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27 June 2019
Issue Three
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From the Principal

High Expectations, Inclusivity, Students with a Voice, Excellence for All!

Dear Families,


What a busy term we’ve had.  I have listed just a few of our achievements so that we can appreciate how much we have accomplished and learnt during this busy term.



School Masses, ANZAC Day Prayer, Fr Pritchard’s Visits to Classroom, Reconciliation, St Anthony’s Feast Day Celebrations, St Anthony’s and St Aloysius Feast Day Celebrations, Year 3 & 4 Camp, Years 3 & 5 NAPLAN, Life Education Van, Senior Sports, Cross Country, Soccer Tournament, School Assemblies, Excursions, Incursions, Years 3 & 4 Saturday Mass, Fitness Fun Day, Vinney’s Coat & Blanket Appeal, Foundation Interviews,

Swimming Program, Mothers’ Day Breakfast & Stall, SAT & PFA/PAF Meetings, School Photos, Enrolment Interviews, School Tours, The Resilience Project Induction and Parent Teacher Interviews.



On Friday 14 June, the students and staff from both campuses of St Anthony’s School joined in to celebrate a combined feast day. This traditional event commenced with mass followed by activities run by KABOOM4Kids organisation with the support of Senior students across both campuses. These activities, which lasted for 2 hours, saw a great spirit of companionship and cooperation between the children. Thank you to the St Anthony’s PFA for providing lunch for our hungry children and to the parents who helped out with the BBQ and distributing of food.  The day was a fantastic opportunity to bring the two campuses together in celebrating the values that we share together. Fun was had by all.



Congratulations to the all the Year 5 & 6 students who participated with great vigour and enthusiasm in a variety of events this term.  Well done to the Football Team and the Soccer Team who both won their Lightning Premiership Grand Finals and to our netballers for their efforts today.  It is a privilege to have so many of the students take part in sport with so much passion.  For some of them it was their first experience in whole school sports - winning was the bonus.  We are so proud of what they have achieved. 


Thank you to the families who came to the Progress Interviews this week to discuss your child’s achievements during Semester One.  I would like to thank and acknowledge the many hours of work the teachers put in to ensure that the reports gave a personalised picture of the children’s competency and proficiency thus far.  The Parent Portal was a new addition which we hope was easy to access. Your feedback will be sought and appreciated.


Please note for your calendars that both campuses will have a Curriculum Day on Friday 9 August.  The focus for the staff will be Mathematics focusing on current pedagogy and practice.  OSHC will be available at the Glen Huntly campus for those that require it on the day.



As we stop to take a breather from this term’s hustle and bustle, and prepare ourselves for the upcoming six months, let us give thanks for the people who have made a difference to our children at both campuses.   The next six months ahead will be difficult with the closure of St Aloysius, but let us all embrace and support each other taking up opportunities that will bring the two communities together. I hope that everyone has a safe holiday, whether it be at home or away, and be reassured that the children will be kept safe and nurtured throughout the semester ahead.


Yours sincerely

Margaret Carlei



At St. Anthony's Primary School we are committed to the safety, inclusion and wellbeing of all children and young people.

From the Deputy

Semester One Reports

All families should now have received their child’s Semester One report for 2019.  In line with our focus on sustainable practices, reports were accessed differently this year via a Parent Portal. We hope that you found it easy to access your child’s report.  It is important to note that the Parent portal will store your child’s reports for the time that they are attending St. Anthony’s School.  If your child leaves the school, either in Year 6 or at any other point prior, you will need to download their reports if you would like to keep them.

Feedback Survey

At St. Anthony’s we are constantly seeking improvement in all aspects of our work to ensure we continue to offer our students the very best education. This year we are looking for parent feedback regarding the format and content of school reports.  As such, the Leadership Team have created a 5 minute survey sent out as a Google Form which we would like as many families as possible to complete.  We will share the feedback we receive with the parent community in due course and will use this information to inform our reporting procedures for the future.  Whilst we are aware that everyone is time-poor, we are only asking for 5 minutes to ensure that one of our primary forms of formal communication about your child’s education clearly articulates your child’s progress. An email will be sent out to all families with a link to the survey today.  Your individual responses to the survey will remain anonymous and cannot be accessed. If you do not receive this email or are unable to access the survey please let me know. 


Peta Overbury

Deputy Principal

Education in Faith

"Learning brings Hope" Horizons of Hope

On Thursday 13th June it was the Feast day of St. Anthony and the whole school attended mass at 10am in honour of St. Anthony.


On Friday 14th June a combined St Anthony’s and St. Aloysius Feast Day Mass was held at St. Anthony’s church for both campus students and staff.  The St Aloysius campus students traveled to St. Anthony’s church for this combined celebration.  Then students and staff gathered together for fun sporting activities on the playground presented by KABOOM, Kids Sport!  The bright green t-shirted presenters and the school leaders were totally energised!  The staff and students participated in dancing, singing, all sorts of movements to get warmed up.  Then we played lots of amazing games.  The activities included Rocket Launch, Dartboard, Relay races and much, much more.   Everyone had fun, with lots of laughter and big smiles. 


The activities were followed by a shared BBQ lunch.  The students were given a special surprise gift of a funny face shortbread biscuit to take home.  Everyone enjoyed the  day of celebration which has become a tradition here at St Anthony’s.  A day to remember!


St Anthony of Padua’s life

  • 1195      Born in Lisbon, Portugal.  At Baptism, given the name Fernando.
  • 1200’s   Educated at the Cathedral school, Holy Mother of God, Lisbon.
  • 1210       Entered the Canons Regular of St. Augustine in Lisbon.
  • 1212       Transferred to the Monastery of the Holy Cross in Coimbra.
  • 1220       Ordained a priest.  Entered the Franciscan Order. Missionary expedition to Morocco;  fell ill.
  • 1221       Recovered in Sicily.  Attended General Chapter of the friars in Assisi.  Contemplative life in the hermitage at Montepaolo.
  • 1222       Priestly ordination in Forli.  Apostolic preaching in northern Italy.
  • 1223       Continued preaching. Commissioned by St. Francis to teach theology to the friars in Bologna.
  • 1224       Begins preaching ministry in southern France.
  • 1227       Elected Minister Provincial of the Province of Romagna in Italy.
  • 1228      Composition of the Opus Evangeliorum of the Sunday Sermones.
  • 1229       Taught theology to the friars in Padua.
  • 1230       Resignation as Minister Provincial.  General Chapter in Assisi.  Appointed a member of commission to seek clarification of observance of Franciscan Rule from Pope Gregory IX.  Returned to Padua.  Composition of the Sermones for Feast Days.
  • 1231       Daily preaching during Lent in Padua.  Attended by huge crowds.  Rest in the hermitage of Camposampiero.  Death on June 13 in Arcella.  Burried on Tuesday, June 17 in Padua, in the Church of Mary, Holy Mother of God.
  • 1232       Canonised on May 30 in Spoleto, Italy.
  • 1263       St. Bonaventure presided at the solemn transfer of the remains of the saint to the newly constructed Basilica in Padua; St. Anthony’s tongue is found to be incorrupt.
  • 1946       Declared a Doctor of the Church by Pius XII.
  • 1995      Eight-hundredth anniversary of the birth of St. Anthony of Padua.
  • 2019       Celebration for St Anthony of Padua at St Anthony’s Primary School, Glen Huntly.



Vinnies Winter Appeal

We have been collecting coats, jackets, cardigans and blankets etc. for the St Vincent De Paul Society Winter Appeal.  Many coats, jackets, cardigans, jumpers, blankets etc., were donated by our generous families totalling 225 items of men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing and blankets.  These donations will be collected by the Vinnies’ Winter Appeal staff and given to those in most need of warm clothing or blankets.  Thanks to everyone who gave and know that we have helped someone this winter keep warm and protected.


A big thankyou to Mrs Emma Clausen, the Social Justice Leaders and the SRC who assisted me in sorting, folding, counting and bagging all of the donated items to be collected.



Up-coming events for Term 2

  • Friday 28 June – Feast of the Sacred Heart Mass at 10am at St Anthony’s church


Mrs Toni Dent

Religious Education Leader

St Anthony’s PS, Glen Huntly and Caulfield.


Helping children with Day-to-Day Problems Using 'Reflective Listening'

How do we support our child effectively when they come home from school and let you know about a problem they have been having at school?  It is probably one of the hardest things as a parent to not react when our child tells us they have been hurt or had a hard day.  We are often quick to jump in and try to solve the problem for them, or escalate in our own emotions as we are worried about what might happen.


Here are some effective ways to support our child while remaining calm. 

Firstly, our children need to be heard and have their feelings heard when they have a problem.  Just talking about with an adult can be soothing in itself and all the child needs.  Children need at least one person in their life that truly understands how they are feeling.  Giving emotional support starts with effective listening where we truly hear and understand how a situation is, how they are feeling and how it is impacting on them. 


Often we are quick to step in and offer solutions, ask questions or give advice but what children really need is to know that you understand how they are feeling, regardless of whether we agree with what they are saying or regardless of the situation (guidance around making good choices comes a bit later in the discussion).


Research shows that just helping children to label an emotion is enough to lessen the stress response and decrease anxiety.   So how do we do reflective listening?  When your child talks to you about something, truly listen to what they are saying without jumping in with advice, comments, questions, solutions and judgements that are often affected by our own emotional reactions.  Keep your own perception around the issue separate and just hear what they are saying and listen out for the emotion they are expressing.  Keeping your own emotions in check is so important, as this is about the child and their feelings. 


Reflect back what they have said by summarising the content and the emotion e.g. ‘so you had a really tough day today and you felt really hurt by your friends.’  Children will soon let you know if this summary is in the ball park of how they are feeling and what happened.  Don’t worry about getting it all exactly right, it’s the intent that counts. 


Children know when parents are really listening and trying to understand their situation.

Once you reflect back how they felt and what happened, then they will most likely share more of what they feel and what happened. This can be a real challenge for parents, as it’s so easy to fall into the trap of problem solving for children to ease their pain, however to ease emotional suffering children need to first express their feelings in the arms of someone who cares.  Once all feelings are expressed, then it’s time to help children solve the problem (if there is something to be solved) and this can be done by encourage them to develop effective problem solving skills to build their resilience.  It is important to remember that not all difficulties need to be ‘solved’, just supporting someone who has had a bad day by listening is often all we need to do.


When parents step in and start to ask questions and try to ‘investigate’ what is happening in their children’s lives, we can probably guarantee they will shut down and be hesitant to share.  It is easy for parents to become emotional and start asking all sorts of questions in an attempt to solve or remove their children’s distress, however their child’s distress will not be heard or comforted as the conversation quickly becomes about the parents emotions, rather than staying focused on the child’s emotional support. 


Children really dislike it when parents start asking direct questions and can sense parent’s anxiety in seconds and it doesn’t take long for children to shut down and stop talking.  Children won’t go to a parent who is ‘cracking it’ or ‘losing it’ when they speak to them about what is going on – they need and really like it when parents stay calm and focused on the child’s emotions. 


When using the reflective listening technique, parents can see how easily their child will open up and share their feelings, share their day, share their worries and share their friendship issues.  When a parent just reflects back what the child is saying and is not focused on their own anxieties and questions, children just keep on opening up and most importantly feel supported.  As hard as it is, one of the most important skills we can learn as a parent, is to keep calm when our children are upset, and just be a comfort to them.   


What next? 

Once a child has shared their feelings and what has happened and really felt heard they are able to move on by their doing something that relaxes them or using a favourite coping strategy.  This will help them to relax and calm down from a tough day or experience they had.  If they have a problem that actually needs to be solved, then parents can support their child in this process so it empowers the child and builds their self-efficacy.  Next week I will be sharing some effective ways to help children problem solve.  In the meantime, have a go at just listening mindfully to our children, partners, friends and see just effective it is and how it strengthens relationships. 

From Georgina Manning (Director of Wellbeing for Kids).


You Can Do It!

You will have seen work around the school that shows since the beginning of this year all classes have been engaging in the You Can Do It! Educational program. The programme aims to identify the social and emotional capabilities that all young people need to reach their academic potential in school, to experience wellbeing and create positive relationships with others. This links in well with the Resilience Project as many of the ideas and priorities are shared.

The Resilience Project

We are so excited to begin our work with the Resilience Project. All staff members have attended an information night with Martin Heppell and attended professional development sessions regarding the curriculum and teaching of the Resilience Project. On Tuesday June 18th all students attended a session with Martin Heppell as part of the project.


We are strongly encouraging all parents to attend the parent information night on Wednesday July 17th from 7.00-8.30. The school will be providing babysitting on the night.


Martin Heppell

Martin’s background is unique. He spent a considerable amount of time growing up in Borneo (whilst his father studied an Iban Dayak headhunting tribe). He was also educated in different parts of South East Asia.  He is heavily influenced by the morals and values that he and his family were surrounded by whilst living with the Iban.


After finishing high school in Melbourne, Martin spent 3 years in the AFL system, playing AFL football for St Kilda and Melbourne and then for Norwood in the SANFL. Subsequent years were then spent travelling the world backpacking for nearly 3 years, and upon return to Australia, Martin studied primary teaching.


After completing his degree at Melbourne University, he commenced teaching at Auburn Primary. After 4 years, he was appointed as the Assistant Principal at Auburn Primary where he held that role for another 4 years – focusing on student well-being, educational leadership and cultural change.


He has also coached AFL football at the Box Hill Hawks, and as First XVIII coach at both Carey Grammar and Xavier College. In all environments, he has thrived in situations that have presented challenges and have required optimism. He is passionate about children being given the opportunity to be raised in a positive manner that evokes confidence and a zest for life.



Emma Clausen

Student Wellbeing Leader


Resilience Information Night




The 5 Pillars of Reading

I can’t believe how quickly this term has passed. Our students have been busy across all the different areas of literacy learning: reading and viewing, writing, spelling, speaking and listening.


Not only have our students been busy but so have our teachers. This term the classroom teachers and Learning Support Staff  (LSO's) have been participating in onsite professional development around the 5 Pillars of Reading.


The 5 Pillars of Reading is a teaching pedagogy that states that children learn to read when a reading program encompasses the 5 elements of: phonemic awareness (hearing the sounds in words), explicit and systematic teaching of phonics (the relationship between letters and sounds), reading fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.


The staff have been examining the research and evidence surrounding this method of teaching reading. Teachers and LSOs have also been learning how to incorporate the 5 Pillars of Reading into their reading blocks using different strategies and learning experiences with students.


Stay tuned next term as teacher professional development continues and you’ll find out more about what the staff are learning.


Marina Russo

English Leader



Online Safety

If you were listening to ABC 774 morning radio on Sunday, 16 June you may have heard Libbi Gorr's interview with Susan McLean.


Susan is a former, long-time police member, and cyber safety expert and consultant. She is known for her straight-talking advice to parents regarding children and young adults’ online safety.


During the program Susan offered the following suggestions to parents:

  • For all social media and online games, etc., parents need to check the minimum age requirements as many accounts require users to be 13+ before they can create an account.  If your child is younger than 13, the child cannot have the account
  • If your child is over 13 they should have one social media account only, with settings set to Private
  • Parents need to stress to their children that social media accounts are not for friendship gathering; only those people personally known to the child should be added as “friends”
  • Parents should know their child’s passwords for any social media accounts or games, etc.
  • Parents should regularly check their child's accounts - with children aware that this will happen
  • Devices should be placed and used in common areas of the house, not bedrooms
  • Parents are the biggest protectors of their children
  • Although children may complain that they are missing out, parents should insist that it's about child safety. In discussion with their children parents should say “My job as a parent is to protect you. It’s not that I don't trust you, I don't trust others”
  • The message to children is “having technology is not a right, it's a responsibility” and overall, if tough love is required, remember, “it’s the parents that pay the bills”

For more information the Australian Government's Office of the eSafety Commissioner has tips and advice on helping your child have safe and enjoyable experiences online.  Check  out eSafety parents and carers online. Also, their Online safety: a guide for parents and carers - offers "practical skills and advice about how to tackle the big issues with your children."


Loretto Campbell

eLearning & ICT Specialist


Year 3/4 Class News

YEAR 3/4

The Year 3/4 students hosted the assembly last Friday.  The students acted out being in a TV show and they showcased their work.  The hosts Darcy S and Hannah W were presenters who asked students to share their work experiences about Maths, English, Religion, Integrated Studies and more.  They discussed:-

  • Making banana ads in English,
  • Multiplication in maths,
  • Our Feast day and the relic of St. Anthony along with the Sacrament of Reconciliation,
  • Healthy eating and the 5 food groups drawings,
  • Silhouettes of the movie Inside Out and
  • The ‘you can do it program’ body people “I am a resilient kid”.

Here are some photos of the assembly.  Well done Year 3 and 4 students!








On Wednesday 19th June, 2019 the Year 3 and 4 students participated in an incursion about Healthy eating.  Lisa discussed the 5 food groups and the quantities that boys and girls should have every day, including portion sizes.  Lisa also explained that we need to eat fruits and vegetables that are in season, for example, winter foods in winter, such as carrots and celery, which we tasted with homemade yogurt dip. 


We discussed the need to read where products come from and to reduce our carbon footprint and choose Australian made products and produce.

The students were asked to make a pizza using vegetables that are in season.  Some pizzas included kale, tomatoes, turnips, spinach etc.

We all enjoyed the incursion and learnt something new!



Mrs Toni Dent, Mrs Helen Hardman,

Mrs Marina Russo & Mrs Marie Georgiadis

Year 3/4 Teachers


Out of Hours School Care

July Holiday Program




STEAM is a hands-on approach to learning which incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. It mirrors real-world scenarios by challenging students to use their higher-order thinking skills, including creativity and problem-solving.


This term our Foundation students enjoyed being beta-testers for the Year 5/6s, who had created various healthy-eating projects to educate the Juniors. The Seniors are to be commended for their enthusiasm and the great variety of presentation formats used. There were board games, computer programs, animations and role-plays for the juniors to enjoy and use as learning tools.


Next term, St Anthony’s will be delving into the wonderful world of Earth and Space sciences with our Science Week theme, ‘Destination: Moon.’ We cannot wait to see what our budding astronomers discover.


Miss Serena Jordan-Munro

Foundation Classroom Teacher & STEAM Leader






Congratulations to our St Anthony's (Glen Huntly & Caulfield Campus') Soccer and Football teams who were victorious in their respective Lightening Premierships.  We are very proud of all who participated, some for the very first time!  







Congratulations to our A & B Teams who represented our school with pride today.  What a fantastic effort!

Student Awards

Principal Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have shown resilience, confidence, responsibility and perseverance.

  • Sophie G
  • Rocco F
  • Ilana P
  • Derreck I
  • Harry T

Class Awards

Congratulations to the following students for being presented with their Class Awards at Assembly on Friday 21st June.

  • Bhavya C
  • Lachlan C
  • Hamilton F
  • Miguel B
  • Veronika S
  • Aiden S
  • Jack H
  • Sam W
  • Kayla V
  • Zoe T
  • Asher M
  • Ned O

Dates to Remember

Please mark the following dates in your calendars

To view the yearly calendar please go to the St Anthony’s School Website/ Calendar


A few important dates : 

Term 2

Friday 28 June

  • 10am, Mass - Feast of the Sacred Heart
  • 1.30pm, Term 2 Finishes

Term 3

Wednesday July 17

  • 7-8.30pm, The Resilience Project Information Night for Parents

Friday August 9

  • Curriculum Day - No classes for students

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