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10 August 2017
Term 3 Week 4 2017
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From the Deputy Principal

Time is the Secret Ingredient

I believe time is the secret ingredient to positive relationships. It is crucial to spend time with our children, demonstrating our love for them by taking an interest in their school and out-of-school activities.


Education Services Australia sends me regular newsletters and I found this resource particularly useful. Learning isn’t bound by the school gates. Research indicates that ongoing parental involvement in children’s learning reaps benefits in many ways, including shaping positive attitudes to learning and supporting student achievement. Learning Potential Resources can help. This parent-friendly website is free to access and provides a range of literacy and numeracy activities designed to support the Australian Curriculum for primary school children.


Whether it be looking for patterns in nature, reading road signs, calculating distances and times for Dad, following a recipe, reading a magazine article to Mum; the list is endless, and it doesn’t stop at the end of Primary School.


All children need nurturing and they thrive on love and care and attention; but as parents and educators, it is also our task to develop independence. This does not mean we leave our kids to flounder on their own, far from it in fact. Let’s teach our children that it is ok to make mistakes; it is how we deal with them and respond that determines our learning.


Look for opportunities to spend time with your kids this week. Sit and listen to their cares, be ‘fully present’ with them and watch your relationship grow.


Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary

Dates to Remember


Friday, 11th August

Combined Schools Day of Worship (Sec)


14th - 18th August

Science Week


Tuesday, 15th August

Years 9/10 SEISS Netball/AFL

ICAS Maths

Primary School Author Visit


Wednesday, 16th August

4-6pm  Open Campus NWS


17th - 23rd August

Book Fair OCP Staff Room


Friday, 18th August

Start Smart CBA Incursion Yrs 1 and 4-6 NWS


21st - 25th August 

Book Week


Monday, 21st August

Primary School Book Parade


Tuesday, 22nd August

6:30pm Real Schools Parent Meeting



Wednesday, 23rd August

4-6pm Open Campus OC


24th - 30th August

Book Fair NWS Dining Room


Thursday, 24th August

Years 5/6 Science Incursion


25th - 27th August

Pathfinder Urban Camp


Monday, 28th August

Years 7/8 SEISS Netball/AFL


Thursday, 31st August

Years 5/6 ASV Maths Olympiad


Friday, 1st September

Father's Day Community Walk and Morning Tea


Sunday, 3rd September

Father's Day


Monday, 4th September

Primary School Father's Day Breakfast


4th - 8th September

Secondary Festival of Faith


Tuesday, 5th September

Year 6 Orientation, Periods 3&4


Wednesday, 6th September

Year 7 Immunisations


Saturday, 9th September

5-8:30pm Pathfinder Club Night


11th - 15th September

eSmart Week


Monday, 11th September

Years 5/6 Hooptime


Wednesday, 13th September

Prep Orientation Day 2 NWS/ OCP

Periods 1&2


Thursday, 14th September

Years 3/4 Hooptime


Monday, 18th September

Years 7-9 Girls AFL


Tuesday, 19th September

Staff vs Students Challenge


Friday, 22nd September

Last Day Term 3

General Information

​Primary PB4L Value Awards

'For showing excellence off campus'

Officer Prep/1W - Penelope

Officer Year 2/3/4N - Sienna

Prep DH - Emily

Year 1W - Queenie

Year 1/2K -Anjali

Year 3C - Kenna

Year 4W - Zackery
Year 4/5RC - Buomkuoth

Year 5/6E - Mouch

Year 6MJ - Vicky


Year 1W - Gatlat and Julian

Year 4/5RC - Nyagoa 

From the School Captains

This term's value is excellence.  The definition of excellence is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.


A quote about excellence from Mario Andretti is, 'Desire is the key to motivation, but it's determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek.”

So this week try and be excellent in whatever you do.

Ellen White says, 'If you are a Christian at home, you will be a Christian in the community”. Meaning, if you are excellent and obedient at home, you will do the same at school! So this week, be excellent at home which will make you excellent at school!


God bless!


Eden and Max

School Captains

Book Week 2017


How to help your child at home to succeed at school


PB4L Value for Term 3
Weeks 5&6

'Excellence in Digital Spaces'

Summer Camp 2018 Applications are out now!

At our Summer Camps, we provide opportunities to make new friends (and catch up with old ones), take on new adventures and learn more about specific interests, all with the assistance of our carefully selected team of staff.


Our aim is to teach, encourage, support and empower all who attend, as well as show them Jesus’ love as part of a caring Christian environment. With energizing and exciting activities, fun and inspiring worships with awesome speakers, and loads of other awesome stuff, Summer Camps are not to be missed!


Places are limited, so get your application in early!


GAP Camp (16-18 years)     January 11-15 2018

Juniors (10-12 years)             January 16-21 2018

Teens (13-15 years)                 January 23-28 2018


To register and for more details see VicYouth.com or contact us on 9264 7740.


From the Narre Warren South Campus

Father's Day Breakfast


Are you up for the Year 3CM Challenge?

How good are you at multiplication?  Do you know your times tables?


Over the past few weeks the Mathematics program for Year 3CM has seen the students extending their understanding of multiplication and  using data to create picture graphs, using a key to designate the represented quantity. They then carry out a ‘detailed’ analysis of the information from the graph.


The investigation involves them creating a multiplication test for 3 different people groups at Heritage College. You may be approached by one of the students to complete their multiplication test in the coming week. You will have a time limit. The results will then be graphed and analysed. Keep a look out for their evaluations.


Mrs Evelyn Charles

Replacement Teacher

Year 3CM

Prep Orientation Day Report

Our new little 2017 Prep visitors had a fantastic learning day at their first school visit last Wednesday.


They were super busy taking part in various activities including an introduction to Jesus our friend, Investigations, Reading and taking a look at numbers and counting, outside activities and eating a healthy recess snack. They also used the iPads.


They were given an opportunity to play on the playground which saw many smiling happy faces, enjoying a fun filled day with their new friends and teachers.


We look forward to seeing them again on their next Wednesday visit for another half day in the Prep classroom.

NWS Prep Teachers

Phonics Fun!

Preps have been working hard in the classroom over the last 6 months learning their alphabet and phonics! And what better way to remember, than to wear it on your head!


We can't wait to see what our new sound will be, and especially what will be on our hat!  


If you're watching the Prep DH door at the right time, you may just see a trail of mice, spiders, trains, chips or even bearded Preps come out of the classroom!


Can you guess what next week's Alphabet Hat will be?

NWS Prep Teachers

From the Secondary Campus

Courage to Care - Be an UPSTANDER!

The whole Year 10 cohort were fortunate enough to travel to Warragul Regional College last Thursday to partake in the Courage to Care Holocaust Exhibition, where they heard about the experiences of the Holocaust and viewed primary sources to aid their understanding of the event.


Our history is riddled with events of racism, prejudice and injustice. Fortunately, there are organisations like Courage to Care who are spreading a message of hope throughout Victorian Secondary Schools about these terrible events and what we as individuals can do to help make our world a better place - BE AN UPSTANDER.


Many events of injustice, such as the Holocaust and the genocide in Rwanda, happened because society let it happen. The majority of individuals were bystanders; individuals who were not willing to stand up against injustice.


The exhibition encouraged our students to be UPSTANDERS instead and displayed amazing stories of heroes who made a difference like Indigenous Australian, William Cooper.


Our students represented our College with Respect, Excellence and Service and were complimented on three different occasions from people of the public about their uniform and wonderful behaviour. Thank you for making the experience a joyful one Year 10!


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

Mrs Palolo Lafaitele and Mrs Cheryl Sonter

(Year 10 Humanities teachers)

Heritage's Got Talent...

HC’s Got Talent was a talent contest held on Wednesday lunchtime; an initiative of the Years 9 and 10 Music class under the direction of Mrs Rogers.


The students organised and advertised the talent show, with a total of eight participants entering. It was surprising to see singers, composers and instrumentalists perform on stage in front of a student and teacher filled audience.


A door prize was won by Lawson, and individual prizes were awarded to Year 7 to 12 participants, as judged by Miss Taylor (aka Simon Cowell), Mr Aiono and Irae, a Year 12 student.


Elijah (Year 7), Keziah (Year 9), and Jasiah (Year 12) won first prize for their level and garnered $50 each. The audience was enthralled by the performers. Well done Heritage College!

Mrs Marcelle Rogers

Secondary Music Teacher

From the Officer Primary Campus

Mud, Mud, Mud!

'Would you like a mud pie with that?'


Last week, the Prep and Year 1 students visited the Early Learning Centre (ELC) to enjoy nature-based learning together. The students had a lot of fun playing in the mud kitchen and mud pit.


So much creativity and imaginative play!


Ms Jenny Wells

Prep/1W Teacher


Heritage Church News


From the ELC


Bush Kinder

We have been enjoying our time at Bush Kinder each Monday and Wednesday morning. The children have been exploring, gaining confidence and finding their limits. Last week they enjoyed climbing on a tree that had fallen over in the bush. The children begun slowly on their hands and knees before gaining confidence to carefully walk across.


We also had a visit from the primary students from Officer on Wednesday afternoon. It was lots of fun and we made many new friends. We are looking forward to spending some more time with them this week!

Miss Ness and Miss Ashlyn 

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