15 February 2019
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Lord of love,
Remind me to be a miracle this day.
Nudge me, Lord, as I begin to pass by a person who needs a smile.
Direct my attention to an elderly person who is struggling as they
are going through a door.
Make sure I notice the tired mother with a fussy child who
would be thankful if I let her go ahead of me in the grocery line.
Bring to my mind a relative who would delight to receive a phone
call from me.
Give me creative thoughts of things I can do for the children
of my church to make an ordinary worship day a day of
Lord, teach me how to be a walking miracle.
In Jesus’ name I pray.
St Norbert, pray for us.

From the Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Staff and Friends of St Norbert College,

It is widely accepted that schools are indeed busy places all year round. The start to the school year seems to be the busiest time, but I think our feelings at this time overshadow any busyness, with feelings of excitement, enthusiasm and happiness, perhaps in sharing the fun of our holidays.


Last week we welcomed more than 900 students back from holidays, with nearly 200 new, young faces joining our College community. Welcome to our new students and their families and likewise to our new staff.


The College staff gathered for Mass on Thursday January 31 with the staff from St Joseph’s where Fr Peter celebrated the beginning of the new school year. At this Mass, we also commissioned those staff new to St Norbert College:

                                                                                  Mr Andrew – English

                                                                                 Miss Bell – Health and Physical Education

                                                                                 Ms Buhagiar – English and EALD

                                                                                 Ms Chalmers – English

                                                                                 Mrs Kippen – Humanities

                                                                                 Mr Vu – Mathematics


We look to the year ahead determined to excite and energise our students about learning.


It is always a delight to inform our community and to celebrate the wonderful achievements of our Year 12 students. It is with pleasure that I congratulate the Year 12 Class of 2018, staff and families on the following accolades:

  • 99.2% achievement of the WACE Certificate
  • St Norbert College Median ATAR 83 (ranked 13th across all WA Catholic schools and 42nd in secondary schools in WA)
  • 100% of VET students achieving a Certificate II or higher
  • 100% of ATAR students received an offer to a public university in the Main Round

We acknowledged a number of students for their outstanding individual achievements at our first College Assembly last Thursday. Mr Dowling, our Dean of Studies, has further details regarding these students and their achievements in his article contained in this newsletter.


As we do at all College assemblies we also reflected on one of our St Norbert College values and for this first assembly, we took the time to reflect on the value of Commitment.


As members of the St Norbert College community, we strive to live this value when we commit our best efforts towards personal performance, seeking opportunities for self-improvement and when we aspire to excellence in everything we do. This is a commitment we make for our own benefit and for the benefit of our College community.


One commitment that all families make at enrolment is attendance at the compulsory College events, the first of which is the annual College Community Mass, a wonderful occasion for all in our community to gather in prayer to ask for God’s blessings on our school year.


This year, the College Community Mass will be held on Sunday February 24 at 6.30pm in the College grounds. I look forward to sharing this special time with all of our families.


One social highlight of the year, the Year 12 Ball, was held on Friday February 1 at Fraser’s Function Centre in Kings Park. The venue and surrounds, including the stunning city lights, provided a delightful setting for our students to enjoy the company of peers and staff alike. An enjoyable night was had by all and enormous thanks must go to Miss Pisconeri, Mrs Eloff, Mrs Kremer, Ms Morris and student members of the Ball Committee, for their dedication and organisation of this event and to all in attendance for their conduct.


Today we held the annual Interhouse Swimming Carnival at HBF Stadium. This event is undoubtedly one of the big sporting highlights for the year and today was no exception. Well done to Mr Ford, our Director of Canons Sport, and his many supporting staff for their efforts in again organising a fantastic day. The all-important results from today are:

1st place: Premontre

2nd place: Kilnacrott

3rd place: Magdeburg

4th place: Tongerlo

5th place: Xanten


Congratulations to Mr McGrath, staff and students of Premontre on their enthusiasm, dedication and performances today, and to all students and staff for again making our swimming carnival such a wonderful College event.


Many of our parents and families would be aware of the announcement by the Australian Catholic Bishops to hold a Plenary Council in 2020. Between now and Ash Wednesday 2019, we have been invited to participate in the first phase of the Plenary Council - an open and inclusive process of listening, dialogue and discernment about the future of the Catholic Church in Australia. This link will allow those interested to find out more about the Plenary Council and the upcoming opportunities for the listening and dialogue sessions: I have also included the Plenary Council Prayer below.


I thank all of our young people for starting this year with a wonderful spirit of community, enthusiasm and joy. It bodes well for an exciting year ahead.

God Bless,

Mr S Harvey (Principal)

College Community Mass 

College Community Mass – Sunday February 24

This year the College Community Mass will be held on Sunday February 24 at 6.30pm in the College grounds. Parents are reminded of their commitment to attend this Mass as a wonderful occasion for all in our community to gather in prayer to ask for God’s blessings on our school year. This information was sent to all families in Week 1 this year, via the attached letter.


Date: Sunday February 24

Time: 6.30pm

Where: College oval (O’Reilly Centre in the unlikely event of wet weather)

Parking: On the oval via the Centre St gates and the St Joseph’s school courts through the Church entrance.


Families are asked to bring folding chairs and blankets to sit on. Students are expected to sit with their families and to wear their summer uniform. The Parent Committee will be providing a complimentary sausage sizzle at the conclusion of Mass (soft drinks will be available at $1.00 per can).


We look forward to sharing this special time with all of our families.

Mr S Harvey (Principal)

Dean of Studies

Goals in Education

Professor Howard Gardner is a Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, as well as an adjunct professor of psychology at Harvard University. He is regarded as an influential public intellectual in the world, as well as a distinguished academic with worldwide recognition. Professor Gardner is best known for his theory of multiple intelligences, that has criticised the notion of a single human intelligence that can be assessed.


Since the 1990s, Professor Gardner, in collaboration with other renowned psychologists, has directed 'The Good Project', a series of initiatives to promote excellence, engagement, and ethics in education, in order to prepare students to contribute to the overall wellbeing of society. His latest research is a large-scale national (USA) study of how different groups think about the goals of attending university and the value of courses of study that emphasise broad choices of study. The aim of the study is to provide valuable suggestions of how best to provide quality, non-professional higher education in the 21st century.


In Australia, the issues identified in Gardner’s research are similar, as universities and secondary schools are attempting to tackle the challenge of providing a broad (and holistic) education, while guiding students to achieve specialised training and knowledge in a pathway that may lead to a career of choice. A key finding of the study has classified the reasons why students choose to go to university under the following categories:

  1. Inertial - Those who see university as the expected next step after secondary school.
  2. Transactional - Those who see university as a stepping stone to a job, career, or a post-graduate course.
  3. Exploratory - Those who see university as a time to study new things and gain greater knowledge.
  4. Transformational - Those who see university as a chance to discover who you are and what you might become.

The Transactional category was often the highest ranked reason, although the study also highlights the conflict and disappointment that students experience when their parent’s reasons or expectations are different to their own.


The question then is to consider what is to be gained from the results of this study for secondary school students? The main consideration is for students (and their parents) to discuss with each other regarding their goals (for themselves and for each other) and the educational pathways that are available. Achieving a place in a university course can be achieved through other methods beyond the study of ATAR courses only.


The valuable conversation to have with your son or daughter is to discuss their areas of interest, what are they performing well in and what areas of their school effort require improvement. Following on from this, further discussions may develop to seek out the study, work or training opportunities that are available while enrolled at school and then beyond. The final stage is to develop specific goals to achieve these aims, for short-term and longer-term success.

Academic Achievement

The first College Assembly for the year was an opportunity to acknowledge the effort and achievement of students in 2018. We also congratulated the recent additions to the St Norbert College '95 Club'. Michael Hegney achieved an ATAR of 99.6 and received the Certificate of Distinction, which acknowledges a student who achieves an overall aggregate of 190-200 points in their last three consecutive years of Senior Secondary WACE enrolment. The points are accrued from 20 Year 11 and Year 12 units of which 10 are from Year 12. Michael was also awarded the Certificate of Excellence for (ATAR) Physics, and will commence his studies in Engineering at Curtin University shortly. In addition to this, Michael has been awarded a scholarship by Curtin University to the value of $15,000 towards his studies.


Linda Yeoh achieved an ATAR of 97.05 as well as being awarded the Certificate of Distinction, and in 2019 Linda will commence studies in Environmental Engineering at Murdoch University. Linda is the recipient of a scholarship for her studies as well. Faith Desmond achieved an ATAR of 95.7 and will commence her studies in Physiotherapy at Curtin University this year. The final member of the '95 Club' for the Class of 2018 is Ethan Ricafranca, who achieved an ATAR of 95.55 and will commence his studies in Pathology at the University of Western Australia.


The College also congratulates Aayushi Subba for the achievement of the VET Certificate of Excellence – Community Services, Health and Education. Aayushi was shortlisted and selected by an interview panel of industry experts and teachers as the top VET student in Western Australia in this industry area. This is an amazing achievement, and Aayushi will commence studies in Nursing at Murdoch University.

There were five students who achieved the Certificate of Merit, with an overall aggregate of between 150 and 189 points in their last three consecutive years of Senior Secondary WACE enrolment. The College congratulates the following students:

Bronwyn Brims:  Bronwyn will commence studies in Fine Art at Curtin University in 2019.

Melisse Burgoyne: Melisse will be studying for her degree in Nursing at Edith Cowan University.

Michael McLevie: Michael will commence a Bachelor of Commerce at Curtin University in 2019.

Amy Murphy: Amy will be studying a double degree in Applied Geology and Finance at Curtin University

Ira Sanchez: Ira will be studying Journalism and International Relations at Curtin University.

Academic Honours

Academic Honours are presented to students who achieved an ‘A’ Grade average from their Top Eight (Units of Study) in Year 11, and the College recognised the achievement of this by the following students:

   Chelsea Dato      

       Caitlin Farrelly        

  Mikayla Farrelly

       Caris O’Hara     

                Aldric Ratnasekera              

Dylan Wemyss

College Awards

The Academic Distinction is awarded to a student who has achieved an ‘A’ grade in nearly all subjects, while the Ad Omnia Paratus Award recognises the learning behaviours of a student, through the achievement of at least 85% of excellent ratings awarded by subject teachers in the attributes of: Application, Behaviour, Completion of Assigned Tasks and Organisation. In addition to this, the student maintains high standards of learning behaviour with all attribute ratings being higher than Satisfactory. The College congratulates all our award winners and affirms their effort to be the best they can be.


The Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA)

The Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment will commence at St Norbert College on Tuesday March 5 through to Tuesday March 12. All students are required to demonstrate the minimum literacy and numeracy standards for the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE), and the School Curriculum and Standards Authority awards the WACE at the end of Year 12 to students who have met all the requirements.


Students who have achieved Band 8 or higher in any of the three components of reading, writing and numeracy in their Year 9 NAPLAN are acknowledged as having demonstrated proficiency in using a range of ACSF Level 3 skills in that component and will not be required to sit the corresponding OLNA test.


The OLNA is comprised of three components -Reading, Writing and Numeracy. Students are allowed 50 minutes for the Reading and Numeracy components and 60 minutes for the Writing. The table below provides an overview of the OLNA components for 2019:

Practice and Example Tests

These tests contain questions assessing skills from the Australian Core Skills Framework. The intention is not for schools to drill students on these tests as the skills, genres and prompts will differ between tests. None of the questions from the practice or example tests are included in the OLNA.


The practice test for each component is designed to enable students to become familiar with the test environment. It provides them with practice in using the test website functionality and to experience the types of questions that can be expected in the reading, writing and numeracy components of the OLNA. It includes a set of 20 multiple-choice questions for reading; a set of 20 multiple-choice questions for numeracy and one writing prompt. Students have 20 minutes to complete each component.


The example test provides an indicative sample of the diversity of skills assessed. Students can experience a complete assessment in the reading, writing and numeracy components. It includes a set of 45 multiple-choice questions for reading; a set of 45 multiple-choice questions for numeracy and one writing prompt. Students will have 50 minutes to complete the reading and numeracy components and 60 minutes to complete the writing component. The practice and example tests can be accessed by using the following web address:

username: olna

password: prac14

You can also direct enquiries to:

Assessment Catch-Up

This year in an effort to ensure that students complete all assessments without interruption to their curriculum and lessons, the College will conduct after-school assessment catch-up sessions. These sessions will be supervised by members of the College Leadership Team and the Heads of Learning Area, and will be scheduled from Tuesday through to Friday (3:30pm - 4:30pm). When a student has missed an in-class assessment, they will be required to attend and complete their assessment upon return to the College at these sessions.


The College values student attendance, and the ability of teachers to complete marking and feedback in a timely manner. When a student is absent from an in-class assessment such as a test, the teacher will contact a parent or guardian to inform them of the absence and the date for the required assessment catch-up.


The College expectation is that a student attends the next scheduled assessment catch-up upon their return to the College (see table below), and the student's circumstances will be considered when scheduling the catch-up session. All long-term absences will require consideration by the teacher in discussion with the relevant Head of Learning Area.


Please note that the assessment catch-up does not currently apply to practical assessments, overdue assignments or examinations.

Mr R Dowling (Dean of Studies)

Deputy Principals

New Student Arrivals

This year St Norbert College welcomed 195 new students to our community to start or continue their secondary school education. While the vast majority of our new students arrived into Year 7, there were many new students who joined our College across Years 8 – 12.


For students (and parents), the move to a new school can be filled with both excitement, nervousness and at times, a sense of worry. These feelings are natural and the College does all that it can to welcome our new students and to ensure that they feel comfortable and a part of our community as soon as possible. All new students are assigned either a buddy or a Year 11 Peer Mentor to help them in their transition to their new school. Additionally, the Heads of House, Homeroom teachers and College support staff are focused on making sure that all of the little challenges that spring up are quickly resolved and that the students feel a sense of belonging as soon as they can. Major events such as College and House assemblies, the Interhouse Swimming Carnival and the upcoming Community Mass all help add to the sense of identity and belonging for all of our new and established students. Should parents find that their son or daughter is struggling to adapt to their new environment, please contact your child’s Homeroom teacher who can implement strategies to make their experience at St Norbert College more enjoyable and rewarding.

Parent Seminar for New Students (Years 7-11)

A reminder to all Year 7 parents and parents of new students in Years 8-11 that our Parent Seminar for New Students will take place in the  Fr Peter O’Reilly Centre from 6.00pm this coming Monday 18 February. During this evening, parents will have the opportunity to meet their child’s Homeroom teacher and Head of House – both of whom are the key contact points for the pastoral care for your child. At this meeting, parents will also have the opportunity to ask any academic or pastoral questions they may have about their child. Parents are reminded students are not required to attend this event but parents will need to know both their child’s Homeroom class and the name of their child’s Homeroom teacher on the evening. Parents attending the Parent Seminar for New Students are asked to park in the St Joseph’s Church carpark and on the St Joseph’s Primary School netball courts.


Parents are asked to ensure that their son or daughter is equipped with a College cap so they can participate in Physical Education classes, outdoor activities, excursions and play at break times on the oval. Students will be asked to move under cover if they do not have their College cap for their outdoor activities and lessons.

Uniform and Personal Presentation

It has been really pleasing to see that our students have returned to the College this year with outstanding standards of uniform and personal presentation. Those with minor uniform issues quickly sorted them out and by the commencement of Week 2 all students were dressed according to the College regulations. Staff at the College are determined over the coming weeks to ensure that these high standards are maintained. For that we need the assistance of parents and guardians.


Please help us ensure that your son or daughter is presented impeccably each day in their College uniform. Lady-like hem length on uniforms, neat, conservative hair, freshly shaved faces for the older boys and minimal jewellery allows each student to present at the College each day ready for their academic studies. Should there ever be a problem with your child’s uniform and they are unable to present themselves according to the College’s uniform and personal presentation standards, please ensure that they are provided with a parent note explaining the situation that they can present to their Homeroom teacher upon arrival at the College.

Students on College Grounds Before and After School

Parents are reminded that no student should be dropped off at the College before staff are on duty at 8.20am. If for any reason students are on College grounds before this time, parents are reminded there will be no active supervision and students are to sit in the Year 8 area outside the office and staffroom. Students who are on College grounds after school and not in an organised co-curricular activity supervised by staff, are requested to study and do homework quietly in the Library up to but no later than 5.30pm on Mondays to Thursdays. Staff do not provide active supervision after 4.40pm.

Year 12 Parent and Student Information Evening

The final year of school is a challenging one for our Year 12 students trying to balance school, study, work, exercise and social commitments.  A Parent/Student Evening is being held on Monday 18 February 2019 for all Year 12 students and their parents/guardians commencing at 7.00pm. The evening is expected to finish by 8.00pm.


We view this evening as a very important part of the student-parent-teacher relationship, so vital for success in Year 12. It is therefore expected that the evening is supported with the attendance of both students and at least one parent/guardian. Any student who is unable to attend due to extraordinary circumstances needs to see Mr Hawke prior to the evening with written notification.


In an effort to target the information, the evening will be held in two venues.

  • Vocational Pathway: Xanten Theatre
  • ATAR Pathway: Xanten Performing Arts Centre

Parents/guardians are asked to park in the Xanten Performing Arts Centre or on the College Oval to avoid congestion from the New Parent Seminar occurring on the same evening.

Years 7 and 8 Immunisation

Envelopes have been sent home from the Health Department and are due back to the College as soon as possible regardless of whether your child is being immunised.

Change of Electives

The deadline for elective changes for students in Years 8-10 is Monday 18 February. Please ensure all paperwork is completed, signed and submitted before 3.30pm.


Please do not drop your child off or wait for them for pick up in the administration carpark or the staff carpark next to the pool at the beginning and end of the school day. There is parking on Treasure Road and the Xanten Performing Arts Centre. The safety of all members of our community is our priority.

School Curriculum and Standards Authority

The Authority will continue to use its Facebook page to provide information to students in 2019. Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are welcome to follow the Authority’s Facebook page for information, news, reminders and advice. The page can be found at In addition, information can also be found at


Mr P Hawke (Deputy Principal - Years 8,10,12)

Ms S Rainford (Deputy Principal - Years 7, 9, 11)

Year 12 Ball Photos

Year 12 Ball Photos

Students and families can view and order prints of the professional photos taken at the Year 12 Ball by visiting:


You will need to enter an 8-digit shoot key as below:

Couples/Duos: GK6B33BS​

Groups: KHV2MHDK

Meet and Greet: 5JQL8GTT​

Roaming: 9S4NH4S8


Once logged in, you can change to a different shoot key without losing the orders in your cart by clicking on 'Change shoot'. This will ensure you only pay for postage once and all photos are sent to you at the same time. Photos will be available online for 6 months.


Please call Academy Photo on 9248 1263 if you require assistance.


Pastoral Care

Wellbeing and Mental Health at St Norbert College

At St Norbert College, Pastoral Care is based upon the Christian belief in the fundamental dignity and worth of each person. Care of the student is at the centre of education at St Norbert College and it represents a climate of people caring for and respecting one another and challenging one another to be the very best that one can be. Emphasis is placed upon building positive and respectful relationships between all members of the community, meeting the challenges of life by being compassionate and resilient and helping students to feel that they belong to the cohesive St Norbert College community.  


Without wellbeing, learning cannot take place effectively. We aim to develop the whole person and pastoral care is embedded into every area of College life. The College provides a safe learning environment in which students and staff can flourish and develop socially, spiritually, emotionally, academically and physically. High standards of behaviour and personal responsibility are promoted at all times as is respect for self, others, family, College community and campus, and the wider community.


This year the College has introduced positive wellbeing programs into Health Education for our middle school students to help provide them with wellbeing strategies. In Year 7 all students will complete the 'Positive Detective' which is a wellbeing and positive education program for schools. It encourages students to find the good in their world and share it with others to increase their own happiness and that of others. The Year 8s will be engaged in the 'BiteBack' program which is an online space for young Australians, where they can learn new ways to increase their levels of wellbeing, reduce stress levels, improve their mental fitness and amplify the good stuff in their lives. Our Year 9 students will undertake ‘Flourishing at School’, which is a software solution for schools seeking to excel at whole school wellbeing. Both staff and students will take part in online surveys that assesses the degree to which they have developed the 'pillars' of good mental health. The software platform gives each child access to easy to understand survey results, resources to improve their wellbeing literacy, activities to optimise quality of life, and a goal setting feature to assist students in translating improved self-awareness to action.


At St Norbert College we continue to support our students, as research suggests that schools today are dealing with a host of complex mental health and social issues such as anxiety, depression, self-harm, drug and alcohol use, bullying and violence. This is consistent with the findings from epidemiological studies, which indicate cause for concern regarding the mental health and wellbeing of young Australians.


In the recent 2013 Mission Australia Youth Survey (Perrens et al., 2013) involving over 14,000 young people aged 15–19 years, approximately one-fifth were found to be experiencing high levels of psychological distress. When survey participants were also asked to identify the issues they were most concerned about, the following four were identified in order:

•      Coping with stress

•      School or study problems

•      Body image                                                        

•      Depression


Students with good mental health and wellbeing are better equipped to cope with the everyday demands of school life such as attending class, forming and maintaining supportive peer relationships, completing assignments and achieving academic success. Many programs have demonstrated that enhancing young people’s social and emotional competencies also helps them to learn and achieve academically. On the other hand, students who experience ongoing mental health difficulties tend to have poorer records of school attendance, behaviour and academic performance and are more likely to drop out of school early. For this reason, student mental health can be considered to be part of a school’s core business, and directly related to its success. It is interesting to note that the relationship between mental health and academic achievement can also run the other way - taking part in school activities and achieving educational success can be a protective factor for young people by increasing their sense of competence.


At St Norbert College we are committed to providing education, support and guidance in the area of mental health and wellbeing for our students. All staff are currently completing Professional Development in specific areas of need. In recent years, a number of staff have completed the Youth Mental Health First Aid and Gatekeepers Suicide Prevention course. Our Pastoral Care Team, which includes the Principal, Deputies, College Psychologist and Counsellor, the Heads of House and Dean of Studies, work closely with the Homeroom teachers to ensure all students know they have someone to talk with if required. 


During Term One a group of SRC students will voluntarily undertake a Teen Mental Health First Aid course. These students will have the knowledge and awareness to support their peers and offer advice and referral for mental health concerns. They have become a ‘reference group’ that will work and run activities within the SRC to support positive wellbeing activities to make school more ‘fun’ throughout the year.    


Each fortnight, the College newsletter will contain an article that we hope will help inform parents about the area of mental health and wellbeing of young people. We hope this information is of benefit, please feel free to contact us if you require further information or if we can help support you in any way. 


The Pastoral Care Team

SNC Parent Committee

From the St Norbert College Parent Committee

The SNC PC welcomes all parents and students, both existing and new, to the College in 2019. The role of the SNC PC is to foster community engagement among the members of the school community through selected social events and seminars. The first major event for 2019 is the sausage sizzle which follows the College Community Mass on the evening of Sunday February 24. This is a major undertaking that relies on the contributions of many volunteers, and, in particular, the St Norbert Ex-student Association (SNESA) whose members begin barbecuing over 1000 sausages and 30kg of sliced onions ahead of the Mass. From about 7.15pm, just before the end of the Mass, a production line of parent volunteers begins to prepare the hot dogs en-masse. The Parent Committee is seeking four to six volunteers to assist with this task as well as to help with the tidying of the Café afterwards. If you are able to help out, please contact Mrs Elizabeth Martin on 0416 233 511 or by emailing The SNC PC meets twice each term and warmly welcomes interested parents to attend these meetings. The next meeting is scheduled for March 12 in the Br Patrick Doolan Forum at 6.00pm and we look forward to some new parents joining the committee. We are also looking for nominations for a secretary. The meeting will be followed by the first Parent Seminar at 7.00pm. The topic 'Having a Conversation about Mental Health - Breaking the Ice' will be presented by Youth Focus. See attachment for further information. Please save the date. 

God Bless,

Dr P Costantino (SNC PC Chairperson)

Open Day 2019

Open Day

Open Day will be held on Friday March 8, with tours of the school commencing at 9am and 1pm.


The day will provide an opportunity for prospective families to see the College's facilities, meet current students and staff, and to find out what makes St Norbert College a school of choice for so many families. For more information please call the College or visit the school website.

College Bus Service

Changes to Bus Routes

Upon the recommendations of Horizons West, there have been a number of small changes to the College's five bus routes, effective from the beginning of Term 1, 2019. These changes have been made to enable the bus service to cater for students' needs more effectively, while ensuring the journey is as efficient as possible. Bus drivers have been instructed to stop only at the scheduled stops, and will not be able to drop students off at locations not designated on the maps.


Due to an increase in the cost of hiring the buses, the price of tickets has increased to $30 for a book of 20 tickets. Tickets can be purchased from Student Services.


Please review the updated bus routes and timetables, which are attached below. The maps are also available at: 

If you have any questions or concerns about the bus service, please do not hesitate to contact me at the College on 9350 5433 or via email:


Mr M Biddle (Community Relations and Marketing Officer)

Year 7 2019

Welcome Year 7s 2019

A big, warm welcome to our Year 7 students who started at St Norbert College on Monday, February 4, 2019. On the first day of school, we commenced with a group assembly where we prayed together and Mr Harvey welcomed the students. The students were then led by their Heads of House and student leaders to their Homerooms. Here they met their Homeroom teacher and peer support leaders. Throughout the day, students became more familiar with their surroundings and routines. They met their teachers and students in their classes.


I am very proud of the Year 7 students as they have settled in well, especially as the first few days of school have been challenging at times. However, students are feeling more comfortable and happier as they continue to make new friends, get to know their teachers, find their way around the College and become more organised. Thank you so much to our staff and students, who have been very friendly and helpful towards our new students. 


Parent Seminar for New Students (Years 7-11)

The Parent Seminar for New Students (Years 7-11) will be held on Monday February 18 at 6.00pm in the Fr Peter O’Reilly Centre (ORC – College gym).


The evening provides an opportunity for parents and guardians to meet their child’s Homeroom teacher, where they will be able to get to know each other and discuss any queries. The evening is designed to be interactive rather than an information session and will conclude by 7.30pm.


Parents will need to make sure they know their child’s House name and Homeroom teacher’s name. We look forward to meeting with you on Monday.




In regards to Year 7 students, I can be contacted at the College. I look forward to your support and feedback throughout 2019.

Mr C Abel (Head of Year 7)

Student Comments

When I came to St Norbert College, I was really excited because I got to see my friends from Orientation again! I was also kind of nervous because of the homework, but at least I got settled in. I don’t have too much to worry about because it’s really fun here!

(Rosemarie Sabado, P3)


I was definitely excited to come to St Norbert College, but I didn’t know what to expect. Some people told me high school is the best thing I’ll ever do, but others told me otherwise. I decided to not follow everyone’s advice and instead follow my own. So far, high school’s great.                                   

(Emma Kilgour, K6)


When I started at St Norbert College, I was nervous about the older kids and harder work, but now that I’m here the work and the kids are not as bad as I thought. St Norbert College is a great school.

(Mekhi Rangitoheriri, M7)


I thought that coming to high school would be terrifying! I thought that it would be like it was in the movies, but turns out that it’s just like primary school, even better. Everyone in my Homeroom are nice and people helped me a lot! Lockers are so handy. I love it here!

(Sorrell Fowler, T3)


When I first walked through the gates of St Norbert College to be honest I was scared like really scared when I saw what Homeroom I was in. I realised none of my friends were in my Homeroom, but when I walked into my Homeroom, I made friends.                                                                                  

(Rhiannon Cox, X4)


Since I first came to St Norbert College I have made new friends and I have been happy.

(Joshua Soy, T5)


Everyone knows high school is difficult, but when assigned our Homerooms, I met two new other friends. Anyway school’s cool. Just enjoy high school. I mean you only have one shot at it. Good luck to all!

(Kien Nguyen, P1)

Italian Exchange Program

Italian Exchange Program

I am looking for families willing to host an Italian exchange student this year. If your child is studying Italian, or has studied Italian in the past, your family can host a student and therefore have the opportunity for your child to go on exchange at the end of this year (or next year).


A brief outline of the program is attached. Please consider this great experience for your child and your family.

Ms D Tersigni (Italian Teacher)

Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Visual Arts is off to a flying start with our Year 12 ATAR students quickly developing some Media Tests for their first major Production portfolio. Felicity Plewright is working on a project about coral bleaching and trash in our oceans. Her beautiful handiwork is evident in this delicate ceramic piece built in just a few short lessons. I can’t wait to see it develop.


Ms A Marsh (Visual Arts Teacher)

Cultural Corner

Harmony Day

Harmony Day is a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home. This day aims at celebrating our cultural diversity. The ongoing theme of Harmony Day is 'everyone belongs'. There are over 24 million people living in Australia who all contribute different customs, ideas, cultures, and languages to our country. At St Norbert College, we have over 40 different nationalities that make up our diverse community. We celebrate our diversity, from the traditional owners of this land to those who have travelled from countries all around the world to be here. In recognition of Harmony Day 2019, we will be holding our sixth annual Harmony Day celebration this year.


On this day we will be acknowledging and embracing our multicultural identity as well as upholding the sense of belonging and respect for everyone that calls Australia home. On Wednesday, March 20, the College will host a whole school Liturgical Service and an International Food Fair. Staff and students can purchase samples of foods from various countries at their designated food stalls. Food tokens will be on sale a week before the event outside the Student Ministry Office during lunchtime. Each sample serve will be $1.


Students are allowed to wear their traditional dress to school on Harmony Day. We are looking forward to receiving food contributions for the International Food Fair from the College community. An email will be sent next week asking for your generous contributions.


Mrs C Miranda (Harmony Day Coordinator)

Performing Arts

Performing Arts


Honours in the Performing Arts are awarded to students who display commitment, leadership and outstanding application to their chosen field of Dance, Drama or Music in one of the College ensembles, teams or clubs on offer. These students have contributed to these groups for a number of years, and the award is something that all students within the Performing Arts should strive to achieve. Congratulations to the 2019 Performing Arts Honours recipients:


Dance Honours


Drama Honours


Music Honours


2019 Performing Arts Ensemble Captains

We congratulate these students who have been successful in attaining a leadership position for the following College ensembles, teams or clubs:


2019 Ensemble Selection

As mentioned above, there are a number of ensembles, teams or clubs that students are able to be a part of. Each group is a lot of fun and builds not only skills in their area of choice, but a sense of camaraderie and teamwork between students across different year levels. Please see below the groups available for selection in 2019, and please see the respective teacher in the Xanten Performing Arts Centre if you have any questions:



Anyone is welcome to join, no experience required!

Rehearsals are held on Thursdays after school (3.30pm-5pm) in the Xanten Theatre - Xanten Performing Arts Centre. 



Anyone is welcome to join, no experience required!

Rehearsals are held on Wednesdays after school (3.30pm-5pm) in the Xanten Theatre - Xanten Performing Arts Centre. 


COLLEGE CHORALE (Mr Chadwick Beins)

Anyone is welcome to join, no experience required!

Rehearsals are held on Tuesdays before school (7.45pm-8.45pm) in the Music Room - Xanten Performing Arts Centre. 


LITURGICAL MUSIC (Mr Chadwick Beins)

Auditions for singers and instrumentalists will take place in Week 4 (date and time TBC) in the Music Room - Xanten Performing Arts Centre.

Rehearsals are held on Thursdays at lunch (1pm-1.30pm) in the Music Room - Xanten Performing Arts Centre. 



Auditions will take place on Wednesday February 13 from 3.30pm-4.30pm in the Dance Studio - Xanten Performing Arts Centre. Please wear black leggings with the PE shirt or College Dance uniform.

Rehearsals are held on Wednesdays after school (3.30pm-4.30pm) commencing on Wednesday February 20 on successful audition in the Dance Studio - Xanten Performing Arts Centre.



Auditions will take place on Thursday February 21 from 3.30pm-4.30pm in the Dance Studio - Xanten Performing Arts Centre. Please wear black leggings with the PE shirt or College Dance uniform.

Rehearsals are held on Thursdays after school (3.30pm-4.30pm) commencing on Thursday February 28 on successful audition in the Dance Studio - Xanten Performing Arts Centre.



Auditions will take place on Wednesday February 20 from 1.00pm-1.30pm (lunchtime) in the Dance Studio - Xanten Performing Arts Centre. Call-backs will take place on Monday February 25 from 1.00pm-1.30pm (lunchtime) in the Dance Studio - Xanten Performing Arts Centre. Please wear your sports uniform with sneakers.

Rehearsals are held on Wednesdays before school (7.30am-8.25am) commencing on Wednesday February 27 on successful audition in the Dance Studio - Xanten Performing Arts Centre.


TAP TROUPE (Ms Laura Alban)

Auditions will take place on Tuesday February 19 from 1.00pm-1.30pm (lunchtime) in the Xanten Theatre - Xanten Performing Arts Centre. Please remain in your school uniform. Tap shoes are required.

Rehearsals are held on Tuesdays at lunch (1.00pm-1.30pm) commencing on Tuesday February 26 on successful audition in the Xanten Theatre - Xanten Performing Arts Centre.

  • Please note if you are successful in the audition process you will be notified via email then required to attend a short meeting where the contract and rehearsal schedule will be distributed. You will be required to commit to the rehearsal schedule. Please see the Dance noticeboard in the Xanten Performing Arts Centre for the rehearsal schedule.

Mr C Beins (Head of Learning Area – The Arts)


WorkPrep – Entrepreneurship Program 2019

What is entrepreneurship? It is a mindset where you develop the ability to find and solve problems others will pay you for…


The St Norbert College Entrepreneurship Program will help you develop this mindset by working in teams to solve business/community problems using proven business methods (Lean Start Up – Silicon Valley) used to start up companies such as Uber, Air BnB and Canva.


So grab some friends or come solo and join another team, think of a business idea or bring your problem solving hat and get involved in 2019. All ages welcome. The program runs every Tuesday afternoon from 3.30pm – 5pm. Please email Mr Openshaw to register your interest.


Three student teams from 2018 made the gala final to pitch their ideas to real-world entrepreneurs and start ups. One student secured a $5000 scholarship into a Business Accelerator Program to take her business to the next level.


This program normally costs $500 per student for one year but is FREE for St Norbert College students thanks to our sponsors, the City of Canning and Catholic Education WA.

Mr M Openshaw (Head of Careers and VET)

Social Media

Follow St Norbert College on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

A reminder to all parents and guardians that St Norbert College has a very active presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Like and follow our pages to stay up-to-date with all the latest news and events happening at the College, as well as for photos from major College events.






Mr M Biddle (Community Relations and Marketing)


Canons Successes

Welcome back to St Norbert College for 2019. Our Canons have not missed a beat over the holiday period with a number of students experiencing some great success in their field of sporting excellence.


Tegan Reder in Year 10 recently competed in the Breakers Swimming Competition at HBF Stadium. Tegan was fortunate enough to come home with a Bronze Medal in 50m Freestyle, Silver Medal in 50m Backstroke and Gold in 50m Breaststroke. Tegan is off to the Nationals in April to compete in the National Open Championships.


Holly Giles recently competed in the NRL Touch Football WA 2019 State Championships and had a tournament to remember. Holly’s team competed over two days winning their way into the grand final only to come up against Singapore, the third best team in the world. Unfortunately they lost 6 – 4 which was a great effort and an amazing experience.


Shenae Hartree, a member of our Canons Specialised Basketball Program, has been named in the WA U/18 Metro Womens State Basketball team. The girls will travel to Townsville in April. Well done Shenae.


I would like to ask all parents and students to pass on their sporting success to me throughout the year as we want to celebrate our students’ achievements at the College. Nothing is too big or too small. Please email me at

Swimming Events Challenge Session

There will be a Swimming Events Challenge session held on Wednesday February 27 from 7.45am – 8.20am at Aqualife, Victoria Park for any student who was unable to compete at the Interhouse Swimming Carnival. This is similar to how the Cross Country and Athletics Event Challenges will operate.


More information will be provided to students and parents during Week 3.


Mr L Ford (Head of Sport)


Bus ticket price increase

Please note that school bus ticket prices have increased for this year from $25 to $30 for a book of 20 tickets.

Mr J O’Sullivan (Business Manager)

Uniform Shop



Mondays: 8.00am – 12.00pm

Thursdays: 1.00pm – 5.00pm

Mrs R Kelly (Uniform Shop)

Keeping our Children Safe


Year 7 and 8 Immunisations

At the year group assemblies for Years 7 and 8, all students received immunisation packages from the Department of Health. These packs contain information about the diseases protected against and a consent form.


Parents must read the information carefully and return the completed form to school, even if they choose not to have their child immunised. All documents must be returned to Student Services by Friday, March 1. Essentially students need to take the envelope home, get the form completed by their parents and signed, then placed into their Homeroom tray as soon as possible.


Only students with a signed, completed consent form will be immunised. Parents may be contacted by the nurse to clarify information provided. More information for parents can be found at:

The immunisation dates are:

Round 1: Year 7s – Tuesday May 28 

Round 2: Wednesday November 27

Round 1: Year 8s – Tuesday May 21

Round 2: Thursday November 28


Mr B McGrath (Head of House - Prémontré)

Class of 1994 Reunion

Saturday, February 23 at 5.30pm

The Camfield, near Optus Stadium

 Enquiries: Vivienne Cantem

Class of 2009 Reunion

Saturday May 18 from 7pm

The Camfield, near Optus Stadium


Mathematics Workshop


Perth Goju Karate

Perth Goju Karate teaches karate classes in your local area and is running a special offer for school students - four weeks of FREE beginners karate lessons!


Classes are held after school and are a great way for children of all ages to learn self-defence in a fun and safe environment. We also teach classes for teens and adults and they are fantastic for fitness, wellbeing and of course, self-defence.


Classes continue over the school holidays (with a short break over the Christmas period) which makes it perfect for the kids who are looking to try something in the holidays. Karate has many benefits which include confidence, respect, discipline and fitness. Call now to take advantage of this free four-week trial.

Sensei Johnny Moran - 0402 830 402


St Norbert College Tennis Coaching


Curtin University Football Club


Canning Districts Hockey Club


In Focus Careers


Murdoch Primer Classes


Master Mind Australia


Master Classes are one-hour tutorial sessions conducted once a week during the school term. Each week they reteach, revise and reinforce the topics and areas of study that the students are dealing with in their classes at school.

Program will be conducted at:

Christ Church Grammar School

Saturday February 16 to Saturday April 6

20% school discount

For further information contact Dr Robert Hallam at Master Mind Australia on 9486 1377 or visit

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