you would like a receipt for tax purposes, please ensure that you provide us with your full name, address &/or email address. If you have any queries, please contact Liz in the Finance Office at [email protected]

Congratulations to Abbie J 

Abbie has been selected in the Victorian State team for Gymnastics after competing in 3 trials and the Victorian championships. She will be competing in Queensland in June.  This is an an amazing achivement as only 6 gymnasts in Victoria have been chosen. Well done Abbie! We wish you all the  best!



CSEN Sports Results

Year 9/10 CSEN Results 


BHCS Calendar


Friday, 10 May 

- Kinder Mother's Day Stall


Monday, 13 May

Week 2

- VIP Kinder

- Yr 5 - Yr 12 House Athletics


Tuesday, 14 May

- VIP Kinder

- Naplan Testing

- Yr 11 & 12 CSEN Rally Day



Wednesday, 15 May

- VIP Kinder

- Naplan Testing

- Yr 5/6 Science Club

- Yr 7/8 CSEN Sport

- Yr 12 Business Excursion

- Yr 8 Enviro- Group 1 Apple Picking


Thursday, 16 May

- Yr 7 Excursion - Museum 

- Naplan Testing

Friday, 17 May

- Yr 5/6 CSEN Sport 

- Naplan Testing

- Yr 10 Road Smart Incursion

- Yr 9 Tough Mudder Excursion

- Yr 8 Enviro- Group 2 Apple Picking


Saturday, 18 May

- BHCS Open Day 10am-1pm


Monday, 20 May

Week 1

- Naplan Testing

Tuesday,  21 May

- Kinder Excursion - BHCC

- Yr 7 Ancient Civilisation Day


Wednesday  22 May

-  Vet Hospitality  Excursion

Thursday, 23 May 

- 9/10 OE Rock Climbing- Hard Rock

- Open Day Thank You Morning Tea

- Yr 9 ( Selected students) & Yr 7 Switch  Excursion - Yarra Ranges Tech



Friday, 24 May 

- Yr 8 Excursion - Yarra Ranges Tech


Monday, 27 May

Week 2


Tuesday, 28 May

- 9/10 OE Mountain Bike Riding -  Lysterfield

- Yr 8 Medieval Day


Wednesday, 29 May

- 5/6 Science Club


- 9/10 Drama Performance - Alice in Wonderland


Thursday, 30 May

- CFA Kinder Visit

- The Royal Australian Navy Band Visit

- Yr 12 Media Excursion - Top Screen

- 9/10 Drama Performance - Alice in Wonderland


Friday, 31 May

- Yr 11 Legal Court Excursion

- Yr 7 & 8 French Incursion

Community Announcements


Youngstars Fridays is a program for Primary School Aged Children, hosted by Church @ 1330.

Your child will have a ball on a Friday night, with supervised games and activities run by leaders from the church. Our next Friday night program is Friday, 17th May.

Drop your children off at 7pm at Rollerama Scoresby. See you soon!


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